These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided in June by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Braemar Ct., 1501-Danielle A. Johnson and Tauheed S. Burke to Renee L. and Maurice A. Haskins, $535,000.

Farmington Rd. W., 738-Ty Webb Corp. to Roy Harley and Devin Flowers, $200,000.

Manning Rd. W., 16210-Dean & Sons Corp. to Timothy D. Clarit and Lauren Marie Albo, $305,000.

Vintage Lane, 14020-Kelly and Jean C. Tshibaka to Matthew Lee and Sarah E. Scollin, $500,000.


Avenel Rd., 2008-Marlene J. and Marcelle S. Spicer to Jang Kun and Younghuie Jessica Han, $335,000.


Gumwood Dr., 3210-Lucille and Lee Wesley Sparks to Jeremy and Kristie Milewski, $360,000.

Park Dr. W., 7618-Jeffrey E. Hernandez and Santos L. Zelaya to Rafael Solis Urena, $299,000.


Truxton Rd., 10515-Tajwantie and Hemant K. Behari to Hanna Andarge and Fesseha Tadesse, $348,000.


Aquasco Farm Rd., 17109-Michael E. and Kelli L. Wilkinson to Steven Varner and Alison L. Mushero, $344,000.


Armand Boyd Way, 6303-Rita Dorothy and Oswald McDonald Henry to Irvin J. and Darwin S. Jacinto Miranda, $375,000.

Cherry Hill Rd., 11204, No. 82-Gladis Z. John to Shantana A. Gomes and Sandy Rosemary, Sarah Lilian and Sheryl Kathy Rozario, $110,000.


Ellington Dr., 11843-Linda and Michael Carter to Kimberly Janelle and Prashanth Paresh Parmar, $514,000.

Home Acres Terr., 10707-Prakash Sankurathri to Melida Rodriguez Munoz, $440,000.

Narrow Trail Terr., 11320-Robert F. Adlington to Jonas Bourciquot and Marie Georges Marseille, $283,150.

Romlon St., 4421, No. 201-Hilary Esther Daly to Faith Ann Marie Davidson, $80,000.


Sellman Rd., 4507-Ana J. Marquez and Jose Javier Sorto to Juan S. Molina Milla and Elba V. Molina Lopez, $280,000.


56th Ave., 4204-Kleanad Investments Corp. to Eligio Pool and Felix Cedeno Perez, $315,000.


Begonia Dr., 4308-Michael Mwamunga and Diana Muiruri to Xiang Chen, $320,000.


Cambridge Ct., 16230-Sandy Spencer to Kyle and Marie Schwarm, $380,000.

Declairmonts Field Dr., 4314-NVR Inc. to Jarret and Akeembra Lawrence, $516,020.

Gradys Walk, 6208-Edward G. and Mary I. Haraway to Tracy A. and Tonya A. Henry, $495,000.

Gullivers Trail, 14000-Edwin Von Seidewitz and Deborah Jane Baker to Charlene D. Laumer, $365,000.

Heather Glen Way, 10703-Damion L. and Wendy J. Carter Tucker to Dominique Nicole Ellington, $330,000.

Lakevale Terr., 5403-Stephen M. and Kimberley D. Hill to Andrew and Tiffany Baylor, $505,000.


Manor Field Dr., 4207-NVR Inc. to Xiao Jing and Ming Qian Zhang, $529,490.

Millstream Dr., 12723-Arlin E. and Jacqueline A. Messersmith to Abimbola A. Ansa, $237,000.


Old Chapel Rd., 14008-James McDonough and estate of John J. McDonough to Beverly Osborne, $291,100.

Quarterback Ct., 12337-Bradford Lockett to Tiffany and Tanifor C. Fuhunei, $345,000.

Rockledge Dr., 12506-Kelly Wucinich and estate of William M. Neiner to Jorge A. Elias Diaz, $285,000.

Saint James Sanctuary Dr., 13220-Morella Derosa and Joseph S. Zimmerman to Holly A. and Adam B. Duncan, $415,000.

Stonehaven Lane, 12319, No. S18-Barbara and Robin Handelman to James Myers, $148,000.

Wakefield Lane, 4010-Michael Marvin and Judith Ann Conner to Victoria Jones, $425,000.


Aventine Pl., 3103-Yi Zhou to Cliff Nji and Fri F. Fon, $500,000.


Ellipse Terr., 16436, No. 96-Rasheen E. and Kelli Bowen Smith to Feng Chen, $250,000.

Everette Dr., 3448-Alexander Dixon to Lydmarie Perez and Nathanael Lopez, $341,000.

Excalibur Ct., 3706, No. 301-Sabrina R. Sims and estate of John A. Sims to Jinhua Pan, $205,000.

Norwalk Ct., 15406-Mario and Marcelina E. Gonzalez to Zaina B. Rocke, $255,000.

Paris Ct., 1903-Carlos Pesquera Martin and Karla Pacheco Rubert to Christopher Pena, $319,900.

Pennsbury Way, 16325-Kendra Young to Gerald Stevenson, $245,000.


Barrow House Dr., 6404-Lanetta Gray to James A. and Sharon Brandon, $545,000.

Claggett Run Rd., 14403-NVR Inc. to Earica Ann and Terry D. McDowell, $528,620.


Magruders Ferry Rd., 17680-James Bernard and Steven Thomas Morris to Jerry A. and Dayra Eneida Harbison, $421,950.

Taylerton Lane, 16100-Advantage Homes at Archers Glen Corp. to Kimberly Nowell Coleman, $674,477.



Banner St., 4506-Mayra Ramirez to Ian and Alyssa Wolf, $362,500.

Windom Rd., 3916-Jes International Corp. to Oscar Parada and Dixon Perez, $338,000.


Addison Rd., 5502-Irving L. Clifton to Akinwole Taofik Ashaolu, $274,900.

Cedarleaf Ave., 607-JKS Properties Corp. to Madeline D. Broadnax, $240,000.

Drum Ave., 623-Jernien Gladden and Barbara Ford to Steven Levi Boyd and Susan Kimberly Marrow, $250,000.

G St., 7227-Grace E. Mims to Jessica Morie Orantes, $210,000.


Ingleboro Ct., 5419-DSDJ Properties Inc. to Selena Preston, $239,900.

Mountain Lake Pl., 6701-Brandi Walker to Ashley M. Morrison, $251,000.

Onslow Way, 5609-Shawn and Tamika Brooks to Kenneth Charles Warren, $252,500.

Seat Pleasant Dr., 6711-A. and B. Services Corp. to Stephen Amobi Jr., $291,000.

Tunic Ave., 22-Apex Capital Group Corp. to Kentasha T. Dickson, $275,000.


69th Pl., 500-Yi Tam to Cherese Lynne Stevens, $257,000.


Meynell Dr., 10702-A. Mae Reality Corp. to Lloyd Obua and Seanai Doores, $389,000.


Belgravia Lane, 7411-Wayne E. Rollins to Emmanuel R. Garcia and Norma L. Rodas, $275,000.

Crest Ave., 2710-Calvin and Tiffany H. Jacob to Roger A. Beletzuy Donis, $360,000.


Gibbs Way, 8216-Dongquan Shen and Yinghui Zheng to Meoshia Wilson, $377,900.

Muncy Rd., 7717-Michael A. Rodriguez Caceres to Akosua A. Yisrael, $217,000.

Roosevelt Ave., 1515-North Star Properties Corp. to Luis A. Diego and Lesly Bravo Loaeza, $314,900.

Swan Terr., 7645-Kiera M. Grier to Zakiya A. Thorne, $225,000.

Village Green Dr., 1852, No. E-122-Orange Door Corp. to Jacob Hernandez Ramos, $167,000.


Carolina Meadow Lane, 12700-Timberlake Thrift Manor Corp. to Donna K. and Guillermo A. West, $544,578.


Cosca Park Pl., 11411-Lashion Pratt to Desiree Gibson, $255,000.

Ethan Manor Rd., 4103-Timberlake Thrift Manor Corp. to Oceb and Cindy J. Vargas, $660,731.

Kirby Rd., 5803-Hubert Ray Walters III and estate of Hubert Ray Walters to Christian A. Chavez Alberto and Yesenia A. Chavez, $269,900.

Mary Beth Blvd., 4609-Theodore L. and Shanay R. Britt Wilkerson to Charlene Maria Jefferson, $435,000.

Perennial Ct., 7011-FFI Holdings Corp. to Deena M. Medlock and Cheryl A. Butler, $489,250.

Serenade Cir., 7618-Antonio Tyler to Tarah D. Jackson, $299,999.

Thrift Rd., 10517-CL Summit Group Corp. to John V. and Brandy L. Spears, $310,000.

Woodyard Rd., 8406-Jose W. Marin to Santos N. Alvarez Reyes, $305,000.


Geronimo St., 5026-James Michael Hudson and Sandra X. Alborta to Esther Grace Whieldon and Ernest William Schettler III, $299,000.


Limestone Pl., 9242-Carolyn Petralia and estate of Richard L. Mensi to Pheakdey Em, $375,000.

Quebec St., 5714-Aaron W. Safford to Elmer H. Dinarte Sr., $325,000.

Sweetbriar Dr., 7506-Anita Naralie and George Solomon to James E. and Diane F. Gardner, $395,000.

Westchester Park Dr., 6100, No. 419-Kevin M. Johnson and estate of Shirley Ann Wells to Marie Carpenti, $128,500.

34th Ave., 8809-Lennin A. and Nancy Llaneth Sierra to Ana I. Ruiz De Martinez and Ana Frenessy Martinez Ruiz, $345,000.

51st Ave., 9615-Pedro Alvarez and Anabela De Leon Perez to Jameel Francis, $375,000.


Anton Dr., 6703-Victor C. Brown to Reginald C. and Tameka S. Cooper, $320,000.

Boysenberry Ct., 3308-Shirley A. Sanders to Jermol Dix, $255,000.

Edfeldt Dr., 2710-Ebenezer Investments Contractors Corp. to Michael and Jene Kay, $310,000.

Marbury Dr., 2202-Barbara Burley to Lakeisha Brower and Shomari Roberts, $300,000.

Overdale Pl., 2501-Eugene Rogers to Rony Walter Sanabria Lopez, $215,000.

Pumphrey Dr., 3520-Aaron C. Bruce to Robert K. Wright and Sharon Elizabeth Crawford, $285,000.

Regency Pkwy., 3465-Deryl Deleon Witten to Phillip Johnson Jr., $221,150.

Round Hill Lane, 3503-Desmond Aberdeen to Michael D. Thomas, $280,000.


Belfast Dr., 2021-Christopher C. Martin to Kristi Ann Dushek, $280,000.

Bion Dr., 11908-Sun H. Lee to Jose R. Navarrete and Xiomara Navarrete Argueta, $400,000.

Broad Creek Dr., 425-Robert G. Christensen to Matthew E. Geibig, $550,000.

Driftwood Lane, 8408-Thomas M. Gertz and the estate of Robert M. Gertz to Ovidio Gonzalez Nunez and Ashley Gonzalez, $330,000.

Harpers Dr., 7507-RGS Residential Inc. to Atchara Viriya and Kasama Kongthai, $315,000.

Hart Rd., 7924-Ann and Gerald Williams to Damoree Dharam, $261,250.

Joe Klutsch Dr., 6320-Bryan and Yalasha Redd to Chrishaun S. Smith, $267,000.

Oak Lane, 8802-Wells Fargo Bank and Soundview Home Loan Trust to Blanca I. Guzman Gonzalez, $246,750.

Orchard Hill Dr., 1905-U.S. Bank National Association to Joann Cottman, $350,000.

Pates Dr., 4-Caruso Builder Jordan Court Corp. to Dante L. Wilson, $588,146.

Quatar St., 809-Caruso Builder Washington Acres Corp. to Barry Lee and Wendy D. Boler, $569,790.

Steuben Ave., 2404-Black Reef Trust and Green River Capital Corp. to Americo Buendia Valencia, $266,000.

Tregiovo Pl., 11809-Patricio A. and Delmira A. Morales Rogers to Ernest D. Ghameshlougy and Latoya D. Cooper, $629,779.

Warburton Oaks Dr., 206-Sarah F. and Aubrey E. Ballard to Angela M. Burke, $335,000.


Dubarry St., 10038-Linda L. Healy to Muriel G. Williams, $378,000.

Hollygate Dr., 8105-Christopher M. Mahon and estate of John J. Mahon to David and Esther Stockwell, $536,000.

Plater Lane, 7510-Evelia T. Vargas to Hector Avelar, $260,000.


Greenbelt Station Pkwy., 8232-NVR Inc. to Charlene and Marshall Cupe, $484,240.

Hanover Pkwy., 7728, No. 222-Daimeng Zhang to Alpha M. and Kadijatu Bah, $178,000.

Lakecrest Dr., 7802-Genice Renee and Martin Luther King Lee to Wilberto A. Pena and Lillian A. Flores, $215,000.

Miner St., 8268-NVR Inc. to Eyerusalem Abdeta, $383,255.


Gallatin St., 5312-Donald S. Wells to Manuel Vasquez, $249,500.

Oglethorpe St., 4410, No. 616-Sheri A. and Sunni A. Massey to Taylor C. Riley, $169,555.

51st Ave., 4801-Jean L. Rector and Jeanette M. Gioffre to Jerzon M. Rodriguez, $280,000.


Aerospace Rd., 10239-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Christopher N. Howard, $431,721.

Brays St., 6403-Hoor and Ghulam Y. Siddiqui to Joseph Kwok and Cuiqin Zhang, $380,000.

Copernicus Lane, 7100-Alphonce J. Brown Jr. to Jhermayne L. and Rosangela Bullock, $459,900.

Duchaine Dr., 5615-Mercy Unoma and Ihenacho Prince Peterson to Odalis E. Silva and Noe Guzman Vivar, $302,000.

Franklin Pl., 9337-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Primestar Fund Trust to Jesus Alexander Blanco Chicas, $247,000.

Kingfisher Lane, 7003-Howard Kent and Marilyn Hills to Adolfo H. =Benitez Bautista, $377,000.

Nashville Rd., 6834-Mates and Marie M. Apollon to Stic E. Lopez and Monika Saavedra, $360,000.

Storch Dr., 10529-Kathy A. Wright to Mamadou A. Traore and Anika E. Harris, $271,100.


Bannington Dr., 16-Charles A. and Rose E. Cookson to Miyang Phelomina, $338,500.

Berwick Lane N., 15112-Robert and Sarah L. Hogan to Kortni Hayes, $390,000.

Cambleton Dr., 12502-Charles C. Taylor and estate of Geraldine A. Taylor to Cherre Brown, $257,000.

Dunloring Dr., 11557-Carl Quartey Papafio to Marlyne Joly, $240,000.

Finchingfield Way, 15500-Westphalia Row Partners Corp. to Diane Y. Rodgers, $824,040.

Hawley Lane, 14608-Lakunle L. and Ijeoma Lasebikan to Lynda L. Johnson and Alexsandria Leesa Bennett, $390,000.

Jo Dr., 304-Sidney V. and Althea D. Elam to Angela Vaughn, $385,000.

Mary Bowie Pkwy., 14002-Steven K. Anderson to Travis O. and Ashley M. Rice, $514,900.

New Salem Ave., 10811-Tasha and Jason R. Labbe to Ruben Hernandez Flores and Maria L. Noriega, $390,000.

Pentland Hills Dr., 3619-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Keith Thomas and Angelica Nicole Hickey, $569,990.

Pentland Hills Dr., 3809-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Audrey and Emmit Marshall, $460,570.

Prince Pl., 10129, No. 102-12A-Jennifer Rasheeda King to Fanny Castillo Juarez and Zlatomir Atanasov, $80,000.

Richard Bowie Lane, 15214-Westphalia Row Partners Corp. to Artarrius D. Jennings and Tasha M. McQueen, $439,990.

Sunningdale Pl., 15518-Jack and Rachelle Hale to Candice Pleasant, $440,000.

Weymouth St., 201-Melanie Jean Gordon to Michelle and Andy Sawyer, $299,900.


Arbory Ct. S., 7626, No. 428-Dana and Clifton Vann to Shahanga N. Lee, $231,000.

Ashford Pl., 14821-Lynette Bush to Rasheedat T. and Bashir A. Azeez, $285,000.

Bradford Ct., 6901-Robert C. and Michael J. Rogers to Lemuel Philip Brown Jr. and Kara Beth Duffy, $384,500.

Courtland Pl., 15029-Guixian Xu and Lei Gu to Boonegross Forku and Corrita Nkengyi Nchinda, $321,500.

Grace Way, 322-Sandy Spring Village Corp. to Ghandi Agyei and Nana Aba Agyei Kyeremateng, $329,253.

Park Hall Dr., 6511-KJ Endeavors Inc. to Gregg and Yeny Hay, $407,000.

Spring Arbor Dr., 8017-NVR Inc. to Patrick Anthony and Gwendolyn Pete, $442,155.

Spring Arbor Dr., 8029-NVR Inc. to Ramata Diakite and Aboubacar Haidara, $406,190.

Ward St., 1008-McLean Construction Group Corp. to Solange Sol and Isidore Rodrigue Kanko Signe, $325,000.


Eucla Dr., 707-Andrew J. and Robin Droter to Serenity Rain, $229,500.


Claxton Dr., 12969, No. 1-D-Rosalind A. and Reginald A. White to Maria Riza M. Peralta, $242,000.

Dove Cir., 12161-Brittany J. Harris to Rosaura Adalyd Carranza, $182,500.

Montague Dr., 12006-Eric Daniel and Vanessa Lynn Sanchez to Robert and Rediat Aschenbrenner, $385,000.

Oxwell Lane, 8779-Charles F. and Alice M. Heidel to Cindy R. and Delmy A. Gomez De Palacios, $410,000.

Shadetree Lane, 12240-Paula Marie Parker to Angela Gail Garcia, $380,000.


Annapolis Rd., 6818-Felix A. Nunez to Ifeanyi Kalu Ibe, $280,000.

Fairborn Terr., 6416-Sami M. Mukhar to Efrain C. Gonzalez and Jose A. Mejia, $300,000.

Meadow Trail Lane, 3814-U.S. Bank and Merril Lynch First Bank National Loan Trust to Thanh Nguyen and Huyen Vo, $236,775.

Nystrom St., 5816-First Friday Investment Group Corp. to Georgia M. Khoury and Nolvert R. Garcia, $365,000.

Randolph St., 6802-Darwin A. Alfaro to Delmy Vasquez, $265,000.

Sprague Pl., 8303-Gary L. Highsmith and estate of Horace Eugene Highsmith to Santos and Jaime Eusebio Zelaya, $340,000.

Varnum St., 7124-John M. and Lori G. Rogers to Ricardo A. and Reynita Felix, $257,000.

74th Ave., 4305-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Jose F. Cea Barela and Mauricio Alexander Cea, $296,900.

85th Pl., 6416-Mary Q. Newton to Marcos A. Parada Campos and Xenia R. Ventura De Parada, $268,000.


Alice Ave., 2061, No. 104-Elton and Yvette M. Harps to Nathan P. Calhoun, $146,000.

Clayton Dr., 1805-Guimar E. Cordova Vargas to Jose S. Campos and Jose I. Campos Soriano, $274,000.

Marcy Ave., 717-Cesar A. Hernandez Delcid to Madhav and Rekha Acharya Bhandari, $243,000.

River Mist Dr., 726, No. 221-Choon S. Evans to Todd Lewiston and Aicha Gbane, $726,000.

Riverhaven Dr., 145, No. 328-NH Haven Residential Corp. and NH Haven Apartments Corp. to Lismari Lugo August, $309,900.

Riverhaven Dr., 145, No. 528-NH Haven Residential Corp. and NH Haven Apartments Corp. to Tameka Owens, $329,900.

Waterfront St., 143, No. 404-Waveney Blackman and Charlene Sattra Inverary Wills to Terry Cornwell Rumsey, $752,000.

Winterberry Lane, 4626-Olasupo O. Aloba to Jhatia Lashawn McKnight, $250,000.


Wells Run Pl., 4704-Stanley Martin Companies Corp. to Franklin Iweorah and April Engram, $476,365.

47th Ave., 6410-SM Waterford Estates Corp. to Ricardo Baldemar Sosa, $506,507.


Gloria Dr., 5608-Autana Investment Corp. to Portia and Darrius Wade, $379,600.

Robin Lane, 5904-Raymond M. and Diane Thomas to Jose M. Rodriguez Huezo and Juan Carlos Rodriguez Tobias, $225,000.

Talmadge Cir., 4223-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Monique Y. Stevenson, $295,000.


Anvil Lane, 2304-Henrietta M. Holmes to Asia S. Robertson, $235,000.

Callaway St., 2111-Robert S. Whiting Jr. to Nora E. Mendez Cerritos and Josne Pacheco, $250,000.

Coolridge Dr., 6900-Debora L. Shows and estate of Ursula A. Shows to Hilbea V. Flores Martinez and Alan L. Barrios Gomez, $230,000.

Fairlawn St., 2700-Danielle Theresa and Khalid Shakur to Aaron M. Wilensky, $328,000.

Janice Lane, 5511-Getahun Zerfu to Abel Hernandez and Maria C. Romero De Rivera, $255,000.

Kernal Lane, 2809-Santos L. Contreras and estate of Margarito Contreras to Heidi X. Osorio Lazaro, $200,000.

Middleton Lane, 6004-JP Morgan Mortgage Trust and U.S. Bank to Michael Matthews, $229,500.

Saint Moritz Dr., 6042-Gwendolyn L. Plummer Payne to Ja Pria N. Tyler and Evan Mabry, $245,000.

25th Ave., 3428-Lia Berry to Anthony Oghogho, $270,000.


Chillum Rd., 1009, No. 102-Washington Central Corp. to Rolando Lederli Fuentes and Ada I. Sura, $82,000.

Jamestown Rd., 3001-Barbara Ann and Belton Henry Edwards to Sandra Ascencio, $255,000.

Monitor St., 6204-NVR Inc. to Menelik H. Michael, $473,880.

Partridge Pl., 7007-Albert A. Hummel to Michael A. Paetz and Emily L. Bruns, $595,000.

Sentinel Dr., 3605-NVR Inc. to Patrick Bowen, $454,555.

10th Pl., 6001-Vivian T. and Felix A. Kwabenah to Tadios Mamo, $340,000.

24th Ave., 6603-Santina A. and Leonardo B. Romano to Zeng Qin Liu, $275,000.

40th Ave., 6110-Paula Perry and estate of Dorothy Lyon Jones to Jonathan and Gina Lewis, $352,150.


Carroll Ct., 11500-Frank C. and Sally K. Presti to Carl Thorpe, $385,100.

Colonel Ewell Ct., 4700, No. 376-Kiriagos C. Bauer to Sheba Tucker, $270,000.

Dower House Rd., 6700-U.S. ROF Legal Title Trust III and U.S. Bank to Craig B. Jones, $469,990.

Eyre Dr. N., 3519-Phoenix Property Developers Corp. to Ronald and Haydee Henry, $305,000.

Forest Pines Dr., 5109-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Mable Diane Price, $348,199.

Fox Stream Way, 9135-SM Parkside Corp. to Terrence M. Williams, $390,585.

Glassy Creek Way, 9701-SM Parkside Corp. to David and Donna Kenion Nickens, $374,990.

Goldenwood Ct., 9901-Marie Dobbins to Leon Simpson, $280,000.

Governors Park Lane, 15508-Caruso Builder Balmoral Corp. to Carlton and Edna Smith, $693,142.

Imperial Oaks Lane, 4613-Rahul Parashar and Preyanka Rajendra Dubney to Brian and Cynthia Howard, $590,000.

Locris Dr., 7502-Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. and Bayview Loan Servicing Corp. to Amie K. King, $240,000.

Marlton Center Dr., 12816-Sunny Real Estate Services KKC to Eyohka and Robert Stewart Kamara, $300,000.

Midland Turn, 9512-Restoration Reo Corp. to Ramondo J. Perry and Vanessa Chambers, $341,000.

Persimmon Rd., 12441-David Brown to Jessica Nicole and Britton David Herring, $250,000.

Swindon Terr., 4303-Rama Rajaie to Brittany and Terry Burroughs, $269,000.

Twayblade Ct., 10204-Jesse J. and Diana Lynn Phillips to Lashannah Rae Vannett Oxendine, $465,000.

Winding Waters Terr., 4022-Cheaka and Tamal Burise to Reginald W. and Felicia L. Carlton Maye, $451,500.


Dartford Lane, 1006-Doreen M. and Reginald M. Rainey to Paul M. Beisler Jr., $475,000.

Kings Valley Dr., 1304-Brandi Brehon to Patricia J. Bockarie and Ben G. Turay, $340,000.

Peachtree Lane, 1806-Morris S. Green to Thomas J. and Melvina Evans Smith, $487,500.

Stockport Ct., 1237-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Leela Oudit, $226,000.