These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in November 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Main Blvd., 15412-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Jose Geovanny Hernandez, $179,900.

Ridall Ct., 15203-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Tamela Davi and Thomas Hawkins, $375,000.

Wendells Lane, 3206-Laura Ann Wakefield to Megan G. Byrnes and Peter Juliana, $445,000.


Cox Ave., 829-Bernice and Rufus Leroy Bundy to Nicole M. Garro and Wesley Butler, $375,000.

Evansdale Dr., 2023-Stephen Lee Patch and estate of Margaret Bauer Patch to Efren Cazares and Madeline Morehouse, $315,000.

Lebanon St., 1922-Joseph and Norman B. King to Christopher and Lakisha Person, $176,000.

W. Park Dr., 7112-Henry Portillo and Dora Quintanilla to Chih Feng Huang, $231,000.

Riggs Rd., 7983, No. 8-Bank of New York Mellon to Oscar Lisandro Sosa Rodriguez, $57,300.

15th Pl., 8207-Delmy Contreras to Francis D. Snodgrass and Jeremy Sharp, $210,000.


Benjamin St., 12021-Wells Fargo Bank to Dennis Tuan Troung and Trai Thi Nguyen, $400,000.

Franklin St., 12104-HSBC Bank to Oswaldo Bertrand, $356,175.

Powder Mill Rd., 4508-Craig L. Fournier to Rafael A. and Reyna Miranda, $385,000.

Romlon St., 4503, No. 202-Aman Mohammed to Samuel Geraldo, $110,000.

Whethersfield Pl., 7608-Oluseyi Eko and estate of Adekunle Eko to Jennifer Y. Lopez and Rosa G. Rosero, $449,000.


Blue Heron Way, 4476-Thomas D. Gibbons to Siaojing Sang and Yang Li, $102,000.

Newton St., 5206, No. T3-Moddy Farouk to Brenda Barrera Morales, $60,000.

51st St., 4209-Matthew J. Menke to Stephen Brendan Hagenbuch and Hai Lam Ba Phan, $290,000.


Buckingham Dr., 12728-Lois Wenzell and estate of Norman R. Cook Jr. to Jerry W. and Jennifer D. Piper, $210,000.

Chestnut Ave., 7910-Misael Perla Romero to Erica C. Cruz Caceres and Jose M. Morales, $283,000.

Forest Creek Ct., 4903-Shirley A. Curtis to Anthony M. and Dorothy D. Barnes, $470,000.

Jordans Endeavor Dr., 13007-Reginald V. and Sharon S. Burks to Aillyea Jilliane Blackman, $595,000.

Knowledge Lane, 12532-Michael and Emily C. Christofaro to Jane S. Avila, $349,900.

Millstream Dr., 12734-Katherine Reese and estate of Mary Ann Thompson to Marco Tulio and Teresa Zavala, $170,000.

Quill Point Dr., 7944-Ena A. Franco and Edwin F. Fuentes to Kirkland and Panela Glanville, $339,797.

Rambling Lane, 12417-Eric H. and Theresa E. Linker to Katie Mary Randall, $350,000.

River Valley Way, 4827, No. 122-Gretchen D. Lofland and Bernard E. Turner III to Mathew Brady Smith, $189,000.

Woodgate Way, 4501-Jamie E. Johnson to Wakaygo S. Cummings, $393,000.


Alson Way, 16200-Irma Y. Salinas to Cassandra Janine Hoke, $405,500.

Elkhorn Lane, 16312-Michelle Diane Towles Monroe to Christopher Hicks, $290,000.

Ensleigh Lane, 15713-Lillie Alford Loggins to Keisha S. Camp, $320,000.

Nighthawk Lane, 14904-Summerfield Properties Corp. to Fidel Hernandez Macias and Lurdes Hernandez Ruiz, $340,300.

Paramont Lane, 15707-Reliable Management Group Corp. to Denisa Jennifer Caballero and Jeraldy Umanzor, $315,000.

Pewter Ct., 1102-Janet Baddol and Janet Brown to Leah Castaldi, $231,500.

Prince of Wales Ct., 2274-Abby E. Nackley to Fatima Samura, $231,000.


Earnshaw Ct., 11803-Stephen C. and Vondello Stevens Maynard to Tarneisha E. Robinson, $359,000.

Kingsmill Rd., 8001-U.S. Bank and Select Portfolio Servicing Inc. to Ahtora Brooks, $310,000.

Wylie Rd., 15507-Tonia D. Ashton to Danika Wigglesworth and Oliver Brady, $230,000.


Varnum St., 3709-Jante Charee Santos to Jose R. Hernandez and Maria L. Guevara, $270,000.


Booker Pl., 809-Jewel Butler to Jhamiyia Pleasant, $220,000.

Curled Oaks Pl., 1111-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Joao Manuel and Isabelle M. Pereira, $129,000.

Eagle St., 5705-JP Morgan Chase Bank to Nasser Termah Zonoozi, $110,100.

Elfin Ave., 904-Teofilo De Jesus Macedo to Timothy and Taylore Perez, $260,000.

Ingleboro Ct., 5403-Regina Lopez Wurth and Miguel Lopez Aguilar to Amanda Aisha Copeland, $210,000.

Kayak Ave., 1204-Diane S. Rosenberg and Mark D. Meyer to Alysha Marie and Karen Lawrence, $275,000.

W. Mill Ave., 214-Leon N. and Frances J. Jones to Tho Van Nguyen, $170,000.

Omaha St., 4614-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Lakiesha Perdue, $170,000.

Rollins Ave., 310-Patrick Dodson to Elizabeth Dunagan, $285,000.

Shady Glen Dr., 436-Deborah Garnett and Daniel Harris to Maikia Moore, $225,000.


Blackstone Ave., 10707-Oxford Enterprises Corp. to Sean Meredith, $399,900.


Crest Ave., 2518-Jessica Jeane and Jessica L. Watkins to Colbi Alyssa and Joshua Young, $445,000.

Fiji Ave., 1113-Sylvester R. and Paulette J. Frazier to Kelvin M. Hernandez Reyes, $282,800.

Gondar Ave., 1105-KF Investments Corp. to Jazmene K. and Trina L. Stewart, $274,200.

Merrick Lane, 7706-Elaine V. Tharrington to Keyara M. Dorn, $212,000.

Ohio Ave., 2108-German Torres to Giles W. Pouakam and Patricia B. Toukam, $320,000.

Pinebrook Rd., 2816-SM Landover Corp. to Hua Lin, $335,365.

E. Spring Pl., 2117-Adan Merino to Adam Cornell, $195,500.

Swan Terr., 7726-Deriece K. Pate Bennett to Abayomi A. Dairo, $220,000.


Broken Lance Ct., 12205-Mark G. Hall and Duchance Assantajai to Virginia A. Saterfield, $540,000.

Gator Ct., 10602-Michelle and Michael Taylor to Meagan Mosslih, $330,000.

Helmsley Dr., 8708-Stephen L. and Beverly A. Swinson to Abenaa Nkrumah, $467,000.

Kidder Rd., 3703-Dauba D. and Daniel W. Adams to Theola Blocker, $275,000.

Rodgers Dr., 5017-U.S. Bank and Select Portfolio Servicing Inc. to Cassandra Kanayo Amiah, $261,000.

Spunkyheart Pl., 6302-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and New Penn Financial Corp. to Lawrence Duckett and Myeisha Paskel, $460,000.

Thrift Rd., 10619-RRMZ Properties Corp. to Bernedette Brandon, $381,000.

Windbrook Dr., 12406-Angela Wilbon to Jose B. Umanzor and Sara E. Ramirez Umanzor, $255,000.

Wrensong Lane, 10412-Frederick and Joann H. Horn to Taquan Crews, Dorian Ferguson and Georgette Ferguson, $369,360.


Dewberry Lane, 9206-Dennis and Linda Butler to Baoqing Ma and Ling Zhang, $415,000.

Mineola Rd., 5102-Gerda C. and Andrew Van Schilfgaarde to Romel E. Hernandez, $290,000.

Rhode Island Ave., 6704-Thomas J. and Richard D. Wagner to Robert A. Biermann Smith and Jessica A. Theologidy, $499,000.

Wellesley Dr., 7401-Marjorie Copeland to Chongsheng Lin, $305,000.

51st Ave., 9907-Linda L. Emerson to Maria D. Caceres Espana and Elmer Amaya Oliba, $305,000.

60th Pl., 8517-Daniel S. and Julie S. Epstein to Christopher A. Furbee, $289,000.


Darkwood Ct., 6724-Premier Property Solutions Corp. to Dwayne J. Petersen, $262,000.

Key Turn St., 3622-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Dominyece Gregory, $219,000.

Lacona St., 6516-Susan B. Rodriguez and Katherine F. Moncada to Donzell M. Brown Williams, $285,000.

Milltown Ct., 6765-Vella M. Traynham to Kedra Byrd, $142,500.

Parkland Dr., 2806-Candace Jean Craig to Valenciua M. and Carl A. Colston, $180,000.

Prince Ranier Pl., 3227-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Danielle P. Smith, $195,000.

Ritchboro Rd., 8713-Alisa D. Robinson and Alisa D. Williams to Marie M. Belton Clayburn, $219,900.


Buchanan Dr., 13401-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Pedro Medina Colosia, $202,000.

Den Meade Ave., 7900-Janelle Matthews to Jazmin T. Pillow, $245,000.

Fawley Ave., 7504-Marco R. Baylor to Amelia Iriarte, $235,000.

Jefferson Rd., 1407-Roland E. and Beth G. Gallup to Byron Q. Holmes Sr., $265,000.

Lenfant Dr., 13208-Ali Hessari to Mario R. and Maria I. Ramos, $280,000.

Monroe Ave., 12805-TLC Homes Corp. to Maya Henderson, $295,000.

Old Fort Rd., 11532-Cesar A. Deras to Karrie M. Mosley, $200,000.

Parkton St., 12419-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Roger A. Pedroza, $210,000.

River Forest Lane, 109-Ian LB and Monica Oyola Coeur to Keith V. Barton and Silvia M. Dossmann, $495,000.

Shelfar Pl., 517-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Eugenia N. Dozier, $292,000.

E. Tantallon Dr., 909-Fronia Walker and Dewayne Wight Chambers to Rene Guevara and Marcela I. Aguilera, $287,000.

Trafalgar Dr., 2105-Keina Muschette Yearwood to Eduardo B. Patino Jemio, $312,000.


Damsel Ct., 6801-Federal National Mortgage Association to Lionel Anthony Ovide, $228,375.

Greenbrook Dr., 7810-Njeri M. Clark to John S. Craven and Rosalyn V. Williams, $319,000.

Hanover Pkwy., 7814, No. 368-Yueh Hsia Lee to Jody Kay Thomas Moodie and Neilson R. McKenzie, $170,000.

Mandan Rd., 7752-Downs Group Corp. to Sirak T. Zeray and Yodit Oakubamicael, $289,900.

Somerset Ct., 7821-Patrick Eng to Keith Fawcett and Hua Ai, $203,000.


Kennedy St., 4512-Marvin A. Williams to Michael E. Gooden, $412,900.

42nd Ave., 6127-Eric and Natasha Anderson to Nancy Stewart, $360,000.

46th Pl., 5730-Jacqueline and Alexander Zajac to Hannah J. Kelly and Nicholas P. Orben, $450,000.


Brae Brooke Dr., 8630-Milton P. and Elizabeth A. Davis to Misty L. Trunnell, $169,000.

Cipriano Rd., 6025-Adepero A. Oreagba to Rahel S. Wondmagegen, $358,000.

Forbes Blvd., 7000-Cecelia Adele Fancey to Joseph C. Isimah and Ejime V. Morka, $297,000.

Hubble Dr., 8006-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Brian and Tonya Breaker, $534,500.

McHenry Lane, 9006-estate of Ronald G. and Turnice P. Brown to Edel Rey and Ama Presno, $369,900.

Seabrook Rd., 6107-Wake Venture Corp. to Allison Corina Baucom, $330,000.

Smithview Pl., 9702-Department of Veterans Affairs to Atina L. Covington and Levin C. Sullivan Jr., $500,000.

Storch Lane, 7019-Diao Yaun Su and Yan Ping Pei to Sheryl Ellison Ponds, $289,000.

Underwood St., 9511-Angel Valles Robles and Jessica Amaya Valles to Filadelfo Vergara Velazquez, $300,000.

Woodland Ave., 9601-John H. and Nenita S. Richardson to Talecia J. Frazier, $310,000.

Fourth St., 9116-Wendell R. and Catherine L. Jones to Jose M. Villanueva and Maria J. Arevalo, $270,000.


Barnstable Dr., 2221-Patrick Touchet to Nicholas Azu, $394,950.

Brice Ct., 13009-Frederick Greene and Delores A. Hemsley to Sylvia Wood, $367,000.

Congresbury Pl., 2219-Thomas L. Hawkins Jr. and Claydri Gutierrez to Tyrone Shaw, $359,900.

Effie Fox Way, 3800-NVR Inc. to Gay Ojugbana, $415,650.

Finchingfield Way, 15514-Simeon L. and Talia L. Bush to Ivey Freeman Butler, $759,900.

Jeff Rd., 3520-Federal National Mortgage Association to Nelson Ferman, $300,000.

Mary Bowie Pkwy., 14103-Darlene M. and Edward W. Felton to Jahmal Isaiah and Natayah Renay Adams, $585,000.

Northern Lights Dr., 1201-May E. Reid to Chonn Lacey and Cassandra Pean, $492,000.

Prince Pl., 10242, No. 20-207-Lystra Ann Lopez to Gerardo Esteve, $125,000.

Taylor St., 9018-Shujun Ding to Yajaira Cecibel Perdomo and Santiago Gutierrez Rodriguez, $250,000.

Trafton Dr., 11000-Virginia A. Brust to George and George Purcell Chase, $346,000.

Walcott Lane, 1711-Keeta A. and Michael A. Jones to Jonathan C. Camp, $329,900.

92nd Ave., 4004-Smart Tree Corp. to Yudis M. Reyes Ventura and Carlos N. Raymundo, $270,000.


Breckenridge St., 7415-Laurence and Melanie Webb to Jun and Imee Vilarian, $385,000.

Dorset Rd., 15605, No. 42-Tina Madison to Karin L. Mock, $138,000.

Joyce Lane, 15908-Mimie M.C. and Louis M. Peele to John A. and Gina M. Embley, $397,000.

Millbrook Lane, 15819, No. 132-John Paul Miller Jr. to Syam Kumar Ganna and Raghua Thota, $170,000.

Plaid Dr., 15603-Lorena Zaldana and Juana Ramos to Bory Ventura and Hinmerelys Gonzalez, $250,000.

Split Rail Lane, 7106-April T. Chapman to Juan Miguel Cervantes and William Cervantes Bahena, $237,000.

Woodbine Dr., 7557-Jose S.C. Reyes to Jose R. Pineda Garcia, $240,000.


Cherry Lane, 9254-Jimmie A. and Barbra S. Cornell to Volodymyr V. and Demera G. Brytvych, $153,000.

Imperial Dr., 8483-Michael Joseph and Lindsay Anne Marino to Patricia Estis, $220,000.

Pheasant Run Dr., 12213-Baer Development Inc. to Danielle M. Ely, $258,000.


Newton St., 3409-Reyes Services Corp. to Kennon Dale Person III, $515,000.


Frederick Rd., 7740-Eloisa Portillo Miranda and Esperanza Rigores to Fausto Gonzales Chavez, $270,000.

Lamont Dr., 6604-Hasan and Tiva Lewter to Cesar A. Borja Tobar and Olga Gomez De Borja, $310,000.

Stanton Rd., 6609-Maria Castillo and Oscar Javier Lizama to Teofila and Maritza Maldonado, $298,000.

71st Ave., 4903-Integrity Professional Contracting Corp. to Jose R. Robles and Yolanda A. Blanco Turcios, $310,000.

85th Ave., 5406, No. 103-Evelin Fuentes to Seghen Atsbaha, $69,500.


Appletree Lane, 201-Virginia S. and Austin B.J. Clark to Oscar and Oseas I. Villalobos, $160,000.

Crisfield Dr., 1214-Israel Rosa to Ingris M. Argueta and Andres O. Osotio, $260,000.

E. Rosecroft Village Cir., 2410-Clifton J. Taylor and Sethia D. Taylor to Mina Niu, $217,000.

Shelby Dr., 907-U.S. Bank to Hector O. and Katya V. Flores, $153,200.


Mustang Dr., 5911-Garfield Tyson Jr. and estate of Lucye C. Tyson to Francisco Rodriguez and Rosa C. Alvarez, $287,000.


Lanier Ave., 5555, No. 372-Alan L. Thompson to Lamar M. Brown, $275,000.

Stonecliff Rd., 3706-Aben Corp. to Ana Vasquez, Robert and Martinez Perkins, $286,000.

Walton Ave., 6106-Foca Corp. to April S. Price, $329,900.

Woodland Rd., 6609-Saul R. Orellana to Lillian and Tamara Gordon, $255,000.


Ashleys Crossing Ct., 6804-U.S. Bank to Kamaljeet Singh and Serife Turkol, $310,800.

Henderson Rd., 4605-Bellux Investment Inc. to David A. and Stephanie R. McWilliams, $319,000.

Joan Lane, 5507-Unique & Modern Homes Corp. to James Childs Jr., $295,000.

Middleton Lane, 6201-Redford Property Corp. to Mark T. Wilson and Gary Jamal Kelly, $305,000.

Oxon Park St., 2805-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Julio Henriquez, $167,713.

Saint Clair Dr., 2503-Thomas C. Bush to Fisher Howard IV, $282,500.

Temple Hill Rd., 7616-Josue O. Bonifacio to Carmen A. Henriquez Lemus, $270,000.

21st Ave., 3909-Felicia K. Messina D. Haiti and Joseph M. Messina to Brandon Lemons, $278,500.

25th Pl., 3513-Residential Value Corp. to Shadonna Thomas, $274,000.


America Blvd., 6500, No. 400-Niki A. Lizarraga to Chikodiri Banabas Abeagowe, $220,000.

Queensbury Rd., 4003-Kevin M. Maloney to Jesse Luis Renteria, $460,000.

20th Ave., 6214-Evelyn M. Guzman and Jaime Reyes Melendez to Lidia H. Lovo and Jose B. Larios, $289,900.

37th Ave., 5001-Gisela Vason to Caleshia Angelene Myles, $228,800.


Barrington Lane, 13910-Bret Alden Lewis and Amy Elizabeth Walker to Katie J. Fickle, $240,000.

Chariot Way, 4113-RLP Investment Group Corp. to Daniel B. and Shellee M. Wilson, $420,000.

Crestmar Ct., 13101-James W. and Judith A. Murphy to Mitchell R. and Sarah W. Smith, $649,000.

Governor Kent Ct., 4647-Evan H. Davey to Sandy A. Daly, $262,000.

Hampshire Hall Ct., 14259, No. 708-U.S. Bank to Nesly Clerge, $137,000.

Kent Dr., 14521-Marco Decesaris to Chester Beasley, $360,000.

Live Oak Pl., 12706-Dennis L. Herrera to Kelli Y. Jenkins, $290,000.

Old Frank Tippett Rd., 9721-William H. Bowser II to Jose Ismael Mercado Bautista, $350,000.

Rhine Rd., 13004-Debra R. Bowers to Kenneth O. Odiete, $348,000.

Sand Wedge Lane, 12116-Jose R. and Yvette A. Wood to Eugeneio M. Jones Sr., $535,000.

Thorny Brook Ct., 10402-Tony and Vanessa Campbell to Gertrude Banda, $415,000.

Victoria Dr., 9432-Marcelo Ruben Flores Huaman to Jimmie and Crystal Missouri, $380,000.


Connor Ct., 2003, No. 703F-Dolores R. Jones to William and Diane Pommerenh, $172,000.

Doral Ct., 1706-Lukas Trevor Stanley to Turkessa Brown, $412,000.

Manorfield Ct., 1871-Barbara Yvette Porter and Carl Wade to Ingrid Sturgis and Edwin B. Lake, $319,000.

Oxbridge Way, 9626-Fernando M. and Viola Davila Kortright to Patricia Ann Hicks, $579,900.

Saint Michaels Dr., 905-Ani Real Estate Investment Corp. to Channell N. Hancock, $266,000.

Tulip Tree Dr., 9907-Annette M. and Anthony T. Hampton to Eunice Rouse, $340,000.