These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in October 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Cedar Dr., 15600-Diana and Eric Scott Lucas to Tramel A. Peterson, $261,000.

Hardisty Farm Lane, 16509-Tanikia Strawder to Robyn S. Gray, $420,000.

Maple Cross St., 2407-Ocean Holdings Corp. to Stacey L. Jackson, $535,000.

Overlea Ct., 15414-Federal National Mortgage Association to Jose Aguilar, $289,332.


Buck Lodge Rd., 2900-Joan A. Zardus to Tsehay W. Wanna and Hailu T. Tola, $345,000.

Edwards Way, 9200, No. 610-Reginald F. and James L. Allen to Bennie L. Whitaker, $110,000.

Fox St., 2603-Santos H. Lopez Gonzalez to Ingrid Najera and Ircia Arias, $280,000.

Luray Pl., 908-Elizabeth Kricfalusi to San Long Tse, $375,000.

Metzerott Rd., 1830, No. 103-Edna Leticia Oscal to Neil E. Harvey, $73,000.

Muskogee St., 2604-Carol W. and Larry M. Bergmann to Michael A. Blackmon, $340,000.

Powder Mill Rd., 3124-Michael L. Adkins and Anna M. Pepe to Nichole Lane, $360,000.

Riggs Rd., 6400-Shirley E. Lee to Jose R. and Daysi M. Hernandez, $655,000.

Rutland Pl., 10416-William J. and Rosalie A. Retzbach to Carlos Assan and Glenys Assan Polanco, $354,000.

16th Pl., 7202-Richard Nolan Isom to Linda Suzuki, Marillyn Suzuki and Debra Suzuki Walker, $268,000.


Bay Hill Dr., 12812-John V. and Lauren T. Huynh to Tazin Mahraj and Qamarul Ahsan, $560,000.

Big Horn Ct., 11317-John A. Rodriguez to Benjamin J. Zeher, $254,800.

Caverly Ave., 11710-Daniel K. Grumbine to Lindsay Lloyd and Matthew Flannery, $460,000.

Cherry Hill Rd., 11352, No. 1Y-Albert J. Gomez to Kamal Ramchandani and Jaikishin L. Daswani, $97,750.

Cody Ct., 6201-Zhuo Ou Yang and Xing Z. Lin to Ferdy E. Rodriguez and Yesika C. Ventura Pereira, $268,000.

Garrett Ave., 4710-Stanley P. Holliday II and Marie H. Chaffins to Eric G. Van Rite and Heather M. Carman, $325,000.

Heartwood Dr., 11706-Brian P. and Michelle A. Kittleson to Adane M. Gebresenbet and Kidist T. Chernet, $455,000.

Lomax Lane, 7603-Lifycapital Groupup Corp. to Anup Prashad Joshi and Rita Ranjit, $465,000.

Odell Rd., 6142-Ideal House Corp. to Peter L. Morris, $335,000.

Oriole Dr., 13115-Hector Mayorga and Jacqueline Orwick to Lena John and George John Ayoub, $393,000.

Running Bear Ct., 11427-Travis Keefer to Janel A. Frazier, $272,000.

Usange St., 4509-Dream Home Properties Corp. to Noe Romero Vasquez and Ingrid Lucrecia Escobar Romero, $378,750.


Annapolis Rd., 5203-SJE International Corp. to Douglas Eliu Guerra Espino and Enmaq Luvi Garcia Cordova, $354,000.

Newton St., 4919-JC Remodeling & Builders Corp. to Cristian R. Fuentes, $310,000.

Spring Rd., 5425-Tracy L. and Willie D. Crawford to Efrain Guzman Portillo and Nelson M. Melendez, $277,000.


Bar Harbor Pl., 4200-Miles Verney Hill to Ishmail Sesay and Jessy M. Kedjoupoue Kemjou, $257,000.

Brigit Ct., 11604-John Tung and Paul Dean Nguyen to Richard B. and Victoria B. Buie, $510,000.

Church Lane, 8418-Jeffrey S. Miller and Chelsey Mieke to Delmy Anali Torres Osorio, $449,000.

Crosswick Turn, 4116-Darilyn Erica Marinelli to Stacy L. Bromley, $348,900.

Farris Lane, 2803-Thomas M. Lawrence Jr. to Nicole A. Brown and Gerald Nembhard, $299,999.

High Bridge Rd., 7203-Luis Wanderlinder and Fanny Zambrano to Simone Ross, $260,000.

Kavanaugh Lane, 12618-Michael T. and Pamela K. Wolf to Matthew R. Schroeder, $350,000.

Kensington Lane, 12405-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Omayma Aboudokhan and Fady Eldardiry, $255,000.

Kinderbrook Lane, 2427-Michael H. Whalen to Kesha and Darnell Smith, $323,000.

Liana Pl., 2503-Brenda Joyce Slack to Wallis A. and Eolia P. Sibila, $400,000.

London Lane, 14613-Tiffany Little to Halimatu Bah, $275,000.

Madeley Lane, 12421-Kyle Unnewehr and estate David Lewis Unnewehr to Jean and Allan Mondejar, $350,000.

Maycheck Lane, 12106-Jared E. and Lynette M. Shaw to Sheldon Craig and Katherine Elizabeth Steffens, $333,000.

Millstream Dr., 12003-Peter Kalorumakis to Kenesha T. Starks and Rajon Jones, $332,900.

Morlock Lane, 3415-Teresha Michelle Saunders to Akil L. Joseph and Jiselle J. Manohar, $350,000.

Odens Bequest Dr., 12809-Lakeview Loan Servicing Corp. to Kakwa Koudii McClain and Rene Jovanie Stokes, $625,000.

Plummers Promise Dr., 4206-Martin T. and Ellen C. Hug to Darin K. and Toni A. Lovings, $515,000.

Quilt Patch Lane, 12331-Kenneth Label to Nneka Wogu, $345,000.

Regent Lane, 4305-James W. Franklin to Thomas E. and Susan G. Marcos, $340,000.

Rockledge Dr., 12404-Stephen V. and Randi L. Bulla to Shawn Xiong, $295,000.

Stonehaven Lane, 12319, No. T18-Edna M. Fazio to Bruce A. Blacker, $149,500.

Traymore Lane, 3042-Erin P. Favazza and estate of Elizabeth R. Dougherty to Katelyn M.P. and Patrick M. Skerpon, $266,000.

Twig Lane, 3117-U.S. Bank to Kelvin R. and Sharone Anderson Davis, $450,000.

Westholme Ct., 14103-Kevin R. and Lea D. Tame to Kwami and Yawa Kwakou, $430,000.

Willow Marsh Lane, 12708-Sumanthy J. Swaminathan to Linus V. and Lilian E. Angu, $699,000.

Woodlands Reach Dr., 4504-NVR Inc. to Brett Allen and Monique Sari Shalom Roar, $649,990.

Yarmouth Lane, 3905-Erin M. Dooley and Vincent J. Serio to Anthony J., Sasha L. and Sasha L. Varner, $350,000.


Alderwood Lane, 16112-Scott H. and Kelsey L. Hayes to Brenda and Cosdyn Akers, $385,000.

Eager Terr., 4003-Jamila H. Hodge and Jamila Z. Hoard to Adrienne Marshall, $292,900.

Easthaven Ct., 15789, No. 308-Morequity Inc. to Meenal Singh, $111,300.

Elite St., 3918-Robert P. Blosser to Williams C. and Kerry Ann P. Adams, $295,000.

Everglade Lane, 15612, No. 302-Yunhi Lee to Julian, Dawnette and Sadie Augustine Craig, $166,500.

Hindle Lane, 2214-MTGLQ Investors Partnership and New Penn Financial Corp. to Charles M. Haley, $280,000.

Nashua Lane, 14949-John W. and Terri L. Rice to Kelly F. and Robert L. Mauk III, $318,000.

Northshire Lane, 3540-Duane Jones to Jared C. Tipton, $287,900.

Pacific Ct., 15800-Leonor Munoz Alcivar and Kyle Hochreiter to Ashley Billing, $310,000.

Penn Pl., 2307-Erin T. Lorenz to Valery and Shaun Williford, $345,000.

Philmont Lane, 16018-Nicole and Ishmail Reaves to Antoinette K. Allen, $349,900.

Pointer Ridge Dr., 16400-Tina Omealy and estate of James Nathan Mills Jr. to Tony C. Robinson, $302,000.


Accokeek Rd., 5908-North Star Properteis Corp. to Devin Galicia, $234,000.

Charm Ct., 8805-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Residential Credit Opportunities Trust to Ryan C. Wooten, $282,000.

Four Gardens Rd., 7402-DR Horton Inc. to Brandye Nicole Page, $318,000.

Lusbys Lane, 12006-Aisha Development Corp. to Michael and Elizabeth Sisco, $340,000.

Quarry View Rd., 14405-NVR Inc. to Andrew P. Suh and Aigul Suinova, $490,350.

Steam Mill Farm Dr., 12900-Anthony B. Graves to Makeise D. Faison Ricks, $649,900.


40th St., 4504-Werrlein Properties Corp. to Chad B. Leader, $589,990.


Applegarth Pl., 5904-Darnat Holdings Corp. to Kyna and Antonio Ricks, $226,000.

Balsamtree Dr., 1001-Alichanel Jones to Brianna Jalise Victory, $255,000.

Brooke Rd., 1509-Ella Hall to Santos E. Villatoro and Daysi M. Garcia, $220,000.

Cedarleaf Ave., 609-Christopher A. Rose to Alyssa Sommers and Jesse McCarley, $175,000.

Cranmer Way, 5110-Kimberly Gail Harris to Paul Lyles, $236,000.

Greig St., 6411-Cross Country Equity Corp. to Lakisha and Gwendolyn Hilliard, $260,000.

James Farmer Way, 6812-Rodney Foster to Patrice Copeland, $245,000.

K St., 5912-Jack G. and Linda J. Bannister to Alvin J. and Hazel L. Hall, $345,000.

Larchmont Ave., 705-Qianwen Huang to Mary A. Newman, $220,000.

Newington Ct., 919-Fitzroy E. Gardiner Jr. to Lashawn N. Fields, $221,810.

Nova Ave., 1109-Candace Butler and Candace A. Williams to Juan A. Padilla, $245,000.

Pacific Ave., 1518-Simply the Best Construction Home Improvement and Best Construction Home Improvement to Ray Eugene Lawrence, $254,999.

Prescott Ct., 5637-Donna Y. Eades Russell to Barbara J. Cartledge, $187,500.

Shady Glen Dr., 404-Cimberly Brown Birt to Shaylin R. Warren, $215,000.

Thomasson Ct., 12-Riccardo Jones to Reginald Morris Sealey II, $281,739.

Vine St., 4103-GMWB Corp. to Christina D. Reid, $275,000.

Walker Mill Rd., 5728-Sandra Ford and estate of William Johnson Weston Jr. to Hubert J. and Natacia K. Haughton, $175,000.


Brixton Lane, 10501-Nathaniel Wheeler to Shawntay Watson, $250,000.

Terraco Pl., 10214-Francis C. and Erma R. Campbell to Carleta Belton, $335,000.


Crest Ave., 2512-Monee Hale Daniels to Christina Willims, $267,500.

Duvall Ridge Rd., 2730-SM Landover Corp. to Rebecca Knight, $302,570.

Flagstaff St., 7218-Jose Leonidas Nunez Sarvia to Alberto Mariano Hamilton, $235,000.

Garrett A Morgan Blvd., 561-Abdullah and Lashawn O. Hijazl to Michael Martini, $260,000.

Hill Burne Dr., 7406-Comprehensive Properties Corp. to Diante Jones and Dominique Langford Harvin, $287,450.

Landover Rd., 6203-First Hand Land Corp. to Razia Sultana and Muhammad Naeem, $330,000.

Palmer Park Rd., 1908-Beverly J. Payton to Jorge Rene Hernandez Perez and Jorge Aron Hernandez Perez, $190,000.

Pinebrook Rd., 2731-SM Landover Corp. to Christine B. White, $286,500.

Stoddert Lane, 6901-SM Landover Corp. to Krystal Alexis Heard, $346,475.

Stoddert Lane, 6913-SM Landover Corp. to Winston A. Grey, $338,720.


Annual Ct., 9303-Marvin L. and Iris D. Sidberry to Patricia L. Britt and Herbet S. Wilson, $430,000.

Cloverleaf Ave., 5807-Visiono Investments Corp. to Carlos G. and Ernesa Anderson, $320,000.

Edward Dr., 6100-Mengyao Chen to Ternisha M. Caldwell, $294,000.

Golden Dr., 8301-John H. Wallace to Ricky Dent and Tia M. Moore, $260,000.

Gwynndale Pl., 5817-Aptus Capital Group Corp. to Tiffaney N. White, $352,490.

Hellen Lee Dr., 6108-Residential Value Corp. to Jose A. Ortiz Perez, $310,000.

Mike Shapiro Dr., 7800-Eric T. and Colenthia A. Malloy to Shareen Lawan and Shatae Capri Garner, $305,000.

Parker Lane, 12417-Feticia Guest to Nilda Tapia Terceros and Jairo A. Terceros Tapia, $235,000.

Plum Way, 6204-Kandece B. Williams to Aurelia Wilson, $272,500.

Sand Cherry Way, 6822-Alejandro S. and Anka L. Perez to Brandi H. and Akele R. Montgomery, $465,000.

Serenade Cir., 7601-Theresa A. and Theresa A. Upshaw to Stephanie A. Christian and Wayne M. Smith, $270,000.

Thrift Rd., 10106-Aptus Capital Group Corp. to Timothy S. and Tracey P. Jones, $302,000.

Woodley Rd., 6601-Livre Corp. to Marlon A. Canas Navarro and Margarita Isabel Flores, $267,500.


Columbia Ave., 7510-Xin Q. and Kenny Chen to Tyler S. Handley, $555,000.

Hollywood Rd., 4800-Emeziem Chukwuma Nwokekeh to Jeffrey Franklin Clark and Laura Rogers, $325,000.

Niagara Rd., 4811-Victor Ramos to Lorena Jeanneth Decorado, $310,000.

Ruatan St., 6214-Matthew A. and Kendra Jochum to Jorge Luis Cruz Garcia, Maria Bueno and Allende Cruz Bueno, $330,000.

Westchester Park Dr., 6100, No. 1-T-1-Raymond M. and Samuel H. Horne to Thomas Twigg, $125,000.

Westchester Park Dr., 6100, No. 8-1208-Jacquelyn Dolezal to Haoyan Guo, $95,000.

48th Ave., 8125, No. 415C-Tennant Properties College Park Corp. to Tianning Li and Yue Yang, $195,000.

51st Pl., 9721-Dundas and Jerrie Ellen Orr to Tayalya Grandanda Gilmore Moye, $311,000.

53rd Ave., 9706-Jeffrey I. and Samantha J. Urban Tarrant to Ahna De Triana, $331,900.


Addison Ave., 5916-Anita Clarke and Tiffany Anita Clarke Dowe to Ivan N. Guardado, $253,000.

Boundary Dr., 8011-Evelyn C. Blue to Anthony L. and Kai R. Blevins, $303,000.

Halleck St., 6714-D.C. Metro Investment Group Corp. to Anthony Jerome Holton, $269,000.

Seton Way, 2317-Tiffany L. Bascomb and Quanetta M. West to Saide Y. Ibrahim, $210,000.


Allentown Rd., 9404-Anthony Dison to Hye Won and Helen Jin Lee, $250,000.

Belfast Dr., 1913-Kimbly Y. Kellam to Rosa Maria Chavez and Stephanie S. Melendez, $240,000.

Bizet Ct., 11906-Isaac Tindle to Chester M. and Cynthia D. Cooper, $375,000.

Buckland Ct., 6503-Kheli and Edward Sharpe to Helen E. Morris, $206,000.

Calydon Ct., 3215-Visiono Investments Corp. to Sarah L. Jones and Cynthia C. Binette, $340,000.

Cedarwood Lane, 10502-Residential Mortgage Loan Trust and U.S. Bank to Marian Denise Hines, $355,537.

Coldwater Dr., 13304-Luis A. Rivera Gonzalez and Maria L. Villanueva Santos to Rhoshon M. Lockhart, $324,500.

Digges Lane, 504-Imran Siddiqi to Justin Michael Anderson, $455,000.

Doris Dr., 8812-Unique and Modern Homes Corp. to Pamela Nabami and Jean Jacques Mafungizi, $495,000.

Felwood St., 1729-Michael E. Collins to Norma Younes, $352,000.

Founders Woods Way, 8304-MTGLQ Investors and Selene Finance to Brian Bell, $248,000.

Harrison Ave., 13503-Aptus Capital Group Corp. to Candice Clemons, $275,000.

Jessica Dr., 907-George and Vudonnia J. Riley to Sylvester Hall, $429,900.

Kilbourne Dr., 4110-Cynthia D. Fogg and Chester M. Cooper to Jose E. Cruz Posada, $310,000.

Maidstone Pl., 4105-Prakash Sankurathri to Michele Sherri Nelson, $339,900.

Monroe Ave., 13000-Virgie Youssef to Erik Myles, $259,900.

Old Fort Rd., 12111-C & C Design and Remodeling Corp. to Adrianne Harris, $372,000.

Pamelia Pl., 9612-Ronald B. and Donna S. Williams to Xiomara L. Medrano and Adilman A. Lozano, $382,900.

Pine Rd., 501-Worldwide Financial Corp. to Jose F. Gonzalez, $643,500.

River Bend Rd., 332-NH Haven Residential Corp. and NH Haven Apartments Corp. to Cindy Whitaker, $249,900.

Riverview Rd., 10805-James D. Evans to Reynaldo and Blanca Chicas, $335,000.

Rosecroft Blvd., 2005-KCE Inc. to Genry B. Reyes, $331,645.

Southfield Rd., 6812-Veronica Guzman to Zachary Scott Jr., $332,000.

Taylor Ave., 1612-Melissa Alston to Karla Patricia Perez Garcia, $340,000.

Washington Overlook Dr., 2407-Angela L. Austin to Jason and Isabel C. Williams, $585,000.


Guinevere Rd., 12221-Paul L. Walker to Anthony M. Shelton, $385,000.

Wood Pointe Dr., 6101-Quinton Brooks and estate of Matthew Brooks Jr. to Nicholette Smith and Samuel Bligen, $437,000.


Greenbelt Rd., 8216-NVR Inc. to Muna Al Mayyahl and Yaseen Al Juboorj, $438,910.

Greenbelt Rd., 8495, No. 102-Citimortgage Inc. to Afifa Zakariya, $76,201.

Hanover Pkwy., 6946, No. 101-M & T Bank to Dana Etedgi, $91,500.

Hanover Pkwy., 7716, No. 125-Yuch Hsia Lee to Abraham Myles, $155,000.

Hanover Pkwy., 7822, No. 419-Department of Veterans Affairs to Brenda Lee Walker, $132,000.

Lakecrest Dr., 8010-Erik L. and David R. Twombly to Paul L. Brown Jr., $178,000.

Miner St., 8230-NVR Inc. to Robert L. and Esperance Becton, $358,890.

Stream Bank Lane, 5500-NVR Inc. to Xinyi Chen, $591,129.


Farragut St., 4112-Sol Kwon to David Lawrence and Erin T. Archer, $386,150.

Lustine St., 5611-Matthew R. Rudolphi to Michelle Hutchings Medina, $425,000.

Oglethorpe St., 4410, No. 610-Michael and Jennifer Montieth to Jacqueline Itziar Franco, $169,000.

42nd Ave., 6204-Caroline Papanikolaou to Angela M. Smith, $430,000.

44th Ave., 5619-Katrina Grace Cebey Lopez to Kevin M. and Francine R. Bennett Beasley, $470,000.

54th Ave., 5016-Bounds Appraisal Services Inc. to Hugo A. Arias and Maricela Flores De Arias, $297,000.


Dorsey Lane, 10066-NVR Inc. to Cheryl Grays, $318,170.

Echols Ave., 7924-Larney P. Michael and estate of Laura Michael to Ramota Almaroof, $267,000.

Finns Lane, 7298-David Grand to Lizbeth Lucero and Abraham Herrera, $275,000.

Franklin St., 9906-Wells Fargo Bank to Arnulfo Jose Villatoro, $272,500.

Goddard Dr., 7307-Pazhayannur K. and Shoba Subramanian to John Bundu Koroma, $449,100.

Martins Lane, 6302-Tillman C. Robinson to Ulises Martinez, Amancio Martinez Herrera and Antonia Munoz, $403,000.

Princess Garden Pkwy., 6209-U.S. Bank to Oluremi Ayoh, $205,275.

Seasons Way, 8629, No. 7-Greta A. Mason Bennett to William G. and Jennyfer V. Villalta, $183,000.

Van Buren St., 9503-Pamela A. Poirier and estate of Ophelia B. Ostrom to Franklin A. DeLeon, $285,000.

Woodstream Terr., 7035-Nicole M. Reese to Vivian I. Anekwe, $260,000.

94th Ave., 6708-Cheryl A. Waters to Hector A. Villalta, $270,000.


Beech Orchard Lane, 2600-William E. Sparrow III to William Amson and Equilla Sims, $685,997.

Bloxham Ct., 1308-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Eduardo E. Parris Jr., $245,000.

Campus Way S., 10108, No. 304-3C-Sunrise Link Corp. to Glenville B. Holmes, $80,000.

Castleton Pl., 227-Thomas Edwin Johnson to Jason Pilgrim and Marguerita Haynes, $277,000.

Cranston Ave., 615-NVR Inc. to Rico Wade, $618,234.

Doubletree Terr., 9900-Ismael and Marta Reyes to Melissa M. Leeling, $295,000.

Falconett Ct., 1104-Sedat Elmali to Rachael Omole, $345,000.

Fidgeway Lane, 306-Thomas J. and Ana C. Pannell to Brenda F. Lyles, $325,000.

Glastonbury Way, 15702-U.S. Bank to Tanna C. Jackson, $472,500.

Harry S. Truman Dr., 356, No. 249-James Q. Townsend to Lamarr Jones, $210,000.

Honeysuckle Ct., 11427-Vincent Steven Tabbs to Prem Raj Ruffin, $225,000.

Levenwick Pl., 15500-Westphalia Row Partners Corp. to Godfrey and Siata L. Lze Ovia, $617,750.

Mount Lubentia Ct. W., 639-Lucky Streak Properties Corp. to Jennifer Evon Rountree, $245,000.

New Acadia Lane, 14000, No. 405-Gustavia Tyler to Linda Floretta Jones, $210,250.

Peachleaf Ct., 12808-Paul Flanagan to Angella Murphy Marsh, $275,500.

Prince Pl., 10125, No. 103-11-Tekita Ali to Troy Miles II, $60,000.

Red Jade Ct., 11431-Top Real Estate Corp. to Victoria N. Spence, $200,000.

Robert Lewis Ave., 1610-Joaquin S. and Katrina M. Sorrell to Tamia N. and Kevin Perry, $350,000.

Sansbury Rd., 1804-101 Geneva Corp. to Jose Santos Andrade, $217,000.

Tolly Pl., 3502-Cherise Michelle Bullock Cassell to Oluranti B. and Adeola Adebusola Efunwoye, $398,000.

Turleygreen Pl., 2217-Milton McLean Jr. to Nikia J. Brocks, $420,000.


Alan Dr., 15302-Lisa Renee and Matthew Juan Rodriguez to Mike B. Ngo, $291,000.

Arbory Ct. E., 7627, No. 291-Lindsay D. and Nicholas J. Cane to Charity Symone Nwankpa, $232,000.

Archsine Lane, 7314-Keisha Jones and Oswald Johnson to Kene Ejinaka and Ezinne Anumudu, $436,500.

Barkham Ct., 14006-Kenneth A. Green to John T. and Lillian R. Carden, $425,000.

Berryleaf Dr., 7406-Tze F. Chu and estate of Kwai Lan Chu to Jin Eung, Son Hee and Daniel Younghoon Shin, $252,750.

Carriage Hill Dr., 7219-Noah Renaldo Waters to Elvira and Jorge Maniquis, $379,000.

Cherry Lane, 7578, No. 3A-HSBC Bank USA and Select Portfolio Servicing Inc. to Xiaodong Xue, $162,800.

Concord Ave., 13923-Tahir Mahmood and Tahir Khan to Simone Gifford Allen, $429,900.

Dorset Rd., 16031, No. 161-Christina M. Rowe to Noble I. Okeke, $240,000.

Goodman Ct., 16104-Christine Russman to Sa Ard Yousuk and Daw Kyin Aye, $385,000.

Leaf Shade Ct., 7401-Mattie E. Glanville to Dorothy P. Roundtree and Lillas Beckford, $515,000.

Malcolm Dr., 16108-Paul B. and Margaret I. Smith to Scott Muir and Sarah Brittingham, $369,900.

Mayfair Rd., 6900-Christopher A. and Joyce A. Fulda to Katherine Anne Masetti, $335,000.

Montgomery St., 507B-Nationstar Mortgage Corp. to Santos Jose Perez Fuentes, $173,000.

Plaid Dr., 15602-Janelle Phillip to Tsige Ali, $270,000.

Summertree Way, 13103-Donna L. Wiltshire to Janice Marie Allison, $360,000.

Vista Dr., 14055, No. 150-Brendan Joseph and Lisa Jean Brady to Vishal and Aditi Taylor, $127,000.

Winding Trail Rd., 13218-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to James E. and Dawna L. Parks, $345,000.


Blue Moon Ct., 12206-Alison Marcia Hector to Yolanda Q. Gamble, $314,000.

Briarcroft Lane, 8604-Patricia Merritt and Katrina P. Carey to Amy I. Cruz Rodriguez, Edward O. Cruz and Moises E. Cruz, $389,000.

Cherry Lane, 9270, No. 68-Michael J. O’Rourke Jr. and Florence D. Kenny to Dawna Patricia DeFreitas Boney, $185,000.

Dove Cir., 12007-Neftali Flores Lemuz and Reyna Del Carmen Renderos to Luis Fernando Arias, $235,000.

Greenview Dr., 14109-James E. and Carol M. Lawn to Bettye J. Muwwakkil, $374,900.

Shadetree Lane, 12349-Joan L. Osborne to Leonela Nataly Martinez and Wildfredo Guzman, $350,000.

Snowden Oaks Pl., 8489-Jacqueline F. Crawford to Kellie Renee Quash, $282,000.


Farragut St., 7005-Irma Cartagena and Jose Dagoberto Florian Sagastume to Sonia E. Ramirez and Sandra Rosibel Zavala, $228,000.

Frederick Rd., 7722-Jun K. Kim to Chase C. Englund and Jason J. DeFazio, $349,900.

Garrison Rd., 7751-SKE Investments Corp. to William L. Gilchrist Jr., $375,000.

Jodie St., 6425-Miriam and Daniel Pereira to Mayra P. Malagon Espinosa and Aurora Loaeza Malagon, $340,000.

Nystrom St., 5816-U.S. Bank to Rahel Yohannes, $242,023.

Richley Ct., 4105-U.S. Bank to Misael A. and Zaida Argueta, $265,000.

Sprague Pl., 8313-Realty Experts Corp. to Carlos L. Guirola Mojica, Karla E. Guirola Mojica and Mauricio Antonio Garcia, $290,000.

Tilden St., 7403-Everth Loza Reyes to Andres Sauno Pintor and Isidro Sauno Inocencio, $265,000.

67th Ave., 4809-Pinehills Properties Corp. to Alberto Gonzalez Hernandez, $241,000.


Abbington Dr., 7403-Tonya M. Day Jefferson to Hector Bonilla and Jairo Barerra, $219,000.

Catone Ct., 7511-Abelardo and Luz Rodriguez to Christian G. Espinoza, $375,000.

Crisfield Dr., 1313-Thomas Monroe and Pamela E. Harley to Carlos R. Tejada, $230,000.

Harborview Dr., 540-IHMW Potomac Overlook VIII Corp. to Steven N. and Jacelyn S. Masler, $707,490.

Livingston Rd., 6041-Sann Marie Richardson to Cynthia Howard, $235,000.

Owens Rd., 804-Cerise Mason Corp. to Jose Silvestre and Cristelia F. Velasquez, $290,000.

Riverhaven Dr., 120-NH Haven Residential Corp. and NH Haven Apartments Corp. to Edith Ragland, $257,900.

Riverhaven Dr., 145, No. 112-NH Haven Residential Corp. and NH Haven Apartments Corp. to Charles L. Galloway, $279,900.

Riverhaven Dr., 145, No. 411-NH Haven Residential Corp. and NH Haven Apartments Corp. to Keturah A. Brown, $419,900.

Sandy Pl., 515-Raul M. Molina and Julio C. Rosa to Yorlis, Rubier B. and Delmer Y. Sosa Aragon, $275,000.

Wealding Way, 4926-Ivan Hardnett to Juan C. Rodriguez Orantes, $240,000.

Wilson Bridge Dr., 549, No. 6748-Shaleaka Prince to Chad M. Ernst, $65,000.

Woodland Dr., 5604-Lavern E. Haefele to Carolina Contreras and Alejandro A. Escobar, $265,000.


East West Hwy., 4904-George L. and Charlene Maria Guff to Carlos Galvez Barahoma and Elvin D. Galvez, $284,000.

Kennedy St., 6205-Firas Safar and Basma Zaiber to Estanislao Canales Reyes and Dora Velasquez, $259,500.

Patterson St., 5320-Juana L. Marroquin and Yesenia A. Guerra to Jose F. Ibarra Mejia and Luz M. Argueta Quintanilla, $260,000.

Van Buren St., 4703-SM Waterford Estates Corp. to Latonya and Ian H. Groom, $515,106.

Woodberry St., 4504-Brent Anthony and Nicole Gidaya Bonine to Rebecca G. and Debbie G. Chu, $505,000.

47th Ave., 6516-SM Waterford Estates Corp. to Amar D. James, $556,960.

67th Ave., 5636-Larry Phifer Jr. and estate of Gladys M. Humphrey to Edras Roque Miguel, $245,000.


Applegate Lane, 4320, No. 1-Cecil Warren and estate of Edwina Warren to Sophia L. Lafontant, $182,000.

Dianna Dr., 5101-Cambridge Estates Corp. and Abbas Ghassemi to Adrian K. and Labdonya Bragg, $305,000.

Gaylord Dr., 2309-Jessica D. Smith Grant to Verngina Smith, $185,000.

Hartfield Ave., 5520-Henry W. and Kimberly A. Bethea to Martha Mhlanga, $310,000.

Maria Ave., 6004-Synergy Gateway Corp. to Lekeisha and Dale Render, $305,000.

Reamy Dr., 4413-Roger Rojas to Phathom Donald, $265,000.

Swann Rd., 3811, No. 102-Darryl W. Jackson to Michael S. and Latoya Organ, $75,000.

Whitehall St., 2510-Asuzu Properties Corp. to Noe R. Cedillos, $285,000.


Anvil Lane N., 2006-Aptus Capital Group to Bianca and Lincoln Lawrence, $251,000.

Beechwood Dr., 6550, No. 54-Anthony T. Atkins to Princess Eno Inyang, $185,000.

Birchtree Lane, 4802-Bluestone Irrevocable Business Trust to Tyronda E. Boone, $321,000.

Brinkley Rd., 4604-Jean K. and Junius C. Steen to William Humberto Ortiz Mejia, $300,000.

Catskill St., 2609-Belgacem Mkaddem to Gladstone E. Harriott, $285,000.

Clothier St., 5505-Helen D. Fields Waltower to Lisa Keeton, $450,000.

Colonial Dr., 5001-Visiono Investments Corp. to Carlos Alberto Ortiz Pulido and Tracy J. Roman, $336,000.

Dodge Lane, 6803-Irdean U. and John Thomas Richardson to Jose S.S. Martinez Gonzalez and Lidia M. Ramos De Gonzalez, $230,000.

Huntley Square Dr., 3337, No. C1-Joe A. Montesinos to Karen C. Woodard, $105,000.

Keppler Pl., 4711-Aaron D. and Lakeisha D. McCombs to Rider A. Osegueda Cruz and Veronica K. Pachacama Poma, $434,000.

Long View Rd., 4869-BTZ Corp. to Jose S. and Lorena Y. Molina, $314,000.

Matthews Dr., 3906-Bruce R. and Susan M. Lewke to Christopher Ellis, $272,000.

Morton Pl., 6501-NH Haven Residential Corp. and NH Haven Apartments Corp. to LaShonda M. Edwards, $363,900.

Roxanne Pl., 2103-Adrian Knights and Vincent V. Porter to Atilio D. Delgado Pineda, $335,000.

Triton Ct., 3910-Residential Value Corp. to Denise Fisher, $230,000.

28th Ave., 3822, No. 134-Patricia Wilson Carter to Elmer E. and Numa Rones, $82,000.


Adelphi Rd., 6427-John James DiCarlo and Mary Janet Conley to Valenka Jimenez, $435,000.

America Blvd., 6506, No. 510-HPB Investments Corp. to Ky Tran, $222,500.

Chillum Rd., 1001, No. 308-Bank of America to Karen M. Robinson, $60,800.

Ingraham St., 2100-18 Armatho Nesty Group Corp. to Henri Julian Portillo Marquez and Jessica Portillo, $389,000.

Madison St., 3111-Mary B. and Michael J. Young to Anibal Lopez, $289,000.

Parker House Terr., 5601, No. 412-Matthew J. Rosen to Gregory Myers, $73,500.

Rosedale Dr., 6117-Wells Fargo Bank to Kanitra D. Cobbs, $375,000.

Van Buren St., 4206-Ivan and Rosa Maria Duenas Rios to Sarah Leone and Matthew James Jasinski, $485,000.

31st Ave., 5609-Candace Gingrich Jones to Elishia Webster, $232,000.


Brightfield Lane, 10204-U.S. Bank and Select Portfolio Servicing Inc. to Tunde Folorunsho and Oluwadamilola Adeyemo, $340,000.

Brooktrail Ct., 16300-Dorothy L. Chapman to Sylviene A. Mason, $199,500.

Carlene Dr., 13803-Joan P. and Clarence Godfrey to Nailah C. and Matthew A. Cook, $440,000.

Clirieden Lane, 4811-Kim Spriggs to Wesley R. Bryant, $250,000.

Colonels Choice, 14675-Halisha Stanyette Hunter Mays to Termika L. Harrell, $285,000.

Florin Way, 9027-Carl and Unbong Papaj to Nia L. Chisholm, $252,500.

Governor Sprigg Pl., 14549-Yolanda Y. Coleman to Ronald L. Anderson Jr., $270,000.

Green Tee Turn, 12001-James W. and Shelly J. Henson to Lisa D. Barnett and Donnell Keels, $340,000.

Ignatius Digges Dr., 10613-Federal National Mortgage Association and Old Republic Title Co. to Tiffany J. Allen, $239,900.

King John Way, 4733, No. 175-Neva G. Morris to Gregory Lamont Hooks, $224,000.

Live Oak Lane, 9107-Bank of America and Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc. to Gloria S. Pena, $200,000.

Lord Fairfax Pl., 13931-Gerard M. Santiago to Dyeva L. Foster, $300,000.

Marathon Dr., 10700-Daysi M. Blanco Rivera to Sumatra and Darnell Key, $275,000.

Marlborough Lane, 14327-Harry A. Richardson Jr. to Robert Barber, $219,977.

Newton Ct., 17305-Alex and Cynthia Scurry to Jimmy D. and Katie E. McConner, $345,000.

Old Marlboro Pike., 12809-Demario T. and Charlene Y. Jones Newman to Feliciano A., Elida E. and Lesyle Rodriguez Guzman, $265,000.

Palomino Xing., 4611-Wells Fargo Bank to Brian Keith Richardson, $606,500.

Perthshire Pl., 3808-Caruso Builder Balmoral Corp. to Sirita L. Harmon, $589,490.

Ripon Pl., 13168-Dwight Johnson to Kimberly Wiseman, $265,000.

Sherborn Lane, 4520-Felicia Harrison to Tieya Qualls, $260,000.

Thames Ct., 4303-April A. Moore to Jason Shorter and Tierra Berthau, $320,000.

Village Dr. W., 16202-Abner J. and Rachel A. Carey to April K. Shepherd, $290,000.

Wood Sorrel Ct., 10300-Anthony W. and Sonja M. Cheatham to Rodney E. Johnson, $425,000.


Aynor Dr., 3802-Donald Twitty to Travis Asim Parson, $425,000.

Courtside Rd., 3211-Fulton Bank to Alan Richard Williams, $737,500.

Erion Ct., 10016-Patriot Homes Corp. to Horay W. and Jennifer S. Gibson, $550,000.

Foxlake Dr., 10308-Archie D. and Anh N. Harville to Darryl and Tamisha Guishard Mendoza, $375,000.

Hall Station Dr., 908, No. 206-Miya L. Batts to James M. Mixon, $305,000.

Jarvis Crest Ct., 607-Prakash Sankurathri to Shaba T. Bedney, $462,000.

Kencrest Dr., 10805-Bruce A. and Patty L. Bates to Thomas G. and Latanya S. Sothern, $445,000.

Millponds Ct., 949-Victoria Thompson to Kelvin Grant, $325,000.

Peartree Dr., 15102-Juan M. Montanez to Victoria Wolf, $450,000.

Saint Francis Way, 11913-Donald T. Washington to Malik Hijazi, $300,000.

Southwood Ct., 1904-Griffin and Deanne M. McKenzie Davis to Ronald S. Flowers, Jean R. James and Nichelle Stanley, $679,000.

Vista Verde Dr., 3521-Wells Fargo Bank to Daryl Anthony Gayhardt, $337,500.

Whittier Rd., 11715-Richard Carl Widmayer Jr. and Carrie Main to Olayinka Okiji and Olamide Oranseola, $300,000.