This sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation was provided in May by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Accokeek Rd. W., 2706-Emily V. and Frank Tipaldo to John L. Stapleton, $319,300.

Bisque St., 14700-Morris E. and Divina P. Freeman to Colette Pinkney, $367,000.

Foust St., 14515-Bessy M. Gibbs to Hailegebriale Kebede Haile and Abiyot Shiberu Zeberie, $368,000.

Jewelshine Ct., 1804-Nex Ventures Realty Inc. to Curtis D. Peoples and Lashawn L. Lewis Peoples, $455,000.

Manning Rd. E., 205-James E. and Iris A. Duckworth to Kiwana Marie Batchelor, $322,000.

Reserve Rd., 14711-Jennifer Ann Williams and estate of Ann Williams to Philip Anderson, $465,000.


Burketon Rd., 1203-Elvis A. Brown and Nelly S. Ganhe to Fabrice and Crystal C. Joseph, $318,400.

Sheridan St., 703-Hawkens MT Corp. to Jesus A. Ayala and Elsa Marina Herrera, $429,000.

24th Pl., 7911-Robinson and Co. to Juan F. and Sandra V. Delcid, $330,000.


Brandon Lane, 4213-Ashley M. and John M. Bernhard to Latia D. Dukes, $407,000.

Broken Bow Ct., 11310-Dewayne R. Gregory to Demetria D. Gregory, $250,000.

Cherry Hill Rd., 11234, No. 158-Lawan A. Sweetenberg to Francisco Cruz, $148,000.

Lincoln Ave., 4623-Avdesh and Suman Kaushiva to Christopher G. Smith Sr., $360,000.

Powder Mill Rd., 4233-Hani George Saab to Maria M. Matinez and Jeffry Maldonado, $405,000.

Romlon St., 4424-Helen Marie and Melvin Maule to Darrin Jeffrey Maule and Sweet Jane Abian Maule, $240,000.

Wythe Alley, 7101-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Shakeem L. Russell, $361,320.

Wythe Alley, 7113-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Tamra Sease, $325,715.


Blueberry Lane, 2917-Anne J. and Tyler E. Lewandowski to Tomasa and Mario Mari, $416,000.

Cimmaron Greenfields Dr., 4602-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Paul O. Oladimeji, $500,000.

Fletchertown Rd., 12233-Leonidas B. Hall III to Alexis F. Inyang and Imeh Umoh, $360,000.

Heatherstone Dr., 14022-Noel Sangco Brunidor and Marjorie Penales Brunidor Brunidor to James Petty, $420,000.

Kembridge Dr., 12502-Scott W. and Candice Leigh Long to Chidera and Jimmy Anigabor, $390,000.

Keynote Lane, 12400-Jonathan and Samantha Kendrick to Ronald and Cinay Shirley Johnson, $375,000.

Landsdales Hope Way, 13319-Gwendolyn A. Elam to Daniel Y. Pefok, $582,000.

Long Ridge Lane, 12145-Joel D. and Katie B. Reyes to Daniel R. and Karilyn A. Ullrich, $435,000.

Park Ave., 8609-Perry J. Becker to Phillip Lee Lake, $470,000.

Quill Point Dr., 7924-Tichi Property Corp. to Nicholas Edward Leathers, $380,000.

Rambling Lane, 12316-Leon Roy Rickards to Wesley Randell Ozier II, $270,000.

Shadow Lane, 12414-Brandon S. Ross to Althea Ann Ramsay and Cutisha Annmary McKenzie, $325,000.

Stonehaven Lane, 12319, No. T7-Stanley G. and Lynda Marie Jones to Carolyn Day, $140,000.

Tilbury Lane, 12329-Matthew E. and Jennifer J. Martinez to Genevieve Teresa Lundstorm, $313,000.

Seventh St., 12902-Alma Y. Calcano Tirado and Mark A. Zaatra to Tonang J. Tsanang and Nanfack J. Nankeng, $360,000.


Aspen Leaf Dr., 17119-Abiodun Salisu to Alexandra Yvonne Pohl and Nelson Leon Moody, $560,000.

Elf Stone Ct., 15917-Kathie D. Goodman to Nicole F. Brown, $267,000.

Empress Way, 15401-Carole H. Turner to Avanna Stevens, $250,000.

Everglade Lane, 15618, No. 302-Noriko Grant and Mitsuko Ikeda to Amira White, $190,000.

Patriot Lane, 1215-Surjit Singh and Kamaljit Kaur to Richar T. Staten, $226,000.

Pointer Ridge Dr., 15712-Florence E. and Charles R. Leslie to Delisa Barrons, $305,000.

Princess Anne Ct., 2137-Seth and Megan Emhoff to Stephawn M. Lindsay, $265,000.


Cherry Tree Crossing Rd., 13300-Virginia L. Moore to Olusola A. Sulekoiki, $149,000.

Crain Hwy., 13300-Tania Lopez to Johnson O. Ajayi and Imran A. Ishola, $195,000.

Elkton Terr., 6614-L. Bernard Clinton Jr. to Fredrick and Dana Looper, $424,500.

Kennett Square Way, 15425-Samuel and Deanna Lewis to Kalu Onuma and Angel Onuoha, $296,200.

Sudley Ave., 7408-Danita and Marcus Taylor to Lynn R. Miles Jr. and Sasha A. Harding, $480,000.


37th Pl., 3402-Bobby G. Henry Jr. and estate of James O. Howard to Santos A. Rivera, $240,000.


Brooke Rd., 920-Kathy Brissette Minus and estate of Queenie E. Murchison to Robert D. Hazel, $260,000.

Capitol Heights Blvd., 1212-GAEA Group Corp. to Charles C. Kingsland III, $294,000.

Goldleaf Ave., 604-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Mario Crmaric, $128,000.

Nova Ave., 1005-Winston J. Glover to Selena Ann Walton, $275,000.

68th St., 501-Deloris L. Poole to Jorge A. Guzman Vasquez and Jesus Encarnacion Pena Ramos, $230,000.


Allendale Ct., 1907-Susan Del Carmen Robles and Jose Robles to Angel Andres Alcala Redman and Alexandra Rodriguez Gonzalez, $250,000.

Bender Rd., 7732-Infinite Designs & Remodeling MD Inc. to Olmer A. Lemus Cedillo, $265,000.

Cheverly Cir., 6103-Seth E. and Deborah S. Bouvier to Hugh and Cari Fike, $417,500.

Dewey St., 5824-David Anthony Mann to Wilbert E. Quintanilla and Erin R. Baldridge, $379,000.

Forest Rd., 6004-Sky Investment Corp. to Jasmine O. Wilson, $445,000.

Inwood St., 6320-SMC Realty Investments Corp. to Travis Wilcox Benson and Emily Rose Castelli, $400,000.

Merrick Lane, 7710-Michael J. and Christie C. Washington to Samuel O. Akinola, $250,000.

Village Green Dr., 1729, No. Z-41-Avis Jordan to Bobby L. Wade, $142,000.


Butterfield Dr., 5605-Laurice P. Lucas to James Jerome Gant Jr. and Teambera J. Yates, $380,000.

Cosca Park Dr., 11634-Laurel Carr Frazier to Gregory Lavon and Brenda Alice Waters, $284,000.

Eldon Dr., 9213-Rita D. Steele to Charles Joseph and Denise Brown Curtis, $345,000.

Juliette Dr., 9405-Jacqueline R. Quander to Ebony Reddick, $335,000.

Mary Catherine Ct., 11504-Marvin H. Harden to Jason Alston and Arlisha Norwood, $345,000.

Perennial Ct., 7008-Nelson James and Kimberly Michele Thompson to Kenneth C. Boyette, $462,000.

Schultz Rd., 8313-Tichi Properties Corp. to Luis M. Blanco, Angela Michelle Sanchez Chavez and Gladys M. Garcia Lara, $350,000.

Sylvia Dr., 11834-Osvaldo Ramirez Stelatto and Gretel Ramirez to Anh Viet Rhodes and Larry Jackson, $377,000.


Kennebunk Terr., 5113-Sarah Debosky to Colette I. Gravatt Ferris, $282,000.

Muskogee St., 4717-Shani Daniel to Katelyn J. Drenga and Maryanne Ruth Kodey, $365,000.

Swarthmore Dr., 5806-Albert J. and Robin L. Walukonis to Giuseppe Briguglio and Valentina Maugeri, $408,000.

Westchester Park Dr., 6100, No. TR-Juan Carlos and Monica Molina to Marietta Hedges, $184,000.

49th Pl., 9508-Margaret R. Ingwersen to Theodore A. Wilson and Erina Sakata, $300,000.


Forest Park Dr., 1608-Michael W. Smith to Jermaine V. Clemmonds, $242,000.

Gateway Blvd., 6911-Berjerone K. Mason Jr. to Ryan Joseph Swanier, $277,000.

Milltown Ct., 6731-Lula G. Robinson to Darnell L. Ray, $135,000.

Pemberell Pl., 2309-John D. and Alicia Young to Lavel Ashley Henry, $265,000.

Ryder Ave., 2602-Gregory and Taronda Wallace to Sparkle Canady, $205,000.

Sweetwater Ct., 2746-U.S. Bank and Rmac Trust Series 2016 CTT to Sean Allen, $220,000.


Ambrose Lane, 11802-Safuru Alli to Reginald Adams, $515,000.

Belfast Dr., 2002-Myron S. and Tracey L. Foxworth to Jason Christopher Sanders, $356,500.

Caltor Lane, 9311-Royal Properties Corp. and Freeman 4 Inc. to Luis Diaz, $334,000.

Firth Of Lorne Cir., 1200-Jacob F. and Lynn S. Knecht to Edward Nelson and Tsuna Sakamoto, $708,000.

Harrison Ave., 13505-Adrian F 123 Corp. to Joseph Michael Gilley and Carlos Guash Jr., $365,000.

Mill St., 9000-Gary M. and Cynthia M. Milam to Rony and Rosa Acevedo, $345,000.

Proxmire Ct., 704-Erskine C. Lassiter to Keisha and Sidney Rousey, $365,000.

Skipjack Dr., 1613-Wilfredo C. Dela Paz and Nieves B. Dela Paz to Aris Lacerna and Laarni Delapaz Arangorin, $440,000.

Stonewain Ct., 6346-Carol Mills to Clara Amo Mensah, $205,000.

Westerly Lane, 10020-Jimmie L. and Deborah R. Hicks to Lamont Conrad Jackson, $417,500.


Chartwell Pl., 7805-Ramamurthy V. and Vijaya Krishna to Chao Li and He Chen, $290,000.

Greenbelt Rd., 8483, No. T2-107 Wood Duck Builders Corp. to Janelle Jones, $145,400.

Greenbrook Dr., 7623-Secundino Roody Rosales to Betel Solomon Fantahun, Peniul G. Woldyohannes and Asselefech Assefa Bekele, $358,000.

Lake Park Dr., 6522-Quincy N. Jones to Dawn K. Nichols, $170,000.

Mandan Rd., 7921, No. 687-Eniolade O. Williams to Melissa Niosi, $170,877.


Jefferson St., 3909-John M. and Paula A. Knox to Amy C. Bailer, $510,000.

Oglethorpe St., 4410, No. 514-John Lombardy Beckham to Malcolm Johnson, $121,000.


Alcona St., 9330-Eugene C. and Bernard Morris to Roberto A. Ramirez and Rosa E. Ramirez Torres, $170,000.

Dorsey Lane, 10169-Phillip and Victoria McCloskey to Temin Lee, $405,000.

Forbes Blvd., 7123-Diane A. Frye to Jasmine L. Huff, $317,500.

Smita Pl., 5504-Skyhill Investments Corp. to Joseph N. Tamjong and Linda Z. Bongo, $412,000.

Vista Green Lane, 4961-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Anissa Nicolle Booze, $385,233.

Vista Meadow Way, 10323-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Joseph A. Mokwunye, $437,000.

Windsor Oaks Way, 10229-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Joshua Gillis and Keila Flores, $434,913.

10th St., 1435-Florence K. Njang to Sergio A. Zamora Argueta, $350,000.


Albany Pl., 201-Stanley Martin Companies Corp. to Nyleena Roberts and Rashard T. Aiken, $420,360.

Andean Goose Way, 1103-Cynthia C. Medford to Ayokunle S. and Deborah A. Akinboni, $470,000.

Azalea Ct., 164, No. 24-3-Charltia J. Lewis to Lashawn G. Hill, $204,000.

Buxton Pl., 15809-Cynthia Regina Shipley and Tomsene Johnetta Blake to Lakisha M. Giles, $405,000.

Castlewood Pl., 600-GMC Properties Corp. to Azeez I. Yinusa and Olufemi B. Yinka Jaiye, $345,000.

Eleanor Lane, 17501-U.S. Bank Trust and 1900 Capital Trust III to William C. Johnson Jr. and Shantel Pillow, $660,000.

Green Wing Terr., 15103-Gauri Realty Corp. to Modinat Kazeem, $351,000.

Kettlebaston Lane, 15305-Miguel and Maura C. Flores to Olorunfemi Emmanuel and Michela Oyindamola Adegbule, $390,000.

Medwick Rd., 14310-Linda F. Tolson to Stephanie A. Christie, $450,000.

Nightside Dr., 3013-Lorraine H. Daniels and Lorraine H. Saunders to Sharon J. and Earl L. Hawkins, $515,000.

Phoenix Dr., 203-Stanley Martin Companies Corp. to Nicholas Patrick and Ana Karen Miner, $352,590.

Robert Lewis Ave., 1308-Popular Ventures Corp. to Pamela M. Yates, $385,000.

Westerdale Dr., 9503-Brenda O. Fletcher to John Cartledge, $350,000.

Wood Duck Ct., 1113-Residential Value Corp. to Shannon Brown, $441,000.


Arbory Lane S., 7552, No. 381-Gerald R. Kuhn to Rogelio A. Ramirez and Daisy X. Blanco, $229,000.

Bradford Dr., 15817-Marlene Riggio to Tiberiu F. Covaciu, $420,000.

Crows Nest Ct., 7903, No. 9142-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Daniel Sheffield, $144,500.

Goldsborough Ave., 16708-Tara L. and Roger B. Sterling to Elmer A. Lavi and Olga S. Herrera, $475,000.

Highbury Lane, 14502-Cestaine and Kevin B. Glover to Young Soo and Hannah Kim, $680,000.

Magnolia St., 8609-Residential Value Corp. to Scholastica N. Monikang, $375,000.

Piney Woods Pl., 7212-Edward C. and Keith Randall Anderson to Edward and Romaie C. Brooks, $417,000.

Turney Ave., 1031-Charles W. Buffum Jr. and estate of Katherine Buffum Smith to Jaime Carrillo Godoy and Leslie Y. Carrillo, $350,000.


Black Oak Dr., 12805-Deborah F. Grandner to Annie Stempien and Johnathyn Robert Edward Stempien, $385,000.

Briarcroft Lane, 8605-Patricia Robel and estate of Dorothy S. Robel to Cheryl Beall, $355,000.

Hermosa Dr., 11420-Damien Payne and estate of Nadine M. Spriggs to Dorothy Vanderpuije, $307,380.

Ispahan Loop, 9316-Stephanie H. Dawkins and Stephanie Williams to Keenan R.D. and Binni N. Seegobin, $350,000.

Orwood Lane, 8807-Sandra L. Jimenez to Sean and Kristin Buchholz, $400,000.

Trevino Terr., 9449, No. 88-Teresa M. Tyner and estate of Geraldine D. Tyner to Nyoka A. Arnold, $249,900.


32nd St., 4207-Shanti Homes Corp. to Stephen Seed, $552,500.


Cooper Lane, 4704-Deborah A. Swingle and estate of Emma Wilhelmina Hammond to Manuel S. Tejada Alarcon and Alma Gloria Interiano Gutierrez, $307,000.

Fontainebleau Dr., 7609, No. 2216-Jingjing Peng to Alexandria Y. Evans, $115,000.

Karen Elaine Dr., 5500, No. 909-Dawn K. Nichols to Dominique S. Smith, $127,900.

Parkwood St., 7416-Mario A. Guatemala to Cesar Ismael Monge Menjivar, $309,000.

Randolph St., 6914-Eliseo E. Medrano to Zolia G. Hernandez Rodriguez, $299,500.


Abbington Dr., 7549-Elisabeth Salchow to Paul Joseph Park, $292,500.

Harborview Dr., 500-IHMW Potomac Overlook VIII Corp. to Marie Davidson Craig and James Andrew Demonstranti, $825,000.

Maury Ave., 822-JK Real Properties Corp. to Mytaya Deville, $243,000.

Potomac Passage, 155, No. 529-Joanne R. Fisher and Sha Donna M. Osborne to Francisco Caraballo, $260,000.

Riverhaven Dr., 145, No. 426-NH Haven Residential Corp. and NH Haven Apartments Corp. to Sean Wesley and Royale Anne Ledbetter, $386,900.

Riverhaven Dr., 145, No. 514-NH Haven Residential Corp. and NH Haven Apartments Corp. to Alfred J. Liggins, $426,900.

Snowflower Blvd., 4810-James L. Nelson to Gladys and Emmanuel Otii, $275,900.

Wheeler Rd., 4808-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Italia E. Espinal Castro, $300,000.


Rhode Island Ave., 6637-Isaac J. Munene to Kartik Kaushik and Preeti Lakhole, $599,999.

Van Buren St., 4706-Seema E. Marashi and Matthew J. Eckler to Veronica L. Beavin and James G. Schmitz, $510,000.


Gaylord Dr., 2218-Housing Initiative Partnership Inc. to Jacqueline Elizabeth and Geraldine Braswell, $241,000.

Milledge Blvd., 4201-Renee V. and Renee Mott to Adrenis G. Hooks, $325,000.

Toles Park Dr., 2807-NVR Inc. to Deontay S. Wright, $381,520.

Toles Park Dr., 2839-NVR Inc. to Henry L. Duncan Jr. and Janay A. Wright Frazier, $423,560.

Walton Ave., 6312-Charles J. and Gloria M. Simms to Herbert E. Gonzalez, $286,000.


Henderson Rd., 4608-Beoteo Corp. to Zerfu Z. Ayele and Asmarech K. Terefe, $350,000.

Kenstan Dr., 5203-Sankuratri Corp. to Charlene B. Quander, $380,000.

Yorkshire Dr., 5506-Wanda D. Johnson to Cheryl H. Henson Everson, $350,000.


Longford Dr., 1820-Yordanos O. Asress to Melanie Girald, $287,630.

Sligo Pkwy., 6509-Zengzhu Xu and Sanfeng Lin to Maria Esther Rivas and Noemi Del Carmen Amaya, $352,000.

15th Ave., 5924-Paul Fiumara and estate of Joseph T. Fiumara to Beatriz D. Duran, $378,000.


Amberfield Ct., 13806-HK Home Elite Corp. to Aaron Philip James, $262,000.

Bridle Ridge Rd., 4707-Toll V Partnership to Torrence R. and Allison Simon, $585,332.

Carlene Dr., 13928-Stanford B. and Reshell Walker Robinson to Jane Wallace and Jerry Harris, $460,000.

Concord Dr., 9410-Lester H. and Doris Y. Reed to Justin J. and Victoria L. Frasier, $361,000.

Deer Meadow Lane, 9119-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Rosario Lazaro and Ollie L. Lejarde, $425,493.

Dower House Rd., 6525-Adam Masterson Bradshaw to Kevin Berry, $315,000.

Exmoore Ct., 4607-Kenneth Leonard to Lemuel Bernard and Tracy Elizabeth Clinton, $810,000.

Forest Pines Dr., 5219-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Simone B. Bledsoe, $425,933.

Fox Meadow Way, 3814-Stanley Martin Companies Corp. to Dayoni O. Wood and Aleta L. Parker Wood, $624,500.

Gambier Dr., 7804-Norman L. and Betty L. Lyles to Melvin L. Riley III and Mitsue Colin, $345,000.

Gentle Breeze Dr., 3601-HWR Corp. to Olufemi Owooje, $411,500.

King John Way, 4744, No. 202-Harold Saintelien to Demetri Ramdath, $230,000.

Marwood Blvd. S., 5820-Robert A. and Shirley J. Wilson to Raleigh Edgar and Deborah Taylor, $265,000.

Rock Spring Dr., 3818-Stanley Martin Companies Corp. to Robert Gerald Warren III, $439,090.

Side Saddle Dr., 11124-Toll MD V. Partnership to Noel S. and Kevin W. Foster, $519,000.

Sweet Apple Ct., 11002-Toll MD V. Partnership to Charles D. Travers, $570,006.

Toucan Dr., 9603-Robert Smalls to Clave Nwadike, $400,000.

Twinflower Pl., 7006-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Dwayne Davis and Jeanine A. Scott Davis, $450,000.

Waco Dr., 10808-Varel Gerome and Donna M. Jackson to Yufenyuy Nelson and Linda Tanyi, $365,000.

Windgate Pl., 11912-Magruder Property Corp. to Alvin C. Pegues and Samantha M. Gray, $762,227.


Albert Dr., 1732-Laverne Tuckson and estate of Patricia T. Brantley to Francisco Antonio Torres, $425,000.

Cleary Lane, 10423-Cynthia D. Newton and estate of Blanche C. Newton to Alfredo A. Diaz Claros, $300,000.

Doveheart Lane, 15308-Vincent E. Meredith to Oscar E. Viveros Bravo and Mirna Velasquez Lagunes, $510,000.

Kings Valley Dr., 1309-Lawrence and Dawn Aitch to Regis Squire, $355,000.

Peartree Dr., 15003-Natalie M. McCarter to Sean and Patricia Brannon, $480,000.

Woodvale Lane, 2001-James H. and Mary E. Grigsby to Sean A. and Kristin R. Chisam, $640,000.