These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided in July by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Baileys Pond Rd., 2429-Metasebia Kebede to Naila Gross, $343,000.


Edgemont Dr., 10521-Anita Maria Brienza and estate of Joseph John Brienza to Yovani Trinidad Pineda, $302,000.

Osage St., 2605-Peter B. and Sherrie L. Krauser to Cuong Dinh Tri Nguyen and Ngoc Phung Truong, $579,900.

Rambler Pl., 2702-Hoc Development Group Corp. to Deborah V. Jordan, $415,000.

Truman Rd., 6504-Jamie C. and Robert Clarke to Edwin J. Padilla and Keyla V. Padilla Ortiz, $300,000.


Brickyard Blvd., 12621-Mary McMullen and Joanne Leslie Kinney to Thomas and Sharntrica M. Himler, $379,000.

Cherry Hill Rd., 11384, No. 1H-Babatunde Odufuwa to Jose Alvarenga and Morena Lainez, $145,000.

Lexington Ave., 4824-Marvin W. and Carol Lee Lintz to Edvin Joel Villeda Morales and Santa Maria Hernandez Padilla, $230,000.

Rhode Island Ave., 10990-James A. Ziepolt and estate of Robert C. Ziepolt to Moises H. and Mariena L. Hernandez, $340,000.


Cherrywood Lane, 12700-Richard M. and Darlene D. Campbell to Binta Garrett, $315,000.

Crosswick Turn, 4227-Estate of Kelly Farrell and Thomas J. Farrell III to Karina Leon, $258,000.

Hammermill Field Dr., 14110-NVR Inc. to Randy Allen Formy Duval and Johnathan Luong Nguyen, $744,562.

Manor Field Dr., 4200-NVR Inc. to Adeola Gbeminiyi Shodeinde and Olafusi Olafioye, $541,930.

Oaklyn Lane, 4517-Alon Pichler to Alec J. Naumoff, $340,000.

Quintette Lane, 12321-Felicia M. Hall to Iris Saunders, $338,500.

Saddle River Dr., 4303-Shireen Jayatilaka to Anthony Tywon and Kimbolyn M. Flowers, $465,000.

Whitehall Dr., 12013-Karl Edward Buhner to Bree J. Estep, $365,000.

11th St., 13103-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Billal Sikandar, $229,025.


Europe Lane, 3830-Constance E. Crawford to Ronald Cager and Vicki P. Hall, $320,000.

Pensive Lane, 1209-Michelle R. Smith and Michael C. Willbrand to Kelly Minerva Daniluk, $360,000.


Desert Peace Ct., 7102-Rayfield and Stacie Foreman to Iris Gilbert Curtis, $440,000.

Kennett Square Way, 15420-Jing Tan to Margarette Pierre, $302,500.

Morano Dr., 12401-Gary W. Thomas to Nancy Navarro and Juan Navarro Vazquez, $255,000.


Cottage Terr., 3709-Joan M. Daniels to Sierra Leeann Smith and Terrence Kyungwoo Kim, $387,500.


Aquamarine Ct., 6938-NF Investments Inc. to Brittney Bagley and Tyrone Little, $246,000.

Dunbar Oaks Dr., 1217-Claudia Arrieta and Icella B. Burns to Celso A. Garcia Umanzor, $245,000.

Longleaf Rd., 1001-Nicole M. Nelson to Francisca Salgado Arevalo, $267,000.

Opus Ave., 501-Malik Elkhadiri and Aziza Kamal to Jeffrey Bingham, $194,000.

Shady Glen Dr., 921-Rogers and Mary Johnson to Patrick King and Stephen Louis Taylor Sr., $340,000.

Vine St., 4221-Juan Rolan Illesca to Michelle Goode, $200,000.

62nd Ave., 705-Seven Foundations Inc. and Adwunmi Adekanmi to Zulma Bonilla and Gerson A. Mejia, $204,000.


Allendale Cir., 7605-Scott Construction Group Corp. to Jasmine Medina, $229,000.

Crest Ave., 2815-Mark and Heather Morton to D. Issac Handel and Lauren Jaye Pickard, $490,000.

Garrett A Morgan Blvd., 573-Nova Partners Corp. to Kevin Boateng, $270,000.

Hawthorne St., 7512, No. 2-Herber Ruiz to Nolvia Nelly Viera, $122,000.

Matthew Henson Ave., 2213-Baljinder Dhillon to Tito Noe Turcios and Elva Y. Maldonado, $219,500.

Vauxhall Rd., 917-Danielle Whitfield Smith to Joel M. and Adekemi Aluko, $305,000.


Birchview Dr., 12011-Kristin and Rhonda Williams to Shaunte and Marquis T. Sams, $289,000.

Chris Mar Ave., 5701-Rev Carnell and Felicia Michelle Ward to David Ernesto and Evelyn Lisseth Rivas Bolanos, $260,000.

Dangerfield Rd., 9604-Terrie Lea Blueitt to Garret and Melanie Thomas, $290,000.

Hunt Weber Dr., 6203-Calatlantic Group Inc. and the Ryland Group Inc. to Robert and Lee Sutton, $536,990.

Manor Circle Dr., 6320-Aptus Capital Group Corp. to Denise Cabell, $307,000.

Natahala Dr., 4552-Richard B. and Rhonda M. Brown to Teresa D. Ross, $390,000.

Piscataway Landing Dr., 12601-Delois Klemm to John D. and Shavohn Turner Thomas, $455,000.

Sir Brendan Ave., 10608-Caruso Builder Woodburn Estates Corp. to Jonel and Angela N. Davis Matthews, $571,280.

Surratts Manor Dr., 9507-John E. and Debra Yakupkovic to Natasha T. Graham, $334,000.

Wolverton Lane, 6211-Patrick J. and Jeanne E. Bridgeman to Jose F. Alas Mata and Ana B. Zelaya Andrade, $295,800.


Dartmouth Ave., 6800-John Albert Hale Hohman and Kelly Sullivan Kylis to Urs K. Weber and Maria A. Espindola, $490,000.

Erie St., 5006-Weldon B. Wyne to Ana and Irma D. Argueta Diaz, $300,000.

Westchester Park Dr., 6100, No. 1401-Tressa Lynn Guyot to Liusheng He and Xiaoli Wu, $135,000.


Gateway Blvd., 6613-Habitat for Humanity Metro Maryland Inc. to Tyrone Ernest Givens, $240,000.

Rose Bay Dr., 6123-Retford O. Berko to Kevin Lee and Corliss McDade, $267,000.


Baron Ct., 316-Alison T. Calero and Carlos A. Canales to Brad Lee Anderson, $365,000.

Emerald Hill Dr., 201-Russell Kirk Pirlo to Benjamin A. Murray and Rebecca M. Freund, $364,900.

Gallop Way, 3008-Paul C. and Judith Link Ruth to Armistead David Jackson, $325,000.

Kings Lane, 717-Richard E. and Lydia A. Barbour to James Robert McClure, $385,500.

Lorelei Dr., 1707-Tiffany N. Johnson to Maria Sasha Gomez and Reginald Winston, $360,000.

Old Musket Lane, 1315-Gary J. and Tamara L. Jackson to Rodney D. Gould Jr., $398,000.

Reid Cir., 13526-Kathyrn Renee Johnson to Jose Francisco Lopez and Karla Cristina Arias Rivera, $275,000.

Ridgewood Dr., 9102-Paul Andrew and Christopher Scott Williams to William Fowler Walden, $335,000.

Sourwood Lane, 6916-Shafi Akrami to Albert S. Teeba, $465,000.

Trowbridge Pl., 6713-TW & Associates Corp. to Arely A. Alcocer Aguila and Esteban David Ramirez Arizandieta, $350,000.


Center Dr. S., 5209-William E. Sparrow III to Adriene Irene Lim and Mary Diane Galvin, $565,000.

Hanover Pkwy., 7712, No. 91-Joan Davis to Michelle N. Nelson, $123,600.

Miner St., 8262-NVR Inc. to Yingqi Liang and Henry Huai Zhang, $382,425.

Ora Ct., 7709-Godwin N. and Florence Eko to Anthony Anderson and Synghoria T. Brewer, $300,000.


Jefferson St., 4014-Britt E. Jung to Jennifer and Donald P. Heffernan, $538,000.


Aerospace Rd., 10243-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Kevin L. Campbell and Pamilla Colbert, $443,510.

Dorsey Lane, 10047-NVR Inc. to James Randolph Farris III, $420,785.

Lundy Dr., 5808-Emilio Rodriguez and Hugo Flores to Julio C. Perez Hernandez and Lizzeth Morales Jordan, $348,200.

Seasons Way, 8707, No. 1-Ronald A. and Gloria Ann Fisher to Dawn Nichols, $131,000.

Volta St., 9014-U.S. Bank and Rmac Trust to Pedro J. Hinojosa Ponce, $237,000.

Zeek Lane, 2730-Sharnita A. Nelson to Juanita Y. and Ian V. Shields, $300,000.

96th Ave., 7003-Thomas Ricky and Norma J. Norris to Zinob Oyinlola and Olajumoke Kafayat Olayinka, $350,000.


Berwick Lane N., 15213-Evan A. and De Lesa Celia Hanson to Lakisha Andrea Larry, $393,500.

Canaan St., 409-David A. and Yolandra E. Hancock Bowman to Toni and John Gregory Broadway, $399,900.

Dornoch Way, 2008-Carolyn Demougeot to Donnell L. Harrison, $385,000.

Esmond Pl., 418-Elshazli & Jones Holdings Corp. to Charlotte Grinage, $339,179.

Hawley Lane, 14650-Damien and Camille Robinson to Byron Lennon Abraham, $385,000.

Pentland Hills Dr., 3620-NVR Inc. to Carol L. Harris, $504,435.

Prince Pl., 10226, No. 13-107-Lydia B. Banks to Durrell Alomzo Scott, $88,000.

Red Jade Dr., 241, No. 10-5-Jerome W. Jackson to Maynard O. Minor, $208,000.

Robert Lewis Ave., 1815-Wells Fargo Bank and Morgan Stanley Inc. to Reynaldo Garcia, $275,500.

Thurston Dr., 33-Building Mender Corp. to Paula Elizabeth Davis, $386,000.

Westerlo Ct., 13806-NVR Inc. to Adam Nicholas Mahone, $530,465.


Bounds Ave., 15407-Liliana Sigaran to Gloria M. Martinez, $325,000.

Colchis Ct., 7300-Leroy F. and Patricia L. Ruhe to Allan and Lynne Keener, $515,000.

Dorset Rd., 15615, No. 107-Steel and Metal Industries Corp. to Sudhirkumar Patel and Parthiv Kalathia, $135,000.

Harrison Dr., 1018-Fidel Angel Videla and Ana M. Hernandez to Malena M. Zelaya, $244,000.

McCahill Dr., 6503-Brandon and Emily Reder to Charles E. and Jessica E. Gunn, $385,000.

Nichols Dr., 916-Prakash Sankurathri to Kerin Omar Machorro Gonzalez, $330,000.

Van Dusen Rd., 7009-NVR Inc. to Mylove Oppong and William Danso, $410,365.

Winding Trail Rd., 13122-Luvenia C. Tucker to Phyllis C. Dumas, $340,000.


Briarchip St., 9118-William and Janeshia M. Bernard Jones to Lalbiakdika and Lalthlamuani Chhangte, $400,000.

Snow Acres Dr., 8901-Harry Nguyen to Marie Francois, $360,000.


Longbranch Dr., 7302-Wells Fargo Bank to Selena and Nainan Thomas, $266,000.

Stockton Lane, 6619-Earle H. and Tommie A. West to Jose A. Avelar and Gladis Blanco, $265,000.

72nd Ave., 4211-Abelardo L. Bravo to Leonel A. Campos Chavarria, $238,000.


Abbington Dr., 7527-Gerald B. and Clarise W. Kyler to Inmar O. Campos and Karina Yamileth Soriano, $355,000.

Comanche Dr., 915-Jaime A. Barrera Reyes to Span Leake, $240,000.

Huron Dr. N., 142-Mehrdad Edalati Aliabad to Fruto Elizandro Garcia Gonzalez and Maria Esther Alvarez, $230,000.

Marcy Ave., 1205-Marco Quezada to Marvin Fitzroy and Shannon Rachel McKenzie, $220,000.

Riverhaven Dr., 145, No. 215-NH Haven Residential Corp. and NH Haven Apartment Corp. to James M. Samuels, $284,900.

Silver Clipper Lane, 503-IHMW Potomac Overlook VIII Corp. to Thanh Long Viet and Thi Quoc Ngoc Nguyen, $705,000.

Wilson Bridge Dr., 538, No. 6739-Gerald and Estrellita Alcantara to Workeneh G. Tafesse and Meheret Eshete, $97,000.


Madison St., 4813-Kevin A. and Cynthia R. Compher to Charles J. Reading, $260,000.

67th Ave., 5409-Riverdale Builders Corp. to Geraldo L. Mercedes, $265,000.


Silver Park Terr., 4135-DNJH Corp. to Tiffany Teray Kerrick and Phillip Gary White, $257,500.

Towne Park Rd., 4633-NVR Inc. to Khayla E. Toyer, $295,700.

Towne Park Rd., 4641-NVR Inc. to Virginia Harris, $328,100.


Birch Lane, 6807-Unique and Modern Homes Corp. to Carlos H. Lara Arevalo and Edgar Agustin Quintanilla Saravia, $350,000.

Colonial Dr., 5005-Ezra Gebresilassie Gemeda to Michael Washington, $357,000.

Gaither St., 2011-Abigale Bruce Watson and Andre M. Johnson to Paulo and Maristela Da Silva, $265,000.

Long View Rd., 4872-Lillian J. McAleer to Cecilia A. Gomez and Rafael Hernandez Lopez, $299,900.

Temple Hill Rd., 5904-Lan Bui and Tuan Doan to Corey Vondell Williams and Aisha Parker, $319,000.


Chillum Rd., 1009, No. 213-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Jose A. Portillo Rodriguez, $103,000.

Monitor St., 6214-NVR Inc. to Carl Anthony and Joely Guerrero De Dudley, $502,930.


Colonel Gardiner Ct., 4505, No. 526-David A. and Cathy M. Martin to Kiara Nicole Matthews, $275,000.

Elm St., 14507-Lansdale G. and Anne Mackall Sasscer to Fraser Cummins and Betsy Graves Henderson, $450,000.

Glassy Creek Way, 9741-SM Parkside Corp. to Sean Z. Smith, $317,990.

Piaffe Cir., 9524-Mab of Canter Creek Corp. to Isaac W. Alston and Deborah Washington James, $585,661.

Starting Gate Dr., 5110-Peggy L. and Franklin Wheeler to Keiva Whatley and Thomas L. Nelson, $453,000.

Woods Edge Way, 3524-Mab of Parkside Singles Corp. to Carmen M. and James P. Chase, $601,323.


Celeste Bruce Cir., 3601-Collingbrook Development Corp. to William and Meanda D. Copeland, $918,430.

Dennington Dr., 14920-Thomas Atkins and Mary A. Green to Kecia Ivey and Trong Gorham, $430,000.

Forest Lake Ct., 1312-Simo Homes Corp. to Angela and Eli B. Aronoff, $430,000.

Jones Bridge Rd., 14700-Raymond A. and Karen V. Skinner to Justin R. and Danielle S. Gaither, $505,000.

Peartree Lane, 1417-Jennifer Payden to Jackenson Nicaisse and Natacha Saint Vil, $440,000.

Trillum St., 11511-Selene Finance LP to Omololu A. Ogundijo, $391,400.

Woodbridge Ct., 12703-Shellie Purnell Brown to Daniel T. and Mary Stewart, $620,000.