These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in March 2019 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Chatsworth Dr., 822-Rosario Aguilar to Desmond Lamptey and Efua Osei Akoto, $380,000.

Maler Ct., 208-Tichi Property Corp. to Cheikh A. and Kyendra Doucoure, $480,000.

Summerwood Lane, 17211-Kamel K. Ammar to Lazonia Ra Kale Prince-Garriss, $459,900.


Adelphi Rd., 9284, No. 9278-Lina F. Gomez to Leonard B. Palma, $98,000.

Drexel St., 1801, No. 3-Moshen Rajaee to Crystal Webb, $71,400.

Glenmore Dr., 10402-Shawn and Michelle Paris to Gladys Rodriguez, $379,900.

Metzerott Rd., 1826, No. 303-HSBC Bank USA and Home Equity Loan Trust to Cleopatra Ann and John White, $77,300.

New Riggs Rd., 8030-Mehdi Lahuti to Alexander Quintanilla Carranza, $380,000.

Truxton Rd., 10508-Alfonso A. Matos to Jose M. Aguilar and Diana Aguilar Portela, $365,000.

18th Ave., 7405, No. 16-Clarissa Zepeda-Barrera to Simona Gallardo Castillo, $120,000.


Beltsville Rd., 4008-Oumie and Anna Jagne to Christelle Djialeu-Sindjui, $263,500.

Calvert Hills Dr., 12506-Gary Wayne Scaggs and estate of Richard Carlson Scaggs to Victor K. Tufoin, $338,500.

Greenmount Ave., 13121-Federal National Mortgage Association to Belgica A. Martinez Lopez and Nery A. Martinez, $300,000.

Ivy Dr., 13106-Avril George and Deanie Anderson to Juventino Marroquin Gomez, $350,920.

Major Denton Dr., 3326-Paulette and Steve S. Robinson to Tofic Rahmeto, $260,000.

Samar St., 4506-Carl A. and Anna M. Troester to Theodore Galamo, $325,000.

35th Pl., 11624-Hilda M. and George Albert White to Wendy K. Blocker, $370,000.


Varnum St., 5447-Gaf2 Corp. to Priscilla Cruz Paises, Maria Luisa Flores and Darwin Flores, $339,000.


Chalford Lane, 12313-Howard J. and Pamela L. Meyers to Johnny Barnes and Fifi Barnes Williams, $310,000.

Chesney Lane, 12805-RMG Investments Inc. to Monica K. and Aaron K. Boothe, $366,000.

Cory Dr., 8505-JLG Investments Corp. to David Tyrone Watkins Jr. and Patricia Cottom, $445,000.

Frost Dr., 11811-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Sylvester Bynum, $346,000.

Gladys Retreat Cir., 12718, No. 76-Kristin M. Gray to John J. Hinn, $355,000.

Guardian Ct., 14104-Jermaine D. and Aurelia A. Moore to James Tyler Jr., $468,000.

Kenhill Dr., 2709-Summer Dillard to Nicole Boone, $344,000.

Knowledge Lane, 12525-Bernard T. and Mary E. Devaney to Joel G. Martinez, $265,000.

Lakeview Lane, 4811-Xiaoqin Shi and Haoran Zheng to Lashada A. Ham-Campbell, $500,000.

London Lane, 14920-Kimberly D. Hughes to Victor Christopher Chan, $210,000.

Maroon Lane, 3622-Steven G. and Suzanne L. Shandy to Joseph M. and Julie C. Turpin, $330,000.

Millstream Dr., 12634-Bernadette D. Garcia to Wanda Gooch, $340,000.

Myrtle Ave., 9213-MTGLQ Investors to Gladys Tiba, $430,000.

Orchard Run Dr., 15521-Legitimate Holy Synod of Ethiopian Orthodox to Caro M. Brown, $500,000.

Quilt Patch Lane, 12337-Lynda L. Thomas to Nichole B. Herndon, $312,000.

Rambling Lane, 12309-Richard A. and Amy C. Rose to Blair R. Carter, $275,000.

Running Deer Way, 4615, No. 344-Anthony O. Ogunjimi and Abass Enoch Olukayode to Kristina Rowley Royal, $233,500.

Thackeray Ct., 12011-Dennis W. Howland II to Michelle H. and Ronald E. Bruno, $442,000.

United Lane, 13608-James M. and Olufunmilayo O. Bishop to Charles W. Jackson III and Aja Christine Hunt, $435,000.

Wilmont Turn, 12108-Karen S. Waldrop and Sue Ellen Groff to Tyler Nguyen, $295,000.


Eagles Nest Dr., 3212-Omid Land Group Corp. to Trenise Q. and Joseph S. Kelly, $445,000.

Elan Ct., 3945-Rhonda J. Summey to Andrea D. Glynn, $220,000.

Epic Gate, 3408-Tierra Ballard to Shani J. Plummer, $250,000.

Heming Lane, 12644-Eugene C. and Melissa Mills to Wilfredo Hernandez, Cristina Mejia Toj and Jennifer Hernandez, $370,000.

Nemo Ct., 2619-Lamar E. Jackson to Andrea Durham, $221,000.

Pennant Lane, 16006-Frederick Vizbulis to Christopher Lowder and Dulcie Rita Poku-Kumi, $305,000.

Pittsfield Lane, 1602-Veronika Pivonkova to Laith D. and Jessica L. Shannon, $390,000.


Accokeek Rd., 6000-Cross County Equity Corp. to Alejandro A. Canseco and Lucio S. Fuentes, $292,500.

Britens Way, 7108-Dixon and Iris Rochez to Kathryn E. Debruhl and Roger Ford Jr., $390,000.

Grayden Lane, 8108-Candor Properties Corp. to Katina Joyce Garner, $385,000.


40th Ave., 3603-C Plus C Management Corp. to Roxana Ivette Ramirez and Blanca Salvadora Constancia, $335,000.


Addison Rd., 6212-City of Seat Pleasant to Antione Swilling and Denea Younger, $305,000.

Ashdale Rd., 7906-Saul and Lula F. Macklin to Jerrice A. Blunt and Shirlette A. Scott, $240,000.

Carrington Ave., 830-Samuel Mingo Jr. and Henry Joseph Williams to Kim L. Fullwood, $195,000.

Daimler Dr., 90, No. 26-Persad Corp. to Erica Perry, $212,000.

Dunbar Oaks Dr., 1318-Miguel De Jesus Mejia to Jesus E. Amaya Robles, $250,000.

Hanlon St., 6107-Gerri Whichard to Barbara Melvin Mason Duncan and Andre Jackson, $335,000.

Kolb St., 6102-Builders First Corp. to Morgan L. Fletcher, $335,000.

Prescott Ct., 5650-Juanita B. Jones to Kimberly R. Johnson, $235,000.

Shady Glen Dr., 909-Patricia P. and Daryl M. Chappelle to Jamahl R. Ballard, $249,950.

Southern Ave., 5001-Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB and Pretium Mortgage Acquisition Trust to Tete Dakiste Benissan, $164,900.

69th Pl., 505-Rodolfo Cruz to Susan and Darlene Dugar, $328,000.


Dakin Ct., 10004-Linda J. and Jack G. Bannister to Tammy Dean Maxwell, $265,000.


Allendale Dr., 7712-Neeknaum Corp. to Petrona Sanabria, $230,000.

Arbor St., 6106-William A. and Leslie M. Tatum to Meredith Rosenberg and Patrick Pasake, $554,135.

Connecticut Ave., 2110-S & Z Corp. Inc. to Sarah P. Santana and Isaac E. Santana Almanzar, $314,900.

Dutch Village Dr., 1809-Yousefie Holdings Corp. and Szi Holdings Corp. to Tonda B. Twitty, $161,000.

Hillside Terr., 334-Federal National Mortgage Association to Cody and Elizabeth Knudsen, $222,000.

Kent Village Dr., 2304-Glynda Walker to Ever A. Garay Velasquez and Ana N. Contreras, $219,000.

Otis St., 6402-Benjamin D. and Christina J. Shelton to William L. McNally, $375,000.

Peacock Dr., 504-Yesenia D. Acosta to Steven D. Harrod, $248,000.


Ballard Lane, 9002-Residential Credit Opportunities Trust to Darlean F. Catchings, Caleb Joshua Padilla and Timothy Glen Coles, $238,000.

Button Bush Ct., 8104-Markus and Antwanette Ash Giles to Adrian Donnell Treadwell, $390,000.

Chickweed Ct., 7108-Oxford Enterprises Corp. to Andy Keala Anoa’i Renteria, $305,000.

Don Dr., 7706-LHE Corp. to Kevin Jones, $320,000.

Fox Lair Ct., 7912-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Marcus Brown, $237,000.

Hardesty Dr., 8825-Federal National Mortgage Association to Latasha Coates, $229,900.

Killarney St., 6410-Susan A. Samaroo to Carlos H. Arriaza Andrade and Reyna Del Carmen Vigil, $230,000.

Oak Leaf Pl., 9504-Anthony T. and Felicia O. Whitson to Terrell Thomas, $337,000.

Plata St., 5702-John W. Burke to Noe Odir Andrade Cruz and Ana Maritza Andrade, $250,000.

Rockwell Dr., 8503-Kenneth R. Green to Steve Ranga, $270,000.

Slocum Ct., 10411-Prosper Realty Corp. to Rachelle and Ruby Lewis, $277,500.


Berwyn Rd., 5007-Gary A. and Carol A. Rosen to Edward Thomas Germino, $278,500.

Davidson St., 9215-Carolyn A. Self and Geoffrey M. Davis to Enoch Moon, $280,000.

Laguna Rd., 5017-Charlie & Matias Investment Corp. to Donald Hays, $341,500.

Westchester Park Dr., 6100, No. 17-617-Karen Benedict and estate of Irene Marie Rierson to Evelyn W. and Karen D. King, $195,900.

48th Pl., 9700-Petra Rodriguez to Scott and Robeline Horsburgh, $235,000.

62nd Ave., 8811-Leonard J. and Elizabeth A. Baklarz to Ramon Luis Padilla, $305,000.


Daventry Terr., 5245-Unique and Modern Homes Corp. to Maria C. and Jennifer Ramos, $260,000.

Druid Pl., 6000-Valerie Turner to Naomi Penzo, $215,000.

Harwood Rd., 2117-Jose E. Aguilar and Marta Deras to Velky L. Bonilla-Martinez, $280,000.

Holly Berry Ct., 6837-Katherine Fragoso to Courtney Powell, $250,000.

Kipling Pkwy., 6611-Monique Thompson and estate of Sofronia Samples to Willie M. Clements, $210,000.


Aragona Dr., 109-Kys Properties Corp. to Oscar M. Coreas and Ismelda E. Ortiz Perez, $340,000.

Brandyhall Ct., 6112-Anthony Lucas to Marcus R. Billups, $234,000.

Clarion Rd., 13035-Dianne Griggs to Demetrius Battle, $175,000.

Dashia Dr., 9401-PN Investments Inc. to Oluwatobi and Mobolaji Ogunrinde, $340,000.

Fort Foote Rd., 8105-Jose Richard Solutions Corp. to Rene Lopez Hernandez and Aris Avila Flores, $360,000.

Glasgow Ct., 12815-Home Rescues Corp. to Celestine Conyers, $479,900.

Ivanhoe Rd., 9107-S & Y Property Partners Corp. to Jacqueline Simone Makanani and Adam Nathan Claudy, $370,000.

Kimberly Woods Lane, 11604-Christopher G. and Sydjea P. Hastings to Roly Ovando Heredia and Luis A. Rios, $360,000.

Loughran Rd., 9403-Esthela Cordova to Rimer and Dayna Lizet Ayala De Ovando, $320,000.

Moreland St., 10005-Landon H. Lewis III to Enrique B. Castro, $280,000.

Palmer Rd., 1220, No. 117-Miguel A. Arias Rocas and Gimena Tatianna Vargas De Arias to Yerin Gladmir Calix Garcia and Maria A. Reyes Herrera, $191,000.

Potomac Heights Dr., 1566, No. 221-Mendocilla II Zamora Corp. to La Shawn D. Fields, $185,000.

River Bend Rd., 315-NH Haven Residential Corp. and NH Haven Apartments Corp. to James A. Van Dyke Jr., $337,900.

Shelfar Pl., 610-Gloria S. Casteel to Wilson Y. Hernandez Rodriguez and Patricia Amaya, $285,000.

Taurus Dr., 404-Melody Greenwell and estate of Tyrone L. Cole Sr. to Jose L. Herrera, $315,000.

Tinker Dr., 2023-Olga E. Hernandez-Reyes to Bryant Biscoe, $323,000.

Valley View Dr., 2005-Anastasia D. Whitlow to Lency M. Maradiaga Matamoros and Yosmeidy W. Urena Vasquez, $290,000.


Covered Bridge Ct., 11400-Visiono Investments Corp. to John F. Talieri and Lyndsay E. Booth, $535,000.


Cloister Pl., 7810-Sharena Lynn and Ryan Lenz Kienstra to Ayanna Letisha Wells, $297,000.

Hanover Pkwy., 6980, No. 303-Thomas E. Twigg to Yunjiang Ge, $127,000.

Landon Ct., 6803-Katherine M.M. Hom to M.A. Saeed and Sadia Afrin Khan, $440,000.

Mandan Rd., 8015, No. 533-Macouta Ndiaye to Lucia M. Garcia and Pedro D. Rios, $168,000.


Lustine St., 5725-Aisha Hyder to Tyrell Flurry, $405,000.


Cipriano Rd., 6404-Shah001 Corp. to Karina Elizabeth Ventura and Jorge A. Bonilla, $325,000.

Dellwood Ct., 8238-Jacqueline R. Solomon to Christopher L. Sikes, $293,000.

Galveston Rd., 5202-U.S. Bank to Herberth A. and Gladys Chavez, $287,000.

Kurth Lane, 7107-Samuel A. Brasel to Prosper Asabouk, $288,185.

Martins Lane, 6404-Ryan Studner to Mark B. and Francineuda Siqueira Applegate, $470,000.

Wellington St., 9409-Irie Hamilton to Nancy D. Martinez and Junior Martinez Moran, $277,000.

96th Ave., 6405-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Pretium Mortgage Acquisition Trust to Jose Y. Moya and Elda E. Rodriguez Arroyo, $300,000.


Berwick Lane N., 15227-Jennie Decuire to Amber N. Payton, $385,000.

Cable Hollow Way, 35-Tracy Prigmore to Candace Oubre, $207,000.

Cynthia Ct., 12509-Charles G. Mansfield Jr. to Dennis and Gold E. Erah, $369,000.

Dormansville Blvd., 14106-Nathan Griffin Jr. to Claudette Johnson Berry, $740,000.

East Grove, 8709-Mary M. Parker to Christina S. Haines, $214,500.

Fox Bow Dr., 13216, No. 201-Celerity Ventures Corp. to Elaine D. Morgan, $216,900.

Green Wing Terr., 15102-Jean T. Dickerson to Jen-Ai Childress, $289,000.

Hannah Way, 11242, No. 5-Sadiqa and Leslie H. Cauthern to Sadonna I. Edward, $192,000.

Herrington Dr., 62-R. E. Properties Corp. to Anthony Besong, $399,000.

Littleton Pl., 15406-Kerry A. Guilford to Eric D. Hedrick, $389,900.

Medstead Lane, 2808-NVR Inc. to Wilbert Watson, $429,990.

Open View Lane, 12410, No. 1405-Shirley A. Stinson to Tameka S. Brown, $230,000.

Pine Forest Lane, 923, No. 2011-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Florence A. Olujobi, $180,000.

Prince Pl., 10222, No. 11-304-Larence P. Dunson to Lee R. and Rachel C. Pressley, $55,000.

Red Jade Dr., 226-Mohammed Saed to Brandon Anthony and Audra Jean Fairchild, $210,000.

Trafton Dr., 10926-Appaloosa Investments Corp. to Lisa D. Bell and Jamaal G. Jones, $365,000.

White House Rd., 11204-Rudolph N. and Rosario L. West to Latifat Braimah, $320,000.


Arbory Ct. S., 7604, No. 417-Akap Management Corp. to Isaleny Delgadillo and Emelisa Tejeda Deleon, $239,000.

Bowsprit Lane, 14118, No. 806-Miriam E. McNeill to Anthony and Wanda McPhee, $120,000.

Carriage Hill Dr., 7243-Carlos A. and Wendy X. Orozco to Songhee Kang, $364,900.

Cypress St., 8401-Anhvu T. and Vien Van to Rena Calehma Jarrett, $380,000.

Fenwick Ct., 8143-Surya P. and Seema P. Durai to Jarrell B. Anderson, $295,000.

Main St., 410, No. 1-Judith A. Lyon and Thomas A. Miller to Radcliffe D. and Rolda V. Scarlett, $105,000.

Montrose Ave., 810-Rom Holdings Corp. to Twana A. Bradley, $317,000.

Phair Pl., 1031-Anjali Madan Wells to Anna Louise Summerville, $245,000.

11th St., 1107-James M. and Kathleen A. Testa to Saul Bladimir and Yessica Castaneda De Orellana, $285,000.


Greenview Dr., 14223-Glenn H. and Nancy L. Olsen to Antonio D. Jones, $360,000.

Montague Dr., 11806-Diversfied Asset Management Corp. to Osborne Anthony Diggs, $396,500.

Snead Ct., 9515-Jeremy Howard to Camille R. McKenzie, $239,900.

Tradewind Terr., 11707-Department of Veterans Affairs to Lucia E. Hernandez and Herbert Ariel Prudencio, $357,550.


Decatur St., 6817-Emmett L. Driggers and estate of Christopher Lee George to Marcos A. Cortez and Karla Teresa Hernandez Flores, $275,000.

Karen Elaine Dr., 5534, No. 1739-Philip B. Furr to Rennie M. Henry, $54,000.

Riverdale Rd., 7521, No. 1972-Sandra G. Newman estate of Jan B. Newman to John Shen, $50,100.

Taylor St., 7505-U.S. Bank to Rafael Bienvenido Rodriguez and Mabel De Jesus Zelaya, $271,500.

66th Ave., 4905-Rosa E. and Roberto Ramirez to Marvin Lainez, $307,500.


Calais Ct., 1712-JLG Investments Corp. to Glovis Grageda Arnez, $318,000.

Elroy Pl., 7816-GS Home Services Corp. to David F. Hurka Jr., $317,850.

Galloway Dr., 5602-CKJC Corp. to Mark and Arnetrice Knight, $334,900.

Maury Ave., 756-Pennsylvania Avenue 2006 Corp. to Ivory Cargle, $278,475.

Overlook Park Dr., 507, No. 42-Jared Kirk and Stephani Brooke Czap to Curtis L. and Ericka L. Hernandez, $650,000.

Regents Sq., 837, No. 351-Kevin M. and Katarzyna M. Mulligan to Richard and Laura S. Schiller, $562,000.

Riverhaven Dr., 128-NH Haven Residential Corp. and NH Haven Apartments Corp. to Duane T. Fultz, $301,900.

Riverhaven Dr., 145, No. 429-NH Haven Residential Corp. and NH Haven Apartments Corp. to Zachary N. Godsey, $341,900.

Shawnee Dr., 5504-Kenneth E. Huff to Bao Quynh T. Nguyen, $165,000.

Shoshone Dr., 5827-Omid Land Group Corp. to Cristina Guzman and Karen Tatiana Aguilar, $235,000.


Beacon Pl., 6902-Godfrey Ranjan and Mary Iranganee Fernando to Juan Penado Martinez and Alvaro Martinez Penado, $265,000.

Freeport St., 6703-William and Diane Davis to Mirna Estela and Wilfredo Rafael Aparicio, $350,000.

Mustang Dr., 5902-Juan C. Ayala to Bridget G. McLennon, $313,000.

62nd Ave., 5623-Reva D. Westpoint Fields to Moises A. Romano Bonilla, $225,000.


Allies Rd., 4503-Chariti Corp. to Catherine Hopkins and Solace Duncan, $339,000.

Davis Ave., 4621-Priceton Tree Corp. to Brian Morales, $280,000.

Lakewood St., 2308-Top Real Estate Corp. to Tamika M. Borland, $240,000.

Saint Barnabas Rd., 3803, No. T3-Vincent Harrell to Motunrayo Odejinmi, $80,000.


Braddock Rd., 4917-Nicole and Ariam Ferro to Oscar Eugenio Escalante Padilla and Laura Jackeline Alvarado Morales, $304,000.

Brinkley Rd., 3138, No. 8-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Securitized Mortgage Asset Loan Trust to Terry Lynne Jones, $44,900.

Huntley Square Dr., 3319, No. T1-Guillermo Munguia to Marvin S. Lovos, $70,350.

Iverson St., 2203-Geraldine K. and Robert M. Fields to Paris Walker, $354,000.

Iverson St., 2842, No. 105-Karina Leon to Terrence T. Turner, $97,000.

Lansing Dr., 5100-Nathaniel C. and Kimberly Johnson to Teresa D. and Anthony Adams, $278,000.

Raleigh Rd., 4626-Rosa A. Espinosa to Charlena Young, $235,500.

Sheffield Dr., 7010-Albert M. Gamble to James Elgar and Elizabeth Doye, $255,000.

Temple Hill Rd., 7724-Poconas & Sons Corp. to Daminion and Stephanie Brown, $285,000.

Weldon Dr., 4412-Cross Country Equity Corp. to Steven Stanback and Sakinah Washington, $329,700.

28th Ave., 3843, No. 31-Shawn B. Fitzpatrick and estate of William G. Fitzpatrick to Tracy L. Jenkins, $94,950.


Chillum Rd., 1009, No. 414-Anazette M. Andrews to Barbara A. Lucas, $90,000.

Kimberly Rd., 3106-MJ Investing Corp. to Kate Anne Bogan, $340,000.

Toledo Terr., 3450, No. 201-Beverly L. McQuay to Mesfin Negussie, $83,000.

25th Ave., 6705-Adieba Hijazi to Medhanie Berhe, $325,000.


Broadmoor Lane, 11903-Ted L. and Nancy L. Gean to Doris Carter and Ajita Taylor, $314,900.

Chariot Way, 4225-Federal National Mortgage Association to Tarn Ashman, $414,900.

Dublin Pl., 6500-Ronnie G. Mitchell to Calvin T. Smalls, $293,500.

Endsley Pl., 3620-Derek J. and Latoiya M. Easton to Brian J. Johnson and Daesha M. Stevenson, $285,000.

Fairway View Lane, 17001-Zachary B. Aaron and estate of Otis B. Aaron Jr. to Carlos J. Urbina Alfonso, $256,000.

Gambier Dr., 7405-Department of Veterans Affairs to Vaughn D. Jones, $350,000.

Graystone Dr., 9911-Michael O. and Isiuwa U. Adeyemi to Jamiliah L. Crooks and Houston Jerry Jones, $425,000.

Hampshire Hall Ct., 14259, No. 708-Nesly Clerge to Shahid Kitchens, $215,000.

Johensu Dr., 6315-Robert and Mary J. Blair to Corey Thomas, $520,000.

Lord Fairfax Pl., 13815-Faye L. Johnson to Nally N. Ngwenyi, $248,500.

Newcastle Farm Way, 12205-Kevin E. Thompson to Marcia E. Oliver and Conklin Gentry, $450,000.

Old Marlboro Pike., 13503-Dennis E. and Barbara J. Barnhart to Cheryl Tang How, $285,000.

Ranch Rd., 4053-Steven and Carrie Marie Lee to Mark I. and Michelle Deese Brown, $417,000.

Town Center Way, 12607-Katrina and Tanya Law to Chelsea S. Charity and James C. Turner Jr., $270,000.

Woodyard Cir., 9817-Kevin E. Locke to Felecia D. Witcher, $315,000.


Brookeville Landing Ct., 11732-Rachel L. Battles to Adewumi Oroge, $390,000.

Connor Ct., 2000, No. 705L-Jovita Yeldell to Lynette Briggs, $190,000.

Falls Lake Dr., 903-Nova Partners Corp. to Alicia Monique Johnson and Lisa Carol Thomas, $465,000.

Jordon Pond Lane, 520-U.S. Bank to Heisy Juliveth Garcia Gomez, $378,500.

Meadowlake Terr., 10504-Stephen L. and Paula D. Thomas to David and Denise Durham, $453,000.

Pepperidge Dr., 15000-Manuel S. Brown to Daron Anthony Pressley and Kimo Janelle Bentley, $440,000.

Spanish Oak Lane, 1702-Vicki C. Duckett to Dwayne and Lamosa Combs, $280,000.

Tulip Tree Dr., 9803-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Armani Vaughn, $269,000.