This sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation was provided in March by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Biddle Rd., 408-Romero Realty Group to Chiv Hong, $279,000.

Saint James Rd., 1814-St. James Haverford Construction Partners to Warren L. and Shelley N. Mickens, $687,340.


Chillum Manor Rd., 6728-Jimmy A. and Reyna P. Vargas to Addis Gebremariam, $260,000.

Metzerott Rd., 1832, No. 108-Sandy A. Chicahay to Antonio Gonzalez and Lourdes Modesta Mendez Paulino, $100,000.

Powder Mill Rd., 2908-Xavier A. De La Cruz Javier and Yenni Sobelda Felix to Jose L. Cruz Leiva and Silvia Yamilet Zuniga Cruz, $414,900.

16th Pl., 7403-Veronica E. Estrada and Ivan Estrada Peraza to Jose N. Flores, $390,000.


Briggs Chaney Rd., 4213-Harvey I. and Helen Eisenberg to Jose A. Mata Trejos and Howard Salomon Rodas Estrada, $390,000.

Cochran Rd., 5230-Maria E. Hille Salgueiro and William A. Brode to Tatiana Ojea, $506,000.

Long Feather Ct., 11423-Antika Lewis to Irene Ngole and Eric Ngole Esamble, $281,000.

Romlon St., 4503, No. 101-James N. Crouse and Jose Arturo Rodriguez to Jesus Urena Hernandez and Maria Estela Cuello, $125,000.


Bates Dr., 8413-Gene S. and Suzanne D. Mead to Santos Jose Perez Fuentes and Humaira Wahid, $532,500.

Cimmaron Greenfields Dr., 4606-Lamont McKinney and Yvonne V. Tilghman to Ifeyinwa and Adam Felix Nwankwo, $496,000.

Kavanaugh Lane, 12709-Bao H. and Tuyet G. Duong to Sabrina F. Taylor, $372,000.

Lavender Lane, 4418-Patrice I. Davis to Darcel Trunise Smith, $335,000.

Medina Lane, 3404-Lisa Westbrook and estate of Anthony J. Begenwald to Emir and Armela Omerhodzic, $335,000.

Triple Crown Rd., 8511-Charles D. and Stacy L. Smith to Melissa Phillips Jordan, $390,000.


Birch Leaf Terr., 17209-Raymond and Jeanette Halleran to Ephraim and Brenda Sydney, $540,000.

Emperor Ct., 3532-DMV Homes MD to Daryl Johnson Jr., $260,000.

Everette Dr., 3416-Sevdaim Mexhuani to Dayo Busola Ezekiel, $349,000.

Mill Branch Rd., 2406-Weldon McPhail to Scott and Sarah Womble, $610,000.

Peach Walker Dr., 15800-Atlantic Real Estate Investors to Jeremy and Elizabeth Mosier, $380,000.

Pointer Ridge Dr., 15913-Amanda V. Leland and Eric R. Annis to Antoinette M. Hudson, $389,000.


Alyssa Ct., 13303-Wilmington Savings Fund Society to James and Dilia Benjamin, $657,500.

Bald Eagle School Rd., 16800-William and Linda Hebert to Hope A. Dews Taylor, $495,000.

Earnshaw Dr., 7609-Judith A. and Robert E. Sprouse to Evron R. Bogle, $269,000.


Utah Ave., 3904-Pierre and Kristy Malochee to Martin Spencer Frye, David Spencer Frye and Jonathan Salem Een Newton, $595,000.


Adeline Way, 1225-Tara E. Person to Terence Payton, $239,900.

Ashdale Rd., 7804-JOA Investment to Graciela Pereddo, $333,000.

Calmos St., 6600-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Louis Laurore, $207,000.

Chapel Oaks Dr., 1208-Mildred C. Murphy to Jose A. Ventura and Sonia P. Contreras De Ventura, $205,000.

Hastings Dr., 7004-K2NC to Jacob Estrada Padilla and Ivonne Larissa Garcia Acevedo, $309,000.

Opal Pl., 6900-Emerson Brockington Jr. to Alicia, Chaslyn and Cynthia V. Carney, $289,990.

Sultan Ave., 25-Devang and Ritu Joshi to Miguel Roberto Rubiano and Serena Mehra, $215,000.


Belleview Ave., 3105-Shelby Pukach and estate of Patricia A. Pukach to Joshua L. Warner and Nhan T. Ong, $240,000.

Fire House Rd., 2315-Harold S. Dotson to Omar Cruz Padilla and Maria J. Mercado, $215,000.

Ingrid Pl., 7601-Estate of Eileen Q. Covington to Trena C. Lilly, $145,000.

Maureen Ct., 6504-Q&P Realty to Christopher Pierno, Kristina Marie Pierno and Ana Maria G. Pierno, $389,900.

Portia Ct., 910-Sankuratri to Patricia Volcy, $270,000.

Village Green Dr., 1901, No. V-188-Louise D. Blunt to Keith Nathaniel Bowling and Vanesta Pamela Shepherd Bowling, $143,000.


Beddington Ct., 7803-Bial Khaliq Fluellen to Geva Hickman Johnson, $360,000.

Brolass Rd., 12203-MSA & Associates to Casaundra Bouldin and Rodney Williamson, $325,000.

Eilerson St., 6811-Smartline Development to Latasha Johnson, $349,000.

Joseph Dr., 2306-FTB Homes to Hoover G. Toussaint, $320,000.

Milligan Rd., 7204-Aptus Capital Group to Sade R. Jones and James E. Coleman, $340,000.

Serenade Ct., 10337-Dwayne A. Perry to April Renee Lanier, $295,000.

Tinkers Creek Dr., 7705-Rhonaldo O. and Janice F. White to Guy Willy Nelson Pele, $355,000.


Delaware Pl., 5000-Rolando Cruz and Hector Cruz Palma to Nathaniel Osgood, $305,000.

Quebec Pl., 6212-Wilmington Trust National Association to Marcelo Moreno Martinez, Francisco Javier Pacheco Valencia and Jorge Pacheco Valencia, $450,000.

Westchester Park Dr., 6100, No. 511-Luis Rafel Vazquez and Charlene Deaver Vasquez to Ronald L. Gerson and Avery M. Jaffe, $170,000.


Druid Pl., 6009-Joseph D. Mothershead and estate of Grace C. Mothershead to Eliot L. Clark, $240,000.

Lakehurst Ave., 2606-Blanca M. Rivera to William Lindsey, $232,500.

Ocala Ave., 2708-Richmond Amoah to David Valentino and Marchella Annette Lewis, $255,000.

Ritchie Rd., 1907-Clyde Harling to Aaron M. Smith, $315,000.

Woodlark Dr., 1208-Rozella Jackson and Chestine Wade to Candelaria O. Delgado De Guardado and Elsy Marina Ramirez Gaitan, $275,000.


Ballina Ct., 12100-Deutsche Bank to Rahmutulla Ayuby, $302,925.

Copperville Way, 3712-Angela Maria and Walter T. Jackson to Dora Alicia Cortes, $315,000.

Grange Hall Dr., 7505-George E. Murphy and estate of Carrena S. Murphy to Amilcar Quispesivana Almora, $300,000.

Ivy Bridge Ct., 3103-Tichi Property to Ezra Okemwa Omwega, $360,000.

McKay Rd., 11003-Wayne L. and Marilyn J. Sauder to Henri A. Aguilera Calderon and Gustavo Adolfo Aguilera Calderon, $329,900.

Pocahontas Dr., 900-Estate of Mary J. Alfieri to Roger Carroll, $355,000.

Tantallon Dr. E., 912-Sky Trust Construction to Bita Ghashghaei, $354,000.

Warburton Lane, 822-Villa Del Mar Properties to Faraz Alam, $279,500.


Sir Mordred Ct., 6103-Court H. Blatchford and estate of Emma G. Stafford to Kim Edmonds and Kevin Chizoba Amagba, $358,000.


Greenbelt Rd., 8695, No. 2-Calvin Leroy Hicks Jr. to Tim Fook Wong, $89,990.

Hanover Pkwy., 7804, No. 287-Juan D. Espana to Max S. Lipeles, $142,000.


Crittenden St., 5000-Iuka Holdings to Victor M. Garcia Alvarez and Edgar E. Maldonado Salmeron, $274,000.

Madison St., 4231-Brentwood Oldsmobile to Jared Paul Marx and Catharine Ginna Slack, $702,000.

46th Pl., 5644-Katherine and Alex M. Nzive to Yohanes Kelemework and Hellina Hailu, $434,900.


Broom Lane, 10335-Keta Jones to Eric S. Simeze and Martine Tchouamouo, $317,000.

Ellerbie St., 5612-Eunice Akitobi Ndoung to Luis B. Gonzalez, Carlos Noria Rodriguez and Maria Del C. Cacique Delgado, $260,000.

Leslie Ave., 8636-Ronald N. and Shamika Pratt Jackson to James S. Ngwafang, Mary N. Tumenta and Bleck B. Ngwafang, $370,000.

Swann Wing Ct., 2802-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Clara and Niyi Thomas, $456,900.

Woodstream Lane, 6906-Sylvia Roy to Raymond Collins and Era Louise Marshall, $270,000.

91st Ct., 4202-Ideal House to Clovis Assi and Linda Akaba, $369,900.


Bleak Hill Pl., 703-Volina R. Thompson Ross and Jennifer R. Ross to Bruce R. Moore, $625,000.

Dormansville Blvd., 14102-Michael and Janean Hawkins to Charles E. and Norma Hunter, $560,000.

Galeshead Dr., 2703-Adriane M. Allen to David Reginald Rose Sr. and Bridgette Yvette Howard Rose, $540,000.

Hobart St., 9017-Lillian M. Shepherd to Jose C. Malta Palcios and Ana G. Cabrera Saavedra, $274,300.

Louisville Lane, 10509-Tichi Property to Ekenesenarienrien Cynthia Omokaro, $455,000.

Prince Pl., 10218, No. 10-T4-Leona L. and Marc A. Sims to Suraya Sadeed, $83,000.

Whistling Duck Dr., 1106-Nadine Johnson and Nadine N. Killebrew to Karen P. Boyce, $458,000.


Archsine Lane, 7325-Robert B. Owolabi to Mariama Rashida and Mackie Kabba Jalloh, $375,000.

Bonnett Ct., 6709-Dezlyn L. and Omar K. Carr to Rachael O. Deke, $295,000.

Jerald Rd., 16111-Andrew Marchwicki to Lashayane A. Deas, $445,000.

Lindendale Dr., 8511-Luz M. Mejia and Juan F. Ramos to Verlie Davis and Billy Roland Ford, $290,000.

Orem Dr., 6805-Amy K. and Steven D. Hamilton to John M. Lindemon and Erin L. Hendrickson, $367,500.

Fourth St., 837-Aziz Properties to Rebekah Yahellah Best, $270,000.


Cherry Lane, 9276, No. 86-Alice L. Echard to Brian Bauer, $120,000.


Bunker Hill Rd., 3602-Deirdre Boyle and Andre Cabo De Villa to Andrew Gregory Yerkes, $291,000.


Hanson Oaks Dr., 4106-Evelyn Ritchie to Amsale G. Tedlla, $260,100.

Randolph St., 5614-Edith C. Cruz to Maria Veronica Perez Baires and Jorge Miguel Benitez Perez, $330,000.

58th Ave., 3903-Sandra Thompson to Alexis Gabrielle Englert and Alexander Sharrow, $275,000.


Black Hawk Dr., 5716-Ramon Amaya to Maria A. Dubon Ramirez and Lilian M. Flores Melendez, $365,000.

Riverhaven Dr., 145, No. 541-NH Haven Residential to Sarah Jean Gann, $508,400.


Madison St., 4543-Eliezer Gurarie and Andrea Gelatt to Ubong Ikpe, $477,000.


Fort Dr., 2606-Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Calvin Maurice Payne, $215,000.

Lakewood St., 2311-Hamza M. and Rhonda M. Idris to Derrick Jayquan Brown and Derrick D. Wayne Brown, $230,000.

Pine Lane Dr., 6510-District Builders of Southern MD to Rony Loarca, $441,000.

Wyngate Rd., 2210-Carmelo Salva to Helena Lee Scott, $256,000.


Iverson St., 2431-Maxine M. Vernon and Dennis D. White to Victor K. Uwjeh and Teresa O. Uwajeh, $71,000.

Kirby Dr., 2321-AKY Enterprises to Whitney Carrington, $296,000.

Lyons St., 4106-Janet D. Briscoe to Amani N. Alexander, $298,000.

Southgate Dr., 5909-U. S. Bank to Sergio A. Gutierrez, $275,000.

Temple Hill Rd., 7407-As Is Home Buyers to Kanita Hughes, $575,000.

19th Ave., 4413-Marnia Holdings to Tairsha Robinson, $385,000.


Chillum Rd., 1005, No. 205- Department of Housing and Community Development to Azubulke Nwaolu, $62,100.

22nd Pl., 6625-818 International to Helda D. Aviles Gamez and Krissia C. Aviles Gamez, $440,000.


Biscayne Ct., 8552-Roderick Hall to Davidson Pierre Pierre, $270,000.

Canyonview Dr., 4208-Zandra C. Layne to Deborah West, $245,000.

Colonel Dent Ct., 4710, No. 345-Michael Lowery to Ross L. Bell, $221,000.

King Henry Way, 5119, No. 314-Patricia Marie Taylor Welch and estate of Carl Hassel Welch to Jessica N. Southall, $220,000.

Old Marlboro Pike., 12713-Mark E. and Carolyn S. Gwathmey to Antonio C. Richards and Christinna Molley, $394,000.

Woodyard Cir., 9509-Lyn M. Johnson to Evron Rollins, $306,000.


Byward Ct., 2406-Richard Evans Jr. to Abu Bakarr and Mariana M. Kargbo, $480,000.

Greenspire Way, 10002-Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Alexander Dixon, $280,000.

Monarch Birch Way, 1603, No. 110-Vivian Byrd and Rashanda Hicks to Larry R.B. Holland II, $272,500.