These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided in June by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


April St., 14701-Victoria Pettiquoi Morgan to Ariana N. Gordon and David Azodeh, $335,000.

Farmington Rd. W., 133-Joseph Labun to Ian and Carin Amanda Walters, $375,000.

Livingston Rd., 14417-Luxor Properties Corp. to Rona K. Ramoutar and Kenny D. Ganesh, $290,000.

Strausberg St., 1101-Rizwan Khan to Lashion Pratt, $435,000.


Amherst Rd., 2001-Desiderio J. and Maria I. Espinal to Wanika and Patricia Fisher, $385,000.


Edgefield Dr., 10436-Marco T. Reyes Flores and Odeth Obdalia Moscoso to Valentine Ojong Ojong and Agnes Eke Bineh, $392,000.

Riggs Rd., 7959, No. 8-DLJ Mortgage Capital Inc. and Select Portfolio Servicing Inc. to Jose A. Gonzalez, $75,000.


21st Ave., 6905-Ingrid R. Zelaya and Ruby A. Lovo to Michael Ndula, $399,900.


Alloway Lane, 7707-Owb Reo Corp. to M. Ohammed Nadir Alumyar, $350,000.

Brewer Rd., 5320-Ralph G. Robinson to Yunyao Li and Shunjie Tu, $340,000.

Castleleigh Rd., 3511-Inmar A. Cedillos and Yessenia G. Arias to Neltie Nelson and Andronel Jacques, $350,000.

Cherry Hill Rd., 11370, No. 1P-A&B Corp. to Tian S. Xu and Christine Kim, $125,000.


Greenwood Rd., 4513-Michael B. Wallace to Cristian J. Lopez Hernandez and Erika E. Carabantes Alvarenga, $368,000.

Naples Ave., 4915-Lakeview Loan Servicing Corp. to Jose Joel Lopez Cruz, $223,500.

Quimby Ave., 4619-Enrique and Liliana Tandazo to Edwin F. Urquilla Salgado and Brenda V. Urquilla, $327,500.

Rustic Rock Lane, 12608-Michelle Janan Sarwar to Brenda J. Horner, $343,500.


Weymouth Ave., 10507-Carolin M. and Philip I. Pollack to Roumen Kostadinov and Kalina Ivanova Lozanov, $375,000.


Emerson St., 6011, No. 704-Paulette E. Palmer to Dawn K. Nichols, $43,000.

53rd St., 4000-Live Well Financial Inc. and Singlesource Property Solutions Corp. to Alejo J. and Jose Luis Martinez Ponce, $280,000.



Barons Delight Dr., 5213, No. 11B-Earl A. Carpenter Jr. to Dare A. Adewumi and Susan Orillosa, $335,000.

Crosswick Turn, 4231-Manuel A. and Amanda P. Galaviz to Hugo Jimenez Martinez and Isela Janet Jimenez, $410,000.

Grenfell Loop, 5907-Andrea A. Davis to Kisa Hooks, $345,000.

Hammermill Field Dr., 14103-NVR Inc. to Jespo Ekane Mbwoge, $639,273.

Kinderbrook Lane, 2405-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Mayra L. Marcano Flores, $271,000.

London Lane, 14516-Augustine K. Adedeji to Cherice N. Holloway, $270,000.


Long Ridge Lane, 12109-Ethan D. and Jonalyn S. Eddy to Richard Scott Webster and Alton Johnston, $415,000.

Maureen Lane, 3508-Alan Christopher Elder Jr. to Louis Samuel and Abigail Louise Muscato, $378,000.


Old Chapel Dr., 7002-Lawrence F. Wachter and Robin L. Fortune to Denise O. Branovich, $340,000.

Pine Rd., 13218-Leo B. and Susan H. Vadala to Eulalia F. and Enrique M. Herrera, $355,000.

Race Track Rd., 9020-Robert T. and Carolyn L. Anthony to Jacob and Stacie Simmons, $656,000.

Running Deer Way, 4614, No. 374D-Cecilia Hazelton Nsiah to Akram Munasar and Taher Abdulla, $271,000.

Spangler Lane, 2819-Leah D. and Mark I. Tipton to Bartholamew Edward and Loni Marie Cerny, $374,900.

Tarragon Lane, 2924-Shong K. Ha to Susan K. Polite, $329,500.

Woodrow Lane, 4000-Damon and Irene Stone to Mark Dion Dungee Sr., $353,800.



Applegate Terr., 3124-Carole Ward Whitehead to Danielle M. Rogal and Gary Edwin Hudspeth, $460,000.


Easthaven Ct., 15724, No. 701-L. Haynes Corp. and Samuel Messeca to Yizhak and Dana Etedgi, $147,000.

Elenoir Ct., 3415-Nefertari Dantzler Johnson to Akinsola and Juliana Ayo, $265,000.

Everette Dr., 3410-Gabrielle E. Fournet to Alexander P. and Lucia R. Maricich, $345,000.

Everglade Lane, 15614, No. 402-Yaroslav Babich to Marcos A. Cogo, $183,000.

Haskell Lane, 12711-F. X. McCaffrey and Sandra A. Smith to Toya Denean Williamson, $340,900.

Packer Ct., 1805-Gregory C. Lawrence to Salvador S. Molina Benitez and Hedellim S. Garcia Martinez, $299,900.

Peach Walker Dr., 15705-Guileine F. Kraft to Sabrina Buckner, $345,000.

Presswick Lane, 15709-Theresa M. Duffy and estate of Constance B. Duffy to Dennis Alexis Larios and Maria Sonia Velasquez Pena, $350,000.



Britens Way, 7106-Elijah and Tierra Brooks to Matthew Leroy and Rolanda Monique Leigh, $365,000.

Keys Rd. N., 12121-Art Properties Corp. to Thomas Leonard Perrell Jr., $297,500.

Pulaski Rd., 15306-Daniel and Amber Andrade to Douglas G. White, $400,000.

Whitefield Pl., 12508-Savannah Investors 4 Inc. to Amanda Michelle and Dana A. Gravely, $563,487.


Volta Ave., 3900-Celenda A. Vargas to David Jonathan Hammack, $231,000.


Addison Rd. S., 703-Cory D. Brown to Vanessa N. Rozier, $340,000.

Arenas Ct., 30-Darren and Tilla Wallace to Michael A. Lightner, $334,000.

Calmos St., 6503-Angelo T. and Kimberly Westfield to Gabriel Cartagena Santiago, $275,000.


Capitol Heights Blvd., 1001-Sade Jones to Clara Vazquez Patino and Juan Jose Patino Martinez, $222,000.

Clinglog St., 6725-RRC Properties Corp. to Caroline S. Adekalu and Anthony Ogunkere, $345,000.


Fable St., 4904-Silver Lines Corp. to Shayla Maria Powell, $279,000.

Gunther St., 5018-Rosetta E. Yarborough to Renee A. Duckett, $245,000.

L St., 5800-Malta Development Corp. to Michael Anthony Junior Nation, $290,000.

Prescott Ct., 5616-Hook Eu to Jessica M. Turman, $265,000.

Seat Pleasant Dr., 6609-Amee Anna Kozlovski to Mirna D. Villanueva and Ever A. Aleman Ramos, $235,000.


Allendale Pl., 1816-Jake Shilling and Patricia Makowski to Kenecia Taylor, $228,800.


Continental Pl., 9025-Huamei Investment Corp. to Shirley Tercero and Jose D. Lopez, $267,000.

Hawthorne St., 5606-Robert R. and Rose B. Fletcher to Andrew James Smith and Arian Albear, $400,000.

Kent Town Pl., 2507, No. B-Olumide Olajide to Jamar and Dachea Crawford, $118,000.

Laurel Ave., 2805-Jodie Harris to Barrett Emerick and Emily Saari, $378,500.


Ryderwood Ct., 1811-Kimberlyn Johnson and Kimberlyn Mitchell to Temitope Fagbemi, $237,000.

Tailgate Terr., 602-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Zrokanini Djobo and Amida Idrissou, $324,500.

63rd Pl., 2804-Kevin and Jessica Albert to Jared Hogentogler and Danielle Alvarado, $345,000.


Briarcliff Dr., 6928-Smartline Development Corp. to Shanae L. Lyttle, $350,000.

Danner Dr., 6302-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. and New Century Home Equity Loan Trust to Jeremy Mitchell, $359,000.

Fox Run Dr., 9708-Herbert Cameron Hopson Jr. to Wilhelmena Malkia and Ian T. Smith, $370,000.

Julia Ct., 6106-Calatlantic Group Inc. and the Ryland Group Inc. to Walter and Reina Batts, $452,906.

Linhurst Dr., 9308-Simon and Loretta Cox to Luis F. Reyes Bustillo, $310,000.

Padmar Lane, 6613-Calvert Corp. and Marrick Properties Inc. to William F. Martin, $554,984.


Sheila Lane, 7335-Charnay Anderson Patterson to Vern J. Rious, $210,000.

Surratts Rd., 6811-Carlos Rodriguez to Yensi Marisela and Khireddine Daboub, $255,000.


Autoville Dr., 9109-Robert Yee to Werner Parrilla, $340,000.

Delaware St., 4809-Teresa M. Cooney and estate of Eleanor Ruth McKelvie to Noe Isaac Lopez and Eulalio Rafael Lopez Vail, $275,000.

Lackawanna St., 5006-James T. and Deanne F. Halbert to Jennifer Ruth Lindstrom and Laura Marie Burns, $327,000.

Potomac Ave., 8402-Jane T. and Tracy R. Foust to Daniel Quoc Phong Luu, $370,000.

Stewart Ct., 5015-Rayshawn Felix and estate of Renee Moye Noble to Paula Motyka, $272,000.

Westchester Park Dr., 6100, No. TR-Dominic A. Simonette and estate of Fay C. Graning to Cynthia C. Myers, $170,000.

48th Pl., 9022-Hualiang Tian to Luis O. Bojorquez Catalan and Jared Urizar, $330,000.

58th Ave., 8423-Philip Richard Forslund and estate of Michael Richard Forslund to Edgardo De Los Angeles and Margaret Mary Bunuan, $435,000.


Gateway Blvd., 6304-Elshazli & Jones Holdings Corp. to Mayra Azucena Romero De Rodriguez and Jennifer Rodriguez Romero, $310,000.

Jordan Park Blvd., 7905-Vestar Corp. to Kyvonne Williams, $255,000.

Mane Lane, 7703-Sankuratri Corp. to Fredys Munoz, $279,900.

Ramblewood Dr., 2401-Clara M. Jones to Bonerge Antonio and Marvin Leonel Zavala Iraheta, $249,900.

Ritchie Rd., 2600-Skyhill Investments Corp. to Ronis E. Mendoza Perez, $289,000.

Springdale Ave., 3403-Julio C. Pena Martinez to Jazmyn L. Legall, $270,000.

Walters Lane, 2818-Margaret M. and George A. Hunt to Trevor Lloyd and Veronica Rose Bundy, $250,000.


Bonnie Meadow Lane, 708-Trust Realty Investment Corp. to Nuvee Netayavichitr, $435,000.

Buckland Ct., 6513-Sarah Furman to Naomi D. Taylor Johnson, $217,000.

Cornish St., 802-Ayr Properties Roth Corp. to Caloks Pierre Philippe, $324,000.

Harrison Ave., 13506-Irvin O. and Ingrid Y. Garcia to Maria I. Cirbian Parada, $285,000.

Hunters Mill Ave., 1501-Chien Mac and Madison Vo to Bunry Lay, $364,000.

Limon Ct., 9104-Rene Lopez Hernandez and Aris Avila Flores to William Lawrence and David James Elliott, $349,900.

Old Fort Rd., 12715-Elias M. Quintanilla to Francisco Utrera Carmona, $282,000.

Split Rock Lane, 1306-Magdalena B. and Antonio P. Cacho to Brian Wiggins Sr., $365,000.

Windemere Ct., 1106-Kim Joo Young and Ryung Hee Kim to Yodit Amare, $176,000.


Glenn Dale Rd., 6009-Luxury Prospects Corp. to Mrigank and Sandeep Gupta, $599,000.

Legend Manor Lane, 10913-Cheryl Capers Hogans to Dale and Christopher A. Douglas, $535,000.

Prospect Hill Rd., 11034-Michael and Gretchen King to Wayne Alden and Maricel Abarquez Stinchcomb, $311,000.


Brooks Pl., 7902-Kabaka Group Corp. to Gerald Seegars, $235,500.

Greenbelt Rd., 8457, No. T2-Daniel R. Hoke to Tyrae Ajani Hoke, $81,000.

Greenbelt Rd., 8697, No. 202-Cory C. Cain to Todd J. Colvin, $104,900.

Hanover Pkwy., 6994, No. 301-Marketing Trade and Dev Consultants Inc. to Nakeitha Davis, $125,000.

Lake Park Dr., 6512, No. 1L-Irfan Khan and Sufia Syed to Angela Argueta and Gerardo A. Najera, $212,500.

Maplewood Ct., 13-Richard George and Martha Hamrock Loutsch to Brian A. and Cara A. Powell, $530,000.

Stream Bank Lane, 5337-Darlene Jean Pierre and David Talbird to Liangjun Yu and Xiumei Liu, $488,000.


Oglethorpe St., 4217-Gary S. Baker and James S. Higdon to Jason Kangal, $290,000.

45th Ave., 5738-Pari Corp. to Theodore and Lisa Fern Lindquist, $470,000.


Aerospace Rd., 10235-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Sandipkumar and Gamanlal Modi, $420,075.

Blue Bird Ct., 7011-Rafael R. Lianos Gonzales to Peiyan Zheng and Haiying Wang, $379,000.

Broom Lane, 10317-U.S. Bank and J.P. Morgan Mortgage Acquisition Trust to Okon Akpan, $225,000.

Dorsey Lane, 10043-NVR Inc. to Marissa Montalvo, $396,335.

Elvis Lane, 9539-Jose B. Amaya and Maria M. Ventura to Santos Baires Rodriguez, $28,000.

Justina Dr., 5607-Brightstar Capital Corp. to Jeffrey Sze, $317,800.

Merna Lane, 6313-Patrick and Ngozi V. Ikechi to Francisco A. and Ana G. Martinez, $340,000.

Smithview Pl., 9626-David and Corene L. Johnson to Thomas W. and Jill Ann Adams, $420,000.

Van Allen Lane, 7527-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Naz Ahmed, $389,000.

Whitfield Chapel Rd., 5422-Vera Acha and Valerie Nwaojei to Albino E. Garcia Caloca, $300,000.


Andean Goose Way, 1011-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Kenya M. Booker, $495,000.

Buckingham Green Lane, 2505-Sylvia H. Plunkett to Dale and Yvonne Hunter, $580,000.

Effie Fox Way, 3906-D.R. Horton Inc. to Carver G. and Debra A. Mahone, $409,045.

Fox Bow Dr., 13216, No. 108-Abigale Bruce Watson and Maxine O. Townsend to Reginald Abrams, $220,000.

Harry S. Truman Dr., 550-Patrick V. and Joyce Price to Kenneth and Nicole Smith, $261,500.

Herrington Dr., 35-Ming Zheng and Rong Li to Marcia C. Aceituno Daring, $378,000.

Mount Lubentia Way, 10600-Magretta and Bill Ray Dixon to Edwin S. Ndansi and Shanel E. Mokoko, $360,000.

Orchard Farm Pl., 15205-Warren D. Kendrick to David C. and Tristy Moore, $580,000.

Pentland Hills Dr., 3711-NVR Inc. to Gloria Simpson Casteel, $489,670.

Richard Bowie Lane, 15210-Westphalia Row Partners Corp. to Tracy K. Sneed, $430,890.

Shumard Way, 13903-NVR Inc. to Rheiya and Jonas Florance, $561,500.

Trumpeter Swan Ct., 13302-Tiffany N. Swint and Phyllis S. Turner to Terrance J. and Elaine D. Smith, $405,000.


Arbory Ct., 7674, No. 33-Alicia Sims Reynolds Davis to Daniel J. Benavides, $238,000.

Ashford Ct., 14909-Melissa Kochanowski to Stephen Kerry Fedderly, $285,000.

Bond Mill Rd., 15300-Jum Soon Kim to Cristina Mancia and Luis A. Bonilla, $365,000.

Carissa Lane, 7622-Mabel S. Tirakis and Maria Martone to Cedrick M. Ntolo and Christelle K. Tshibola, $237,000.

Exbury Lane, 14717-Anwar and Naveeda Mahmood to Erin Kenyatta Cannon and Ronnie Owen Wells Jr., $640,000.

Harrison Dr., 1024-Juan Carlos Aguilar Jimenez to Rossember E. Davila and Sonia E. Fuentes De Davila, $295,000.

Nichols Dr., 917-TA Investment Group Corp. to Johnson Omomo, $335,000.

Prince George St., 511-Kevin Allen to William Charles Hardy and Heather Lynn Brooks, $320,000.

Spring Arbor Dr., 8025-NVR Inc. to Henry Saka, $403,700.

Ninth St., 512A-Kwasi Antwi to Oscar Wilfredo and Marina Fuentes Argueta, $335,855.


Cherry Lane, 9262, No. 44-Michael A. Tallarico and estate of Frederick A. Tallarico to Jennifer Jeffries and Marlene H. Webb, $164,900.

Claxton Dr., 13110-Erin K. Cannon and Ronnie O. Wells to Steven C. and Ylonda T. Young, $395,000.

Greenview Dr., 14116-Priya and Ken Papali to Aderinsola Alice and Olujinmi Baiyewu, $415,000.

Mallard Dr., 9935-Maria B. and Jonathon E. Haig to Karla Broadus, $248,000.

Montpelier Dr., 9304-Cynthia L. Langan and the estate of Jody F. Tebay to Nancy Elaine McEwen and Harry Michael Bagdasian, $389,900.

Point Lane N., 12811-James Harry and Kathleen Dow Gutman to Florentino Hernandez Ozuna and Elivese De Jesus Nadal Nova, $360,000.


Emerson Rd., 7735-Aisha Development Corp. to Judith Marie Dickson, $325,000.

Harmon Ave., 3717-Rigoberto A. Quezada to Matilde E. Palacios, $258,000.

Karen Elaine Dr., 5544, No. 1527-RE & T Management Corp. Inc. to Abiola Ajayi, $90,000.

Quentin St., 8303-Milton P. and Elizabeth A. Davis to Jose M. Guevara, $270,000.

Rockford Dr., 4714-Melissa Herbert and estate of Shirley A. Clark to Jose N. Villanueva and Angel M. Calles, $305,000.

Stockton Lane, 6701-Margot E. Osorio Alarcon to Martin Keith Wright, $288,000.

Woodlawn Dr., 4807-Lafaye F. and Faustina L. Marshall to Stephanie Marshall, $317,000.

85th Ave., 5462, No. 1-Lotlyn Hall and Karen Andrea McCreary to Wisam Qasim, $90,000.


Choctaw Dr., 5809-Gadyes G. Pegues to Donald A. Palmer and Santos Delmy Martinez, $224,000.

Fleet St., 157, No. 1107-Franconia Real Estate Services Inc. to Tatum P. Jelinek, $412,500.

Potomac Psge., 155, No. 907-Juliet Taylor Piekarski to Sarena McRae, $315,000.

Riverhaven Dr., 145, No. 154-NH Haven Residential Corp. and NH Haven Apartments Corp. to Shaun M. Jury, $289,900.

Riverhaven Dr., 145, No. 407-NH Haven Residential Corp. and NH Haven Apartments Corp. to Jamahl L. Milton, $449,900.

Roanne Dr., 7403-Johnny M. and Lennie L. Noblezada to Lorin P. and Camia R. Lane, $247,200.

Sutler Terr., 1305-Cheryl A. Wilson to Nicole K. Robinson, $265,000.

Wilson Bridge Dr., 546, No. 6747-William A. and Mark Allen Gaskins to Hooman Mahmoodi Zarandi, $57,000.


Oglethorpe St., 4907-Noel B. and Lucia B. Hatamosa to Wing Lam, $250,000.

Underwood St., 4700-SM Waterford Estates Corp. to Shawn M. and Deborah S. Flynn, $605,105.

47th Ave., 6400-Stanley Martin Companies Corp. to Mark A. and Ruby S. Sabina, $585,127.


Applegate Lane, 4304, No. 2-Enmaunel R. Iglesias to Haley Vasquez Bradshaw, $224,000.

Poplar Rd., 6705-House Buyers of America to Colleen Welles Cauley, $293,000.

Skyline Dr., 4300-Matrix Painting Corp. to Tamika Lee, $315,000.

Wood Creek Dr., 3627-Kendra S. Harrison to Shaniqua Lashae Hillary, $265,000.


Afton St., 2406-Pritchett Family Trust to Kathy Pearson Green, $275,000.

Birch Lane, 6711-Charles Gatewood to Oscar Antonio Palacio Guillen, $320,000.

Chadwick Terr., 2025-Alpha Housing Corp. to Wendrad Mesfin Adane, $267,000.

Huntley Square Dr., 3331, No. T1-Judson W. and Minh Khai Holmes to Javonni D. Diggs, $65,000.

Linda Lane, 5710-Ram Gehani to Marcelo Jordan, $263,900.

Lyons St., 4403-Design Properties Corp. to Shawnice J. Pratt, $239,000.

Rocky Mount Dr., 4106-Anne M. Tarleton and estate of James Mahlon Tarleton Sr. to Jannete S. Richardson, $312,000.

Summerhill Rd., 6205-Benjamin and Nacie Grigsby to Patrice Jones, $325,000.

25th Ave., 3313-Aptus Capital Group Corp. to Karamoko J. and Gwenisha F. Lawrence, $280,000.

26th Ave., 3867-Mordecai Messeca and Aliza Sibony to Elizabeth Abebe, $80,000.


Chillum Rd., 1001, No. 106-Wilma Gissel Rodriguez Pena to Luther James Ferguson, $85,000.

Crest View Dr., 4906-NVR Inc. to Anne Bovi and Winfred Lynch, $401,810.

Madison Pl., 3531-Kisha K. Parks to Jose Mauro Minero Munoz and Angela Minero, $250,000.

Nicholson St., 3505-Silva K. Kurtisa to Benjamin Weaver and Araceli Dafne Munoz Chaira, $349,000.

Sentinel Dr., 3601-NVR Inc. to Javier Octavio Sanchez and Zulay De Las Mercedes Ortiz Masso, $494,280.

Sentinel Dr., 3611-NVR Inc. to Kendall Jones, $498,745.

Woodberry St., 4312-Anna Mae Kobbe to Matthew and Grace W. Knofczynski, $595,000.

33rd Ave., 5816-Carmine J. and Judith H. Pino to Hilda Francisca and Antonia Choque, $345,000.


Aist Ct., 11000-D.R. Horton Inc. to Adrienne N. Grant, $460,000.

Bishopmill Dr., 4404-Beeren & Barry Investments Corp. to Lidia Stephanie and Javier A. Nolasco, $249,950.

Cheryl Dr., 11307-Evon R. and Linda L. Corinaldi to Patrick Murphy, $350,000.

Cornwall Ct., 4421-Diane M. Cheatham to Dwight C. Pottinger, $264,000.

Derby Manor Lane, 5209-Carlos and Carla S. Perkins to Devin Colbert, $407,000.

Farnsworth Lane, 14000, No. 3106-Bradley and Monica Parkzes to Abdul Ayyuba and Bridget Adiza Shaibu, $140,000.

Forest Pines Dr., 5105-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Danae Deshawn Williams, $356,845.

Fox Stream Way, 9132-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Eddie and Tonya Lesane, $407,350.

Fox Stream Way, 9162-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Charles Wesley and Mildred Walker Hall, $439,990.

Glassy Creek Way, 9749-SM Parkside Corp. to Steven C. Pridgen, $317,990.

Governors Park Lane, 15407-NVR Inc. to Mark A. and Deidra K. Toran, $583,685.

Halloway S., 3402-Laurentiu G. Ovreiu to Virginia Parker and Lolita O’Donnell, $279,755.

King John Way, 4809, No. 215-Maryclaire Dunlap to Carl N. Randall Jr., $205,000.

Lord Fairfax Pl., 13907-Domminique Bradford to Sharon Nickelberry, $318,000.

Melwood Park Ave., 5307-Leonard T. and Venus L. Coley to Charnay and Carl Patterson, $341,000.

Osborne Rd. S., 7411-Sharon A. Laddie to Larry J. and Vicky L. Orem, $450,000.

Sherwood Forest Way, 9106-Unique and Modern Homes Corp. to Victor Charles Brown, $370,000.

Stonehill Rd., 6700-Department of Veterans Affairs to Damon D. and Linnell D. Handon, $394,005.

Trumps Hill Rd., 9061-Magruder Property Corp. to Willy Lauture, $783,221.

Woodyard Rd., 6606-Ronald and Fonda G. Greene to Thongvanh Dalavong and Somgnadeth Seumsouk, $550,000.


Clearwood Dr., 2010-Amos K. and Patricia A. Cheek to Lakshya Nair, $539,000.

Derby Ridge Rd., 14302-James M. and Deborah L. Guynn to Ryan D. Smith, $995,000.

Kings Isle Ct., 13605-Triangle Homes Corp. to Oladimeji J. Adekunle, $749,990.

Pine Tree Way, 15302-Bimbola Fola and Solaide Titilola Akintade to Ijeoma Debbie Nwankwo, $440,000.