These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit go to


Catherine Fran Dr., 1722-Lois Imogene Cooley to Jerry A. and Lina M. Proctor, $382,000.

Lusby Ridge Rd., 14409-Cristy Nicole Bennett to Damien Turrell and Christina Tymes, $420,000.

St. Albans Lane, 1503-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Phillip Bishop, $366,390.


Amherst Rd., 2013-Ester B. Francis to Basu and Binda Khatiwada, $346,000.

Tullymore Dr., 10410-Amt Homes Corp. to Duane C. and Jasmin B. Wilson, $349,900.


Brickyard Blvd., 12715-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Katie Frank and Mark Davis, $381,705.

Cherryvale Dr., 3510-Li Chuan Chen to Philipos Zewdie, $405,000.

Lincoln Ave., 4901-Prakashkumar Patel to Mirna O. Aias and Flor I. Monchez, $335,000.

Pitsea Dr., 11307-Vince E. and Melissa N. Smith to Wil Antonio Valladares and Erlyn Nataly Bonilla Soto, $349,900.

Wicomico Ave., 4613-Padmakr B. and Susamma P. Karlev to Fred M. Villatoro and Maria Z. Villatoro Ramirez, $365,000.


Bar Harbor Pl., 4206-Benjamin T. Johnson and Pamela R. Browne to Lucia Abdulai, $260,000.

Chalford Lane, 12508-William R. Halbert to Sandra Moguel Perea, Moises Moguel Ortiz and Raquel Perea Pedro, $300,000.

Gladys Retreat Cir., 12509-Paramount Investments Corp. to Chenhong and Tracy Zhang, $308,000.

Heatherstone Dr., 14007-Dennis and Joan Murphy to Komlan G. Kandja and Balakyem Egbare, $403,180.

Kembridge Dr., 12417-Marilyn K. and Andrew R. Lare to Sam Atwood, $230,000.

Kingsley Lane, 2612-Brandon C. Mullins to Maandri O. Askia II and Jeneen Cottman, $300,000.

Lakevale Terr., 5301-Jennifer L. Scott to Angela Hiney and Michael J. Blow, $475,000.

Long Ridge Lane, 12011-Robert G. Taminelli and Bettina Jewel to Frances Eileen Hymes, $400,000.

Maroon Lane, 3616-Scott E. Larson to Vanessa Nicholas Holmes and Gia Donna Nicholas Holmes, $365,000.

Milburn Lane, 12627-Paul and Andrew R. Ferrrulli to Ibrahim Belkic, $275,000.

Old Barn Rd., 7902-Theodore A. and Lorraine D. Faulkner to Deon D. and Chantell L. Rowe, $425,000.

Pleasant View Dr., 14227-Adam Nicholas and Emily French Olsen to Abel M. Hailemaria, $430,000.

Ramsgate Lane, 4721-Randall L. and Cynthia L. Gann to Stefanie Y. Jones, $309,900.

St. James Sanctuary Dr., 13105-Pierre A. and Chantel R. Knight to Tamara Brown, $395,000.

Stafford Lane, 12406-James E. and Colleen D. Price to Destiny Hawkins, $355,000.

Westmore Ct., 12401-Carolyn E. Hill to Brian M. and Anneke M. Odland, $336,000.

Yorktown Dr., 13410-Christopher R. and Allison Marie Piszar to Dana R. Miller, $318,000.


Eightpenny Lane, 3787-Federal National Mortgage Association to Jin Chen, $175,000.

Empress Way, 15412-Theodore N. Robinson III to Izlia Y. Nixon, $239,000.

Everglade Lane, 15607-Marcia A. Troth and Kathryn T. Robinson to Tillie Rosbor, $153,000.

Peachwood Lane, 1400-Maureen J. and John Foxcroft to Gail Hawkins, $308,000.


Chadsey Lane, 15702-Vera L. Caldwell to Regina I. Golf, $347,000.

General Lafayette Blvd., 15304-D.R. Horton Inc. to Babatunde A. Fajemidupe, $309,000.

Meadow Wood Lane, 21600-Hudson City Savings Bank to Christiann Whalen and Donna Yant, $289,900.

Redleaf Row Rd., 7402-Garrett L. Askew Jr. to Sheila A. Schofield, $325,000.


Webster St., 3607-VP Constuction Inc. to Michael Craig Stevens and Jennifer Leigh Poisson, $393,500.

42nd Ave., 3300-Green Properties Corp. to Jose Noe Delcid Perez, $234,000.


Billings Ave., 1807-Antoine L. King to Irac Branch, $230,000.

Carmody Hills Dr., 518-Archer Holdings Portfolio Corp. to Crystal V. Simmons, $260,000.

Clark Pl., 1900-Marco A. Riega to Xhosa F. Bates, $248,000.

Deanwood Dr., 4805-Joseph Burwell to Maribel Del Carmen Castro, $194,000.

Edgewick Ave., 1404-Tammy Lawson to Melvin A. Moore Sr., $265,000.

Pine Grove Rd., 1503-Federal National Mortgage Association to Wesley G. McKnigh III, $218,000.

Wilburn Dr., 6804-Paula W. and Mashadi I. Matabane to Eva M. Speight, $215,900.


Cedarwood Ct., 1833-Paul Ryan F. Mamaril to Nathaniel Gentles, $210,000.

Dewey St., 5814-John H. and Kathleen M. Parry to Erin Druelinger, $360,000.

Forest Rd. E., 7201-Chinunso Julian Iwundu to Israel Rojas Gabino, $218,995.

Greenleaf Rd., 7517-Magus Investments Corp. to Joel E. Flores Ignacio and Aurora Ojeda Ramirez, $212,900.

Homefield Dr., 7909-Rosa L. Willis to Ashley C. Hughes, $305,000.

Matthew Henson Ave., 2316-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Tyanne Wilson, $105,000.

Normandy Rd., 7633-Mirna D. Orellana to Jessica Adriana Vasquez Lara and Vasquez Lara, $190,000.

Ridge Dr. E., 7116-Janet R. Fort to Jermaine J. Browne, $165,000.

Vermont Ave., 1921-Brenda M. Archibald to Edwin Alexander Reyes and Karla L. Ponce Ponce Reyes, $265,000.

59th Ave., 2302-59th Ave Asset Corp. to Ben Teasdel III, $618,000.


Ballantrae Ct., 7205-7205 Ballantrae Corp. to Garrett M. and Asia Stewart Mitchell, $380,000.

Brooke Jane Dr., 6308-Cleo and Yvonne T. Davis to Christina Lee and Michael Lynn McDonald, $305,000.

Plata St., 5715-Catherine Proctor and Jessica Edwards to Guillaume Bolanga, $275,000.

Tall Woods Way, 6502-James L. and Alechial L. Bean to Darryl R. and Anika Sheppard, $410,000.


Kenesaw St., 5118-Ann M. Weatherford to Milagro Del Carmen Reyes Reyes and Belqui Noelia Rios, $290,000.

Mineola Rd., 5018-Todd M. and Angela T. Ohi to Miriam Del Carmen Benitez and Melissa Cristina Galeas, $305,000.

Tecumseh St., 4802-Heidi L. Jones Huffman to Austin W. and Jeri Boleick, $331,000.

48th Ave., 9514-Jarge A. and Malitzin Martinez to Jose Armando Fuentes, $265,000.

51st Ave., 9608-9608 51st Corp. to Alex Scott Lopatka, Stephanie Anne Elisabeth Young and Terri L. Lopatka, $292,500.


Bradmoore Dr., 1709-Kevin M. and Yvonne W. Thomas to Joseph Housey III, $254,888.

Forest Run Dr., 2801, No. 1-402-Shannon Mims and Shannon Duncan to Leopold S. Goss, $112,000.

Hil Mar Dr., 5013-Tichi Property Corp. to Robert C. Stroud Jr., $259,900.

Hil Mar Cir. E., 6300-NSP Resedential Corp. to John A. Campbell Sr. and Monica L. Chandler Campbell, $186,368.

Leona St., 7318-Julio C. Pena Martinez to Glenn Curtis Leech, $234,000.

Mason St., 7200-Cartus Financial Corp. to Terri Jackson, $254,000.

Ritchboro Rd., 8520-Megapolis Construction Corp. to Tyhisa Luckey, $230,000.


Alcoa Dr., 8111-Ralph W. Powers Jr. and Donna F. Walker Ross to Mauricio D. Baires and Maria C. Martinez, $275,000.

Gates Dr., 11007-Lawrence McDonald to Mario Eduardo Burton Dominguez and Maria D. Cuellar, $387,995.

Hunters Mill Ave., 1609-Lesa Janine Moore and Frederick L. Diggs to Veronica Montano and Erbin Montano Andrade, $285,000.

Joe Klutsch Dr., 6430-Sherita D. Smith to Vernesecher Brown, $250,000.

Mary Pl., 2417-Kacarole H. Thornton to Wilfredo Ventura, $135,000.

Old Fort Rd., 11805-Gregory T. Peoples to Latasha Ricks, $375,000.

Prince Georges Dr., 7901-Jarmalla and Devin Jones to Joseph A. Waldron, $345,000.

Shelfar Pl., 515-Betty J. Burks to Luis A. Avila Hernandez, $285,000.

Thistlewood Dr., 1901-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Troy Lee and Niambi Winter, $350,000.


Dubarry St., 10009-Joyee C. Diggs and Joyee Chesley Hayward to Song Choe, $190,000.


Frankfort Pl., 7404-Sara A. Lombardi and Sara A. Lombardi Venugopal to Arjun and Gita Adikari Rimal, $280,000.

Hanover Pkwy., 6916-Thomas Watson and Alethea A. Burt to Willie B. Chapmon, $110,000.

Lake Park Dr., 6520-Clare C. Jen to Juanita Chinn, $175,000.

Lynbrook Ct., 102-Alison P. Clark to Sonya E. Greve, $379,900.

Stream Bank Lane, 5225-NVR Inc. to Sherry Frisby, $408,055.


Jefferson St., 4210-James and Jane Gray Yagley to Joanna Rae Gurney and James Joseph Whitaker, $412,500.

45th Ave., 5718-Laura M. Creswell to Eric Anglin and Jacqueline Moore, $411,000.


Alcona St., 9110-Katrina M. Clark to Jose Danilo Morales Maldonado and Ilma E. Morales Morales, $250,000.

Heidelburg Rd., 6904-Federal National Mortgage Association to Teredan Sia Vandi, $330,000.

Saunders Lane, 8820-Paul Martin and Betty Lou Krashoc to William Alexander Rojas Guirola, $220,000.

Standifer Pl., 2525-D.R. Horton Inc. to Larry R. and Shayla Denielis Stafford, $370,000.

White Oak Lane, 2920-Wilmington Trust and Nationstar Mortgage Corp. to Haritha and Jagadish Velaga, $137,550.


Ardwick Ardmore Rd., 9112-Sarah Maxine and A. Maxine Tolbert to Concepcion A. Romero and Jose E. Aguirre, $210,000.

Birdie Lane, 10404-GMC Properties Corp. to Latear B. Scott, $399,999.

Cable Hollow Way, 33-Jenae E. Giles to Latoshya R. Vaughn, $189,805.

Campus Way S., 10643-Bettye J. Bell Daniel and Bettye J. Bell to Janice M. Covert, $260,000.

Dunloring Ct., 827-Deutsche Bank and Ocwen Loan Servicing Corp. to Lisa M. Brown, $157,049.

Fernwood Dr., 1618-U.S. Bank to Tara L. McDaniel, $339,000.

Jeff Rd., 3507-Shirley Stutely Richie and Lillian F. Scott to Mark Wayne and Karlene Hanson, $270,000.

Lavall Ct., 3101-Robert B. and Linda D. Mathis to Victor Desmond and Edith K. Paul, $310,000.

New Orchard Pl., 704-Tyrone L. Blackwell and Kisha H. Hemphill to Deborah M. Baith, $319,000.

Prince Royal Pl., 9920-Shirlesa E. Glaspie to Kandace M. Taylor, $255,000.

Robert Lewis Ave., 1500-Logiko Investments Corp. to Dominic Damion and Tahira Elizabeth Reeves, $320,000.

Sutton Ct., 22-Geoffrey A. and Danielle L. Stone to Freddie L. Kilgore, $299,900.

Water Fowl Way, 14121-U.S. Bank to Brian L. Hodges, $475,000.


Avondale St., 45-Sonya E. Bowen to Garfield Henry, $260,000.

Dorset Rd., 15611-Kathryn Jones Maxson to Rashmikant and Jigar Amroliwata, $110,000.

Laurel Oaks Lane, 15122-Gian Marcano to Holly L. and Janella A. Benn, $260,000.

Montgomery St., 929-Ronald Wendell and Georgianna G. Hurley to Oscar and Shantelle Williams Corado, $275,000.

Sandy Ridge Lane, 14425-NVR Inc. to Crystal Hill, $425,920.

Summerwind Cir., 7311-Keng Kwock and Cindy Fong Yee to Cheryl L. Jones, $300,000.

Woodbine Dr., 7642-Krystyna Z. Orlewicz to Antoine J. Thomas, $225,000.


Adkins Rd., 14012-Bennett A. Kobitz and Kathleen M. McKinney to Miguel A. Sanchez Sanchez and Dennis M. Llamocca, $315,000.

Eastbourne Lane, 8901-Catherine Kelso and the Kathleen D. Mcvearry to Joseph Martin and Lisa Stievater Smith, $369,000.

Laurelwalk Dr., 11571-Synford D. Bragg Jr. to Olurotimi Adeyemo, $165,000.

Shadetree Lane, 12333-Leslie Nock and Heather Van Beek to Christopher Tarbrake and Socrates Trujillo, $358,500.

Trevino Terr., 9455-U.S. Bank to Mohammad J. Zaidi, $176,400.


Elsie Ct., 4102-RKP Stone to Mickey Young, $182,000.

67th Ave., 4814-Marta Maribel Fernandez to William A. and Marta Maribel Fernandez, $140,000.

89th Ave., 5911-Shirley E. Boley to Julio A. and Olga De Cruz, $268,000.


Danby Ave., 5501-Silvia Bovilla Castillo and Nelson Miranda to Jose A. Orantes Martinez, $268,000.

Leland Dr., 5014-Kelli Vazquez and Kelli Nilan to Dwayne Reginald Bank Jr., $269,999.

Onondaga Dr., 139-Deborah Davis to Luis B. Giron, $280,000.

Seneca Dr., 109-Karen Viehoever and Mark A. Viehoever to Erick Jesus Lopez, $275,000.


Longfellow St., 6106-Manuel Ventura to Jose B. Sorto, $220,000.

Tuckerman St., 4502-Luis and Dora Arias to Daniel Rader and Mary Germano, $335,000.

46th Ave., 6303-Richard L. and Jannie L. Pelc to Rebecca Sue Pelc and Dennis Agustin Guevara, $205,000.

61st Pl., 6605-Maria D. Bott to Rosana Gilmore and Federico Ribulotta, $200,000.


Elmendorf Dr., 6027-Willa Jackson and Selmon Robert Owens to Lorraine A. Lester and Patryee A. Hamilton, $250,000.

Silver Park Terr., 4122-Maya N. Elzein to Portia Drew, $240,000.

Woodbark Lane, 2338-Edward S. Cohn to Stephen D. Torney, $170,000.


Anvil Lane, 2352-Mark Woodford to Delitrice Renee Anderson, $199,999.

Carozza Ct., 4108-Neil Investment Corp. to Rodney Lee Collier, $302,000.

Easton St., 2601-Jorge L. and Mirna J. Garnica to Nicole Lawrence, $295,000.

Gull Rd., 3805-Dawn M. Coudly to Edward Farnsworth Jr., $208,800.

Holly Tree Rd., 4117-Mark Lurk and Dominique Rogers to Teresa Halsey, $350,000.

Leisure Dr., 4202-Lisa V. Weathers and Katie Owens Mangrum to Jose N. Romero Marin and Karla Y. Romero, $290,000.

Temple Hill Rd., 5913-Roger Schlossberg and Timothy K. Willis to Gregory Rogers and Timothy K. Willis, $225,000.

Winston St., 5406-Diversified Investments Group Corp. to Carlos O. Ayala Moran, $250,000.


Avondale Rd., 4812-Tyler D. Bruce to Antonie D. and Jewel B. Smith, $425,000.

Enquirer St., 6101-NVR Inc. to Sunanda K. and Raven K. Holmes, $491,535.

Madison St., 3107-Meyby Maritza and Alex Roberto Gomez to James Lorenzo Walker III, $349,000.

Sargent Rd., 6123-Raymond Charles and Marian L. Mayo to Tesfa M. Gemeda and Abebech M. Tesema, $350,000.

33rd Pl., 5845-Laurie M. Jones to Hans Neseth, $230,000.


Barton Oaks Ct., 9504-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Craig and Stacy Olmstead, $489,990.

Brookhaven Lane, 10204-James and Doris M. Thompson to Mujaihid and Wanda Jones, $510,000.

Carroll Ct., 11401-Donna M. Dodson and Aurbey W. Jones Jr. to Shanita M. Johnson, $385,000.

Crain Hwy., 10751-Lucas D. and Maurita L. Howerton to Ramiah D. Smith, $220,000.

Dunbarton Dr., 14620-Tara E. and Kenneth A. Cook to Winfield A. and Rita M. Adams, $380,000.

Eton Way, 3701-Federal National Mortgage Association to Ronald and Sandra Mickle Holman, $275,000.

Frank Tippett Rd., 9804-NSP Residential Corp. to Doris T. Williams, $218,452.

Grandhaven Ave., 9609-Jason Patrick and Keya F. Stephens to Andrea Elynn Ollivierra, $195,000.

Heathermore Blvd., 8201-Fide 356 Corp. to Angelo D. and Karen S. Edge, $800,000.

Marlborough Grove, 4900-Shereeta Cropper to Shauntese Craney, $222,000.

Melwood Chapel Lane, 10607-Catherine D. Carbullido to Benjamin and Dionne Harrell, $440,000.

Monarch Ct., 12621-Geroge Hatcchell to Danielle M. Barnes, $254,000.

Paragon Ct., 8513-Jeannie E. Coratolo to Katori Brown Copeland, $270,000.

Richland Pl., 12717-Amanda M. Byrd Peterson to Faith S. and Rochelle J. Woofard, $290,000.

Ricker Rd., 13013-Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlnaitc Corp. to Candess Correll, $347,239.

Sunningdale Pl., 15520-NVR Inc. to Terence Sanders, $397,040.

Village Dr. W., 16406-Gale Crews to Evanuiel Patrick and Andrea McCargo, $298,597.

Waco Dr., 10612-Federal National Mortgage Association to Sinh Vu, $197,600.


Byward Blvd., 9604-D.R. Horton Inc. to Voctorine Nde, $459,990.

Dennington Dr., 15104-U.S. Bank and Ocwen Loan Servicing Corp. to Augustine E. and Taiwo Contech, $357,689.

Garden Grove Lane, 2100-K. Hovnanian Homes of Maryland to Andrew Jonathan Clay, $399,990.

St. Francis Way, 11939-Shellie Blakeney to Avia Banks, $424,999.

Spanish Oak Way, 9906-Kimberyn L. and Larry M. McDonald to George J. Brown, $205,000.

Whittier Rd., 11705-Christopher A. and Regina Loffredo to Jorge J. Martin Pupo and Tiare Trelles Rodriguez, $369,900.