These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Catherine Fran Dr., 1818-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. and New Century Home Equity Loan Trust to Jing Ke and Lianfang Lin, $284,000.

Dale Lane, 1903-Department of Veterans Affairs to Valery N. and Alexei Yegorov, $365,000.

Fort Trail, 14900-Arvest Central Mortgage Co. to Michael Carson, $204,900.

Hidden Forest Dr., 14308-NVR Inc. to Malcolm T. and Waverley Y. Williams, $485,965.

Leonard Calvert Dr., 14316-Matthew and Emily Bissett to Esther Maria Mendez, $285,000.

Old Cabin Pl., 16603-Trust Realty Investments Tri Corp. to Lisa Nicole Burman and Tesfa Teklu, $300,000.

Wannas Dr., 14807-Simple Property Solutions Inc. to Darin and Lisa Thacker, $315,000.


Adelphi Rd., 9307-Nghia Vo to Dionicio Alexander and Mariano R. Rodriguez, $315,000.

Edwards Way, 9200, No. 501-Alvin H. Waring to Merry Hudson, $87,000.

Metzerott Rd., 1836, No. 1708-Linda G. Botts Butler to Meshesha Ephrem Yohannes and Haile Tamrat Selamawit, $105,000.

Navahoe St., 2501-Carlos M. Grajeda Figueroa and Esli J. Diaz to Mustapha Bundu Sama and Fatmata Sowa, $349,900.

Red Oak Dr., 1904-Samson D. and Nirmala Thomas to Marius Florin Ursu, $285,000.

Stanford St., 3316-Ricardo and Julia A. Garcia to Thomas Luke Spreen and Katharine Lane Billingslea Spreen, $350,000.

26th Pl., 8300-Ajay M. Dham to Mauricio C. Rojas Agreda and Vanessa J. Guzman Fuertes, $375,000.


Barrberry Lane, 7229-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Hilda Ramos, $390,990.

Calico Rock Lndg Rd., 7312-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Fatimata Bangura and Siliki M. Kromah, $335,200.

Cherry Hill Ct., 3545-Kanon Rakhi Rozario to Francisco A. and Iris L. Martinez, $260,000.

Dresden Dr., 10906-Melville Moses and Alisa D. Andrade to Eleazar Jimenez and Martin Jimenez Lopez, $365,000.

Lexington Ave., 4919-Kenneth C. and Suzanne J. Barb to Yancy Elvira Reys Avelar and Henry R. Lazo Gomez, $349,900.

Odell Rd., 4812-Lis M. Pinnix to Luis Alfredo Guevara Campos and Oscar Antonio Guevara, $260,000.

Romlon St., 4417, No. 201-Montpelier Village Condo Inc. to Wolfgang and Alba Yaruro, $88,380.

45th Pl., 10301, No. 1-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Marvin J. and Jovany E. Melgar, $88,000.


Backus Dr., 11704-Patrice Trammell to Olufemi David and Adebimpe Ganiyat Okusolubo, $435,000.

Beechfern Lane, 12617-Mark E. and Andrea H. Ballard to Chrystopher J. Young and Taylore L. Leas, $327,000.

Brent Ct., 8505-Richard L. Bond to Yolette A. and Dion Gray, $429,000.

Cheswood Lane, 12913-Joseph L. Campbell to William C. and Ann R. Lindsey, $330,000.

Frost Dr., 11925-E. Johanna and James W. Ruest to Tanjaneka and Collis Ryan Jones, $480,000.

Hillmeade Station Dr., 12639-Department of Veterans Affairs to Ana B. and Fernando A. Saravia Parada, $278,500.

Kembridge Dr., 12713-Kristine J. Piazza and Kristine J. Ferreira to Jeffrey C. and Melissa Simmons, $355,000.

Keystone Lane, 2706-Cheryl Mikulka and Debbie Radzilowski to Zachary R. Lowe, $320,000.

Libertys Delight Dr., 12800, No. 408-Tamla Kirkland to Larry and Tewanda Richardson, $315,000.

London Lane, 14634-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Rosa Jean and Scott A. Lohr, $199,900.

Mill Way, 3700-Michael John and Joseph Paul Beierschmitt to Sheree H. McGriff, $350,000.

Morning Glory Way, 10704-Andrea R. Green Sharpless to Tracy Taffe and Marlon Heslop, $310,000.

Ockford Lane, 4419-Erika G. and James E. Boyce to Yves A. Demosthene, $322,000.

Orchard Park Way, 8000-Mary and Michael Lenaiyasa to Jonathan and Shannon Leeman, $540,000.

Pleasant View Dr., 14119-Steven Scott and Donna L. Ticknor to Nina Y. Markowitz and Joshua J. O’Connor, $477,500.

Quill Point Dr., 8042-Michael L. and Juliet Hines to Joshua L. and Anastasia L. Parker, $320,000.

Saint James Sanctuary Dr., 13242-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Robert Scott Jordan, $415,000.

Thompkins Lane, 12911-Brenda C. and Robert A. Cherry to Juleshane Dwayne Edwards, $253,000.

Tyson Lane, 3019-Wells Fargo Bank to Robert Bryan Figliozzi, $271,600.

Wharton Turn, 4018-Loreen T. and Brian D. Ziska to David R. and Tanya F. Kuzman, $350,000.

Yardley Ct., 4105-Charlotte J. Stead to Adaora N. Otiji and Zachary Spizler, $270,000.

Youngwood Turn, 13415-JC Remodeling and Builders Corp. to Ian and Ashley Sullivan, $327,000.


Alban Lane, 2000-Marlene W. Mance to Walter T. and Miranda Oates, $329,900.

Apple Green Lane, 3115-Debra Denise Williams and Denise Antoinette Bennett to Olufemi and Olusola Spwunmi, $465,000.

Atlantis Dr., 15907-Wendy Ann Owens to Curtis and Jean Pinder, $469,900.

Early Glow Lane, 3822-U.S. Bank to Christopher M. Rose, $265,000.

Edenwood Dr., 16112-Katina B. and Sylvan Miles to Lauren V. White, $300,000.

Ellipse Terr., 16215, No. 123-Carderock Enterprises Corp. to Sylvia Miles Brooks, $245,000.

Hillman Pl., 2308-Mark A. Roscoe to Danielle and Barney Stevens, $335,000.

Passaie Lane, 15605-U.S. Bank and Bear Stearns Asset Backed Securities to Zachary R. Quine, $290,500.

Pennsbury Dr., 16016-Yowanda V. Godfrey to Deborah L. Spencer, $317,000.

Pewter Lane, 16326-Chikia Barnes Thompson and Chikia Barnes to Anglea J. Britt Douglass and Ricardo Douglass, $240,000.

Platte Ct. N., 15412-Zeditha D. Cabbagestalk to Barbara Winston, $244,900.

Pond Meadow Lane, 16208-Kimberly J. Hansen and Thekla D. Jurney to Josue E. Santos, $295,000.


Brandywine Rd., 15531-Luisa A. Ruiz to Irma Jenkins, $330,000.

Duckett Rd., 14605-Amy E. and Jason Lee Rogers to Adrian C. Litchfield, $228,000.

Lady Lauren Lane, 15205-DR Horton Inc. to Sherita Lynette Alexander, $326,000.

Poppy Hill Ct., 13203-Reliance Group Corp. to Maurice J. Leake, Sylvia Scott Leake and Rosa Scott, $499,900.

Steam Mill Farm Dr., 12908-Caruso Bowie 11 Corp. to Michael D. Thomas and Sophia F. Trevant, $616,823.


Allison St., 3804-Melecia Lopez and Blanca Alicia Lopez Cruz to Jesus V. Santamaria Ayala, $280,000.

38th Pl., 4504-Olumide O. Elegbe to Kelly D. Wiliams, $354,900.

40th Pl., 3805-MTGLQ Investors to Fani Cruz Canales, $252,000.


Arcadia Ave., 1703-Mountain Prime 2017 Corp. to Toura and Eboni Perkins, $262,000.

Calmos St., 6612-Donald P. Bolin to Tracy L. Hillie, $299,000.

Capitol Heights Blvd., 725-Emilio Herbas to Linda M. Bellido Ramos, $275,000.

Cypresstree Pl., 909-JBN Realy Investments Inc. to Ruben Antonio Andrade, $269,900.

Dunbar Oaks Dr., 1308-Quintina R. and Jessica C. Jefferson to Charisse Johnson, $250,000.

Fable St., 5000-Albion Gate Series 101 Corp. to Demetrius Hall, $345,000.

Hastings Dr., 6705-JBN Realty Investment Inc. to Omar Alphonso Chung and Kolin Peter Hunt, $295,000.

Joplin St., 7247-Theresa Smith Butler and estate of William Levi Smith Jr. to Jovon Butcher Adams, $172,000.

Pine Grove Rd., 1415-Brenda J. Lucas to Sandra Y. Monk, $358,000.

Quadrant St., 4704-Walter Lance Strine to Sandra Isabel Reyes Moreno and Inmar Ulices Carcamo Maria Del Carmen Carcamo, $194,000.

Walker Mill Rd., 7304-Maria D. Lopez to Nelson E. and William A. Orellana, $319,900.

71st Ave., 401-Dwelling Edge Corp. to Melanie Fleming, $290,000.


Blackstone Ave., 10613-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Deborah White, $307,000.


Asset Dr., 6709-Bank of New York Mellon and Ocwen Loan Servicing Corp. to Monisola Adeosun, $209,000.

Cedarwood Ct., 1854-Horace B. and Judy D. Jones to Mauricio A. Martinez and Jacqueline Mancia Galdamez, $228,000.

Kessler Ct., 7402-Wells Fargo Bank to Kebede Tadesse, $200,500.

Lake Ave., 2502-Diego F. Rivera Montes and Andres E. Quinones Ortiz to Kimberly and Beth Eloshway, $283,000.

Muncy Rd., 7746-Jose A. Sosa to Sharlene T. White and Donald Alexander, $195,000.

Pinebrook Rd., 2800-SM Landover Corp. to Debra R. and Amanda A. King, $334,765.

Pinebrook Rd., 2908-SM Landover Corp. to Stephanie J. Cohen, $330,425.

Ridge Dr. E., 7202-Jose R. Barrera to Nelson Isai Araujo Hernandez, $235,000.

Stoddert Lane, 6932-SM Landover Corp. to Charles E. Lee and Darlene P. Brown, $381,340.

57th Pl., 2401-Ideal House Corp. to Fidel Garcia Alarcon and Maritza Perez, $257,000.


Alan Dr., 5905-April Parker to Lashuan Sweeney, $275,000.

Armor Dr., 6118-Patrick Coffee Jr. to Ennio Tupa Cordero, $315,000.

Brooke Jane Dr., 6408-CL Summit Group Corp. to Martin A. Sequeira, $295,000.

Hickory Bend., 6400-Truman Acm Golden State Reo Corp. to James Edward Green Jr., $295,000.

Mardella Blvd., 6006-Luis P. Vasquez to Clayton V. and Inez D. Williams, $350,000.

Mezmer Lane, 7611-Anne C. Wade and estate of Eugene E. Wade to Brenda D. Green, $280,000.

Teaberry Way, 6111-C. and C. Design and Remodeling Corp. to Brandon Wedge, $347,900.


Autoville Dr., 9014-Jesse Louise and Ronald William Clark to Darlin S. Mendez Cruz and Juana L. Quintana Cabrera, $335,000.

Citadel Dr., 7508-Thomas and Rachel Benz to Henry A. and Ana C. Alonso Yoder, $390,000.

Iroquois St., 5106-George and Joyce Mothershead to Darlin S. Mendez Cruz and Juana L. Quintana Cabrera, $320,000.

Quebec St., 6008-Zunilda Portillo De Soler and estate of Jorge Ramon Soler Ferreira to Dae Ho Jin and Eun Young Hwang, $307,000.

Stewart Ct., 5019-Barbara A. and Martin Neuwirth to Daniel Nche and Deborah Any Tita Nche, $250,000.

50th Pl., 9503-Janet Y. and Verdelle Adams to Daniel Perez and Sandra Perez Medellin, $275,000.


Carmel Dr., 8009-Teresa M. Kushner to Rudy A. Giron and Maria E. Rios Villata, $205,000.

Dynasty Dr., 3140-Federal National Mortgage Association to Shanna Peeks, $199,000.

Fernhill Ct., 1413-Sabrina A. Mangrum and Gertrude E. Lloyd to Paula A. Weaver, $280,000.

Grafton St., 6611-Loretta W. Gamble to Miguel Antonio Garmendez Davila and Marta Lidia Davila De Garmendez, $240,000.

Hil Mar Dr., 6119-Charles A. Lewis II to Oluwafemi E. Awoyinfa and Ayodele O. Omoteye, $200,000.

Marbury Dr., 2212-Elaine C. Payne to Ronald L. and Brenda D. Herron, $280,000.

Oak Glen Way, 2216-Geronima Herbas to Ana P. Delgadillo Herbas and Jose A. Alberto Portillo, $270,000.

Rose Bay Dr., 6102-Sonya Dee Rush to Alexus O. Oparah, $259,000.

Waterford Dr., 1105-Julio C. Melgar to Roberto Herrera and Ofelia Galeano Barragan, $335,000.


Argyle Cir., 12909-Tobias O. and Eva Annelle Vogt to Mary W. and Herbert E. Reynolds, $412,000.

Berwick Cir., 12802-Patrick A. and Hanna C. Froe to Alfredo Rivera, $360,000.

Blanchard Dr., 9307-Caruso Builder Washington Overlook Corp. to Thomas Gene Boggan, $760,081.

Caribou Ct., 13407-Mary A. and Frank Simmons to Tito Q. Beckles, $310,000.

Gable Lane, 12208-Alisa L. Lambright to Marsadeh P. Diggs, $287,000.

Joe Klutsch Dr., 6400-Orchid Properties Corp. to Anje Proctor, $292,300.

Lampton Lane, 12413-Joseph Gonzalez to Yodit Solomon, $356,000.

Monterey Cir., 12501-Eugene Vincent Pohren to Olante O. Brown, $667,000.

Old Fort Hills Dr., 2212-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Jose A. Olmos Fabian and Dania I. Bautista Rosa, $230,000.

Reid Cir., 13524-Federal National Mortgage Association to Edwin Contreras and Raquel E. Zapata, $251,000.

Round Table Dr., 533-Thomas L. and Nettie B. Jones to Joseph Benjamin and Susie Brila Cortez, $367,000.

Tregiovo Pl., 11814-Jeffrey M. and Tamara C. Sager to Deborah Lynn Mead, $479,000.

Underwood Dr., 9710-Myron L. Rowles to Miguel Zelayandia, $250,000.

Wrigley Pl., 902-Justin P. Patterson to Marbin Requeno and Jacqueline Guerrero, $289,500.


Guinevere Pl., 12207-John J. and Charissa S. Aclin to John Matthew and Jaclyn Elizabeth Bardakjy, $435,000.

James Madison Lane, 12202-Hemant K. and Vinita Jain to Frank Tomy, $479,000.

Wingate Dr., 7928-Helen J. and Melvin L. Schneider to Arthur Thomas III, $460,000.


Greenknolls Pl., 7-Janette Shell to Edmund Joseph and Brooke Witwer Kenny, $405,000.

Hanover Pkwy., 6994, No. 201-Estate of James E. Rogers and Patricia G. Rogers to George A. Winestock Jr., $115,000.

Lake Park Dr., 6510, No. 1K-Tawanna F. Martin to Charles R. Woods and Romaine V. Reid, $200,000.

Mandan Rd., 8015, No. 533-Avana Properties Corp. to Macouta Ndiaye, $159,000.

Village Park Dr., 6712-Beach Capital Partners Corp. to Delores Sylvilla Smith, $315,000.


Garfield St., 4504-Robert E. Jagger and Julia C. Paajanen to Bryan L. Close and Candace D. Gibson, $410,000.

Longfellow St., 4210-Jeffrey F. and Kimberly C. Malcolm to Jennifer M. Beddor and Dominick M. Dale, $476,000.

40th Pl., 5010-Ivan Saavedra to Jose Rene Rodas, $310,000.


Aerospace Rd., 10200-NVR Inc. to Aaron W. Gruenberge and Kaitlyn E. Annunziata, $413,665.

Broom Lane, 10324-Jasmin Mastalic and Mersija Becirovic to Bionca U. McClure, $277,500.

Dellwood Ave., 7831-Adrian M. Gaskin to Yimmi A. Ventura, $247,000.

Geaton Park Pl., 9323-DR Horton Inc. to Elijah Hunter Jr., $435,000.

Heidelburg Rd., 6900-Paul F. Morris and estate of William Blanton Moore Jr. to Evelio Osorio Hernandez, $350,000.

Irvin Ave., 8636-Tracie M. Swann Washington to Estefania Esmeralda Contreras Flores and Alexander Daniel Cruz, $305,000.

Lanham Station Rd., 5503-Jaime Ross Delgado to Samuel A. and Maria O. Alfaro Ascencio, $285,000.

Main St., 6121-Lynwood and Mila Tyler to Jose S. Martinez and Jose H. Ventura, $262,000.

Palamar Terr., 7056-Iniobong Onah to Martin Tchoffo and Catherine C. Magningham Tse, $250,000.

Saint Nicholas Way, 2405-DR Horton Inc. to Lawrence E. and Patricia A. Gyebi, $540,000.

Smithview Pl., 9414-DR Horton Inc. to Christopher E. Beccles, $416,200.

Storch Lane, 7012-Jane Lo Ying Liu and Edward A. Brinker to Jason Jefferson, $260,000.

Trexler Rd., 6842-Yronelys A. Moronta and Nolberto A. Hernandez to Andres Encarnacion Castillo, Olga Lidia Herasme De Encarnacion and Adriana Encarnacion Herasme, $320,000.

Wesley St., 1409-William W. House to Henry W. Padilla, $365,000.

Wood Edge Way, 9817-Timberlake Wood Glen Corp. to Mary Childs and Natasha Lowe, $351,518.


Andean Goose Way, 1013-Nicole McCalla to Nicolas F. Ambomu and Zedeline A. Nedifon, $445,000.

Bar Geese Ct., 13109-Yakubu Babaji to Wilbur and Lisa Ensley, $453,100.

Branch Dr. W., 11400-Nysha Cosom and Joseph Benjamin Moore Jr. to Rashida Mann, $354,000.

Cameron Grove Blvd., 1, No. 304-Yvette Bradbie to Mary A. Simmons and Alethia A. Tucker, $210,000.

Firethorn Ct., 142-David Hathaway to Alex Milla, $178,500.

George Hilleary Terr., 2800-Westphalia Row Partner Corp. to Olubenga Aina, $515,090.

Harry S. Truman Dr., 660-Kwaku Ofori and Jennifer Owusu Effah to Dejanea Tucker, $270,000.

Humberside Way, 15502-Tracy M. Smith to Marie D. Bang and Germain Ngoss, $543,000.

Joyceton Way, 29-Arlene Coleman to Marie Takem Azienwi and Michael Che, $265,000.

Lantana Dr., 2704-Police Federal Credit Union to Kendra and Donnell Young, $467,500.

Moores Plains Blvd., 2814-Westphalia Row Partners Corp. to Andrew O. Amaechi, $419,540.

Nightside Dr., 3001-Charmetra L. Parker to Jose A. Portillo Avala, Rosa I. Rojas and Pastora Contreras, $425,000.

Presidential Golf Dr., 3004-NVR Inc. to James O. and Raushanha Weldon, $473,675.

Saint Johns Pl., 3611-Beverly L. and Thomas Waiters to Yiniz Grey Mendoza Ascencio and Cecilia Elizabeth Canales, $280,000.

Shannock Lane, 13808-NVR Inc. to Anthony and Jessica Clark, $674,420.

Sunningdale Pl., 15531-US Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Kadia Rashaan Givner, $423,600.

Tewkesbury Pl., 15325-Daniel G. Delelegn and Helen B. Drar to Jenna and Isaiah Colbert, $399,900.

Turleygreen Pl., 2128-Mark and Amber Vincent to Nicole Evette Yibass, $375,000.

Wild Wood Ct., 14204-Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Adeleke Yusuf, $651,000.


Arbory Lane S., 7628, No. 333-Sylvia Williams and Darya Smith to Rita P. Nzuwah, $232,000.

Bayshore Dr., 7904, No. 4362-Jarir M. and Vindra R. Saleh to Racquel Miller, $180,000.

Brooklyn Bridge Rd., 6201-Anthony N. and Kathleen M. McKeon to Stephen Jones and Lenore Lewis Ammons, $320,000.

Carroll Ave., 402-Samuel R. Rienstra and Alana K. Bevan to Carlos A. Ramirez and Ruth Esmeralda Funes De Ramirez, $315,000.

Chestnut Ct., 14020-Stanley A. Freeman II to Jaheed Kyle and Krystal Cheri Allen, $276,000.

Dorset Rd., 15929, No. 197-Meikenjar Corp. to Folorunso Ayinla Ogunsanya and Wosilat Ojoye, $203,000.

Haines Ct., 7619-Beatrice Adele Compton to Humberto A. Estrada, $225,000.

Kent Rd., 16012-Muhammad and Faraz Saleem to Jorge A. Angel, Elsa M. Fuentes, Daniel E. Mejia and Veronica Torres, $384,000.

Marmick Pl., 7012-Edgar G. and Lauren E. Silex to Franklin Fabian and Doris A. Ulloa, $400,000.

Millbrook Lane, 15640, No. 31-Luis A. and Ines F. Mendez to Adline S. Cruze and John F. Baroi, $220,000.

Northview Ct., 8250-Kazen Kazemzadeh to Marina E. Nado, $304,000.

Talbott Ave., 887-Adnaan I. and Afsheen A. Shiekh to Maguett M. Garcia and Ramon O. Opio, $259,000.

Woodbine Dr., 7611-Karen Nestle to Hallam H. Overton and Albert M. Bullock, $240,000.

11th St., 304-Prosper Osie Wusu to Jose O. Escalante Azmitia, $265,000.


Ashcroft Dr., 8609-Kwan Nan and Linda Yeh to Rebeccah Anne Waterworth and Jason Lewis Mottern, $425,000.

Creekview Dr., 9329-Jerimiah Sabir to Jerissa G. Lake, $379,000.

Farm Pond Rd., 9826-Patricia L. Brendle to Sean Thomas Smitz and Thanh Kim Ma, $425,000.

Laurelwalk Dr., 11369-Frederick E. Parker to Bryant Senghor, $155,000.

Lawnview Lane, 9216-Scott A. and Margarita L. Declemente to Jeremy and Torry Beaven, $456,500.

Orwood Lane, 8806-Miriam M. Dubrow to Patricia M. Gill, $380,000.


30th St., 4107-Elite DMV Associates Corp. to Anthony Brantley and Robyn Cannon, $450,000.


Cathedral Ave., 8320-Intergrity Professional Contracting to Cesar Jovani and Clara Nelly Reyes, $305,000.

Frederick Rd., 7731-William Camino and estate of Nestor Jesus Camino Sr. to Marlene T. and Florentina Flores, $220,000.

Ingalls Ave., 3718-Flora L.V. Josiah to German Escobar, $240,000.

Monroe St., 5706-Samuel B. and June M. Matics to Ari Lazarus and Brianna January, $305,000.

87th Ave., 5800-Joseph F. Vallario to Terrye, Wesley Kwame M. and Toussaint Kalib Wilbert Rodgers, $353,500.


Abbington Dr., 7305-Jason Paul Frederick to William Fortner, $277,500.

Audrey Lane, 720-Davis Property and Development Corp. to Sherry A. Johnson, $215,000.

Dumfries St., 1116-Jose Cristobal Martinez Mendoza and Gladis Alicia Diaz Garcia to Lashonda Smith, $235,000.

Irvington St., 918-Ali and Farahsad Assayesh to Archie P. Dickerson Jr., $242,500.

Quayside Ct., 709, No. 92-Mas Homes Inc. to Jennifer A.H. and James Michael Suhr, $700,000.

Salisbury Dr., 605-Rushie McKnight Lewis and estate of William James McKnight to Jhonny Montano, $218,000.


Kennedy St., 5802-Lighthouse Assets Corp. to Maria and Lorenzo Peralta, $320,000.

Rhode Island Ave., 6647-SM Waterford Estate Corp. to Nkiruka Ogbuchiekwe and Raymond Mends, $453,100.

Sheridan St., 4516-Gary S. Baker to Mayron Davila and Janice Alvarenga, $360,000.

44th Pl., 6109-William Franklin Kennedy Jr. to Earl F. Parrish Jr., $390,000.

58th Ave., 6118-Jose Elmer Saravia Henriquez to Liliana Gonzalez Merino, $287,000.

67th Ave., 5419-Yaling Zhang to Victoria Guillermina Carbajal, $205,000.


Dupont Ave., 2321-Jack G. and Linda J. Bannister to Allan Arturo Castillo, $345,000.

Homer Ave., 4766-Tom and Michael Joseph to Jessie Joseph, $217,000.

Mckeldin Dr., 6715-Department of Veterans Affairs to Juan R. Cordows, $230,000.

Silver Park Terr., 4006-Juan Carlos Gonzalez to Yvette Wills, $250,000.


Beechwood Dr., 6560, No. 59-Joseph Hoang to Stephanie R. Artis, $180,000.

Chesterfield Dr., 5304-Michael T. and Jean L. Young to Brenda D. Berkley, $309,000.

Dalton St., 4512-Richard and Avette J. Bell to Carlos E. Munoz and Claudia Castillo, $347,700.

Devon Ct., 5603-GMWB Corp. to Wanda Manson, $299,900.

Fairlawn St., 2601-Real Estate Investment Firm MD Corp. to Garfield Powell, $299,900.

Leisure Dr., 4120-John D. and Florence B. Wood to Eda and Michael Brown, $365,000.

Oscar Ct., 5202-Rose M. Sparrow to Mary Tanya and Kia T. Burrell, $275,000.

Sharon Rd., 4612-Raymond Thomas and Jenny M. Norton to Ramon Daniel Moreno, $275,000.

Taft Rd., 5109-Federal National Mortgage Association to Allen Crawford, $257,900.

Westchester Dr., 7010-Damon and Latonia Nelson Caldwell to Princess L. Johnson, $348,000.


Calverton Dr., 3902-Matthew Thomas Nelson to Sarah C. and Justin B. Litke, $675,000.

Forest Hill Dr., 6903-Eric L. and Lyn H. Denna to Michael A. and Roger D. Eastman, $690,000.

Gazette Way, 3511-NVR Inc. to Kelvin Patterson and Mariamn Petrova, $487,385.

Parker House Terr., 5601, No. 414-Juan Guevara to Maria Doris Ayala, $90,000.

Tuckerman St., 4301-Darrell A. and Julie M. Parsons to Jonathan Kirk and Randi Maines Walters, $590,000.

Woodberry St., 4210-Nelly P. and Eric P. Stromquist to Elizabeth J. and Daniel L. Lathrop, $565,000.

39th Pl., 6006-Thomas Garner to Michael James Barrett and Ashley Melissa Howe, $494,000.


Barrington Lane, 13904-Benjamin F. Smith to Natalie G. Robinson, $242,000.

Bortow Ct., 4507-David and Judy Frederick to Bangeng Gideon Sama, $400,000.

Captain Bayne Ct., 4707-Kristin A. Sampson and Kristin A. Morgan to Miceala Enix, $279,999.

Carousel Ct., 12824-Nikki Lagouros to Michael S. Foster, $300,000.

Cheval Lane, 9011-Terrell Adams to Paul M. Dodson, $215,000.

Crain Hwy., 8400-Spike M. Chapman to DeAngelo Purdie, $190,000.

Eastland Cir., 10722-HWR Corp. to Sean Turner, $391,990.

Farnsworth Lane, 13900, No. 4304-Folorunso Ijiti to Abdullah O. Olarunoje, $120,000.

Flying Change Ct., 10714-Toll V Partnership to Felecia McDonald, $422,167.

Gay Dr., 9932-Sadani A. Soudi and Hala H. Younes to Shanelle D. and James E. Jones, $270,000.

Hampshire Hall Ct., 14234, No. 406-Phithizela Ngcobo to Zachary Middleton, $214,500.

Jumping Way, 11020-Toll V Partnership to Roy L. Wright and Tiffani N. Hart, $555,000.

Lariat Way, 10809-Toll V Partnership to Harry Cooper, $417,343.

Lord Sterling Pl., 13725-JP Morgan Chase Bank to Joseph A. Miller, $185,000.

Manor Park Dr., 5509-Mab of WTC Corp. to Oluwatoyin O. Akinsiku and Olawale A. Ojumu, $456,749.

Marlborough Grove, 4918-Strategic Business Investments Corp. to Jennifer J. Sosa, $229,900.

Narrowood Way, 9500-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Shirley Ann Wardell, $360,630.

Perrywood Rd., 7100-Destiny Townsley to Dionne F. Dolphin, $424,000.

Ranch Rd., 4016-Sherida L. Britt to Philip M. and Kelly N. Turner, $420,000.

Risen Star Dr., 9716-Department of Veterans Affairs to Troy C. Brockett and Christine Berry, $394,200.

Strathmore Way, 6008-JLG Investments Corp. to Byron and Mattie Johnson Ross, $672,000.

Sweet Rose Ct., 8711-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Angela Faye and Vincente L. Harlee, $366,260.

Tealbriar Dr., 9602-SM Parkside Corp. to Kianna M. Pinkney, $368,545.

Tealbriar Dr., 9612-SM Parkside Corp. to Monique M. Njinda, $310,030.

Tealbriar Dr., 9622-SM Parkside Corp. to Livon and Shawn Wright, $365,180.

Village Dr. W., 16114-Strategic Business Investments Corp. to Evangeline Michelle and Truman Leon McAllister, $349,900.


Courtside Rd., 3115-Department of Veterans Affairs to Valeeka Johnson, $371,250.

Hall Rd., 15407-James M. and Ruth C. Myer to Matthew Tyler and Kelly Dunning, $203,000.

Lady Grove Rd., 2617-DR Horton Inc. to Selamawit Ketema and Biniam Demmelash, $544,900.

Peach Blossom Ct., 1711-Jolynn C. Khan to Indria Burrows, $332,500.

Saint Gregory Ct., 13001-Bank of America to Necole Michele Parker, $667,500.

Spencer Ct., 10418-Philip M. and Kelly N. Turner to Ronald Prince and Fatima Harvey, $300,000.

Tulson Lane, 2316-Diderot and Nicole Lachelle Camp Alerte to Victoria U. Nwaiwu, $485,000.