These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Accokeek Landing Dr., 1215-Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of New York to Cahenda Dickens and Shonte Brooks, $351,000.

Knights Bridge Ct., 15819-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Victorino S., Didth R., Didith Ronda and Victorino Santos Villangca, $299,435.


Edgefield Dr., 10413-Nicholas Saylor to Bridget Harriott and Andris Saunders, $350,000.

Riggs Rd., 9810-U.S. Bank to Trang Van Huynh, $250,000.

24th Ave., 7106-Wilmingston Savings Fund Society and Christina Trust to Hector Avelar Figueroa, $319,900.


Calvert Hills Dr., 12600-Roberto Sarmiento to Jose Guzman Garcia and Osman Guzman, $384,000.

Clearbrooke Ct., 11320-DC Metro Investment Group Corp. to Allegra Wainwright, $282,000.

Quimby Ave., 4605-George E. and Diane J. Amos to Daniel and Leila Whall, $270,000.

Ulster Rd., 4202-Paul Jason Abbott to Manfredys A. Navas Hernandez and Daysi L. Benitez, $365,000.


Barberry Lane, 2705-Barberry Lane Corp. to Shirley R. and Carl M. Fox, $355,000.

Canfield Lane, 12505-Potomac Overlook VIII Corp. to Patricia L. and Earl F. Dickson, $825,000.

Cherrywood Lane, 12919-Abe Tatosian to Michael A. Bell, $305,000.

Deepwood Dr., 11434-Hasbc Bank to Bing Xu, $133,500.

Kilbourne Lane, 12511-Michael L. Knight to Qiao Qiu and Ming Xi Lu, $259,900.

Libertys Delight Dr., 12800, No. 201-Randall L. Smith to Michael and Connie Istre, $240,000.

Malin Lane, 12208-Joseph and Donna M. Lennon to Lia Thompson, $325,000.

Midwood Lane, 12741-Jasse Chittams to Joseph F. Brooks III and Robin Regina Wright Brooks III, $229,500.

Princes Choice Dr., 12626-Joan Romett and Ykf Trust to Philemon and Marie Barton Elaigwu, $350,000.

Spring Meadows Dr., 5803-Olivier and Bintou Camara Bityeki to Antonio Holloman, $579,000.

Whitehall Dr., 12209-Carlton A. Wallen Sr. and Nicole L. Clarke Wallen to Katrina Mae G. Guevarra, $350,000.


Alameda Dr., 15804-Natalie N. Hinz to Selassie L. Fox, $359,000.

Early Glow Lane, 3816-Rbre Inc. to Esther Annan, $291,000.

Eastview Ct., 4002-Aisha Richardson to Christopher Sherod, $190,000.

Ellipse Terr., 16432-Muriel Best to Valerie A. Brown, $218,000.

Neman Dr., 15419-Deutsche Bank and Gsamp Trust to William C. Jones, $188,500.

Northcote Lane, 15021-HSBC Bank and Ellington Loan Acqiuistion Loan Trust to Ali Hedayati, $215,250.

Port Echo Lane, 1405-Federal National Mortgage Association to Dianne Carrington, $249,000.


Gilpin Mews Lane, 15603-Department of Veterans Affairs to Adeola Goncalves, $308,900.

Nanjemoy Dr., 7501-Wells Fargo Bank to Muhammad Amjad, $355,000.


Lawrence St., 4202-Artmon Investments Corp. to Esther Kagulu, $352,000.

37th Pl., 3808-Melissa Anne Glasser and Eduardo N. Bruzera to Eduardo Nicols Bruzera and Cristna Mana Fernandez, $122,680.


Capitol Heights Blvd., 919-U.S. Bank to Alycia Hsu and Fung Or, $130,723.

Clovis Ave., 823-823 Clovis Ave Corp. to Sharon and Dante Holloway, $240,000.

Gladstone Way, 5769-Edwin Anderson to Kashanique Duckley, $207,000.

Malachite Pl., 6937-Joyce Deloatch to Mary G. and Precious D. Weke, $259,900.

Opus Ave., 705-Asam Corp. to Fredy A. Hernandez, $223,300.

Rollingdale Way, 4604-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Gary L. Puzzella, $172,000.

Torrance Ave., 1711-Andre L. and Marleigh Hentz to Veronica Grayson, $323,000.


Crain Hwy., 11500-Elizabeth Diane Foster and Ruffin Billy Smith to Pedro Ayala Castro, $271,000.


Euclid St., 5718-Ryan E. Moorhart to Yvans Cator Jr. and Judith Braga, $347,400.

Merrick Lane, 7724-Hugues R. Demcdeiros to Renee M. Lyles, $222,000.

Oxman Rd., 7729-Nana Osei to Doris P. Caceres Rodriguez, $195,000.

Sheriff Rd., 8016-Wilson Estrada to Richard Javier, $200,000.


Accolade Terr., 11505-Edward J. Fowlkes and Gracie L. Fowlkes to Megan E. Dawson and Christopher M. Hernandez, $340,000.

Chris Mar Ave., 5720-Eagle Properties and Investments Corp. to Oscar Arnulfo Martinez Daboub and Leslie Y. Cos Cantroal, $315,000.

Piscataway Rd., 12201-Vincent G. and Jacquelyn Wharton to Alexander G. and Gaelle Dunn, $314,900.

Sumter Lane, 8609-Ffi Holdings to Sandra M. Lacey, $330,000.

Whitewater Ct., 7902-Tony Talley to Renada Latrese Johnson, $340,000.


Branchville Rd., 4709-Joyce L. and John W. Shivers to Lan Yue, $320,000.

Sunnyside Ave., 5493-Arlene and Abdon Gonzalez to Karena M. Ruggiero and Robert J. Mothershed, $338,150.

50th Pl., 9016-Jonathan Tyson to Ricardo J. Granados, $230,000.


Alberta Dr., 1400-Wallace Harris and Bessie Marrow to Antonio Simmons, $240,000.

Daniel Dr., 8104-Marina Enterprises Corp. to Ramont Becton, $299,900.

Gould Dr., 1510-Ernest L. Jones to Alice Wonje Ntube and Loveline Nyambi, $286,000.

Harwood Rd., 2123-Molly T. Smith to Earlean Forman, $265,000.

Keystone Manor Pl., 3703-Georgia and Georgia Lee Dunfee to Sherita R. Johnson, $229,900.

Lenaskin Lane, 8409-James and Tisa Petty to Barry Aberdeen, $331,000.

Oak Glen Way, 2412-Goodman Griffin and Laurie A. Renner to Shareena Atkinson, $194,000.

Richville Dr., 8402-HSBC Bank and Home Equity Loan Trust to Omololu Ogundijo, $213,479.


Belfast Dr., 2108-Jose A. Gonzalez Quintanilla to Mauricio E. Hernandez Quintero and Wendy Yessenia Aviles Melendez, $279,000.

Carey Branch Dr., 7914-Read A Book Enterprise Corp. to Robert E. Williams, $255,000.

Dillard Pl., 12204-Harvey G. and Gerthyl R. Dickerson to Johnny F. Sanchez, $304,000.

Folk Dr., 1804-Donis H.G. Lopez to Carlos Rivera Martinez and Ilda Rivera, $240,000.

Hill Top Dr., 10814-Timothy J. Thomas and Amanda Scard to Maissa Abdullah A. Alamodi and Abdulaziz L. Alghaslan, $330,000.

Klovstad Dr., 7817-Michael T. and Jean L. Young to John K. and Chaunta D. Proctor, $291,000.

Madison Dr., 1305-Dylexa Management Inc. to Daniel N. and Charlene C. Sorensen, $240,000.

Oaklawn Rd., 3311-SP Properties Corp. to Branden Clark, $293,000.

Pocahontas Dr., 904-Arthur J. Palik to Hastings Doe and Jacquelien Holt, $322,500.

Stonesboro Rd., 3776-3776 Stonesboro Rd. Corp. to Folasade O. and Theophilus K. Pyne, $354,000.


James Madison Lane, 12413-U.S. Bank to Zeditha Cabbagestalk, $445,500.

Wycombe Park Lane, 11313-Bank of New York to Kelsy Dominick, $345,450.


Greenbelt Rd., 8419-Ovrang R. and Parasatue Sohrabi to Alayna J. Payton, $120,000.

Lake Park Dr., 6602-Nina B. Ward and Nina Margaret Boston to Karen L. Gilchrist, $196,000.

Stream Bank Lane, 5230-Paula Schenkel and Randall Sands to Tahir Manzoor, $460,000.


59th Pl., 5108-Angel Guerra to Carlos Alberto Beltran Reyes, $274,000.


Chervil Rd., 8504-Jane W. Ammon to Cilnique Clerge and Edrige Rene, $345,000.

Glenarden Pkwy., 9105-D.R. Horton Inc. to Earnest Marshall III, $522,325.

Hubble Dr., 7606-NVR Inc. to Rickey and Marquita Bushrod, $402,800.

Merna Lane, 6315-Ishmael and Ishmael Kamara to Alhaji Osman Gbla, $327,000.

Polk St., 7923-Peggie and Gerlad M. Brown to Valentin Ersavi Palma Zamora and Nimia Idalma Palma, $274,500.

Shepherd Lane, 5802-Roger Realty American Investments Corp. to Andre P. Brutus and David Gilliam II, $305,000.

Storch Dr., 10428-Julian E. and James F. Swittenberg to Gloria J. Daivis, $231,000.


Bibury Alley, 15522-Westphalia Row Pertners Corp. to Melita Nachette Moore, $403,970.

Bottsford Ave., 215-Dexter L. and Zorayra Mallory to Darrell and Sylvia Cason, $535,000.

Carolina Ct., 1507-Owb Reo Corp. to Cleveland S. Grant, $318,000.

Coffren Pl., 705-Richard O. and Linda Holifield Kennedy to Ervin Melvin and Tomeya L. Jackson, $575,000.

Dormansville Blvd., 14306-Marlene R. Mitchell to Marlene R. and Brian Mitchell, $650,000.

Endicott Pl., 3709-Camille Pierce to Gbenga Olala, $375,000.

Hollow Log Dr., 13513-Jotara L. and Charles T. Sewornoo to Emilia A. Atem and Nicholas Akemaji Asong, $500,000.

Kettering Dr., 302-Wincodevel Corp. to Angel Gabriel Villeda Munoz and Brenda Elizabeth Perdomo Villeda, $273,000.

Laforge Lane, 10008-Federal National Mortgage Association to Shamarda Hart, $295,000.

Mary Bowie Pkwy., 14906-Toll MD Xi Partnership to James Benard and Muriel Gernail Williams, $664,944.

Pickering Cir., 1233-Betty A. Leonard to Cornel M. and Carolyn J. Harris, $290,000.

Robert Lewis Ave., 1820-Reginald B. and Debra M. Giles to William G. and Tamra G. Scott, $385,000.

Sunningdale Pl., 15510-NVR Inc. to Joseph Erculiani, $422,000.

Woodlawn Blvd., 10403-Taylor Group Investments Corp. to Errol M. and Lowaun Woods, $270,000.


Cypress St., 8403-Wells Fargo Bank to Juan A. Flores, $215,500.

Marton St., 1048-Christopher L. Brownley to Shane A. Walker, $226,000.

Paperbark Terr., 7221-Ethel M. Stewart to Charles Withers and Althea R. Smith Withers, $322,100.

Vista Dr., 14059-Partick Guyah to Mario Perez, $124,500.

Fifth St., 1007-Rosa Jessica Grenados Alvarenga to Miguel Angel Berganza Sagustume and Ana De Maria Garcia Bueco, $250,000.

10th St., 1015-Tyrone J.D. Souza and Judy Lorraine D. Souza to Kiona Amelia Leah, $231,000.


Briardale Lane, 8902-Morgan R. Heyer and Frederick C. Heyer to William and Theresa Brandt, $285,000.

Ivory Pass., 12602-Federal National Mortgage Association to Reather Renee Prather, $324,000.

Tuscany Dr., 11732-Tawana A. Saunders to Otelia Elaine Simmons, $320,000.


37th St., 3717-Ethel G. Pinkey to Kazem Kazmezadoch, $223,000.


Emerson St., 7009-Cesra S. Sura Bonilla to Jerry Raul Valdez Vasquez and Heidi L. Sanchez Solano, $240,000.

Frederick Rd., 7710-American Realty Investments Corp. to Edwin T. Cartagena Reyes, $232,000.

Lupine Ct., 3501-101 Geneva Corp. to Kirt A. Dankmyer, $220,000.

Quintana St., 8411-Kathleen M. Sadler to Ermis O. Morales and Bethy Y. Reys De Morales, $260,000.

Taylor St., 7014-Carmellia Jackson and Carmellia Jackson O. Neal to Michael Ray Oneal, $215,000.

Westbrook Dr., 6203-Steven Harvey Gold and Steven Gold to Amalia Hines and Amalia Bloomfield, $303,000.


Dumfries St., 1009-Jose W. and Maria C. Galvez to Gregorio Ferrufino Manzanarez and Jasmin Y. Gonzalez Flores, $247,000.

Leverett St., 5220-David Herbert and 5220 Leverett Street Land Trust to Tristiana L. Jackson Hinton, $209,999.

Norlinda Ave., 2309-Donald L. and Gloria A. Doby to Carlos V., John M. and Juan P. Bonilla, $243,000.

Potomac Passage, 155-Amanda Jane Annick to Hyacinth Carter, $334,555.

Terrell Ave., 5904-Gloria F. and George Dempsey to Jo A. Bell, $191,580.


Eastpine Dr., 6005-Cesar H. Reyes to Ronaldo and Ronny Solorazono, $140,000.

Kennedy St., 5521-Alicia Y. Carney to Anayansis Melgar Benitez and Jose E. Melgar Gonzalez, $250,000.

Van Buren St., 4700-SM Waterford Estates Corp. to Josh A. and Elizabeth B. Clayton, $598,620.

62nd Ave., 5618-Debrah and Debra Pemberton to Amistin Perrera and Mouharram Jaafar, $247,000.


Candy Apple Lane, 4142-Traviata Cox to Brittany S. Johnson, $178,000.

Lassie Ave., 3118-Cambridge Estate Corp. to Sierra Edward, $329,900.

Sunset Lane, 3079-Eagle Homes Laurel Corp. to John Delonte Black Sr. and Leon Eugene Coates Jr., $215,000.


Aley Rd., 5901-Witi Inc. to Cipriano A. Mazariegos, $222,000.

Brinkley Rd., 4712-Jose A. Diaz and Rosemary Ocon to Edwin Aristides Gonzales Turcios, $225,000.

Dunlap St., 3617-Annette Simpson to Raymond Lee Hall, $195,000.

Hill Park Dr., 3702-Deutsche Bank and Ocwean Loan Serving Corp. to Jose O. Aguilar, $239,580.

Joan Lane, 5601-Lighthouse Assets Corp. and Umbrella Holdings Corp. to Jose E. Pacheco, $220,000.

Linda Lane, 5716-Eric D. Koger and Cheryl V. Chambers to Robin Hood and Richard Tyrone Cunningham, $269,922.

Rehling St., 5806-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Kierra Parker, $178,000.


Jamestown Rd., 3007-Jes International Corp. to Gilma Sarceno Escobar and Edvin O. Perez Sarceno, $305,000.


Brentwood Dr., 7008-Calvin R. and Audra R. Griner to Lisa N. Brooks Wilkins, $520,000.

Colonel Ashton Pl., 4735-Larry E. Williams to Tiffany Fonseca, $273,000.

Crystal Oaks Lane, 9102-Mab of Pakrkside Singles Corp. to Margaret Beverly, $523,894.

Eastland Cir., 10815-Mab of WTC Corp. to Karen Lewis, $450,452.

Forest Pines Dr., 5021-Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic Corp. to Renneese Cecelia Powers, $392,255.

Fox Stream Way, 3105-Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic Corp. to Jasmine Johnson, $370,445.

Golden Eagle Ct., 9707-JLG Investments Corp. to Karen Y. Cushman Aluko and Ademola O. Aluko, $368,700.

Griffendale Lane, 5209-Willie J. and Dionna Brown Caldwell to Dionna Marie and Dionna M. Brown, $425,000.

Healy Pl., 7514-Johnie H. Washington to Tamara Bobo, $276,000.

Lord Baltimore Pl., 13542-Kristy Barksdale to Orlanda Demone Smith and Angel Ardelia Lyons, $236,900.

Marlton Center Dr., 12716-Terrence D. and Karen Ruffin to Mark L. and Tangela D. Darensburg, $265,000.

Oakengate Dr., 10009-Angela D. Phillips Tucker to Forrest and Sylvia Hall, $425,000.

Parkstone Dr., 9606-SM Parkside Corp. to Richard and Valencia B. Palmer, $444,950.

Salford Terr., 13046-Shavone K. Richardson to Tyson J. Beale, $222,500.

Sweet Rose Ct., 8813-Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic Corp. to Brittini Blackwell and Kristopher Baum, $337,990.

Trumps Hill Rd., 8304-Andre Deon Marshall and Karla M. Reeves to Rodrick T. Washington, $326,000.

Westview Dr., 12221-Westview Corp. to Sandra Webb, $360,000.

Wind Chime Ct., 8802-Magruder Property Corp. to Kirk S. and Jewell R. Samuel, $590,000.

Woodyard Rd., 5607-NVR Inc. to India D. Robinson, $361,300.


Bald Hill Rd., 9611-Jason L. and Jennifer Lee Lash to Varnes Pascal and Marie Bourgoin, $429,000.

Fitzgibbon Ct., 10616-K&D Home Improvement Corp. to Chukwuemeka Nwaopara, $279,900.

Millponds Ct., 936-Charlene Gordon Ben and Roland Ben to Robert Earl Mitchell, $309,500.

Saint Georges Way, 2008-Chong Ya Chen and Hua Zheng to Bechemanyor Achou Ebini, Rico T. Mayowo and Rico T. Mayowo, $485,000.

Tulip Tree Dr., 9801-Troy McKinney to Laketa Scott, $324,900.

Woodview Dr., 9608-Carolyn B. Palmer to Agnes T. Nkeng, $328,000.