These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Admiral Ridge Rd., 2804-Kyle R. Tow to Denise A. Sinclair, $350,000.

Britfield Ct., 17206-U.S. Bank to Kymberlee Culpepper, $376,000.

Chatsworth Dr., 810-Darryl J. Vincent to Portia Landis and William D. Artis, $365,000.

Farmington Ct., 15602-Matthew D. Williamson to Ikeem Pingshaw and Francais Murdock, $279,900.

Hardy Tavern Dr., 14206-NVR Inc. to Derrick A. and Ivy L. Yates, $476,615.

Holly Way, 16822-George E. and Alyce E. Scott to Conrad Wade Karlstrom and Sandra Lee Taylor, $102,000.

Medinah Ridge Rd., 2001-Bibi Shirin Ullah to Makery L. Duarte Valencia and Lufan E. Valencia De Duarte, $465,000.

River Birch Pl., 1305-Todd H. and Patricia A. Gray to Keith Wilson, $489,000.


Adelphi Rd., 9270, No. 204-Robert Rozario to Binyam Giorgis, $90,000.

Green Forest Dr., 10104-Shandev and Kendra Rai to Derrick Harlan Campbell and Elaine Dent, $399,999.

Merrimac Dr., 1715-Robert Alan and Thelma Pauline Curtis to Elizabeth Tsige Berehe and Mesfin Behailu, $258,000.

Metzerott Rd., 1836, No. 811-Bayview Loan Servicing Corp. to Thomas Pham, $60,000.

Powder Mill Rd., 3112-W. Dickerson Charlton to Kirk R. and Jessica Dodson, $590,000.

Riggs Rd., 7973, No. 7-Richard W. Holliday to Asif Ali, $58,000.

17th Ave., 7315-Catherine A. and Tommy T. James to Felix N. Ocon Geuvara and Ricardo Salamanca, $275,000.


Armond Boyd Way, 6300-Daniel Irons to Oscar Selvyn Cifuentes De Leon, $390,000.

Blackpool Dr., 4504-John E. and Patricia A. Coffman to Marcia I. and Robert C. Van Horn, $350,000.

Calico Rock Landing Rd., 7308-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Karen M. Bellamy, $338,885.

Cedar Lane, 11204-Leonard I. and Theodora C. Okereke to Jose M. Flores Morales, Alex N. Guardado Cruz and Rebeca E. Flores Arias, $375,000.

Cherry Hill Rd., 11310, No. 2-Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Porfirio Hernandez, $112,100.

Collier Rd., 3601-Tanya B. and Jerry Minnick to Cicilia and Christopher Lahiry and Jenie Rozario, $425,000.

Garrett Ave., 4501-Omar Dale and Maria Lucia Suder to Aloysio and Patricia Velloso, $490,000.

Maidenwood Terr., 12804-Elmar Lamarques and David Gius to Roxan Steer, $475,000.

Odell Farms Ct., 11304-Michael R. and M. Susan Droulette to Katherine M. and Michael J. O’Hare, $479,000.

Romlon St., 4405, No. 302-Yehuda and Gila Nordman to Maria H. Vies, $69,000.

Romlon St., 4505, No. 104-JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association to Jose Florentin Sandoval, $50,005.

Yates Rd., 4605-James A. and Joan K. Baker to Frehiwot R. McGlocklin and John Edward Scott Jr., $443,500.


Alfalfa Field Ct., 14111-NVR Inc. to Shukeshia D. Herndon, $594,685.

Beaverdale Lane, 12802-Patricia E. Homan to Gary M. and Quondra L. Gaskins, $405,000.

Belle Meade Trce., 12910-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Zoubida Benhamida, $385,000.

Craft Lane, 12612-Brien E. and Aimee M. Vorhees to Gordon S. and Shelia Gaye Scholler, $346,500.

Fern Lane, 12108-Joshua A. and Julia K. Fickes to George M. Ceaser Jr. and Robert Morton, $321,500.

Heather Glen Way, 10709-Darryl A. Scott and Crecilla V. Cohen to Idiyat Olufunke Oseni, $312,000.

Ivy Hill Lane, 3708-Laura K. Martin and Glenn A. Harmon Jr. to Jonathan Lear, $352,000.

Kensington Lane, 12513-Zemrushe Shabiu to Clara L. and Andrea M. Penado Dominguez and Helen D. Mejia, $382,000.

Knowledge Lane, 12707-Merlin E. and Cacilia Bush to Derek Douglas and Laura P. Scrivener, $370,000.

Lisborough Rd., 12105-Debora J. Cottrell to Izydor and Monika Radzik, $483,000.

Midwood Lane, 12723-Mountain Prime 2017 Corp. to Ashley M. DeCruise, $239,500.

Moreland Pl., 3309-Son Hai Nguyen and Trung Huynh to John and Sara A. Yormie, $407,000.

Myra Pl., 12101-Robert E. and Pamela M. Truitt to Gabrielle A. and Seth A. Aycock, $415,000.

Ridge Farm Ct., 14911-Larry L. and Kina M. Gilmore to Larry D. and Shereta L. Clark, $490,000.

Roving Wood Dr., 15121-Rhonda M. Caver Holmes to Jason Nappier and Alexandra Harry, $480,000.

Shelter Lane, 12413-Julio C. Teran and Claudia L. Guadamuz to Yowanda Valencia Godfrey, $419,900.

Starlight Lane, 12302-Federal National Mortgage Association to Tala Youssef, $265,000.

Stretton Lane, 12408-James H. and Barbara W. Doty to Linda Harbaugh King, $410,000.

Tulip Grove Dr., 12007-Tara and Jordan Cunningham to Ronald A. Mayo and Tara Burt, $332,500.

Welling Lane, 12303-U.S. Bank National Association and Ocwen Loan Servicing Corp. to Juan Carlos and Dora J. De La Cruz, $267,000.

Woodhaven Lane, 4108-Elizabeth N. Boyer and estate of Marjorie L. Ntakounakis to Kelli Davis, $275,000.


Andoran Ct., 3404-Christopher B. and Laura A. Lockwood to Cherie R. Clemmons, $455,000.

Arbor Hill Lane, 1908-Robert S. and Josephine Cuffey Contee to Marva N. Ganzy and Thomas Walker, $356,000.

Audubon Lane, 16207-Irving L. and David D. Resnick to Michael A. Oakley, $342,500.

Easthaven Ct., 15813, No. 207-Meghan E. Still Mattison to Diane R. Bouchard, $155,000.

Enders Lane, 3800-Christopher J. Williamson to Kimberly A. Foster and William P. Carter, $289,000.

Neman Ct., 2718-Samuel K. Beamon Jr. to Najee Ellerbe, $250,000.

Northcote Lane, 15007-Kokeb M. Tarekegn and Terhas B. Kahsay to Cinthia Paola Avery, $339,900.

Palai Turn, 15819-Robert Platt to Jeraldine W. and Manfred Wardlaw Herbin, $250,000.

Peach Walker Dr., 15518-Richard A. and Laura L. Pometto to Mary M. Norris, $300,000.

Pennypacker Lane, 1105-Robert S. Jordan to James Douglas and Belinda Kaye Gravel, $334,900.

Pointer Ridge Dr., 15711-Real Estate Anwers Corp. to Dennis and Jan Marie Hill, $329,900.

Russet Dr., 17106-Joseph A. and Lianne Roberts to Christopher, Theresa Tracy and Alison Tracy Allen, $485,000.


Cherry Tree Crossing Rd., 11504-Edward Walter and Charlita R. Fickus to Andrew Thomas Kosakowski, $245,000.

Lady Lauren Lane, 15122-DR Horton Inc. to Tasha Rowland, $320,000.

Oglethorpe Mill Dr., 6104-Savannah Investors to Alfreda Wright, $583,109.

Sheehan Dr., 8707-Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of New York to Tiffany R. Johnson, $363,000.


39th Pl., 4317-Habtegiorgi H. and Yeshu Woldemicael to Dora A. Mejia, $345,000.


Alton St., 3900-Nathan S. Williams to Gregory V. and Latisha Stubbs, $227,000.

Beacon Hill Pl., 6102-Rhonda Harrison to Katina M. Bigelow, $174,900.

Burgundy St., 5900-JCHS Investments Corp. to James Nelson, $375,000.

Clovis Ave., 828-Emanuel Inc. to Miguel Angel Cruz Espindola and Maria M. Herrea, $211,000.

Dateleaf Ave., 510-Kingsley Achikeh to Beatrice B. Mwanza and Germaine Meffo, $269,900.

Heath St., 4510-Daniel E. Wilson to Genevieve Strahan, $269,000.

Jansen Ave., 1126-R. E. Properties Corp. to Jerome Cornelius Lee, $255,000.

Logwood Rd., 902-RNP Investments Corp. to Wendy Elizabeth Munoz, $326,000.

Oakford Rd., 5618-Rahssan Fenner and estate of Irvin L. Hall to Nimota Olayinka Akinbayo, $232,000.

Quarry Ave., 294-Tamula C. and Kevin Darnell Anderson to Syndy Cruz and Ludwin Francisco Portillo Marquez, $275,000.

Santo Pl., 6328-Raven O. Johnson to Andrea Riley Simpson, $320,000.

Valley Park Rd., 6619-Bouchard Equity Holdings Corp. to Rony Moreno Chilel, $275,000.


Carlough St., 710-Wells Fargo Bank and Carrington Mortgage Loan Trust to Edvin Joel Villeda Morales and Santa Maria Hernandez Padilla, $248,500.

Congress Pl., 9003-Tiffany Marshall to Xenia Y. Guerra, $232,000.

Gibbs Way, 8307-Jocelyn Smith to Raymond Thomas Jr., $335,000.

Kilmer St. E., 7010-Anthony and Jo Ann Serafini to Israel A. Morales Hernandez, $180,650.

Manor Terr., 108-Jabri Ian Martin to Nicole Y. Fisher, $250,000.

Pinebrook Rd., 2900-SM Landover Corp. to Etienne C. Toussaint, $370,285.

Ray Leonard Rd., 1901-Jenni Brown to Dora A. Mancia Ramirez and Ana G. Salazar Mancia, $206,000.

Suiter Way, 7808-Angelique Braithwaite to Stephan Stanbach, $250,000.

63rd Ave., 3110-Geoffrey and Thomas B. Lerch to Victoria Marie Lerch, $340,000.


Aquone Pl., 8811-Darius J. and Lea C. Gould to Valerie J. Stringer, $340,000.

Boniwood Turn E., 5826-Julian I. Brown Jr. to Michael William Hicks and Lashawn Renee Cooper, $265,125.

Brolass Rd., 12210-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Ayesha Salahuddin, $183,000.

Dewdrop Way, 7011-Christopher and Patrick Burnett to Willie S. Sutton, $240,000.

Fox Run Dr., 9301-David and Lisa L. Scipio to Rodney M. Scott, $316,000.

Huntwood Ct., 8202-U.S. Bank to Joseph E. and Rene G. Myers, $344,104.

Mary Catherine Dr., 11503-Federal National Mortgage Association to Joyce A. Newland, $250,000.

Old Branch Ave., 7301-Jimmy and Mary Tillie Frank Johnson to Elvis Moussi Nana, $404,000.

Piscataway Rd., 11203-Bank of America to Ronald A. Fuentes Martinez, $271,700.

Springbrook Lane, 6500-Susan Lynn White to Cyle Y. White, $327,000.


Hollywood Rd., 5114-Dennis B. Guignet Jr. and Maria Jose Tapia Barraza to Sean Shui Hsieng Ho and Grace Nai Yu Ho, $350,000.

Paducah Rd., 5212-Christopher L. and Barbara Pando Behnke to Bingxing and Gui Fei Chen, $348,000.

Ruatan St., 6121-Daniel Joseph and Stephany Spahr to Susannah Pearce, $349,000.

48th Ave., 8125, No. 202-Brian D. and Colleen M. Zweller to Jayasree Dutta, $190,000.


East Pl., 5701-DC Metro Investments Group Corp. to Dashawn M. Johnson, $310,000.

Forest Park Dr., 1706-Kimberly Y. Hillian to Andrea L. and Welton Barnes, $200,000.

Gateway Blvd., 7015-Christine Kirk to Sherita Hardy, $249,900.

Insey St., 6513-Melvin A. Felton and Jamila Zahar Wade to Reginald L. Harlan Jr., $251,000.

Kirtland Ave., 2808-Tyrone E. Whitman to David E. Fuller, $210,000.

Lorring Dr., 2607-Donnell and Robert Little to Charann Rochell West, $240,000.

Merritt St., 6622-Christopher R. Leary and estate of Roger T. Leary to Beatriz Espinoza Mendoza and Salvador Portillo, $275,000.

Ritchboro Rd., 8707-Jos Equity Management Co. to Kelly Brundidge, $240,000.

Senator Ave., 2308-Lillie B. Bumpers to Agustin Rivera Fuentes and Abel and Maria C. Ayala, $280,000.


Bellefield Ave., 7502-Resear Corp. to Francisco Y. Ventura Fuentes and Blanca M. Escobar, $279,900.

Blanchard Dr., 9305-Caruso Builder Washington Overlook Corp. to David T. Johnson and Audrey Swann, $665,000.

Captain Wendell Pruitt Way, 3502-Chrisotpher and Rachel Gaetano to Michael A. McCauley and Melanie N. White, $480,000.

Dania Dr., 1309-Caruso Builders Hunters Mill Corp. to Haja Aminata M. Kanu, $468,484.

Digges Lane, 512-Christopher R. Walker to Camille R. and Perry Antonio Brashears, $435,000.

Little Stone Dr., 9118-Brian K. and Trivia L. Cole to Marklita A. and Michael G. Cooke, $416,000.

Mary Pl., 2611-Federal National Mortgage Association to Rashea Bates, $275,000.

Othman Dr., 702-Frances Cuffie and estate of Clarence O. Mitchell III to Deborah L. Outten Mills, $405,000.

Reid Cir., 13412-George A. and Kathleen M. Roff to Denny Omar and Rosa Angela Zelaya, $356,000.

Rose Marie Dr., 8501-Jose Leon and Juan Magana to Selvin A. Guandique, $310,000.

Tinker Dr., 2030-Lore B. and Jack Jim Cavanaugh to Tomica Bragg, $327,999.

Vernon Dr., 8005-Unique and Modern Homes Corp. to Timothy Price, Diana Lovely Price and Vivian Lovely, $299,000.

Windjammer Ct., 1405-U.S. Bank and Bank of America to Ronnell Leggett, $385,000.


Harbor Ave., 10018-Prakash Sankurathri to Jenner J. Beckley and Christina P. Campbell, $451,900.


Canning Terr., 8213-Venus C. Young to Matthew Rene, Malia Elena and Rene Rodriguez, $243,000.

Greenbelt Rd., 8435, No. 201-Art Homes Corp. to Joseph M. Spector, $105,000.

Greenbrook Dr., 7541-Phan Ngoc Truong and Ka Leung Chan to Kenneth Jugwook Han, $270,000.

Hanover Pkwy., 7830, No. 478-Stuart Washington to Archelius and Henrietta Gerber, $150,000.

Settling Pond Lane, 5317-NVR Inc. to Yutao and Li Ming Gao, $494,980.


Edmonston Rd., 5009-Unique and Modern Homes Corp. to Francisco A. Marquez Hernandez and Bianca Yuvicela Contreras Nanez, $275,000.

Kennedy St., 4003-Chad and Elissa Lockman Turner to Lena L. Bradley, $435,000.

Oglethorpe St., 4410, No. 309-Adrian Limmen to Kyle T. Stevens, $125,000.

49th Ave., 4808-Joshua C. and Shari S. Benson to Michael Archie Moore Jr., $275,000.


Franklin Ave., 9508-Jeffrey Geier to Cecilio A. Monroy Sagastume and Wilda I. Roque Monroy, $275,000.

Halton Terr., 10326-Sheila A. and Johnnie A. Banks to Amos Enahoro, $440,000.

Hubble Dr., 8008-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Emmanuel Jaff and Evelyn Nulah, $509,351.

Kinzer St., 9110-U.S. Bank and Specialized Loan Servicing Corp. to Ying Jenny Wang, $218,925.

Mclain Ave., 8710-Wells Fargo Bank to Andre Marcel Long, $315,100.

Smithview Pl., 9408-DR Horton Inc. to Landria N. Sheffey, $366,000.

Smithview Pl., 9905-Victor T. and Patrice R. Mitchell to Russell L. and Bridget M. Toof, $510,000.

Tuckerman St., 9502-Emanuel Acosta to Luis A. Torres Leiva and Maria J. Recinos De Torres, $300,000.

99th Pl., 6507-Camron Ranje and Noushin Shariati to Resham Suresh, $323,300.


Azalea Ct., 157-Dejuan and Chante Stewart to Shirley A. Hayden, $189,900.

Bolin Terr., 541-Raymond and Ebbony A. Jackson to Valeria Lee and Santana V. Jackson, $385,000.

Cecily Ct., 12412-Melvin W. and Sabrina A. Leeper to Darlene Brown, $360,000.

Citrus Lane, 2820-Wells Fargo Bank to Samson Olajide Ogujemilua, $444,000.

Garden Gate Lane, 103-Zoya Investments Corp. to Jaime J. and Teresa R. Melendres, $630,000.

Keverton Dr., 13211-Claude A. Tomlinson to Tanisha L. Brown, $309,000.

Medwick Ct., 14300-Richard L. and Carol J. Miller to Terence Liley, $399,999.

Mount Lubentia Ct. W., 679-Cross Country Equity Corp. to Meronica Dashawn Stoney, $255,000.

Newtonmore Lane, 15503-Westphalia Row Partners Corp. to Harry Canter, $428,385.

Pyles Dr., 3135-VIP Home Investment Corp. to Lance T. Kenney and Catherine Bonnilla, $303,000.

Rollys Ridge Ave., 12306, No. 1103-Marie A. Patrick Morton to Courtney Michelle Smith, $205,000.

Scotch Hill Dr., 10111-Nova Partners Corp. and Nova MD Corp. to Judith L. Ward, $200,000.

Swanscombe Loop, 15808-Brian and Tracie Brown to Devin A. and Lawan D. Dines, $410,000.

Winterbourne Dr., 3007-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Joseph D. and Lashawanna S. Reese, $579,089.


Arbory Way N., 7660, No. 144-Department of Housing and Urban Development Development to Maria I. Acevedo, $169,500.

Ashford Ct., 14916-Andrea E. Eba and Justine Chiacho Aboussou to Hairat Folashade Neal, $270,000.

Bradford Dr., 15712-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Olajide Mustapha and Hamidat Segunmaru, $285,100.

Caledon Ct., 7309-Princeton Tree Corp. to Agnes Jamina, $549,000.

Chapel Cove Dr., 8020-Rashad and Denise Boggs Wilkerson to Melissa Neal, $275,000.

Dorset Rd., 15702, No. 128-C. Michael Walls and Timothy Betts to Mario A. Zelaya and Ana Yesenia Del Cid De Zelaya, $122,000.

Grace Way, 300-Sandy Spring Village Corp. to Ryan A. Van Fleet, $327,500.

Julie Pl., 6313-Andrea C. Martino and James R. Wampler to Virginia M. and Russell P. Geis, $409,000.

Laurelton Dr., 15300-America Home Plus to Peter A. and Gladys Ajua, $335,000.

Nichols Dr., 913-Susan and Keith Sullivan to Victoria Bell, $260,000.

Patuxent Rd., 213-Thomas G. Scheller to Courtney Anne Pomeroy and Christian Ervin Brown, $387,500.

Split Rail Lane, 7110-Fawnn Hamilton to Donice Staten, $237,000.

Vista Dr., 14049, No. 165-Destiny L. Freeman to Ashley Kate A. Armah, $115,000.

Eighth St., 1004-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Cassandra L. Mulheron, $205,000.


Bealle Hill Rd., 16912-Herbert G. and Mary H. Christian to Paul Andrews, $225,000.


Bovelder Dr., 8603-Larry R. and Carolyn G. Evans to Patrick Uket, $405,000.

Cherry Lane, 9260, No. 34-Diane Joyce Plackett and Jerry E. Burdette to Ha Ran Chang, $145,500.

Engleman Dr., 13704-Deborah Lynn Thomas and estate of Carrol Ann Hall to Luis E. Herrera Espana, $290,000.

Montpelier Dr., 8506-Samuel K. and Agnes W. Owusu Acheaw to Keshanna L. Elrington, $335,000.

Oxwell Lane, 8763-Perry J. Becker and estate of Evelyn E. Lowe to Gregory Ziegler, $335,000.


Pogonia Ct., 3735, No. 6E-Nova Partners Corp. and Nova MD Corp. to Carlos Rivera, $220,000.


Comanche Dr., 1007-Keisha Bolaji to Kalin J. Broadie, $210,000.

Glassmanor Dr., 5103-Green Top Properties Corp. to Akilah Moore, $253,000.

Halliard Lane, 506-IHMW Potomac Overlook VIII Corp. to Reginald L. Spence, $699,479.

Marcy Ave., 1117-JT Management Investor Corp. to Shannelle Thurston, $238,000.

Onondaga Dr., 114-Green Top Properties Corp. to Yonis A. Barahona, $320,000.

Roseld Ct., 5042-Erik Q. Shaw to Frederick Wilburn, $210,000.

Seneca Dr., 121-Gary Ballard and estate of Barbara I. Hamilton to Yimingnoufu Ainiwaer and Wulamu Zuoerguli, $230,000.

Wilson Bridge Dr., 548, No. 6749-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Marcelo Gamboa and Lucy Veronica Gutierrez Rojas, $65,100.


Nicholson St., 4815-Volta Corp. to Mersibel Bonilla and Ana Memia, $338,000.

Ravenswood Rd., 4709-Eric and Susan Gauch Coles to James William Rogers, $238,000.

57th Ave., 6210-Jorge E. Valenzuela to Veronica J. Rivera, $219,000.

60th Pl., 6307-James Rainer Risse to Julie Marie Swaney, $295,000.


Applegate Lane, 4302, No. 1-KCE Inc. to Saundra A. and Paul E. Thomas, $202,000.

Davis Blvd., 6122-Why Realey Corp. to Lee Hobbs, $255,000.

Lakewood St., 2326-Estate of Betty A. Hawkins and Taft Hylton to Linda Yates, $200,000.

Maple Rd., 4207-Emilio Herbas to Mauricio H. Ruiz and Maria D. Ayala, $310,000.

Saint Barnabas Rd., 3807, No. T204-Audrey C. Burroghs and estate of John A. Burroughs Jr. to Leon K. and Tanya K. Fuller, $60,000.

Woodland Rd., 6517-Lillie R. Haggins to Davain A. McClain and Jessica C. Frye McClain, $212,000.


Afton St., 2604-JOA Investments Corp. to Nedesha Coleman, $265,000.

Chadwick Ct., 3520-Donald E. Pugh and estate of Edward Pugh to Lashawn T. Dupree, $225,000.

Dawn Lane, 2264-3T Investments Corp. to Laquida Johnson, $215,000.

Easton St., 2704-Christina N. Snowden and Kynai D. Johnson to Arlene and Natasha Park, $239,500.

Iverson Pl., 4902-Secretary Department of Housing and Urban Development to Alex Brown, $224,000.

Kenwood St., 5510-Turn Key Homes Corp. to Ashley Marie Blakely Julian, $325,000.

Northam Rd., 6617-Equity Trust Co. and Quang Pham Ira to Esmeralda Carolina and Brenda Jacqueline Fuentes, $293,000.

Saint Clair Dr., 2510-Taylormillz Corp. to Gregory Hamlin, $301,000.

Temple Hill Rd., 7300-Martha Louse Kroll and Polly Kroll Greene to Jee Eun Rosaline Rho, $249,900.

Weldon Dr., 4314-Jalena Jackson and estate of Sandy Jackson to Julien Dement and Melanie Hiller, $280,000.

28th Ave., 3840, No. 143-Yvonne P. Reed to Junior Mario Frazer, $85,000.


America Blvd., 6506, No. 311-Steven D. and Tamarra L. Anthony to Mariam Kwamin, $243,100.

Gazette Way, 3505-NVR Inc. to Edward and Carolyn Washington, $489,065.

Nicholson St., 4105-Jennifer Lynn and James Emerson Wintle to Jeff Alan Jaksa and Jan Mary Guezynski, $442,000.

Quintana St., 4008-Dakota and Jennifer Pippins to John Forrest IV and Mina Uehara, $431,000.

Windsor Lane, 7004-Charles Donald and Tye Rose Buzard Mullikin to James W. Nussman and Michelle K. Holmes, $502,000.

33rd Ave., 5803-Sectetary of Veterans Affairs to Kesete G. Kidane, $330,000.


Captain Marbury Lane, 13816-Howard L. Johnson to Amber V. Carter, $272,000.

Chancelsors Dr., 3704-NVR Inc. to Sharon Pantoja, $586,970.

Colonel Fenwick Pl., 4636, No. 411-Delores P. and Lartha Anistead to Gail E. Sneed, $258,500.

Dressage Dr., 10133-Mab of Canter Creek Corp. to Kehinde M. Bankole, $670,784.

Flying Change Ct., 10708-Toll V Partnership to Teeko Christian and Nicole E. Banks, $481,329.

Furlong Ct., 11102-Toll V Partnership to Jerome S. Cooper and Norman A. Lowe, $836,159.

Grazing Way, 4615-Toll V Partnership to Eric Cook and Jean Womack, $682,188.

Jumping Way, 11014-Toll V Partnership to Dayne A. Wills and Ethel A. Otey, $522,158.

Lord Fairfax Ct., 4303-Capital Companies Corp. to Russell Holton, $334,900.

Manor Park Dr., 5503-Mab of WTC Corp. to Brittany Hopson and Barrington Little, $456,526.

Marlboro Pointe Dr., 12903-SM Waterford Estates Corp. to William H. Smith III and Kenya Campbell, $553,635.

Meadow Lark Ave., 9619-Reginald F. and Joann Renee Hollman Turner to Isaac A. Webb and Linda E. Baker, $475,000.

Old Colony Dr., 12218-Desmon D. Speight and Alese Finch to Craig A. Payne Jr. and Shakia R. Jones, $313,000.

Pegasus Ct., 11513-Toll V Partnership to Sean D. Smith and Marjorie C. Cooper Smith, $827,408.

Purple Avens Ave., 7215-Alex Young to Derrick A. Bishop, $411,000.

Sherwood Dr., 9501-Dante and Shondell Douglass to Marlene Forrest, $286,000.

Stratford Estates Dr., 16103-Celerity Verutes Corp. to Shane Marcus and Katrina Renee Everett, $419,000.

Sweet Rose Ct., 8707-Dan Ryan Bulders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Narida Thorne, $326,131.

Tealbriar Dr., 9608-SM Parkside Corp. to Tanya V. Nichols, $309,975.

Tealbriar Dr., 9618-SM Parkside Corp. to Ashley L. Brown, $351,520.

Thoroughbred Dr., 4312-Toll V Partnership to Kurt Jason Hinds and Jennifer B. Merzius, $524,044.

Wheeling Ave., 12121-House Buyers of America Inc. to Tomas A. Romero Melgar, $319,900.


Barrington Ct., 1713-Karen E. Pinkston to Laura B. Trowers, $250,000.

Brooke Grove Rd., 2311-2311 Brooke Grove Corp. to Jose Rigoberto Osorio and Iris E. Martinez, $470,000.

Decesaris Blvd., 11800-U.S. Bank National Association to Jock Hillery, $418,000.

Evening Star Pl., 603-Monterrio D. McFarlin to Donfred and Erica Napoleon, $309,000.

Golf Course Dr., 1528-Edward Lamont and Barbara Ann Blackwood to Silky Antwoin and Crystal Hawkins, $415,000.

Hall Station Dr., 908, No. 102-Maurice E. Newman to Haroon and Aisha Vohra, $235,000.

Pine Tree Way, 15314-Thomas E. and Jennifer M. Lohr to Roy L. Gertz, $244,800.

Water Port Ct., 10926-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Michael Eze Enyinnaya, $236,500.