These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Hidden Forest Dr., 14220-NVR Inc. to Julio H. Jaldin and Ruth N. Cox Jaldin, $468,770.

Merino Dr., 18209-Jamall D. and Mishaunti L. Jarrett to Andre Foster, $463,490.


Amherst Rd., 2009-John N. Pennington to Francisco Mejia Amaya, Rosa A. Mejia, Jose Dolores Oliva Mejia and Maritza Yamileth Mejia Arevalo, $300,000.

Kirston St., 2405-Juan A. and Maria M. Sosa to Carols and David G. Flores, $255,000.


Cherry Hill Ct., 3445-Steven L. and Maria S. Dye to Abebech M. Adessa and Berhanu K. Endegena, $255,000.

Edmonston Rd., 11424-Panagiotis A. and Garyfallia P. Glekas to Pedro Argentino Chacon and Francisco Argentino Aguilar Fuentes, $283,000.

Montgomery Rd., 10805-Jennnifer L. Isley to Ebal M. Onyiego, $365,000.

Powder Mill Rd., 4615-S100 Inc. to Paul Edward Pumphrey, $399,000.

Stonehall Dr., 3304-Pia I. Cataldi to Muricio Menjivar, $350,000.


Aberdeens Folly Ct., 14005-NVR Inc. to David T. and Muilena A. Yang, $579,290.

Hillmeade Rd., 7025-Richard Alexander and Bailey D. Pate to Sady R. Rios, $325,000.

Lavender Lane, 4311-Chantel L. Skipper to Rebekah E. King, $310,000.

Manor Field Dr., 4309-Navr Inc. to Adam J. and Nandine C. Reid, $572,265.

Overbrook Lane, 13452-Tarek A. Banaja to Keisha N. Dawson, $324,900.

Rockledge Dr., 12402-Paul J. Woolf to Frederick R. and Tenesha Pelhma Poole, $344,900.

Shafer Lane, 12321-Leif Aamot and Karen Lowman to Robert S. Kurz and Anna H. Helm Kurz, $150,000.

Stonybrook Dr., 2919-John Scott and Judith Ann Stubblefield to Joseph D. and Viola K. Krinsky, $345,000.

Windover Turn, 12531-Sheila Ann and Sheila A. Shanahan to Charles Grizzle Jr., $314,000.


Ardleigh Ct., 2108-Deborah M. and Raymond Edward Knott to Tatiana Benard, $252,000.

Eves Ct., 16416-Jonathan M. Williams to Mathias Uvieghara, $290,000.

New Oak Lane, 3012-Desmond C. and Courtney Parson to Anita C. White, $240,000.

Patuxent Overlook Dr., 4404-Wells Fargo Bank to Brian Maurice and Victoria Ann Payne, $581,000.


Duckett Rd., 14506-Bernard Thomas to Olga L. Diaz, $201,900.

General Lafayette Blvd., 15308-D.R. Horton Inc. to Fatoumata Diallo Moore, $309,990.

Martin Rd., 12710-Wells Fargo Bank to Bernardo R. Flores, $139,000.

Steam Mill Farm Dr., 12910-Caruso Bowie 11 Corp. to Dana M. and Dedric Foreman, $608,384.


Birchleaf Ave., 617-Maxine Lovelace Burrell to Robrtta J. Harris, $194,000.

Cabin Branch Dr., 718-Kristen Caldwelbeates to Frank H. Housen, $200,000.

Dent St., 4004-Metro DC I. Corp. to Trisha L. Waddell, $249,900.

Gethsemane Way, 1717-Jacqueline Wilcher to Symone Smith, $208,000.

Opus Ave., 626-Timothy P. Ryan to Frank K. and Ramonda P. Reed, $295,000.

Possum Ct., 349-Aaron J. Easton to Wanda R. Ford, $195,000.

Rollins Ave., 1513-U.S. Bank to Ismar and Maurico Loaytes, $127,575.


Allendale Dr., 8130-Residenal Value Corp. to Hector A. and Judith Baires Gonzalez, $207,000.

Central Hills Lane, 902-Kevin T. Waller to Charlotte Sabrina Jenkins, $240,000.

Endzone Way, 8000-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Candcie Spencer, $300,000.

Java Pl., 1208-Titina C. and Hope A. Eason to Jorge H. Rodas, Jose T. Servellon and Gustavo A. Servellon, $250,000.

Old Landover Rd., 6695-Antonia B. Hawkins and Deirdre M. Wallace to Marcellus F. Stuck, $336,000.

Virginia Ave., 2200-Robert and Joyce Palmer to Lauren J. and Maria D. Daley, $299,000.


Alan Dr., 5705-John E. and Sharon M. Dickson to Stephen A. Drazin, $394,600.

Chris Mar Ave., 6021-Wells Fargo Bank to Eric Baldwin, $182,000.

Edward Dr., 6105-Samuel D. and Linda M. Oliver to Lorenzo Miller, $275,000.

Huckleberry Ct., 7103-Shauna Benson and Shauna J. Strange to Jonya T. Smalls, $268,000.

Padmar Lane, 6603-Calvert Corp. and Marrick Properties Inc. to Stanley M. and Antoinette L. Powe, $521,392.

Simmons Lane, 6904-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Kimberly Bailey, $372,000.

Temple Hill Rd., 8220-Ems Real Estate Servies Corp. to Edwin O. Frrrufino Benites and Jose A. Mendoza Argueta, $272,500.


Kenesaw St., 5116-BX Real Estate Partners Corp. to Hong Sun and Anqi Ye, $336,000.

Mineola Rd., 5110-DNJH Corp. to Emelyn Vicente Lucero, Moises Vicente and Manuela Lucero De Vicente, $317,000.

48th Ave., 8413-Brian A. Ballard and David C. Eyvazzadeh to Thomas A. and Elizabeth A. Bzael, $411,000.


Crestwick Pl., 2812-Diplomat Property Manager Corp. and Servicing Corp. to Crystal Ed Smart and Terry D. Anderson, $214,900.

Foster St., 6414-Navy Federal Credit Union to Mary A. McDuffie, $243,000.

Hansford St., 6501-Accurate Angle Investments Corp. to Samuel Moore, $270,000.

Jo Ann Ct., 6703-Lancaster and Tonya Steveson to Tholes Desrosiers, $152,000.

Marlboro Pike, 7800-Galen R. and Carol A. Kimble to Aramndo Oseguera and Maria I. Alvarenga, $245,000.

Mount Forest Terr., 7000-Brian and David Crump to William O. Nino Estraa, $300,000.

Regency Pkwy., 3443-RLP Investment Group Corp. to Lakeisha Linda Shaw, $225,000.

Tulip Ave., 1642-Shanyln B. Arnett to Juan Luis Nunez, $233,000.


Bella Vista Ct., 8307-Louise G. and Milton E. Jenne to Dustin and Gwendolyn Deneal, $412,000.

Doris Dr., 8907-Clarence S. and Gloria W. Jones to Timothy L. Brandon, $400,000.

Henson Bridge Terr., 2911-Artis Anthony Trapp to Gabriel Callaham, $254,900.

Potomac Heights Dr., 1592-Daniel and Sharicah Danielle Fields to Ali and Farahshad Assayesh, $129,000.

St. Andrews Dr., 221-Chung Chun and Chwang Chia Yang to Defu Chen and Biyin Li, $190,000.

Veltri Dr., 7908-Tamm Investments Corpl to Joson P. Sewell, $299,900.


Bell Station Rd., 5810-Sandra Lee McCarthy and John W. Wullican to Nyonkaah Nicoline Fomungen, $305,000.

Wood Pointe Dr., 6107-Voncile Willingham to Shreya Roy and Mark W. Roberts, $410,000.


Center Dr. S., 5205-NVR Inc. to Janelle and Abverille Campbell, $500,000.

Jacobs Dr., 7722-Syed and Syeda Azra Bukhari to Valentine Tita, $289,000.

Mandan Rd., 7678-7678 Mandan Road Corp. to Katarlah Taylor, $279,000.

Settling Pond Lane, 5301-NVR Inc. to Zhanqing Li and Fengting Huang, $471,990.

Stream Bank Lane, 5205-NVR Inc. to Eduardo Vila, $346,570.


Oglethorpe St., 4410, No. 816-Patricia L. Ray to Jasmine Aqualia Wallace, $145,000.


Alcona St., 9212-Beverly D. Hill to Manuel Martinez, $322,000.

Grant Dr., 7902-Denise S. Myers to Karla Yanira Turcios Garcia and Pablo Salvador Turcios, $270,000.

Hubble Dr., 7602-NVR Inc. to Christina Lavarez and Jennyfer Russe Alverez, $399,990.

Orbit Lane, 9007-Juby Ray Taylor and Lee Vaughn Ray to Alfredo Perez and Jesica Patricia Andradez, $273,000.

Seasons Way, 8605-Cartolin Bright Jagha to Yolmda A. Sheltyon, $140,000.

Wood Meadow Way, 7200-Timberlake Wood Glen Corp. to Jamie L. Carter and Lemont J. Allen, $392,320.


Bennington Dr., 11504-Cassandra Puddy to Alvin Williams, $409,900.

Broadleaf Dr., 10612-Alisa Sampedro and 366 Nansemond Corp. 401(k) Trust to Eduardo Villeda Morales, $250,000.

Campus Way S., 10621-Robyn Evonne Bassett to Anifat Adebola Salawu, $260,000.

Edwards St., 3519-Ruth H. Colbert to Victor O. Akinto, $291,500.

Firethorn Ct., 104-Khris Hutson to Merline and Julie Bocaille, $158,000.

Heidi Lane, 3503-Wells Fargo Bank and Merrill Lynch Mortgage Investors Trust to Stephine B. Millstein, $232,050.

Mallard Ct., 1705-Kevin Leojnard and Marie G. Huffman to Emmanuel Fields, $547,000.

Narrowleaf Dr., 820-Paul A. Sullivan Jr. to Stephen A. Chroniger, $229,900.

Sangerville Cir., 912-NVR Inc. to Larry and Rosalyn Lee Harris, $719,409.

Stanwich Terr., 512-Karen Barber to Lauther B. and Michelle E. Glenn, $574,990.

Whistling Duck Dr., 1902-Taryn J. Williams to Jade and Randy Gilbert, $318,000.


Arbory Way N., 7678-Anthony Botros to Bianca Stevenson, $155,000.

Doddington Ct., 7313-Omoteniola D. Awofolu and Yaw A. Akoasare to Danielle Stanley, $477,000.

Irving St., 125-Andryene Hunter to Carlos Paz Arias, Alba C. Umanzor De Paz and Milady Paz Arias, $268,000.

Mulberry St., 8524-Montenegro Investment Corp. to Jose Pablo Sorto, $325,000.

Northview Ct., 8250-Wells Fargo Bank to Kazem Kazemazadeh, $233,625.

Ridge View Lane, 14309-NVR Inc. to Mandeep Kaur, $425,595.

Shannon Ave., 13916-Rose Marie K. Bartosevich and Joseph F. Bartosevich to Elizabeth M. Clayton and Seaford Edwards Jr., $340,000.

Eighth St., 1017-JPMorgan Chase Bank to David Mingfei Wu, $172,000.


Claxton Dr., 12940-Stacy Ann Bryson to Daniel S. Shapiro and Diana H. Launse, $225,000.

Player Dr., 9318-Kenneth R. and Nomi F. Nunley to Abiel Maza, $215,000.


Bunker Hill Rd., 3207-John Henry and Ascala Tsegaye Sisk to Kevin J. Bush and Leigh Golding Desantis, $400,000.


Buchanan St., 7411-Mark Alexander to Barbara A. Williams, Kirt F. Williams and Stevo K. Lee, $311,000.

Fairbanks St., 6509-CTJ Rei Corp. to Elsa Y. Portillo, $310,000.

Mahoney Dr., 5707-Chico Redicks to Melakame and Elizet Melettole, $324,900.

69th Pl., 4903-Felipe A. Gonzalez Hernandez and Jorge A. Gonzalez Hernandez to Reina I. Artola Villanueva, Erick O. Hernandez and Reina I. Artola, $260,000.

85th Ave., 5420-Five Willison Corp. to Przemyslaw Praszczalcek, $110,000.


Sachem Dr., 5503-Theophilus Corp. and Syncoles Corp. to Tho Nelson, $335,000.


Oakland Ave., 6707-Steven and Theresa L. Goodheart to April Patten, $317,000.

Queensbury Rd., 4909-Werrlein Properties Corp. to James B. and Cindy L. Doyle, $575,000.

57th Ave., 6412-Deutschen Bank to Xiangheng Liu and Xiao Ping Xie, $166,500.


Mathilda Lane, 5002-Ruth A. Settles and Debbie Logan to Jacqueline Logan, $230,000.

Silver Park Terr., 4057-Bennie L. and Cynthia McKelvin Wheeler to Anita D. Miles, $245,000.


Birch Lane, 6802-Forrest S. and Sylvia M. Hall to Therman M. and Felicia D. Johnson, $340,000.

Huntland Rd., 5703-Rosa A. Singleary to Ulaka K. Harris, $295,000.

Kirby Dr., 2335-Flora Corner Corp. to Janice L. Swiney, $200,000.

Temple Hill Rd., 5901-Donald V. Bobrow and William L. Terrill to Carolyn Smith and Edmund W. Hubard, $300,000.

19th Ave., 4004-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Stephanie Whitaker, $266,800.


Balfour Ct., 1310-Reina Escobar to Mohammed Ahmed and Fayaye Mekonnen, $240,000.

Chronicle St., 6106-NVR Inc. to Rafee Hammons, $484,740.

Sheridan St., 2217-Margarita C. Reyes to Oscar Galvez Alfaro and Alba Abigail Nurillo Lopez, $198,000.


Bridle Ridge Rd., 4007-U.S. Bank and Residential Capital Managements Group to Karyn Temple Claggett, $450,000.

Croom Acres Terr., 9401-Reginald and Marilynn Riley to Hayden A. Lewis, $570,000.

Galena Lane, 10520-NVR Inc. to Michael Smith, $345,780.

Gold Yarrow Lane, 6305-Tringle Homes Corp. to Benjamin and Dena L. Caro, $645,348.

Hampshire Hall Ct., 14245-Naita Saunders and Naita Emerson to William C. McMillian Jr., $195,000.

Midstock Lane, 12911-Ortunos & Associates Corp. to Leonard Brooks Jr., $290,000.

Old Indian Head Rd., 10811-Fubon Development Corp. to Justin Wilford Cartagena, $320,000.

Sherwood Dr., 9403-David Argueta and Roxana L. Alberty to Heinar E. Claros and Yaneth D. Diaz, $280,000.

Sunningdale Pl., 15526-NVR Inc. to Yolanda McCoy and Eric Hemphill, $387,757.

Timberline Dr., 10618-Kevin B. and Stracy Steele to Michael Johnson, $349,000.

Wood Sorrel Ct., 10311-Darrell J. and Deborah H. Davis to Dominique J. and Desmond J. Davis, $375,000.


Jenkins Ridge Rd., 14908-Lawrence and Bonnie P. Brown to Ahuruezenma and Enyioma B. Anyatonwu, $385,000.

Lake Shore Dr., 916-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Lauren M. Moody, $259,900.

Pepperidge Dr., 15000-Christopher D. and Kristine T. Kizzie to Manuel S. Brown, $430,000.

Upshire Ct., 2005-Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of New York to Vestina Jones Lucas, $269,000.