These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in March were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Beechdale Ct., 104-Karla V. Thompson to Sheeah Bonner, $485,000.

Breann Ct., 18109-Prakash Sankurathri to Jameel R. Pierre and Genee A. Wolley, $434,400.

Mattawoman Way, 612-Ani Real Estate Investments Corp. to Marquetta Walton, $599,800.

Singh Ct., 17818-Christopher and Lashawnda Strambler to Kenneth and Shanika Benedicto, $409,000.

Vintage Lane, 14123-Kuowinta D. and Lashuana M. King to Mercedes M. Katis, $319,000.


Apache St., 2206-Jay V. and Dorothy Rose Totten to Timothy M. Brown and Arlene Melara, $299,900.

Edgefield Dr., 10449-Sarojini and Alfred Sandosharaj to Cesar G. Moscoso, $335,000.

Metzerott Rd., 1836, No. 1612-Willi B. Donaldson and estate of George L. Workman to Wenchang Zhang and Yan Wang, $50,000.

Riggs Rd., 7008-Rebecca Newton to Mayoly Listen De Leon and Carlos Obed Gomez Lopez, $356,000.

Rosette Lane, 8312-Stanley B. Rosen to Marta L. Andrade Pineda and Jose O. Quintero, $295,000.

18th Ave., 8012-Haddis Neway to Azeb A. Desta, $365,000.


Castle Pines Dr., 12218-Lystra N. Antoine to Erica and Judith Smith, $595,000.

Evans Trail Way, 3783-Hazel and Haneesha Wyche to Alie B. Kamara, $256,000.

Longhorn Ct., 11401-Lynn A. Senda and Kevin O. Onyona to Norma Elizabeth Rodriguez, $485,000.

Susquehanna Dr., 3504-Junjun Zhang and Xiaolong Luo to Xavier E. and Enrique Hernandez, $325,000.


Edmonston Rd., 4201-Unique and Modern Homes Corp. to Isabel M. Lizama Martinez and Marta Maria Molina Lizama, $300,000.

55th Ave., 4215-Genevieve N. Monthe to Adam Trejo, $289,000.


Chalford Lane, 12503-Gerald J. and Michelle M. Coleman to Aldous Daniel Luna and Erica Vanessa Salmeron Villalobos, $325,000.

Cimmaron Greenfields Dr., 4705-BTZ Corp. to Norman O. Hall, $470,000.

Gallery St., 6408-Anil and Terese A. Sehgal to James R. and Kathleen M. Smith, $494,000.

Gothic Lane, 6109-Gabriel and Ericka C. Blankson to Vinay Pulletikurti and Melinda Massey, $339,990.

Holmehurst Way, 4509-Jonathan M. Braxton to Gwendoline Efuetngwa, $379,000.

Kernel Cir., 12807-Raymond C. Slack to Jared Grant and Kathlynn Serio, $349,900.

Kornett Lane, 12613-Radhia Magoma to Rubenia Williams-Winston, $280,000.

London Lane, 14956-Oracle Fields Inc. to Briana Marie Tillar, $264,900.

Maries Retreat Dr., 5209, No. 110-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Abril Gordon, $334,000.

Morningside Lane, 3612-Karen L. Thomas to Julia Crossed, $187,000.

Old Chapel Dr., 7202-Maureen Eloise Campbell to Crystal Reinhardt and Ryan Daly, $425,000.

Quinta Ct., 7904-Tobin A. and Elaine R. Craig to Josephine A. Ansah-Brew, $465,000.

River Valley Way, 4757, No. 57-Stonetrust Corp. to Helen F. Weldeslassie, $234,990.

Scarlet Oak Terr., 3218-Logan and Rachel Fees to Tyshawn Samuel Hill and Taneika Faison, $298,000.

Traymore Lane, 3048-E-Trade Bank to Matthew Stringer, $250,000.

Westwind Dr., 7321-Patricia Ann McGowan to Erika and Daniel Angello, $432,000.


Eider St., 16412-Harold D. and Callia Baines to Israel I. Aladejobi Ejide, $305,000.

Ellipse Terr., 16226, No. 12-Rhea Jallores Rigoroso to Jessica M. Powell, $251,000.

Estevez Ct., 4003-Federal National Mortgage Association to Jeremiah Hendy, $264,900.

Hyde Lane, 2218-Thomas C. and Lyndsay C. Morris to Robert L. and Laura Brockman, $339,900.

Nighthawk Lane, 15002-TLC Homes Corp. to Charles D. and Janice A. McLaughlin, $345,000.

Peach Walker Dr., 15507-Thomas B. and Sondra L. Lynch to Alexander S. Gabb, $265,000.

Pennsbury Way, 16315-Pamela D. Petree to Ashley P. Mitchell, $240,000.

Postwick Pl., 821-Nikya Y. Anderson Steward to Darryl Lamont and Hazel M. Simmons Anderson, $240,000.


Aquasco Rd., 18207-Jeff K. and Tobi L. Schmidt to Jason Lee and Carrie May Gibbs, $275,000.

Cedarville Rd., 11711-Daniel S. Taylor to Steven M. Windsor and Katy M. Rosche, $220,000.

Eve Way, 15218-Anya D. Tucker to Hosea L. and Tonya D. Sampson, $390,000.

Kennett Square Way, 15500-Pachcala Crews Perrow to Ashley A. Searcy, $304,900.

Old Liberty Lane, 13207-Model Homes Investors 2 Corp. to Judith L. Ezzell and Warren L. Davis Jr., $610,000.

Sudley Ave., 7200-MBH Metropolitan Properties Corp. to Lapiera R. Foster, $437,000.


43rd Ave., 3509-Justin P. Irwin to V. Charles Samuel Trump, $273,500.


Adel St., 6919-Johnny O. and Paula E. Dickens to Patricia Jones Ross and Yvette Barnes, $249,987.

Booker Terr., 1250-Douglas Reyes to Mariano A. Castro Romero and Glenda Murillo Castro, $227,000.

Capitol Heights Blvd., 1209-NVA Real Estate Corp. to Jose A. Pineda Hernandez, $270,000.

Daimler Dr., 134, No. 7-Resi Reo Sub Corp. to Shafaq Iqbal, $157,250.

Kayak Ave., 815-Elmer Vasquez Properties Corp. to Marcus Bolding, $175,000.

Mentor Ave., 516-Federal National Mortgage Association to Ramon F. Torres, $210,000.

Quarter Ave., 1707-Veteran Built Homes Corp. to Rosalind Pearl Dorothea Eaton, $230,000.

Saint Margarets Dr., 410-Gary J. Wu and Julie Qiang Zhu to Alex A. Rodriguez and Galileo Argueta Benitez, $285,000.

Torque St., 4337-Nancy Barahona to Jose G. Alfaro and Lazaro E. Bernal Quinteros, $277,900.

Wilburn Dr., 6600-VIP Home Investment Corp. to Jose Escalante, Hermelinda Velasquez and Manuel Perez, $279,900.

60th Pl., 720-Al Douglas Jr. and estate of Jessie B. Mundon to Cleveland Singleton Jr. and Jenay V. Brown, $245,000.

71st Ave., 309-Residential Value Corp. to Katherine J. Dirks and Sarah A. Sax, $280,000.


Haliard St., 10301-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Jesus Eduardo and Johanna Gisela Castro, $354,966.


Cedarwood Ct., 1821-Selena Swilling to Mariama Bah, $215,000.

Duvall Ridge Rd., 2720-SM Landover Corp. to Iesha Lizette James and Hansome Deandre Fisher, $341,990.

Forest Terr., 6905-Shaunice A. Gaines to Safietou Sawadogo and Koboyo Awesso, $197,000.

Kent Village Dr., 2504, No. B-Kent Town Place Corp. to Jason E. Lewis, $80,000.

Oxman Rd., 7708-Karen Leon Islas to Tint Way Aung and Mai Myat Myat Mon, $195,000.

Ray Leonard Rd., 1927-Iniobong E. Ubiam to Kelisha A. Batson, $209,000.

82nd Ave., 3103-Farhan M. Haque to William C. Oliver, $265,000.


Beverly Ave., 9702-Amilcar Roberto Morales Catalan to Cynthia M. Ball and Janice M. Kittrell, $324,900.

Brandywine Rd., 10112-Helen H. Goddard to Lona R. Smith, $189,900.

Canberra Dr., 9015-Ashley Pinekney and Timothy Leak to Michelle Mitchell, $375,000.

Cosca Park Pl., 11508-Tiffany Williams to Marcus and Sherlene Morgan, $240,000.

Deerstill Way, 8302-Alphonso L. Ellis to Aaron W. and Segayle C. Thompson, $355,000.

Elmwood Lane, 7903-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Tajuanna Antoinette Mills, $200,000.

Hunter Dr., 8001-Kevin A. and Tamara D. Wade to Stacy Hughes and Elaine Pickens, $475,000.

Piscataway Rd., 11702-Crystal E. Davis and estate of Earl C. Davis to Tawana B. Arrington, $285,000.

Pumpkin St., 2921-PMT NPL Financing to Victor P. and Nichole A. Davis, $389,000.

San Juan Dr., 5405-Janine Anne Stier and Dennis A. Politano to Catherine A. Bynum, $295,000.

Spruce Dr., 5710-Bruce E. and Josephine K. Mottern to Dekisha M. and Andrew S. Williams, $284,900.


Erie St., 5010-Egua Igbinosun to Iben Eno, $355,000.

Nantucket Rd., 4800-Joseph and Nancy Rucker to Fidel Guerrero Vasquez and Edwin Guerrero, $300,000.

Rhode Island Ave., 9432-Sandro M. Fouche to Warren T., Justin and Paige A. Moffitt, $311,000.

51st Pl., 9727-Realty American Investments Corp. to Marvin J. Orellana Andino and Xenia Umanzor, $334,000.


Asheville Rd., 1306-Macie E. Jones to Dominique L. and Breon S. Makonnen, $225,000.

Bradmoore Dr., 1707-Aky Enterprises Corp. to Efrain Osorio Sanchez, $319,000.

Donnell Pl., 7107, No. C1-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Vladimir Belchev, $52,500.

Edenville Dr., 1312-Potomac Mills Investment Group Corp. to Raquel E. Amaya Oliva and Jose Vicente Reyes, $332,000.

Hil Mar Dr., 5855-Betty Ann Cherry to Letroy R. Corprew, $233,400.

Overdale Pl., 2505-Ani Real Estate Investments Corp. to Mary Dunn, $231,000.

Putnam Lane, 7800-Judy A. Henderson to Jose Armando Gomez and Rosa E. Martinez, $295,000.

Springdale Ave., 3414-Thomas L. and Barbara J. Hodge to Lisa R. Jones, $200,200.


Bock Rd., 7102-Blinda A. Williams to Clarence H. Washington III, $286,000.

Buckland Ct., 6527-Gloria Sims to Justin Addison Brickhouse, $179,000.

Comet Dr., 8127-Bonifacio Rivera Palacios to Douglas E. Ramirez Sorto, $275,000.

Dimrill Ct., 6212-Gracie C. Britt to Kyndra Jones and Spencer Atwell, $214,500.

Glen Way, 10204-Reginald and Nancy Morency France to Kimberly D. Wilks, $420,000.

Kingsway Rd., 2803-Doris R. Anderson to Marisa Del Rosario Zuniga and Ana Maria Saravia Hernandez, $275,000.

Lanham Lane, 7106-MTGLQ Investors to Juliet Adaugo Ihekandu, $387,000.

Oaklawn Rd., 3704-PSB Two Maryland Corp. to Daniela Saunders, $277,000.

Old Piscataway Rd., 1323-C & C Design and Remodeling Corp. to Maikil Everett Herndon, $305,000.

Poling Ave., 1707-Melvin and Helene A. Johnson to Kald and Lula S. Ali, $440,000.

River Bend Rd., 341-NH Haven Residential Corp. and NH Haven Apartments Corp. to Carlton Leon and Gladys Ann Wilkins, $529,900.

Round Table Dr., 539-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Christiana Trust to Jhojan Jhon Coronado Pozo, $240,000.

Trowbridge Pl., 6714-Bernice and Melvin L. Speed to Alex R. and Sonia R. Sanchez, $309,900.

Wayneswood Rd., 3505-Carolyn C. and Michael E. Hill to Antoinette Khatib, $236,000.


Forestgate Pl., 10603-Tao An Investment Inc. and Cogent Resources Inc. to Jose L. and Glenda N. Portillo De Lara, $569,000.

Petworth Lane, 11208-Theresa L. Simeone and Deron E. Coleman to Joseph Ngamga and Regine Chokote, $450,000.


Greenbelt Rd., 8455, No. T2-James C. and Kyong Su Khan Simms to Edgar B. Henriquez, $111,150.

Hanover Pkwy., 6912, No. 300-Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development to Getachew Teshome and Tsigie Abebe, $94,120.

Mandan Rd., 7624-Nhon T. Pagan and Kim Chi Thi Thai to Bing He Zhang and Qiao Fang Lu, $285,000.

Miner St., 8252-NVR Inc. to Man Zhang and Zexu Ma, $417,200.


Jefferson St., 4306-Omnius Corp. to Michael Thaddeus and Sefina Onozare Adasi Lucki, $597,500.


Alcona St., 9325-Anndrea K. Willis and estate of Bernard C. Willis to Edilberto Lopez Moreira, $268,000.

Calanda St., 9313-Darla M. Gepert and estate of Helen Scabis to Mabel Blocker, $300,000.

Everley Terr., 10214-Celerity Ventures Corp. to Karen and Reginald Bookard, $499,000.

Forbes Blvd., 7116-Exclusive Concept Consulting Services to David Brown Stewart and Krystal Mitchell, $305,000.

Grant Dr., 7904-Beatrice R. and Reginald M. Collins to Levius B. and Delva M. Williams, $225,000.

Nashville Rd., 6908-Peter G. and Delores V. Metsopoulos to Paul C. White Jr., $358,000.

Smita Pl., 5506-Ocee Esene to Cindy Salvador and Virgilio Granados, $307,500.

Van Buren St., 9400-Denise N. and Luis M. Couto to Monica and Robin Portillo, $295,500.

Whitfield Chapel Rd., 5306-Alexander A. and Sandra N. Mercado to Junior M. Cruz, $376,050.

Fourth St., 1507-Hong Au to Suraj Mohammed, $203,000.


Abbottswood Ct., 11423-Craig S. and Zelaya S. Mayo to Jocelyn Harris, $185,000.

Campus Way S., 10110, No. 302-8A-Don J. and Sara Jones Garris to Bridget T. Dorsey, $59,000.

Castleton Way, 10701-House Buyers of America to Michael A. and Lauren J. Jones, $260,000.

Fernwood Dr., 1733-Id Properties Corp. to Haresh Seegopaul, $340,000.

Hancock Dr., 2008-Lisa R. Wright Cleveland to Lora T. and Michael D. Coleman, $285,000.

Harry S. Truman Dr., 528-Mary P. Mickey to Shelly J. and Robert L. Robinson, $275,000.

Lake Pointe Ct., 9812, No. 103-Federal National Mortgage Association and Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Ijeoma E. Onuigbo, $134,900.

Mallard Ct., 1709-Rene Gordon and estate of John Anthony Gordon to Petra A. Ngang, $420,000.

Old Ardwick Ardmore Rd., 10024-Phillip A. and Denise M. Williams to Norma Marisol Reyes and Edwin Balmore Membreno Melendez, $342,500.

Pentland Hills Dr., 3816-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Dana C. and Tawana M. Doggett, $465,360.

Rifton Ct., 411-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Leah Danielle Garrison and Alan Christopher Elder Jr., $427,350.

Trumpeter Swan Ct., 13305-David M. Fields and Thjuan T. Bradley to Iyabo Wumi Akanni, $440,000.


Ashford Blvd., 7959-Frank Liu to Maria Klotha Clifford, $323,000.

Bradford Ct., 6904-Darryl Jefferson and Rocio Lizzette Zelidon to Jiovanni Ramos and Jennette Colon, $407,000.

Dorset Rd., 15607, No. 56-Michael R. and Darlene L. Stark to Sien Celine Vernyns and Prasanna Krishnakant Vernenkar, $139,000.

Grace Way, 312-Sandy Spring Village Corp. to Louis A. Pradel, $343,900.

Lauren Lane, 14113B, No. 12B-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Celestine Omehia, $127,270.

Millbrook Lane, 15722, No. 55-MP Green Management Co. Inc. to Matthew Hall and Heather Wilson, $255,000.

Oakpointe Dr., 14004-Valerie A. List to Jillian Elaine Blair, $278,000.

Post Office Ave., 22-Yury A. Flores Marroquin to Cara and Nemecio Rivera, $339,000.

Woodruff Ct., 7612-Monique Y. Matthew Foster to John Rey Bianes and Josue Macasa Abalorio, $285,000.

Seventh St., 1000-Edward Weinberger Jr. to Omar Nason, $203,000.


Bovelder Dr., 8805-Prakash Sankurathri to Jermaine C. and Kristen M. Lemoas, $445,000.

Duckettown Rd., 11905-Duckettown Corp. to Alexander Zavala Maravilla, $367,000.

Ispahan Loop, 9204-Claudia W. Perdue and Claudia W. Sagredo to Nicole T. Gould, $320,000.

Portsmouth Dr., 8612-Noel O. and Mary F. Hall to David Rene Cardona Villagrez and Ofelia Sanchez Lopez, $300,000.

Snowden Rd., 9908-Pamela Leep-Pow to Patrick A. Durand, $490,000.

VanFleet Ct., 9207-Kenneth Harmon Ness to Modinat Akinsanya, $315,000.


Donoghue Dr., 8318-Federal National Mortgage Association and Old Republic Title Co. to Amilcar Dubon Alvarenga and Francisco Hernandez Orellana, $285,000.

Glenoak Rd., 4813-Samuel Snead to Austin and Caelin Hamann, $365,000.

Spirea Ct., 4004-Sarah C. Britt to James and Brandi M. Proctor, $280,000.

68th Pl., 4702-Kimisha and Michael Andre Robinson to Josefina D. Pena and Martha L. Castaneda, $355,000.

85th Ave., 5450, No. 101-Lakeview Loan Servicing Corp. to Deborah Jones, $67,000.


Cedar Ridge Dr., 306-Homes Investment Corp. II to Edward Charles Cimmino, $330,000.

Fenwood Ave., 1402-Parada Realty Inc. to David Brian Esch, $332,000.

Helmont Dr., 5511-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Fay Servicing Corp. to German Torres, $230,000.

Maury Ave., 819-PRC Strategies Corp. to Charles S. Curry Jr., $254,000.

Riverhaven Dr., 112-NH Haven Residential Corp. and NH Haven Apartments Corp. to Edna Faye Williams, $264,900.

Riverhaven Dr., 145, No. 229-NH Haven Residential Corp. and NH Haven Apartments Corp. to Cheryl M. Murray, $374,900.

Saint Barnabas Rd., 6707-MP Green Corp. to Jose Eduardo Mendoza, $265,000.

Shelby Dr., 834-Jose M. and Sharon R. Cordoba to Jose A. Umana Villatoro, $232,000.

Sutler Terr., 1213-Beach Capital Partners Corp. to Zipporah Miles, $266,000.

Wheeler Rd., 4820-Gerald and Cheryl Jackson to Jose Portillo Villanueva, $254,000.

Wilson Bridge Dr., 565, No. 6764-Dani and Jutta Kaihari Nohra to Sonja N. Henry, $98,000.


Taylor Rd., 5903-Lawrence R. and Patricia D. Holt to Jonathan Fruendt, $232,000.

47th Ave., 6512-SM Waterford Estates Corp. to Benjamin J. and Allegra M. Richardson, $498,486.

66th Ave., 5703-Jose G. Cisneros to Oscar Armando Ferman Castro, $280,000.


Candy Apple Lane, 4131, No. 9-Eugenia Lynne Nichols to Vermell McBride, $189,999.

Ewing Ave., 2319-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Latoya S. Pouncey, $215,000.

Medora Dr., 4700-Eric Hunt to Lamar Woods, $305,000.

Pine Grove Dr., 6627-Nilson O. Canenguez to Walter E. Andrade Yanes, $278,000.

Saint Barnabas Rd., 3811, No. T1-Ty Webb Corp. to Laurence and Arthalyn Jones, $79,999.

Whitehall St., 2401-VHE Investment Groups Corp. to Janette Thomas, $305,000.


Afton St., 2622-Alcides Jorge Acho Osco to Jessica Lopez and Luis A. Guerrero Crespo, $252,000.

Anvil Lane N., 2149-Mary E. Bullard to Tina J. Barden, $230,000.

Colebrooke Dr., 2613, No. 24-RC Income Fund Corp. to Reynaldo Ramos Feliciano and Miriam O. Sanchez Ramos, $90,900.

Keppler Pl., 4509-Nina Maria Diana and estate of Joseph J. Diana to Ashley Spencer, $270,000.

Rocky Mount Dr., 4107-W. Alfred Williams to Leziga Z. and Dorcas L. Gbarabe, $312,000.

Townsley Ave., 4312-Department of Veterans Affairs to Santiago I. Henriquez, $230,000.

27th Ave., 3501-Sunvest Corp. to Sunday and Gloria U. Aneke, $279,900.


Ager Rd., 6502-Francisco Mercado to Nelvis L. Quinteros and Julia M. Benitez, $289,000.

Chillum Rd., 1009, No. 310-Bhaskar Patel to Blanca Segovia, $63,000.

Longford Dr., 1816-Mbaye Mbengue to Birhanu T. Alemo, $210,000.

Queens Chapel Rd., 6001-Rochelle Silver to Edith Del Carmen Hernandez Lopez and Miquel A. Marquez, $369,000.

Toledo Terr., 3450, No. 604-U.S. Bank to Lisseth B. Ortiz, $73,000.


Antock Pl., 7007-Beach Capital Partners to David and Tamarra Bamiro, $489,000.

Bishops Bequest Rd., 13910-Monica R.M. and Leon B. Brown Jr. to Henry and Bathsheba Cross, $300,000.

Brookmead Ct., 16231-Sarah Sanya to Lamar D. and Angelina M. Plater, $260,000.

Castle Dr., 9526-Tholes Desrosiers to Antoinette M. Spriggs, $284,997.

Clirieden Lane, 4807-Rafael A. and Lizvette Manzano to Derrick and Alexis Jones, $235,000.

Croom Rd., 9404-Shouki Alsakir to Keion Gaskins and Keyshawna Byrd, $239,000.

Fairgreen Lane, 11808-Department of Veterans Affairs to Ryan Brown, $285,000.

Farnsworth Lane, 14000, No. 3203-Janet Inniss to Anthony and Wanda McPhee, $130,000.

Florin Way, 9094-Romayne and Christie Prout to Soroya A. and Steven G. Watson, $247,000.

Grandhaven Ave., 8308-Roberta F. and William R. Garman to Yvonne L. Riley, $337,000.

Healy Ct., 9807-Nas Group to Douglas A. and Keila S. Ramirez, $335,000.

Lynn Ric Dr., 10200-Milton M. Crump Jr. and Cynthia L. Prestandrea to Clarence M. and Kelly A. Stevens, $565,000.

Midland Turn, 9313-Janice Collins to Evelyn A. Avant, $289,900.

Piaffe Cir., 9415-Stuart and Heather Snodgrass to Robbie Dearman, $474,900.

Snow Chief Ct., 6303-M & T Bank to Joseph U. and Stella U. Nwamara, $420,000.

Varus Pl., 10000-Wells Fargo Bank to Jose L. Merida Parada and Janet Merida, $212,100.

Village Square Rd., 12817-Andrew A. Gordon to Ngape Charles Ngwese, $305,000.

Wyman Way, 9710-William A. Welch Sr. to Daetonya M. Scott, $325,000.


Caribon St., 4023-Rosheim Lewis Sr. to Vivian Graves, $339,000.

Golden Morning Dr., 1904, No. 40-Timothy M. and Deborah A. Harvey to Kelvin S. and Deneen C. Allen, $415,000.

Jensford Ct., 14902-JSH Properties Corp. to Julius Dikongue Elame and Chalotte Engwari Tebid, $490,000.

Kingsview St., 12414-Lighthouse Assets Corp. to Angela Washington Strong, $399,000.

Millponds Ct., 906-Pauline Johnson to Ajibike O. Chike, $307,000.

Plum Tree Way, 15008-Philip A. Lonjers and Maria A. Ceron to Daphne Etienne, $439,900.

Saint Michaels Dr., 973-Nathaniel House to Annetta McKenzie and Piffany Smith, $227,000.

Stourbridge Ct., 1735-Prashanth P. and Kimberly J. Parmar to Philana Z. Ferguson, $319,725.

Vista Linda Dr., 10607-Diplomat Property Manager Corp. and Fay Servicing Corp. to Dallo Conteh, $380,000.

Westlake Dr., 1004-Federal National Mortgage Association to Bethany Ayana Showell, $299,900.