These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in September 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Carlee Ct., 15702-Joseph W. Curtain to Paulette Waiters, $504,700.

Manning Rd. W., 15901-Steve N. and Sonya L. Vathes to Ralph P. Miller, $299,900.

Mockernut Ct., 16907-Lansana B. and Fatoumata Kamara to Frank A. and Monique M. Page, $515,000.

Tianna Way, 3311-Joshua A. and Danielle L. Foye to Brandi M. Watts, $319,000.


Edwards Way, 9250, No. 414-B-Brenda K. Rogers to Sadat Ahmed Mahmud and Weynish Abebe Tafesse, $46,000.

Hampshire Dr., 2105-Harriette Goodson Hemby to Astride Y. Kamwang and Kaseka F. Mukendi, $465,000.

Metzerott Rd., 1800, No. A3-Ha Thi Phan to Ken Phuoc Vo, $50,000.

Metzerott Rd., 1836, No. 609-Maria Moratay and Francisco Hernandez to Liping Wang, $75,000.

Pelden Rd., 2009-Aaron S. and Anne E. Bennett to Jamal and Keila Hill Trawick, $377,000.

Riggs Rd., 7967, No. 2-Akrami Real Estate Inc. to Eusebia Ramirez, $80,000.

Somerset Pl., 805-Rayme Studio Homes Corp. to Kelvin Alonzo Diaz and Lucie Camille Vasquez, $410,000.

20th Ave., 8103-Tarekue Z. Kerga and Selam M. Ashebr to Ramon L. and Juan A. Giron, $345,000.


Bay Hill Dr., 13002-Wells Fargo Bank to Ameir Abdeldayem, $388,500.

Broken Bow Ct., 11301-Hilary Hill to Ana M. Martinez and David Ortega, $280,000.

Cherry Hill Rd., 11200, No. 55-Myung Ja and Dong Gill Lee to Ngoc Diem Hi Nguyen and Khoa Dang Le, $140,000.

Cherry Hill Rd., 11310, No. 2-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Rafael De Jesus Liriano, $125,000.

Fleetwood Dr., 10914-Philip Anthony Mariani to Nestor Santiago Hernandez Godinez, $282,000.

Lexington Ave., 4912-Anne F. Moroz and Kathleen E. O’Malley to Pedro E. Abad and Marcos A. Contreras Sosa, $269,900.

Old Gunpowder Road Spur., 12415-Julian B. and Jonathan Carl Bordas to Edwin W. Lazo and Rene B. Flores, $200,000.

Pocono Pl., 3612-Arturo V. Reyes to Paul E. and Abigail S. Rueger, $409,000.

Romlon St., 4407, No. 204-Gila and Jacob Nordman to Maria and Andrea Reyes, $70,000.

Sequoia Terr., 7108-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Modesto De Jesus, $350,000.

Wicomico Ave., 4221-Mamo G. Moses to Mahesh, Sangeeta and Amandeep Singh and Sangeeta Fnu, $360,000.


Red Hawk Terr., 4623-Ovrang R. and Parastue Sohrabi to Zenab M. Abdill, $175,000.

Upshur St., 5106-Oluwatoyin K. Ogunkoya to Suliat Adedayo Adedokun, $270,000.


Alexis Dr., 6515-HSBC Bank USA to Chinedu Agwumezie, $288,000.

Bar Harbor Pl., 4209-Integrity Professional Contracting Corp. to Kendell Faucette, $285,000.

Belair Dr., 2900-Susan Bradley and Stephen Slotterback to April D. Wallace, $352,500.

Buckingham Dr., 12802-Michael D. Mattison to Michael Domaingue, $382,500.

Deepwood Dr., 11451, No. 184B-Steven N. Phillips to Sarah Gilloran, $195,000.

Federal Lane, 2710-Kim E. and Sheila A. Phillips to Christopher M. Butler, $344,900.

Gilbralter Lane, 6203-Dianna G. Kenney to Nichole Seabron, $350,000.

Hatties Progress Dr., 4404-Fattu D. Salia and Sao F. Vandi to Gbessay and Maurice Palmer, $455,000.

Idolstone Lane, 3706-Dorothy Elaine Walker to Valerie L. and John S. Epps, $330,000.

Kembridge Dr., 12402-Shashank Sagar to James D. Dorsett Sr., James D. Dorsett Jr. and Cynthia A. Huff, $270,000.

Kensington Lane, 12503-William A. and Jennifer Burke to Hilaria Bito, $335,000.

Kittery Lane, 2507-Robert F. Abbey Jr. to Tyrone Noel, $350,000.

London Lane, 14727-Rayford Kudzai Mukushi to Bianca C. and Herbert Harrison, $280,000.

Majestic Lane, 3607-Justin T. and Jennifer L. Boquel to Edwin Ramirez and Judith Ferrufino, $375,000.

Marleigh Dr., 12012-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. and Select Portfolio Servicing Inc. to Patricia A. Simmons Drake, $455,000.

Megans Chance Ct., 5601-James Daniel and Ashley Michele White to Imani D. Greene, $482,000.

Millstream Dr., 12637-William F. and Demetress R. Lovett West to Philip Haddix and Erin Ezell, $336,500.

Mullin Lane, 3509-Randall B. and Jeffrey R. Buchanan to Jeremy A. and Jennifer D. Hodges, $365,000.

Oystercatcher Lane, 13201-Larry D. and Eyana Ester to Patricia A. Williams and James L. Butler, $500,000.

Quarterback Ct., 12311-Miriam Hayes to Godwin Madueke, $350,000.

Ridge Chase Ct., 15012-John and Jamie V. McClin to Fidelis K. and Stella D. Ajudua, $520,000.

Saber Lane, 12521-Joanne Isley Sprunk and estate of William C. Isley to Richard M. and Vera Lynn Tupper, $450,000.

Stonybrook Dr., 3001-Ava Properties Corp. to David N. Ostrin, $352,000.

Tanbark Lane, 3008-Lakeview Loan Servicing Corp. to Robert Figliozzi and Robert Gray, $265,000.

Trinity Dr., 3009-Estate of Veronica A. Bath and Patricia Ann Ferrara to Leeann Schott, $290,000.

Vista Gardens Dr., 10424-Carolyn E. and Barry Ernest English to Adenike T. Adeduro, $256,500.

Westview Forest Dr., 14004-Luz D. and Cedet Francois to Antonio and Nicole Johnson, $425,000.

Winchester Lane, 4005-Francisco E. and Martha Ramirez to Arturo G. Cazares Perea, $363,000.

Yorktown Dr., 13419-Brian H. and Catherine A. Kilgore to Kevin M. and Rebekah Kay Coxe, $375,000.


Anthony Way, 15804-Barry F. and Karen A. Sessamen to Damion Andre and Sheba G. Halliburton, $430,000.

Artesian Lane, 2505-David A. Canaday to Lakeisha A. Harvey, $443,000.

Eaves Lane, 3822, No. 134-Community Development Administration to Justin C. Middleton, $236,000.

Everette Dr., 3449-Robert and Omolola Quartey to Oyebanji Adekanbi, $315,000.

Excalibur Ct., 3714, No. 204-Larry A. Poteat Jr. and Ebonique L. Love to Adieba Hijazi, $123,000.

Holiday Lane, 12721-Daniel and Thamar A. Gonzalez Kaufman to Maria Lorna R. and Loreto Parrotina, $330,000.

Nashua Lane, 15016-Mohammad Q. Islam to Wakeya C. Thompson Belt, $315,000.

New Coach Lane, 3109-Sarah E. Haymaker to Nikolaus Jungling and Katherine Higgins, $350,000.

Norwegian Ct., 15512-Prosper Osei Wusu to Brittany D. Broom and Brandon L. Howard, $230,000.

Paisley Lane, 15912-Russell D. Michener to Halimatu Dabor, $349,999.

Patriot Lane, 1310-Jonelle M. Henry to Mark Potrer, $215,000.

Penn Manor Lane, 16211-Robert W. and Evila Elena Patton to Mary F. Davis, $375,200.

Penterra Way, 16202-Sylvia Thornton Peoples to Kadiaton Diallo, $315,000.

Prince Of Wales Ct., 2216-Yvette M. Greenfield to Sarah Mullane, $252,000.


Caliph St., 9305-Tammy Jones Taylor to Willicia N. Ruffin, $429,900.

Grayden Lane, 8137-Pedro C. Jenkins to Billy J. Hill, $374,000.

Lady Lauren Lane, 15204-DR Horton Inc. to Breoni Shanice Cloud, $321,000.

McKay Dr., 6000-Bank of New York Mellon and New Penn Financial Corp. to William Rene Moreira Campos, $210,000.

Rison Dr., 8303-Vladimir Bulkin to Jihan Baptiste, $280,000.

Timothy Rd., 8508-Dawn R. Holland to Susan D. Opalach, $260,000.


Applegarth Pl., 5907-Kodiak Homes Corp. to Francisco Javier Pelayo, $235,000.

Balboa Ave., 707-Kelley Elyce Jones to Yerodin M. and Dana Tiese Lee Sanders, $270,000.

Birchleaf Ave., 407-Joao Manuel and Isabelle M. Pereira to Donte Arnold and Janay Wood, $215,000.

Chapel Oaks Dr., 1206-Residential Value Corp. to Janice D. Hunter, $250,000.

Hastings Dr., 7016-Ripp Corp. to Neurys Perez, $280,000.

Independence St., 7008-Horatio Cannon and estate of Herman Lee Cannon to Demarco Wiggins, $230,000.

Jefferson Heights Dr., 6028-Federal National Mortgage Association to Zarmari Elliott, $198,000.

Karen Blvd., 1321, No. 407-Frandrica West to Rayshad A. Holmes, $127,000.

Leroy Gorham Dr., 4806-Gary C. Evans to Rosa M. and Sulma V. Zacarias Vasquez, $320,000.

Modupeola Way, 6120-Am Development Corp. to Funmilayo Ayinke Abass, $332,000.

Nova Ave., 510-Rhonda D. Lipscomb and estate of Rowena A. Johnson to Luciana Giron Castro and Susanna Giron Gomez, $230,000.

Opus Ave., 613-Seacrest Homes Corp. to James O. and Tanesia Nelson, $244,500.

Possum Ct., 292-Aky Enterprises Corp. to Mark R. Jackson, $255,000.

Seat Pleasant Dr., 6420-Dawne Posey Orr and estate of Mazie Elizabeth Posey to Selina Bland, $193,000.

Shady Glen Terr., 7331-Fourth Dimension Properties Inc. to Pamela Nicole Whitehead, $250,000.

Vine St., 4331-R & D Investment Corp. to Juan A. Hernandez Robles, $270,000.

Walker Mill Rd., 7405-HSR Development Corp. to Moris Gomez, $219,500.


Angora Dr., 10005-U.S. Bank and Lasalle Bank to Harison Fru, $355,000.

Dakin Ct., 10008-Estate of Ruth F. Smith and Joanne F. Matheny to David L. Adams Sr., $258,000.


Belleview Ave., 2330-Hector C. Aguiniga to Julia M. Vore, $260,000.

Burnside Rd., 7725-Realty Homes Services Corp. to Shemeia L. Barnes, $220,000.

Cheverly Ave., 3102-Samuel Axelrod and Wendy Forbes to Patrick Edelin, $391,000.

Country Club Rd., 2701-Santos L. Zelaya and Hector M. Hernandez to Edith and Reina Saavedra, $250,000.

Duvall Ridge Rd., 2722-SM Landover Corp. to Renee Yusuff, $296,195.

Fire House Rd., 2314-Justin Ralston to Kanabe Gao, $216,000.

Forest Rd., 6450-Wells Fargo Bank to Florance Ofori and Esi Sogbo, $350,000.

Gibbs Way, 8408-Kenneth W. Eller to Desmond Jermaine Irivin and Chloe Elaine Barnett, $365,000.

Hillside Terr., 337-Brenda Freeman and Don Q. Sanders to Delani C. Inman, $232,000.

Oregon Ave., 2204-Precision Mortgage Corp. to Dora H. Aguilar Bertran and Glenda Nohemy Sanchez, $300,000.

Pinebrook Rd., 2918-SM Landover Corp. to Joseph Chou, $333,835.

Stoddert Lane, 6905-SM Landover Corp. to Jeffrey and Paul Harmon, $340,495.

Stoddert Lane, 6919-SM Landover Corp. to Illissa Figueroa, $298,120.

Tailgate Terr., 632-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Phillip L. Spigner, $323,420.

59th Pl., 2420-Cornell D. Woods to Jajuan F. Chain, $275,000.


Arbroath Dr., 6004-Phoenix Property Developers Corp. to Tatia Bartee, $350,000.

Brandywine Rd., 11200-Henry J. Williams and Temple L. McCoy to Teresa Scott, $364,000.

Daniel Lane, 8705-Netrealty Corp. to Travounda M. Foster, $295,000.

Eilerson St., 6809-Robette Williams and Leonard Hall to Orin D. Milo, $215,000.

Friendship Rd., 7503-Caliber Homes Loans Inc. to Prakash Sankurathri, $270,177.

Green St., 7905-Ovid Orlind Luke to Demetia M., Tyeisha L. and Meosha Devine, $250,000.

Killarney St., 6704-Ronald D. Steele to Kenneth A. Mills Jr., $295,000.

Mary Beth Blvd., 4605-India C. Malcolm to Richard M. Addison and Jorina Bryant, $395,000.

Natahala Dr., 4505-Karsli Inc. to Latif T. Darden, $354,500.

Pella Pl., 9407-Cindy M. Hill Phillips to Ellis Williams, $297,500.

Ramblewood Ave., 5507-Lisa V. Odom to Gerson E. Rabanales and Fredy Cifuentes, $300,000.

Slocum Ct., 10412-John N. and Gail A. Blake to Ricardo Thorton and Necole Victoria Reed, $290,000.


Amherst Rd., 4510-Pierre D. Boehler to Eugene J. Ferrick and Joann P. Prosser, $400,000.

Bridgewater St., 9130-Michele W. Rubin and Theresa Valadez to Ellen C. Herbst, $415,500.

Duke St., 3520-Grace Hyang and Anthony T. Morkre to Salar Panahiazar, $415,000.

Fordham Rd., 4609-Curtis A. Ruppert and Donna L. Crouse to Eric Sussman and Emily Marthaler, $465,000.

Iroquois St., 5008-Rachel J. and Christopher T. Mannino to Christopher M. Giovanniello and Drew C. Healey, $299,900.

Muskogee St., 4721-Dwight H. Cody to Robert H. Rouse, $372,000.

Potomac Ave., 8410-Gregory L. Altobelli to Ronald and Patrice Kamara Cameau, $500,000.

Seminole St., 5613-Laureen Lynch Ryan to Wade C. and Sara C. Jacobsen, $328,000.

Westchester Park Dr., 6100, No. 1801-Gerald L. Vails to Roslynn R. Patterson, $114,900.

Westchester Park Dr., 6100, No. 9-1209-Amleset G. Kidane to Maria S. Rivera, $131,000.

48th Pl., 9021-Belinda Jane Czerkowicz to Santos Augusto Ceron Cornejo and Daniel A. Reyes Diaz, $255,000.

52nd Ave., 9400-Ryan T. Moore and Karen A. Generose to Caleb F. and Nicole Sieck, $299,000.


Blue Holly Ct., 6944-Jasper L. and Jacqueline Edmonds to Ahmad Jackson, $225,000.

Daniel Dr., 8012-Mildred and John R. Kashmere to Jose Lopez and Gerardo Palacios, $292,000.

Dynasty Dr., 3108-Daniel and Darnell Isiah Lawrence to Marie A. Jeanty, $250,000.

Marbury Ct., 7107-MP Green CHS 12 Corp. to Timika Long, $236,900.

Newkirk Ave., 3108-Shirley M. and Lavette Stokes to Diane and Dionne Brandon, $280,000.

Selkirk Ct., 8200-Joseph L. and Marilyn A. Lassiter to Eliseo De Jesus and Luis F. Mago Gonzalez and Mireya Lopez, $324,000.

Steve Dr., 8110-Jacquelyne B. and John Sims to Wendell Gilbert and Velma Anita White, $320,000.

Sunvalley Terr., 6313-Tisha L. Littleton and estate of Helen A. Littleton to Sory Ibrahim Toure, $233,000.

Wendover Dr., 7216-Steven Bernard Cason and the estate of James P. Cason to James Norwood Royal, $250,000.


Bluffwood Lane, 8800-Karren Jo Pope Onwukwe and Dejaree Bunting Danders to Evelyn Dayana Reyes Manila and Rosa Bertha Manila Broncano, $249,000.

Brierhill Rd., 2006-Ghani Investments Properties Corp. to Robert O. and Helen K. Freeman, $350,000.

Carey Branch Dr., 7913-M & E Realty Corp. to Edgar Y. Cruz, $311,500.

Chandler Dr., 3609-Stephanie Fontenot to Fidelia A. Acevedo, $260,000.

Digges Terr., 13304-Jay Winston Elliott and estate of John W. Elliott to James E. and Ruby M. Thomas, $400,000.

Edgewater Terr., 10034-David Z. and Luiza Paster to Laurent and Ngozi N. Boudias, $589,900.

Flagship Ave., 11706-William N. and Dawn T. Epperson to Monico and Sheila Pascasio, $349,900.

Glen Way, 10107-Denise E. Johnson to Jifeng Lin, $420,000.

Highgate Dr., 6605-Flora D. Lindsay Boston to Carlos A. and Elmer E. Climaco and Cristina D. Diaz, $360,000.

Jaffrey Rd., 7406-Neville A. and Michelle Crockett to Andrew R. Gilbert and Brandy T. Smith, $300,000.

Joselle Ct., 8209-Patricia S. Frelow and Robert Simon Jr. to Kwaku Poku Gyinaye and Dorcas Poku, $400,000.

Kingsway Ct., 3107-Benlee Corp. to Lynn and Roseland M. Dunigan, $368,000.

Lorelei Dr., 1606-Corey Samuel to Michelle A. Turner, $345,000.

Nancy Lane, 9009-Jes International Corp. to Antonie Clark Watson, $278,000.

Old Fort Rd., 13361-Thomas F. Anger to Ladislao Antonio Amaya Gomez, $175,000.

Potomac Heights Dr., 1383, No. 60-Brenda P. Gill to Edgar Diego Sanchez and Cynthia D. Fernandez, $185,000.

Ridgewood Dr., 9102-Marcia E. and Kevin A. Jackson to Paul and Christopher Williams, $230,000.

River Bend Rd., 412-NH Haven Residential Corp. and NH Haven Apartments Corp. to Rowena N. Nelson, $419,900.

Rosier Rd., 705-US Bank to Tibu Cheh, $433,900.

Star Dr. N., 11602-Warren E. McHenry to Leticia Edelmira Galeas, $390,000.

Swan Harbour Cir., 1217-David A. and Marilyn J. Weaver to Eric and Traci Elizabeth Slater Rigaud, $564,000.

Tonga Dr., 2103-Mark A. Smith to Victor and Victoria D. Chavez, $311,500.

Wills Lane, 7731-J. Kelley and James K. White to Rafael A. Parada, $430,000.


King Arthur Way, 5909-Reginald J. and Harsha Hardy to Carlton J. Jordan, $336,700.

Old Prospect Hill Rd., 11406-Sally J. Phillips to Gregory L. Bush and Amanda E. Metzel, $520,000.

Wood Pointe Dr., 6407-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Christiana Trust to Jacqueline A. Ndi, $430,000.


Emilys Way, 7841-Anne C. Sadler to Lorna Salmon, Rose Marie Foster and Marlene Broderick, $295,000.

Greenbelt Rd., 8443, No. 102-Integral Property Group Corp. to Demetria Gaines, $150,000.

Greenbelt Rd., 8675, No. T2-Stan A. Swetnam to Michele J. Dorn, $138,750.

Hanover Pkwy., 6932, No. 202-Gauri Realty Corp. to Brendeline Wanamaker Davis, $117,000.

Hanover Pkwy., 6986, No. 201-Dawn K. Nichols to Amanda and Ethan Suntag, $161,500.

Hanover Pkwy., 7800, No. 255-Viyath Fernando to Corey Bonnette, $135,000.

Lake Park Dr., 6512, No. 2H-Paul S. Wilson to Zachary Thomas Roberts and Alexander Sanyer, $210,000.

Ryan Way, 8101-Angela Jones and Reginald H. Greenwood Jr. to Rhema Hyacinth and Ronald Allan Bjorkland, $375,000.


Edmonston Rd., 4707-Amy Marie Taylor to Jose Isai Torres Martinez and Enrique Torres Martinez, $380,000.

Garfield St., 4517-David M. Finger and Allison M. Moore to Amanda J. Kloos and Alan P. Moore, $440,000.

Kennedy St., 4018-Eric and Traci Slater Rigaud to John D. Straub, $495,000.

Oglethorpe St., 4410, No. 107-Thomas Dant to Amber Oliver, $110,000.

42nd Pl., 4911-Alma Allen to Sarah Christine Leeper and Jesse Walker Belsky, $300,000.

45th Ave., 5733-Quinn B. Wallis and Sarah Smaller Swift to Muhammad Aamir Khan, $432,500.

56th Ave., 5016-Malcolm L. Smith to Zachary Davis, $232,000.


Cawker Ave., 7921-Shelita Lanell Nolen to Candace S. Alphonse, $285,000.

Dubarry Ave., 9409-Amy E. and John D. Forinash to Khabeer Salaam, Cesa Salaam and Kistine Andall, $300,000.

Finns Lane, 7703-Mary Christina Brock to Brima Kamara, $275,000.

Geaton Park Pl., 9313-DR Horton Inc. to Alana K. Futrell, $385,000.

Heidelburg Rd., 6942-Mehran and Shahla Parsee to Lenteen Malcolm, $345,000.

Kinmount Rd., 4538-David Michael Mason to David Gabriel Vargas Carbajal and Matilde A. Carbajal Valdivia, $370,000.

Nashville Rd., 6817-Patricia and Roderick H. Morris to Gregorio Moranchel Flores and Silvia Vazquez Contla, $275,000.

Palamar Terr., 7000-Devin and Nicole Newton to Samuel Sesay and Zainab K. Scollard, $245,000.

Red Oak Lane, 2811-Tammie Howard and estate of Deborah J. Tate to Keyonna A. Howcott, $180,000.

Storch Dr., 10408-Marcia Muirhead to Enobong O. Etuk, $298,000.

Treetop Lane, 10112-Samuel A. Brasel to Tom Yu and Mingji Lu, $415,000.

Wood Edge Way, 9809-Timberlake Wood Glen Corp. to Olanrewaju Ogunsanmi, $379,531.

Woodstream Lane, 6910-Olufemi Adegoke to Mohammed Aslam Khan, $248,500.

Wyatt Dr., 9321-Deborah Franklin to Itziar Ornelas Lopez, $260,000.

75th Ave., 5406-Dani A. Vasquez to Mario A. Castro and Maria E. Romero, $331,000.


Azalea Ct., 143-Elaine Cummings to Gail A. Harris, $180,000.

Berrywood Lane, 2610-Tami Langshaw to Michael Sogunro and Esther Ifeoluwa Odesanya, $276,000.

Blue Wing Terr., 1213-Wells Fargo Bank to Kristina N. Thurston, $246,500.

Buxton Pl., 15804-U.S. Bank National Association to Audrey M. Hogg, $330,750.

Campus Way S., 10179, No. 24-Lajuan B. Whitten to Fine Sylla and Mariam Magassouba, $187,000.

Darcy Rd., 9307-Leroy and Nell H. Person to Juan J. Aguirre and William Peter D. Amico III, $290,000.

Duxbury Dr., 11302-Scott Everett Kelley to Arthur and Fiona Walker, $355,000.

Endicott Pl., 3811-Janelle Taylor Thomas to Charmaine and Kingsley Nwachu, $360,000.

Farnsborough Way, 15204-Olubunmi Ogundadegbe to Abeni and Ellis Ogun, $570,000.

Fox Bow Dr., 13216, No. 405-Pamela M. and Dennis W. Burd to Sheila M. Basey, $216,000.

Green Wing Terr., 15104-Karen M. Ferrell to Bianca A. and John W. Williams, $308,000.

Joyceton Terr., 138-Ebenezer Mecauley and Cynthia Freeman to Raoul F. Libam, $253,000.

Mandarin Dr., 1013-Roy L. and Jacqueline R. Scott to Franceska V. Brown, $400,000.

Nairn Ct., 311-Melvin L. and Joan M. Hall to Emily Nnenna Echebi, $430,000.

Prince Pl., 10105, No. 101-9C-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Kaliq Azad McGee, $53,550.

Robert Lewis Ave., 1503-Anthony C. Onyenemezu to Casmir Onyegwara, $320,000.

Royal Commerce Pl., 9855-Antonio D. and Yvette M. Trammell to Coridello Cohen, $281,000.

Settlers Way, 208-Jerome D. and Sharon E. Julius to Olakunle V. and Olubunmi Okunola Alale, $400,000.

Sunningdale Pl., 15535-US Home Corp. and DBA Lennar Corp. to Jermaine Johnson, $430,000.

Town Center Cir., 8961, No. 1-202-Bayview Loan Servicing Corp. to Latania J. Nurse, $154,000.

Utica Pl., 9405-Bank of New York Mellon and New Penn Financial Corp. to Abiodun Salisu, $278,250.

Whiteholm Dr., 12602-Rhonda M. Spells to Latanya L. and Ibrahima Gbane, $370,000.

Wood Branch Ct., 1033, No. 307-Samuel Hale II to Marshene V. Harriston, $229,900.


Arbory Ct., 7672, No. 35-Chinh Van Lam and Thuy Van Thi Huynh to Olusinbo I. Famure, $232,000.

Arbory Way N., 7532, No. 99-Lisa M. Buckner Alexander to Sade K. West, $229,000.

Belle Ami Dr., 14819, No. 91-Vivan K. Harrison and estate of Ruth H.G. Kyle to Cinthia Alejandra Sagarnaga and Sergio Alejandro Toledo Juarez, $186,000.

Bonnett Lane, 14317-Angela T. Johnson to Sami M. Albabli, $282,000.

Carroll Ave., 915-Anthony DiLorenzo to David Chavarria Valdes and Paolo Tamara Chavarria, $260,000.

Chestnut Ct., 14012-Jeffrey Dawson to Ada Luz Villatoro, $242,000.

Dorset Rd., 15611, No. 73-Christiana Trust to Darieal S. Wimbley, $120,000.

Fenwick Ct., 8125-Christopher Baker and estate of Thomas Ellery Baker to Jeffrey E. Brown, $255,000.

Haines Ct., 7612-Julie A. Sabol to Dominique Hall, $250,000.

Lindendale Dr., 8506-Marcelo Flores to Ronnie O. Villeda Garcia and Martha Y. Guerra Jimenez, $310,000.

Millbrook Lane, 15723, No. 61-A. and M. Homebuyers Inc. to Carine M. Chokote, $248,000.

Sandy Spring Rd., 7306-Carolyn H. Willis to Maximo L. and Melchora R. Rafael, $412,000.

Vista Dr., 14015, No. 38-Benjamin A. and Rachael Mohn to Chen Menahem and Orly Ben Eliyahu, $149,000.

Westmeath Dr., 14107-Altaf H. and Fauzia H. Taufique to George M. and Gloria M. Hoyah, $538,000.

Yardarm Way, 14226, No. 109-Penelope Gillett to Jeremy Garnes, $124,000.

Ninth St., 223-Kathleen A. Borden and Elizabeth P. Carty to Paul Fletcher, $181,000.


Basswood Ct., 11511-Kenneth Alan Feldman II to Jonathan M. and Talia S. Coleman, $390,000.

Bovelder Dr., 8706-Andrew R. and Jennifer S. McPherson to Shomari Johnson and Nicoya D. Follins, $455,000.

Bristolwood Ct., 10300-Patrick Frye and estate of Mary K. Dresser to Syed R. Hussain and Imrana M. Jilani, $365,000.

Claxton Dr., 13209-Torey Stevenson and Miflyn C. Gaines to Carlos J. Morataya Martinez, $274,000.

Eastgate Lane, 12411-Paul and Maribeth Petti to Eric and Mizuki Rosanna Savage, $410,000.

Ispahan Loop, 9223-Timothy W. Spriggs to Denise H. Parris, $329,000.

Snead Ct., 9501, No. 100-James De La Cruz to Arnie N. Porter and Yugris S. Abreu Cabral, $230,000.

Tuscany Dr., 11734-Bonnie L. and Emilio N. Williams to Mikea T. Turner, $324,000.


Flintridge Dr., 5118-DNJH Corp. and American Investor Network Corp. to Nafissetou Khoury, $245,000.

Garrison Rd., 7412-Arel Properties Corp. to Cynthia S. Tembi and Julius Neba Ambe, $385,000.

Legation Rd., 7910-Telisa M. Moore to Antonio L. Ramos Martinez, Rosa Vera Santos and Fernando Ramos, $315,000.

Oliver St., 8514-Flordeliz Rodriguez Rosario to Nanci M. Caballero Lopez and Ronald A. Portillo Perez, $339,000.

Stanton Rd., 6603-Jacob R. Williamson and Gwendolyn R. Waters to Michael Charles and Agnes Raap, $303,000.

70th Pl., 5131-Mandel D. Stanford to Griselda A. Lazo Umana, $250,000.


Broderick Dr., 1019-Sally O. Anderjaska and Sarvan P. Singh to Ever A. Hernandez Villatoro, $395,000.

Chester St., 5010-Ayr Properties Sep Corp. to Kay Anne Spence, $215,000.

Dunwoody Ave., 1310-Terraine Wiggins to Van L. and Alcana A. Johnson, $250,000.

Fargo Ave., 5611-JLG Investments Corp. to Santos A. Diaz and Maria E. Robles De Moreno, $325,000.

Galloway Dr., 5616-Ronisha Pinkey Dickerson to Miguel A. Martinez Zavala and Claudia E. Moreno De Martinez, $328,000.

Irvington St., 710-Carlos A. and Gamaliel Baten to Louis Taiwo, $225,000.

Marcy Ave., 1155-Lafayette Federal Credit Union to Ronda and Patricia Dixon, $249,000.

Miles Dr., 5609-Jason L. Harris to Jose M. Guerrero and Rosa A. Viera, $302,000.

Riverhaven Dr., 114-NH Haven Residential Corp. and NH Haven Apartments Corp. to Charles Arthur Hubbard and Kimberly Walton, $349,900.

Riverhaven Dr., 130-NH Haven Residential Corp. and NH Haven Apt Corp. to Kristin A. and Christopher Thompson, $309,900.

Riverhaven Dr., 145, No. 233-NH Haven Residential Corp. and NH Haven Apartments Corp. to Carmille L. Grayson, $374,900.

Roanne Dr., 7404-Joseph Dergham to Bich Lan Thi Ha and Jennifer Kim Ha, $262,000.

Sentry Sq., 731, No. 107-Soynae Monita Strickland and Timothy Lamont Barfield to Moon Jun and Sane Chung, $705,000.

Virginia Lane, 5754, No. 54-Robert Thomas III to Alexis Fantroy, $319,000.

Wilson Bridge Dr., 523, No. 6722-Ellsworth Weatherby IV and Elmer Chao to Nida and Muhammad Adil Khan Usufzai, $82,400.

Winthrop St., 4931-RCW Construction Group Corp. to Christine Lee Bennett, $230,000.


Carters Lane, 6010-Wilmer Z. and Barbara A. Good to Taylor and Lindsey Myers, $445,000.

Madison St., 4516-Robert A. Chambers to Joan E. Johnston, $280,000.

Van Buren St., 4707-SM Waterford Estates Corp. to Quynh C. Nguyen and Yan Lau, $505,695.

47th Ave., 6506-SM Waterford Estates Corp. to Domingo K. and Grace T. Tan, $497,246.

63rd Pl., 6107-Oscar Rivera to Tony Chavez Arriaga, $340,000.


Apple Orchard Lane, 4232, No. 7-Sitta Munu to Wendy R. McMillian, $202,000.

Auth Rd., 6300-Nathan Bagby to De Yue Chen and Wen Xia Lu, $300,000.

Darel St., 6009-Juana Campos to Oscar A. Mendez Callejas, $260,000.

Fort Dr., 2403-Emma Victoria Burke to William E. Salinas and Ruber Adely Perez, $275,000.

Maple Rd., 4115-Coty Lending Inc. to Obed A. Martinez Orellana, $333,000.

Saint Barnabas Rd., 3849, No. T204-Amelia Iriarte to Nelson Adan Castro Robles, $130,000.

Suitland Rd., 6113-Charles G. Mansfield Jr. to Donna M. Reid, $270,000.

Woodland Rd., 6517-Lillie R. Haggins to Davain A. and Jessica C. Frye McClain, $212,000.


Allentown Rd., 6516-Yemisi O. and Moses D. Husitode to Alba L. and Francisco A. Caton, $235,000.

Anvil Lane S., 2021-Shirley M. Anglin to Denise M. and Deanna N. Brown, $248,000.

Birch Lane, 6703-Now Properties Corp. to Latoya N. Alston, $319,000.

Brinkley Rd., 3120, No. 3-Department of Veterans Affairs to Arcangel Hernandez Garcia, $59,500.

Buchanan Rd., 7120-Latoya R. Poteat to Mark H. and Angela Easton, $269,000.

Chadwick St., 2200-Michael Lucas to Olivia W. Wright, $225,000.

Crystal Lane, 3713-Christopher and Nicole Lawrence to Oliver Ricardo Coleman, $274,900.

Dawn Lane, 2250-Celestine Faye Gray and Germain D. Angelo Gray to Cathy L. Brown, $220,000.

Dunlap St., 3618-Tracy West to Sterling Carpenter, $239,000.

Hidden Pine Lane, 4607-Vanessa Ervin to Bridget A. Clark, $275,000.

Karen Anne Dr., 7109-Jinwen Shi to Johnnie Frazier, $310,000.

Lakeview Dr., 4426-Aileen Atcherson to Trancito Benitez and Andi Samuel Contreras Lopez, $253,000.

Lyons St., 4416-Michael L. Crisci to Nixon Martinez, $272,000.

Oakwood St., 1903-Candace C. Gale to Trina M. and Morris Rivers, and Helen M. Staton, $310,000.

Saint Moritz Dr., 5966-Annette E. Greene to LaShonda Snead, $200,000.

Summerhill Rd., 6505-Elmer A. Canales to Sebrin Kelifa Adem, $315,000.

Waldran Ave., 6908-Fernandez Associates Virginia Corp. to Jhosimar O. Alvarez Torrez and Ivania Vanes Corrales Argueta, $250,000.

22nd Ave., 4205-Marlene Jones Kinney and estate of John R. Jones to Malcolm Lavonne and Lorna Jean Smith, $225,000.


America Blvd., 6500, No. 410-Yifang Yu to Beverly Ann Beal Jr., $255,000.

Chillum Rd., 1009, No. 314-Doris M. Silas and Carrie M. Ward to John F. Gerrety, $67,000.

Lancer Dr., 3309-Meyby Maritza Gomez to Wesley Erick Molina, Mayensy Y. Molina Bonilla and Santana Bonilla, $380,000.

Marsh Pt., 2413-NVR Inc. to Valerie Taylor, $354,990.

Nicholson St., 4013-Debra K. Hood to Brooke Ashley Bowman, $495,000.

Toledo Terr., 3450, No. 702-David D. Nguyen and Linh A. Chau to Hagar Aboagyewaa, $85,000.

Woodberry St., 4315-Marion W. Weiss to Robert A. and Juying X. Warner, $419,000.

35th Ave., 5613-Joanna Allen Kendrick to Charles Wesley Hart Jr., $327,500.

41st Ave., 6705-Ludmila Kolokolova to Kylie Danielle and Noel Jordan Jameson, $400,000.


Beckenham Pl., 4433-JP Morgan Chase Bank to Joseph A. Miller, $215,384.

Brookhaven Lane, 10202-Shaunnika Naya Allen Bugg to Preston L. and Natascha Carroll, $545,000.

Brookwood Ave., 10908-Melvina Evans and Thomas Smith to Charles and Torey Stevenson, $384,900.

Chariot Way, 4108-Anthony Cornelius and Michelle Alberta Nelson to Bridgette Lyles, $428,000.

Colonel Contee Pl., 4921-U.S. Bank to Lavinia A. Baxter, $248,500.

Cornwall Ct., 4429-Tamika S. Gordon to Talia M. Monkou, $255,000.

Dappled Grey Way, 11405-Gerradi C. Henderson and Sheree E. Horne to William Rothacker Hicks, $975,000.

Dunkirk Dr., 12602-James W. and Shatoya P. Aylor to Francis and Tracie Hendricks, $366,000.

Fox Stream Way, 9159-SM Parkside Corp. to Juancarlos and Susan Pino, $387,060.

Grandview Ct., 13106-Winthrop M. and Denette J. Chew to Erica N. Robinson, $270,000.

Hampshire Hall Ct., 14411, No. 1006-Kamilah A. Covington to Bernetta L. Harperr, $219,000.

King Frederick Way, 13803, No. 132-Lavonnia Brown to Jarred Goodman, $230,000.

Lord Fairfax Ct., 4321-James W. Allor to Diana Avery, $295,000.

Marlboro Pike., 10203-Federal National Mortgage Association and Old Republic Title Co. to Jennifer T. Canenguez Leon and Nilson Canenguez, $339,000.

Marlton Center Dr., 13002-Jennifer Peralta to Vanessa J. Henry, $275,000.

Old Marlboro Pike., 14103-George Nichols to Nargaret Irvin Ferrell, $225,000.

Paragon Ct., 8550-Gary M. Wells and estate of Joan E. Wells to John A. Hightower III, $270,000.

Quinlin Ct., 10100-Department of Veterans Affairs to Jamal Wooten, $465,000.

Salford Terr., 13032-Denise Polk to Sonya Taylor, $255,000.

Sweet Rose Ct., 8705-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to April Rich, $353,784.

Town Center Way, 12741-Tonya Hall to Donna E. Johnson, $265,000.

Van Brady Rd., 12430-John L. and Deborah A. Whitehead to Cynthia McClam, $469,900.

Waco Dr., 10716-Lenzell A. Franklin to Kendrick Anderson, $275,000.

Wheeling Ave., 12312-James T. Tawney III to Jerel P. Jones, $285,000.

Woodford Lane, 5001-Federal National Mortgage Association to Roxcel Ortiz, $220,000.


Bay Berry Terr., 1709-Dennis M. and Gwendolyn D. Holtmeyer to Lionel Howard, $365,000.

Duncannon Ct., 14305-Michael A. Taylor to Larry and Eyana Esters, $620,000.

Golden Hill Dr., 3521-Derrin Alonzo Andrews to Lisa L. Goree, $380,000.

Lake Overlook Dr., 928-Lawrence Wrightl to Florence Ayodele, $276,500.

Oxbridge Way, 9706-Tennea R. Collier and Alicia T. Kelley to Cheick O. Ouattara, $480,000.

Post Oak Dr., 1613, No. 23-Bank of America and Carrington Mortgage Services Corp. to DeJuan Lee and Chante Robyn Stewart, $163,000.

Saint Michaels Dr., 745-James R. Jones and estate of Lisa Friman Jones to Elvis Dennah, $240,000.

Vittoria Ct., 2111, No. 21-Debra J. Byrd to Ronald D. Steele, $370,000.

Woodshade Ct., 1931-Beverly A. Boykin and Shauna K. White to Carolina Marie Berrian, $368,000.