correction: A previous version of this listing gave incorrect sale prices for homes on Cowan Avenue in the Bowie area, on Bottsford Avenue in the Largo-Claggett Landing area and on Coach Lane in the Suitland area. It also included five transactions that were not home sales. This version has been corrected.

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit go to


Beech Lane, 18108-Mary Vrazsity Gingell and Margaret Vrazsity to Rashid Bundu, $289,900.

Huron St., 16704-John D. Ryon and Betty Ann Ryon to Osia and Debra McFadden Olds, $239,900.

Livingston Rd., 15619-Lawrence E. Cain Jr. to Martha A. and Cristian Enrique Benavidez, $190,000.

Old Cabin Pl., 16605-Capital Companies Corp. to Kristen Hayes, $299,900.

Summerwood Lane, 17303-Sheldon C. Croft Sr. to Stuart and Carrie D. Davis, $490,000.


Lackawanna St., 2617-Myrtle E. Arthur and Sheila Madeline Arthur to Jeannette Dove, $335,000.

Riggs Rd., 7957, No. 4-Guechenno Laborde and Leonel Alvarez Villatoro to Mauricio Escobar Villatoro and Maria Del Carmen Benitez Rubio, $110,000.

Rutland Pl., 10404-Patricia A. Reed to Luis G. Rivera, Carlos A. Ochoa Alvarado and Marta C. Ochoa D. Rivera, $335,000.

17th Ave., 7400-Alfredo Guevara and Fermina C. Martinez to Maria N. Nunesz De Lizardo, Visairo N. Lizardo Nunez and Jhoanny Hernandez, $315,000.

23rd Ave., 6903-Shirlety M. Schmitt and Mary H. McClery to Jonathan and Maria Yesenia Jimenz, $318,000.


Greenmount Ave., 13205-Virginia Louise Howell to Juliana A. Danso, $385,000.

Howard Rd., 4221-Margaret L. Washburn to Aris A. Ignacio, $357,500.

Loughborough Pl., 7705-Wells Fargo Bank to Lal Ro Puia, $385,000.

Naples Ave., 5015-Christy E. Tomlins to Jose A. Artega Gonzalez and Martha C. Artega, $170,000.

Tonquil Pl., 4401-Julie M. and John E. Iversen to Gristian O. and Nancy O. Pozo, $335,000.


Tilden Rd., 5311-Richard Gray Jr. to Dora E. Acevedo Ramos and Reynaldo Alberto Ramos, $260,000.


Bates Dr., 8305-Merla M. Drew and Leslie F. Homes to Ndah C. Anoh, $303,000.

Blackwell Lane, 12608-Patrick M. and Jericho M. Biggs to Patrick J. and Diane Campbell, $320,000.

Cliffe Pl., 12302-Christina M. Sheehan to Michael Alan and Daniel Clayton Jaindl, $325,000.

Cowan Ave., 8412-Omid Land Group Corp. to Queen J. Mbanuzue, $183,000.

Garth St., 6805-Thomas M. Wheeler to Stephen T. Atkins and Yayoua Thao, $415,000.

Gresham Ct., 13602-Ingrid M. Turner to Abdulhamed Adetokunbo Oriolowo, $349,000.

Kingsfield Lane, 12703-Allen and Christine Fowler to Israel U. Cruz and Milagro Uceda, $285,000.

Lavender Lane, 4310-Philip James and Christine Marie Layfield to Pierre Ledoux Tekem Noumbi, $300,000.

London Lane, 14719-Pedro Alfonso Salisrup Zayas and Nadia Rocio Rolon Rivera to Olugbenga M. and Abiodun A. Oshungkoya, $270,000.

Maple Reach Ct., 14206-NVR Inc. to Tanzania Davis, $558,008.

Ockford Lane, 4406-John D. and Caron R. Milsted to Levi D. Chawk, $299,900.

Quiet Owl Lane, 12303-Mohammad S. Koolaee and Lobat Mohajeri to Alvin M. Fall, $304,900.

Rambling Lane, 12312-Carl Louis and Gia L. Dimuzio to Danato Anthony Corvelli, $276,500.

Willow Creek Rd., 6702-Ronte and Jashaun Britton to Olaimatu Deen, $295,000.


Enders Lane, 4006-Fire Strategic Partners Corp. to Vanessa Scotland, $280,000.

Everette Dr., 3437-Emmanuel O. Moses to Solomon O. Nwosa, $320,000.

Pennsbury Dr., 16406-E. Tradie Bank to Montese Henson, $197,000.

Pleasant Hill Lane, 817-Roxanne Rush to Avion Sobers, $282,800.

Weary Creek Ct., 2802-K&P Holdings Corp. to Oswald N. Parkin and Maradna C. Jackson Parkin, $681,618.


Chaddsford Lake Dr., 15420-Yolanda White and Yolanda V. Urquhart to Sehree M. Mickel, $332,000.

General Lafayette Blvd., 15302-D.R. Horton Inc. to Victoria N. Steptoe, $317,000.

Lady Lauren Lane, 15313-D.R. Horton Inc. to Marcello and Eyanna C. Coleman, $304,990.

Lady Lauren Lane, 15326-D.R. Horton Inc. to Crystal L. Cockrell, $300,000.

Owings Ave., 14333-NVR Inc. to Kenneth Battle and Caneice Childs, $517,205.


Capitol Heights Blvd., 615-Ires Md. Corp. to Amanda Elleman, $237,000.

Huntsworth Ct., 1007-TWZ Properties Inc. to Christine Morsell, $219,000.

Jefferson Heights Dr., 5606-Sami Homes Corp. to Oluwasegun Smith Akinyele, $200,000.

Mill Ave. W., 203-Sharifa White to Darwin Garcia Oliva, $266,000.

Seat Pleasant Dr., 6703-Willis and Minnie Ruth Moore to Carlos Quijano, $155,000.

Willow Hill Dr., 7102-Ulysses and Lareese Brooks to Renae L. Bairad, $360,000.

60th Ave., 1006-Capital One and Altisource Solutions Inc. to Troy Bynum, $196,759.


Furling Ct., 10506-Patrick B. and Wanda Covington to Chase N. Hardy and Elaine G. Bannon, $410,000.


Allendale Dr., 8158-8158V Allendale Dr. Corp. to Jennifer Johns, $195,000.

Belleview Ave., 3312-SMC Realty Investments Corp. to Shelby Lane Callaway and Stephanie Elizabeth Stillo, $410,000.

Continental Pl., 9037-Khanh Le to Nichole N. Williams and Kevin M. Jones, $230,000.

Englewood Dr. N., 5205-LZ Investments Corp. to Jose Medina, $237,000.

Greenleaf Rd., 7701-Kof and Nana Osei to Jennyfer Mishell Garcia Lopez, $213,000.

Kent Village Pl., 2421-Pressiec Pope and Cyndi Y. Bentez Vasquez to Cyndi Y. Benitez Vasquez, $175,000.

Reicher St., 8604-PSB Maryland United Corp. to Cafiann D. and Paulette A. Morgan, $332,500.

Willowwood Ct., 1668-Denise Brown to Kerwin Heywood and Annessa Guevara Bruce, $230,000.


Boniwood Turn W., 5279-GMC Properties Corp. to Chris S. Turner, $289,000.

Don Dr., 7701-Adam S. Johnson and Shaunte M. Turner to Laverne J. Thomas, $289,900.

Hillantrae Dr., 12208-Christopher Dwight Allen to Kenneth K. and Alicia M. Mercer, $475,000.

Mardella Blvd., 6006-Prince George to Luis P. Vasquez, $174,000.

Miller Ct., 9405-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Yvonne and Witherspoon Ricks, $166,000.

Padmar Lane, 6605-Calvert Corp. and Marrick Properties Inc. to Bernardo R. and Sharon Brown, $484,854.

Plata St., 5510-Donald R. and Janet Sue Hanshaw to Jasmine Davis, Shemroy Shaw and Shemroy Shaw, $278,000.

Sylvia Dr., 11831-Dana A. and William Smith Prince to Alva D. Kelly, $249,000.


Rhode Island Ave., 9108-John Chain to Joe A. Chain, $147,500.

Wichita Ave., 9717-Alvin Jenkins to Keyvan Yousefie, $340,000.

52nd Ave., 9732-9732 52nd Ave Corp. to Celso Rubio, $320,000.


Crestwick Pl., 2710-L&C Consulting Corp. to Dionne Williams, $240,000.

Dynasty Dr., 3208-Jeri L. Murray to Candrisse L. Watkins, $215,000.

Jo Ann Ct., 6703-Lancaster and Tonya Stevenson to Tholes Desrosiers, $152,000.

Lorring Pl., 7212-Tholes Desrosiers to Jerome Archibald, $280,000.

Norman Dr., 2805-Federal National Mortgage Association to Jose Diaz Gomez, $198,000.

Stoney Meadows Dr., 5516-Sabrina A. Loving to Ryan T. Chubbs, $203,000.

Waterford Dr., 1105-HSBC Bank to Julio C. Melgar, $158,000.


Allentown Rd., 7209-Delveonte Collins to Negusu H. Ali and Ruhii J. Sultan, $429,000.

Asbury Dr., 12005-Walter B. Buckner to Dennise Vasquez and Arian Jimenez Martinez, $314,000.

Bentree Rd., 7602-New Funding Resources Corp. to Kenneth Jerome and Yvonne Decarlo Mock, $274,900.

Bonhill Dr., 610-Raport Irvin Corp. to Marvin Bonilla Garcia and Nancy Romero Fuentes, $499,000.

Dania Dr., 1915-Alphonso L. Wilkins to Guid Baldelomar Fernandez, $230,000.

Hickory Dr., 11604-Robert T. and Lauren R. White to Kimberly R. Davis, $399,900.

Poling Terr., 9713-Jose Richard Soutions Corp. to Vicki Butler, $450,000.

Rosier Rd., 428-61 Properties Inc. to Harold Stallworth and Sarah Sarah Ciapponi Godfrey, $395,000.

Sandy Creek Rd., 9422-Natividad B. and Mamerto C. Sevilla to Joseph Greenfield, $315,000.

Stoney Harbor Dr., 9504-Ocean Holdings Corp. to Brittany Renee Allen, $549,875.


Glenn Dale Blvd., 12011-Steven C. Doulis to Godlove Mancho, $555,000.

Lake Glen Dr., 7603-Angelo T. Dannessa to Reginald M. Anderson Exum and Perri C. Exum, $480,000.


Lake Park Dr., 6702, No. 1-Alexander N. Ontero to Francia S. Prince, $175,000.

Mandan Rd., 8005, No. 600-Glady M. Ichile to David F. Williams Jr., $125,000.

Pinecrest Ct., 1-Holly Ann Bumham and Theodore W. Kowaluk to Scott Maslow, $430,000.


Emerson St., 5107-Werrlein Properties Corp. to Maheni John, $579,900.

42nd Pl., 5218-William E. Kotwas and Frank Romano to Mary S. Ellsworth, $435,000.

56th Ave., 5020-Gordon Lewis and Chon Ki Still to Fatima Madei Romero Pacas and Jose Luis Miguel Cruz, $180,000.


Geaton Park Pl., 9431-D.R. Horon to Lakisha Ridley, $320,000.

Heidelburg Rd., 6911-Raul R. Stephenson and Donna K. Gormetta to Manuel Orellana Rivas, $298,000.

Red Oak Lane, 2724-Ocean Holdings Corp. to Josue Abel Joge and Luis Angel Carrillo Anaya, $240,000.

St. Nicholas Way, 2406-D.R. Horton Inc. to Sandra Henry, $673,000.

Smithview Pl., 9529-D.R. Horton Inc. to Tinesha C. Williams, $374,585.

Standifer Pl., 2547-D.R. Horton Inc. to Linda I. Mitchell Bess, $349,990.

Tuckerman St., 9500-Somd Reip 2015 Corp. to Margaret Barriteau, $365,000.

Wood Glen Terr., 9805-Timberklake Wood Glen Corp. to Rebekah J. Kim, $350,288.

Wood Meadow Way, 7411-Timberklake Wood Glen Corp. to Willie J. Stover III, $380,000.


Bottsford Ave., 217-NVR to Felicia Shonekan, $571,691.

Cannon Pl., 13000-Patrice Rice and Archie W. Rice to Sarah L. Anderson, $320,900.

Edwards St., 3609-Jasper A. Ford and Stanley C. Ford Sr. to Kaliq Sallant McGee, $164,405.

Geaton Dr., 3200-Vivian Siggal and Robert E. Woodard to Victor M. and Karen C. Smith, $403,500.

Kettering Pl., 11250-Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of New York to Kaneisha J. Washington, $180,000.

Open View Lane, 12300-Kimberly D. Rogers to April Mitchell, $165,000.

Parev Way, 723-Ngozichkwu C. Niemanze and Nkcchinyere Anadu to Sharity W. Bannerman, $320,000.

Ringneck Ct., 13103-Reginald L. and Denise Price Harper to Kevin Wormley Sr., $290,000.

Staton Dr., 205-Timothy and Angela M. McRae to Lillye Berry, $335,000.

Swanson Rd., 16905-NSP Residential Corp. to Chantice M. and William G. Cotten, $477,737.

Whiteholm Dr., 13100-Abiodum Salisu to Ade O. and Tiffany J. Henry, $359,000.


Bayshore Dr., 7902-Pamela V. Chang to Patricia A. Wright and Tuwauna R. Reid, $151,000.

Darwin Rd., 6422-Terry D. Gallion to Anne Walker Harry and Karen Busch Walker, $351,000.

Hardcastle St., 14810-Naima Jackson to Sandra L. Mobley, $399,999.

Jib St., 14237-Melissa L. Brown and Melissa L. Edwards to Harold L. Mohn II, $145,000.

Kerr Rd., 15813-Andre T. and Malaika S. Sams to Robin M. Beads, $340,000.

Locust Grove Dr., 8507-Swan Properties Inc. to Wilfredo Portillo, $315,000.

Northlake Ct., 8208-Modi and Associate Inc. to Alvin Antwi, $340,000.

Roblynn Rd., 6212-Gary Kevelson and Robyn K. Burnside to Kazaine K. and Elizabeth L. Massiah, $390,000.


Apache Tears Cir., 12204-Bayview Loan Servicing Corp. to Dorene A. Bolden, $267,000.

Dove Cir., 12133-Tewodros Adnew to Sandra Mejia, $253,000.

Laurelwalk Dr., 11299-Isiabeth Calderon and Eduardo Reyes to Nurudeen Adedayo Adeniyi and Adebowale Oluwaseun Lawal, $180,000.

Pheasant Run Ct., 9803-Stanley R. and Stanley R. Longsworth to Steven A. Taylor and Sandy D. Raysor Taylor, $440,000.

Snowden Woods Rd., 12212-Felix C. Valentin Torres and Justy Valentin to Sean J. and Heidi Gerondakis, $420,000.


Shepherd St., 3205-Helpful Investing Corp. to Daniel and Kylie Grainger, $458,000.


Leahy Rd., 7415-Mark S. Devan and Thomas P. Dore to Teofilo De Jesus Macedo, $239,000.

Meadow Trail Lane, 3807-Savio and Rina Gomes to Maria Rene Zabala, $180,000.

Riverdale Rd., 7507, No. 2051-Michelle D. Greene to Daniela Hurtado and Marcela Hurtado Villa, $65,000.


Livingston Rd., 6614-Daniel C. MacDougall to Sahukat A. Tahir, $245,000.

Mystic Ave., 1703-Richard C. and Antoinett Smith to Jose D. Rivera Mendez, Bblanca Dina Cisneros Pena and Blanca Dina Cisneros Pena, $299,000.

Panorama Dr., 125-Keith D. and Jean G. Tucker to Pedro and Cecilia Rivera, $372,000.

Rampart Way, 500-Laura Lynn Hickman to Wayman Thomas and Jacqueline Dunmore Griffith, $825,000.

Vinson St., 1105-Ocean Wealth Corp. to Guido Alejandro Madde and Mayaly Suarez Tineo, $280,000.

Wealding Way, 4916-Denise V. Jones Rice to Brittany Graham, $200,000.


Mustang Dr., 6033-Juanita M. and Charles D. Smith to Gloria Isabel De Gavidia and Jose Samuel Gavidia Jr., $282,000.

Patterson St., 6702-Guadalupe L. and Richard Lucero to Lucila Chino, $270,000.

Tuckerman St., 4512-4512 Tuckerman Street Corp. to Juen E. Kranich, $485,900.

Woodberry St., 4636-SM Waterford Estates Corp. to Lynn Nashorn, $493,256.

Woodberry St., 4710-SM Warterford Estates Corp. to Darryl D. Collins, $492,265.

64th Pl., 5707-Sje International Corp. to Edras Cruz Melgar and Ingrid E. Flores Reyes, $283,000.


Coach Lane, 3912-Richard Boateng to Earl and Shirley L. Justbuddy, $150,000.

Forest Glade Lane, 2206-Sivad Properties Inc. to Joseph R. Davidson, $265,000.

Meadowview Dr., 3791-Robert Pearson Jr. and Latisha N. Blackmon to Bosede Bolanle Adeoye and Temitope Aina, $199,900.

Suitland Rd., 5815-Eunice Jackson and Natika Cromer to Keenan A. Blake, $187,000.

Vernon Way, 5502-Lenora Middleton and Lenora Middleton to Azeb Misgina Measho, $207,000.


Atmore Pl., 4105-Gusmer Herbas to Sidney C. Jackson, $230,000.

Blacksnake Dr., 4108-Traci Lynn Ross to Rhonda C. Shaffer, $305,000.

Buckingham Ct., 5502-Edward E. and Marureen Balkely to Calrs Ramirez Zapata and Julia S. Jimenez, $275,000.

Dawn Lane, 2218-Baer Development Inc. to Curtis L. Inabinet Jr., $190,000.

Hemlock Pl., 3800-Yolanda Bennette and Harold Bennette to Milagro and Leroy Williams, $260,000.

Iverson St., 2211-Gloria Solomon to Mary E. Gross, $292,000.

23rd Pkwy., 4302-Chenetta P. Holoman to Latoya L. Arnold, $245,051.


Bulletin Way, 3111-NVR Inc. to Herbert Tyler, $484,990.

East West Hwy., 4416-Junru He and Xinhong Feng to Richard Sookramsingh, $303,000.

Rosedale Dr., 6000-Anne S. and Theodore Edley to Zoey and Yong Chen, $280,000.

Sligo Pkwy., 6413-Antonio P. Morales and Elsa J. Marquez to Erito A. Barrientos Pacheco, $260,000.

Van Buren St., 2000-Cristino Gonzalez Mejia to Hugo Giron Quintanilla, $362,000.

33rd Ave., 5810-Tristan Hubsch and Juliane T. Kanozsay to Tristan Hubsch and Francisca Lenis, $353,000.

40th Ave., 6514-Jes International Corp. to Mariann M. and Stephen D. Salisbury, $565,000.


Barton Oaks Ct., 9501-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Robert A. and Patricia M. Scott, $634,531.

Brooke Lane, 12401-Craug and Sherry West to Mario Olivero and Kendra McGaha, $360,000.

Carlene Ct., 3202-Malica L. and Raleigh Evans to Laique Alhassan, $415,000.

Colonel Darnell Pl., 4718-Ivy D. and Eugene Patrick O’Neil to Jason L. and Caria J. Ricks, $305,000.

Connaught Ct., 6211-Joseph and Theresa Rhine to Betty Warren, $570,000.

Dario Rd., 4410-Prominent Real Estate Corp. to Nechell Alleenna Jenkins, $272,000.

Eastland Cir., 10606-HWR Corp. to David J. Cook, $366,500.

Fareham Lane, 13910-Carolyn Jackson to Joenika Laney, $245,000.

Galena Lane, 10514-NVR Inc. to Dupree A. and Julieta Monk, $419,435.

Governor Kent Ct., 4627-Archie D. Smith to Williams N. White II, $273,200.

Green Tee Turn, 11901-Raymond Wilson to Philip Lucas, $385,000.

Hines Ct., 9103-21st Mortgage Corp. to Kiya S. Perrin, $400,000.

Lariat Way, 10912-Toll MD V. Partnership to Nicole M. Wilson, $411,866.

Marlboro Pike., 16005-Steamboat Road Corp. to Roberto Aguilar Quijaada and Blanca E. Guillen De Aguilar, $180,000.

Piaffe Cir., 9503-NVR Inc. to Courtney Spence, $466,615.

Risen Star Dr., 9702-Ahren E. Dains to Crystal Enika Perry, $469,000.

Sir Edwards Dr., 15600-Michael B. and Michael B. Thomas to Letonia D. Fykes, $488,750.

Six Forks Dr., 4804-Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic Corp. to Jan M. Serrano Gutierrez, $353,047.

Sturdee Dr., 12208-Peggy A. Miller to Penelope Maxine and Everett Jackson Richardson, $255,000.

Sunningdale Pl., 15514-NVR Inc. to Bradford Lewis, $399,520.

Thrush Pl., 12605-Richard W. Boger to Willie and Yolanda Longshore, $311,000.

Woodyard Rd., 5628-HWR Corp. to Awawu and Halimat Ojikutu, $370,000.


Connor Ct., 2005, No. 702K-Hazel C. Campbell to Rose Anderson, $169,000.

Garden Grove Lane, 2101-K. Hovananin Homes of Maryland Corp. to David Michael White, $416,000.

Grayvine Lane, 3412-Triagle Homes Corp. to Michale A. and Sandra Hernandez, $230,000.

Johnsberg Lane, 103-Mark L. Hopkins to Anthony E. Jiminez, $450,451.

Kitchener Ct., 10707-Tavoia A. Wilson to Sumba S. and Olasbisi E. Yamu, $279,900.

Lisle Dr., 702-Jared Orr to Olubunmi Kassim, $281,000.

Sahara Lane, 1805-Mary E. McEachern to Tosin Adeyeri, $401,000.

St. Regis Way, 2900-James G. Samuels to Raymond S. Singh and Sharyn E. Tenn, $890,000.

Sunflower Cir., 3800-Aslan Real Estate Investments to Geoffrey and Josephine Auguste, $400,000.