These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided in April by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Catherine Fran Dr., 1818-Jing Ke and Yan Luo to Jose Luis Vargas Campos and Fabrizio Jose Vargas Pereyra, $420,000.

Madrillon Way, 17003-Rocshawn Felicia Holston and Michael Vernon Robinson to Jeffrey Clark, $435,000.

Schall Rd., 15017-Karen Marie Massa to Kris A. Jimos, $222,377.


Drexel St., 2309-Bank of New York Mellon and the Certificate Holders of the Cwalt Inc. to Maximo Ismael Agustin Ortega and Ana Rosibel Argueta Luna, $253,575.


Elson St., 1610-Ccoicca Construction Services Corp. to Matthew Edward Feinberg, $405,000.

Metzerott Rd., 1822, No. 303-Satprakash Singh to Getachew N. Asfaw, $75,000.


Osage St., 2616-Tillman Robinson to Kenneth Stewart, $579,500.

Truxton Rd., 10408-Joyce S. Glenn to Richard G. Koelbel, $235,000.

16th Ave., 8206-Delmy F. Rodriguez and Roberto Benitez Flores to Cristobal De Jesus Quezada Zepeda, Ana L. Quezada Zepeda and Ana Lilian Siciliano Rivas, $305,000.


Aquasco Rd., 21310-Fubon Development Corp. to Wei Kai Chang, $285,000.


Cherry Hill Rd., 11204, No. 76-Alfred J. Mata to Isaac Neftali Rivera, $110,000.

Cherry Hill Rd., 11380, No. 1K-Yuqing Ying and Ziyan Song to Markos Beyaregaw and Elizabeth G. Befekadu, $151,350.


Fullerton St., 3509-Chaysrun and Khamphiou Thay to Nguyen Khoi Hang and Thao Thi Thu Nguyen, $400,000.

Hidden Brook Ct., 11509-Lakisha Ann Woods Campbell to Jeanita Pritchett, $295,000.

Ledo Creek Terr., 12800-Tuan Hoang Anh Duc and Mai Tram Thi Vu to Jude Eko and Andinwe Ninon Namanga, $600,000.


Marble Stone Lane, 7207-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Stevie Clark, $379,990.

Queen Anne Ave., 11007-Wilglory Tanjong and estate of Iris Tanjong to Jose L. Feliz Batista, $290,000.

Rosedale Lane, 11408-Peggy A. Owens to Ferdinando Michelangelo and Helena Maria Romano, $348,000.

44th Ave., 10432-Michael J. and Judith A. Ponton to Jorge L. Ventura Lara and Santos Maricela Amaya Cortez, $355,000.



Newton St., 5204, No. T3-Asma Hijazi to Ernestine Tshafack, $115,000.


Atwell Ave., 11006-Tabita B. Rigsby and Earnest N. Robinson Jr. to Fekri Abdulla and Akram Munasar, $460,000.

Chanler Lane, 12610-Cross Country Equity Corp. to Milton McIntyre Brown, $350,000.

Declairmonts Field Dr., 4310-NVR Inc. to Jenifer Gedeon and Ezechiel Cupidon, $511,450.

Felter Lane, 2625-Jesse Lee and Jacquelyn Nicole Sjoberg to Michael and Kathleen Corrigan, $290,000.


Gradys Walk, 6303-Thomas P. Moore Sr. and estate of Germaine A. Moore to William and Nancy Blount Keyser, $399,900.

Heatherstone Dr., 13809-Jean D. Mack to Olumide O. Akinola, $374,500.


Kegwood Lane, 2504-Hawk Properties Corp. to Hillary Coleman Henderson, $308,000.

Keyberry Lane, 2402-Stephen M. and Kelly Cook Barry to Carlos E. Silva Lemus and Gabriel A. Villanueva Chicas, $324,000.

Kornett Lane, 12627-John D. and Hilde K. Wiemann to Beverly Ashley Osborne, $339,000.

Mackell Lane, 12118-WS1902 Corp. to Ashley Howell, $352,000.

Manor Field Dr., 4219-NVR Inc. to Stacey Renee and Johnnie Lee Cameron, $546,295.

Maycheck Lane, 12006-James Ragulen Jr. to Eucil and Shennon Stanley, $320,000.

Memphis Lane, 3334-Laxminarayana Gopal and Marilyn Jean Iyengar to Maria S. Vigil and Marbin Leonel Garcia, $329,900.


Olney Ct., 13201-Shantell Brown to Dorothy T. Newman, $332,000.


Overbrook Lane, 13459-Leigh Ann Welsh to Ryan L. and Sharena L. Kienstra, $355,000.

Proctor Ct., 11909-Atlant Construction Corp. to Katie Ann M. and Jason L. Ball, $476,000.

Rambling Lane, 12403-John G. and Maryjeanne A. Danner to William D. and Myra N. Miskell, $339,900.

Reardon Lane, 12110-Reba P. Waple to Tamara Yvette Holliday, $319,500.

Running Deer Way, 4605, No. 347-Joyce McMath to Oyinlola Quadri, $239,900.

Spiral Lane, 2818-William S. and Cynthia L. Garmoe to Noureldin Aly, $324,000.

Thackeray Ct., 12004-Lawrence J. and Linda L. Prete to Dennis I. and Ronda McCall, $439,888.

Undermire Ct., 8614-Bernard Gary Buete to Francisco Romero Cruz and Carmen M. Romero, $435,000.


Westview Forest Dr., 14020-Sean T. and Phyllis D. Keehn to Kourtney Fulton Miller and Ken Won Hall Miller, $460,000.


Willow Creek Rd., 6703-Rochelle R. Lovell to Stephanie Nicole Connor and Micah Tate King, $419,000.


Alexander Pl., 3007-Celerity Ventures Corp. to Trung T. Tran, $485,000.

Ayrwood Lane, 16306-Chartum Realty and Development Corp. to Santos M. and Lourdes C. Bolainez Flores, $329,000.

Early Glow Lane, 3801-Marcia E. Oliver and Conklin Gentry to Babatunde Amona, $306,000.

Eldbridge Lane, 16606-Marlene Jefferson Mitchell to Ben Okun Adegbembo, $280,000.

Excalibur Ct., 3714, No. 202-Cheryl Goodwin to Noel Victor Mesha Raphael, $190,000.


Nutwood Lane, 3015-Marvin and Debra L. Portnoy to Ian F. and Leia M. Terry, $343,000.

Philmont Lane, 16001-Karyn F. Tharaldson to Manuel Galvan and Myriam Galvan Zambrana, $355,000.

Post Lane, 1400-James Richard Smith and estate of Ethel L. Smith to Velma Marcella Melton, $339,000.



Crain Hwy., 12404-Ventures Trust 2013 and Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Daniel L. Dillinger, $318,000.

Dyson Rd., 8100-Thelma A. Henson and Byron M. Fleet Jr. to Francisca Nolasco and Elba M. Pereira Escamilla, $230,000.

Fieldstone Ct., 7002-Linda Dornell Johnson Gaither to Michael D. and Sherry D. Johnson Battle, $410,000.

Letcher Rd., 15605-Bernard Letcher to Oscar A. Alas Anaya, $325,000.


Old Liberty Lane, 13102-Erica Love Beckett and Karl F. Bell Jr. to Kimberly Monique Hutchinson, $523,000.

Prince William Dr., 9610-Branch Banking and Trust Co. to Rosa and Courtney Dominique Ray, $225,000.

Summer Dream Ct., 16208-Robert E. and Chanell L. Gray to Cynthia P. Evans, $485,000.

Taylerton Lane, 16041-Advantage Homes at Archers Glen Corp. to James E. and Tiffani McLean, $638,795.



Kearney Rd., 3804-Shonda Williams and estate of Sadie Jane Arnold Francis to Ana J. Quintanilla Blanco and Jose N. Ventura, $225,000.

Quincy St., 3704-Terence Farrell and estate of Mary Esther Farrell to Christopher Canaday, $299,900.


Addison Rd., 6240-Evelyn Phillips and Jervis D. Gomez to Rosevelt F. Foushee, $269,000.

Emo St., 4906-5ive Staar Homes Corp. to Yessenia M. Ruiz, $205,000.

G St., 6604-Ires MD Corp. to Jose Rafael Lopez, $265,000.

Hemlocktree Lane, 5706-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Julio Nolasco, $280,000.

Independence St., 7009-Isaac Daniel to Henry Isaias Sanchez Parada, $304,000.

Junipertree Lane, 5809-Jacqueline D. Tilghman to Crystalyn Daniels Dyson, $245,000.

Kayak Ave., 1130-Jenice Yvonne and Jasper Simmons to Damon G. Maragh, $210,000.


Millrace Ct., 508-Charlie and Bernice D. Cunningham to Cristina Serrano Amparo and Pablo Mario Perez, $280,000.

Onyx Ct., 7026-Charnikka Jerome to Jovonna S. Marcelle, $270,000.

Rail St., 4237-Thomas J. Snow Sr. and estate of Levata Snow to Ethel Hartsfield, $227,500.

Seat Pleasant Dr., 6418-Angela Robinson to James Carpenter, $215,000.

Shamrock Ave., 1624-U.S. Bank National Association and Structured Asset Securities Corp. to Chuma M. Agubuzo, $162,000.

Victorianna Dr., 500-Bfam Capital Inc. to Kelley Whitson, $320,000.

Weston Ave., 6609-Department of Housing and Urban Devlopment to Joi Bower, $232,000.

Zelma Ave., 408-Terry L. Williams to Wilfredo Leiva Moreira, $225,000.


Angora Dr., 10404-Ranelle Freeman and Malcom Gross to Cynthia and Clarissa Barnes, $240,000.


Asset Dr., 6709-Monisola Adeosun to Leiva Velasquez and Reina M. Martinez De Leiva, $310,000.

Central Hills Lane, 803-Lorraine D. Rushing to Davin E. Williams, $225,000.

Gibbs Way, 8301-Jonathan V. Caudill and Adam C. Kamp to Debra M. Shivers, $379,900.

Manson St., 8111-Arlene Lucy Williams and Angela Veronica Isaac to Carlos N. Flores Salazar and Miguel Angel Moreno Flores, $271,000.

Oak St., 6603-Ford H. and Katherine E. Barsi to Thuy Morzenti, $390,000.

Penbrook Pl., 7719-Ahnt Properties Corp. to Victor M. Lopez Urrutia and Veronica Y. Guzman De Lopez, $222,000.

Pinebrook Rd., 3022-SM Landover Corp. to Wykena Ferebee and Clyde M. White Jr., $367,040.

Stoddert Lane, 6931-SM Landover Corp. to Marilyn Carpinteyro and D. Morris Michael, $370,535.

62nd Ave., 1803-Christine Jackson to Roberto C. Gonzales and Luz M. Guzman, $250,000.


Arbroath Dr., 5805-Stephen R. Seaquist and Kristine Marie Easley to Tiffany N. and Darenton M. Alston, $300,000.

Ballard Lane, 8913-Jerry A. Harley Jr. to Heymi L. Perea, $229,900.

Bost Lane, 5916-Structured Asset Securities Corp. and Wells Fargo Bank National Association to Sarai Navarrete, $285,511.

Brooke Jane Dr., 6206-Gorilla Capital MD LMS Corp. to Lameke White, $318,270.

Dangerfield Rd., 8702-Pluto Housing Corp. to Ernest Dyson, $325,000.

Goblet Ct., 7215-366 Nansemond Corp. to Sharntel Sutton and Deryl Cobb, $277,375.

Groveton Dr., 7031-Charles N. Richards to Renee M. Jackson, $300,000.

Heflin Dr., 7906-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Deborah A. Bland, $260,000.

Hunt Weber Dr., 6016-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Tonya Denise and Traymane Enrico Savage, $524,445.

Kittama Dr., 8701-Timberlake Cheltenham Corp. to Cheryl Harper and Latoya Harper Parham, $715,237.

Phyllis Dr., 9015-Royal Properties Corp. to Asriel D. Janifer and Jeanna L. Smith, $305,000.

Pumpkin St., 2801-Corwin and Jamie Lynn N. Smith to Michael E. and Alicia P. Jackson, $425,000.

Rotunda Ct., 7309-Khoy C. and Tanisha Ayana Brown Caines to Chaz D. Green, $305,000.

Sonar Rd., 8108-Betty J. Smith to Juan A. Urbina, $227,000.

Surratts Village Dr., 5933-Sandra M. Bradford to Shequan J. Grandy, $249,000.

Terence Dr., 6106-Corey G. Goff and Louise R. Smith to Tameka M. and Mary M. Proctor, $270,000.


Berwyn Rd., 5047-David D. Brantley and Ann Devaney to Zachary P. Glennon, $312,500.

Gettysburg Lane, 9015-Residential Value Corp. to Shao Min Wang and Yi Lin, $430,000.

Osage St., 4905-Lilian Pires Da Silva and Fritz M. Kolle to Marcia Serpas, $405,000.

Seminole St., 5814-Rafael Tituana and Gladys C. Guzman to Robert Wilson, $290,000.

Westchester Park Dr., 6100, No. 1717-David Martin Bowie to Cheryl R. Richards, $170,000.

49th Ave., 9523-Rebecca H. and Scott Knoche to Sanmeet S. Narula, $338,500.

51st Ave., 9612-Michael Peter and Gina Marie L. Hatheway to Randolph S. and Dana J. Wallace, $380,000.


Alberta Dr., 1305-Sherell Martin to Karen P.K. Wanyou and Itai Litany Terrick Wanyou, $227,000.

Forest Park Dr., 1778-Joshuma Ford to Ieesha De Shan Johnson, $239,900.

Gateway Blvd., 6319-William H. and Carnell Fields to Edward and Kathryne Cousin, $280,000.

Harwood Rd., 2001-Charles A. and Barbara Dinardo to Ivan Escalante, $220,000.

Kentucky Ave., 5811-Department of Veterans Affairs to Willie Donta Wilkins, $230,000.

Lacona St., 6623-Building & Sharing Corp. to Melvin and Orchid A. Gilchrist, $305,000.

Little Hill Lane, 3410-Bolly Ba to Juni Browne, $240,000.

Milltown Ct., 6831-Earth Housing Corp. to Erica Barry, $200,000.

Oakwood Lane, 2020-Karen D. Burnette to Mirna Romero Sanchez and Alexander Maldonado Bonilla, $255,000.

Pinecreek Pl., 2701-Princeton Tree Corp. to Devole Thompson, $311,000.

Steve Dr., 8210-Karen Talley Tilghman to Acie and Diane A. Inge, $325,000.

Vineyard Dr., 7900-Merlene E. Forde to Jose H. Calles, $199,900.


Allentown Rd., 7126-Paula S. Zimmerman to Javier Del Castillo, $205,000.

Bentham Ct., 6316-Freeman and Carolyn G. Owen to Monique Peay, $242,500.

Blanford Dr., 7505-Fred J. and Mary C. Aranha to Ana Ruth Vasquez and Jose Felix Sosa Melgar, $295,000.

Calvin St., 6910-Andrew and Vernelia McCoy to Tyrone D. Ware, $240,000.

Farmer Dr., 6501-Structured Asset MTG Investments Trust and Citibank to Min Hua Su, $230,000.

Gallop Way, 3002-Theodore E. Middleton to Sara Elisa Joy and Darryl A. Boyd, $312,700.

Glen Rock Ave., 5801-Pamla R. Washington to Candelario and Mirtala Guzman Majano, $262,000.

Jaywick Ave., 7810-Omid Land Group Corp. to Robert K. Bandy, $349,900.

Klovstad Dr., 7700-Edgar Omar Amaya Rodriguez to Dimas A. Bonilla Abarca and Pedro A. Flores, $455,000.

Lanham Lane, 7510-Susan J. Pond and estate of Magdalena B. Schlaefli to Korron L. Whitworth, $290,000.

Loughran Rd., 8801-Tarsha R. Johnson and Tia Charmaine McKisset to Mario K. Salazar, $375,000.

Macduff Dr., 12510-Donald and Robin D. Washington to Evan A. Tapia Palacios, $289,000.

Messina Dr., 9310-Richard Allen and Yolonda Donna Tarpley to Samuel and Nicole Wright, $320,000.

Neon Rd., 11613-Caruso Builder Washington Acres Corp. to Laquinsa and Shenicia Askew, $639,990.

Oxon Hill Rd., 8316-Clyde Wright Sr. and Towanna C. Wash to Griselda C. Zelaya Romero and Maria E. Salgado, $215,000.

Queens Lane, 13418-Bernard A. Kulp Jr. and estate of Ruth Ann Kulp to Juan Manuel Aedo, $315,000.

River Bend Rd., 310-NH Haven Residential Corp. and NH Haven Apartments Corp. to Jerome C. and Mary M. Hopkins Navies, $434,900.

Stony Hill Ct., 202-Nathan and Valernetta S. Brown to Tracie Drayton, $395,000.


Glenn Dale Rd., 6904-Joanne M. Baumgartner to Timothy and Shannon K. Harley, $440,000.

Wood Pointe Dr., 6301-Margaret J. Mitchell to Olanike Adams, $435,000.


Greendale Pl., 12-Douglas William Nagle and estate of Marilyn F. Nagle to Samuel D. and Lori B. Zehr, $358,000.

Hanover Pkwy., 7726, No. 208-Ires MD Corp. to Bridget Levai, $140,000.

Mandan Rd., 7670-Lydia T. Fobia and Brinsly M. Ewang to Fekadu Tesfaye Siele and Abaynesh A. Liben, $232,000.

Miner St., 8107-NVR Inc. to Xiang Wu, $575,789.

Miner St., 8288-NVR Inc. to Kevin Scott Lorenz and Whitney Jaye Ames, $466,600.

Village Park Dr., 6743-Community Development Administration to William and Diane Fishburne, $293,000.


Gallatin St., 5701-Cristian J. Lopez Hernandez and Erika E. Carabantes Alvarenga to Isai Rivas and Maria De Jesus Parada Gonzalez, $260,000.

45th Ave., 5644-Michael A. and Shelby M. Bello to Deshundria L. Fortson, $422,400.

56th Ave., 5213-Mayra Alfaro to Hector Osvaldo Morales and Dalia B. Morales Garcia, $340,000.


Aerospace Rd., 10010-NVR Inc. to Shunnar Mitchell, $407,995.

Apollo One Lane, -NVR Inc. to Shelley Dorsey, $380,660.

Chautauqua Ave., 10234-Antoinette L. White to Maria C. and Raquel Elizabeth Martinez, $367,000.

Elbrook Rd., 6804-Patrick Ernest Gibbons and Josephine Joshua Paul Nonge Gibbons to Emerita Mercedes Cabrera and Raquel C. Hernandez, $320,000.

Greenfield Dr., 8005-Mohammad Bhuiyan to Nazrul Islam, $230,000.

Manton Way, 6503-Morgan Stanley Abs Capital I. Inc. and Wells Fargo Bank to Agnes T. Nkeng, $330,000.

Palamar Terr., 7053-Emmanuel Cyprian to Pierre R. Lazarre and Rose M. Joly, $280,000.

Smithview Pl., 9905-Russell L. and Bridget M. Toof to Vance K. and Dia A. Long Smith, $532,000.

Tower Pl., 8900-D.R. Horton Inc. to Dharani Ranganathan, $450,000.

Wood Edge Way, 9813-Timberlake Wood Glen Corp. to Fatoumata D. Diallo, $379,900.

Wood Glen Terr., 9815-Timberlake Wood Glen Corp. to Kevin B. and Lethia Y. Hill, $399,900.

91st Pl., 9102-Noe V. Cotton and Delmy Figueroa to Wilmer E. Paz Vasquez, $367,000.


Ardwick Ardmore Rd., 9207-Michael C. Johnson to Lezly A. Brown, $235,500.

Bonaventure Dr., 11609-Bank of New York Mellon and the Certificate Holders of the Cwabs Inc. to William Alexander Paniagua, $414,750.

Campus Way S., 10403-Brittney Braswell to Lindsey Henson, $230,000.

Castleton Pl., 242-Gawain Properties Corp. to William Bradford Carpenter, $277,900.

Chiddingstone Cir., 15501-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Lawrence T. Potter Jr., $645,000.

Cranston Ave., 513-NVR Inc. to Drexel Decoster Crowson, $566,150.

Drumsheugh Lane, 11332-Kimberly Y. Armstead and Fanessa D. Wilkerson to Obed A. Villafuerte, $385,000.

Effie Fox Way, 3836-NVR Inc. to Jessica L. Gray, $466,635.

Essenton Dr., 104-First Class Elite Investments Corp. to Patrice Billups, $375,000.

Fernwood Dr., 1629-Westphalia Row Partners Corp. to Shamika S. Griffin, $395,000.

Gadsen Ct., 14021-Peng and Yi Zhang to Neekeeshea M. Connolly, $375,000.

Harry S. Truman Dr., 280, No. 30-Syed Kamran to Charles and Alease Jones, $239,900.

Himalia Cir., 704-Kirby J. Brace to Lee Q. Hall II, $791,000.

Kettering Terr., 11401-Estate of George E. Pettross Jr. and Valerie T. Gamble to Benjamin Martin De Vera Panga, $300,000.

Lynnville Terr., 14804-Toll XI Partnership to Chinwe N. Egwuagu Ndubisi, $1.34 million.

Medstead Lane, 2816-Westphalia Row Partners Corp. to Charmaine C. and Phylicia P. Carr, $434,790.

Missoula Ct., 13600-Cora E. Moore to George H. Brown, $320,000.

Pentland Hills Dr., 3612-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Olaperi Koletowo and Kerrieka Clarke, $616,236.

Pentland Hills Dr., 3806-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Candace Mention and William Bernard Clark, $464,380.

Presidential Golf Dr., 3900-Westphalia Row Partners Corp. to Tyrone Michael and Pamela L. Dixon, $556,450.

Princeleigh St., 12707-Kuldip Singh to Dalitso B. and Aleacia L. Chinkhota, $372,000.

Taylor St., 9017-Horizons Enterprise Corp. to Randall Barber, $265,000.

Vista Pointe Dr., 701-NVR Inc. to Martika and Lawrence Phoenix, $439,990.

Wellingborough Ct., 2808-Lucy Allen to TZ101 Corp. and Xianfu Zhang, $295,000.

Weshire Dr., 9611-Westphalia Row Partners Corp. to Perry Watts Jr. and Stephon T. Smith, $397,500.

Winterbourne Dr., 2919-Shalewa A. Noel and Troy Thomas to Laveda and Larry Whitfield, $599,900.


Alan Dr., 15215-Teklemarkos Teferra and Meratte Bulissa to Rebecca Nadege Matsinkang Tamfor and Jean Tiako, $349,900.

Arbory Way N., 7632, No. 131-Herman Turner to Josue and Aidalina Rodriguez, $223,000.

Brooktree Lane, 13131-Kymber Menkiti and estate of Marilyn Lovett to Audrey S. Sturdivant and Laura Louise Taylor, $343,900.

Crows Nest Ct., 7904, No. 333-John D. Dustin to Derek A. and Crystal Nickens, $163,200.

Dover Ct., 14308-Lionel J. Jennings to Novlette R. Ferguson, $220,000.

Gorman Ave., 411-Teshome Jiffar and Aster Getahun to Alexsandra Rodriguez, $280,000.

Justin Way, 14015A-Stacey C. Stark to Adieba Hijazi, $97,000.

Londonderry Ct., 8119-Adedeji C. Yesufu to Albert Charles Bell, $295,000.

Marton St., 1205-Adolphus S. Lottman and Margaret Sesay to Nelson Ariel Pereira Paz, $349,000.

Mayfair Terr., 6968-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Cesalie Douglas, $240,000.

Montrose Ave., 806-Lisa Ford Brown McNeil to Hugo R. Romero Perez, $315,000.

Phair Pl., 1017-Angela R. Gaymon and estate of Rosa L. Jackson to Patricia G. Portan and Victor D. Gonzales Zuniga, $240,000.

Spring Arbor Dr., 8014-NVR Inc. to Marcia Levi, $449,035.

Fourth St., 32-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Wesley Connor and Shanshan Xu, $256,000.


Ashcroft Dr., 8608-Eva Jean Williams to Rosalio Lopez Pasig and Belen Bianes Alde, $435,000.

Pheasant Run Dr., 12001-Christopher Paul Wimmer to Marcela C. Saez, $180,000.

Silverbirch Lane, 12511-Jon M. and Maurice H. Lewis to Norense N. Omorogbe, $350,000.


36th St., 4013-RDK Corp. to Funda Yilmaz, $455,000.


Cooper Lane, 4812-Anthony S. Proctor to Oscar L. Alfaro, $245,000.

Glenridge Dr., 7110-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Antonio Vargas Leyba, $190,000.

Landing Way, 6418-Edwin J. and Lawrentine S. Mayah to Gavin Jean, $260,000.

Otis St., 6504-Gloria J. Davis to Jhony A. Alvarez and Edgardo A. Nolasco Santos, $304,000.

Quentin St., 8221-Cecelia W. Clarke to Marlon J. Garcia Villeda and Yesenia G. Mejia, $303,000.

Standish Dr., 6919-Golden Star Corp. to Julia K. Balsam, $299,000.

70th Pl., 4918-Rachel M. Dagovitz to Karen Thomson, $228,000.

85th Ave., 5440, No. 101-Melvin Ayala to Elvis A. Beete, $88,000.

86th Ave., 6203-Ximena Morales to Shareef Z. and Kisha Manning Bilal, $318,500.


Birchwood Dr., 1411-Bladimir Hernandez Jr. to Luis A. Gonzalez Martinez, $329,000.

Calais Ct., 1713-Arthur J. Caine to Fredy O. Velasquez Saenz and Mirna Elizabeth Vanegas Mejia, $300,000.

Cree Dr., 151-Khans Corp. to Esgli R. Orozco Aguilar, $330,000.

Fleet St., 157, No. 509-Vin Investments Corp. to Kimberly Brackett, $515,000.

Maury Ave., 800-Pennsylvania Avenue 2006 Corp. to Junyao and Weimin Mu, $294,055.

Riverhaven Dr., 145, No. 216-NH Haven Residential Corp. and NH Haven Apartments Corp. to Mariles Grageda, $432,219.

Riverhaven Dr., 145, No. 331-NH Haven Residential Corp. and NH Haven Apartments Corp. to Carolina J. Shon, $384,900.

Sachem Dr., 5505-Jose Cruz Gonzalez and Alicia Xiomara Santos Lumbi to Kevin J. Cruz Gonzalez, $300,000.

Sutler Dr., 4807-Darrell Johnson to Terrance Ponds, $268,000.

Wilson Bridge Dr., 504, No. 6705-Phoenix Property Developers Corp. to Serke Kusmu, $62,500.


Beacon Pl., 6809-Derek N. and Eeda M. Wallbank to Angel Arevalo and Saida Guadalupe Funes Gonzalez, $311,055.

Longfellow St., 5804-Wilber Lopez to Jairo E. Cruz Claros, $218,000.

Quintana St., 5312-Q&P Realty Corp. to Linval and Nadine Noble Matthews, $340,000.

Tuckerman St., 4709-Loretta S. Clenney to Lazaro Castro Quinteros and Jose Abel Castro, $325,000.

43rd St., 6213-Steven C. Burton and Sarah J. Richards to Jonathan I. Faber and Erica L. Boonstra, $450,000.

47th Ave., 6506-SM Waterford Estates Corp. to Domingo K. and Grace T. Tan, $497,246.


Bridgeport Dr., 5005-Jacob H. and Kendra H. Asher to Ryan Thompson Sclar, $360,000.

Darel St., 6020-Christina Marie Joy Epps to Kalvin Rudisill, $299,990.

Fairhill Dr., 2524-Gloria C. Booze and estate of Helen Lucy Briscoe to Jorge L. Guevara and Jorge A. Guevara Garcia, $265,000.

Hartfield Ave., 5607-Citimortgage Inc. to Moises I. Benhabib, $245,000.

Silver Park Terr., 4076-Infinity Investments B&B Corp. to Jushua Bell, $239,000.

Suitland Rd., 5881-Desiree Wagner to Zainu Shyllon, $214,999.

Walton Ave., 6108-Eh1002 Corp. to Tyshia and Sharon E. Stewart, $350,000.


Anvil Lane, 2277-Castle Rock Contracting Corp. to Donya Deshawn Jackson, $275,000.

Bayne Pl., 5201-GGJ Properties Corp. and Jatn Properties Corp. to Lula Jennings, $315,000.

Chadwick Terr., 2045-Edwin Anderson to Bryan D. Lipscomb, $250,000.

Crystal Lane, 3708-DMV Real Estate Investment Group Corp. to Jualo Edwin Lloyd, $293,000.

Dunlap St., 3635-Erwin C. and Josie Walker to Ammiel Anderson, $250,000.

Huntley Square Dr., 3325, No. T2-Frank E. Godfrey Jr. to Mical Tucker, $70,000.

Huntley Square Dr., 3346, No. A2-Charles George Delos and Arcangel Hernandez Garcia to Michaela Frazier, $129,900.

Jameson St., 2014-Jane A. Murphy and estate of Eleanor J. Barber to Angela Dunkley and Bianca Phillips, $235,000.

Lansing Dr., 5211-Avam Homes Corp. to Steven D. Jones, $342,000.

Merchant Rd., 5708-JBN Realty Investments Inc. to Cedric Griffin, $339,900.

Robinia Rd., 6804-Virginia E. Arnolds to Mirna L. Villeda Osorio and Kevin R. Alfaro Villeda, $340,000.

Temple Hill Rd., 5812-Hung Van Truong to Andre Roberto Pol Quilla and Juanita Castro Avaroma, $268,000.


Chillum Rd., 1009, No. 117-Jennifer Rajaram to Madai Escobar Grijalva, $95,000.

Crest View Dr., 4810-NVR Inc. to Peter Devon Brown, $414,925.

Crest View Dr., 4901-NVR Inc. to Allison and Brian Kennedy, $384,005.

Herald St., 6205-NVR Inc. to John Bautista, $464,525.

Oliver St., 3904-Arjun Mendhiratta to Amanda Fenton and Art Vidrine IV, $360,000.

Westland Dr., 6115-Preston Suber Jr. and estate of Lillie Mae Mozon Watson to Angela Valdivia, $261,250.

20th Ave., 6211-Yenok Investments Corp. to Yanira E. Merlos and Lazaro Merlos Alvarez, $300,000.

30th Ave., 5806-Thomas F. Garcia and estate of Frances S. Gray to Roque Rafael Alberto Escobar, $295,000.

40th Ave., 6801-Padmaja Kodali to Darron P. Monteiro Jr., $415,000.


Barnwell Pl., 13005-Ronald J. and Debra M. Braswell to Sara Boyd and Randy Johnson, $300,000.

Bridle Ridge Rd., 4800-Toll V Partnership to Soldenise Sejour, $814,659.

Brooktrail Ct., 16334-Dexter A. Monk to Davon Sibert Lee and Davontae Sibert Butler, $260,000.

Clairfield Lane, 17102-Marquetta D. Curry to Phillip Lorenzo Higgins II, $255,000.

Dunbarton Dr., 14637-Edna L. Coppage to Nelson Orlando, $300,000.

Farnsworth Lane, 14200, No. 407-William D. Gordon to Charles James and Vanessa A. Walker, $141,500.

Fox Meadow Way, 3802-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to James E. McGee Jr., $506,758.

Fox Stream Way, 9147-SM Parkside Corp. to Nina Patterson, $389,985.

Glassy Creek Way, 9712-SM Parkside Corp. to Stanley Lee Nichols and Michael Allen Hamilton, $444,360.

Glassy Creek Way, 9724-SM Parkside Corp. to Ashley L. Anderson and Antoine A. Brathwaite, $426,045.

Grandhaven Ave., 9102-Beta Housing Corp. to James M. Simmons, $348,000.

Green Tee Pl., 9403-Swan Properties Inc. to Daryl K. Moore, $335,000.

Halloway Ct., 16403-Davis Property & Development Corp. to Christal A. Clair, $272,000.

Healy Pl., 7511-James D. and Son Hunt to Kenya Troutman, $312,500.

Kayak Dr., 12304-Krystal and Catherine Brenneman to John and Pauline Mengot, $235,000.

King John Way, 4710, No. 191-William A. and Louise A. Chinn to Terri D. Anderson, $215,000.

Lieutenant Lansdale Pl., 4406-Sharron H. Dacosta Chisley to Antonio Xavier Dacosta Jr., $270,000.

Lord Sterling Pl., 13528-Michael J. Hunter to Kiona L. Butler, $140,000.

Manor Park Dr., 5305-HWR Corp. to Kimberly Hammond, $379,500.

Mathew Ct., 8211-Leela Oudit to Derreck Tomas Everette, $326,000.

Montrose St., 9521-Stacey Evans to Carla A. Thomas McNatt, $325,000.

Norbourne Farm Rd., 10522-NVR Inc. to Kenya J. Lewis, $368,050.

Old Colony Dr., 12221-Robert R. and Veronica Gonzales to Thoris O. Hamed and Inez Taylor, $288,000.

Pendennis Ct., 4002-NVR Inc. to Eric and Sheree Myers, $578,825.

Pirouette Ct., 9403-Mab of Canter Creek Corp. to Derek L. and Deborah Crawford, $605,000.

Rawlins Lane, 10502-NVR Inc. to Siobahn Angelique Philemon, $323,060.

Rhodenda Ave., 10919-Paul A. and Donnita A. Hill to Ayoola R. Azeez and Abosede Hammed Green, $324,900.

Rosaryville Rd., 8205-Ali Hessari to Dorothy Mitchell, $295,000.

Sybaris Dr., 7101-Precision Mortgage Corp. to Manuel D. Garcia Montelongo, $253,000.

Thomas Sim Lee Terr., 5430-Kelly Hall to Keiko Blackwell, $275,000.

Winding Waters Terr., 4206-Gabrielle N. Brown and Virgilio Henry Jr. to Roger Stephenson and Maritsa Serlemitsos Day, $415,000.

Woodyard Cir., 9907-Felicia N. Smith to Courtney Jones, $265,000.


Barrington Ct., 1830-Sheila Singletary to Lanay George, $295,000.

Caribon St., 4049-Alvin Leroy Tucker to Nega Berhanu, $244,000.

Golden Morning Dr., 2007, No. 50-Ralph and Janie Washington to Nena McDonald, $400,000.

Hall Station Dr., 906, No. 101-Amanda Nelson to Kyle A. Jenkins, $255,000.

Kings Heather Dr., 1001-Crab Construction Corp. to Sekou Okello and Ruth Richardson, $469,900.

Streamside Dr., 734-Erica Layne Jenkins and Patricia Parker to Nangan Christian Konan and Gbogbo Nina Marie Laure Kouadio, $305,000.

Westhaven Dr., 918, No. 302-Jovonna Marcelle to Chonayse R. Sellers, $180,000.