These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in August 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Auburn Rd. W., 14911-Nathan E. and Laurie Shannon Lyon to Robert E. Jagger II and Julia C. Paajanen, $490,000.

Cactus Hill Rd., 14607-Maureen P. Cronley to Karen M. Silhol and Matthew J. Bell, $400,000.

Farmington Rd. W., 753-Cervon A. Benitez to Marguerite M. Williams, $345,000.

Wendells Lane, 3201-Department of Veterans Affairs to Timothy and Danielle McLean, $410,000.


Deakins Hall Dr., 10219-Wilber and Terina Garcia to Elliot Jarret Reves and Jonathan A. Cruz, $335,000.

Hannon St., 2007-Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc. to Paula Flores and Porfirio L. Hernandez, $285,000.

Rutgers St., 3408-Rebecca A. Cagle to Matthew Barnes and Christina Holowinsky, $337,900.

Eighth Pl., 6603-the Bank of New York Mellon and the Bank of New York to Pobitra Denis D’Rozario and Ratna Veronica Rozario, $265,650.


Beltsville Dr., 12032-Paul D. and Linda Marie Windsor to Fnu Anil Kumar and Fnu Manju Bala, $260,000.

Calico Rock Lndg Rd., 7320-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Tita Gray, $345,780.

Fallston Ave., 3130-Phillip Warren and Patricia H. Kane to Phu Vo and Thuy Bui, $380,000.

Montgomery Rd., 11416-Michael A. Barkett and Jennifer A. Galvin to Harrison W. Cox, $485,000.


Aberdeens Folly Ct., 14001-NVR Inc. to Edward T. Wilson Jr., $579,000.

Birchmere Terr., 5121-Vin Investments Corp. to Douglas and Paula Compton, $600,000.

Brunswick Lane, 12700-Breakers Home Improvement Inc. to Jasper Tucker III, $315,000.

Clover Hill Terr., 14512-Craig M. and Patricia Ryan to Eric F. Roche and Shannon K. Moore, $485,000.

Foxhill Lane, 12101-Albert A. and Rose M. Toth to Guender A. Diaz and Jennifer Selena Lopez, $345,000.

Kembridge Dr., 12707-Jamie L. Vavra to Kamnai and Samnang Suon, $350,000.

London Lane, 14781-Michael P. O’Neill to Temitope A. and Adefunke Adeshina, $251,000.

Madeley Lane, 12511-Richard W. Hennen to Matthew R. Kendrick, $370,000.

Millstream Dr., 12303-Natalie B. and Joshua A. Maisel to Christopher T. and Kashmiere M. Apollon, $340,000.

Myrtle Ave., 8205-Mark D. and Lori M. Jones to Ruth A. and Janice Lynn Clements, $402,000.

Quarterback Ct., 12332-Michele C. Bartley to Stephanie McWhirter, $350,000.

Ridge Farm Ct., 14901-Sadruddin Bangurah to Akinola F. Fashina and Luli R. Akinfiresoye, $509,900.

Sudberry Lane, 2803-Linda Ellinger Wells to Tyrone Saleem Umrani, $285,700.

Truths Promise Ct., 12706-Bank of America to Valerie A. Douglas and Kristal E. Roache, $448,875.

Woodlands Reach Dr., 4409-NVR Inc. to Jeffrey Soriaga and Tristina Mallard, $680,404.


Ann Arbor Lane, 2519-Ram G. and Taro Gehani to Wayne and Farah Rollock, $358,000.

Edenwood Dr., 16141-Serrita Rubino Anderson to Meredith Rowe, $290,000.

Emperor Ct., 3518-Shelly Dolford to Walter Thornton, $270,000.

Everglade Lane, 15606, No. C-102-Jessica Bryant to Shannon M. Thompson, $188,000.

Nebraska Lane, 15017-Susan E. Gonzalez to Juan Ortega Baltazar and Gustavo Rocha, $319,900.

Northcote Lane, 15014-Eugene D. Welch to Juan D. Rodriguez, $339,900.

Penfield Lane, 2221-Afsoon Khadjenouri to Robert E. Thomas Jr., $370,000.


Danville Rd., 3602-Triangle Homes Corp. to Sandra Sanchez and Kevin Spivey, $529,900.

Kathleen Lane, 14503-Carlos and Annette E. Richards to Donna Y. Unter, $400,000.

Owens Way, 8015-Victor M. and Bernice Reece to Quincy and Aja Green, $442,000.


40th Pl., 4306-SJE International Corp. to Griselda Flores Zavala, $295,000.


Abel Ave., 938-Bonnica McAllister to Samantha King, $240,000.

Clovis Ave., 606-Evangelical Church Rivers of Living Water to Madea Allen, $240,000.

Gladstone Way, 5781-Hermon and Stella E. Blount to Kendeedra L. Morgan, $197,500.

Jefferson Heights Dr., 5800-Demetrous E. and Rashanda D. Sanders to Mario B. Ramos Guzman, $241,000.

Malachite Pl., 6936-Marcie Patrice Pegram to Pierre and Jasmine Harris Thompson, $250,000.

Quo Ave., 1129-Horizon By SSA Corp. to Andrew Howard Benjamin, $285,000.

Urn St., 4109-Cherno More Corp. to Maria A. King and Bernave C. Bueno, $275,000.


Columbia Ave., 1922-Izetta Warner to Martin R. Youmans, $305,000.

Dunbar Ave., 8409-Carlos I. Guevara Campos to Olaide O. Ogbe, $325,000.

Fiji Ave., 1112-Steven D. and Michelle L. Walker to Steven Tuan Pham, $321,000.

Greenleaf Rd., 7901-Wilfredo Ramirez Munoz to Margarita Arenivar, $214,900.

Lacewood Terr., 803, No. 2-Angela T. Simmons to Kieara M. Burnette, $209,900.

Nalley Ct., 7722-DSDJ Properties Inc. to Nekesa R. Matlock, $229,900.

Post Oak Way, 8702-Rental AA Homes Corp. to Christina Miracle Bailey, $294,000.


Accolade Terr., 11402-Jean Noel and Nywade Davis to Ronald Bookhart, $415,000.

Boniwood Turn E., 5794-Arlene McMichael to Christopher Michael Ford, $250,000.

Caldran Dr., 9311-Janice C. Orie and Casper L. Cooper Jr. to Luis Alonzo Reyes and Jennifer Motta, $330,000.

Dangerfield Pl., 9002-Tifani L. Garris to Nathaniel Perry Jr., $355,000.

Helmsley Dr., 8908-James John Cox to Kenton Wengle Charles, $449,880.

Marwood Dr., 7900-Tracy J. Gavins to Shalonda and Gary Smith, $333,000.

Simmons Lane, 6416-ISA Investments Corp. to Richard M. and Rebecca Paull, $342,000.

Townsend Lane, 8900-Family Heritage Corp. to Jose R. Hernandez Garcia, $285,000.

Wooden Bridge Lane, 10204-Ying Zhi Xie and Xing Zhu to Avery L. Bowden, $375,000.


Chestnut Hill Rd., 5806-Robert C. Pizzano and Donna J. Forbes to Joan C. Bishop and Christopher David Brown, $385,000.

Harvard Rd., 4812-PCBC CP Housing Corp. to Daniel R. and Beverly S. Zook, $445,000.

Rhode Island Ave., 9321-Dwight S. and Naomi A. Spencer to Michael Nasser Zolfaghari, $324,000.

51st Ave., 9807-Laurel Keith and Yvonne M. Crowther to Erhlean Ho and Juj Len Wang, $298,025.

57th Ave., 8430-Michael J. Egnoto to Kendall Ryan Williams, $349,900.


Blue Holly Ct., 6930-Camilla G. Fleming to Teressa Godley Chase, $257,900.

Donnell Pl., 7312, No. C6-Kathy L. Lopez to Melvin Lovejones, $91,000.

Forest Park Dr., 1744-Lucky Streak Properties Corp. to Ruth Lasisi, $245,000.

Hil Mar Dr., 6305, No. 2-11-Diane D. Debnam to Chris St. Remy, $94,000.

Parkland Dr., 2914-Sharon L. and Shelton Johnson to Alecia Barkoy and Cleon R. Beharie, $235,000.

Seton Way, 2216-DC Metro Investments Group Corp. to Kiviette Gray, $267,000.

Walters Lane, 3420-Gusmer Herbas to Hunter Bales and Corey Leigh Latta, $255,000.


Aragona Blvd., 1607-Christopher M. Powell to Remy B. and Brittany Ganye, $395,000.

Battersea Ct., 10900-Conell Jones to Nicole L. Garner, $460,000.

Calvert Lane, 703-Armando Garcia to Erik I. Salazar, $295,000.

Flintlock Ct., 1004-John R. Stone to Venancio R. and Chidinma E. Biela, $376,000.

Grasmere Ct., 8796-Masuma Basheer to Curtis L. and Melody Miles Haynes, $149,000.

Hempstead Dr., 2918-Richard E. and Betty J. Shaffer to Douglas O. and Virginia V. Hardy, $269,900.

Joselle Ct., 8201-Angela Jeanette Tilghman to Pedro Pablo Espejo Guilarte, Miriam Amparo Espejo and Josselin R. Celis, $416,000.

Loch Carron Cir., 12301-Terence Crosby and Christina Moody to Athina Dalamaras, $388,000.

Monroe Ave., 13100-Daniel Cervantes to Jose Mauro Baires, $270,000.

Potomac Ridge Dr., 401-Daniel P. and Megan Anne K. Gelston to Eric Manuel Balmir, $610,000.

Rhodesia Ave., 1736-Maria O. Blanco to Rimer Guevara Copa and Rocio Rodriguez Soto, $364,500.

Rose Valley Dr., 3006-Jaime Johanna Cousins to Maria E. Lopez Montalvo, $260,000.

Targon Ct., 6240-Gary L. and Greta L. Thomas to Henry Vasquez Lopez, $212,000.

Wedgewood Pl., 9615-Idongesit Ibok Asua to Alvaro and Sandra I. Amaya, $319,000.


Old Chapel Rd., 12500-Maria L. Marr to Adrian Hameed and Rassjon and Aliyah Epps, $450,000.


Hanover Pkwy., 7732, No. 246-King Zhang to Josetta Williams and Ruby Jackson, $163,900.

Miner St., 8122-NVR Inc. to Kenitra Fokwa and Maisonobe Fokwa Kengne, $458,375.

Stream Bank Lane, 5335-Shana and Alvin Durant to Yibing Tao and Yining Chen, $475,000.


Kennedy St., 4001-Steven Hill and Bei Hai to Gayle Mauser and Nicholas Leonardi, $516,000.

Oliver St., 4407-Suat Celik to Christina Manning and Timothy Weatherhead, $405,000.

44th Ave., 5608-Melissa Saintil and Woodley Desir to Brian De Nicola, $455,000.


Belva Pl., 5502-Estelle G. Kirk and Deborah L. Igal to Jose A. Morales Torres and Neri Martinez, $208,000.

Dorsey Lane, 10068-NVR Inc. to Remel and Emmanuel Roberts, $368,680.

Geaton Park Pl., 9309-DR Horton Inc. to Misty Conrad and Antonio Lovett, $364,990.

Hilton Hill Dr., 8928-Christopher J. Rogers to Brima Conteh, $338,500.

Mueserbush Ct., 2815-Erica Woodard to Octavia C. Singleton, $205,000.

Standifer Pl., 2502-DR Horton Inc. to Karmala C. Brunson, $606,859.


Aden Ct., 308-U.S. Bank National Association to Cynthia Mercado, $343,875.

Bowers Ct., 14806-Toll XI Partnership to Kolawole S. and Barbara L. Oloniyo, $758,472.

Dunloring Dr., 11584-Sybil A. Cooke Barnes to Collette M. Tsedze, $268,000.

Haack Pl., 723-Aida D. and Armando C. Syfu to Ideye B. and Vivian A. Egbuanran, $365,000.

Joyceton Dr., 11541-Jessica Garrett to Twanda L. Young, $173,900.

Kettering Dr. W., 10803-Residential Value Corp. to Agnitey L. and Meheza A. Agbodjan Prince, $326,000.

Mary Bowie Pkwy., 14801-Toll XI Partnership to Terry and Danielle Hunter, $937,550.

New Pointe Dr., 9911-NVR Inc. to Moyo O. and Gboyega O. Adeniyi, $348,169.

Parev Way, 706-Chanel J. McGuire to Ernest Frederick and Yolanda Marie Hill, $325,000.

Sebago Ct., 10910-Brian B. and Janiece L. Scott Bedell to James K. Allrich, $380,000.

Tibberton Terr., 15711-Yichi Zhang to Kolade Adedayo Familoni, $380,000.

Wild Wood Ct., 14203-Jeffrey A. Johnson to Xanthius Terranika and Derrick Anthony Williams, $659,900.


Bonnett Lane, 14427-JP Morgan Mortgage Acquistion Corp. to Shagufta Master, $253,900.

Cypress St., 8403-Juan A. Flores to Fatima C. and Fredis E. Lara, $350,000.

Justin Way, 14007B-BWW Law Group Corp. and Federal National Mortgage Association to Jihan Bryan, $179,000.

Millbrook Lane, 15643, No. 16-Mohammad Harunar Rashid to Iqbal Hossain and Shilpe Akter, $170,000.

Plaid Dr., 15509-Mercedes A. Reyes and Escobar Cruz to Jose M. Aguilera, $275,000.


Dove Cir., 12135-Sean M. and Shelley Sandmaier to Bonnie Beckford, $220,000.

Laurelwalk Dr., 11488, No. 83-Happiness Is Today Corp. to Eriel Jeffery, $203,000.

Point Lane N., 13110-Jhalak S. and Sandeep B. Mehta to Kennedy L. and Niqui D. Clark, $390,000.

Vanfleet Ct., 9207-Pacific Union Financial Corp. to Kenneth Harmon Ness, $232,000.


34th St., 4017-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Premium Mortgage Acquisition Trust to Jennifer Lee Pera, $365,000.


Quincy St., 6916-Adelso I. Morales Rosales and Maria E. Posada to Jorge Velazquez Ortiz and Irma E. Menjivar De Velazquez, $290,000.

68th Ave., 4709-Skyton Holdings Corp. to Herbert S. Santos Archila and Wendy Carolina Monterrosa, $320,000.


Deep Gorge Ct., 1414-Aisha Development Corp. to Deneen L. Pratt, $258,000.

Potomac Psge., 155, No. PH03-James D. Kim to Felton Magee Jr., $480,000.

Rosecroft Village Cir. E., 2435-Monique D. Watson to Alejandro Flores, $215,000.


Roanoke Ave., 5925-Marilyn J. Smith and David L. Proctor to Sean P. Skinner, $350,000.

60th Ave., 5602-Shelley M. Rawlings and estate of Olga F. Broderick to Oscar A. Torres and Gilma G. Portillo De Torres, $207,000.


Hartfield Ave., 5522-Dale S. and Mariette E. Sanders to Omolara K. Oyegunle, $322,000.

Walls Lane, 3814-Darnita S. Campbell to Keyawnia Steed, $223,500.


Buckingham Ct., 5503-Michelle L. Bringas and Reynaldo Medina to Lakisha Bryant, $300,000.

Dixon St., 3517-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Maria A. Skobeieva and Pavel Jiltsov, $170,000.

Henderson Rd., 4522-Testude Properties Corp. to Adesina Mercer, $225,000.

Leisure Dr., 3911-C & C Design and Remodeling Corp. to Robert L. Conyer, $388,500.

Olson St., 2200-HSBC Bank USA National Association to Jessica Melany Soto, $150,000.

Shopton Dr., 5005-Patricia L. Murphy to Hubert Randolph and Dusty Sheila Hunter, $320,000.

Tolson Rd., 5415-Rebecca Rolbert O’Neal and Vance and Muriel Oehme to Justin and Shawanesh Underwood, $382,000.

25th Ave., 3300-Wilder and Cinthia Soto to Kevin Glover Sr., $289,999.


Journal St., 3608-NVR Inc. to Leonides Gonzalez Mateo, $483,505.

Woodberry St., 4330-Afram J. and Margery Afram to Ludmilla Kolokolova, $495,000.

29th Ave., 5611-U. S. Bank National Association to Phirin and Sreya Tann and Sisavda Sar, $237,500.

37th Ave., 5703-Stephen C. Newbold and Michelle A. Timmer to Brian L. and Alexis Banks, $452,500.


Baskerville Pl., 8714-Charlene J. Sutton and estate of Tammara L. Sutton to Frederick Dinatis and Shenetha Delores Hancock, $323,000.

Brooke Lane, 12502-Joseph W. and Helen Milby to Darren Barnes and Kathy Ade, $775,000.

Carousel Ct., 12838-Sandra M. Jones to Chidinma Adaugo Iffagwu, $265,000.

Croom Rd., 10508-Scott M. Hertzberg and Tanya S. Tolchin to Jose Domingo Gomez and Jorge Vitelio Vanegas, $350,000.

Eastland Cir., 10814-Mab of WTC Corp. to Leon and Sharon R. Etherly, $453,364.

Glover Park Dr., 5402-NVR Inc. to Melissa Murphy, $320,687.

Glover Park Dr., 5412-NVR Inc. to Diamond Womack, $342,832.

Hollaway Dr., 10711-TWZ Properties Inc. to Brenda A. Browne, $270,000.

Marlboro Ridge Rd., 11307-Toll V Partnership to Al and Denisse Williams, $671,002.

Meadow Rue Terr., 7109-Sandra A. Thomas to Brianna L. Skinner, $480,000.

Palomino Xing., 4606-Anthony and Dianne Taylor to Norma F. Ruffin, $920,000.

Richmond Run, 3802-SM Parkside Corp. to Kwanzaa N. Nivens, $399,950.

Spring Water Lane, 10303-Lawrence T. Ford to Consuela Lee Ginn and R. Demetrius Johnson, $410,000.

Town Center Way, 12615-Anthony Washington III to John Romero III, $255,000.


Barrington Ct., 1927-Charlene T. Wade to Nana Bamfo and Jerika Easterling, $295,000.

Daventry Ct., 1212-Home Rescues Corp. to Styves and Tiffani S. Manigat, $519,900.

Forest Lake Terr., 10407-Yvonne J. Cypress and estate of Loretta Butts to Ahamed and Aminata Kamara, $415,000.

Kingsview St., 12405-Glenville E. Lowe to Clement Gervais Tiani and Ninon Teudjeu Tchouwa, $345,000.

Peachtree Lane, 1709-Abigale Bruce Watson and Peggy A. Martin to Nathaniel and Bridgette Blue Laney, $400,145.

Spanish Bay Ct., 1705-Paul J. and Delois B. Gist to Laronn W. Barnette, $425,000.