These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in November 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Charity Lane, 18307-Eddie Lee and Stephanie D. Burnett to Delicia J. Tyson, $365,000.

Livingston Rd., 16307-Elizabeth Heinrich and estate of Jean P. Pieknik to Matthew Brodycz, $291,000.

Ravensworth Ct., 1106-U.S. Bank to Junette Scott, $345,900.

Vintage Lane, 14127-Bryan J. Schmelzer to David C. Malcolm, $350,000.


Charleston Pl., 2007-HSBC Bank and Select Portfolio Servicing Inc. to Joselito Amparo and Ana R. Lugo, $338,000.

Knollbrook Dr., 6719-Brenda Chapman to Anisa Afshar, $325,000.

Metzerott Rd., 1826, No. 206-Shite L. Melaku to Adriano Amato, $105,000.

Metzerott Rd., 1836, No. 2011-Nilima Rani and Apama Lynn Nowrangi to Sejal Shah and Arjun Virmani, $65,000.

Riggs Rd., 7977, No. 8-Mary Boniffa to Ivan U. Cardenas and Tereza Reyes Gomez, $75,000.

Tulsa Dr., 10309-Linda C. and Thomas S. Stogdale to William Romero and Nancy Beatriz Ventura Argueta, $370,000.


Beltsville Dr., 11901-Euton A. Watson and Suzette I. James to Elizabeth Yirdaw, $285,000.

Cherry Hill Rd., 11342, No. 2E-Sandra A. and Pernell C. Addison to Francis Wayoro, $78,000.

Figtree Ct., 6246-Xcel Properties Corp. to Karen Lomax, $297,000.

Montgomery Ct., 11511-Donald Vernon and Katherine L. Borgwardt to Sean P. and Bernadette M. Daly, $429,000.

Romlon St., 4415, No. 2-Shahid Zaki to Jose I. Estrada and Alma L. Alay Grijalva, $65,000.

Rustic Rock Lane, 12815-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Daniel and Nabeela Parker, $438,000.

Whethersfield Pl., 7605-Diana Investment Corp. to Victor Manuel Ayala Carbajal, $500,000.


Emerson St., 6011, No. 601-Deutsche Bank National Association to Waleed Alansi Abdalla, $43,000.

Taylor St., 5304-Anthony and Theresa Ferrine to Wilmer Ademir Fuentes and Norma E. Fuentes Hernandez, $285,000.


Buckingham Dr., 12723-Terry L. and Diane D. Cope to James Lester Barr, $348,950.

Guardian Ct., 14101-Ismael and Serena Martinez to Johannes Kettenmeier Tsai and Yenci Elizabeth Perkins, $468,000.

Idlewild Dr., 13431-Judith Mendez and Sabier Ramirez to Lara Drake Figures, $349,000.

Kemmerton Lane, 12324-Roslyn A. Pressley to Laurell T. Henry, $346,000.

Kitmore Lane, 2508-Home Sellers Solution Corp. to Luis Limbert and Juana Angelica Hurtado, $357,000.

Millstream Dr., 12700-Edward G. Haraway and estate of Ralph B. Haraway to Michael and Wendy Dornisch, $160,000.

Mullin Lane, 3518-Agnes V. and Mauro Pittaro to Angeles Guzman Vivar and Abel Aviles Martinez, $305,000.

Quick Fox Lane, 12115-Shemile Joyce M. and John M. Wiggin Jr. to Tanya Lewis Wells, $442,000.

Raemore Lane, 4811-Chad E. Unger and Kristi J. Nadler to Dione F. and Malvina L. Bowlding, $305,000.

River Valley Way, 4800, No. 146-Kathy A. Naylor Knowles to Ayanna S. Gibson, $198,000.

Stafford Lane, 12414-Keith O. Walls to Angel Israel Valles Robles, Jessica Beatrice Valles and Christian Alexander Amaya, $375,000.

Woodedge Dr., 13501-Linda L. Sickles to Peter M. and Ejigayehu Stanghellini, $233,000.

Fifth St., 13007-Cheryl J. Toefield Keen and estate of Alfred Earl Toefield to Charles W. Bennett Jr., $280,000.


Eldbridge Lane, 16503-Tracie Hendricks Jones to Ogechi E. Chidebell, $265,000.

Emperor Ct., 3538-Idown and Alabi Akinkunmi to Bunmi Samuel, $251,500.

Nemo Ct., 2613-Kouame Kouadio to April and Jeremiah Collins, $235,000.

Peachwood Lane, 1302-Michele A. McRae to Dionna L. and Lossie B. Gibson, $350,000.

Powell Lane, 15502-Aidan Arseneault to Margaret E. Blount, $300,000.


Baden Westwood Rd., 15313-Adrian and Iesha Johnson to Robert Lewis Clark Jr., $515,000.

Dyson Rd., 9800-Oluremi Ayoh to Joel L. Robertson, $350,000.

Gillmore Greens Ct., 15616-Bernetta Green to Fuchiya Nkuti T. Emmanuel and Helen Mboge G. Tete, $405,000.

Lady Lauren Lane, 15320-DR Horton Inc. to Jamey and Cynara Milo, $334,990.

Pocopson Creek Way, 15321-Sandra Kay Spruell to David W. Butler, $323,000.

Woodreed Dr., 4300-HWR Corp. to Calvin L. and Tina D. Myers, $725,050.


Upshur St., 3601-Harriet Anne and Andrea B. Hoag to Charles Alan Rohde and Amy Catherine Mills, $222,500.


Adeline Way, 1204-Seon N. Wilburg to Annette Niler Party, $204,000.

Booker Pl., 802-Wayne S. and Natasha C. Johnson to Maryul Rocio Ortiz Ascanio, Reynaldo Salgado Sosa and Maria V. Amaya Ortiz, $181,900.

Capitol Heights Blvd., 931-Federal National Mortgage Association to Delsir E. Mejia and Casildo Miguel Meija Oxlaj, $195,000.

Drum Ave., 807-Theodore Gale to Joshua Miller, $196,000.

Heath St., 4906-SGSA Investments Corp. to Sharon R. and Jeffrey L. Crawford, $290,000.

Southern Ave., 4275-Sheila A. Wilder to Sharon A. Lynch, $185,000.


Allendale Dr., 8115-TLC Homes Corp. to Barbara Lewis and Aaron Reeves, $229,000.

Bender Rd., 7740-CMG Corp. to Samuel Omolaiye, $228,000.

Fatima Pl., 1311-Myles D. Russell and Loubern M. Santos to Glenn Curtis Jr., $335,000.

Forest Rd. E., 7229-Portland L. Jones Brown to Oluwatosin Jaiyesimi, $174,900.

Perry St., 6115-RLP Investment Group Corp. to Karina Rivas and Walter De Jesus Otero, $310,000.

Suiter Way, 7928-Beczak and Associates Inc. to Marvin Alphonza Jackson, $245,000.


Boniwood Turn W., 5301-UPlus Design Corp. to Jocelyn Weston, $329,000.

Dangerfield Rd., 10116-Eric Taylor to Frederik M. Stracke, $235,000.

Echo Lane, 8400-Zenith Investing Corp. to Theodore A. Thomas Jr., $348,000.

Hardesty Dr., 8820-Derek L. Gorham to Tiena N. Edwards, $284,000.

Mc Colgan Ct., 3402-Xanthius T. and Derrick A. Williams to Heather Germain, $453,500.

Raintree Way, 9917-Cedric J. Watson to Brendan Dixon, $250,000.

Springbrook Lane, 6308-Ficabe Corp. to Isis Smith, $300,000.

Wigan Dr., 10114-House Buyers of America Inc. to Jenessa Robinson, $304,000.


Dartmouth Ave., 6808-Sarah R. and Richard Bourne to Daniel M. and Margaret L. Oates, $425,000.

Paducah Rd., 5001-James E. and Frances P. Smith to Jose Alfredo Nunez and Yumarsy Garcia, $364,000.

Tecumseh St., 4707, No. 203-Rajalakshmi and Vellore Parithivel to Joseph D. Williams, $200,500.

50th Pl., 9010-Wai Wah Chan and Christine J. Shea to Dennys Vieira Moura, $303,000.

52nd Ave., 10117-Katherine M. Merkel to Sender De Maria Graza Mendez, $342,000.


Edenville Dr., 1224-John N. and Sandra M. Ferguson to Martir Alcides Contreras Cruz, Tatiana Contreras Hernandez and Eris B. Contreras Cruz, $293,000.

Kirtland Ave., 2608-Russell O. Sanders to Nakita Moore, $295,000.

Marion St., 7500-Nadine and Nathaniel Brown to Maria E. Cabrera Bercian, Jose David Jimenez Cabrera and Jose Santos Cabrera, $225,000.

Overdale Pl., 2500-Jack G. and Linda J. Bannister to Anthony and Adrianna Harvey, $258,950.

Pinevale Ave., 3524-Wayne Huu Cai and Hung Kim Nguyen to Anita Wang, $275,000.

Regency Lane, 5709-Sherman Campbell and Lawrence Laws to Redonah Anderson, $220,000.

Ritchboro Rd., 8657-Ani Real Estate Investments Corp. to Franklin Twum, $245,000.

Shady Glen Dr., 1604-Ripp Corp. to Lakita Lashawn Putty, $370,000.


Aragona Dr., 216-Washington Development Co. Corp. to Hyun J. Allen and Tonya Daniels Viera, $350,000.

Everhart Pl., 5840-Charlie J. Patterson and Chali Prasper to Jeneh S. Matturi, $267,000.

Founders Woods Way, 8302-TZ 101 Corp. to Keisha Myrick, $270,000.

Jefferson Rd., 1303-Christopher M. Day to Eric Jean, $265,000.

Lancelot Rd., 9204-Edwin M. and Darlene D. Gaskins to Brandon Rus Henderson, $250,000.

Mike Rd., 10005-H & A Investment Corp. to Robert and April Lundberg, $319,999.

Oaklawn Rd., 3507-Wells Fargo Bank to Bich N. Nguyen and Loan B. Mai, $268,000.

Pamper Lane, 8610-JR&G Enterprises Corp. to Oraine Necalir Wayne and Abigale Morgan, $275,000.

Potomac Heights Dr., 1479, No. 239-Carolyn S. and Gerald G. Tepaske to Octavia Snead, $175,000.

River Bend Rd., 416-NH Haven Residential Corp. and NH Haven Apartments Corp. to Shameka S. Wright, $332,660.

Saint Ignatius Dr., 6600, No. 7202-Wallace L. Butler and estate of Bernice M. Washington to Katherine Charlotte Nourse and Joseph A. Miller, $120,000.

Taylor Lane, 9105-Federal National Mortgage Association to Moris S. Gameros Linares, $395,000.


James Madison Lane, 12413-Zeditha Cabbagestalk to Kanosha R. and Shawn C. Vaughns, $613,000.


Craddock Rd., 8106-Cuneyt and Gulnur Utku to Tu T. Ha and Thanh Quoc Nguyen, $381,900.

Greenbelt Rd., 8671, No. 201-Joseph A. Aina to Mary H. Pietrzak, $94,000.

Hanover Pkwy., 7712, No. 95-Theodore Frederick Kaouk and Sandra V. Arboleda Moncada to Jason Warren, $135,000.

Lakecrest Dr., 7978-Winnie R. Graves to Adanna Wynther, $160,000.

Ora Ct., 7703-Jack J. Kayser and Kathleen A. Kaechele to Cheryl Y. Keith, $320,000.


Kennedy St., 4213-Serenely Corp. to Zachary K. Boileau and Raven D. Bradburn, $534,900.

41st Ave., 5802-Richard S. and Corinne Rothblum to Mary and Seth Smith, $349,500.

44th Ave., 5725-Atlantic Partners Corp. to Jean Philippe Charles and Tomika R. Marshall, $470,000.


Ellerbie St., 5415-Mdabdus S. Miah to Jose Luis Miguel Cruz and Jose Samuel Mendez Piche, $300,000.

Good Luck Rd., 9501-Pascale K. Scott to Nelson N. Viera and Alba Marisol Ortiz Escobar, $355,000.

Magnolia Dr., 8805-Ikenna J. and Gloria C. Dike to Osmin Perez, Norma E. Perez Ortez and Norma Lucia Perez, $295,000.

Newberry Lane, 7523-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Christiana Trust to Cesar O. and Miguel Angel Benitez, $275,000.

Saint Annes Ave., 6900-Charles K. Wright and Ernest A. Sekyere to Victor Eye and Chioma V. Kalu, $395,000.

Smithview Pl., 9400-DR Horton Inc. to Carolyn Ada Smith, $375,000.

Underwood St., 9415-Elizabeth Frances and Jeffer M. Mahmot to Nilson Ruiz Colon, $280,000.

Wilhelm Dr., 7538-Colleen Yates to Wilfredo G. Lopez Escobar and Kimberly V. Coreas, $315,000.


Barberry Ct., 41-Wells Fargo Bank to Sharon M. Pryor, $159,900.

Bonaventure Dr., 11602-Mary C. and Jerry E. Anderson to Victoria Irene Jones Marsh, $660,000.

Edwards St., 3619-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Kaliq Azad Saillant McGee, $138,900.

Green Wing Terr., 15104-Karen M. Ferrell Copeland to Bianca A. and John W. Williams, $308,000.

Lake Pointe Ct., 9700, No. 304-Celebrity Ventures Corp. to Anna and Tatyana Makarova, $183,000.

New Orchard Dr., 9902-Jing Ke and Zhishuo Zhang to Edward J. and Tima E. Lucas, $314,900.

Pine Forest Lane, 903, No. 2002-Antonio A. Brown to Harold L. Washington Jr., $275,000.

Redgrave Dr., 12807-Corlis C. and Jerome W. Carter to Michelle Grainger, $265,000.

Town Center Cir., 8911, No. 4-312-Federal National Mortgage Association to Suraya Aziz Sadeed and Aziz Rahman Qarghah, $118,125.

Walcott Lane, 1709-Alesha L. and Oluwabusola B. Ogunleye to Tokay Trevalian Hackett, $362,000.

Winterbourne Dr., 3503-Andrew Lim to Lisa and Senamede Beheton, $553,000.


Autumn End Terr., 13608-Mark E. Masterson Jr. to James M. and Phyllis C. Toliver, $315,000.

Dorset Rd., 15959, No. 182-Richard Hardiman and Beth Ann Schroeder to Ifeanyi A. Osigwe, $250,000.

Jib St., 14239, No. 7112-Raphael Osamor to Oloruntoyosi Adebayo, $195,000.

Patuxent Rd., 231-Scott A. and Anne Reed Horn to Juan Campos, $307,000.

Snowden Pl., 1200-Annulus Development Corp. to Ronnette L. Jewell, $325,000.

Tilghman Dr., 6113-Wilmar and Cleni B. Da Silva Hirle to German A. Lust and Nilde Beatriz Itin, $515,000.

Woodbine Dr., 7503-Kamesha Norris to Theodore M. Summers II, $215,000.

12th St., 1118-Craig A. Poist and estate of Dorothy E. Poist to Teresa E. Mendez and Kevin B. Tran, $339,999.


Cedarbrook Lane, 12506-Raul E. and Ana Cecilia Jurado to Jose O. Cruz, $389,000.

Golden Oak Dr., 13109-Fahad Khan to Sandra Backyte and Atae Zamini, $360,000.


Flintridge Dr., 5140-DNJH Corp. to Temiloro T. Oyewole, $250,000.

Greenvale Pkwy., 6929-Haiyi Property Development Corp. to Samson Singh, $265,000.

Lamont Dr., 6504-Thomas J. Kokolis and estate of Ramon Renasco to Inmer Benitez, $200,000.

Osborn Rd., 6509-Gregory Ford to Fausto N. Medrano Amador and Sidia Arroyo, $305,000.

Shepherd St., 6822-Jorge A. Morales to Carlos Castillo, $250,000.

Warner Ave., 3703-Omran Manzur to Jose Orlando Flores Hernandez and Jenny M. Flores, $283,000.

70th Ave., 4905-Harold E. and Nita D. Latten to Francisco A. Rodriguez Campos, $216,000.

78th Ave., 5002-Michael A. Oputa to Norma D. and Ana M. Chavez Melara, $298,000.


Alice Ave., 2030, No. 301-MPR Holdings Corp. to Bradford Worrell, $123,000.

Cree Dr., 1-Matthew Robert Farrell to Jason C. Livernois, $220,000.

Esther Dr., 7907-Roman Pastor Colque Villaroel to Al Farouq and Helina Aminu, $345,575.

Iverson St., 1806-Eric De Jesus Lopez to Ermina Marconi and Mayra A. Chavez, $381,000.

Riverhaven Dr., 145, No. 239-NH Haven Residential Corp. and NH Haven Apartment Corp. to Tiffanie M. Johnson, $302,369.

Rolph Dr., 119-Adam Williams to Ridwan A. Makalou and Jocelyne T. Mayfield, $269,500.


Queensbury Rd., 4912-Raesin Caine to Hui Ju Hsiao, $301,000.

62nd Ave., 5309-Paradise Home Corp. to Javier Edgardo Ortiz Bentiez and Yanci Idalia Monterrosa De Ortiz, $225,000.


Applegate Lane, 4338, No. 4-Cross Country Equity Corp. to Jon N. Chamberlain, $215,000.

Brooks Dr., 2509-Lighthouse Assets Corp. to Michael L. and Alma Ames Davis, $269,900.

Hartfield Ave., 5607-Citimortgage Inc. to Moises L. Benhabib, $245,000.

John St., 4410-Sybil M. Morris to Kristen Pope, $299,990.

Lakewood St., 2333-Top Real Estate Corp. to Auston N. O’Neill, $283,000.

Saint Barnabas Rd., 3817, No. T2-Emmanuel D. Powell to Candace Jones, $85,900.

Telfair Blvd., 4322, No. 337-Vernel Dominick and Solomon Isaac Jr. to Jason E. and Era B. Ellis Rutland, $190,000.

Woodacre Dr., 5300-Anita Properties Management Corp. to Jeffery Meade, $260,000.


Anvil Lane N., 2155-Michael L. Townsend to Ashley J. Jones, $220,000.

Bellbrook St., 2807-Raymond L. Murphy Jr. to Amanpreet K. Sandhu and Rajpreet S. Sidhu, $150,000.

Fielding Lane, 5056-Federal National Mortgage Association to Mikael Laroche, $237,000.

Lakeview Dr., 4423-Amorsolo M. Manansala to Oddette M. Davis, $300,000.

Northam Rd., 6519-Appraisal Continent Inc. to Joyce Goldman, $360,000.

21st Ave., 3902-HSBC Bank to Jaime Salome Caballero and Veronica E. Ventura, $243,168.

25th Ave., 3425-Woodbridge 1 Corp. to Larry L. and Jessica Tillman Marshall, $330,000.


Ager Rd., 6504-Lidia Gamero Castro and estate of Ramona Barragan to Manuel D. Arevalo, $245,000.

Oliver St., 2006-Luis A. Luyo to Juan Cruz and Rodriguez Portillo, $287,000.

Queens Chapel Rd., 6505-Mary Ann Streitmatter and estate of Robert E. Streitmatter to Thomas and Maritza V. Paolucci, $473,000.

10th Pl., 6045-Jose M. and Carmelina Q. Dominguez to Arsenia Del Carmen Iraheta, $350,000.


Ashby Ct., 8704-Laura J. Margulies and Jennifer Patrice McCuiston to Sonya Yelbert, $385,000.

Center Park Way, 12910-Prakash Sankurthri to Tiesha Derrington, $320,000.

Churchville Dr., 13803-A3 Real Estates Invesments Corp. to Latasia Chante Keys, $276,000.

Elizabeth Parnum Pl., 10600-Gary L. Gray to Dan Li, $270,000.

Fairway View Lane, 17028-Angela D. Gathers to Irma Y. Salinas, $261,000.

Fillys Ford Xing., 11007-Toll V Partnership to Vie A. and Wilfred J. Auber, $555,000.

Goldenwood Ct., 10007-William H. Davis to Delores R. Jones, $250,000.

Hammer Lane, 9800-William H. and Cheryl L. Smith to Braeuster L., Brenda F., Breanna A., Keanna A. and Rochelle Y. Jackson, $565,000.

Hollaway Dr., 11008-Penny Mac Loan Services Corp. to Warren T. and Kametra M. Sims, $264,000.

Largo Rd., 3712-Federal National Mortgage Association to Gabriel and Jose Mendez, $260,000.

Marwood Blvd. S., 5808-Octavia C. and Nathaniel L. Ennis to Joseph and Annie Tisdale, $299,000.

Old Croom Station Rd., 5918-Sandra Warren to Sean M. Troast, $520,000.

Pavillion Ct., 12613-Emmanuella K. Offoha to Yusuf A. Osman, $259,900.

Rosaryville Rd., 7907-Bessle Jean and Earl L. Shields to Denya A. and Sharifa C. Lloyd, $475,000.

Tealbriar Dr., 9745, No. 248-SM Parkside Corp. to Tanya R. Matthews, $380,000.

Victoria Dr., 9415-Jamie and Angerier Boulware to Hassanah Oliver and Edward Phillips, $305,000.


Connor Ct., 2003, No. 703E-Ronnie J. Taylor to Alice M. Smith, $162,000.

Lady Grove Rd., 2606-Christopher L. and Shannon Roberts to Nwamaka Olutola and Oluwatobi Abiola Oluwato, $535,000.

Lisle Dr., 710-Raishawn A. Walston to Monya Apamuh, $295,000.

Rosemary Ct., 1404-Charles J. and Lise S. Lyles to Soung Mi Guak, $499,900.

Trillum Ct., 1603-U.S. Bank to Xiaoxin Liu and Qin Chen, $298,082.