This sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation was provided in May by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Accolawn Rd., 16001-Valerie Villoldo to Anthony Dean, $242,050.

Bohac Lane, 1211-Sharolyn L. Young to Dexter Pagara, $402,500.

Granada St., 1215-Alberto M.o Flores Quiroga and Luz Dhalila Campero to Carl and Faith A. Davenport, $515,350.

Livingston Rd., 17804-Kristi Bartlett to Patricia A. and Jeffrey I. Pooree, $189,175.

Manning Rd. E., 207-Ellen Ashby to Takiya and Miranda Darby, $299,900.

Wannas Dr., 14811-Anthony W. Mack to Reyes David Santamaria Garcia and Jose Dolores Santamaria, $288,000.


Edwards Way, 9200, No. 910-Estrelda B. Henderson to Alicia B. Martinez and Edgar R. Fuentes, $137,000.

Sheridan St., 706-Ernest Edward Harris Jr. and Karen Harris Carter to Rigoberto and Ana Castillo, $259,000.


Brick Kiln Cir., 7165-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Maia Christina Barber, $335,810.

Caverly Pl., 5108-Brendon and Kate Reardon to Yoshiro Takahashi, $400,121.

Cherry Hill Rd., 11344, No. 2D-Edith D. Waterstraat to Lucky Iheoma Uzoma, $160,000.

Lockman Lane, 7521-Hina Sandeep Patel to Zinash Tesema and Solomon Belayneh, $345,000.

Wythe Alley, 7103-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Lauren Burrell, $336,150.

Wythe Alley, 7115-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Nicole D. Addison, $330,580.


Newton St., 5205, No. T2-Trinita R. Brooks to Kelly Claros Siles, $111,000.


Booth Bay Way, 11313-Terrise Ross to Sharnae Smith, $255,000.

Columbian Way, 6211-Rene P. Moscoso and Pedro Valerio Cruz to Elvin A. Cruz, $333,000.

Gallery St., 6402-Mary F. and Charles Michael Brown to Raymond A. Traeger Jr., $380,000.

High Bridge Rd., 6501-Derek Carter to Jacqueline Garcia and Pedro Garcia Fuentes, $375,000.

Kembridge Dr., 12621-Kenneth D. and Amanda D. Blakeley to Elizabeth Grace and Ernest Geverola Capadngan, $374,900.

Kittery Lane, 2510-John E. and Sara E. Linnehan to Jason Robert and Dana Heather Shegda, $420,000.

Lanham Severn Rd., 12601-Patrick M. Ryan Jr. and estate of Joann W. Ryan to Vilma Ceballos Rozon, $160,000.

Melody Turn, 12327-Edward Oblas to Traci R. and Steven J. Wilson, $370,000.

Pleasant View Dr., 14217-John Philip and Anna Koropchak to Brian P. and Ingrid A. Walker, $505,000.

Quilt Patch Lane, 12104-Paul Obiniyi to Angela N. Carroll and Donald D. Jones, $339,000.

Ridgeview Lane, 4904-Barry E. and Lois F. Schuliger to Velette P. Taylor, $392,000.

Silver Maple Ct., 13027-Sandra Theresa Ginyard to Andrea Zahren Ashcraft, $315,000.

Stonybrook Dr., 2930-Charles J. Kelly to Olalekan Mustapha and Olusola F. Martins, $334,750.

Tinder Pl., 3108-Bobbie D. and Andrea M. Richards to Ayla Rebeka C. Brooks, $400,000.

Youngwood Turn, 13423-Thomas Dempsey Jr. to Crystal and Tresor Ngoma, $400,000.


Birch Leaf Terr., 17019-U.S. Bank Trust and LSF8 Master Participation Trust to Steven and Jenny Dolores Dees, $515,000.

Elkhorn Cir., 3907-Michael Sean Kelly and Christy A. Sampson Kelly to Stacy L. Roundtree, $345,000.

Empress Way, 15423-Caryn Thomas to Allison D. Meads, $272,950.

Excalibur Ct., 3700, No. 101-Terri F. Leftwich to Isis Nile Roberts, $194,000.

Penn Manor Lane, 15906-U.S. Bank Trust and LSF9 Master Participation Trust to Tchacona Harris, $380,000.


Barrow House Dr., 6304-Chris M. and Terrel S. Mayse to James and Naoko Dobson, $499,900.

Chicamuxen Ct., 7306-Kareem O. Lamb to Dana Kiviette Dark, $490,000.

Crestwood Ave. S., 12102-U.S. Bank and Home Equity Asset Trust to Jerome and Andrea R. Agaba, $423,150.

Emory Ridge Rd., 3904-NVR Inc. to William Nathaniel and Tiffany Renee Gill, $518,755.

Lady Lauren Lane, 15506-Shamara V. Morris and Marcus R. Halsey to Chanettelle Lundy, $328,000.

White Plains Lane, 7501-Tichi Property Corp. to Howard M. and Luwanne Mebane, $580,000.


Balboa Ave., 505-Thaddeus Bartkowiak to Lashonne Jackson, $329,900.

Deanwood Dr., 4714-Mark G. Jackson Jr. to Kingsley Fon and Irine Mbah, $189,000.

Gray St., 111-Reginald R. and Rianka R. Dorsainvil to Diamonece Hickson, $345,000.

Jost St., 5714-Habitat for Humanity Metro Maryland Inc. to Gilmore Oscar, $260,000.

Mann St., 4709-DMV Investments Corp. to Celeste Badaracco and Rodrigo Franco, $330,000.

Nova Ave., 1210-Erica Eshun to Audrey Elsner and Casey Ross McIntosh, $255,000.

Shell St., 4205-Demond Thompson to Maxine A. McKenzie Turner and Abd Ramane Clement Fassassi, $345,000.

Vine St., 4201-Behzad Kaveh to Karen J. Mason, $271,800.


Angora Ct., 10204-Asia F. Watkins to Anthony L. Jeffries, $290,000.


Allendale Dr., 7620-BTZ Corp. to Rina D. Diaz, $222,000.

Burnside Rd., 7614-Joanne Martha Washington and Joanne Brown to Shakia L. Brown, $165,000.

Clagett Dr., 7236, No. 721-Stanley Martin Companies Corp. to Yaw Quaning, $354,480.

Countrywood Ct., 1785-Anthony A. Dasilva to Arlene Shaw, $250,000.

Duvall Ridge Rd., 2731-Stanley Martin Companies Corp. to Robyn Pearson and Tobi A. Olafisoye, $376,240.

Kelner Dr., 2701-Whole Earth Properties Inc. to Scott King and Merry Kara, $375,000.

Muncy Rd., 7720-Fatima E. Flores to Carla Quevedo, $230,000.

Peacock Dr., 501-Nicole M. Reed to Shakina and Dawud Rawlings, $267,770.

Village Green Dr., 1795, No. Y-95-Hard Top Corp. to Faith Begay, $170,000.


Carolina Meadow Lane, 12807-Timberlake Thrift Manor Corp. to Angela Shorter and Hector Enrique Garcia Jr., $660,000.

Crafton Lane, 6713-FFI Holdings Corp. to Sheila Cooper, $349,900.

East Boniwood Turn, 5766-Anthony Talley to Jasmine N. Shirley, $275,000.

Ethan Manor Rd., 4106-Timeberlake Thrift Manor Corp. to Thomeisha A. and Eugene F. Russell-Roach, $552,700.

Hunt Weber Dr., 5912-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Rhonda Sherrell and Sheldon Vaughn Turner, $461,240.

King Gallahan Ct., 11100-Timberlake Gallahan Corp. to Ernest L. and Konah Johnson-Fair, $788,801.

Michael Dr., 9605-Fresh Look Properties Corp. to Rabi Lee, $324,999.

Plata St., 4931-Ivan Hardnett to Konnor E. Brown and Belinda Mykham, $355,000.

Serenade Cir., 7209-Bakary D. Jagne and Mam Begay S. Jagne to Ada R. Orellana, $299,999.

Spring Acres Rd., 9112-Connie Lynn and Fred A. Kephart to Michael Kebere, $258,000.


Dewberry Lane, 9219-Jianguo Shang and Song Zhao to Zhen Zhang and Shuo Chen, $412,500.

Niagara Rd., 5018-Ian A. Keener and Jacqueline R. Bado to Edson D. Morejon Gomez and Sandra G. De Morejon, $339,450.

Tecumseh St., 4705, No. 102-Csatt Corp. to Jihua Wang, $237,000.

50th Pl., 9012-Anthony R. and Lacey C. Brent to Michael P. Murphy, $379,000.


Anny Dr., 7703-Mary and Earl W. Britt to Debbie Diane Harris, $250,000.

Elmhurst St., 6200-Jenmar Corp. to Candece Ward, $328,000.

Forest Park Dr., 1805-Marsha E. Russell to Robert Payne, $235,000.

Hansford St., 6506-Pinehills Asset Management Corp. to Carton David Richmond, $299,999.

Hil Mar Cir. S., 6014-Chalet Properties III Corp. and SN Servicing Corp. to Christol Holton, $198,750.

Millvale Ave., 2710-Department of Veterans Affairs to Nino and Maria J. Jerez, $165,000.

Plaza Cir., 5306-Charles Thomas and Mary L. Gibbs to Latisa Bethea, $300,000.

Ritchboro Rd., 8746-Federal National Mortgage Association to Michael Thomas and Sherry Delores Lane, $275,000.

Seton Way, 2204-Edwin D. Sloane and estate of Charlotte Brazier Sloane to Roger Williams and Jasmine Bailey, $252,000.

Tulip Ave., 1667-Blakeney Enterprises Inc. to Charles Howard, $263,000.


Argyle Cir., 12904-Karen Finnegan Meyers to La’Tricia M. Sanchez, $425,000.

Border Pl., 6801-Nicole M. Justice Montague to Harold Peralta Pinto, $305,000.

Flam Ct., 7605-Maria E. Fuentes Dominguez and Sunix E. Molina to Vicente Alvarez Lopez, $315,000.

Hart Rd., 7924-Damoree Dharam to Weynshet Demessie and Lidia Kidist Yimer, $362,500.

Jolly Lane, 8704-Fourth Dimension Properties Inc. to Flavio Elmer Gallardo, $285,000.

Lampton Lane, 12606-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Tanishia R. Martin, $267,000.

Old Fort Hills Dr., 2309-Shadawn M. Prince to Marsha E. Russell, $350,000.

Rhodesia Ave., 1725-Zandra Miller and estate of Herbert Sylvester Carroll to Arturo Melendez, $315,000.

Stag Way, 814-Seevah D. Johnson to Waller Alexander Velasquez Amaya and Melvin E. Barrera Arana, $322,000.

Taylor Ave., 1601-Sheila Joyce Neal and estate of Reginald Rudolph Twyman to Lisa I. Keys, Alyssia J. Proctor and David L. Proctor Jr., $285,000.

Wills Lane, 7726-Michael A. Lockerman to Gloria Warren Tucker, $305,000.


Locust St., 10001-Vernon Leroy and Sue Ellen Krueger to Peter M. and Alicia C. Oliver Krueger, $360,000.


Craddock Rd., 8119-Anne and Sabinus Chukwu to Jihae Sophia Park and Daniel Steven Chung, $454,000.

Greenbelt Rd., 8487, No. 101-Michael E. Arends to Jenny Reyes Vega, $109,900.

Hanover Pkwy., 6918, No. 101-Jane McCrea Hurst and estate of Ralph W. Hurst to Jade Reed, $141,000.

Lake Park Dr., 6710, No. 3A-Keila Flores and Joshua Gillis to Danette Walker, $239,999.

Ora Glen Ct., 7116-Judith Lee Warwick Thompson and Derek Thompson to Anne Angela Ochieng Lee and Wendy Elizabeth Akinyi, $300,000.


Longfellow St., 4203-Hernando C. Hernandez and Kristin L. Dini to Katherine Green and Paul Abowd, $501,000.


Dorsey Lane, 10011-NVR Inc. to Kevin Andre Curry Sr. and Quiana Michele Brooks-Curry, $394,990.

Dubarry Ave., 9319-Woodbridge1 Corp. to Alexi Antonio Martinez Rosales and Aleyda Y. Lemus Rodas, $365,000.

Forbes Blvd., 7508-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Lydia R. Carroll, $380,000.

Maryland St., 10003-Zelaya Holdings Corp. and Ram Investments Corp. to Jose R. and Jose A. Gonzalez, $285,000.

Storch Dr., 10521-Chrystal L. Tibbs to Raul A. Castillo Gonzalez and Maritza N. Martinez Campos, $310,000.

Vista Green Lane, 4942-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Jovena A. Walton, $417,269.

Vista Green Lane, 4963-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Joanne Carolyn Diane Coley, $408,168.

Vista Meadow Way, 10326-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Tonya Marie Morris and Joel L. Nelson, $450,073.

Wood Trail Dr., 7213-Timberlake Wood Glen Corp. to Camille Pottinger, Garth Pottinger and Olugbenga Fakilede, $383,800.

96th Ave., 6802-Dianne Smith to Jorge A. Penado Hernandez, $266,500.


Albany Pl., 203-Stanley Martin Companies Corp. to Evan James Ward, $372,930.

Ardmore Rd., 9007-Hibbat Wahla to Tamara Woods, $335,000.

Bamberg Way, 402-Laura J. Margulies and Bernard A. Smith to Alicia Townsend, $466,000.

Cameron Grove Blvd., 1, No. 308-Madeline E. Griggs to Cecilia Muhammad, $240,000.

Endicott Pl., 3816-Christopher Eugene and Christopher Powell to Anthony Okorochukwu and Isabelle Ndip Etakatako, $410,000.

Hebron Lane, 13701-NVR Inc. to Justin and Nicole Lee, $577,120.

Mia Lane, 3015-Thomas James and Cynthia Elkins to Tiffany Ruffin and Perry O. Wright, $408,498.

Phoenix Dr., 207-Stanley Martin Companies Corp. to Johnny Penn, $361,575.

Sunningdale Pl., 15507-Jacquelin Gray to Olusola and Olutoni Oyelowo Iyiola, $465,000.

Town Center Cir., 8951, No. 3-308-Ondoc Corp. to Tika Hodge, $185,000.

Westerdale Dr., 9607-Ivy O. Scott to Rick and Amanda Brown, $399,999.

Woodlawn Blvd., 11015-Hugo Frank Braden to Eric L. Ways Ayala and Raymond Ways Ayala, $380,000.


Ashford Ct., 14921-Curtis Emerson to Kimberly Sue Terry, $300,000.

Cannock Chase, 14405-David and Aileen Lee to Gedion and Mahalet Mulat, $485,000.

Dorset Rd., 15601, No. 10-Carolyn L. Madden to Sean Cook, $135,000.

Greenhill Ave., 402-Datis Properties Corp. to Kevin Zurita and Jennifer Hagan, $335,000.

Julie Lane, 16111-Nathaniel L. Coley to William J. and Nancy J. Newton, $439,900.

Vista Dr., 14006, No. 7-Marlon A. and Sandra Ferguson to Jennifer L. Whaley, $200,000.

10th St., 1001-Cory Alexis Johnson to Janice O. Georgiadis, $310,000.


Blue Moon Ct., 12208-Famol Bancshares LTD to Cristopher A. Michelli Camogliano and Gloria Y. Michelli, $335,000.

Brookmill Ct., 13002-YHLInvestment Corp. to Paul Duvall, $395,000.

Imperial Dr., 8144, No. 4-C-Maria H. Vides and Fernando A. Sandoval to Alfred Koroma, $260,000.

Kiama Ct., 13407-Thomas P. Downs and estate of Horace James Spencer to Maximiliano and Graciela Silva, $370,000.

Oxwell Lane, 8715-Natasha Cosme and estate of Phillip Cummings to Jihad Faiz and Sana Antar, $349,900.

Tupelo Ave., 8615-William Benjamin Goodchild to Valezka Perez Garcia, $345,000.


31st St., 4119-Amanda E. Hastings to Michael S. and Amanda K. Goff, $483,500.

34th St., 3704-South County Corp. Inc. to Joseph Eugene Bailey, $325,000.


Decatur St., 6815-Sylvia J. Carmichael to Anibal E. Hernandez Jr., $295,000.

Fontainebleau Dr., 7611, No. 2232-Thomas and Edith Savoy to Ana M. Pimentel, $87,000.

Lamont Dr., 6403-Rosa P. Herrera and Ponciano Herrera Velasquez to Juan D. Martinez Herrera and Emilio Cruz Munoz, $310,000.

Shepherd St., 7003-Rachel M. Carey to Denis and Claudine Cohen Russell, $365,000.


Barrymore Dr., 411-A. J. Harris to Gregorio Santi Torreblanca and Emmy M. Sanit Villegas, $265,000.

Harborview Dr., 500, No. 359-IHMW Potomac Overlook VIII Corp. to Marie Davidson Craig and James Andrew Demonstranti, $825,000.

Riverhaven Dr., 145, No. 428-NH Haven Residential Corp. and NH Haven Apartments Corp. to Firiel Attia, $324,900.

Riverhaven Dr., 145, No. 533-NH Haven Residential Corp. to Stelios Hadjichristodoulou, $366,900.

Spindrift Lane, 512, No. 384-IHMW Potomac Overlook VIII Corp. to Douglas William and Maradythe R. Stern, $747,806.


Furman Pkwy., 6703-Martha Ann and Alfred Lee Aiken to William A. Reyes, $300,000.

Newby Ave., 5407-Fiol E. Campusano and Norman Reeves to Robert N. Mukete and Ledwine E. Esong, $330,000.

Riverdale Rd., 4907-David Reuben Dorf to Lenard C. Edwards, $297,000.

54th Ave., 6121-Barbara J. Myers to Roberto and Cecilia Rosario, $416,000.


Houston St., 2000-Potomac Mills Investment Group Corp. to Jason J. Spear, $339,900.

Morgan Rd., 4408-Tracy M. Green to Micheal C. Oguntimehin, $240,000.

Silver Park Ct., 3703-Treva S. and Anthony W. Lindsey to Paris Koonce, $255,000.

Toles Park Dr., 2809-NVR Inc. to Kimberly Diana Holston, $364,990.

Toles Park Dr., 2841-NVR Inc. to Sveatoslav Mazur and Ecaterina Leonova, $362,730.

Woodland Rd., 6619-Brenda G. Pryor to Rafael A. Carrillo, $243,000.


Cedell Pl., 4711-Carlos H. Ramirez to Gregory Boykin and Chauntia C. Bego, $315,000.

Deer Park Dr., 4507-Aptus Capital Group Corp. to Alicia N. Portillo Pena, Yony A. Escobar and Julio F. Ramirez Soto, $280,000.

Hillcrest Pkwy., 2802-Andrea D. and Edward D. Gillespie to Jose Barrera and Sandra Lorena Chavarria, $269,000.

Keppler Rd., 5513-Lamar D. and Kendra R. Heckstall to Sophia R. Greene, $285,000.

Lyons St., 4100-Walter Enrique Pereira and Zonia Marina Lopez to Saul E. and Blanca M. Lopez, $328,900.

20th Pl., 3906-Syreeta A. Brown to Tiffany L. and Christopher James Butler, $365,000.

28th Pkwy., 3226-PMC Reo Financing Trust to Derrick Dorsett, $250,000.


Nicholson St., 3819-Janet Susan and Betty J. Maske to Santos I. Larios, $300,000.

34th Ave., 6001-Andrew T. McLaughlin and Kezia L. Procita to Sean A. Moody, $378,000.


Aquinas Ave., 7103-Department of Veterans Affairs to Abu Gbllah, $240,000.

Bridle Ridge Rd., 4708-Toll V Partnerships to Jaime A. Bowman, $514,447.

Chariot Way, 4141-Janet O. Ibru and estate of Cecilia Ibru to Danielle N. Smith, $450,000.

Cone Ct., 9800-Ashutosh and Jaya Vyas to Duane Leonard and Charita W. Wells, $330,000.

Del Ray Ct., 10407-Rainbow Construction Corp. of Waldorf Inc. and Guadagnoli Properties Inc. to Arcelia T. Cheeves, $648,000.

Dower Village Lane, 6300-JC Remodeling & Builders Corp. to Teresa R. Thomas, $318,000.

Fairhaven Ave., 9323-Diane M. Fisher to Shante and Frederico Brown, $330,000.

Forest Pines Dr., 5221-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Eyo E. Ayodele Ephraim and Kenya Michelle Thomas, $383,936.

Fox Stream Way, 9072-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Antoria Simms, $386,947.

Gentle Breeze Dr., 3525-HWR Corp. to Sonya P. Grant, $419,590.

Grandhaven Ave., 9606-Alicia T. Townsend to Ramon Braza, $358,000.

McClure Rd., 7915-Cheryl R. Bell and Eric R. Brown to Ricardo Javier Biddy, $220,000.

Ranch Rd., 4061-Jemie T. and Valerie G. Cousin to Renee Verinda Mott, $435,000.

Rosaryville Rd., 9905-Raymond C. and Marilyn H. Wockley to Annette Simpson, $300,000.

Side Saddle Dr., 11126-Toll V Partnerships to Alexander Samuel and Jennifer Leigh Bell, $486,900.

Sweet Apple Ct., 11014-Toll V Partnerships to Leon P. Brooks, $545,664.

Town Center Way, 12819-April R. Harper to Samuel Adeolu Okunubi, $270,000.

Tyrone Dr., 10911-Jean E. and Anthony T. Swann to Pedro Garcia Oliva, Dalia Maritza Espinoza Munoz and Lucila Munoz Vivar, $360,000.

Wedgedale Ct., 12716-Okikadigbo N. Ndu to Bose K. Lawal, $288,500.

Winding Waters Terr., 4115-James M. Ruffin to Jeffrey C. Butler, $430,000.


Baybury Ct., 1111, No. 202-Adieba Hijaz to Tracey C. Henderson and China T. Gilreath, $165,000.

Cleaver Dr., 11902-Nathaniel Joy to Matilda Kah, $365,000.

Dundee Dr., 11503-Marjorie Mann and estate of Bruce H. Mann to Danielle Jeanette Jackson, $425,000.

Jaystone Ct., 407-Constance A. and Charles E. Clark to Bolaji M. and Adeyemi O. Roberts, $480,000.

Lady Grove Rd., 2604-Lennox and Nicole Marie Armstrong to Lapeachtriss L. and Cedric L. Turner, $565,000.

Saint Georges Way, 2102-Wilmington Trust and MFRA Trust 2016-1 to Ukachi D. Esen, $466,000.