These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided in July by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Blue Indigo Ct., 16800-Franklin Elvin and Leocadie G. Lloyd to Keith R. and Tashunda M. Harrison, $430,000.

Lusby Ridge Rd., 14313-Tennille Dixon Humphries to Glenn and Jacqueline R. Williams, $410,000.


Pennsylvania St., 3302-Lisa J. Jennings to Mark J. and Marsha K. Mazz, $310,000.

Riggs Rd., 7971, No. 12-Maria Elsa Perez to Rolando Roman Lopez and Wendy Veronica Galo Amador, $82,500.

Truxton Rd., 10505-Natalia Michelle McCaskill and estate of Miguel Angel Perez to Alex Perez Palma and Luis Misael Granados, $335,000.


Golden Arrow Ct., 11301-Lian Duan to Joseph Eugene and Linda Rachel Medina Morgan, $290,000.

Lexington Ave., 4910-Aaron E. Thorne Jr. to Randall S. Magalhaes and Marcelina C. Martinez, $310,000.

Romlon St., 4413, No. 301-Chellis Garcia Gonzalez to Oluwafisayo Alade, $90,000.

Ulster Rd., 4102-Leonard and Sheila Henery to Erick D. Sorto Castro and Emma L. Sorto, $420,000.


Dickens Pride Ct., 4607-John Lee Armstrong and Clarence Curtiss Minor Jr. to Brian K. Chappell, $608,330.

Gladys Retreat Cir., 12736, No. 67-Jahmel J. Wagener and Maha L. Bouaichi to Katrice Collette Dothard, $334,900.

Heatherstone Dr., 13807-Philip M. Skopek to Marcia M. Blagrove, $470,000.

Lerner Pl., 12108-Kevin Bruce Nelson and estate of Richard L. Nelson to Sharita and Joel Phillip, $390,000.

Manor Field Dr., 4215-NVR Inc. to Jessica Douglas and Ramsi L. Gilbert, $593,707.

Old Chapel Cir., 6600-Global Talents Investment and Trading Corp. to Timothy and Danielle Kellogg, $365,000.

Race Track Rd., 9020-Robert T. and Carolyn L. Anthony to Jacob and Stacie Simmons, $656,000.

Tolkin Ct., 7904-Robert Javier and Jessica L. Cook to Ulises N. Quintanilla Rodriguez and Noelia C. Romero, $428,000.

Woodlands Reach Dr., 4403-NVR Inc. to Jonathan Melvin and Natoya Clarell Moore, $667,990.


Ardleigh Ct., 2104-RSC Properties Corp. to Marvin Quenten and Robyn Parker, $389,900.

Excalibur Ct., 3712, No. 202-Angela D. Mathis to Sari Hijazi, $184,000.

Norge Ct., 15542-Fasilat O. and Eddie J. Coleman to Adora D. Onwumechili, $220,000.


Brandywine Rd., 12716-Tamar and Garfield Shealy to Clarence Tyree Evans, $299,900.

Doctor Bowen Rd., 15901-S & A Investments Corp. to Jenna Sabia Florence and William Jack Stuart, $322,000.

Lusbys Lane, 12001-Denise B. Clark and estate of Esther Pearl Bailey to Bertha Luz Montiel Paz and Santos Modesto Barralaga Perez, $350,000.

Rison Dr., 8301-Tawanda Tina Benford to Eric A. and Veronica G. Chavez, $285,000.


Barnesbury Ct., 1014-Ashley Renee West to Shanise N. Stover, $225,000.

Cumberland St., 5116-Dawn A. Sydney to Frankline M. Kwi, $217,000.

G St., 7242-Annie V. Butler to Joyce Green, $210,000.

Larchmont Ave., 719-Paula S. and Ross E. Eichberg to Eva Erlinda Fuentes Alvarez and Lucindo Fuentes, $192,000.

Malvern Way, 5620-David W. Mwimanzi to Seandra L. Broxton, $220,000.

Quarry Ave., 416-Oxford Enterprises Corp. and Abbas Ghassemi to Charles Anthony Everett, $323,999.

Walker Mill Rd., 6419-Housing Options and Planning Enterprises Inc. to Michael Green, $275,000.

69th Pl., 508-Robert Clarke to David H. and Ernestine S. Niblack, $285,000.


Hillside Ct., 8928-Cuiying Ma to Lavonia Jackson, $268,000.

Meadow Way, 316-Jasmine Roberts to Donell L. Owens, $252,500.

Vermont Ct., 6720-Jennifer A. John to Jolesia J. Fairweather, $190,000.


Boniwood Turn E., 5530-Tamika N. Burke Lewis to Crystal Washington, $255,000.

Chris Mar Ave., 5721-Jose Corral Rendon to Keith M. and Delphine M. Harper, $330,000.

David Dr., 9701-Katrina A. Thurston Johnson to Lavina Saunders and Marquise Berry, $335,000.

Marcia Pl., 12908-Nikki Rawls and estate of Loraine Contee to Michelle Jefferson, $310,000.

Quaking Aspen Way, 10710-Christopher A. and Crystal S. Jones to Luvenia C. Tucker, $465,000.

Wynnwood Dr., 7904-Kevin M. King to Chester and Grace Williams, $220,000.


Westchester Park Dr., 6100, No. T10-Lana Shami to Jonathan L. Chatman Jr., $122,000.


Daniel Dr., 8004-Leonard Eric and Margaret Annett Neitzke to Robert Amilcar Rivas Gonzalez and Esmilda Mendez Benavides, $285,000.

Elmhurst St., 6704-David L. Stancil and Kerri Lynn Mulcahy to Lewis and Cheryl Diane Rorie, $285,000.

Halleck St., 7117-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Benjamin and Jose E. Carranza, $180,000.

Leona St., 7503-City HGTS Corp. to Lontisha Farmer and Idriss Tchakounte, $295,000.

Newglen Ave., 2705-S&R Inversiones Corp. to Marva A. Robinson, $290,000.


Constantine Dr., 9216-Manizheh Eskandari to Brandon D. and Noli M. Franklin, $355,000.

Fort Foote Rd., 8710-Dianne E. Peters Nickerson to David Lewis Parker, $215,000.

Halyard Pl., 12701-Illyas M. Zakariya to Jonathan T. Wiley, $465,000.

Lanham Lane, 7318-Richard A. Holmes Jr. and estate of Daisy Joyce Holmes to Jose Hernandez and Carolina Sanchez, $299,000.

Lumar Dr., 2900-Norma Del Carmen Campos Bermudez and Maira Celina Campos to Oscar O. Torres Mendez, $303,000.

Reid Lane, 13310-Jacqueline R. Richardson to Yong Lin and Baoyue Ke, $265,000.

Riverview Rd., 10705-Julio O. Guardado Ayala to Leidy Laura Huerta, $315,000.

Tantallon Dr. W., 518-Tracy Lanell Osborne to Isaac and Raysha Birmingham, $780,000.


Davis Point Lane, 5315-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Prakash A. and Saleemah Roshan, $370,000.

Miner St., 8264-NVR Inc. to Michael Y. Wong and Su Yan Huang, $391,650.


Emerson St., 4200-Capital Partners Group Corp. to Saeid Allafi, $254,000.

Longfellow St., 4505-Dick M. and Cristina M. Ortega to Wayne A. Hunt, $410,000.


Elvis Lane, 9544-Mesfin S. Wodajo to Hassan Sharif Karim, $320,000.

Palamar Dr., 10115-Brian D. and Carmen N. Jackson Brown to Wade Hayden Ollivierre, $275,000.

First St., 1421-Cristino Mejia Gonzalez to John Cummings IV, $382,000.


Altair Lane, 3103-Ronald and Sharon Whisonant to Rawle A. and Gem A. Benfield, $375,000.

Bottsford Ave., 214-Charles and Carmelita Pugh to Peter and Latoya Smith, $672,000.

Cascade Lane, 10101-Jerry Medley to Myra Anne Laird, $210,000.

Finchingfield Way, 15401-James A. Mixon to Fatiatu Jobi, $580,000.

Hebron Lane, 13905-NVR Inc. to Jonathan Randolph Butler, $656,058.

Pentland Hills Dr., 3701-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Evan and Delesa Hanson, $579,141.

Prince Pl., 10237, No. 25-T5-Laurie D. Fox and Debra S. Chapman to Diaudra Daniel, $125,000.

Richard Bowie Lane, 15218-Westphalia Row Partners Corp. to Dionne Cochran, $453,440.

Ronald Beall Rd., 12426-Bomposseh Kamara to Francis Jong Saah and Mathap A. Djeunguem, $344,900.


Archsine Lane, 7334-Anthony and Joi McBride to Emmanuel Ayanfe Crown and Hellen Nyawira Wagura, $410,000.

Brooklyn Bridge Rd., 6807-Rebecca J. Styer Smitherman to Ingrid T. Ross, $300,000.

Dorset Rd., 16025, No. 164-Justin William and Robert Martin Maarsen to Courtney Edwards, $270,000.

Jerald Rd., 16205-Michael R. Ladabouche and estate of Alice L. Ladabouche to Joseph N. Clarke, $355,000.

Millbrook Lane, 15804, No. 103-Sami H. Shaibani to Keith A. Dozier and Selene Marriott, $270,000.

Stratfield Cir., 14610-Yvonne Fenner to Sana Shahzad Shaikh, $520,000.

Van Dusen Rd., 7011-NVR Inc. to Vinod K. and Rebecca Lall, $413,315.

10th St., 617-Arthrese M. Lacey to Joel Alvarez Silva and Diana Alvarez, $340,000.


Cedarbrook Lane, 12200-Spencer D. and Gail V. Peck to Jayson J. Green, $379,000.


29th St., 4306-Peter and Jessica Ellis to Katherine Wunderlich and Javier Culzoni, $430,000.


Kaslo St., 6411-Argelia and Saul E. Dejesus to Jimmy T. and Kennedy T. Nguyen, $340,000.

Meadow Trail Lane, 4004-Ivin Hughes to Jenee Jordan, $290,000.

65th Ave., 3511, No. 11E-Houman Chegini to Marc D. Stallings, $237,000.

72nd Pl., 5112-Adedolapo Ajayi to Abiodun Lasaki, $275,000.


Brockton Rd., 319-Donna L. Pirner and estate of James N. Bennett Jr. to Alexis A. Zambrano Rivas and Marina I. Zambrano, $260,000.

Cree Dr., 136-Lizbet Flores Acero to Noel J. Quintanilla Velasquez, $324,900.

Huron Dr. S., 110-House Buyers of America Inc. to Jose Ruben Henriquez Ferman, $240,000.

Livingston Rd., 6017-Arthur L. Kenner to Tamara Weems, $200,000.

Silver Clipper Lane, 506-IHMW Potomac Overlook VIII Corp. to Ayanna Williams, $669,740.

Winthrop St., 4932-Chun Keung and Yuk Ling Yu to Scott T. Longhofer, $222,000.


Wells Run Pl., 4706-Stanley Martin Companies Corp. to Shayla Latrice Cornick, $498,235.


Crab Apple Ct., 4108, No. 4-Corrin Reid to Ray Fuller, $224,000.

Suitland Rd., 5753-Kys Properties Corp. to Derrick A. Smith and Angel T. Holmes, $254,999.

Towne Park Rd., 4635-NVR Inc. to Nikita Tomika and John E. Richardson, $334,520.


Brinkley Rd., 4204-Rain Investment and Trading Corp. to Nichele Rhone and Annette Stewart, $360,000.

Simmons Lane, 4404-Luisa Ruiz to Jose L. Medrano and Maria L. Solano, $349,900.

Temple Hill Rd., 5906-Gina M. and Roger Gayle to Pernell L. Savage Sr., $325,000.


Ray Rd., 1305-Mountain Prime 2018 Corp. to Marcos E. Espinal Torres and Erlinda M. Mendoza Alvarenga, $387,000.


Bishopmill Dr., 4304-Halo Properties Corp. to William and Esmerlin Florentino, $310,000.

Community Square Lane, 8705-Angela D. Webber to Jordan T. Oglesby, $289,000.

Governor Kent Ct., 4636, No. 486-Christiana Trust and Arlp Trust to Jenell Wade, $225,000.

Kenfield Lane, 5710-Kenneth M. and Carol H. Foley to Kenneth A. and Lucille A. Arnold, $485,000.

Lord Dunbore Pl., 13450, No. 4-2-Phetpailin Amaralikit to Phil Sardelis, $139,000.

Reverend Eversfield Ct., 4305-Terrence Dickens to Tracey Ward, $350,000.

Thomas Brooke Pl., 10010-Caruso Builder Duvall Woods Corp. to Francine E. Parker and Howard E. Scott, $650,000.

Woods Edge Way, 3602-Mab of Parkside Singles Corp. to Antonio A. Brown, $648,730.


Celeste Bruce Cir., 3613-Collingbrook Development Corp. to Florence Nguh, $980,510.

Derby Ridge Rd., 14410-Charles E. and Bridget M. Patterson to Olubunmi C. and Benson O. Salami, $830,000.

Greyfield Ct., 9607-Melissa L. Thompson and Kimberly L. Marshall to Luis A. Chicas and Mayra Isabel Aparicio, $550,000.

Joppa Pl., 15112-Michael E. and Susan M. Corvin Blow to Tigi Conteh, $442,000.

Millponds Ct., 925-Jan Singleton to Carolyn Jackson, $325,500.

Pebble Beach Ct., 1604-Charles H. and Caroline K. Kuderna to Andrea Karrina Scott, $412,050.

Spectacular Bid Ct., 3401-Miguel Murillo to Alfred Rodgers III and Tramaine Davis, $575,000.

Tulip Tree Dr., 10323-Angela Moses and Jimmy Chery to Jennifer Lynn Young, $321,500.