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Prince William County

Benton Lake Rd., 11959-Miller and Smith at Pembrooke to Keith J. and Lorie P. Gaubert, $313,060.

Broadsword Dr., 10017-Daniel Dale Jr. and Robert Charles Devlin to Scott and Maureen Washburn, $447,500.

Chippenham Ct., 12541-Edward Zimmer to Anthony Joseph and Allison Michelle Saulino, $440,000.

Craighill Dr., 9688-Philip J. and Carnell M. Johnson to Donald L. and Deborah A. Phillips, $332,000.

Earls Ferry Cir., 9855-U.S. Bank National Association to Melanie Milnes, $228,000.

Falling Water Dr., 9379-Bank of New York Mellon and First Horizon Home Loans to Charles E. and Tara R. Goins, $460,000.

Lake Dorian Dr., 12030-Miller and Smith at Pembrooke to James R. and Bridgette M. Grippo, $349,040.

Lenoir Park Way, 9005-Raphael and Lisa K. Ortiz to Leonid A. and Courtney Sakhvoruk, $425,000.

Merrimont Trace Cir., 9515-NVR to Robert F. and Angelique S. Calvanese, $435,265.

Paddington Ct., 9020-Mark Anthony and Monica Bahrami Toms to Paul Judson and Dawn Marie Cobb, $407,500.

Ribbon Falls Loop, 9150-Justin and Jessica Byrd to Bernard and Winifred Mensah, $280,000.

Sapphire Ridge Pl., 13214-Cameron and Kelly Lopez to Manuel D. and Estela Solis, $300,560.


Gables Green Way, 12900-Glenn G. and Deborah A. Cooper to David L. Beadner and Cheri A. Smith, $825,000.


Anderson Ct., 14836-Mercy Prince to Khushdip H. and Gagandeep Chohan, $168,201.

Bath Ct., 3508-Tichi Property and BSH Investments to Steven Pellegrino, $194,000.

Belleville Ave., 14340-Patrick D. McCane and Virginia S. McCane to Nelson Valentin, $192,000.

Birchdale Ave., 14402-Alejandro and Aida M. Ruiz to Agha Investment, $131,700.

Bradford St., 3224-Federal National Mortgage Association to Nadiem Khwaja, $182,000.

Cardin Pl., 15059-Independence Realty to Milton W. Shrader, $175,000.

Cloverdale Rd., 14714-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Karamat Ali, $172,000.

Eileen Ct., 4302-Shareese Clarke to Virginia Housing Development Authority, $175,000.

Evansdale Rd., 4517-Federal National Mortgage Association to Zahir Hatami, $139,000.

Fairmont Ct., 14302-Brenda E. Crutchfield to Afolabi Ojumu, $163,100.

Fox Glove Ct., 14687-Dave Thompson to Louis Hemani, $141,500.

Gardensen Dr., 4123-Gary M. and Deborah R. Belt to Erick Mercado, $140,000.

Golden Ct., 14056-Azadeh Hashemi to Noreen H. and Noel S. Delarosa, $208,900.

Greenwood Dr., 13714-Jerry J. Crews to Agha Investment, $140,000.

Hartford Ct., 4406-Catherine Unciano to Rebecca Devanney, $151,900.

Kendall Dr., 4536-Werth Properties to Sarah and Nathan Hendrick, $217,500.

Kirwyn Ct., 4957-James Kenneth Brown and the Mary Rita O’Brien Brown Living Trust to Matthew M. Jenkins, $192,000.

Lestric Lane, 14020-Dyrol B. and Damaris Prioleau to Jennifer Groat Torres, $209,500.

Longwood Ct., 13756-Herbert L. and Ada Gregoria Pacheco to Jose A. Gomez and Claudia Y. Moreno Romero, $249,000.

Mayfair Ct., 13709-Edna Elsie Turner Valdes to Federal Home Loan Mortgage, $166,996.

Moonbeam Dr., 5718-FFC Properties to Jeffery and Alyssa Roy, $347,500.

Quann Lane, 13144-Liaqat Ali and Shahida Begum to Metro D.C. 1, $80,000.

Ticket Way, 6046-Grady H. Jr. and Donna R. Chisholm to Department of Veterans Affairs, $191,242.

Whitaker Pl., 4612-Cheryl L. Powell to Classic Realty Investments, $130,000.

Wits End Dr., 15301-NVP to Gary L. Hooper, $511,678.


Belleplain Ct., 3419-Vanpheng and Emily Chanthavong to Federal National Mortgage Association, $250,054.

Dominion Dr., 3861-RPAA Investment to Luis Cruz and Stephanie Bepko, $210,000.

Kilkenny Way, 2962-Rahel A. Kassa and Ermias Tedla to Pachina Corp., $174,100.

Milroy Dr., 17947-Wells Fargo Bank and Carrington Mortgage Services to Shazia N. Khan, $120,050.

Sligo Loop, 17357-Annemarie A. and Richard E. Juhlin to Ryan J. Opsitos, $210,000.

Tulip Tree Pl., 3160-Derek M. and Yeromitou D. Grier to Felicia Brown and Gregory Wray, $375,000.


Avalon Isle Way, 6811-Deborah A. Kennedy to Federal National Mortgage Association, $177,000.

Bonnie Briar Loop, 7974-Timothy M. and Amy L. Hinchman to Robert A. and Dorothy Lathan Glista, $675,000.

Canterbury Lane, 4400-Richard A. Bartl to Ruben A. and Candice J. Burgos, $370,000.

Culverhouse Ct., 6313-Thomas W. and Dorothy S. Roberson to James D. and Lin Tars, $343,000.

Hollow Glen Ct., 6817-Teresa A. Gibson to Matthew Walton and Taehee Kim, $276,000.

Landfall Ct., 8151-Theresa L. Hadden to David G. Randall, $300,000.

Manahoac Pl., 6982-John and Janet Burk to Romesh R. Adury, $210,000.

Raleigh Mews, 8700-Drees Co. to Jesse M. and Andrea M. Dotterer, $459,900.

Sheringham Way, 16086-Mark A. and Deyanira P. Chavez to John O. and Laura C. Kash, $373,000.

Spyglass Hill Loop, 15870-Ronald Lloyd and Mitsue Angelly to Robert W. and Teresa M. Perotti, $950,000.

Virginia Cedar Ct., 13991-Brian Fowler to Tony Joseph Patton, $595,000.


Ashby Grove Loop, 6461-Jonathan E. and Sherrie L. Schuck to Prudential Relocation, $395,000.

Chalfont Dr., 14345-Prudential Relocation to Roy E. and Kimberly A. Stevens, $609,000.

Clementine Way, 15032-Jeremy W. Sparks to Fine Homes, $250,000.

Fishers Hill Way, 5412-Dominion Country Club Partnership to William S. and Judith C. McAlister, $694,704.

Fog Mountain Cir., 15273-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Betty Belmore and Winston Watt, $664,012.

Grigsby Pl., 15225-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Daniel J. Jr. and Adara K. Askin, $633,111.

Jupiter Hills Lane, 15120-Robert H. Lynch to Christopher Michael and Carrie Anne Price, $520,000.

Londons Bridge Rd., 15213-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Eric and Camille Sarandrea, $471,686.

Palmers Ridge Ct., 4873-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Lavalle Ulmer, $369,581.

Pitner St., 16111-M/I Homes of D.C. to Matthew Adler, $321,680.

Ryder Cup Dr., 15659-Edward Jr. and Nina Kraemer to James Robert and Christy Andrews, $515,000.

Stoney Creek Ct., 14551-Jin Sook Kim to Clay Barfield and Rebekah Jennie Dickinson, $555,000.

Trevino Dr., 5336-William J. and Linda H. Bestimt to Arnold L. Kendall, Eva J. Kendall and Kendall Family Trust, $550,000.

Warburton Dr., 15916-George S. and Shirley A. Pugh to Matthew F. and Mary Kay Brown, $285,000.


Cabin Ridge Ct., 10331-John F. and Brenda Lee Williamson to Evan Zachary Cluff, $345,500.

Coachcrest Ct., 7986-Federal National Mortgage Association to Melinda K. Lipman, $155,000.

Community Dr., 8148-Wilfredo Bautista and Dennis G. Del Cid to Ang Enterprise, $95,000.

Cub Run Ct., 10268-Kailash N. Mathur to Hai and Ny Chaing, $137,000.

Forestview Dr., 9000-David Jesse Tisdale to Shawn M. Clinger, $363,000.

Helmsdale Pl., 7628-Aaron K. Randolph to Ashraf U. Choudhury, $223,000.

Irongate Way, 8307-Ryan and Isabella Lahuti to 121 Fort Evans, $97,000.

Kemps Landing Cir., 12061-Cherif and Janine Sadki to Elham S. Ahmed, $260,000.

Margate Ct., 7577-Konstantinos Pierrakos to Khalid Majeed, $66,000.

Navarone Pl., 10399-Jung Wook Oh to Mikhail and Marina Smolgovsky, $355,000.

Point Rd. N., 8151-Platinum Plus Homes to Robert and Rori D. Lowe, $310,000.

River Forest Dr., 6074-William B. and Susan J. South to Kevin J. Grice, $324,990.

Santa Rosa Ct., 13730-Inga Watkins and estate of Lillie A. Ford to Eduardo and Susanne Deleon, $308,000.

Victoria St., 9329-Federal National Mortgage Association to Colam and Mylam Ly, $206,000.

Warm Springs Lane, 15306-Charles and Eileen Werchado to Ted and Anna Wahoske, $540,000.

Winchester Ct., 10230-Ryan and Isabella Lahuti to 572 Crestwood, $110,000.


Blandsford Dr., 8118-Dennis C. and Jean E. Ward to Glenn B. Cheatham, $490,000.

Bull Run Rd., 7607-AGS Investment Group to Kathy Tschampel, $174,000.

Chinkapin Dr., 10205-Douglas V. Pope to Aaron West and Emily Jeanne Mosby, $525,000.

Evans Ford Rd., 9832-All Star Investments to Gabriela Atkinson, $138,000.

Maplewood Dr., 7900-Federal Home Loan Mortgage to Jessica Mendez and John M. Millan Chico, $271,000.

Montgomery Dr., 10702-Mary P. Pritchard to Sara B. and Bryan S. O’Connell, $390,000.

Yorkshire Lane, 8503-Sean Muldoon to Coskun K. Andolsun, $174,500.


Four Seasons Dr., 17200-Sara Knudsen to Linda Ann Ahearn, $290,000.

Holleyside Dr., 15227-John David Lloyd to Gerard and Joan M. McDermott, $310,000.

Jonathan Ct., 4334-Mary Carol Flynn to Michael W., Leafie V. and Andrew D. Frye, $155,500.

Olivia Way, 5126-Joseph D. and Marina C. Kloppel to Kristofer S. and Heather L. Labowski, $423,000.

Sugarbush Lane, 15454-HSBC Bank USA National Association to William A. Lawler, $322,500.


Shevlin Ct., 9371-Concetta and Stephen W. Weiss to Charles B. and Rochelle D. Kidd, $562,000.


Fortress Way, 421-Justin Moran and Megan Lynn Rowan to Chris W. Ragland, $232,000.


Hundred Acre Lane, 18801-Maria Patricia Mimbela and Olegario Otero to FFC Properties, $344,800.

Red Oak Lane, 18912-Federal National Mortgage Association to Christopher P. Goodman, $167,000.

Tavern Way, 3719-NVA Management and Charise Stone to Agha Investment, $89,500.


Adrian Ct., 13574-Stephen J. and Margaret E. Hellmuth to Cory Dean and Ruth L. Damm, $264,000.

Antietam Rd., 11795-Capital One to Eric L. and Kristen J. Mikkelsen, $502,000.

Barcelona Ct., 15790-Catherine Baldwin to Cheryl Rowe, $220,000.

Belmont Bay Dr., 830-Ford C. and Barbara H. Jones to Allan E. and Carol J. Grigson, $247,900.

Blysdale Lane, 3966-Prudential Relocation to Dionisio C. Legaspi, $276,500.

Bolton Overlook Ct., 4109-Beeren and Barry Investments to Rodger L. Jones, $750,000.

Canada Goose Loop, 15905-Brandon L. Johnson to Sonia and Mohammed Nazmul, $252,500.

Chablis Cir., 2826-Mahendra Piple to Hong Niu and Jiayu Huang, $95,000.

Charles Ct., 13604-Henry Rivas and Adolfo H. Constancia to Nancy Torres, $160,000.

Chinkapin Oak Lane, 2914-U.S. Home to Stephanie A. Herrera, $240,000.

Corbett Pl., 1232-Jaime F. Sunga and Marissa Gina D. Lapid to Mukenge P. Muya, $160,000.

Cranes Bill Way, 1392-Shantell Thompkins to Deborah M. Church and Hubert K. Church Jr., $248,000.

Derriford Ct., 12151-Joseph and Debra Pollock to Edmond Z. and Jeannette A. Zaglio, $275,000.

Edgemoor Ct., 11284-Federal National Mortgage Association to Charles Moore and Layal Kabbani, $225,000.

Georges Knoll Ct., 1659-Donald B. and Jane M. Wallenhorst to Ronald L. and Rebekah B. Comoglio, $515,000.

Glenriver Way, 2605-R. Oaks Corp. to Quintin Cedrick Jones and Lauren Jiggetts, $305,900.

Greenacre Dr., 13433-Josefa A. Mejia and Marcial Cruz to Foundation Properties, $135,000.

Hawkwatch Ct., 16110-K. Hovnanian Homes of Virginia to John A. Morgan Jr., $492,000.

Hopton Rd., 908-Marco A. and Emma Castillo to Zahid H. Khan, $141,820.

Hunterbrook Dr., 12849-Sherri Lynn Smith to Aurora Loan Services, $345,183.

Jed Forest Lane, 16881-Cartus Financial to Brandon A. and Kathleen E. Hicks, $244,000.

Joyce Rd., 13721-Federal National Mortgage Association to Joe and Norma Djassebi, $112,000.

Longview Dr. W., 2392-Judith Kathleen Miller Knez to Victor Eugene Taylor, $223,000.

Manchester Way, 12309-Joyce D. Pieritz to Jennifer A. Reaser Feuer and Richard E. Feuer, $274,900.

Marquis Pl., 3818-Wells Fargo Bank and J.P. Morgan Chase Bank to Lena and Shah Shafiq, $190,000.

Monument Ave., 774-Scott A. and Debbie L. Blank to Richard J. and Phillipa Delinski, $455,000.

Nexus Ct., 3516-Azadeh Hashemi to Americo R. Rodriguez, $218,000.

Ottawa Ct., 3715-Vanessa Vergnetti to Starlight Group, $183,000.

Pfitzner Ct., 12421-NVR to Erika and Edgar E. Mejia, $529,305.

Putnam Cir., 13182-Dino G. Delgadillo and Patricia S. Ponce to Bing Liu, $140,000.

Simpson Mill Way, 4440-Ryland Group to Marc R. and Druann Hill, $449,000.

Stone Lined Cir., 12594-Ryland Group to Nikko N. and Shawn A. Rice, $408,604.

Sweeney Lane, 16732-Synergy Gateway to Kelly Frushour, $260,000.

Tamarack Pl., 14736-Binh Thanh Khuc to Miguel A. Melgar, $145,000.

Walnut St., 1523-Mauricio D. and Juan Jarjuri to Agha Investment, $162,100.

Winding Loop, 14836-Andres Marcucci Jr. to Khaled W. Khanfar and Shorouq M. Abujoudeh, $150,000.

Wolf Run Shoals Rd., 5051-John M. Jr. and Jane W. Elkin to Timothy K. and Jean White, $865,000.

Stafford County

Alex Ct., 6-Federal National Mortgage Association to Paul B. Bisulca, $280,000.

Barrie Pl., 203-Wittstadt Title and Escrow and Natasha M. Henderson to TLC Property, $129,000.

Bryant Blvd., 16-Northwest Ventures to David H. Pickering, $185,000.

Carissa Ct., 5-Robert Nelson to Tammy E. Craig, $285,000.

Cherry Hill Dr., 50-Troy N. Heitchew to Martin J. Erdossy III, $615,000.

Chriswood Lane, 116-Ronald W. Robinson to Jeffrey L. Hunt, $519,000.

Colonial Ave., 307-New Boundaries to Benjamin R. Van Zandbergen, $159,900.

Crestwood Lane, 46-Randall L. Stickles to Michael W. Diamond, $345,000.

Farragut Dr., 2058-Joseph V. Moniot to Matthew A. Lua, $245,000.

Forest Vista Lane, 10-Jeffrey L. Hunt to Matthew Johnson, $315,000.

Glen Oak Rd., 8-Robert J. Sollohub to William G. Kerner, $315,000.

Halifax Ct., 22-Brian D. Parker to Casey A. Harsh, $340,000.

Independence Dr., 202-Ronald W. McKinnon to Jacob R. Hill, $135,000.

Kelly Way, 59-Wells Fargo Bank to Matthew W. Lofiego, $212,000.

Kinross Dr., 27-Earon C. Spangler to Junghoon Yoo, $403,000.

Little Brook Cir., 15-Wanda E. Stewart to Mark D. Hinckley Jr., $201,000.

Mediterranean Dr., 3016-Foundation Residential to Britt E. Easterly, $287,000.

Morningmist Dr., 30-Toni C. Mauger to Jorge E. Grandela, $297,000.

Neabsco Dr., 41-Mark Featherstone to Richard W. McCleary, $399,900.

Nugent Dr., 30-Hyun C. Lee to Justin J. Hallman, $340,000.

Pin Oak Ct., 7-Marlon G. Camacho to Bryon G. Ross, $370,000.

Poplar Rd., 175-Federal National Mortgage Association to Prophet and Koehrtaker, $164,000.

Raynar Ct., 221-Lex Special Assets to Jesse T. Knight, $205,000.

Sandpiper Terr., 107-John T. Johnston to Amber B. Evans, $209,900.

Scotland Cir., 24-Chad A. Bledsoe to Prudential Relocation, $385,000.

Settlers Way, 22-Constance P. King to Mohammad Ahsan, $312,000.

Stoneridge Ct., 7-Lawrence J. Oliver to Marcus L.C. Johnson, $330,000.

Sunshine Dr., 108-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Robert Surman, $180,000.

Thomas Jefferson Pl., 1116-Darryl E. Sears to Tayli Rodriguez, $95,000.

Turner Dr., 12-Federal National Mortgage Association to Waterview Enterprises, $133,000.

Washington Dr., 1229-Brent P. Goddard to Benjamin Vieth, $235,000.

Whitsons Run, 234-Wells Fargo Bank to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $331,157.

Wind Ridge Dr., 508-Prudential Relocation to Todd Peal, $115,000.