These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Admiral Ridge Rd., 2601-Ronnie Junior Burgess to Johana Marie Allen, $489,000.

Breann Ct., 18109-Bank of America to Prakash Sankurathri, $306,177.

Farmington Rd. W., 16-U.S. Bank and Nationstar Mortgage Corp. to Wayne Wiggins and Darlene Snowball, $401,100.

Holly Way, 16812-Barbara Grant and estate of Eva B. Grant to Israel Feliciano Cruz, $230,000.


Metzerott Rd., 1830, No. 206-Nurul Chowdhury to Michael and Michael Terrence Paige, $103,000.

Wooded Way, 2002-Maxwell S. and Seble M. Cromwell to Virginia Guadalupe Gomez, Roberto Mondragon and Luis Emilio Wilson, $419,000.


Belmar Ct., 7506-David M. and Erica Jackson Green to Fidel Angel Villacorta Ramirez, Kelvin Steven Villacorta and Jenny Xiomara Lopez Moreira, $476,000.

Brickyard Blvd., 12817-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Robin Lee Fish and Carole Delion, $477,932.

Cherry Hill Rd., 11220, No. 250-Darshan Vijay Enterprises Corp. to Abraham Elias Vicente Escobar, Yolanda Vasquez Lopez and Angelica Yolanda Vasquez Lopez, $140,000.

Major Denton Dr., 3318-Lloyd George Kelly to Nadine Davis, $230,000.

Wicomico Ave., 4901-Cecil F. and Bonnie S. Adams to Felix R. Beltran, Oscar U. Castro and Cecilia A. Benitez, $330,000.


Bermuda Lane, 12706-Matthew B. Brown to Edwin S. Renderos Melendez and Ana E. Reyes De Renderos, $315,000.

Brunswick Lane, 12612-Jeanette Louise Ellisor to Matthew J. and Lindsay M. Vaughan, $395,000.

Chestnut Ave., 8403-Ronald and Marjorie Wilkins to Adetinuke Okusanya, $440,000.

Fletchertown Rd., 12225-Ricardo A. Benn to Samantha Franklin, $344,000.

Idlewild Dr., 13306-Donna O’Neill and estate of Gladys A. Parr to Karmeshia L. Tuck, $349,900.

Lavender Lane, 4207-Charles R. and Lisa M.P. Prandy to Lawrence Olayinka Ogunloye, $331,650.

Mackell Lane, 12120-Kristina F. Schafer and Holly N. Green to Theodore and Carmalita Thomas, $347,200.

Midwood Lane, 12708-Mikel Anthoni and Nicole Angelique Walker to Patricia D. Calito Barrera and Jennifer G. Calito, $227,000.

Mullin Lane, 3518-Anges V. and Mauro Pittaro to Angeles Guzman Vivar and Abel Aviles Martinez, $305,000.

Quoting Poet Ct., 12602-Terra N. Smith and Wislon Vernal Gaillard III to Marcus L. and Lauren R. Jones, $500,000.

Rees Lane, 4909-David and Denise Durham to Angela Williams, $440,000.

Shawmont Lane, 12433-Ronald Ciuffetelli to Bernard C. Howe and Avis A. Henderson, $420,000.

Trinity Dr., 3011-William Frederic and Bonnie T. Smart to Noel Andres and Lourdes Herrera Guzman, $328,000.

Willow Marsh Lane, 12600-Deutsche Bank to Delores Flowers Batts, $700,000.


Andrea Ct., 16400-Wells Fargo Bank to Prakash Sankurathri, $294,600.

Everglade Lane, 15600, No. 202-Carolyn V. Goods Smith to Joseph Aaron Brown, $172,000.

Longleaf Dr., 17113-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Oluwafoyinsayomi and Pelumi Kumoluyi, $390,600.

Noblewood Ct., 2705-Fady A. Eldardiry and Omayma F. Aboudokhan to Karuna Ketan Biswas and Tapati B. Debi, $319,400.

Peach Walker Dr., 15593-Dante and Audrey I. Wright Cipriano to Jessica P. Wong and Robert D. Hanni, $348,000.

Weary Creek Ct., 2600-K&P Holdings Corp. to James A. and Cathy M. Williams, $799,000.


Cheltenham Dr., 9205-Catherine Hawkins to Raymond Strickland, $275,000.

Cross Road Trail, 11108-Roseanne R. Breeden to Carlos M. Herndon, $230,000.

Hampton Farm Lane, 13104-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Marcus W. and Leah C. Hall, $392,000.

Nanjemoy Dr., 7501-Muhammad Amjad to Quintrese Henderson, $539,000.


Quincy St., 3712-Ruben Salazar to Francis O. Dayamba, $450,000.

40th Ave., 3805-Claudia M. and Benjamin S. Blades to Gino and Alexandra Gonzalez Colan, $310,000.


Aquamarine Ct., 6910-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Tracee M. Rhodes and Coley A. Powell, $170,000.

Cindy Lane, 123-Neeknaum Corp. to Jose Nelson Vasquez, $319,000.

Doppler St., 5300-Taneshia R. Lattimore to Sofia Pia Gaggero, $205,000.

Glacier Ave., 1001-JLG Investments Corp. to Brian Goodwin, $310,000.

Halsted Ave., 6216-Kenya Lytar Young to Solomon E. Morris, $330,000.

James Farmer Way, 6705-Hema Investments Corp. to Elias and Christina Clark, $300,000.

Leroy Gorham Dr., 4818-Raul Diaz to Grace Lowe, $239,900.

Yellow Amber Ct., 7002-Chosen Group Corp. to Keith Burns, $277,000.


Angora Dr., 10316-William E. and Carole Anne Songer to Kesean Spruill, $227,000.


Columbia Ave., 1605-Jes International Corp. to Edgar Delgadillo and Maria Christian Aguilar, $295,000.

Courtney Pl., 7512-Pam Deuberry to Johnice J. Earle, $225,000.

Pinebrook Rd., 2806-SM Landover Corp. to Robert P. Alejnikov and Stacey A. Mescall, $351,715.


Boniwood Turn E., 5515-Jacqueline L. Harris to Evita P. Jones, $255,000.

Button Bush Ct., 8105-Machelle Y. Robinson to Evetta Harrington, $389,000.

Glynis Rd., 12914-Goldnest Properties Corp. to Shehryar Kiani and Geraldi M. De Razo Escalona, $310,000.

Hardesty Dr., 8829-Curtis Napper to Tiffany D. Falden, $274,000.

Lunan Rd., 12708-Angela N. French Bell to Curtis Robinson, $249,990.

Piscataway Landing Dr., 12706-Wilmington Trust Co. to Matthew Alejandro, $380,100.

Royal Fern Ct., 7930-DMV Real Estate Investement Group Corp. to Kenlinishia Tyler and Terri Vincent, $395,000.

Tinkers Creek Pl., 5107-Stephen R. and Sylvia T. Green to Robert Heard Jr., $400,000.

Wolverton Lane, 6215-Serrano Homes Corp. to Allen L. Hall and Nona R. Shephard, $310,000.


Bryn Mawr Rd., 5926-Yaris U. Reyes Carbajal to Peter N. and Alice S. Gardner, $375,000.

Fox St., 5017-Ana C. Alonso and Henry A. Yoder to Jane W. Bergwin Rand and James McLaren, $285,000.

Pontiac St., 5705-Luke J. and Ann A. Rum Burton to Stephen E. and Irene D. Rice, $320,000.

Westchester Park Dr., 6216, No. 401A-Chewei Liu to Eric L. Dong and Junlan Zhao, $203,000.

52nd Ave., 9635-Kendri Alexander Diaz Perez to Violetta Ann Diamond, $257,000.


Bentonia Ct., 2302-Ella C. Cook Shelton to Sheilah K. Tolson, $252,000.

Diamond Ct., 6920-Anthony Washington II to Kenithia B. Cypress, $250,000.

Fernhill Ct., 1421-Jin Man Kim to Marian Smith, $319,900.

Grafton St., 6507-Jerilyn Payton and estate of Marilyn M. Payton to Latoya N. and John R. Royal, $225,000.

Hil Mar Dr., 6121-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Angela L. Marshall, $170,000.

Malden Lane, 7311-Ferrufino Construction Corp. to Eduardo Martinez Daboud, $240,000.

Oak Glen Way, 2213-Shavon and Lamonte McNeil to Karen Nicole and Martinus Lavonte Thomas, $268,000.

Woodlark Dr., 1207-Paulette N. Copeland Parkinson to Felipe Neri Samayoa Moya and Vianka V. Conde Samayoa, $270,000.


Autumnwood Lane, 11965-Maurice and Charis Aliya Goff to Dwight C. Williams Sr., $365,000.

Bock Rd., 8109-Carlos T. and Melanie B. Navia to Alexander Cosenze and Stephen Sproul, $365,000.

Buchanan Dr., 13412-Department of Veterans Affairs to Trinika Verner, $270,000.

Featherstone Dr., 10710-Unique and Modern Homes Corp. to Maria V. Bright, $435,000.

Grange Hall Ct., 2415-Sheila M. King to Juan Lopez, $210,000.

Hart Rd., 7908-Kathia Fuentes to Hector O. Hernandez, $338,000.

Lampton Lane, 12401-S&S Development & Design Corp. to Arturo Arauzo and Edelmira Larranaga Minaya, $345,000.

Marina Ct., 9903-Paramount Investments Corp. to Marie Anne Reburiano, $319,900.

Palmer Rd., 1800, No. 113-Donesia M. Morris to Elsie C. Castrence, $215,000.

Potomac Heights Dr., 1526, No. 201-Camille Lewis Chesley to Marian Elizabeth Winters, $115,000.

Rhame Dr., 13201-Edwin Thomas and Shawna Lee Benken to Ella Cook, $365,000.

Rose Valley Dr., 2904-Herme R. and Alice M. Norman to Isaac Arturo Ramirez and Leidy Rachel Tenas Sanchez, $275,000.

Trafalgar Dr., 2008-Justin Beasley and Rebecca K. Cunningham to Jose R. Martinez Diaz, Wendy L. Galves and Lorena Galves Orellana, $314,000.


Diamond Ct., 11604-Bayview Loan Servicing Corp. to Tiffany E. Essex, $260,000.


Hanover Pkwy., 7702, No. 21-William A. Weiss and Xin Tao to Karen A. Crawford, $175,000.

Ora Ct. S., 7253-Michael I. and Wendy B. Brown to Michael L. Egharevba, $311,900.


Decatur Pl., 5610-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. and Select Portfolio Servicing Inc. to Donal F. Galeano Arriaza, $210,000.

Hamilton St., 5601-William and Samantha Jo Sander to Juan Manuel and Eloisa Violeta Sagastizado, $305,000.

Oglethorpe St., 4410, No. 102-Nareshkumar R. and Parul N. Shah to Floridalma Flores Velasquez, $98,500.

42nd Pl., 5201-Christopher Mullen to Arthur Gerard Busher Jr. and Martina Fornace, $350,000.


Ackerly Terr., 10204-Appraisal Continent Inc. to Santos Hernandez Flores, $524,000.

Dorsey Lane, 10064-NVR Inc. to Omolara Akintade, $298,050.

Geaton Park Pl., 9307-DR Horton Inc. to Eric Cameron and Abigail Bucher Ness, $435,000.

Longridge Dr., 6723-Department of Veterans Affairs to Josue C. Benitez, $285,000.

Palamar Terr., 7026-Edwine and Acluche Regnis to Mojeed O. Bello, $256,000.

Ruby Lockhart Blvd., 9124-Department of Veterans Affairs to Sennieal D. Crutchfield, $308,000.

Woodstream Lane, 6919-Kwami W. Kwakou to Randy Vazquez and Edith M. Ascencio, $255,000.

96th Pl., 6702-Jose Vicente and Gelbin U. Reyes to Jose M. Morales Diaz and Rene A. Pacheco, $334,000.


Blue Wing Terr., 1211-Otis Wilson to Kimberlyn D. Trice, $330,000.

Cedar Crest Way, 9707-Odochukwu C. Eze and Ferdinand Ugude to Mosunmola A. Peoples, $385,000.

Cousins Dr., 3635-Vicky Best to Charles Abessoh and Evelyn Asaha Asongu Epse Forchenmbin, $300,000.

Etna Dr., 312-William M. and Charlene Jerome Ellison to Alexander Segilola and Mukibat Abayomi, $290,000.

Graiden St., 106-Shelby J. and Jerry L. Taylor to Tiffany C. and Gail A. Blake, $355,000.

Lynnville Terr., 14806-Toll XI Partnership to Khary A. and Melissa N. Davis, $937,003.

Nene Goose Ct., 1002-Eric P. and Fani D. Ingram to Charluna Ndejieh Ndileba, $515,000.

Open View Lane, 12318, No. 1010-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Christiana Trust to Barook Harris, $221,000.

Prince Pl., 10129, No. 103-12-Danny Noonan Corp. to Roseline O. Jongbo, $90,000.

Tewkesbury Pl., 15316-Alejandro Fasce to Monique Miller and Andre Clarke, $385,000.

Whistling Duck Dr., 1718-Robert J. Smith to Isiah Harris Jr., $325,000.


Belle Chasse Blvd., 13601, No. 316-Renee B. Bugeja to Priscilla Chatman, $260,000.

Chapel Cove Dr., 8024-Steven E. Simmons to Stanley Gorzelnik, $299,900.

Cypress St., 7742-Allen J. Leavens to Daniel R. Sherman, $280,000.

Jerald Rd., 16022-Tonya N. Banks to Florence Zalwango Semakula, $375,000.

Londonderry Ct., 8226-Vincent A. and Anthonia U. Udemba to Ashley and Jonathan Yancey, $290,000.

Pinehill St., 8109-O&P Realty Corp. to Ruby Henderson and Ania A. Prosper Johnson, $355,000.

Vista Dr., 14003, No. 36-Bernice P. Hawkins to Sherri Y. Jones Jefferson, $115,000.


Amblewood Dr., 12004-Jason S. and Kaitlyn V. Keller to Wesley D. and Polly D. Hale, $387,500.

Cherry Lane, 9252, No. 12-Nancy L. Shiplett to Robert S. and John R. Crow, $145,000.

Laurelwalk Dr., 11390, No. 56-Amilcar A. Palacios Cuellar to Ashlee Walker, $220,000.

Trevino Terr., 9455, No. 87-Mohammad J. Zaidi to Irene Aihie, $230,000.


32nd St., 4010-Rashida Edmondson to Andrew Joseph Valent and Sarah Ann Larosa, $399,000.


Fairborn Terr., 6460-Mavis M. Bravo to Victor Hugo Giron Vicente, $320,000.

66th Ave., 4905-Marylinn Felker and William F. Winter III to Rosa E. and Roberto Ramirez, $145,000.


Deal Dr., 5212-Asm2 Corp. to Guillermo A. Escobar Calderon and Jose D. Bermudez Cortez, $246,000.

Riverhaven Dr., 145, No. 248-NH Haven Residential Corp. and NH Haven Apartments Corp. to Jacqueline M. Woods, $349,900.

Sumner Lane, 5908-Wadiyah Sahrief Salahuddin to Mercedes Rosales Andrade, $200,000.


Cleveland Ave., 5803-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Jonathan V. and Elizabeth R. Zuck, $369,900.

Oglethorpe St., 5021-Linda A. Verrill and Brian K. Shoemaker to Sidney and Najeel McKelvey, $305,000.

67th Ave., 5634-Kimberly E. Crosby to Edith L. Flores and Jose D. Mendez, $228,000.


Hartfield Ave., 5424-Marcus Omar Sabada Gaines and Shaquinta Jamilla Gaines to Jennifer M. Drew, $290,000.

Lakewood St., 2320-Joseph Dergham to Calvin Walls, $220,000.

Pickett Dr., 6810-Laurence R. Eul to Charles E. Lynch, $235,000.

Saint Barnabas Rd., 3851, No. T201-NASA Federal Credit Union to Alma Patricia Rivera Mayen, $85,000.

Swann Rd., 3817, No. 301-Century Properties Corp. to William Ray Caudill, $105,000.


Brinkley Station Dr., 3130-Dorothea Walls to Chavon F. Thompson, $261,700.

Huntley Square Dr., 3352, No. A1-Rania Challan to Kamleshkumar R. Patel, $80,000.

Keating St., 2715-Bear Development Inc. to Andrew Benbow, $253,900.

28th Ave., 4115-Gaetano and Paola N. Gervasi to Anthony Van Scott, $230,000.


Jefferson St., 1303-Joseph R. and Susan D. Burge to Charles F. Doolittle, $420,000.

Journal St., 3606-NVR Inc. to Krystina and Adam Alfano, $494,000.

Queens Chapel Rd., 6407-James B. and Rita K. Cook to Tim A. Peterson, $568,000.

Wardman Rd., 2020-1st Choice Home Improvement Services Corp. to Candice C. Gordon, $432,500.

22nd Pl., 6623-Mario R. and Cruz D. Aguilar to Luis and Enrique Antonio Torres Manzano, $340,000.

36th Ave., 6001-David Del Cid to Vicente Vasquez Amaya and Sandra Yanira Cabrera, $283,000.


Bridle Ridge Rd., 4308-Kaozarat and Oluyinke Olabode to Anthony Herman and Latoya Katrice Turner, $465,000.

Carousel Ct., 12833-Geri Gonsalves to Michael M. Kibler, $277,070.

Chancelsors Dr., 3702-NVR Inc. and Ryan Homes to Kirk M. and Jade L. Thompson, $557,530.

Community Square Lane, 8701-Popular Ventures Corp. to Emerald J’Nai Dupree, $297,000.

Eastland Cir., 10805-Mab of WTC Corp. to Pedro A. Medina Jr. and Christina J. Morris, $425,000.

Fairhaven Ave., 9434-Chariti Corp. to Alexander Samuel and Amanda Eve Landis Arena, $345,000.

Forest Pines Dr., 4722-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Adewunmi T. Okupe, $390,000.

Glover Park Dr., 5410-NVR Inc. to Kesha S. and Jasmine Y. Mitchell, $359,280.

Hampshire Hall Ct., 14209, No. 505-Bank Fund Staff Federal Credit Union to Aisha Danielle Nins, $166,500.

Lord Marlborough Pl., 14022-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Curtis L. Taylor II, $80,500.

Mattaponi Rd., 10851-Donald R. Garstang Sr. and estate of Diana J. Richards to Laura Johnson, $270,000.

Old Largo Rd., 3106-Amaryllis Lee Bruno to Shubhankar Sanyal and Elizabeth Chaisson, $340,000.

Ranch Rd., 4019-Aneeta and Khristopher Yodichkas to Todd Henderson and Bridgette Washington, $455,000.

Sir Edwards Dr., 15501-Richard and Crystal Chandler to Ashelyn Q. and Kristopher M. Mack, $500,000.

Timberline Dr., 10602-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Ashley Shelton, $218,000.


Ayden Ct., 4001-Wilfred C. and Melissa M. Leeling to Sharon D. Green, $385,000.

Dahlia Dr., 14903-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Premium Mortgage Acquisition Trust to Jose E. Fabian, Denise I. Chico and Jose M. Fabian, $690,750.

Lake Shore Dr., 1039-Tina D. Bennett and estate of Ida C. Dillard to Kimberly Bowser, $290,000.

Old York Rd., 11102-U.S. Bank to Michael A. Mentonga, $467,250.

Saint Michaels Dr., 901-Jennifer A. Jones to Lavelle N. Calhoun, $235,000.