These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Brandy Lane, 2506-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Christiana Trust to Crystal M. Spithaler, $438,000.

Catzell Ct., 13802-Lauren L. Rivers to Taju Osman, $315,000.

Hardy Tavern Dr., 14102-NVR Inc. to Kevin L. and Marie Jackson, $437,775.

Hidden Forest Dr., 14316-NVR Inc. to Frantz P. and Sharon W. Pago, $501,595.

Stroh Ct., 13816-Tracee M. Jordan to Tanisha M. Gary, $320,000.

Young Ct., 15808-Citigroup Mortgage Loan Trusts and U.S. Bank National Association to Felicia Y. Thurman, $260,000.


Cherry Mill Dr., 3204-Lawrence Moses and Eunice Ruth Branch to Charles Zhongxia Li and Zhiqian Fan, $435,000.

Edwards Way, 9250, No. 505-C-Eric E. and Chandra Dubose to Jose S. Flores, $76,000.

Lynmont Dr., 9321-Justin Graves and Christine Halpin to Heba El Koudsy Helal, $350,000.

Metzerott Rd., 1836, No. 103-U.S. Bank and Credit Suisse First Boston Mortgage to Yohannes L. Aemro, $87,000.

Powder Mill Rd., 3030-W. Dickerson and Elaine S. Charlton to Ira Lee Sorkin, $682,500.

Riggs Rd., 7973, No. 1-Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB and Christiana Trust to Jyoti Devkota, $78,500.

Truxton Rd., 10416-Nenita Davis to Wendis A. Sanchez Romero and Jose E. and Gerardo A. Diaz Sorto, $345,000.


Alloway Lane, 7809-Juan Carlos Fernandez to Trang T. and Phong L. Tran, $465,000.

Beltsville Dr., 11991-Jesse A. Ferrell and estate of Sandra Kay Ferrell to Josephine A. and Jacob A. Devasahayam, $225,000.

Calico Rock Lndg Rd., 7306-Calatantic Group Inc. to Jazmin Dalson and Wayne Taylor, $333,680.

Caverly Pl., 5109-Joseph and Mary Musolino to Abednego G. Lee, $359,000.

Cherryvale Dr., 3614-Terry S. MacFarlane to Routie Ramnarine Reddy, $400,000.

Longhorn Ct., 11402-Philip E. and Neva Powers to Desiree Joseph, $395,000.

Odell Farms Ct., 11202-Juan R. Calderon to Evelin Jimenez Lemus, $232,000.

Quimby Ave., 4617-Yesenia P. Gaitan and Hugo A. Bonilla to Hilary O. and Loraine A. Beharry, $330,000.

Worcester Ave., 10607-Donald A. and Darlene Amanda Hall to Ivan Collazos, $230,000.


Newton St., 5215, No. 302-Kerrieka Clarke to Yidnekachew Lachor, $85,000.


Belair Dr., 3014-Kyle J. Benson to Troy Steven and Amber Lee Tarnowski, $370,000.

Chesney Lane, 12810-Jane Dennis Squires to Curtis Wolridge, $309,000.

Federal Lane, 2806-Erika Ricucci Wieland to Sergio Reyes Saavedra and Estela Ortiz Romualdo, $327,000.

Gladys Retreat Cir., 12505, No. 28-Peraline Murdaugh to Matthew and Marc Spicer, $290,000.

Gwinnett Lane, 6421-Gregory A. Smith to Animbeng Beni Asongwe, $444,300.

Houndwood Way, 12305-Warren J. and Bertha R. Williams to Bryan K. Waters, $500,000.

Irongate Lane, 3816-Louis and Marguerite Kreitzer to Lisa M. Gillison and Biruk N. Gebrehiwot, $330,000.

Knowledge Lane, 12536-Andrew L. and Christina M. Glendening to Gretchen Schoch and Lauren Cummings, $360,000.

Maycheck Lane, 12104-Terrence A. and Nancy J. Tietney to Gerald V. Kosh Jr., $340,000.

Mont Clare Lane, 3311-Phillip Yates Sr. to Adrianne Clark, $255,000.

Mullin Lane, 3506-Andrew Scott and Jamey Hatter to Adam C. and Amber R. Jackson, $315,000.

Old Stage Rd., 14427-Robert H. and Pearlie K. Collier to Trevor Royce and Colleen C. Shiftlett, $453,000.

Orchard Run Dr., 15516-Pauline B. and Lauren Murray to Ifeyinwa Chinwe Utoh and Okechukwu Ofodile, $400,000.

Quatrefoil Ct., 7906-Kevin E. and Janice L. Buckner to Laterica D. Curtis, $475,000.

Red Gate Ct., 8205-Paul Burnett to Michele Marie Seiler and Robert J.K. Gable, $525,000.

Round Tree Lane, 12217-Albert L. Yarashus Jr. to Geoffrey Smith, $296,940.

Shamrocks Delight Dr., 5102, No. 82B-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Josephine Ajayi, $259,000.

Stanfield Ct., 12209-Chin U. and Sun H. Ham to Sean M. Sargent, $453,000.

Stonybrook Dr., 2907-John and Joan A. Shumar to Robert N. and Pamela M. Winters, $385,000.

Triple Crown Rd., 8209-Jason Craig Barnes and Mayling Melissa Jahns to Mark Dennis, $397,500.

Vista Gardens Dr., 10422-David Barney to Elizabeth D. and Gerald R. Gomes, $295,000.


Appleton Lane, 2520-James A. and Cathy M. Williams to Rochelle Marie B. and Jancarlo Declaro B. Rabutaso, $430,000.

Audubon Lane, 16204-Jacqueline F. and James N. Miller to Ngozi Irene Atuowu, $320,000.

Empress Way, 15401-David and Louisiana Reese to Carole H. Turner, $225,000.

Everglade Lane, 15612, No. 104-Virgie Coulbourn to Donald Wood, $104,000.

Narrows Lane, 15110-Madhir and Kulwant K. Singh to Stephen and Jennifer White, $385,000.

Nighthawk Lane, 14919-Simo Homes Corp. to Melissa Gibson, $363,000.

Palai Turn, 15807-15807 Palai Turn Corp. to Regina A. Savoy and Earl Maurice Campbell, $374,000.

Pennsbury Way, 16341-Deutsche Bank National Trust Company and Nationstar Mortgage Corp. to Gary Eaton, $162,700.

Pinecroft Lane, 15905-Marlene Graham to Carlene Edwards and Jeffrey Robb, $370,000.

Platte Dr. N., 15515-Augustine K. and Foluke Obisesan to Phameca Morgan, $230,000.

Prince Of Wales Ct., 2222-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. and Ocwen Loan Servicing Corp. to Kenia and Kim Prophet, $181,760.


Boundary Lane, 8413-Sean W. McCloskey and Amy J. Lawson to Kanesha B. Brown, $225,500.

Gilpin Mews Lane, 15601-William and Rhonda Turner to Juan Jose Segura and Maria C. Reyes, $385,000.

Lady Lauren Lane, 15114-DR Horton Inc. to Durrell Denorse Crawford and Marian Renee Powell, $323,690.

Lusbys Turn, 7905-Lorenzo Randle and estate of Lolita Bernice Williamson to Julius Njabebuh, $303,000.

Tower Rd., 13916-TWZ Properties Inc. to Leah D. and Vaughn S. Lawson, $250,000.


Perry St., 3709-William Zell to Melissa Glasser, $304,000.

39th Ave., 3404-Aurora Holdings Corp. to Carlos Javier Vazquez, $355,000.


Bayou Ave., 24-Oscar E. Esquivel Beltran to Kenneth Washington, $201,000.

Blacklog St., 6707-Zenith Investing Corp. to Andrew Redenburg, $260,000.

Burgundy St., 5809-Angela M. Rawlins to Ishmael K. Badru, $225,000.

Field St., 6208-Wen Rong Chen to Jose I. Santos Ramirez and Maria E. De Santos Guevara, $255,000.

Gray St., 112-Mary Ann Sypert to Carlton and Crystal Calhoun, $325,000.

Hastings Dr., 7010-Derrick Lowe and estate of Ruth Amita Lowe to Julio Alfaro Calderon, $210,000.

Jansen Ave., 1009-Steven Bradley to Elsa Vanirta and Bryan Alfredo Bermundez Fuentes, $190,000.

Kayak Ave., 905-Enio Lemus Quinonez to Darien J. Long, $225,000.

Mountain Lake Pl., 6906-VIP Home Investments Corp. to Antonio Terrell Williams and Victoria Levon Mickens, $240,000.

Opus Ave., 1300-Aziz Properties Corp. to Linda Washington and Amu Khari Mullins, $270,000.

Quadrant St., 4722-U.S. Bank and LaSalle Bank National Association to Tawanda Brown, $158,377.

Rollins Lane, 5609-Maurice E. and Arminta McKinney to Donald D. and Lovely Rhea Alviar Osmeyer, $222,000.

Seat Pleasant Dr., 6724-Unique and Modern Homes Corp. to Jazzmin Gayle, $215,000.

Urn St., 4316-Mac Investments & Remodeling Corp. to Daniel L. Giles Jr., $289,900.

71st Ave., 706-Thomas Group Corp. to Donta E. Henson Garrett, $174,000.


Columbia Park Rd., 6801-Oscar Dubon Castillo to Juan Carlos Orellana, Yolanda Ramirez and Levys Osmar Robles, $263,000.

Highland Park Dr., 6607-Deyar Corp. to Domingo Rafael DeLeon, $310,000.

Inwood St., 6301-Zachary B. Corringan and Robyn E. Sperling to Henning Snell and Lacey Maddrey, $355,000.

Kilmer St., 6215-Jonathan and Shannon Leeman to Ryan and Angela K. Payne, $420,000.

Mahogany Dr., 7111, No. 6-Nicole D. Edwards to Keith H. Anderson and Grace Ann G. Anderson, $203,000.

Normandy Rd., 7733-Cedric Ronate Brady to Ario Josue Prudencio, $190,000.

Pinebrook Rd., 2804-SM Landover Corp. to Quinn Robinson, $327,970.

Ray Leonard Rd., 1900-Arturo Alfaro to Joel Lopez Ayala, $207,000.

Spectator Ave., 547-Rakeish Nassene Williams and Lexido D. Arias to Effrem G. and Audrey R. Young, $335,000.

Stoddert Lane, 6938-SM Landover Corp. to Adran Luwon Reid and Milton L. Brown II, $376,105.


Applecross Dr., 12914-Baltimore Investors Corp. to Jacobi Hawkins, $309,900.

Beverly Ave., 9702-Veronica S. Harley Bates and estate of James F. Barnes to Amilcar Roberto Morales Catalan, $239,000.

Cimmaron Ash Ct., 7204-Michael R. and Emili Johnson to Marcia S. Miller, $451,000.

Deborah St., 8706-EMCC Real Estate Corp. to Yicki Lee and Diane Doreen Dock, $315,000.

Goosecreek Ct., 10219-Franklyn Z. and Carolynn M. Ellis to Courtney N. Calhoun, $299,000.

Manor Rd., 6100-Ross M. Rutter and estate of Pauline E. Rutter to Mary and Dwight M. Harbin, $235,000.

Mary Catherine Dr., 11311-RVS Holdings & Investments Co. to Krystina Renee Bright, $318,400.

Mimosa Ave., 8411-Aptus Capital Group Corp. to Noelle Davis and Kelvin Peterson Jr., $302,000.

Sir Woodburn Way, 4700-Jonathan and Shavun Hawkins to Muhombi B. Makangu and Jean B. Adumanisa, $453,000.

Teaberry Way, 6316-Clarissa L. Horton Worthen to Faith Rivers, $264,999.

Wombat Ct., 9204-Cente Homes Inc. and Nick Conte Jr. Builders Inc. to Marlon S. and Tameka Laverne Dyer, $409,900.


Hollywood Rd., 4711-David W. Keer to Derrick Wilcox, $340,000.

Knox Rd., 4313, No. 418-Jamshed H. and Zahida P. Shah to Ziaohong Hu, $231,000.

Niagara Rd., 5013-Residential Value Corp. to Feng Ying Zhang and Xiaolan Pan, $242,000.

Rhode Island Ave., 9430-Angelo Bertolli to Robert John and Rajshree Agarwal Tronetti, $345,000.

Westchester Park Dr., 6010, No. 301-Taimi Anderson and estate of Patricia Sue O’Leary to Wayne M. and Fang Chao Chow, $120,000.

Wichita Ave., 9711-Carlos F. Escamilla Flores and Carlos Armando Escamilla Flores to William D. Seally and Ariela Ivy Haber, $264,500.

48th Pl., 9101-Cortes J. Randell to Stephen J. Belyea and Carrie E. Leonard, $362,000.

52nd Ave., 9729-Kodo Corp. to Brian J. and Ava M. Knox, $352,500.


Alberta Dr., 1302-Livre Corp. to Deborah J. Fallings, $335,000.

Donnell Pl., 7127, No. D2-Ram Gehani to Albert McCants, $85,000.

Forest Park Dr., 1702-Jewel V. Thompson to Gene Watson, $197,000.

Harwood Rd., 2107-Federal National Mortgage Association to Evilio Munoz Perez, $235,000.

Little Hill Lane, 3422-Teknica Evans to Regina L. Winston, $240,000.

Mason St., 7502-SMC Realty Investments Corp. to Minerva A. Jackson, $225,000.

Millvale Ave., 2509-Sonja and Gregory A. Thompson to Atilio Robles, $190,000.

Regency Pkwy., 3505-David A. Hamilton to Anthony Jones, $255,000.


Birdsong Dr., 8203-Clarence E. and Angela Harris Hammond to Isey M. Yohannes, $345,000.

Canoe Ct., 12906-Julias Wright and Brandy Edwards to Julias Wright, $233,785.

Chalfont Ave., 13308-Vicki Nelms and estate of Kathryn Nelms to Kwai Lan Lau, $269,900.

Dania Dr., 1305-Caruso Builder Hunters Mill to Brian J. and Carly R. Kennedy, $566,397.

Digges Lane, 502-Brian T. Salaver to Denise Young, $435,000.

Fort Washington Rd., 13304-Guy L. and Loriel Tyndal to Roberto Elias Saenz, $350,000.

Gemini Lane, 11500-Shafaquat Ali to Gelila Asfaw and Konjit Edward, $439,000.

Harpers Dr., 7511-Fairlakes Corp. to Gabriel E. Campos Martinez and Eduardo A. Hernandez Torrez, $350,000.

Holly Dr., 2608-Herbert E. and Mary W. Reynolds to Nakeeta Wade and James R. Brown, $260,000.

Karla Lane, 7827-Connie Yolanda Ashley to Enrique Jaramillo, $293,000.

Lindesfarn Terr., 2856-Keith L. and Nia Dowdy to Charles Bazen III, $262,000.

Mary Pl., 2417-Wilfredo Ventura to Angela Maria and Melida De Los Angeles Landaverde Diaz, $300,000.

Neon Rd., 11529-Caruso Builder Washington Acres Corp. to Jacob C. and Cristine Gail Snider Patterson, $630,000.

Red Hill Ct., 11701-Caruso Builder Washington Acres Corp. to Dennis Nguyen, $708,222.

Riverview Rd., 12105-Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Bismarck Aguilera Justiniano, $585,000.

Scarborough Dr., 2613-Omid Land Group Corp. to Victor Webb, $320,000.

Thomas Rd., 1806-AMT Homes Corp. to Alexander L. Perry, $294,000.

Trowbridge Pl., 6508-Justin P. Patterson to Jason Christopher and Shauna Anice Ellis, $254,590.

Velvet Ct., 9203-Caruso Builder Hunters Mill Corp. to Sarah Veatch and Matthew E. Schmitt, $507,820.

Wilson Way, 7711-Mary C. Chaney to John Philip Slattery and Kristen E.D. Wolfe, $360,000.


Ashleigh Glen Ct., 5200-Eric O. and Yewande O. Aigbedion to Robyn R. and Mark T. Peoples, $311,000.

Guinevere Rd., 12223-David T. Bailey and Diane E. Clark to Veronica A. Mukurm, $340,000.


Frankfort Ct., 7316-Pushpa Cheriyan and Bob S. George to Ebony Latrelle Sanders, $318,000.

Hanover Pkwy., 6930, No. 201-Isidoro and Jessica V. Garcia to Eric Reyes Nieto, $117,500.

Hanover Pkwy., 7804, No. 283-June D. Prout to Alexander and Joyce E. Williams, $86,700.

Landon Ct., 6809-Hua Ai and Hong Zheng to Nakasha Ramsey, $410,000.

Megan Lane, 6820-William W. Choi to Aley and Rossanna Julie Joseph, $422,000.


Donovan Pl., 4916-Alba Y. Cabrera and Socorro E. Vasquez to Ruben Alberto Lazo Castro and Jose F. Ramos, $269,000.

Kennedy St., 3910-Edward Crowder to Anthony and Sandy Mejia, $425,000.

Madison St., 3904-Christopher M. North to Claire M. Dunning and Zachary P. Dorner, $494,000.

Queensbury Rd., 4103-Bernadette Thorne to Benjamin and Heather Simson, $540,000.

45th Ave., 5721-Christin L. and Andrew S. Kim to Olalekan Kolawole Jr., $439,000.


Belva Pl., 5514-Joe Defrawi to Valentine Bentiz Cruz, $265,000.

Buena Vista Ave., 10205-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Michael Pulliam and Mesi Walton, $265,650.

Finns Lane, 7716-Deborah P. Villagra to Adam D. Lopez Hernandez, $225,000.

Grant St., 9945-Judith Hodge to Maria L. Briggs, $220,000.

Hubble Dr., 7606-NVR Inc. to Rickey and Marquita Bushrod, $402,800.

Mazzoni Ave., 9605-Victor Tapia Balmes and Miguel Herrera to Guadalupe Benita Saavedra, $250,000.

Smithview Pl., 9406-DR Horton Inc. to Hatib Prom and Oumie Samba, $360,000.

Smithview Pl., 9513-DR Horton Inc. to Eric Pierce, $350,000.

Terra Alta Dr., 6713-Vicky Jamail to Theodore N. Gakesh, $312,500.

Tuckerman St., 9403-Residential Value Corp. to Candida Rosa Romano Rubio, Joseline Elena Ascencio Romano and Javier Alexis Orellana Flores, $260,000.

White Oak Lane, 2908-Aisha L. Maxwell to Deborah A. Batie, $179,400.

96th Pl., 7014-Karin C. Cottle Bethel to Alberto Arnez and Cindy R. Gutierrez Torres, $360,000.


Barcroft Dr., 3207-Tam Properties Corp. to Phillip Wesley Ross and Blannier Guerrero Paulus, $344,900.

Bolin Terr., 532-Jeffrey R. and Quiana E. Dawson to Katrina Thompson, $395,900.

Campus Way S., 10102-Don J. and Sara J. Garris to Marcus C. and Sharon R. Brown, $79,000.

Chiddingstone Cir., 15506-US Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Mark and Amber Vincent, $484,640.

Dorchester Rd., 2406-Mary Lynn Aiken McManamen to Marc Gerry Chevry, $325,000.

Falcon Dr., 815-Priscilla R. Jones to Marvin Diggs II, $309,000.

Gadwell Ct., 13505-Kassandra White Henry to Shawn L. Satterwhite and Victor D. Evans Jr., $359,900.

Glastonbury Way, 15515-JLG Investments Corp. to Crystal N. and Arthur Edwards, $490,000.

Green Wing Terr., 15108-Derrick A. and Tracy L. Prigmore to Felicia Folarin, $330,000.

Joyceton Dr., 10615-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Olamiposi B. Adesoji, $190,000.

Levenwick Pl., 15500-Westphalia Row Partners Corp. to Godfrey and Siata L. Ize Ovia, $617,750.

Moores Plains Blvd., 2818-Westphalia Row Partners Corp. to Annette and Ibrahim H. Koroma, $417,665.

Newtonmore Lane, 15501-Westphalia Row Partners Corp. to Soleil Grant, $436,100.

Old Largo Rd., 2010-Bank of New York Mellon and the Bank of New York to Clivrett Harrison and Rhonda E. Hinton, $255,555.

Sangerville Cir., 918-NVR Inc. to Julian Brown and Stephanie Sharpe, $579,035.

Shapswick Pl., 15211-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Alexander and Joyce Ajanaku, $482,923.

Sunningdale Pl., 15539-US Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Jeffrey Renaldo and Pamela Doreen Clark, $452,390.

Water Fowl Way, 13007-Popular Ventures Corp. to Nneka A. Offiah, $420,000.

Winterbourne Dr., 2900-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Franchaun B. and Troy D. Armstead, $574,990.


Belle Chasse Blvd., 13501, No. 111-Estate of Samuel S. Cameron and Paul F. Riekhof to Syed Ameen, $232,500.

Caledon Ct., 7308-Jeffrey A. Rodeffer and Wenona L. Lemke to Nicolae Covaci, $497,000.

Chapel Cove Dr., 7818-Mohamed Mansaray to Jesse Vincent Schoen, $245,000.

Dorset Rd., 15702, No. 127-Douglas E. Saxty to Kellie Washington, $117,000.

Dover Ct., 14307-Omar Farm Produce Inc. to David A. and Brenda Villalta, $285,000.

Ironbridge Lane, 7030-HSBC Bank USA National Association to Muhammad Bilal and Azeem Vohra, $519,000.

Patuxent Rd., 208-Philip A. and Susan M. Komornik to Hannah M. Bigler and Nelson A. Ticas, $440,000.

Spinnaker Rd., 7802, No. 543-Joseph R. and Sue A. Mitchem to William J. McNamara Jr., $182,000.

Westside Ridge Dr., 14216-NVR Inc. to Jeremy Maniece, $465,670.


Bovelder Dr., 8510-Wilmington Trust and Citibank to Peilin Cong, $309,750.

Briarwood Dr., 14015-Gustavo I. Beder and estate of Jose Beder to Fei Wang, $245,000.

Elmshorn Way, 11402-Ronald E. Browne to Gloria Asiamah Fosu, $319,900.

Golden Oak Dr., 13102-Bogumil Bazyluk to Erick A., Rosa M. and Feliciano A. Bonilla, $379,000.

Mallard Dr., 9903-Ganesh and Nisha Dhakal to Jackson G. Carney II, $188,100.

Oxwell Lane, 8754-John A. and Tracie L. Lamirande to Lila M. Ingram and Derek J. Finley, $432,600.


35th St., 3804-Joseph and Catherine Whiteman to Meekael Wynton and Divinity L. Atiava Buggs, $335,000.


Good Luck Rd., 7305-U.S. Bank National Association to Ruben Acevedo and Graciela Valdez, $260,000.

Jodie Ct., 7405-Marcus V. and Patricia L. Adams to Raymond, Christine and Ronald J. Quashie, $335,000.

Randolph St., 6813-Naomi Johnson to Zuleima M. Martinez, $245,000.

56th Pl., 3513-Residential Value Corp. to Donald Linares, $340,000.

85th Ave., 5444, No. 2-Wells Fargo Bank to Theophilus Henry Lewis, $87,850.

87th Ave., 6216-Hiep V. Tran to Santos Rene Zeron and Sebastian Arias, $285,000.


Fair Winds Way, 616-HMW Potomac Overlook Corp. to Sean Carroll and Angelina Hidalgo, $659,990.

Fleet St., 157, No. 1109-NHK Residential Corp. to Donald L. McComas II and Dewey W. Matthews, $490,000.

Halliard Lane, 504-IHMW Potomac Overlook VIII Corp. to Michael C. and Coleen B. Sullivan, $725,331.

Knoll Dr., 1829-Thomas Moore II and Brittany N. Stoutamire to Jose E. Fuentes Robles, $287,400.

Neptune Ave., 848-Global Talents Investment and Trading to Harold A. and Lisa M. Coleman, $222,000.

River Mist Dr., 727, No. 183-Hirut M. Gebrehiwot Ibru to Marlon V. and David B. Taubenheim, $699,990.

Wilson Bridge Dr., 540, No. 6741-Youssef C. Salaheddine to Arturo and Marisa Teresa Cuellar, $72,000.


Madison St., 6011-Spar Corp. to Claudia L. Lazo Rivera, Jose E. and Mirian Villanueva, $234,500.

Queensbury Rd., 4713-Betty Thweatt and estate of Annette Victoria Patterson to Michele A. Reid, $390,000.

Riverdale Rd., 5406-Swan Properties Inc. to Aura Y. Orellana and Efrain Alarcon, $323,000.

Van Buren St., 4708-SM Waterford Estates Corp. to Elizabeth A. Otto, $480,525.

54th Ave., 6207-Neal V. Forman to Hong Wu and Cunping Qiu, $220,000.

60th Ave., 5606-Christopher Lahiry to Santiago Osorio, $228,000.


Applegate Lane, 4224, No. 3-2D Rentals Corp. to Lashae S. Doby, $208,000.

Fairhill Dr., 2415-Rashida Monique Mosby to Venecia K. Robertson, $250,000.

Houston St., 2313-Carla Martina Burr and Anthony Omar Cuff to Danielle N. Mack, $204,900.

Larkspur Rd., 6715-Franklin Drefs to Ofelia Galeano Barragan and Roberto Herrera, $219,999.

Morgan Rd., 4411-Lynne Marie Brown to Arsenio Reyes Balbuena and Flor Carino Sanchez, $205,000.

Saint Barnabas Rd., 3805, No. T204-Darien M. Towns to Irving M. Thomas, $62,000.

Silver Park Terr., 4039-Wardell C. Jefferies to Rayshawn Ford, $224,000.

Wood Creek Dr., 3439-Federal National Mortgage Association to Tariq M. Rushdan, $221,000.


Afton St., 2243-Kim Mowatt to Wensworth E. Lovell, $227,500.

Anvil Lane, 2207-Denise M. Campbell Smith and Denis William Campbell to Mary A. Pierre, $250,000.

Atmore Pl., 4109-Patricia A. and Ralph L. Powell to Tiffany K. Walker, $195,000.

Catskill St., 2128-Brandi M. Watts to Nitiia R. Jackson, $187,000.

Dawn Lane, 2248-Brandi and John Dupree to Kody N. Mayers, $196,500.

Dunlap St., 3723-Jes International Corp. to Carlos Chavez, $211,000.

Simmons Lane, 4410-Peter and Juana A. Lennon to Letecia L. Francois, $260,000.

Tamworth Ct., 4701-Charlie E. and Flora A. Oliver to Julio A. Garcia Reyes and Yolanda Guzman Zambrana, $315,000.

Waldran Ave., 7209-Flora Ellen Parmely to Keith T. Watts, $279,000.

27th Ave., 3420-JLG Investments Corp. to Lakesia L. Boone and Stanley Dotson, $315,000.


America Blvd., 6500, No. 207-Francine J. Tall to Michael V. Dimperio and Lisa Barbara, $230,000.

Gazette Way, 3503-NVR Inc. to Omar Stephenson, $482,915.

Lancer Pl., 3003-Rodolfo Cruz to Anuj Y. Christian, $385,000.

Queensbury Rd., 3908-Scott P. and Katherine Graham to Sarah and Andrew Tsui, $408,500.

Wells Pkwy., 7207-Carol A. Stabile and Mark C. Ungere to Karen Anne Generose and Ryan T. Moore, $615,000.

41st Ave., 6505-Aaron Rust and Megan F. O’Rourke to Derek J. and W. Paige Andros, $476,000.


Biscayne Ct., 8508-Mark L. and Pamela W. Hoimes to Yussuf O. Sanni, $245,000.

Bressler Way, 13007-Kenneth Kelley to Tyrone R. and Vivian Liggins, $359,500.

Colonel Addison Pl., 4918-Trina M. Alexander Eaddy to Nancy Adkins, $318,900.

Fairgreen Lane, 11804-Elizabeth S. and Kermit Elsworth Gresham to Naglaa C. Chemenju, $360,000.

Fillys Ford Crossing., 11010-Toll V Partnership to Arthur S. and Jamelle Rone, $568,263.

Grazing Way, 4605-Toll V Partnership to Loretta O. Best, $670,947.

King Gregory Way, 13904, No. 424-Anand and Camille Jagessar to Julie Bryant, $218,000.

Marlboro Pointe Dr., 12811-SM Waterford Estates Corp. to Sophia M. Waymer, $598,355.

McCullagh Ct., 12223-Julia D. Jones to Vera J. Williams, $335,000.

Payan St., 12710-SM Waterford Estates Corp. to Ebony P. Kelly and Eric Allen Bunn Sr., $664,740.

Pirouette Ct., 9401-John W. Anderson and Eileen C. Lee to Angela P. and Freddie J. Curtis, $520,000.

Sherborn Lane, 4502-Kalan M. and Mikiela Nelson to Brevard Browner, $232,500.

Stilton Ct., 4802, No. 51-Kimberly M. Smith to Timothy E. Wheeler, $265,000.

Sweet Rose Ct., 8703-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Carla Avery, $322,842.

Tam O Shanter Dr., 9709-Bruce A. and Helen D. Etherton to Tyrone A. Johnson, $320,000.

Tealbriar Dr., 9606-SM Parkside Corp. to Robert Garland III, $346,000.

Tealbriar Dr., 9616-SM Parkside Corp. to Devon N. Davis and Ashley N. Hillian, $302,920.

Tealbriar Dr., 9626-SM Parkside Corp. to Keron Tooles, $367,000.

Tripper Lane, 4715-SM Waterford Estates Corp. to Ahmad and Shavon Ware, $591,710.

Wedgedale Ct., 12733-107 Wood Duck Builders Corp. to Corinne Cooper, $280,000.

Woodyard Cir., 9903-Anna V. Brunner to Charles A. Ables and Jennifer A. Willis, $275,000.


Dartford Lane, 1008-Veronica Wales and Gary Cochran to Angelique and Kevin Leo Vuilleumier, $419,500.

Elders Hollow Dr., 10401-Paula L. Sellers to Veneshia Catrina Ford, $290,000.

Glenkirk Way, 9914-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Natoya Johnson and Kirk Shorter, $453,947.

Hall Station Dr., 904, No. 103-Pacific Union Financial Corp. to Shanay A. Snead, $242,855.

Jordon Pond Lane, 503-Latonya T. Groom to Olubunmi Olaniyan, $461,500.

Saint Michaels Dr., 885-Joseph C. Hawkins Jr. to Kelly Sims, $225,000.

Stourbridge Ct., 1701-Keisa C. Williams to Ahmed Mohamed Fadul, $290,000.

Vittoria Ct., 2174, No. 55-Sheila J. Freeman and estate of Ertie F. Barnes to Margaret A. Patterson, $335,000.