Prince George's County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Carl Ct., 2101-Robin Michelle Moore and estate of Tommie L. Bateman to Tammy and Martin Holder, $210,000.

Farmington Creek Rd., 14405-U.S. Bank Trust and 1900 Capital Trust II to Angela Floyd, $700,000.

Manning Dr., 17002-Abdullah P. and Tanya R. Baytops to George S. Johnson Jr. and Latoya L. Adderley, $595,000.

Stroh Ct., 13818-Henry Manning to Essence T. Andrews, $375,000.


Edwards Way, 9250, No. 514-B-Kiros Asmamaw to Jose Alexander Joya, $115,000.

Metzerott Rd., 1836, No. 401-Eric V. Jackson III to Ruben S. Lopez, $91,350.

Riggs Rd., 9549-Cheryl S. Al-Mateen and estate of Carole W. Singleton to Eddy A. Kwessi Nyandjou and Germaine G. Ngoumeni Wansi, $410,000.

23rd Ave., 9705-Thomas J. Loutsch to Jordan David Hinds, $455,000.


Brick Kiln Cir., 7163-CalAtlantic Group Inc. to Kristen Ann Anderson, $340,810.

Brickyard Blvd., 12951-CalAtlantic Group Inc. to William and Wendy Rothmiller, $501,940.

Caroline Ave. W., 4510-Bogdan Nastea to Andrews Laryea, $481,500.

Foreston Rd., 4025-Angus Stuart Murphy and Wendy Ann Peer to Dallas and Robin L. Thompson, $390,000.

Hennessey Dr., 11401-Faith F. McBrayer to Christopher and Dorothy Johnson, $335,000.

Paca Dr., 12906-Marianne E. Sanguinetti and Edwin M. Hernandez to Sophy Keo and Saroeun Heng, $405,000.

Rosedale Lane, 11432-Vicki L. Cousino and Jeffrey W. Zimmerman to Wiliam O. Guzman Manzano and Cesia M. Lazo Viera, $375,000.

Shenandoah Dr., 3613-Irwin C. and B. Renee Overton to Edmond and Deladem Afriyie, $430,700.


Tilden Rd., 5101-Chuma M. and Onyinyechi D. Agubuzo to Meskerem T. Ayalew, $320,000.


Backus Dr., 11716-Matthew C. and Tara D. Kelley Baker to Karen B. and Gerard A. Gibson-Serrette, $500,000.

Bideford Ct., 5605-Elizabeth A. Lienesch to Hilton Andre Thompson, $440,000.

Chelton Lane, 12409-Georgino Dossantos to David and Amanda Lunday, $350,000.

Clearfield Dr., 12901-Brian L. and Rosalie P. Jarvis to Joan and Justin Wood, $390,000.

Deepwood Ct., 4630, No. 91B-Joseph A. Hill to Thomas and Chrescence T. Ngniatedema, $270,000.

Hatties Progress Dr., 4315-AR Investment Corp. to Bensbrown Enoh and Amanda Asumadu, $510,000.

Kelsey Lane, 2401-Sylvia Wedge to Mark Anthony Young and Sarah Grace Barham, $350,000.

Kingsfield Lane, 12703-Israel and Milagro Uceda to Kamal Ashkar, $309,000.

London Lane, 14640-PC Domus I Corp. to Ronald Baynes, $309,900.

Marquette Lane, 13013-Harry T. and Patrice Washington to Grecia B. Rojas, $230,000.

Merkel Farms Rd., 9301-Shirley H. and Leslie C. Yeatts to Jose E. Saravia Gonzalez and Yansi Y. Cruz Flores, $350,000.

Old Barn Rd., 7911-Steven A. Roberts and Lenice M. Mitchell Roberts to Larry K. Banks and Tamara Turner Jones, $620,000.

Oxford Ct., 16321-Gerald J. Flatt to Douglas M. and Shannon L. Sanford, $405,000.

Raging Brook Dr., 11212, No. 222-David P. Pendleton to Mamanah Sesay, $210,000.

Tweed Lane, 12009-Gregory V. and Rebecca Yoblin to Tihitna E. Gebreselasse, $370,000.


Apple Green Lane, 3005-Marvene Y. Thorpe Baptiste and Valentine H. Baptiste to Somadina S. Onyemelukwe and Kelechi E. Anyanwu, $490,000.

Epsilon Ct., 16306-Chandra L. Evans Mitchell and Kenneth L. Mitchell to James C. and Marcia Y. Sutton, $470,000.

New Coach Lane, 3319-Jonathan B. Bunch to Anthony D. Powers, $325,000.

Oak Ct. N., 15405-Jacqueline M. Goebeler to Jesseca G. Rivera and Jose S. Caballero Alfaro, $275,000.

Philmont Lane, 16010-Carl B. and Christa W. Hagins to Patricia A. and Lawrence Smith, $409,000.

Price Lane, 1813-Nichole S. Obey Williams and Ervin E. Williams to Eboni Gillian Queen, $400,000.


Converse Ct., 9604-Joseph W. Brooks to Stephen M. and Maria V. Leitold, $385,000.

Elkton Terr., 6604-Gloria and Wendell Bryant to Gale Renee Flint, $410,000.

Morano Dr., 12408-Johnny Mercer Corp. to Morena Del Carmen Zavala Duran, $335,000.

Savannah Dr., 6405-Savannah Investors 4 Inc. to James A. and Wilmer G. McCray, $772,580.


Banner St., 4503-George and Claudette Bethune to Otilia E. Herrera De Lucero and Nelson German Herrera Ramirez, $367,000.


Birchleaf Ave., 501-Zenith Development Corp. to Ayodeji M. and Fausat I. Bakinson, $305,000.

Byers St., 4312-Emory T. Lane to Adeolu C. Aromolaran and Kristin Emodi, $283,000.

Castlehaven Ct., 1200-Tari L. Hall to Sonya T. Laverne Reynolds, $255,000.

Cindy Lane, 131-JOA Investments Corp. to Tenisha Brown, $339,000.

Drylog St., 6914-Calvin P. Moore to Antoinette and Mark Neal, $240,000.

Emo St., 4811-Federal National Mortgage Association to Karina N. Cruz Jimenez, $265,000.

Jade Ct., 6848-Timeeka S. Wallace to Melanie R. Berry, $295,000.

Kolb St., 5717-Dipson Oluwalogbon to Leigh Arthur Villarroel and Nicole Michelle Jennings, $370,000.

Pleasant Valley Ct., 7004-U.S. Bank Trust and LSF11 Master Participation Trust to Kevin A. Perez Casco, $330,000.

Rail St., 4210-Reynaldo Q. Gonzalez and Graciela De Quintero to Edgar L. Joya Benavides, $345,000.

Shell St., 4217-Amanpreet and Rajpreet Sandhu to Natoshia N. Mossen, $290,000.

Walker Mill Rd., 7203-AG Construction Group Corp. to Martha Ann Cole and Anita Cole Lolin, $355,000.


Belleview Ave., 2709-F&M Group Corp. to Rochelle Carroll Skinner, $452,500.

Clagett Dr., 7244, No. 717-Stanley Martin Companies Corp. to Chanel Malik, $321,218.

Duvall Ridge Rd., 2741, No. 521-Stanley Martin Companies Corp. to Christopher Plunkett and Cheri Leigh Erasmus, $365,035.

Hill Stone Dr., 7407-Jillian S. Jarrett to Latasha Irene Stinnett, $298,000.

Kent Village Dr., 2512-Sigma Housing Corp. to Anna M. Bollini, $138,000.

Markham Lane, 2604-Devin L. Brown and Tonischia C. Purvis to Ashley Danielle Myers, $310,000.

Parkway, 3022-Edward J. Hill to Chad B. Infante, $338,500.

Rachel Ct., 807-Andre Ricardo Jackson to Olaide Aloba and Oluwatosin Desalu, $267,000.

Village Green Dr., 1700, No. A-1-Hard Top Corp. to Robin Robinson, $147,000.


Birchview Dr., 12032-BWW Law Group Corp. and Federal National Mortgage Association to Godson Quarcoo and Vivian Ocloo, $384,000.

Briarcliff Dr., 6922-Shawn J. and LaToyia Hampton to Vivian S. Wooden, $320,000.

Craig Lane, 6704-Calvert Corp. and Marrick Properties Inc. to Westley and Evelyn Rios, $474,900.

Fox Run Dr., 9808-Potomac Mills Investment Group Corp. to Ryann and Randall Hill, $453,200.

Gwynndale Dr., 9302-Derrick J. Nobles to Nelvy V. Zorrilla Mercado, $294,000.

Northgate Pkwy., 6914-Mandell D. and Marcia D. Jackson to Tene R. Penny, $309,000.

Serenade Cir., 7430-Keith Darnell and Shannon T. Richardson to Jade Cramartie, $285,000.

Spell Rd., 6009-Statewide Real Estate Discounters Corp. to Leontyne Gilmore, $328,000.

Woodyard Rd., 8128-RGS Residential Inc. to Sean Murphy, $293,500.


Cunningham Dr., 8706-Debra J. Anderson to Rolando Romero, Jennifer Romero and Erick Romero Alvarado, $315,000.

Knox Rd., 4313, No. 311-Palmer D. Jones and Joshua Cogan to David and Deborah Chasan-Sloan, $240,000.

Westchester Park Dr., 6100, No. 411-Fritz Jean and Cristella Plaza to Lazarre Potier, $164,411.

48th Pl., 9502-Victoria B. Evans to Odalis M. Hernandez and Anne Frances Caraang, $275,000.

60th Pl., 8522-Christopher and Erin Clements Rushing to Carolyn L. Madden, $325,000.


Glendora Dr., 1922-Michael and Detwanne Taylor to Jimmy A. Membreno, $309,000.

Pinecreek Pl., 2709-Felix and Mila R. Vega to Rita L. Wade, $320,000.

Roslyn Ave., 2212-Julio C. Melgar to Steven James Richards, $345,000.


Autumnwood Lane, 12003-Thomas N. and Emma V. Bellamy to Mohammad Sbitan, $415,000.

Flagship Ave., 11708-Alexander D. Canas and Sandy L. Palacios Coreas to Zachary Tyler and Melinda Johnson, $410,000.

Ivanhoe Rd., 9110-Doretha B. Wilkins and Mary E. Bryant to Trung Minh and Tam T. Dinh, $392,000.

Palmer Rd., 1320, No. 39-Laschella M. Smith to Toks O. Oriola, $215,000.

Prestwick Dr., 12707-Blanka and Julien Thibaud to Gabriel and Ellen Bush, $460,000.

Scarborough Dr., 2707-Oluwakayode A. Olabode to Shane and Ivan Thomas, $294,000.

Stonesboro Rd., 3410-Bluesky Housing Corp. to Janae Ashley Norfleet, $391,000.

Taylor Ave., 1909-Yusuf Alexander and Lisa Monique Muhammad to Vanessa C. Silva and John Patrick Allen, $265,000.

Vernon Dr., 8013-Glenn J. Davidson to Donny Wayne Watkins, $317,000.

Windemere Ct., 1136-Dwayne A. and Vicki M. Preston to Wanda Lee Jackson, $157,350.


Devonport Ct., 5208-Carlton and Charmaine Cunningham to Abraham Jaward, $515,000.


Lake Park Dr., 6612, No. 2G-Revell E. James to Kimberly F. Gillens, $225,000.

Somerset Ct., 7814-Charles A. and Renee Fleming to Shaunice Shreeves, $342,000.


Livingston St., 3925-Kevan P. and Kate E. Higgins to Felix Connor Sage and Meaghan Taylor Hart, $405,000.

42nd Pl., 6103-Robert G. Howarth and Krista Sue Atteberry to Brian Ruben Miller and Leah Beth Cherney Miller, $492,000.


Aerospace Rd., 10225-Sonia C. Hobbs to Yuehao Lin, $420,250.

Concept Ct., 4306-Selma Y. and Maurice R. Marable to Sayma and Balkisu Kamara, $372,000.

Glenarden Pkwy., 8901-Michael Watson to Alberto Perez Martinez, $275,000.

Huxley Dr., 9802-Monica Williams to Langston and Chada Majette, $492,000.

Lamont Dr., 6709-Kae-Ree Enterprises Corp. to Ulises Alberto Gomez Rosales and Leydi Xiomara Guevara Ramirez, $390,000.

Sir Michael Pl., 2513-William D. Jones and Malika T. Haylock Jones to Keith James, $582,425.

Volta St., 9008-Jose A. Sosa to Marlon M. Alvarado and Edward Hamilton Alvarado Rivas, $265,000.

Worrell Ave., 9526-Juan A. and Oscar Castro to Kricia N. and Kevin A. Argueta, $360,000.


Ambler Lane, 9805-Alana M. and Alexander P. Cheij to Victoria Langley, $353,000.

Blaketon Ct., 5-Michael Olaleye to Joy Thomas, $428,000.

Cranston Ave., 702-Keith I. Riley and Erwin T. Coleman to Teia Gatling, $585,990.

Fox Bow Dr., 13216, No. 405-Sheila M. Basey to Mary J. Williams, $238,000.

Joyceton Dr., 10908-Marcus A. and Donya N. Bell to Michael Thomas Luevano, $370,000.

Mary Bowie Pkwy., 14009-Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB and Residential Credit Opportunities Trust to Darrick Martin and Dorothy Weathers, $700,000.

Pentland Hills Dr., 3718-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Narcisse Aspilaire, $610,000.

Phoenix Dr., 264-Stanley Martin Companies Corp. to Cornell Young, $362,065.

Robert Lewis Ave., 1608-House Buyers of America Inc. to Chelsea M. Biggus and Devon A. Daniel, $300,000.

Summershade Lane, 10105-Silvia Dearaujo to Fadhili N. Baraza, $395,000.

Tyrol Dr., 3631-Morrison A. and Chinonye U. Omoruyi to Salamatu Dumbuya, $390,000.


Avondale St., 36-First Hand Land Corp. to Menachem Fogelman and Fraida Muska Baron, $408,500.

Brooklyn Bridge Rd., 6211-John H. and Nancy E. Thomas to Max Theise, $470,000.

Cherrywood Dr., 15013, No. 4L-Gregory S. Long to Roderick G. and Jane S. Raralio, $217,500.

Huckburn Ct., 5815-Edward Wolfe Jr. and Michelle Medina to Kevin C. and Sara E. Young, $460,000.

Turney Ave., 1001-D&D Remodeling Corp. to Tho Dinh Do, $369,900.

White Way, 1101-Williams R. Moreyra to Christalina V. and Nelroy Fernandes, $358,000.

10th St., 205-Ricardo Calva Tol to Matthew and Jeniffer O’Brien, $340,000.


Duckettown Rd., 11507-Srinath and Purvi S. Dharmapadam to Henry K. Nyamndi, $610,000.

Montague Dr., 11805-Myron N. Fleming to Benyam Tesfaye, $380,000.

Spring Ridge Ct., 12406-Windley Financial Corp. to Dennis L. and Jane M. Windley, $440,000.


36th St., 3719-O.S. Consult Corp. to Carolyn Flitcroft, $675,000.


Emerson St., 7002-Q&P Realty Corp. to Silvia M. Tolentino, Fatima G. Lopez Hernandez and Fanny D. Gomez Alvarado, $363,000.

Lamont Dr., 6101-Gordon R. Lucas and estate of Philip W. Lucas to Calvin F. Alvarez and Victoria J. Smith, $360,000.

Randolph St., 6919-Diana L. Palmer to Nancy Edith Quinteros, $245,000.

Tilden St., 7404-Manuel Henriquez to Susana Almendarez, $277,400.

69th Pl., 4805-Gary and Lynne A. Shay to Jose A. Chicas Ramos and Yuli Y. Hernandez, $293,000.

85th Ave., 5452, No. 201-RE&T Management Corp. to Caumetia L. Franklin, $93,000.


Forest Dr. S., 801-Unique Property Investment Group Corp. to Sylvia Taway and Ruben O. Guerrero, $350,000.

Maury Ave., 644-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Ojo Odagbodo, $150,000.

Riverhaven Dr., 145, No. 115-NH Haven Residential Corp. and NH Haven Apartments Corp. to Crystal Coston, $319,900.

Sprintsail Way, 607, No. 67-Matthew D. Anthes to Stellar Park and Sang H. Ahn, $609,999.

Wheeler Rd., 5205-Adam H. and Cindy N. Truong to Ociel I. Escobar Jose and Ariel Jacob Escobar Monterroso, $290,000.


Madison St., 4525-Andre S. and Kathryn E. Monge to Dave Ayan Chakrabarti, $530,000.

Riverdale Rd., 4600-Value Homes Corp. to Marisa Parham and John Erwin Drabinski, $680,000.

61st Pl., 6215-Jennifer J. Sinibaldi to Samuel Tedros and Heyabe Kidane, $342,000.


Apple Orchard Lane, 4316, No. 3-Capital Investments Management Corp. to Barakat Shakir, $232,500.

Clacton Ave., 5183, No. 42-Minnie P. Kirby to Jenelle Jones, $187,500.

Irma Ct., 3016-DMV Rental Management Co. to Myra S. and Curt M. Marcellin, $240,000.

Marianne Dr., 6702-Bruce James Jackson to Ramon A. Campos Montoya, $230,000.

Suitland Rd., 5859-Denise Lowery Jamison to Louis Morrisey and Jonquil Simmons, $190,000.

Toles Park Dr., 2819-NVR Inc. to Lauren Alexandra and Richard Walter Kohls, $425,800.

Wood Creek Dr., 3539-Bernadette E. Nicholson to Brittany Bullock, $261,000.


Chadwick Terr., 2055-Oscar Washington to Shannon M. Hodges, $257,000.

Danville Dr., 3911-Catherine Marie Qureshi to Rudy Alexander Ponce Contreras, $302,000.

Harrison Lane, 7603-Jack G. and Linda J. Bannister to Ivett Garmendez, $320,000.

Joel Lane, 5505-U.S. Bank and Maroon Plains Trust to Jonessa Bianca Lewis and Catrina Alise Brown, $340,000.

Middleton Lane, 5803-Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB and Ventures Trust 2013 I-H-R to Elizabeth Berry, $264,000.

Temple Hill Rd., 5133-Alvin and Aurelia Murphy to Yolani L. Garcia Hernandez and Samuel Villanueva Canas, $247,895.

20th Pl., 4004-Ronnie Gail Mitchell to Joseph Savoy, $325,000.

28th Pkwy., 3221-495 Properties Corp. to Russell T. Clark, $282,000.


Queens Chapel Rd., 2302-Edward P. Domangue to Filiberto E. Romero, $509,900.

Wells Pkwy., 6702-Gertrude Ehrlich to Charles Lewis Wesley, $310,000.


Amberfield Dr., 4712-Taneisha N. Thompson to Tosin Ibrahim and Babafemi A. Majasan, $270,000.

Barton Oaks Ct., 9501-Robert A. and Patricia M. Scott to Harvey and Angela R. Catchings, $610,500.

Bent Creek Pl., 9507-Stanley Martin Companies Corp. to Danielle Spencer, $426,890.

Bishopmill Dr., 4405-Ana I. Sanchez Rivera and Emanuel Rivera to Dwane A. Warner and Anika Ross, $269,000.

Canyonview Dr., 4204-Aneisa L. and Christopher C. Simon to Lacey R. Crumley, $325,000.

Crockett Pl., 9216-Exclusive Concept Consulting Services Inc. to Karen Williams, $315,000.

Dario Rd., 4315-Amni Inc. to Sara M. Callejas Torres, $274,900.

Eastland Cir., 10720-Melissa A. Kulus to Taylor Tibbs, $374,900.

Fairhaven Ave., 9209-Sasha Elliot Soper and estate of Charles W. Soper to Edward Hanson, $286,500.

Fenno Rd., 11828-Susie L. Clay to Cerena Carswell and Joseph E. Myers Jr., $329,975.

Fox Stream Way, 9067-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Hector R. Mendoza Martinez and Diana Mendoza, $419,672.

Governor Kent Ct., 4601-Yolanda Brumfield to Amber Rembert, $295,000.

Hummingbird Lane, 9706-Phyllis L. Wright to Anissa D. Andrews, $387,000.

Montrose St., 9520-Audrey Faye and Paul F. Tavel to Rebeca Santiago Torres and William Richard Reitzel, $335,000.

Parnu Ct., 7705-Chimera REO 2018 NR1 Corp. and Select Portfolio Servicing Inc. to Latrica A. Chapple, $368,000.

Ranch Rd., 4067-Deborah C. McKoy Phillips to Terrance R. Leggett, $465,000.

Saint Thomas Church Rd., 15906-Kris D. and Brenda R. Paddock to Christopher Vincent Jankowski Jr., $295,000.

Springfield Park Dr., 9103-MAB of Parkside Towns Corp. to Renita Yvette Gleaton, $479,036.

Stonehill Rd., 6708-William F. Covington Jr. and Vandra A. Turner Covington to Kolade and Fikesola Akintemi, $590,000.

Thoroughbred Dr., 4705-Toll MD V Partnership to Fletcher E. and Tarsha M. Moses, $641,518.

Trumpet Lane, 9510-Samuel J. Karoma and Eva A. Caulker to Tony Yep and Samuel Powers, $461,000.

Windgate Pl., 11911-Magruder Property Corp. to James Hwang, $769,015.


Clerklee Way, 2315-Sankuratri Corp. to Laila M. Yates, $540,000.

Enterprise Rd., 2811-Jerenze and Monica Campbell to Honor Sylvester, $450,000.

Hunters Ridge Lane, 13111-Michael Eugene and Cynthia Ann Hale to Andre R. Foster, $800,000.

Saint Georges Way, 1807-Sheila Ann Hill to Christina V. Perrin, $514,000.

Shadowrock Lane, 2008-Rodney J. Carroll to Linda F. Tolson, $680,000.

Traver St., 9819-Diepriye Lawson and Nneka Obiako to Donna M. Capel, $535,000.