These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in September 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Laurel Dr., 1311-Lauren A. Prosnik and Jose Danilo Boquin Moran to Brian Sentman and Lindsay Laws, $543,000.

Manokeek Ct., 700-Robert L. and Tara M. Jones to David M. and Crystal T. Haskins, $452,000.

Naeve Ct., 803-DR Horton Inc. to Timothy Bodison, $444,000.

Saint Marys View Rd., 3320-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Arlana Z. Walford, $301,975.

Wharf Rd., 14803-William Casey Murphy and Desiree A. Avila to Jay S. and Shannon C. Perry, $619,500.


Chickadee Lane, 10104-Eugenio A. and Maxima T. Romero to Samuel Toque and Fiorella Verde Romero, $400,000.

Edwards Way, 9250, No. 510-A-Brenda M. Barerra Morales to Mustafa Aktas, $70,000.

Metzerott Rd., 1836, No. 625-Mohamed Elnadi to Hirut M. and Etsegenet M. Gebre, $90,000.

Pennsylvania St., 3406-Golden Gate Corp. to Mistylynn Liberty Day, $395,000.

Rambler Pl., 2712-Mario DiFranco to Mario Jean Pierre and Anoute Benjamin, $400,000.

Willow Lane, 9222-Atrem Shaposnyk and Jimmy Su to Ka Long Lei, $480,000.

23rd Ave., 8700-Valerie J. Gross and Tri Q. Nguyen to Lixin Shen, $410,000.


Alloway Lane, 7606-James S. Bibrue and Patrice Kashif to Chi Neh Lum, $475,000.

Beltsville Dr., 11973-Deanne M. Thomas to Doris M. Tioko, $281,250.

Calico Rock Lndg Rd., 7300-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Daniel Chima, $357,990.

Cherry Hill Rd., 11202, No. 73-Jennifer L. Johnson to Jose M. and Yesenia L. Mendoza and Rossember A. Martinez, $125,500.

Cherryvale Terr., 11133-Prakash Sankurathri to Alem Girma Woldehana, $290,000.

Frances Dr., 11335-D. Alan and Beverly P. Davenport to Lakia S. Elam, $399,000.

Lime Tree Way, 10518-Brian G. Horan to Adrian S. and Venus S. Wong, $275,000.

Powder Mill Rd., 3536-Masako McClarty to Tianna C. Washington, $145,000.

Romlon St., 4421, No. 201-Hilary Esther Daly to Faith Ann Marie Davidson, $80,000.

Worcester Ave., 10611-Christopher F. and Marie F. Day to Najwinder Pal Singh, $245,000.


Emerson St., 6011, No. 610-Roya Mozaffarian to Efrem Melaku and Hirut Mebratu, $53,000.

Varnum St., 5449-Paul E. and Patricia D. Roberge to Bernal Abzum Ascencio, $272,000.


Amberly Ct., 13903-Daniel Wallace to William E. Barrera, $435,000.

Bartlett Lane, 2705-Mary Desiderio and estate of Vera W. Pitts to Elizabeth Herriott Hofstad and David Vincent Fladung, $400,000.

Botany Lane, 2803-Michael J. Bernard to Sheree Johnson, $349,000.

Chelton Lane, 12504-Anthony M. Cunning to William Reid, $389,900.

Corbett Pl., 3803-Ronald E. Kent Jr. and the estate of Ronald E. Kent Sr. to Luis A. Sajche Vasquez, $280,000.

Flamingo Lane, 12318-Bruce and Brenda Peck to Rolanda Williams, $309,000.

Glydon Ct., 6411-Arian Development Corp. to Richard Chandler, $449,000.

Heather Glen Way, 10615-Linda Tolbert Stringer to Sarah E. Misallidis, $335,000.

Irongate Lane, 3810-Kim Harkness Jerome to Kimberly and Lloyd Williams, $319,000.

Kennison Lane, 2614-Sean M. Troast and Erin B. McGuire to Catherine A. Banach, $339,900.

Kimberwick Dr., 14802-G. J. Devlin and L.M. Nelson to James and Sara Hare, $504,000.

Knighthill Lane, 2510-U.S. Bank to Marco Fuentes, $250,740.

Lynns Retreat Dr., 5200, No. 137-Cleo V. Millender Belmonte to Trevor G. and Joyetta M. Fishley, $360,000.

Malta Lane, 12203-Laury Edward Beasley to Jonathan Kawatachi and Sarah A. Welsh, $310,000.

Marthas Choice Cir., 13013-Rayshel Lashore Stewart to Augustine Kunle and Taiye Adetoun Adedeji, $405,000.

Millstream Dr., 12709-Charlotte L. Broadwater and Martha M. Friskey to Caitlin M. Cavanagh, $175,500.

Quarterhorse Dr., 12609-JLG Invesmtents Corp. to David Rodriguez, $487,500.

Ridgeline Terr., 4710, No. 273-Margaret E. and Vanette S. Blount to Gustavus Griffin, $231,500.

Saint James Sanctuary Dr., 13119-Barmak and Mehranak Rashidi Kusha to Raymond Donald Boatright, $410,000.

Stretton Lane, 12405-William R. and Victoria Durham to Jennifer C. Bossa, $289,000.

Terra Lane, 12009-Residential Value Corp. to Gerard M. Santiago and Jennifer Martin, $369,900.

Triple Crown Rd., 8406-HSBC Bank USA to Leidy Navarro and Alfredo Soto Osorio, $342,000.

Westview Forest Dr., 14007-Michael P. and Kimberly R. Dempsey to Marcelo Anibal and Katrina M. Flores, $450,900.

Windflower Way, 4212-Barbara J. Bush to Richelle V. James, $317,000.

10th St., 12709-Matthew H. and Rachel A. Burger to Jesse A. Hardin and Kari M. Debbink, $380,000.


Arden Forest Lane, 2606-Michael C. and Ann M. Teske to Jesus D. Barrero Rodriguez and Shulamite Barrero, $405,000.

Aspen Leaf Ct., 16907-the Bank of New York Mellon and the Bank of New York to Sami Mukhar and the Ramas Living Trust, $374,000.

Easthaven Ct., 15615, No. 908-Christian Buzzerd and Patricia Lough Buzzer to Lawrence Huggins, $169,900.

Eldbridge Lane, 16500-Asaaf Rahav to Zebedee G. Harding, $275,000.

Emery Ct., 15634-Elise S. Jones and Elise Johnson to Elvin Thomas, $239,900.

Everglade Lane, 15610, No. E303-Jerome Jones to Sterling Eugene Comegys III, $250,000.

Mount Oak Rd., 15411-Sarmad N. and Saba T. Rizvi to Timothy Wayne Gardner and Stormy Lee Keyes, $450,000.

Nebraska Pl., 4206-Neal E. McArthur Sr. to James Cudjoe and Crystal Miller, $370,000.

November Ct., 2953-Ravi C. and Radhika Govindraju to Richard F. Mollel, $200,000.

Paramont Lane, 15707-Reliable Management Group Corp. to Denise Jennifer Caballero and Jeraldy Umanzor, $315,000.

Peach Walker Dr., 15568-Malik and Aderielle Darby to Barbara A. Young, $330,000.

Pewter Lane, 16314-Nova Parnters Corp. and Noca MD Corp. to Saba Parveen and Isma Bibi, $260,000.

Pointer Ridge Dr., 15748-Feyisayo Ayodele to Lisa Watson and Damion Lynch, $370,000.

Prince Of Wales Ct., 2279-L. Mask Properties Corp. to Marcus Shorter, $231,000.


Hampton Village Way, 8103-Wilmington Trust to Shantuana Bryant, $355,000.

Lenape Ct., 6906-Iran Reynolds Jr. to Marcellous and Kenya Newton Grigsby, $399,900.

Molly Berry Rd., 13706-Federal National Mortgage Association to Moises Alvarado Martinez, $172,750.

River Airport Rd., 16900-Department of Veterans Affairs to Alonzo L. Neal Jr., $229,000.

Wheatland Way, 12909-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Deborah and Earl Jarvis, $226,775.


Lawrence St., 3909-Carrie J. Biggs and Amelia Adams to Maya Sheppard and Amy Gellatly, $349,600.

Taylor St., 3703-MP Green CHS 7 Corp. to Kim Andre and Victoria Malloy Fellenz, $349,900.

39th St., 4430-Brandon and Kara Snesko to Diane Elise Crow, $380,000.


Alton St., 3917-McLean Series 019 Corp. to Jucinth G. and Romie C. Mangaoil, $265,000.

Balsam St., 5807-Kiera D. White to Santos N. Luna and Osmin Portillo Aleman, $215,000.

Birchleaf Ave., 414-Patricia A. Phillips to Tunde O. Oyekola, $190,000.

Cabin Branch Dr., 612-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Alejandro Diaz, $93,000.

Cypresstree Pl., 912-MTGLQ Investors and Selene Finance to Kikelomo and Olajide Idowu Alabi, $225,900.

Drum Ave., 815-Residential Value Corp. to Leanna F. Scriver, $199,000.

Morocco St., 6309-Gabriel Ali and Juan Mendez Parties to Chenelle Blackman, $235,000.

Sheriff Rd., 5413-Crystal Sutton and estate of Robert Sutton III to Desire Lemoupa, $292,000.

Walbridge St., 6229-Deshawn D. Gibbs to Mark V. Falzone and Robin N. Hamilton, $407,000.

69th Pl., 312-Zenobia S. and Garland S. Phillips to Gelbir O. Ayala Cortez, $214,999.


Angora Terr., 10000-Department of Housing and Urban Development to David E. Leon Perez, $165,000.

Frank Tippett Rd., 10001-Ana Esmeralda Castro to Mabel G. and Robert T. Sharp, $362,000.


Columbia Ave., 2107-Byron A. Hamilton to Jose J. Ramos and Sobeibi Y. Bonilla Rivera, $285,000.

Courtney Pl., 7510-Marcia D. Brown to Sparkle Exola Mixon, $245,000.

Duvall Ridge Rd., 2724-SM Landover Corp. to Angeletta D. and Anna Milan Coutain, $345,865.

Fire House Rd., 2416-Heldin Quintanilla to Lauren Brooke Davis and Carolyn Moore and Mechande Manning, $379,000.

Greeley Rd., 7102-Sunflower Investment and Consulting Corp. and Pinehills Properties Corp. to Nancy Janet and Guadalupe Sosa Herrera, $250,000.

Manson Pl., 3104-Green Top Properties Corp. to Mariama F. and Victor S. Dugba, $280,000.

Michele Dr., 7721-Joann King to Ianne Payne, $229,000.

Prime Lane, 1101-SGSA Investments Corp. to Toan Tran, $330,000.

Stoddert Lane, 6909-SM Landover Corp. to Daryl A. Johnson Sr., $322,560.

Stoddert Lane, 6921-SM Landover Corp. to Stuart G. Johnson Jr., $345,765.

Twining Ct., 7504-Oceans Holdings Corp. to Matondo Joel and Kimberly Kimpela, $330,000.

64th Ave., 2808-John P. and Anne R. Crotty to Cyrus and Ashley Nezhad, $401,000.


Boniwood Turn W., 5350-Potomac Mills Investment Group Corp. to James E. Shaw, $325,000.

Carolina Meadow Lane, 12701-Timberlake Thrift Manor Corp. to Heidi McIntosh, $660,000.

Chris Mar Ave., 6017-Jonathan and Amy L. Clay to Kevin Patrick Wilson, $254,000.

Cosca Park Pl., 11522-Jenae D. Davis to Jamal S. and Santona J. Allen, $269,900.

Dewdrop Way, 7007-Naomi Sono Spencer to Shonn M. Gilkes, $265,000.

Ethan Manor Rd., 4105-Timberlake Thrift Manor Corp. to Frankie Addison and Deneen E. Brent, $599,900.

Gator Ct., 10604-Kimberly Wingate to Dale and Sonja Matthews, $300,000.

Hardesty Dr., 9056-Fuda Group Corp. to Tarah Galloway, $275,000.

Hillantrae Dr., 12426-Vera Joyce Hammonds to Dennis Gbenga Sanni, $443,200.

Kittama Dr., 8715-Timberlake Cheltenham Corp. to Wesley and Stephanie Stevenson, $610,000.

Megan Dr., 4805-James O. and Naomi R. Faulk to Maurice A. Rivers, $237,000.

Old Branch Ave., 8612-Darren T. Jackson to Ronald A. Oliviere, $249,000.

Phyllis Dr., 9009-Castlewood Investments Corp. to Ann Nerona, $319,000.

Sellner Lane, 5904-Lakisha P. Leeks Williams to Rodney and Zelpha Coleman, $390,000.

Stacey M Lane, 9115-Marie Vines and estate of James Price to Gabrielle Y. Downer, $237,000.


Amherst Rd., 4709-Lennea R. Bower and Jonathan M. Engel to Matthew and Shannon Giorgland, $480,000.

Bryn Mawr Rd., 5917-Chat Shing Yip to Bisrat Hailemeskel, $330,000.

Duke St., 3529-Wells Fargo Bank to Bin Chen and Qiao Yun Huang, $278,000.

Gettysburg Lane, 9018-Dawn K. Nichols and Joseph R. Schultz to Carol A. Gray, $365,000.

Laguna Rd., 5033-Linda M. and Silvio A. Diaz to Blanca Raquel Tuckler Diaz, $315,000.

Nantucket Rd., 4718-MGL Investments Corp. to Yvonne Magdalene Hazel, $347,000.

Rhode Island Ave., 9202-Christopher L. and Alison Thomas O’Hare to Rogelio Hernandez Rojas and Eda A. Guevara, $290,000.

Seminole St., 5702-Sarah Gonzalez and Jesse Bocinski to Kenneth E. Wright, $356,500.

Wichita Ave., 9726-Mildred Virginia and Marvin Merica to Kamthorn Clary, $272,000.

51st Ave., 8000-Scott E. Bell to Wosbell and Wilter Marroquin and Ferni Marroquin Morales, $225,000.


Breton Dr., 2210-Claudette and Ronald A. Moore to Ren B. Romero Romero, $165,000.

Darcy Rd., 8100-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Soko Massaquoi, $207,435.

Donnell Pl., 7250, No. A-1-Lindolph and Jean E. Marcellous to Aminu Alhaji Iyawa, $58,000.

Dynasty Dr., 3129-Valencia Lynn Caston Simmons Edwards to Sylvia A. and Johndel L. Tillman, $250,000.

Forest Run Dr., 2801, No. 1-206-Jacqueline M. Smith to Anthony Givens, $107,000.

Gateway Blvd., 6701-Monique Bailey to Daniel L. and Loretta E. Royal Hall, $325,000.

Lakehurst Ave., 2511-Janice Brunson to Oscar O. Rios Echeverria, $207,500.

Ritchboro Rd., 8755-Thomas G. and Latanya Sothern to Rashanna F. Roach, $245,000.

Seton Way, 2225-U.S. Bank and Select Portfolio Servicing Inc. to Prosper Osei Wusu, $184,301.

Stoney Meadows Dr., 5022-Humg Corp. to Monchella Maria Williamson, $265,000.

Wildrose Ct., 7112-Lloyd R. Thomas to Antoinette Johnson and Stephen E. Wade, $240,000.


Aragona Dr., 211-James Michael and Mary A. Bair to Silvio Baruzzi, $475,000.

Bernard Dr., 8104-Frank Richard and Wendy M. Shirer to Juan E. Herenandez Oliva and Erika Nohemy Herenandez De Moreno, $270,000.

Bonhill Dr., 208-Branch Banking and Trust Co. to Rose B. Karikari, $394,440.

Calvert Manor Ct., 9507-U.S. Bank to Ena Alicia Martinez Arce and Edward Abaga, $300,000.

Carey Branch Dr., 8003-Elsworth S. and Anita P. Braswell to Dawit Solomon Mekonnen, $295,000.

Dimrill Ct., 6235-Gussie M. Greene Smith and estate of Ruby M. Jones to Avaline Kennedy, $216,500.

Fort Foote Rd., 9521-Estate of Robert Williams to Artemio and Fidelia B. Perez Diaz, $330,000.

Gunpowder Dr., 11608-Anthony L. and Genine A. McElroy to Sherrie M. Bryant, $395,000.

Holly Rd., 508-D. Lloyd Chesley to Karen C. Alleyne, $375,000.

Jaffrey Rd., 7508-Livingston J. Rolle to Commerice L. Kee, $239,999.

Kingsway Rd., 3216-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Danielle D. and Gloria M. Simmons, $247,000.

Lumar Dr., 3204-Glenda A. and Philip Barden to Tia Jackson, $310,000.

Noah Dr., 7012-Akeah Proctor and Jovel Ford to Cacbe and Tanisha Sadulski, $268,000.

Old Fort Hills Ct., 2108-Clover L. and Marjorie Smith Wilson to Jose Flores and Maria Baca, $310,000.

Payne Dr., 4400-Michael T. and Jean L. Young to Juan E. Mejia Flores, $252,000.

Powder Horn Dr., 2004-Federal National Mortgage Association to Aleksandar Simo Ninic and Katarina Mitrovic, $215,000.

River Bend Rd., 303-NH Haven Residential Corp. and NH Haven Apartments Corp. to Drake Nan Cong, $259,900.

River Bend Rd., 505-NH Haven Residential Corp. and NH Haven Apartments Corp. to Shauna J. Benson, $401,900.

Rusland Ct., 8923-Roland S. and Clara L. Cox to Jennifer Santana Rivera, $170,000.

Stirling Ct., 1504-Gregory W. and Francine C. Branch to Natajia Houser, $234,000.

Tandom Dr., 9106-Michael I. Ayala and Colline E. Hernandez Ayala to Arika Danielle Jones, $330,000.

Trowbridge Pl., 6907-Sachiko Nagy to Christian V. Fackrell, $305,500.


Gabriel Duvall Ct., 5802-U.S. Bank to Eric Ngwasi, $482,000.

Lake Glen Dr., 7605-Kyle S. and Tiffany B. Moore to Belen Awetahegne, $570,000.

Pine Valley Dr., 6906-Rodney David and Virginia Lacy Yates to Matthew Lee and David Anthony Ramsey, $355,000.


Empire Pl., 15-Edmundo Garcia to Jesse W. McCullough and Susannah D. Reed McCullough, $320,000.

Greenbelt Rd., 8459, No. 202-Ovrang R. and Parastue Sohrabi to Bertha L. Matthews, $129,900.

Greenbelt Rd., 8677, No. 101-Tatiana Renko to Brenda D. Parrker, $79,000.

Hanover Pkwy., 6934, No. 303-Carol D. Wisdom to Denise Fox, $122,500.

Hanover Pkwy., 7700, No. 303-Jane Handelsman to Dawn K. Nichols, $91,536.

Hanover Pkwy., 7800, No. 260-Federal National Mortgage Association to Suglily Maryory and Cliffton Escobar, $175,000.

Lake Park Dr., 6520, No. 2H-Ki L. Christmas to Teresa N.G. Leffson, $208,000.

Mandan Terr., 8164-Norman Francis to Horace C. Malcolm, $285,000.

Stream Bank Lane, 5210, No. 301G-Ralphael and Gimra Harrison to Hao Fong and Amy Hsu, $345,000.


Emerson St., 5314-Yaling Zhang to Jesus J. Bello Reyes and Ramiro Garcia, $268,000.

Hamilton St., 3827, No. D-204-Avocet VI Corp. to Dorothy Watson, $179,900.

Longfellow St., 4100-Liberty D. Rucker and George Welling to Geneva Walker, $299,000.

Oglethorpe St., 4410, No. 205-Kelly J. Johnson to Julio C. Alvarez Rodriguez, $130,000.

41st Pl., 4903-Michael L. and Joyce M. Hines to Brian S. Rudolph, $319,000.

43rd St., 6104-Marquisha E. and Corey Powell to Matthew Egan, $453,000.

46th Pl., 5646-M & T Bank to Joseph and Amber Kohl, $385,000.

56th Ave., 5216-Ana D. Ramos to Milton E. Barahona, $285,000.


Dellwood Ave., 7815-John Walker Turner and David G. Jones to Alejandro Pedro Vivar and Olga Elsa Vivar Ramos, $200,000.

Duchaine Dr., 5526-Yuliy Joshpe to Zulma J. Benitez, $307,500.

Geaton Park Pl., 9319-DR Horton Inc. to Karen D. Powe, $369,990.

Hornbeam Ct., 2804-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. and Novastar Mortgage Funding Trust to Paul K. and Faith Anokam, $205,000.

Kinsey Terr., 6207-Reliance Group Corp. to Ocee and Precious Esene, $547,000.

Nashville Rd., 6940-Barbara S. Pratt and estate of Charles H. Pratt Jr. to Edwin Josue Arias and Karen Carolina Perez Ortez, $305,000.

Pin Oak Lane, 2812-Prakash Sankurathri to Keisha Nicole Shirlyn Bates and Patrick Hymen Indenbaum, $242,500.

Saint Nicholas Way, 2408-DR Horton Inc. to Koy D. Banks, $649,900.

Sheridan St., 9409-Jaime M. Arevalo to Carlos Alberto Luna and Maria C. Chicas Alvarado, $265,000.

Storch Dr., 10508-Adrian L. Cabrera Wyatt and Norie Joan Mones Munar, $288,000.

Wood Thrush Dr., 7030-Tiger Enterprises Inc. to Cynthia E. Freeman and Ebenezer Macauley, $415,000.

Woodstream Lane, 6945-Suhail Chaudhry to Paul J. and Mazie R. Robinson, $267,000.

Wyatt Dr., 9413-Ulitheda E. Grant to Israel Menjivar and Morena Bertriz Calderon Trujillo, $235,000.

75th Ave., 5410-Terica Robinson Rusher to Luis A. Canales Reyes and Jasharra Henderson, $230,000.


Ardwick Ardmore Rd., 9105-Time Investments Corp. to Lisandro Guevara Acosta and Harol Alfaro Alfaro, $349,000.

Azalea Ct., 161-Tracy D. McClintock to Candice Stewart, $202,000.

Berwick Ct., 2901-Yakeema and Johnathan Blackstone to Robert and Omolola Quartey, $450,000.

Bolin Terr., 513-Wanda D. Williams to Antoniette A. and Anthony Tyrone Batts, $379,000.

Camberley Pl., 15305-Christopher and Shonneice R. Jones to Patrick K. Foumtum and Rebecca E. Kenmogne, $350,000.

Campus Way S., 10641-Barbara Fox to Monsurat A. Azeez, $285,000.

Chesterton Dr., 11901-Tan T. Le to Sonia P. Legore, $359,000.

Dennis Magruder Dr., 407-Wilmington Trust NA to Haisha and Lovina Thompson, $374,850.

Ed Coffren Pl., 15503-U.S. Bank Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Verlinda M. Brooks and Mark D. Gilmore, $565,930.

Essenton Dr., 204-Maebell and Tyrone V. Dorsey to Tamika L. Freeman, $265,000.

Fox Bow Dr., 12900, No. 201-Janice Trent and estate of Ruth J. Talley to Delois B. and Paul J. Gist, $220,000.

Haack Pl., 720-Jennifer Rene Davis and estate of Marguerite Dudle to Sadiqa B. Johnson and Leslie H. Cauthern III, $370,000.

Hobart Ct., 4008-Prakash Sankurathri to Dorothy Barnes and Edward Adams, $329,900.

Joyceton Dr., 10505-Harry M. Collins Jr. to Delron Weaver and Eunice Valerie Fernandez, $235,000.

Lake Pointe Ct., 9815, No. 203-Stefanie Lilly to Christina Nelson, $173,000.

Mary Bowie Pkwy., 13712-Douglas A. and Kristin M. Factor to Tatenda G. Mhonde, $650,000.

Narrowleaf Dr., 700-A & a Builders Corp. to Desmond A. and Chavall Solomon, $369,900.

Open View Lane, 12117, No. 110-Rosalind A. Jackson to Jasmine C. Sanders, $256,000.

Prince Pl., 10109, No. 303-9A-Jennifer Martin to Trevor Tullius, $85,000.

Prince Pl., 10247, No. 30-203-Jody Jackson to Angela R. Williams, $108,550.

Royal Commerce Pl., 9938-Anson L. and Tonya L. Williams Walker to Crystal Colbert, $270,000.

Snetterton Lane, 2204-Eugene and Paula Benjamin to Dana Jones, $375,000.

Town Farm Rd., 14009-Stanley A. and Esther Jacknewitz to Lorie Madison Campbell, $325,000.

Water Fowl Way, 12700-Frances L. and Michael L. Rozier to Stephanie Simpkins, $485,000.

Whiteholm Dr., 12607-Joseph B. and Joyce A. Tillman to Joseph F. Vallario III, $245,000.


Arbory Way, 15312, No. 17-Michael Sandnes to Rose Mbu, $232,199.

Arbory Way N., 7616, No. N0-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Knoxville Trust to Anthonella Bawuah, $228,900.

Ashford Pl., 14829-Archibold K. Pitt Adabie to Jose Iglesias Garcia, $290,000.

Belle Ami Dr., 14838-Greater Washington Community Foundation to Ellen Marvie and Muna Nimely, $263,000.

Bowsprit Lane, 14226, No. 607-Francis J. Davis Jr. to Brittany A. Nau, $180,000.

Carissa Lane, 7605-Mary Ann Schulz Tretler to Kyfia Clarke and Joan V. Benjamin, $270,000.

Carroll Ave., 918-Maribel and Victor A. Martinez to Jairo A. Canas Alvarado, $269,000.

Dorset Rd., 15613, No. 98-Maximo and Sylvia Carbonell to Alyssa R. Cartledge, $175,000.

First Baptist Lane, 14907-Robert and Darlene Peterson to Sherifat Gbadamosi and Kehinde Olabayo, $439,900.

Haines Ct., 7727-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. and Select Portfolio Servicing Inc. to Alexander and Hyacinth Shirley, $197,000.

Laurel Ave., 408-Timothy J. and Laura M. Sullivan to Michael Scott Doerrie and Sabina Lindley, $450,000.

Londonderry Ct., 8110-Ronald J. and Gesinda Gorman Brady to Nardia Yvette Bennett, $295,000.

Millbrook Lane, 15804, No. 103-Kristine D. Brown and William M. Savage to Sami A. Shaibani, $154,000.

Oxford Dr., 14004-Joel Benjamin to Tyeebna S. Washington, $285,900.

Sandy Spring Rd., 8024-Dion Brown to Marie K. Tchouawou, $217,000.

Vista Dr., 14037, No. 171-Joseph Kearney to Christen Pilar Brown, $119,000.

William St., 14107F-Gloria Watson to Stanley Freeman, $130,000.

Ninth St., 605-Anne B. Holmes Lewis to Flor D. Rivera Alvarado, $228,000.


Basswood Ct., 11513-Clayton B. and Sharon Lewis to Frank Cedric Hubbard Butler and Cynthia Ayodele Davies Venn, $375,500.

Bovelder Dr., 8806-Paul P. and Judith T. Purta to Torronce Baskerville and Karima Morgan, $425,000.

Bristolwood Terr., 11900-Melonie E. Scofield to Donna Lynn Lewis and Daryl G. Adams, $440,000.

Clocktower Lane, 11704-Tisha R. Robinson to Janice M. Bailey, $425,000.

Engleman Dr., 13602-Anh V. Le to Robert and David Watkins, $340,000.

Orwood Lane, 8806-Miriam M. Dubrow to Patricia M. Gill, $380,000.

Snowden Loop, 8501-Bharat and Jyotsna Kothari to Kimberly A. Carter, $350,000.

Tuscany Dr., 11736-Katrina and James Ginther to Sarah Jackson, $285,000.


Upshur St., 3112-Great Lakes Developers Corp. to William Sherwood Smith and Emily A. Bird, $334,900.

37th St., 3716-Jose L. Campos to Patricia O. McLamb, $240,000.


Garrison Rd., 7502-Aley Joseph to Carlos A. Guzman Vivar and Ayleen Roajs Medina, $306,000.

Ingalls Ave., 3715-Swan Properties Inc. to Jose Rony Moreno Bonilla, $242,000.

Karen Elaine Dr., 5542, No. 1507-Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development to Pamela Canas and Antonio M. Soto Camps, $72,800.

Legation Rd., 8315-Londale and Donna Campbell to Mamadou Diallo, $310,000.

Sara St., 7320-Dwayne Aaron and Vanessa L. Stanton to Dewayne Hudson, $335,000.

Stockton Lane, 4802-Gregory C. Lawrence to Maria Antonia Herrera Cortes and Sandy J. Vivar Herrera, $310,000.

58th Ave., 3901-Park Gonzales Home Corp. to Jordan Lee Genzel and Vivien N. Lee, $289,000.

71st Ave., 4233-Elionex B. Rodriguez to Anthony Cedillo Hernandez, $322,000.


Circle Dr. E., 7308-Juan O. Umanzor Alvarez and Marta Machado Castellon to Francisco Javier Andrade and Dora A. Fuentes, $315,000.

Halliard Lane, 502-IHMW Potomac Overlook VIII Corp. to Reginald V. Burks, $695,000.

Leyte Dr., 7002-Richard Everett and Colleen J. Baggett to Stewart D. Tolentino and Glenda F. Laro, $259,900.

Ottawa St., 5806-Aperus Realty Comany Corp. to Kyla B. Conlee, $338,000.

Riverhaven Dr., 118-NH Haven Residential Corp. and NH Haven Apartments Corp. to Danny G. and Dawn Marie Wike, $309,900.

Riverhaven Dr., 133-NH Haven Residential Corp. to Craig O. Philip, $279,979.

Riverhaven Dr., 145, No. 241-NH Haven Residential Corp. and NH Haven Apartments Corp. to Peter M. Tarectecan and April Ann Salazar Bautista, $439,900.

Rosecroft Ct., 2306-Jason Dennis N. Stewart to Brittany C. Virgil, $201,000.

Virginia Lane, 5756, No. 55-Demetrius O. and Khadine Trowell to Robert E. Parks III, $255,000.

Wilson Bridge Dr., 532, No. 6733-Corstone Corp. to Antown Hall, $91,000.

Woodland Blvd., 5105-Michael Darnell and Lorraine Dancil to Wilmer Alonso Carcamo Nunez, $340,000.


Crest Park Dr., 6024-Clyde Jeffrey and Ann Louise Sauder to Arina Olivia Grossu, $500,000.

Greenvale Pkwy., 6700-Rosina Adams and estate of Raphael Divers to Gerardo I. Rojas Vasquez and Carmen F. Vasquez Fuentes, $305,000.

Quintana St., 5403-Estate of William Brodie Kemper Jr. and Kaye Kemper to Nelly M. Ortiz and Gregorio Ortiz Pineda, $226,700.

Taylor Rd., 5320-Dalip and Damoree Dharam to Colin L., Naline P. and Colin A. Bender, $344,595.

Van Buren St., 4709-SM Waterford Estates Corp. to Emmanuel and Dorothy Peprah, $499,861.

47th Ave., 6510-SM Waterford Estates Corp. to Jim L., Bonnie M. and Shane G. Hoffman, $506,056.


Apple Orchard Lane, 4321, No. 2-Bennu Fine Properties Corp. to Tamika M. Dunston, $200,000.

Brookfield Dr., 4717-G. Donnell Williams and John Miller Sr. to Tommy King, $244,900.

Davis Blvd., 6314-GWRE Corp. to Joyce D. and Wille E. McNeill, $299,900.

Gaylord Dr., 1907-Luis A. Ferman to Angel Garcia Flores, $309,900.

Goodfellow Dr., 6011-Aubrey W. Pridgen to Robert Wade Sr. and Tomiko Powe, $200,000.

John St., 4729-Esperanza Nelly Cueva to Rogelio Sanchez Gomez, $295,000.

Lassie Ave., 3200-Honore and Dawn Haughton to Michael Tyrone Stewart Jr., $260,000.

Maple Rd., 4124-Anita Properties Management Corp. to Michael Jarvis Sr., $240,000.

Shadyside Ave., 2006-BWW Law Group Corp. and Federal National Mortgage Association to Charles Richard Oporto, $145,000.

Swann Rd., 3733, No. 7-Robert L. Kusansuka to Kia Smith, $210,000.


Colebrooke Dr., 2705-Ozell Malloy to Francisco A. Flores, $274,900.

Fairlawn St., 2709-Vaison Group Corp. to Antonio R. Edwards, $315,000.

Iverson St., 2764, No. 77-Miguel Barrera to Renee E. Butler, $95,000.

Marlain St., 5306-Daniel E. Moses to Jhonny Claros Perez, $275,000.

Oxon Run Ct., 3004-Aptus Capital Group Corp. to Danielle T. Garnett, $265,000.

Sharon Rd., 4912-Kazumi P. and Joseph Clarence Wall to Jessica S. Burns, $230,000.

24th Ave., 3414-Charlene R. McCamey to Salena Weekly, $238,000.


America Blvd., 6506, No. 405-Joshua T. Lubben and Randi Y. Zung to Melena S. Deflorimonte, $235,000.

Calverton Dr., 3918-Dona M. Kopenhaver and estate of June Mulvihill to Kevin James and Paula Howland Brosch, $611,000.

College Heights Dr., 7002-Joseph R. Schultz and Dawn K. Nichols to Kimya I. Jones, $760,000.

Longfellow St., 3508-Michael C. and Sarah E. Mineiro to Jacqueline E. Miller and Thomas F. Novotny, $385,000.

Marsh Pt., 2415-NVR Inc. to Matheno Ajua and Michelle McLean, $380,465.

Oliver St., 3903-Janet Stedman to Dehmeh R. Smith and Alexandra N. Iorio, $577,000.

Ravenswood St., 2021-Lynda G. Mack to Lindsy Liu, $212,000.

Tribune Ct., 3212-NVR Inc. to Siwen Tang, $409,790.

10th Pl., 6011-Ricardo M. Costa to Karla Guevara and Veronica E. and Daysi Lizama, $375,000.

36th Ave., 5824-Lawanda C. Musgrove to Jessica M. Alvarez and Bella E. Jimenez, $251,000.


Agile Lane, 6304-Alisa Davis to Aaron David and Karlette A. McCombs, $530,000.

Belridge Rd., 5704-Elshazli and Jones Holdings Corp. to Aaron Taylor, $495,000.

Brookmeadow Lane, 17213-Thomas and Karla Ingram Parrish to Kelvin D. and Kandi M. Thomas, $348,000.

Cambridge Dr., 14613-Randolph N. and Lillian C. Bennett to Everth A. Loza Reyes, $387,000.

Carroll Ct., 11506-Patricia M. and Larry V. Buel to Chinyelu Christina Okeke, $338,000.

Colonel Contee Pl., 4932-Scott E. Spears Jr. to Vicky L. Dew, $345,000.

Crain Hwy., 6218-Theodora S. Forgione to Paula Vasquez, $180,000.

Dunkirk Dr., 12620-Ralph and Angela L. Parker to Angela A. Vines, $426,950.

Farnsworth Lane, 14200, No. 206-Kristian Bovell to Arthur Scott Hubbard Sr., $110,000.

Gambier Dr., 7310-Wesley H. and Virginia L. Peace to Marcia T. and Michael Williams, $465,000.

Grazing Way, 4612-Toll V Partnership to Timothy and Tyniesha Braxton, $761,168.

Havre Turn, 7300-Michael A. Woodruff to Kristina H. Franzier, $215,000.

King George Way, 13944, No. 332-Federal National Mortgage Association to Jasmine James, $216,900.

King Richard Pl., 10302-Marc A. Renois to Tinesha and Gem Brower, $290,000.

Lord Sterling Pl., 13608-Regina and Settha Sawartonapak to Dalon C. Talley, $115,000.

Marlborough Dr., 14202-Robert Allan Sidney and estate of Richard Davis Sidney Sr. to Jason T. Grimes, $214,900.

Mathew Ct., 8207-Ruth M. and James M. Gaborko to Markus J. and Delois Daniels, $271,300.

Monarch Ct., 12619-A3 Real Estate Investments Corp. to Pamela Dozier, $297,000.

Old Burton Cir., 9115-Andrew S. and Janine A. Brunsting to Chauntise Williams, $305,000.

Penzance Pl., 4631-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Christiana Trust to Shelby C. Conyers, $238,960.

Richmanor Terr., 5900-NVR Inc. to Kim Spriggs, $427,005.

Salford Terr., 13046-Shavonne K. Richardson to Tyson J. Beale, $222,500.

Spring Foal Ct., 4327-Toll V Partnership to Phillip Graeter and Carissa Monica Martin, $475,897.

Town Center Way, 12816-Kimberly B. and Reginald S. Downey to Shanelle Goss, $285,000.

Van Brady Rd., 13222-Joseph M. and Margaret R. Melo to April and Darien M. Towns, $320,000.

Waco Dr., 11007-Isaac Daniel to Nikki M. Robinson, $332,000.

Woodstock Dr. E., 12538-Loraine Hayling to Marcus A. and Nicole Thompson, $251,500.


Bermondsey Ct., 13214-Betty Jean and Terry Lee Harvey to Christopher and Lizet Constanza Mueller, $425,000.

Denmark Pl., 3505-Deutsche Bank Trust Co. Americas to Gregory L. Faison and Edwina Fraklin, $516,600.

Dunrobin Dr., 2210-Jerry Levern and Kathy Denise McKoy to Darron and Lynette M. Queen, $515,000.

Hillandale Way, 9922, No. 7-Hemant H. and Jessy H. Dave to Luis A. and Darlene M. Nataniel, $410,000.

Jodphur Dr., 15411-Nicole D. and Harold E. Christman to Lester Sibert, $270,000.

Kings Valley Ct., 12300-Julie Michels to Starfford and Nana A. Owusu, $310,000.

Lottsford Terr., 11526-U.S. Bank to Jamie Gibbs, $448,500.

Oxbridge Way, 9809-U.S. Bank to Carroline Twalla, $514,395.

Saint Michaels Dr., 929-Joseph E. Wright to Shakena L. Marlow, $250,000.

Tulip Tree Dr., 10203-Eugene Smith to Joseph Flood, $334,000.

Woodview Dr., 9700-Brittany Rhim to Kim L. Gordon, $328,000.