These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit go to


Debra Lynn Ct., 2008-Ava Laverne and Laverne Arthurs to Ricardo and Patrice Brannum, $310,000.

Huron St., 16715-Kris E. Watherford to Nakesha Ballard, $338,000.

Medinah Ridge Rd., 2102-Joseph K. Ogundeji to Tesfahunegn O. Mehreteab and Ghenet E. Beraki, $390,000.


Adelphi Rd., 9000-Rosario Alvarez and Pedro M. Barrientos to Jose A. Canales and Marcos T. Lopez, $384,000.

Cox Ave., 923-An Huynh and Nhan T. Nguyen to Rider G. Nolasco, $369,000.

Gumwood Dr., 3112-Peter A. Sabath and Zsofia J. Tosezgi to Ryan Mathias Good and Hannah Ruth Dueck, $370,000.

Muskogee Pl., 9202-Lorenzo E. and Linda J. Braxton to Dagim M. Abdeta and Gaidse D. Getachew, $375,000.

Riggs Rd., 9225-Yueying Chen to Lan Ma and Han Xiong Zhuang, $350,000.

22nd Pl., 8607-Benilda Castillo to Osvaldo Leonel Gonzales, $180,000.


Beltsville Dr., 11993-Jesseca A. Belonio to John A. Reid, $240,000.

Broad Blvd., 4512-Carlos U. Fuentes and Caludia P. Lainez to Frances Adeyinka Afolabi, $310,000.

Cherry Hill Rd., 11320, No. II-QUE-Kek Nhek and Nhek Kek to Mohammed G. Samadani, $102,000.

Cordwall Dr., 11502-Roberto Sarmiento to Jonathan Joseph Lopera, $352,000.

Gordon Ave., 12001-Weldemariam Mezghebe to Luis G. Garcia Torres and Blanca Y. Garcia, $320,000.

Maisson Ridge Cir., 7204-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Tina Savoy and Duane L. Ross, $526,610.


Emerson St., 6011, No. 506-Emeka Mabeghu and Metcy N. Onwugbenu to Mohammed Lawal, $39,000.

Tilden Rd., 5312-Allen T. and Audwien C. Elliott to Jose A. Rodas Mendez and Ester Y. Ramirez Escobar, $305,000.

54th St., 4315-Q&P Realty Corp. and Xiwen Shi to Anna M. Oldham and Anna M. Oadham, $319,000.


Begonia Dr., 4225-Randolph and Yolanda J. Williams to Olubukola F. Arogundade and Saburi O. Opebiyi, $435,000.

Brookstone Terr., 4863-Raymond Mitchell Mcrae Jr. to Hieu M. Luu, $222,000.

Chelton Lane, 12422-James Chavis Jr. to Robert S. Mason Sr., $300,000.

Fredericks Bequest Ct., 5012-Diane S. and George E. Cooper to Yonas Tesso and Hanna Asfaw Meskelu, $688,000.

Heather Glen Way, 10628-Alfred K. Mason Jr. to Heiwot D. Tilahune, $326,000.

Knowledge Lane, 12523-Lori A. Gross and Lois A. Tomlinson to Manar Isaac, Mohamad I. and Ahmad Dajani, $270,000.

Lavender Lane, 4402-Angela D. Saunders to Donald and Latonia Dunkley, $308,998.

Maroon Lane, 3625-Keith Durham to Chimere Sherrod, $368,900.

Morningside Lane, 3603-Philip Ventola to Michael Perry and Seny Araujo Backstrom, $225,000.

Olando Lane, 4404-Richard R. Saberin to Ruben A. Reyes Vilchis and Maira Bazan Martinez, $340,000.

Quill Point Dr., 7807-Sharon L. and Russel A. Marsden to Kim M. Berry, $320,000.

Ridgeline Terr., 4723-Household Finance Corp. III to Stacey M. Dunson, $200,000.

Rustic Hill Dr., 12200-Jeffre D. and William H. Schulden to Manju Mathew, Divya Varghese and Anila Christal John, $312,000.

Silvercreek Ct., 11701-Percy W. Fountain to Yvonne J. Lyttle, $435,000.

Trinity Dr., 3107-Kim Crawley to Robert A. Whitaker and Michelle R. Malta, $339,900.

Victoria Heights Dr., 12924-David L. Behler to Richard S. and Paula J. Hays, $320,000.

Woodrow Lane, 4111-Timothy A. and Rebecca R. Murphy to Phillip L. and Colleen A. Sheppard, $348,000.

10th St., 12805-David Demar and Elizabeth M. Demar to Julio Alberto and Olivia Elizabeth Turcios, $275,000.


Ann Arbor Ct., 15904-Re3 Corp. and MBH Corp. to Joseph Daniel and Jilliawn Hartley Eanett, $368,000.

August Ct., 2904-Matthew E. and Jennifer M. Roberts to Jason O. Acevero and Laura H. Acevero Gomez, $343,000.

Eaves Lane, 3825-Jayme Smith and Jayme Stevens to Joel Small, $195,000.

Enders Lane, 4003-Merian L. Ruppert to Jean M. Rejuistre and Shennan A. Goodman, $260,000.

Everglade Lane, 15612, No. 306-Michael M. Allen and Pruse Echols to Masoui M. Mcbean, $112,000.

Nashua Lane, 14956-Ronald V. Peyton and Sharon L. Harvey to John and Jesisemen Oni, $290,000.

Penn Manor Lane, 15910-Joye Kenny to Cleavon Adams, $335,000.

Russet Dr., 17201-Sita Kanneh to Seray Jalloh, $400,000.


Brandywine Heights Rd., 14521-Jefrey E. Leadmon to Jamaal R. Carter, $339,900.

Chicamuxen Ct., 7311-Ernestine Newkirk and Charles Newkirk to Carlton and Milika Freeland, $498,000.

Elmwood Dr., 12110-Wells Fargo Bank to Marcelles and Shirley Davis Williams, $385,000.

Lady Lauren Lane, 15328-D.R. Horton Inc. to Erika Hammonds and Dechavious Wooten, $299,990.

Smoot Way, 12306-Denise M. Heath and Arturo Otarola to James Warren, $335,000.


Banner St., 4506-HSBC Bank to Mayra Ramirez, $193,000.

Parkwood Ct., 4140-Lillie M. Atkinson to Zadie E. Gomez, $125,000.

40th Ave., 3715-Deutsche Bank and Ocwen Loan Servicing Corp. to Mehran Mohammad, $183,174.


Arcadia Ave., 1700-Rayaan Investments Corp. to Harriette M. Walker, $265,000.

Baltic St., 6202-Telisa Hickson and John H. Hickson to Zewdi Tsegay, $125,000.

Cabin Branch Ct., 6400-QD Enterprises Corp. to Lakisha Coulter, $289,000.

Central Ave., 6110-Malik and Wasim Holdings to Herbert A. Martinez Flores and Ana Partricia Granados, $233,000.

Deanwood Dr., 4802-Carlene T. Jackson to Anthony J. Anderson, $190,000.

Elmleaf Ave., 310-Judson M. Allen and William L. Lansing to Tammi T. Mack, $124,900.

Hylton St., 7226-Erik King to Crystal J. Roberts, $225,000.

Jost St., 5716-Horizons Enterprises Corp. to Faye P. Charles, $260,000.

Lorton Ave., 1605-Ramon F. Turner to Loleta L. Ferrell, $218,000.


Angora Dr., 10006-Terry J. and Patricia A. Jones to Sigismond Davies, $432,000.

Gloucester Lane, 10509-David L. and Jacqueline Jesse to Lynne and Darryl Jones, $375,000.


Allendale Dr., 8132-Residental Valle Corp. to Kathryn J. Kocis, $198,000.

Cheverly Cir., 21-Garol Ann Ernst to Hillija Gwynne Tucker Manty, $290,000.

Greenleaf Rd., 7623-Immobilia Corp. to Harol Alfard Alfard, $190,000.

Hawthorne St., 7305-David N. and Veronica B. Tinsley to Serah M. Neha, $345,000.

Kelner Dr., 2717-Madeline Harris Street and Odell H. Street to Jenny M. Guardado Naves and Enma B. Lopez, $287,000.

Oak St., 6503-U.S. Bank to Elmer Portillo, $260,913.

Post Oak Ct., 207-Kate Houtz and Oswald Elie to Latosha Greene, $240,000.

Spectator Ave., 613-Naseer K. Hassan and Hudia Shaeeq Ridha to Alcie Van Randor, $340,000.


Armor Dr., 6306-Yamalie and Nelson Colon to Conrad R. and Lucretia Johnson, $199,000.

Blackwater Rd., 3811-Reshan Beal and Reshan Beal Blackwell to Phillip L. Higgins II, $205,000.

Clinton Manor Dr., 6616-Thomas B. Anderson to Martiza N. Garcia Delkcid and Raphael D. Rojas Pozo, $260,500.

Dee Lane, 10402-Carlton Eugene Freeland Jr. to Marquisha and Gerald Newman, $285,000.

Fulford St., 6803-Minh Nguyen to Angela and Marc Terameau, $285,000.

Hellen Lee Dr., 6104-Nelson Canales to Kimberly Wayman, $308,000.

Killarney St., 6702-Reginald and Kimberly T. Reed to Phonesavan D. Souvandara, $300,000.

Moores Lane, 10510-Marvin E. Sage to Kevin Stevenson, $185,000.

Serenade Cir., 7317-Linda Williams Winstead and Angela Winstead to Torrey Winstead, $235,000.

Temple Hill Rd., 8903-Felipe Guevara to Angela E. and Joan A. Hammon, $369,900.

Willow Way Ct., 11106-Fred T. and Shirley L. White to Frorentin Manzano Miranda and Telva G. Miranda Campos, $275,000.

Woodland Lane, 6013-Robert William and Megan Marie Getz to Walther D. Maradiaga Varela, $247,500.


Edmonston Rd., 7406-Michael Hayes and Jeanne Cloughley to Jeffrey Kusterbeck and Melissa Rogers, $375,000.

Lackawanna St., 4901-Margaret M. Gruenke to Kelly Michelle Lee, $339,000.

Muskogee St., 4712-Ronnie Eugene and Christiane J. Williams to Gregory P. Mladucky and Alyssa M. Purdy, $280,000.

Ruatan St., 5607-Brian William and Claire Evan Buchner to Carlos I. and Jennifer B. Coral, $315,000.

Westchester Park Dr., 6100, No. 1509-James H. Taylor to Stephen D. Page, $125,000.

51st Pl., 9608-Andrew J. Howard to Michael Tasevoli, $257,000.


Bonny Dr., 8510-Deutsche Bank to Luis A. Ferman, $175,000.

Forest Edge Rd. N., 3501-Kys Properties Corp. to Jeanelle Allen and Tracey Ann Williams, $289,000.

Kipling Pkwy., 7406-Federal National Mortgage Association to Mayra L. Paz Rodriguez and Jose A. Baires Ulloa, $180,000.

Lakehurst Ave., 3105-Charles Frazier to Wen Rong Chen, $110,000.

Ode Rd., 2206-Logiko Investments Corp. to Dina M. Sosa Silva and Salvador Efrain Hernandez Cortez, $298,000.

Quay Ave., 2800-Jack G. and Linda J. Bannister to Melinda A. Moore, $195,000.

Surrey Square Lane, 6047-Tara E. Garnt to Jason Wells, $222,000.

Wintergreen Ave., 2516-Tavon Provoid to Jenny M. Rivera Saavedra, $185,000.


Autumnwood Lane, 12006-James M. Banks and Joan C. Banks to Deborah Fowlkes Woolford, $402,000.

Bonnie Meadow Lane, 701-Rongtao Xu to David Russell and Anna E. Chirighin, $424,000.

Carey Branch Dr., 7907-Metasebia Hailemichael and Rahewa Arefayne to Yonathan Alemseged, $320,000.

Dalewood Rd., 3200-Janet M. Barbour Pugh to Patricia Gray, Kenneth Ben Johnston and John Ben Johnston, $260,000.

Folk Dr., 1804-Timothy P. White to Donis H. Guzman Lopez, $121,000.

Gleneagles Dr., 706-Luciane Juliani to Regina Murphy, $410,000.

Kerby Pkwy., 401-Johnny S. and Rosario Vasquez Granja to Maritza Vasquez, $285,000.

Livingston Rd., 10408-Jeanne K. Aelion and Theodore Samuel Miseveth to Brandee J. Haley, $181,100.

Parkton Ct., 12208-Dorothy M.D. Eldridge and Taisha Ora Mae Brown Slayton to Edward E. Morris Jr., $295,000.

Rose Lane, 2601-Brenda K. Hill and David A. Pinkney to Aurora G. Majano Benitez, $264,000.


Forestgate Pl., 10704-Arthur Harrison and Eileen Audrey Wilder to Linda J. Braxton, $440,000.

Wood Pointe Dr., 6406-April N. and Demond K. McWilliams to Nkem Juliet Agocha, $400,000.


Center Dr. N., 5346-NVR Inc. to Shangcao Yuan, $459,990.

Hanover Pkwy., 7718, No. 139-Abdullah H. Hijazi to Heamawatee Dharam Ramphal, $125,000.

Hedgewood Dr., 111-James C. Bordas and Pauline A. Bordas to Meadow Wirick and Timothy Steward Platt, $405,000.

Lake Park Dr., 6612-Avita T. and Gloria Jones to Henrik J. Reddock, $173,000.

Stream Bank Lane, 5213-NVR Inc. to Kelli Atkinson, $357,785.


Chesapeake Rd., 5342-Patrice E. Cunningham and Terrence M. Tillman to Andres D. Aguilar Carrillo and Paz Iraheta Iraheta, $242,000.

55th Ave., 4802-Shao Mingl Liu to Amelia F. Guzman, $275,000.


Campus Way N., 2541-D.R. Horton Inc. to Sharon J. Jones, $309,990.

Dubarry Ave., 9443-Wells Fargo Bank to Raymond Nwadiuko, $183,900.

Geaton Park Pl., 9421, No. 88-D.R. Horton Inc. to Paul H. Patnode, $346,840.

Kempton Rd., 7213-Shaunna Carroll Long to Kenneth Abiodun Anifowose and Boseade Lucede Luciai Anifowose, $369,995.

Linwood Ave., 9600-Carlos Ovidio Flores Villatoro to Dina and Erick Mixael Marquina, $250,000.

Palamar Terr., 7008-Cassandra Chess and Cassandra M. Carter to Mame Fatou Thiam, $255,000.

Seabrook Rd., 6200-Chad Morrison to Vicente J. Lima Gallardo, $278,000.

Smithview Pl., 9508-D.R. Horton Inc. to Bianca Tajee Lucas, $363,730.

Standifer Pl., 2521-D.R. Horton Inc. to Mirline Labissiere, $365,000.

Trotter Park Lane, 2709-D.R. Horton Inc. to Akram and Erika L. Fareed, $700,005.

Wood Meadow Way, 7212-Timberlake Wood Glen Corp. to Azieb Kidanu, $370,765.

93rd Ave., 6308-David Lucas III and Kaylee D. Anderson to Wendy Carolina Alvardo and Santos V. Melgares Ortez, $280,000.


Argos Pl., 14623-Andera R. and Rhoda Moore to Jamar O. and Masica D. Jordan, $390,000.

Bennington Ct., 306-Edward G. Smith and Shirley M. Matthews Smith to Pierre R. and Rose B. Duperval, $350,000.

Burford Lane, 15621-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Hope Brooke, $395,000.

Canaan St., 406-Coria A. Johnson to Geraldine P. Brown Madison, $367,000.

Chesterton Dr., 11900-Bennett Team Properties Corp. to Sarita D. and Arthur J. Wallace, $352,000.

Dunloring Pl., 11420-Houston T. Courtney Jr. and Shirley A. Whitfield Courtney to Michael Turay, $263,000.

Hancock Ct., 12702-Nova Partners Corp. and Nova MD Corp. to Dorrell and Katonya Goodrich, $310,000.

King James Rd., 219-Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of New York to Jerry L. and Britney L. Clark, $405,000.

Mary Ann Dr., 13910-Sherwin R. and Evelyn Gillin to Michael A. and Lashon M. Jones, $475,000.

New Acadia Lane, 13301, No. 303-Andrew E. and Bonita D. Edwards to Denise Sloan, $203,000.

Park Pl., 101-Stephanie R. and Gregory S. Pharr to Atanga B. Lereh, $322,500.

Redgrave Dr., 12812-Tatika M. Fields and Emily June Mitchell to Ricardo Tyson, $320,000.

Royal Commerce Pl., 9919-Kevin D. and Kim R. Hinton to Sally M. Williams, $230,000.

Town Center Cir., 8951, No. 3-105-Fredric Howze II to Litchory M. and Ann M. Marquis, $159,900.

Wesbourne Dr., 1608-Westphalia Row Partners Corp. to Brian Anthony Wallace, $389,990.


Arbory Way N., 7653-Edmud Fudzie to Julio C. Salgado Torres and Alba K. Alfaro, $193,000.

Bond Mill Rd., 15808-Larry L. and Alma Jane Harrah to Edward and Jaclyn K. Horvath, $385,000.

Cambridge Cir., 14515-Aaron Cachary Coppedge Hughes and Jessica Stalina Hughes to Kristina N. Probst, $288,750.

Carriage Hill Dr., 7107-Wynter and Olugbemiga Oshiberu to Rebecca N. Baldwin, $349,000.

Compton Ave., 340-Brian Hasbrouck to Walter G. Matamoros and Elba Y. Prudencio, $199,999.

Hardcastle St., 14806-Amadou M. and Salimata Cisse to Chiaka N. Opara, $384,900.

Main St., 811-Sidney H. Moore to Rebecca A. and Nial Sheehan, $290,000.

Park Hall Dr., 6402-Ronald Patrick and Ronald William Myers to Gonzalo Herrera Aranda, $365,000.

Scotch Dr., 6912-Joshua Properties Corp. to Rebecca Freeman Gerringer and Conner Michael Mcauliffe, $268,000.

Woodbine Dr., 7535-Ishioma E. Opia Edemenya and Ishioma E. Opia to Thomas W. Peck, $195,000.

10th St., 1001-Michael and Kristen Carrasco to Cory Alexis Johnson, $280,000.


Basswood Terr., 11217-Jorge Matos and Melinda S. Cassetta to Oscar H. and Lysa M. Torres, $407,000.

Bristolwood Terr., 11814-Ran and Jacqueline J. Du to Albert T. Sindijui, $420,000.

Duckettown Rd., 12909-Federal National Mortgage Association to Jonathan Henriquez, $220,000.

Ivory Fashion Ct., 12121-Citimortgage Inc. to Prakash Sankurathri, $191,000.

Oaklands Manor Dr., 13501-Radway E. and Yolanda O. Littlejohn to Syed Qamar Abbas and Nahid F. Shirazee, $595,000.

Portsmouth Dr., 8611-Lda Malum Monah Ndamo and Godlove Wanne Ndamo to Nelson A. Guzman Estrada and Flor Maria Rivas Gongora, $265,000.

Snowden Oaks Pl., 8463-Jacqueline and David L. Ford to Haikun Dong, $166,000.

Trevino Terr., 9447-Wesley Max Burns Jr. to Charlotte Nicolene Du Toit, $222,000.


Emerson St., 6942-Residentail Value Corp. to Christihan Bautista, $240,000.

Landing Way, 6426-Ciaran P. and Megan Brandy to Lashawn Thomas and Ckeavon Philip Gray, $275,000.

66th Pl., 4701-Rigoberto and Ana Castillo to Laura Garciaguirre and Luis E. Quintanilla, $316,000.

84th Ave., 6119-John D. and Mary D. Chaney to Jose Guadalupe Guzman Fuentes and Natalie Esterfanie Sanchez, $306,000.


Cowslip Ct., 4802-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Shonel Anasha Evans, $215,000.

Livingston Rd., 6705-Richard E. and Linda S. Thompson to Jose G. Urrutia Bermudez, $265,000.

Potomac Passage, 155, No. 402-James Alan and Christine Cormier Hamby to Rushern Leslie Baker III and Christa L. Bavelry, $564,900.

Wilson Bridge Dr., 573, No. 6772 C-2-Nada A. and Robert Nohra to Sing and Christina Pang, $95,000.


Good Luck Rd., 6403-Jose and Rosa Gomes to Thodros Bekele and Tsehaye Habteselasie, $475,000.

Woodberry St., 4616-SM Waterford Estates Corp. to Carl Winfree, $469,890.

47th Ave., 6308-Nicole S. Dery to Sarah Frances Batto, $370,000.

67th Ave., 5403-Helen A. Smith and Gregory A. Acholonu to Alba Zavala and Virginia N. Hernandez, $199,000.


Deer Pond Lane, 5714-Melvin E. and Zabrina M. Lucas to Christopher Barnett, $440,000.

Gaylord Dr., 1909-Kenneth Gerald and Gwendolyn Olivia Anderson to Lavon Lucas, $110,000.

Kendrick Rd., 4670-Harper Venture Group Corp. to Quentin Lee Baylor, $203,000.

Medora Dr., 4702-Ocwen Loan Servicing Corp. to Luc Nguyen, $149,000.

Saint Barnabas Rd., 3831-Wilhemina Kinard Edwards and Wilhemina Kinard to Clifton G. and Carolyn T. Young, $71,000.


Anvil Lane S., 2125-Phyllis E. Berry to Derrick L. Mcrae, $222,000.

Dunlap St., 3629-Shaneika Hart and Vanessa Moore to Simone Harris, $199,000.

Hidden Pine Lane, 4704-Monica Watson to Timothy C. Evans and Alicia Norris, $292,000.

Saint Moritz Dr., 6010-Dianne S. Randolph to Breaunda and Leslie Coney, $191,000.

Temple Hill Rd., 8408-HSR Development Corp. to Merly Elizabeth Rivera Ruiz and Jose Luis Jovel Pleitez, $234,900.


Commander Dr., 3925-Andrew J. Feiner to Lixin Shen, $570,000.

Jamestown Rd., 5612-Doreen D. Wilson to Kendall Lamarr Armstrong, $299,499.

Madison St., 3533-DNJH Corp. to Kathleen M. Wood, $278,000.

Pineway, 6829-James A. and Siye S. Howard to Breanna L. Hoepner and Carter A. Cromartie, $640,000.

Underwood St., 4400-William R. and Moira E. Clark to Michael Stiner and Christine Fortunato, $480,000.

24th Ave., 6631-Mary J. and Vincent L. Queen to Bekele Buli and Sisay Kebede, $255,000.


Annette Ct., 5408-Wells Fargo Bank to Anthony J. Lester, $292,000.

Bauer Ct., 16505-Kevin Hogan to Ruben Alcides and Jorge Luis Eccheverria, $275,000.

Brookdale Lane, 11308-Leatrice L. and Leatrice Larkin Lee to Bilikisu and Soliu Adeniji, $305,000.

Carlene Dr., 13740-Russell Properties Corp. to Genevieve M. Fom and Syke S. Bah, $400,000.

Church St., 14514-West Mount Vernon Corp. to Paula Whittington, $358,000.

Crockett Pl., 9202-Lessie S. Washington to Carolyn Baker, $28,000.

Daniel Sim Ct., 10909-Betty J. Phillips to Dominique Nash, $227,500.

Eastland Cir., 10710-HWR Corp. to Tiffany F. McCoy, $338,302.

Galena Lane, 10532-NVR Inc. to Eldrick Brown Jr. and Alyse Cannon, $312,000.

Great Gorge Way, 8704-Kimbeerly E. Glenn to Katleathia Kennedy, $249,900.

Lariat Way, 10811-Toll MD V. Partnership to Ethan P. Anderson, $487,606.

Locris Ct., 7803-Joseph Dewayne and Christena Asbel to James Donald and Inez Loretta Thompson, $306,000.

Medstead Lane, 2813-NVR Inc. to Justin and Jazmyn Smith, $428,595.

Pinemist Ct., 10307-A and A Builders Corp. to Olivia Swanson, $319,000.

Rockdale Lane, 4403-Deutsche Bank to Ryan and Adonna Nedd, $339,625.

Sycamore Grove, 9515-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Dakeita Davonna Mattheny, $382,983.

Town Center Way, 12708-Wallace Edmond to Lizette Marlene Garcia, $260,000.

Village Dr. W., 17003-Michael T. and Irann M. Brown to Candra Jones Talley and Sierra M. Jones Ward, $255,000.

Woodyard Rd., 5615-NVR Inc. to Calvin L. Williams, $408,320.


Connor Ct., 2005, No. 702M-Annie Jones to Constance B. Murray, $170,000.

Downing Ct., 1025-Rhonda Hardy to Chantal M. Tuell, $235,000.

Festival Ct., 806-Vincent E. and Amber L. Brown to Norma J. McCowin, $280,000.

Garden Grove Lane, 2115-K. Hovnanian Homes Maryland Corp. to Ade Segun and Tina Winne Bakare, $383,367.

Golf Course Terr., 10909-Mervyn Chancellor to Andrea D. and Calvin Brown, $357,000.

Kingsbury Dr., 1303-Zoya Investments Corp. to Lahai Sherrif and Garry K. Kamanda, $400,000.

Locust Glen Dr., 11800-Nationstar Mortgage Corp. to Robert Bryan Figliozzi and Robert Arnold Gray, $309,000.

Pepper Tree Dr., 14821-David J. Capriccioso and Samantha L. Sawruk to Eron K. and Mia W. Jordan, $398,000.

Saint Michaels Dr., 811-Bank of America to Eloy A. Soldevilla, $148,810.

Tulip Tree Dr., 10004-Natlah Kituku to Cozart and Kasceme D. Blackwood, $325,000.

Wood Laurel Way, 10101-Ernest M. and Melanie M. Greene to Michelle E. Merchant, $325,000.