These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided in April by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Farmington Rd. W., 16-Wayne Wiggins and Darlene Snowball to Sodalise Son and Sokpeak Kol, $558,000.

Medinah Ridge Rd., 2002-Donita R. and Jerry Vines to Lorenzo Antonio Rodriguez Olvera, $525,000.

Saint Marys View Rd., 3409-Christian A. and Viola J. Curtis to Robyn Kimberlyn Smith, $469,900.


Ashfield Rd., 10906-Glenn Towle to Aymen Romodan, $390,000.

Elliott Pl., 6411-Moreese C. and Myron C. Barnes to Demissie Ayele Woldemariam and Hibret B. Tafese, $251,750.

Higbee Rd., 2605-Agnes M. and Robert L. Thornburg to Mario Ronald and Wanda Saavedra, $325,000.

Metzerott Rd., 1836, No. 812-James E. Clarke and Renee Dyson to Thomas C. Pham, $51,000.

Riggs Rd., 7201-Damion T. Tyson and estate of Avis V. Thomas Mason to Blanca Marilu Orellana, $285,000.

Towhee Ave., 10106-Renee L. and Carole D. Alston to Jenna Paoletti, $370,000.

25th Ave., 7605-Li Yun Zheng to Martin Antonio Garcia Jimenez and Alba L. Marquez, $285,000.


Beltsville Dr., 12125-Richard A. Jones Jr. to Jean Robert Joseph, $250,000.

Cherry Hill Rd., 11376, No. 1M-CVI Corp. Mortgage Loan Trust and Newrez Corp. to Shahriar S. Lavian and Farahnaz Hemmatzadeh, $104,000.

Evans Trail Ct., 3820-Denean Windley and estate of Fannie T. Bears Mitchell to Alex Hernandez Vasquez and Maria Margarita Rosales Mejia, $235,000.

Hawk Ridge Ct., 11412-Imbi and Moustapha Drame to Hameed Jamarussadiq, $285,000.

Josephine Ave., 4606-William T. Hanbury to Rosa Alvarado and Isidro Ventura, $260,000.

Major Denton Dr., 3336-Jaime C. Godoy and Leslie Y. Carrillo to Rony Salomon Cerrato Antunez and Cindy Marily Quinteros Paz, $285,000.

43rd Ave., 10429-Raymond N. and Janet H. Doetsch and Karen Sandra Robison to Ana B. Romero Rodriguez and Gregorio A. Santos, $345,000.


Annapolis Rd., 15304-David J. and Joanne M. Wadsworth to Rafe R. Ellison, $200,000.

Cape Cod Cir., 4433-Iris E. Pratt and Clarissa H. McCormack to Jose M. Martinez Iraheta, $242,000.

Felicia Lane, 6701-James L. and Hilarine M. Repace to Diana Mbugua, $349,900.

Hatties Progress Dr., 4219-Chinedu Ekwueme Jr. to Steven and Lissette Hubbard, $525,000.

Keel Turn, 12315-Dlas Designs Corp. to Myra L. Fullerton, $358,000.

Kennet Lane, 2506-Jason Thompson to Ronda Williams, $349,900.

Knowledge Lane, 12515-Nicholas Allgauer to Kathi L. Williams Young, $349,900.

Mabank Lane, 3609-James Bonnington to Devin Jacob and Jessica Lynn Leitner, $370,000.

Manor Field Dr., 4214-NVR Inc. to Sharla Michele Peters and Calvin Leon Smith Jr., $536,520.

Maycheck Lane, 12002-Sarah Maloney and estate of the Rosaria Luddy to Edvin Adolfo Pinto, $270,250.

Overbrook Lane, 13213-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Veronica E. Morales and Ana M. Gonzalez, $271,300.

Pleasant View Dr., 14301-Patrick M. and Pamela J. Tracy to Iain M. and Laura J. Davison, $400,000.

Quoting Poet Ct., 12608-A3 Real Estate Investments Corp. to James Whitcomb and Morakot Som Dolan, $505,000.

Ramsgate Lane, 4727-Brian J. Ringer to Rolando A. Liriano and Erika De La Cruz, $350,000.

Running Deer Way, 4503, No. 319A-James Michael and Sharon Marie Kelsey to Yolanda C. and Rudolph Tucker, $207,500.

Tempo Lane, 12004-Gail Yvonne Stone to Marcelle Lolita Brawner, $317,000.

Undermire Ct., 8612-Ag Construction Group Corp. to Michael and Tia Doughty, $431,000.

Wakefield Lane, 3907-Deana P. Herbert to Rahul Srivastava and Alyson C. Kelly, $325,000.

Willes Vision Dr., 4909-Isikilu and Larry I. Akinde to Palmer C. and Monica L. Young, $625,000.

Seventh St., 12906-Rhonda J. Doss and estate of Mary Frances Vansickler to Elmer A. and Olga E. Garcia, $349,900.


Aldridge Ct., 3200-Edwin T. and Celestine C. Allen to Stephanie N. Nyame and Madeleine N. Ngoya, $411,000.

Dale Lane N., 3058-Brian C. Gunter to Kathryn Von Der Heide and Sean Banks, $257,000.

Eastview Ct., 4011-Cecilia D. Marsh to Roger Tata, $295,000.

Enders Terr., 16511-Federal National Mortgage Association to Cleatus Peake, $295,000.

Everglade Lane, 15600, No. 301-Steven M. Hubbard to Claudia D. Arrieta, $220,000.

Excalibur Ct., 3710, No. 302-Tamilia C. Hall to Shalvin R. and Bhavia Banker, $199,000.

Heming Lane, 12647-Realty Properties Corp. to Maria M. and Jeffrey L. Bishop, $352,000.

Nighthawk Lane, 15000-Anthony M. Rodriguez to Juan Francisco Juarez Marchante and Rosa Del Carmen Amaya Juarez, $259,999.

November Ct., 2907-Benjamin Lam to Brandon Coachman, $247,000.

Patriot Lane, 1221-Lane Homebuyers Corp. to Chondria Larice Andrews, $242,050.

Pennsbury Way, 16302-Owb Reo Corp. to Tetita Jackson, $185,000.


Aquasco Rd., 17626-Pamela Wright Guffey and estate of Patricia Sue Wright to James R. Sonick and Philip C. Watson Jr., $325,000.

Chadsey Lane, 15611-Nicolas Alexander Gibbings and estate of Wayne K. Butler to Paul T. and Kayla Ann M. Bailey, $345,000.

Commander Howe Terr., 7018-Derick Holt to Malachi Southerland, $307,000.

Danville Rd., 3524-Triangle Homes Corp. to Landon Lewis, $589,900.

Lavender Dream Lane, 16105-Dana Aundra and Amanda Gravely to Doris C. Cruz and Julio A. Zambrano Martinez, $457,500.

Monterey Park Ct., 12501-Savannah Investors 4 Inc. to Dion Alfonso and Irene Reyes Smith, $679,945.

Pocopson Creek Way, 15313-Levi Sherrard Harrell to Renita Lashawn Hamlet and Erika Monroe, $310,000.

Smoot Way, 12309-Keith N. and Wanda M. Burroughs to Malorie and Tyrell Thomas, $465,000.

Taylerton Lane, 16031-Advantage Homes at Archer’s Glen Corp. to Kelvin Eugene and Queen Elizabeth Smith, $705,739.


Perry St., 3707-Jefferey I. Johnston to Olga Victorovna Naidenko, $519,925.

39th Pl., 3406-Jason H. and Shaunte E. Jennings to Addie Marie Darling and Jose U. Mena, $358,000.

42nd Ave., 3402-Four Corners Properties Corp. to Orbelina Reyes and Antonio Rios, $319,000.


Applegarth Pl., 5918-Toyia Robinson to Shaquetia G. Butler, $228,000.

Bugler St., 5723-Galilee Community Development Corp. to Michael D. Green, $209,000.

Carmody Hills Dr., 404-FG General Construction Corp. to Silvestre Marquez Pulido and Guadalupe Zarate Rodriguez, $274,050.

Drylog St., 6128-A Home 4 U Corp. to Rita and Joseph O. James, $280,000.

Early Oaks Lane, 1407-Jose Luis M. Parada and Janet Merida to Moises Rivera Morroquin and Ericka Iclea Cermeno, $265,000.

Ellis St., 3805-Sasha A. and Charles F. Varner to George C. Ellison Jr., $237,350.

Fresno St., 7012-Sandra Cruz to Luis Rodrigo Paredes Torres, $305,000.

Halsted Ave., 6222-Brandi S. Session and Thomas E. Byrd Jr. to Quentina Hamlett, $340,000.

Mill Ave. W., 118-Terri Jordan Williams to Reina Isabel Escobar Fuentes and Jennifer Calderon, $280,000.

Seat Pleasant Dr., 6003-City of Seat Pleasant to Khalia Chantel Hart, $237,000.

Shamrock Ave., 1523-Charles Demetrius Lucas to Latoya D. Graham, $210,000.

Willow Hill Dr., 7217-Tabitha Taylor Boone Matthews to Brian Jackson, $285,000.


Angora Dr., 10208-Theodore Jordan Smith to Donna M. and Samuel R. Morris, $275,000.


Cedarwood Ct., 1841-Baer Development Inc. to Jillian L. Causey, $237,000.

Crane Pl., 7401-Department of Veterans Affairs to Tameca Thomas, $206,000.

Forest Terr., 6803-Ann Lamers to Helen Rowe, $217,500.

Hawthorne St., 6726-Horace B. and Judy D. Jones to Jason Anthony Irick, $215,500.

Lockwood Rd., 5602-John B. and Brenda Davis to Marc S. and Melanie M. Friesen, $325,000.

Spring Pl. E., 2204-Nationstar Mortgage Corp. and Champion Mortgage Co. of Texas to Victor M. Cierra, $220,000.

Vermont Ct., 6718-Stephen P. and Linda L. Watson to Joyce Dare, $210,000.

Wayne Pl., 2539-Maria E.P. De Martinez and Rafael Martinez O’Ferrall to Shawn D. and Caitlin M. Affolter, $535,000.


Boniwood Turn W., 5216-Jessica and Julian Rooks to Joshua Dillion, $335,000.

Chris Mar Ave., 5911-Brenda C. Allen to Raphael V. Taylor, $300,000.

Gladeside Dr., 8812-David M. and Mia Whiteman to Lachelle M. Johnson and Alonzo Britton, $417,500.

Hale Dr., 9609-Orlando Ciccone and estate of W.I. Ciccone to Cesar and Jesus Gumercinda Castillo, $216,000.

Keystone Ave., 11304-Regis L. Austin and Rayisha Nashae Ouarrie to Shon L. Harris, $320,000.

Nathan Ct., 12400-Gary O. and Sharnell B. Brown to Anthony L. and Jacqueline D. Thomas, $566,000.

Plum Way, 6102-Pretium Mortgage Acquisition Trust and Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB to Jose J. Campos and Laura Campos Canales, $262,303.

Sheila Turn, 7255-Kevin G. and Paris M. Lyles to Brandon I. and Ebeny N. Tolson, $229,900.

Teaberry Way, 6212-FTB Homes Corp. to Alisha M. Johnson and Galina I. Georgieva, $300,000.


Osage St., 4819-Capital Investment Group Corp. to Kevin K. and Michelle C. Kluska, $407,500.

Wofford Lane, 9204-Charles T. and Stephanie Ann Smolka to Aubrey Delaney and Sarah Gordon Batten, $400,000.

49th Ave., 9034-Miriam M. Lucero to Yessenia E. De Leon and Albertina McCreary, $339,000.

52nd Ave., 9628-Michael S. Edwards to Christine Kennedy Hernandez, $267,300.


Boones Lane, 2512-Nora C. Reyes to Javier Mejia Guardado, $289,900.

Flag Harbor Dr., 7304-Nichole I. Greenaway to Laketa J. Bailey, $252,000.

Karen Blvd., 1542-Shanetta D. Ore to Folashade and Olufunmilayo Adeyosoye, $208,000.

Ritchboro Rd., 8549-Latasha R. Stafford to Javon M. Coleman and Shamekia Alston, $232,000.

Silverton Ct., 7100-Ardell I. Francis to Gerard Clarke, $339,000.

Viceroy Ave., 3102-Panalytics Corp. to Thomas A. Marble, $273,000.

Whittaker Ct., 2006-Lee R. and Diane P. Collins to Noel Carino, $365,000.


Blanchard Dr., 9400-Caruso Builder Washington Overlook Corp. to Leslie D. Lee and Tiffany Charles, $718,181.

Bock Rd., 8219-Unique & Modern Homes Corp. to Flora S. and Dante D. Dematera, $339,000.

Brierhill Rd., 2005-Tihitena Essatu and Tilahun Wolde Rafael to Owen McLeggon, $279,900.

Caltor Lane, 9813-Jeffrey W. Banks to Elmer Alexis Lopez, $290,000.

Colonel Seward Dr., 8500-Home Rescues Corp. to Abebe Kifle and Winta Assefa, $495,000.

Den Meade Ave., 8003-McArthur and Marie G. Whitlow to Pablo Amaya Pacheco and Elsa Nohemy, $262,000.

Everhart Pl., 5728-Morganne W. Foster to Amber N. Banks, $256,000.

Gable Lane, 12414-Capstone Investment Corp. to Franklin Ricardo Baires Zavala and Emma Lorena Baires, $329,000.

Glen Way, 10214-Chikel and Natasha Coleman to Kamara Lewis and Kadeam Vendryes, $400,000.

Harrison Ave., 13403-Full Circle Real Estate Investment Corp. to Jose R. Guerrero, $264,000.

Hollybank Dr., 12208-C&C Design and Remodeling Corp. to Jason Munro, $534,000.

Jadee Ct., 9705-Hasan N. Majied to Midge D. Brooks Fields, $477,500.

Kisconko Turn, 433-Jeffrey and Kimberlee Bryce to Thanh Xuan Dang and Thien Phong Thai, $260,000.

Lothian Lane, 7401-Ronald Peay and estate of Julia Ann Peay to Lazarus A. Tibbs Sr., $280,000.

Lumar Dr., 3813-Ajax Mortgage Loan Trust and U.S. Bank National Association to Rashaod M. Crosson, $575,000.

Mayfield Rd., 10800-Jerry White Jr. and Brittany S. Ellerbe to Hector Damian Enrique and Jhovana Cordova, $302,500.

Neon Rd., 11604-Caruso Builder Washington Acres Corp. to Colleen M. Applebaugh, $574,195.

Old Lantern Ct., 11702-Cwalt Inc. and Bank of New York Mellon to Weiqing Gu and Shenjun Jiang, $307,125.

Pats Lane, 7906-Aptus Capital Group Corp. to Thomas E. and Adrienne S. Robinson, $299,900.

River Bend Rd., 308-NH Haven Residential Corp. and NH Haven Apartments Corp. to Soffiyah Pakiza Nasher, $454,900.

Sandwick Cir., 13003-Houston Jerry and Pearl C. Jones to Suvd Tsolmon, $270,000.

Stonesboro Rd., 3706-5ive Star Homes Corp. to Rochelle Morton and Dante Kinnard Gayle, $339,555.

Tarboro Pl., 7202-Innovation Homes Corp. to Coretta L. Jones, $330,000.

Washington Terr., 13304-Deyar Corp. to Dejene Wolde Legesse, $375,000.

Windemere Ct., 1172-Rosio Davila Zurita and Sofiene Kouraichi to William E. Williams, $201,000.


Franklin Ave. E., 10005-Preston Leon Twyman Jr. to Njah Simon Tetuh and Mbah Josephine Endam, $330,000.

Justice Pl., 12211-Gelner T. and Milagros Castillo to Nkemdi Chukukere, $510,000.

Wingate Dr., 8013-Bcap Trust Corp. and Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Gerard A. Young, $405,825.


Damsel Ct., 6815-Evelyn McCorkle and estate of John L. White to Mfawa Omini and Ifeoma Uzoamaka Abam, $307,000.

Greendale Pl., 6-Anner C. Delcid to Kristin E. Fletcher and Romell Sandoval, $345,000.

Hanover Pkwy., 7722, No. 176-Cindy Campbell and estate of Chrissy Cecile Campbell to Maria Gisela Bardossy and Jose Patricio Tillard, $125,000.

Lastner Lane, 118-Federal National Mortgage Association to Carlos J. Muniz Canales and Ericka G. Vargas, $294,900.

Miner St., 8105-NVR Inc. to David M. Lawhorn and Emily S. Schmid, $587,389.

Miner St., 8286-NVR Inc. to Christina D. and Tatyana Akria Searcy, $500,495.

Vanity Fair Dr., 7801-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Selva Jayaraman and Prathiba Ramadoss, $267,000.


Oglethorpe St., 4410, No. 414-Franklin Hollis to Don B. Gatewood, $100,000.

43rd St., 6118-Genesis Property Development Corp. to Matthew Chase and Caitlin Janelle Whittemore, $455,000.


Aerospace Rd., 10008-NVR Inc. to Candace Cacho and David Matthew Rodriguez, $413,280.

Alcona St., 9347-Barbara Ann Broady Kirby to Israel A. Rodriguez, $280,000.

Dubarry Ave., 9443-Raymond Nwadiuko to Juan Carlos Huinil Lopez, $350,000.

Fontana Dr., 9333-Pedro R. Leiva to Jesus Natividad Bonilla Flores and Estefania S. Bonilla, $289,999.

Good Luck Rd., 9204-Brene A. Carrington to Wilber H. Bonilla Sanchez, $335,000.

Huxley Dr., 9805-Carl and Valdes Bennett to Lazarus G. and Angelina L. Toussaint, $435,000.

Lost Spring Way, 8703-Community Management Co. to Ghousia Syed, $372,330.

Sir Michael Pl., 2502-Raymond Donald Boatright and Taifa Ayanna Coger to Muhammad Zulfiqar, $510,000.

Timber Lane, 4604-Leon Monroe Segears to Reva Westpoint Fields, $370,000.

Wellington St., 9333-Paradise Home Corp. to Douglas Ademir Lovos Jimenez, $317,500.

Wood Glen Terr., 9814-Timberlake Wood Glen Corp. to Ian Richard Thomas, $395,000.


Bar Geese Ct., 13103-FFC Properties Corp. to Anthony and Latonya Mayes, $475,000.

Bolin Terr., 518-Jason G. Johnson to Gerald A. Thomas Jr., $405,000.

Carry Pl., 809-Come Back Terps Corp. to Vincent E. and Bushra Thomas, $314,900.

Cranston Ave., 512-NVR Inc. to Jahmal and Aqueelha James, $639,946.

Drumsheugh Lane, 11320-Kenneth L. and Joyce V. Norman to Eduardo Preston and Vikkii Fitzhugh Jackson, $469,000.

Effie Fox Way, 3830-NVR Inc. to Holly Renee Pryor, $401,845.

Essenton Dr., 101-Estate of Betty L. Cobbs to Didacus Tamambang and Christel Awasirri, $315,000.

Fernwood Dr., 1627-Westphalia Row Partners Corp. to Gilbert Clayton and Kim Renee Shaw, $408,090.

Francisco Ct., 8818-Kia Nicole Newkirk to Karla Hall, $260,000.

Joyceton Dr., 10725-Christina J. Nunn to Kristen L. and Lawrence A. Staten, $249,000.

Kettering Pl., 11260-Ben and Sophia Mensah to Modupeola O. Ogunmekan, $255,000.

Lincolnshire Pl., 15205-Michelle M. Martin to Deepak and Pratima D. Mahulikar, $530,000.

Medstead Lane, 2814-Westphalia Row Partners Corp. to Elizabeth O. Bamidele and Adenike C. Bosunde, $421,490.

Mia Lane, 3007-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Gary Preston Lucombe, $393,320.

New Orchard Pl., 702-Natasha Young Jones to Latonya P. McKever, $348,000.

Pentland Hills Dr., 3603-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Byron Jerrell and Chane Marque Barlow, $549,990.

Pentland Hills Dr., 3801-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Michelle Scott, $445,730.

Pine Needle Ct., 13720-M&T Bank to Bianca and Emeka J. Emelike, $375,000.

Prince Pl., 10243, No. 28-306-Lisa K. Rosser to Phyllis T. Yates Manigault, $71,000.

Swiss Gap Rd., 131-Estate of Franklyn W. Taylor Jr. and Richard L. Taylor to Lennon Baccus, $175,000.

Turner Wootton Pkwy., 14514-Nene Ahuruele Wilson Amadi and Andre Philemon to Nikita J. and Patrick Thelwell, $499,999.

Weshire Dr., 9514-Westphalia Row Partners Corp. to Dominic J. and Cedric L. Jackson, $419,690.

Winterbourne Dr., 2915-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Bennett Abston Jr., $579,078.

Woodlawn Blvd., 10804-Quentin D. and Sandra W. Bembry to Ronesha Vaughn, $335,000.


Ashford Blvd., 8426-Kanayochukwo A. Odoe to Felix Anwuzia and Ngozi Augustina Okafor, $285,000.

Clayburn Dr., 15504-Donna M. Mills Palmer to Tania A. Pacheco, $430,000.

Dorset Rd., 15611, No. 78-Brandon Macon to Sien Celine Vernyns and Prasanna Krishnakant Vernenkar, $146,000.

Goodman Ct., 16101-Rodney Lee and Leah R. Young to Joel E. and Emily J. Wood, $368,000.

Jerald Rd., 16111-Federal National Mortgage Association to Andrew Marchwicki, $260,075.

Lauren Lane, 14105A, No. 14A-Wells Fargo Bank to Vineeta, Khushboo and Meenal Singh, $90,000.

Marton St., 1051-Leah M. Andrews to Dusty and Brandy Ellinger, $243,000.

Park Hall Dr., 6642-Elwood Hall and Wesley Wayne Davis to Daniel B. Grenier, $375,000.

Spring Arbor Dr., 8012-NVR Inc. to Kamala Gordon and Andre Allen, $446,650.


Newasa Lane, 16410-Stephen C. and Theresa Mackey to Britney M. Green, $300,000.


Laurel Grove Ct., 11204-Ronie Loberto and Erica Brambilla to David Edward and Melissa Lynn Kanney, $435,000.

Montague Dr., 11707-Abbie L. Nesbitt Dawkins to Marlon J. Alvarez Carcamo and Jessica Johanna Reyes, $350,000.

Oxwell Lane, 8743-Sheryl Ann Ferruzza and the estate of Violet E. Ferruzza to Garrett and Kelsey Hughes, $388,000.

Silverbirch Lane, 12510-Mark Timothy and Jane Nicolich Chandler to Melvin Jose Espino Cardona and Rosibel Quincin Guerra, $350,000.


Newton St., 3401-Susan Mathers to Iris Jacob, $315,000.


Glenoak Rd., 4816-Charles Smith to Jaime H. Escobar Granados and Christian Ariel Escobar Reyes, $264,000.

Karen Elaine Dr., 5548, No. 1422-Mazal M. Spranger to Marjorie R. Madikoto, $115,000.

Longbranch Dr., 7416-Jes International Corp. to Fauricio E. Bonilla and Claudia C. Gonzalez Pineda, $389,000.

Oglethorpe St., 8519-Kenya Covington to Jamila Hagans, $320,000.

Quentin St., 8209-Master Adjustable Rate Mortgages Trust and U.S. Bank National Association to Alejandro Reyes Gallardo, $236,250.

70th Pl., 4903-Warren B. and Takisha Reece to Oscar Leonel Montufar Garcia and Sandra M. Albeno De Montufar, $240,000.

73rd Ave., 4404-Timothy D. Reese to Jose Carlos Reyes Bonilla, $335,000.

85th Pl., 6401-Diana K. Weatherby Maragni to Jose R. Ramirez, $290,000.


Audrey Lane, 724-Sobariah Setiawan to Geneather Lloyd, $179,000.

Brookside Ct., 5102-Tanweer Bashir to Isaac H. Lambert, $316,520.

Comanche Dr., 1003-Jose Emilio Villatoro Carabantes to Alejandro Acevedo and Vilma Leticia Benitez, $219,900.

Fair Winds Way, 820, No. 285-David A. and Tracie A. Rance to Stephanie Hahn, $561,295.

Halliard Lane, 512-IHMW Potomac Overlook VIII Corp. to Latonja Deneen Smith Sloan, $694,450.

Maury Ave., 754-Pennsylvania Avenue 2006 Corp. to Feyintola Iroko, $270,710.

Riverhaven Dr., 121-NH Haven Residential Corp. and NH Haven Apartments Corp. to Samira Zewari, $299,900.

Riverhaven Dr., 145, No. 256-NH Haven Residential Corp. and NH Haven Apartments Corp. to Katherine E. Carter, $299,900.

Rosecroft Village Cir. E., 2434-Ernest Dale Tatum to Fred Donnell Wright, $207,950.

Snowflower Blvd., 4814-Integrity Professional Contracting Corp. to Devonne Rudolph, $275,000.

Woodland Dr., 5810-Vadim Grinshtein and Ekaterina Shatski to Jaime McMillon, $308,000.


Eastpine Dr., 5728-Carlos A. Ocasio to Anthony Orlando Caldeira, $255,000.

Kenilworth Ave., 6135-Reynaldo Diaz to Jose Diaz Del Cid and Maria Iglesias, $300,000.

Patterson St., 6614-Iron Gate Dev Corp. to Pink Strasser, $303,000.

Sheridan St., 5006-Amt Homes Corp. to David Clyde and Darlene Renee Mauldin, $415,000.

Woodberry St., 4644-Laneka Allison Van Borkulo to Wendy L. Drescher and Chase Daniel McCann, $495,000.

47th Ave., 6504-SM Waterford Estates Corp. to Jillian Merritt and Britt Jackson Campbell, $490,000.

61st Ave., 6305-Rom Holding Corp. to Oscar A. Villatoro, $340,000.


Belnor Lane, 4004-Ronald D. Edwards II to Mark A. and Angel De Nai Thomas, $359,000.

Fairhill Dr., 2427-Pearl E. and Diona Crystal Neverson to Lashawn Johnson, $250,000.

Sycamore Lane, 3217-Streamview Properties Corp. to Angela Wright, $245,000.


Afton St., 2519-Kwong P. Li to Anthony R. Ricketts, $343,389.

Anvil Lane, 2272-Maria Bustinza to Chauncey Wells, $255,000.

Ashleys Crossing Ct., 6804-Kamaljeet Singh and Serife Turkol to Kevina N. Rivers, $449,900.

Carlton Ave., 3204-Maine Streams Investments Corp. to Toyia Robinson, $280,000.

Colon Terr., 5707-Tholes Desrosiers to Jose J. Perdomo Martinez, $336,000.

Dixon St., 3614-Elliott M. Garrett to Alfred Beymun, $242,900.

Huntley Square Dr., 3337, No. B2-Pablo Emilio Amaya Pacheco to Jacqueline N. Loiseau, $112,000.

Redd Lane, 5307-Elizabeth C. Phillips to J.D. Young, $289,900.

Stratton Rd., 4109-Denise Deloatch to Samantha and Trevor Holland, $279,000.


Chillum Rd., 1001, No. 202-Efrain G. Flores to Roxanne R. McCarter, $78,000.

Chillum Rd., 1009, No. 111-William and Anh Finnerty to German E. Zurita, $72,000.

Crest View Dr., 4823-NVR Inc. to Michelle Pegram, $393,650.

Herald St., 6201-NVR Inc. to Scott Bloom, $501,330.

Oliver St., 3605-Giuseppe Anthony and Melissa Puglisi to Alison E. Decamp, $365,000.

Roanoke St., 2018-Mario Escobar to Maritza I. Canales and Katherine Marquez, $287,000.

Van Buren St., 4404-Linda C. Mechak to Daniel and Angela Evatt, $515,000.

29th Ave., 5606-Elizabeth J. Hunt to Juan Carlos and Marina D. Sanchez, $225,000.


Ascott Dr., 13802-Daneka Lucas Ivory to Jade Ahmad Dade, $249,000.

Brooktrail Ct., 16302-Robert T. Womack to Adrian and Gillian Reid, $253,000.

Canyonview Dr., 4321-James W. and Geneva A. Pate to Sheila Davis, $330,000.

Cheval Lane, 9004-Opportunistic Corp. to Sherri Wheeler, $244,000.

Colonel Fenwick Pl., 4631-David Weaver to Vladimir Vidal Vasquez Carbajal and Antonia Martinez Vasquez, $290,000.

Cranford Dr., 11300-Patricia D. Batie and estate of Edna Belle Jones to Mayron Ruano Yanez, $270,000.

Dunbarton Dr., 14607-Perry Becker and Rochelle Vaughan to Maria Urquilla and Emelcis Reyes, $275,000.

Fairway View Lane, 17120-KBRR Corp. to Oluwaseun and Marquisa Williams, $315,000.

Fox Meadow Way, 3710-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Jevonna D. Willis, $522,072.

Fox Stream Way, 9050-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Juvy M. Gibson, $373,091.

Glassy Creek Way, 9710-SM Parkside Corp. to Marcus P. Zamor, $458,000.

Glassy Creek Way, 9722-SM Parkside Corp. to Jasmine M. Hicks, $439,660.

Governor Sprigg Pl., 14634, No. 454-Arthur J. Johnson III to Brittany S. Kendrick, $260,900.

Grazing Way, 4518-Torrence and Kristina J. Reed to Charles Linwood Wesson Jr., $420,000.

Greenwich Cir., 5365-Mab of WTC Corp. to Surraun Calloway and Joseph Addo, $472,986.

Harcourt Rd., 4815, No. 13-Christopher Brubaker and Monica Deroche to Crystal L. Watson, $265,000.

Jumping Way, 11002-Toll V Partnership to Dawn L. Williams, $536,135.

King John Way, 4704, No. 194-Gayle Cody Mayo and estate of Alvin Claude Mayo to Kawan Desmond Rice, $155,000.

Lemocks Dr., 9705-Charles and Thomasina Ellis Penny to Jordi A. Vides Vasquez, $213,000.

Lord Loudoun Ct., 4416-Hugh G. McRandal Jr. to Yiasia Brent and Ericka Monet Sibedwo, $126,500.

Manor Park Dr., 5303-HWR Corp. to Shannon M. Brown, $362,490.

Marlborough Lane, 14300-Elite Rental Properties Corp. to Yolanda McGowan, $222,000.

Norbourne Farm Rd., 10520-NVR Inc. to David and Angela Hines Barmer, $352,915.

Old Colony Dr., 12207-Prof 2013 S3 Reo I. Corp. and Fay Servicing Corp. to Michelle Alexandra Ibarra and Alexander Perez, $376,100.

Palomino Crossing., 4402-Toll V Partnership to Mychelle L. Shegog, $1.12 million.

Piaffe Cir., 9518-Mab of Canter Creek Corp. to Deborah Dolores and Terry David Black, $574,355.

Rawlins Lane, 10500-NVR Inc. to Kavon Brown Delancy, $372,240.

Rawlins Lane, 10510-NVR Inc. to Darron Jamal Johnson, $326,000.

Sweet Christina Ct., 12915-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Tiffany Henry, $323,025.

Thomas Brooke Pl., 10006-Caruso Builder Duvall Woods Corp. to Jenae Davis and Ian Jerard Greenlee, $599,606.

Williamsburg Dr., 9904-TLA Properties Corp. to Alanna M. Cooper, $335,000.

Woodyard Cir., 9521-Jason C. Jones to Darlene A. Flowers, $322,000.


Colvin Ct., 3607-Collingbrook Development Corp. to Anthony and Olubukola Ayodele, $679,558.

Driftwood Rd., 14503-Stephen L. and Beverly A. Swinson to Jakira A. and Errika Jones Hameed, $660,000.

Golden Hill Dr., 3608-David Nelson Jr. and Leah M. Dix Nelson to Ronnie L. and Mickaela Nicholson Whittington, $407,000.

Lake Arbor Way, 10800-Gladys B. and Thomas Lemorine Dates to Sirajor Jalloh, $400,000.

Northern Dancer Rd., 2905-Heartwood 2 Corp. to James F. and Jamila Murray, $585,500.

Spriggs Request Way, 3230-Michael D. Perkinson to Valerie Eleanor Payton, $425,000.

Westbrook Lane, 3011-MT Oak Estates Corp. to Lynn A. and Jazmin E. Leeks, $281,890.

Whittier Rd., 11723-Prof 2013 S3 Legal Title Trust II and U.S. Bank National Association to Minmin Ei Berwald and Edward Cobb, $375,000.