Home Sales

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit go to washingtonpost.com.


Beech Lane, 17930-Emanuel Inc. to Michael Andrew and Taylor Finochio, $235,000.

Cover Lane, 607-Bank of New York to Antoine Pringle and Wilma Taylor, $393,000.

Saint James Rd., 1609-St. James Haverford Construction Partners to Patricia D. Revell, $683,630.


Keokee St., 1807-HSBC Bank and Deutsche Alt-A Securities Inc. to Max and Sandra Rueda, $117,337.

Riggs Rd., 7967, No. 8-Raymond A. Stancill to Pao Ping Chang and Hui Cong Chen, $65,500.

14th Ave., 8416-Isaac W. Kadiam to Bisrat Hallemeskel, $355,410.


Aquasco Rd., 21405-Sean E. Lockerby to Arnuifo Alvayero Membreno, $270,000.


Alloway Lane, 7708-Omid Land Group Corp. to David K. Misoi and Beatrice C. Ngenoh, $470,000.

Calico Rock Landing., 7336-Calantic Group Inc. to Jason P. Novak, $328,495.

Cherry Hill Rd., 11230-Andrew H. and Patricia A. Saikin to Pedro Antonio Zelaya Gonzalez and Maira Arely Zelaya, $134,000.

Montgomery Rd., 11539-Gustavo A. and Ivon Nadia Cruz to Eduardo Hidalgo Quinonez, $360,000.

Stoconga Dr., 4002-Cheryl June McBride to Rajendra Prasad and Deepshikha Sarin, $365,000.


Elm Ave., 8810-Deutsche Bank and Ocwen Loan Servicing Corp. to Latoya S. Kess, $416,325.

Hammermill Field Dr., 13812-NVR Inc. to Aminata K. Mansaray, $613,425.

Madonna Lane, 3503-David Richard and Nancy A. Honeyford to Robert Gay, $340,000.

Old Stage Rd., 14504-Frank M. and Taiwanna Lucienne to Emebet and James Booker, $435,000.

Saint James Sanctuary Dr., 13210-Frederick L. and Claretha Joiner to Marcia M. Blagrove, $410,000.

Westport Dr., 11227-Regina Larley to Ezenwa Okolie, $235,000.


Elite St., 3927-Federal National Mortgage Association to Ian Brooks and Kahlilah Davidson, $292,000.

Hideout Lane, 2003-Jeremah C. Ward to Garth E. and Margaret Salb Stotsky, $575,000.

Palm Lane, 1314-Kostas S. Krousaniotakis to Brian R. and Yelena S. Post, $368,600.

Pleasant Hill Lane, 825-Spar Corp. to Yetunde Bosede Fatuksi and Boyode Akinola Okotore, $310,000.


Bryantown Lane, 7511-NVR Inc. to Gerrick V. and Ursha Evette Pinkney, $597,770.

Springfield Rd. S., 14103-Malinda Helen and Kevin Anthony Chambers to Tamiki and Raynard Jackson, $277,500.


Parkwood Ct., 4018-Christine C. and James H. Lockett to Ben Hailu, $134,000.

40th Pl., 3313-Ramar Realty & Investments Corp. to Herik Chavez, $249,000.


Addison Rd., 5934-Andre M. Long to Albert and Joanne Williams, $196,000.

Balboa Ave., 1213-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Clyde J. Wellman, $139,000.

Clovis Ave., 1218-Castellanos Investments Corp. to Arily Estela Velasquez, $270,000.

Daimler Dr., 78-Wells Fargo Bank to Fahad Kaleem Lodhi, $125,000.

Falkland Pl., 5714-U.S. Bank to Kathleen Moore and Tareatha Epps, $215,000.

Glacier Ave., 1123-Ascension Homes Corp. to Hadja A. Ndoye, $250,000.

Gunther St., 5041-TWZ Properties Inc. to Lucille and Betty L. Washington, $240,000.

Possum Ct., 472-Pamela Petty John to Ahmad George, $215,000.

Seat Pleasant Dr., 6108-Federal National Mortgage Association to Eric M. Price, $200,000.

Shell St., 4104-Bah Capital Corp. to Ronald and Dominque Davis, $269,000.

Vine St., 4013-Joshua Properties Corp. to Cary M. Robinson, $275,000.

68th Pl., 118-Toye and Lloyd Hobday to Robert Robinson, $270,000.


Belle Haven Ct., 7422-NVR Inc. to Cameron Patterson and Oluchi Maxine Okezie, $418,750.

Kent Village Dr., 2304-Charlie Burgess and Lonnie McKelvy to Glynda Walker, $115,000.

Muncy Rd., 7700-7 Realty Corp. to Jose U. Ventura and Ana D. Bonilla, $189,900.

Ridge Dr. E., 7100-New Funding Resources Corp. to Ana M. Hernandez and Arecely Y. Salvador, $260,000.

Stoddert Lane, 6912-SM Landover Corp. to Getnet and Hiwot Bayou, $384,355.

Vermont Ct., 6709-Robyn D. Marbray to Genaro M. Romero, $201,500.


Accolade Ct., 11400-William K. and Yvonne V. Dorsey to Joseph and Lashawn Freeman, $350,000.

Beverly Ave., 9711-Cross Country Equity Corp. to Delesky Davis and April M. Capehart Richardson, $305,000.

Boniwood Turn W., 5259-C and C Design and Remodeling Corp. to Angela M.P. Coleman, $329,500.

Dorian Lane, 8703-Frederick J. Turner to Steven Lawrence, $426,000.

Garden Dr., 5903-Charles E. Morrison III to James and Audrey Oliver, $410,000.

Malcolm Rd., 7902-Briggett B. and Jean A. Allen to Pedro Pintor, Margarita Pintor and Silvestre Perez Martinez, $250,000.

Stecoah Dr., 4605-Ursula P. Martin to Paul and Auriel Sellers, $375,000.


Blackfoot Rd., 4703-Randall T. Elliott and Roberta F. Palestine to Aleck A. Fulcar Montero, $292,800.

Edmonston Rd., 7314-July Investment Corp. to Moustafa Ahmed, $491,000.

Rhode Island Ave., 9514-Steven B. Gross to Kenneth Lee and Jennifer Marie Gayles, $519,000.

Westchester Park Dr., 6100, No. 11-1411-Devika Persaud Hymwatte and Thakoor Dyal Persaud to Karen Manel and Larry Antosch, $137,000.

51st Ave., 9208-Heather M. Negus to Michael Arthur Sumner, $281,155.


Cedar Post Dr., 6026-ADG Investments Corp. to Monica Danelle Goldie, $273,000.

Forest Run Dr., 3125-Potomac Mills Investment Group Corp. to Valerie Jean Bond Johnson, $255,000.

Jordan Park Blvd., 8106-Rao Webster Real Estate Corp. to Charlene Mahoney, $249,000.

Lakehurst Ave., 2504-Prince George’s County Department of Housing and Community Development to Joao Manuel and Isabelle M. Pereira, $157,040.

Ritchboro Rd., 8511-Shekeita Chavis to Angela Gallman, $230,000.


Aragona Dr., 217-Wells Fargo Bank and Ocwen Loan Servicing Corp. to Janae Tillery, $230,391.

Dania Dr., 1500-Caruso Builder Hunters Mill Corp. to Catherine R. Knox, $472,490.

Fort Washington Rd., 12012-Devinder S. and Karen A. Mohindroo to Rosio and Sofiene Kouraichi, $385,000.

Heather Cir., 12904-Robert L. Diggs and estate of Michael Ellsworth Diggs to Michele L. Wiggins, $275,000.

Mariner Dr., 10910-Seymour M. Selig to Harold Johnson, $240,000.

Pats Pl., 8100-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Christopher E. Brooks, $280,000.

Riverview Rd., 12208-Beechtree Rei Corp. to Abigail P. and Ian C. Crowe, $394,900.

Taurus Dr., 405-Why Realty Corp. to Victoria Lynn Ignacio, $300,000.

Wills Lane, 7719-Estate of Victor E. Blakey to Theodore Turner, $389,900.


Glenshire Dr., 10808-U.S. Bank and Adjustable Rate Mortgage Trust to Elmer Rodriguez and Mercy Rodriguez Alvarenga, $442,000.


Miner St., 8144-NVR Inc. to Debra McGriff, $349,990.


Oglethorpe St., 4410, No. 617-Strategic Realty Fund Corp. to Brenda Y. Handy, $149,900.


Fowler Lane, 9124-A. and B. Services Corp. to Ferdinand and Jennifer Joseph, $365,000.

Haddon Dr., 5601-Neva Davis to Victor Villalobos, $296,000.

Patterson St., 7221-Laverne W. and Jerome Randolph Branche to Vilma L. Diaz Alarcon and Wendell A. Bowman, $267,000.

Storch Cir., 6930-Suhail S. Chaudhry to Cedric Jones and Ashley Larkin Eason, $276,500.

Trotter Park Lane, 2705-D.R. Horton Inc. to Brian C. and Chikara J. Fiddermon, $575,000.

Wood Edge Way, 9803-Timberlake Wood Glen Corp. to Norman T. Brown II, $399,391.

Woodside Dr., 7011-Julia Smith and Mark V. Ruiz to Azezatu Olaleve and Adrian Hayles, $335,000.


Altair Lane, 3310-David and Thomasene Curry to Cisse Ousmane, $347,000.

Branch Dr. W., 11506-Anausee 1 Corp. to Kevin M. Johnson, $420,000.

Cameron Grove Blvd., 2, No. 209-Swain Holdings Corp. to Debra Padgett, $204,900.

College Station Dr., 204-Troy Clair to Larry Gerald McCan, $269,999.

Dormansville Blvd., 14212-Selene Finance Corp. to Richard Worley Shelton, $606,000.

Hunterton St., 12204-William J. and Melanie L. Henson to Bernard Royal, $270,000.

Kettering Cir., 11302-Barbara A. Asante to Claudia B. Jones, $220,000.

Lenox Dr., 11202-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Jermaine O. Galloway, $260,000.

Missoula Ct., 13604-Joyce D. Craig and estate of Hermine Blount to Bernadette T. Vaughn Farley, $299,000.

Ring Bill Loop, 1214-Clint A. Gerdine to Adesoji Idowu Taylor, $319,900.

Sunningdale Pl., 15525-NVR Inc. to Marjorie Warren, $440,590.

Turleygreen Pl., 2000-Westphalia Row Partners Corp. to Denise Erskine Meusa, $556,750.


Arbory Ct., 7609-Paulette and Robert Delapenha to Justin R. Mabry, $163,000.

Belle Chasse Blvd., 13601, No. 212-Estate of Ann Marie Inazna to Zachary B. and Carolyn A. Nesbitt, $240,000.

Cambridge Cir., 14517-Alice Diminic and Joseph Shonga to Janet Elliott, $300,000.

Lauren Lane, 14113A-HSBC Bank and Merrill Lynch Mortgage Investors to Jin Chen, $94,500.

Mulberry St., 8609-Terry Sullivan to Rene Perez Duque, $219,000.

Roblynn Rd., 6210-Linda D. Youngman to Adam C. Powell, $375,000.

Ward St., 1021-Dionicio H. Hernandez and Juan D. Argueta to Jose R. Esquivel, $303,000.

12th St., 1122-Grove Investment Properties Inc. to Saul D. Vanlentin Flores and J.B. Valentin, $349,500.


Bovelder Dr., 8805-Bank of America to Prakash Sankurathri, $321,177.

Oak Stream Dr., 8405-Sophie J. Allshouse to Robin Cadell and Tiffany Requel Cook, $344,900.


31st St., 4303-Kay A. and Charles E. Dennison to Richard A. Scerbo and Christopher S. Wilson, $357,000.


Garrison Rd., 7719-Fine Restorations Co. to Johanna Gorski, $309,000.

Leahy Rd., 7415-Teofilo De Jesus Macedo to Thomas J. Scheraa and Maria C. Orellana, $375,000.

Westbrook Dr., 6215-Sue Ellen Sloca to Doris Morales and Luis A. Denegri Rios, $285,000.

71st Ave., 4113-Martha L. Zuniga to Brenden R. and Jerry M. Clark, $288,000.

84th Ave., 6116-Swan Properties Inc. to Timothy Ryan Allard and Darylle Lorraine Sheehan, $323,000.


Lindsay Rd., 1006-Dobie Dwight and Jennifer Patrice Godbee to Abel A. Salvador Palacios, $199,000.

Regents Sq., 876-Kortin Realty Corp. to Phyllis T. McKinney, $545,000.

Virginia Lane, 5634-Sonya L. Morehead to Wendy Lavena Josey, $235,000.

Wilson Bridge Dr., 544, No. 17-Federal National Mortgage Association to Heath Bourne, $64,900.


Nicholson St., 4711-Nancy Igelsisa to Wesley W. and Katherine Dohe, $335,000.


Offut Dr., 4305-Carroll and Lashanda Shumpert to David White, $210,000.

Wyngate Rd., 2212-RLP Investments Corp. to Kyle and Olivia Rachelle Thompson, $220,000.


Anvil Lane N., 2128-April Joy to Clifton Stone, $250,000.

Claridge Rd., 6104-Amerian United Construction Corp. to Margaret Cunningham and Linwood Fobbs, $325,000.

Keppler Rd., 5808-Appraisal Continent Inc. to Reina L. and Yonis Canales, $335,000.

Riviera St., 3602-Vision and Creation Homes Corp. to Erica Lynne Hudson, $285,900.

23rd Pl., 4320-Debbie and Sandra Kay McArthur to Shannon V. Jones, $189,000.


Enquirer St., 6204-NVR Inc. to Alexis Wade, $480,095.


Castle Dr., 9533-Estate of Thomas Earl Jones Sr. to Elias O. Bautist Corvera and Rosa C. Lopez Cornejo, $200,000.

Colonel Contee Pl., 4924-Donna Goods to Bernard L. and Darla M. Humbles, $325,000.

Dappled Grey Way, 10921-Toll MD V Partnership to Andrew D. and Shona Chandon Cooke, $458,618.

Dressage Dr., 10218-NVR Inc. to Sharmaine N. and Ronald W. Walker, $488,870.

Federal Ct., 5705-James T. Denison and Amanda Bair S. Denison to Michael Neil and Traci Fisenberg Rayburn, $760,000.

Halloway Pl., 3708-Nova Partners Corp. to Travis Joy, $290,000.

Jumping Way, 11006-Toll MD V Partnership to Weldon E. and Denisa Y. Gilchrist, $516,492.

Lord Baltimore Pl., 13547-Gene Santiago to Tracy L. Jackson, $258,000.

Lord Marlborough Pl., 14000-Prince William Realty Inc. to Bigzad Zabiullah, $117,000.

Marlboro Ridge Rd., 11313-Toll MD V Partnership to Ranjit S. and Amandeep K. Hundal, $931,725.

Mount Calvert Rd., 14904-Sandra A. and Francis Maurice Holland to Trinda Humphries, $390,000.

Old Marlboro Pike., 14401-Behrooz Javadpour to Tanja B. Hammond, $278,900.

Roblee Dr., 5210-Jack Thomas and estate of Mark D. Thomas to Martin Camacho Vazquez, $265,000.

Sudan Pl., 9930-Juan Argueta to Angela D. Collick, $400,000.

Waynesford Dr., 14307-Estate of Emma R. Mapp to Anthony R. and Dianne D. Taylor, $620,000.

Woodspring Lane, 4202-Mab of Parkside Towns Corp. to William Pannell III, $456,546.

Woodyard Rd., 5600-HWR Corp. to John C. and Elizabeth M. Proctor, $433,300.

Woodyard Rd., 5610-HWR Corp. to Joann Sierra Taylor and Eugene Isaac Williams, $432,670.

Woodyard Rd., 6610-James B. Bland III and Carol L. Hamilton to Lavoisier and Shonte Drakeford, $190,000.


Dawn Ct., 14600-Dennis W. and Angela R. Pullin to Uzoamaka and Protus Ukeomah, $670,000.

Faraway Ct., 734-Gabriel R. Duncan and Benice J. Murphy Jr. to Ronnie Earl Murphy, $210,000.

Waesche Ct., 1804-Constance J. Peters to Rosemary Nkechi Okparaeke, $415,000.