These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Barney Dr., 17907-Alexander W. and Anita F. Wiley to Leslie and Darryl A. Jackson, $349,900.

Caskadilla Lane, 1109-Glenn L. Taylor Jr. and estate of Glenn Lydell Taylor Sr. to Rhonda Cleavland, $420,000.

Cold Harbour Dr., 14207-Tommy L. and Paulette Randolph to Laquine V. and Frank R. Duran, $449,900.

Hardy Tavern Dr., 14214-NVR Inc. to Justin Jones, $477,490.

Lelani Way, 3401-NVR Inc. to Decole L. and Kelly W. Fields, $473,745.

Saint James Rd., 1612-St. James Haverford Construction Partners to Robert E. Ammons Sr. and Troy A. and Cassandra Renee Arnold, $681,170.

Tianna Way, 3303-Aminata and Shekha I. Bangura to Tracye D. Funn, $348,500.


Adelphi Rd., 9274, No. 101-Elizabeth S. Henrich to Yener Lopez Fuentes and Marisol Salas, $85,000.

Drexel St., 2307-Leobra Investments Corp. to Jose F. Romero Sanchez, $360,000.

Hannon St., 1702, No. 6-AEB Real Estate Corp. to Juan De Dios Choque Ampurero, $68,550.

Metzerott Rd., 1836, No. 1119-Jose L. Gonzalez to Pamela L. Guyah, $95,000.

Muskogee St., 2802-Federal National Mortgage Association to Jamie Nguyen, $315,787.

Rambler Ct., 2704-Stephen Waterhouse to Vaughn T. Gray III, $370,000.

Riggs Rd., 7981, No. 4-Ditech Financial Corp. to Thomas Pham, $53,200.

23rd Ave., 7504-JES International Corp. to Xian Can Wang, $363,000.


Barrberry Lane, 7201-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Bernier Saint Jean, $395,990.

Calico Rock Lndg Rd., 7310-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Tachara C. Davis, $343,765.

Cedar Lane, 11300-George C. and Cosntaine G. Papazious to Caroline Steohnes and Alexnader Arias Rivas, $407,000.

Cherry Hill Rd., 11326, No. 2N-F. Martinez Investment Corp. to Juan F. Reyes, $105,000.

Collier Rd., 3608-Shamshad and Elizabeth Ali to Mastwal Shefferaw, $437,900.

Harford Ave., 4934-Jesus Q. Vargas to Jhon Erick Cano, $284,000.

Lexington Ave., 4802-Yuyu Bao and Xuemei Pan to Matthew D. Brown and Laura Montas, $344,000.

Romlon St., 4407, No. 201-Douglas I. and Lewis D. Zietz to David Elf, $69,000.

34th Pl., 11600-Kevin A. and Colleen A. Milligan to Timothy A. Wasserman, $299,000.


Emerson St., 6011, No. 716-Moddy Farouk to Mohammad Sohail and Hamad Sohail Arzoo, $57,000.


Annapolis Rd., 11006-Robert and Amber Fitzwater to Jean Pierre Jean Baptiste, $450,000.

Beechfern Lane, 12611-Sheldonna M. Johnson Diggs to Erika D. Mondor, $365,000.

Bentley Lane, 12901-Marion M. and Don Bedwell to Stephen Sciannella, $299,900.

Chestnut Ave., 9207-Joseph K. Ngwafa to Maxwell Waritay and Mispa M. Atah, $370,000.

Global St., 13210-Deepa Kushilani to Ayuk B. Bakia Parker, $419,999.

Idlewild Dr., 13427-David M. Arocho and Anissa J. Sorokin to James A. and Heather J. Gazis, $340,000.

Kelford Lane, 2415-Walter L. and Amanda L. Calhoun to Benjamin D. Rollins and Christa A. Kronser, $385,000.

Kernel Cir., 12806-Todd Anthony and Manda Elizabeth Serino to Patrick C. Wan and Jie Y. Tan, $365,000.

Lakeford Lane, 5501-Pamela and Camille Smith to Akeria S. and James A. Brown, $430,000.

Madonna Lane, 3535-Joseph A. and Laura M. Anderson to Mark Lester N. and Annmarie D. Barnachea, $365,000.

Milburn Lane, 12623-Thomas J. and Elaine L. Mulrenin to Juan D. Puerto and Megan D. Stolzenberg, $285,000.

Morning Glory Trail, 4718-Sheila Monroe to Dellena M. Cunningham, $325,000.

Myrtle Ave., 9107-Youg Han and Bing Guan to Bessong Agbor and Paula Ashu Tambe Ebot, $480,000.

Oxford Ct., 16321-Eric P. Hoberg to Gerald J. Flatt, $385,000.

Quill Point Dr., 7829-Erik S. and Stacey L. Lymus to Jamia Jackson, $332,000.

Safety Turn, 12604-Robert E. and Carol P. Ailes to Gunnar and Alyssa Van Hook, $355,000.

Superior Landing., 11102-Craig L. and Shontelle S. Bonds to Douglas C. and Dana M. Plummer, $460,000.

Welsley Lane, 4012-Tracy L. and Richard J. DeMarco to Joseph and Jacqueline Kautzer, $370,000.


Alameda Dr., 15958-Joanne P. and John Patrick Schiappa to Feliciano and Neosoty D. Hernandez, $385,000.

Apple Green Lane, 3002-Kevin and Katherine A. Morgan to Delores L. Holder and Ali Al Rahman, $479,900.

Arden Forest Lane, 2900-David Isiah and Kendis M. Dawson to Monique Reese, $455,000.

Azure Pl., 16203-Venkata K. Rayi and Shilpa Basala to Richard and Natasha C. Torres, $515,000.

Eastview Terr., 16606-Melissa R. Simmons Manall to Loretta Tackie, $269,000.

Endicott Dr., 15203-Guy G. Henggeler and Abigail A. Moses to Jessica N. Green, $330,000.

Haskell Lane, 12703-Herbert E. and Darlene R. Carter to Michael Bauknight and Emily Warnock, $310,000.

Nemeth Lane, 2905-Matthew Wills to Aivaro A. Aguirre Garcia, $310,000.

November Ct., 2927-Osita S. Osagbue to Tiffany Winston, $230,000.

Parkington Lane, 1303-Latrail M. Gatlin and Alexander Wright to Ricky E. and Jennie R. Mixon, $350,000.

Pennington Lane, 1315-Leslie C. Johnson to Michael D. and Valeire Colema Woodall, $350,000.

Pensive Lane, 1202-Dunnell O. Brown to Melissa K. Urbina, $313,000.

Pond Meadow Lane, 16019-Michael S. and Alice A. Canavan to Henry and Rosa M. Wilson, $360,000.

Sturbridge Lane, 802-Traviss Green and Charles Edward Moore to Charles Edward Moore, $605,000.


Church Dr., 6001-Linda S. Peebler to Rodney J. Young and Sarah L. Yopung, $240,000.

Lady Lauren Lane, 15203-DR Horton Inc. to Tikeya Aigner Milburn, $329,990.

Paoli Ct., 15303-Curtis and Rhyannon Renee Curry to Deborah N. Kotei and Franky M. Awuvey, $408,000.

Steam Mill Farm Dr., 12803-Caruso Bowie 11 Corp. to Kevin A. Ngala and Sola K. Anagho, $679,990.

Whistlestop Ct., 14502-Travis Hudnall to Despina Chymeftos, $332,000.


39th St., 4430-Underwood Group to Brandon and Kara Snesko, $210,000.


Birchleaf Ave., 407-Inetta M. Moore and Rosetta H. Hawkins to Joao Manuel and Isabelle M. Pereira, $105,100.

Coleton Ct., 6410-Laverna B. Savoy to Connie Woodland, $275,000.

Drylog St., 6812-Michael G. and Desiree T. Minor to Randy R. and Kerresha K. Watson, $233,000.

Gunther St., 4934-Seacrest Homes Corp. to Moriah Brown, $281,000.

Iago Ave., 1023-Blue Tech Services Corp. to Tonya P. Jones, $260,000.

Joplin St., 6516-Mathavy Yasa to Mohamed Abdallah, $152,000.

Opus Ave., 539-Demetrius Hall to Karelyn Cruz Martinez, $305,000.

Pepper Mill Dr., 503-Edward Carmon to Juan Bonilla, $220,000.

Prescott Ct., 5607-Monica Venise Staples Garvin to Lynsey McAlpine, $215,000.

Shamrock Ave., 1716-BTZ Corp. to David G. and Renee H. Wilson, $282,000.

Walbridge St., 6223-Sian A. and Jonathan F. Terry to Adrian E. Butler, $385,000.

69th Pl., 413-Cemone A. Bynum Manigault to Seledonio Y. Portillo, $255,000.


Ardwick Ardmore Rd., 8803-Bret A. Douglas to Luis A. Molina, $225,000.

Crest Ave., 3026-David A. Feige and Rosita M. Parraguez Jara to Michael Francis and Dianne Janette Handy, $394,900.

Gondar Ave., 1104-Applied Civil Engineering Inc. and Devar Corp. to Ernest Renner, $320,000.

Kent Village Pl., 2400-Patricia A. and David Cheatham to Julio Perez Melendez, $170,000.

Lake Ave., 2501-Carolyn S. Byars to Jonathan and Nissa Fuller, $372,000.

Otis St., 6210-Richard Gray and Bruce Griswold to Anthea and Sheldon G. Davy, $260,000.

Pinebrook Rd., 2715, No. 408-SM Landover Corp. to Faye Theresa Bullock and Sean C. Jennings, $286,635.

Pinebrook Rd., 2906-SM Landover Corp. to George R. White Jr., $331,670.

Stoddert Lane, 6902-SM Landover Corp. to Joyce Anderson Crawford, $362,315.

Tamo Ct., 7212, No. 7-Olasupo Olusi to John A. Land, $218,000.

Willowwood Ct., 1650-Chinedu A. Akporji to Rhonda R. and Howard R. Ingram, $235,000.


Boniwood Turn E., 5859-Mae C. Carmichael and estate of Bernard Carmichael to Barbara Moore, $233,000.

Brooke Jane Dr., 6205-Arlena Pannell to Clara Vaughns, $210,000.

Crafton Lane, 6914-Sami Mukhar to David D. Perez and Jose Mauricio Barahona, $298,000.

Foxcroft Ave., 9306-Lawrence C. and Maria Laye to Walter A. Portillo Abarca and Yulissa J. Martinez Rosario, $285,000.

Jackies Way, 5804-Elshazli & Jones Holdings Corp. to William Earl Washington, $309,000.

Natahala Dr., 4504-Carol Ann and Patrick Thomas Ward to Denorris J. Smith, $312,000.

Steuben Ct., 6504-Overland Drive Properties Corp. to Feliciano Cruz Giron and Ramon V. Sagastume, $349,000.

Zephyr Ave., 5405-Federal Home Loan Mortage Corp. to Sean D. and Tanisha L. Brown, $345,000.


Chestnut Hill Rd., 5808-Kirk S. Litton and Michael J. Prete to Stacia E. Woycheck and Thomas R. Gleason, $391,000.

Iroquois St., 4907-Timothy Paul Fink and estate of Edna Fink to Rumana Kemer Abubeker, $277,000.

Limestone Pl., 9313-Enkutatash K. Alemayehu to Zhengyi Qin and Xiang Li, $415,000.

Patuxent Ave., 8411-Donna Ann Swann and estate of Donald C. Thomas to James Andrew and Katherine Mary Spry, $302,000.

Ruatan St., 6122-Ram G. Gehani to Daniel and Danielle Barandiaran, $330,000.

48th Ave., 8125, No. 310A-Adam and Paul Maarec to Wai Tak Wong and Anna Xia Chen Wong, $185,000.


Glendora Dr., 1804-Paul J. Dorsey to Mariano Carvalho, $240,000.

Hil Mar Dr., 5026-Carolyn Hyslop to Daqueisha Lanee Oliver, $230,000.

Nimitz Dr., 7019-REI Management to Adrian and Dennis Reyes, $230,000.


Bernard Dr., 8302-Marina M. Ganpat to Elizabeth Rubio Martinez, $240,000.

Blanchard Dr., 9306-Caruso Builder Washington Overlook Corp. to Jennifer Pettiford Alexander, $704,404.

Brandyhall Ct., 6106-Gwendolyn M. Jackson to Bradford Holmes Jr., $215,000.

Crafford Pl., 7251-Danielle Gray to Linda Onibokun, $175,000.

Dania Dr., 1502-Caruso Builders Homes Mill Corp. to Miah A. Brown and Anthony Bertram Clay Jr., $515,990.

Foundry Lane, 301-Eunice T. Lee to Lori and Lloyd Hill, $215,000.

Gennene Lane, 3401-U.S. Bank and the RMAC Trust to Juan A. Gonzalez Gomez and Nancy L. Guerrero Recinos, $243,000.

Granada Ct., 9000-61 Properties Inc. to David R. Menjivar and Leslie J. Rosales, $328,000.

Henson Bridge Terr., 2906-TWZ Properties Inc. to Nanette M. McGraw, $250,000.

Jaywick Ave., 7800-Omid Land Group Corp. to Tysha D. Goldring, $340,000.

Round Table Dr., 402-Kasahun G. and Almaz G. Hagos to Monica Garcia Rocha, $330,000.

Stoney Harbor Dr., 9506-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Lance Hawkins and Wayne Parris, $473,500.

Trafalgar Ct., 11313-Robert Lewis and Doris Mapson to Ericka D. Mapson, $280,000.

Underwood Dr., 9702-Marvin and Jeannette Smith to Yerko Aliendre, $284,900.

Webster Lane, 7700-Princeton Tree Corp. to Gregory Lamont and Linda Johnson, $319,900.

Wood Hollow Pl., 2725-John R. and Dianna E. Vanerwerker to Rajhumar Hinds, $173,000.


Glen Ave., 3226-Q. and P. Realty Corp. to Melecio D. Villafuerte Pinto and Maria C. Castro, $360,000.

Ransom Dr., 12413-Naima L. Manley to Latoye S. Coleman, $393,000.


Hedgewood Dr., 120-David L. Abel to Robert N. and Rebecca J. McFarland, $437,000.

Mandan Rd., 8009, No. 498-Shelon Lowery to Michelle L. Adkins, $155,000.


Emerson St., 5610-Oluwabumi Y. Adesuko to Edger Noe Colinders Garcia and Sandra M. Vasquez, $300,000.

Oglethorpe St., 4410, No. 605-Richard S. Werner and Michael A. Gonzales to Michael B. and Janet K. Burch, $120,000.

39th Ave., 5718-Michael A. and Natalie K. Colville to Gareth E. Hinds and Alison L. Morris, $420,000.

56th Ave., 4919-Fraya J. Kerns to Juan Carlos Mejia Castillo and Estela Dominguez Ramos, $275,000.


Dawnwood Dr., 6523-William R. and Kevin S. Crabtree to Armstrong U. Onyeukwu, $344,000.

Geaton Park Pl., 9321-DR Horton Inc. to Chinweoke T. Akerele, $375,000.

Hubble Dr., 8010-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Elizabeth Ann and Jeffrey Brown, $505,047.

Main St., 6117-Realty American Investments Corp. to Oscar Caballero and Oneida Quezada, $319,900.

Nashville Rd., 6912-Peggy B. Holly to Debrah Pemberton and Almando Walters, $325,000.

Smithview Pl., 9410-DR Horton Inc. to Wanetta V. Wiggleswoprth, $365,000.

Trexler Rd., 6810-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. and HSI Asset Corp. to Shaela Jones and Nicholas Mecholsky, $290,500.

Wilhelm Dr., 7502-Bruce and Dina Tomas to Kina Flood, $335,000.

Woodstream Lane, 6945-Ryan Alin Glover to Suhail Chaudhary, $180,000.

75th Ave., 5406-Federal National Mortgage Association to Dani Vasquez, $207,000.


Abbottswood Ct., 11436-Christie A. Preston to Jamaal Leonard Long, $190,000.

Big Chimney Br., 124-Andrea S. Dedier to Ebone Colbert, $184,000.

Boyden St., 405-Folayinka Dunola to Kathryn Lynette Thomas, $499,203.

Cameron Grove Blvd., 1, No. 210-Estate of Jessie F. Jordan to Najmah S. Aleem, $135,000.

Colton St., 209-Sherron Fay and Charles R. Woods to Owolabi Azeez, $308,000.

Geaton Dr., 3306-Rooster Corp. to Manuel Luis Sanchez, $440,000.

Glastonbury Way, 15707-Robert L. and Tiffany S. Gregory to Alisha L. Washington, $435,000.

Harry S. Truman Dr., 422, No. 280-Steven D. Potter to Latoya Mason, $135,299.

Hobart St., 9204-TTG Realty Valuation and Consultancy to Karamotu Akinfenwa and Emmanuel James Askere, $395,000.

Joyceton Dr., 10642-Tichi Property Corp. to Serge Colince Simo Fogue, $287,500.

Lake Pointe Ct., 9815, No. 301-Brian K. Rtichardson to Lexus S. Wheeler, $180,000.

Missoula Ct., 13501-Norma Lamont and Karen Mitchell to Jessica M. Garrett, $330,000.

Nareen St., 10304-Samora M. Proctor and estate of Barbara Malcolm Pegues to Chandra J. Brown, $318,000.

Newtonmore Lane, 15505-Westphalia Row Partners Corp. to Arthur J. and Brianna C. Kemp, $448,200.

Rosey Bill Dr., 1006-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Romanus Njunkeng, $336,515.

Southern Springs Lane, 1615-Dionne L. Smith to Kimberly D. Bishop Battle, $515,000.

Tadmore Pl., 11106-Lisa M. Harrison and Lisa M. Gant to Tamara and Duane Gilbert, $349,900.

Westphalia Rd., 9502-McLean Series 019 Corp. to Jennifer R. Dunlap, $274,900.

Winterbourne Dr., 3014-US Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Thecla Amin Nkemateh, $472,240.


Carissa Lane, 7910-Corbett P. and Karen L. McClure to Lateef Adedolapo Gbadegesin, $275,000.

Cherry Lane, 7208-Magdaline Halous Desouse to Tracey A. Tittley, $461,000.

Dell Pl., 5-Unique and Modern Homes to Milton Tarkang, $345,000.

Dorset Rd., 15706, No. 168-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Breion L. Goodson, $130,037.

First Baptist Lane, 14909-Neil Moore to Ki Duk and Sung Sook Choi, $459,901.

Grace Way, 302-Sandy Spring Village Corp. to Francis N. Bombaito, $321,575.

Main St., 714-Bernard F. and Gloria A. Arnold to Alan D. and Julie H. Ernstein, $240,000.

Northlake Ct., 8213-Doris H. Brent to Kaki Caternor, $340,000.

Phair Pl., 1027-Community Development Administartion of to Griselda E. Chica De Mendoza and Elmer E. Mendoza Hernandez, $218,000.

Winterfield Terr., 7226-Pamela Breckles Peters to Donald and Sydna Cheatham, $382,000.


Gardner Rd., 16438-Donald Horseman and Anthony Lasswell to Theresa L. and Cyril H. Pittman, $285,000.


Briarwood Dr., 13300-Q & P Realty Corp. to Lawrence Ayuk, $370,000.

Claxton Dr., 12808-Sasha B. and Mark A. Taylor to Leonard C. Owens II, $234,000.

Erfurt Ct., 9111-Theodore J. and Janice V. Allen to Samuel A. Owireko, $320,000.

Laurel Bowie Rd., 11615-U.S. Bank to Walter L. Villeda Morales, $194,325.

Laurelwalk Dr., 11523-Tyler J. Ward to Marilis Karina Quijada Caceres, $165,000.

Oregold Ct., 9202-Latoya Coleman to Makia Robertson, $315,000.

Pheasant Run Dr., 12201-Harvinder Singh to Chhunly Chhorn and Sothea Rongna, $175,000.


Eastern Ave., 3615-Green Properties Corp. to Lauren Kayla Renee Pitts, $450,000.


Hanson Oaks Dr., 4034-Juan M. Guerrero to Therese E. Nkede and Feline Nyake Nkede Halle, $246,000.

Meadow Trail Lane, 3909-Pennymac Loan Services Corp. to Joy Kobani, $260,000.

Rockford Dr., 4710-Frederick G. Buss III and Betty J. Wines to Esther E. Ciammachilli and Jennifer Riddle, $344,900.

Thornwood Rd., 3824-Federal National Mortgage Association to Jose Dolores Perez Centeno and Ana Quintanilla, $283,250.


Arapahoe Terr., 5910-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Daysi G. Granados Velasquez, $190,000.

Carson Ave., 603-Tasha Berry to Jesus Martinez, $275,000.

Fenwood Ave., 1405-JR & G Enterprises Corp. to Carolina Godoy, $299,000.

Grenada Ave., 6904-KMW Property Management Corp. to Jose N. Machado Martinez and Ana M. Machado, $280,000.

Halliard Lane, 514-IHMW Potomac Overlook VII Corp. to Milton and Caro Hall, $768,343.

Maury Ave., 644-Katie M. Cox Johnson to Francis D. and Keisha Elliot Smith, $179,900.

Potomac Psge., 155, No. 401-Katherine W. Kingston and Phillip N. Wiegand to Jody Al and Carrie Ann Donela Fisher, $378,000.

Virginia Lane, 5648, No. 43-Jeromy Gilman and Gary Roebuck to Leroy W. Blake, $254,500.


Carters Lane, 5709-Joel Adrian and Jenny Karina Padilla to Jose B. Aguilar Romero and Roberto Mendez Contreras, $333,000.

Oliver St., 6404-Integrity Professional Contracting Corp. to German R. Medina Portillo and Rosa Lilian Medina, $243,000.

Rhode Island Ave., 6645-SM Waterford Estates Corp. to Yang Cao, $449,990.

Roanoke Ave., 6304-Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of New York to Emmanuel R. Iglesias, $232,050.

44th Pl., 6100-Dena A. Crosson to Matthew I. Corley and Alicia C. Laporte, $425,000.

57th Ave., 6309-Neal V. Forman to Raychel M. Romero and Francisco Romero Garcia, $250,000.


Dianna Rd., 3728-Swan Properties Inc. to Rosario Guzman Martinez, $300,000.

Lacy Ave., 4600-Visiono Investments Corp. to John L. Matthews, $320,000.

Lamar Ave., 4653-Brent Holdings Corp. to Carlos Marcial Reyes Flores and Roselia M. Gonzalez, $258,000.

Marianne Dr., 6804-Omid Land Group Corp. to Kenneth F. Powell, $290,000.

Perrie Lane, 5722-Charles H. Ford and Latasha R. Staffored to Clarissa Wrothen, $465,000.

Talmadge Cir., 4201-Shaun R. Marable to Ponjella Tianne Martin, $327,000.

Woodland Rd., 6617-San L. Tse to Cordelia and Tony Alonzo Bullock, $235,000.


Allentown Rd., 6900-JES International Corp. to Octaviano Amaya Hernandez, $272,000.

Beechwood Dr., 6530, No. 16-KCE Inc. to Ashley N. Tolton, $198,000.

Edgewood Dr., 5505-Wells Fargo Bank Mortgage Investment II Inc. to Bernard L. McKoy, $182,250.

Henderson Rd., 4812-Jack G. and Linda J. Bannister to Robert D. and Jean Proctor, $292,500.

Matthews Dr., 3900-Melissa Simmons Johnson and Michael M. Simmons to Alexandria Louise Kendra Murphy, $295,000.

Northam Rd., 6619-Anthony R. and Dianne Taylor to Alexis A. Robionson, $275,000.

Saint Moritz Dr., 6046-Kweilin C. Hollis to Keyarna Commodore, $200,000.

28th Pkwy., 3217-Aptus Capital Group Corp. to Naomi Hall, $257,500.


Beechwood Rd., 4018-Thomas and Anne Wilson to Ricardo and Julia A. Garcia, $475,000.

Gazette Way, 3507-NVR Inc. to Ashutosh Koirala and Sneha Subedee, $470,560.

Sheridan St., 2421-Jeff J. Gu and Ling Liu to Maxine and Jassett Taylor, $305,000.

Woodberry St., 4124-Keegan and Richard K. Sawyer to Karin T. Burghardt and Brandon F. Redding, $601,000.


Capstan Dr., 11603-Jerome T. and Pamela C. Hariston to James and Stephanie Jenkins, $460,000.

Carousel Ct., 12803-Integrity Professional Contracting Corp. to Joseph Best, $255,000.

Copper Creek Ct., 9504-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Joseph and Latasha Taylor, $455,990.

Croom Rd., 9910-ASG Capital Partners Corp. to Brand E. Odhner Jr., $315,000.

Fairgreen Lane, 11810-Secured Improvements Corp. to Tesha R. Coleman, $370,000.

Flying Change Ct., 10710-Toll V Partnership to Christopher A. Hall Sr. and Pamela J. Smith, $412,888.

Gay Dr., 9912-Serena Goodyear Pitt to Ernestine Dorsey, $339,900.

Hampshire Hall Ct., 14211, No. 506-Melanie Middleton to Donna F. Beauchamp, $210,000.

Jumping Way, 11017-Toll V Partnership to David A. and Dianca E. Kelly, $541,575.

Lariat Dr., 4206-Toll V Partnership to Bryson M. Alexander, $456,812.

Manor Park Dr., 5505-Mab of WTC Corp. to Charles Daniels IV, $453,865.

Marlboro Pointe Dr., 12906-SM Waterford Estates Corp. to Julien D. Jones and Rolanda Harris, $611,050.

Osborne Rd. S., 7300-Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of New York to Laronda B. Haynesworth Durant, $399,900.

Richmond Run, 3804-SM Parkside Corp. to Leslie M. Downing, $402,900.

Sand Wedge Lane, 12118-DQZ Corp. to Omar K. Green and Sherida L. Britt, $539,000.

Stratford Estates Dr., 16501-Stephenie R. and William M. Barth to Caroline M. and Bryan Williams, $701,500.

Sweet Rose Ct., 8709-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Latoria Quaniece Moore, $329,212.

Tealbriar Dr., 9600-SM Parkside Corp. to Maurice L. Murriel, $320,785.

Tealbriar Dr., 9610-SM Parkside Corp. to Jenelle A. Lewis, $352,215.

Tealbriar Dr., 9620-SM Parkside Corp. to Charity L. Willard, $305,595.

Thrush Pl., 12703-Eva M. Sabree to Shuanda Washington, $300,000.

Village Dr. N., 3618-Flora Marisol Lazo to Brandon N. Henry and Andgel Ortiz, $350,000.

Wood Sorrel Ct., 10301-Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of New York to Etrand F. Tamunang and Roseline E. Esambe, $333,100.


Caribon St., 4036-E. Generation Corporation to Jose R. Barrera and Sandra Elizabeth Flores Barrera, $459,000.

Foxwood Cir., 1861-Eroc Hampton Hunter and estate of Charles S. Davis to Mubashir and Irshad Ahmed, $355,500.

Hall Rd., 15403-John and Catherine Raeder to Mildred F. Limuaco, $285,000.

Hall Station Dr., 927-Gregory K. Ward to Chandra D. Williams, $364,000.

Kings Arrow St., 12208-Mary R. Osuji to Delores P. and Lartha Anistead, $329,000.

Puffin Ct., 15002-Roger E. and Kimberly S. Lemacks to Rod F. Manning and Dina J. Jolley, $475,000.

Saint Michaels Dr., 985-Residential Value Corp. to Alexander J. and Katherine R. Daley, $260,000.

Terrapin Hills Dr., 1602-Canjor Denika and Willie E. Reed to Andre E. Eba and Chiacho J. Aboussou, $405,000.