Prince William County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Lender Processing Services. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit


Benton Lake Rd., 11900-William T. Sessions III to Michael Tangert Jr., $318,500.

Chardonnay Pl., 13700-Brian Leigh to Emilie Reeths, $539,000.

Dochart Sound Lane, 9887-David A. Stern to Hakimullah Wafa, $280,000.

Falling Water Dr., 9280-Stephen R. Guaglianone to Robert Saltzmann, $539,900.

Golders Green Pl., 13219-Jennifer Flinch Jorgenson to Leon C. Pierce Jr., $291,000.

Iona Sound Dr., 12324-Reginald M. Skinner to Jessica L. Hinders, $465,000.

Night Owl Ct., 12805-Jaleel Hasan to Nitin V. Icchpunani, $435,000.

Peel Ring Pl., 10205-Scott Warner to Michael J. Coster, $363,000.

Ruby Rise Pl., 8658-John D. Morton to Micah D. Stevens, $395,000.

Slate Stone Loop, 9089-Citibank to Next Chance Corp., $265,000.

Tarvie Cir., 9552-Cheryl A. Ely Decarlo to Elisabeth Taff, $420,500.


Sanders Lane, 4404-Daniel Roush to Michael W. Cline, $369,000.


Ardmore Loop, 15108-Synergy Gateway Corp. to Karin A. Nelson, $260,000.

Birchdale Sq., 3262-Bushra M. Shah to Abderrahmane Boujelb, $190,000.

Cherrydale Dr., 15047-Equity Trustees Corp. and Keith H. Mitchell Sr. to Department of Veterans Affairs, $177,141.

Comus Ct., 15308-Roberto Espiritu to Louie Atangan, $522,000.

Darbydale Ave., 14733-Jose L. Terra to Ciro D. Amaya Martinez, $320,000.

Delaney Rd., 13524-Miguel Reyes to Rene A. Castro, $214,000.

Emberdale Dr., 14828-Farris Investments Corp. and Hajra Anis to Cesar Estrada, $185,000.

Evansdale Rd., 4630-Arlene E. Guerrero to Olga L. Fuentes, $220,000.

Frisco Ct., 14610-Madhusudan Prasad to Norman Lawson, $275,000.

General Washington Dr., 14559-Juan L. Millan to Paul R. Rhodes Jr., $452,000.

Gregg St., 4204-Thomas D. Duling to Oscar R. Rodriguez, $200,000.

Kaywood Dr., 13728-James D. Pellien to Gilberto Barrera and Marvin A. Reyes, $299,900.

Kentland Dr., 4416-Stepheanie M. Starner to Garnett E. Hinson II, $76,734.

Kerrydale Rd., 13508-Ligia M. Ibarra Carcache to Jacobo Lovos, $237,000.

Lakeland Ct., 5054-Kimberly L. Hebert to Pramot Hanwatananugool, $250,000.

Lupino Ct., 4762-Elizabeth Elliott to Carlos M. Villatoro, $304,000.

Nancy Ct., 13233-Aurora E. Paz to Pervez Akhtar and Naveed Ahmed, $285,000.

Nottingdale Dr., 13207-George L. Wardrick Jr. to Kamyab Group Corp., $239,600.

Princedale Dr., 13539-Bernard R. Hao to Angelo Sandoval, $250,000.

Quell Ct., 5023-Michael Becker to Jai Vasistha, $570,000.

Rhode Island Dr., 5759-Thomas C. Thompson to Maritza G. Guerra, $345,000.

Ryon Ct., 14085-Ronald Chilton to Javier Geronimo Jr., $275,000.

Southgate Ct., 14375-Brian P. Cronmiller to Michael L. Cox, $295,000.

Thrift Lane, 13057-Surety Trustees Corp. and Shahida Ahmed to Mastr Adjustable Rate Mortgages Trust, $301,500.

Whitaker Pl., 4673-Myron W. McCrensky to Jennifer R. Bailey, $192,000.


Chisholm Lane, 17621-Steven D. Markle to Brima Bangura, $425,000.

Metheny Pl., 3074-Ronald A. Dolsay to Matthew J. Tonnesen, $210,000.

Myrtlewood Dr., 2974-Charles W. Johnson to Julio C. Arbieto, $380,000.

Toms River Loop, 16927-Bonita Love to Kimisha Dabney, $214,500.


Abernethy Lane, 6029-Aaron J. Miller to Khalil Nammour, $328,500.

Chelmsford Dr., 13890-William B. Hoover to William C. Matyac, $229,000.

Crescent Park Dr., 7903-James A. Mickey to Dustin D. Norwood, $285,000.

Edisto Ct., 10403-Charles M. Moehl to Usman Butt, $379,500.

Hollow Glen Ct., 6837-Michael A. Och to Freddie T. Cotton, $379,000.

Legend Glen Ct., 14233-Michael L. Ford to Kristin R. Thurston, $300,000.

Montour Heights Dr., 8050-Federal National Mortgage Association to La Vonne Di Bacco, $320,000.

Roxborough Loop, 8236-John Donatelli to Kie J. Park, $700,000.

Shire Pl., 13644-Patrick E. Marr to Amanda C. Goodyear, $305,000.

Tullamore Estates Rd., 4551-Melvin K. Morris to Alexei S. Joukov, $999,900.


Armour Ct., 5213-Dwight H. Rollins to Michael K. Andrews, $445,000.

Championship Dr., 15401-Donald R. Corpron to Leslie Pomeroy, $530,000.

Corner Post Pl., 14703-Richard J. Buratti to Timothy L. Leveque, $381,000.

Grigsby Pl., 15221-Florence Barna to Brockley D. Bahe, $690,000.

Old Carolina Rd., 6505-Edward J. Baer to Heathcote Development Partners, $425,000.

Rosemont Manor Dr., 15268, No. 48-Christine M. Caldwell to Gyu N. Yoo, $290,000.

Wheelwright Way, 5633-Thomas E. Cherry to Marc T. Galeazza, $397,500.


Baneberry Cir., 14049-Paul H. Stewart to John P. McMahon, $599,000.

Blue Gray Cir., 7889-Federal National Mortgage Association to Kim L. Ta, $280,000.

Brewer Creek Pl., 8922-Scott D. Preston to Laura I. Stanley, $270,000.

Caraway Cir., 10824-Patrick W. Rio to Noor M. Jarral, $280,000.

Country Roads Lane, 9531-Thomas K. Knoeri to Beatrice Kuo, $370,000.

Eppes Island Pl., 5609-Joan M. Perry to Paul M. Furman, $399,000.

Forrester Lane, 7517-Professional Foreclosure Corp. and Chong U. Im to Federal National Mortgage Association, $302,426.

Greenview Lane, 9906-John Ramirez III to David V. Cabral, $315,000.

Lacy Dr., 8083, No. 13-Toby C. Smith to Arun Panicker and Srinivas Parvataneni, $145,000.

Lindy Lane, 12500-Commonwealth Trustees Corp. and David L. Lyles to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $346,346.

Mayfield Trace Pl., 10864-Dilan Investments Corp. to Marianna Loginova, $487,500.

Morningside Dr., 8201-William P. Zeigler to Bryan B. Gee, $299,000.

Petersburg Ct., 8851-Jeffrey Weiss to Osmin A. Ventura, $212,000.

River Run Dr., 10748-Regina E. Myers to Harrison D. Hunt, $389,900.

Sabre Ct., 7803-Alex Ruiz to Abraham Jonathan, $275,000.

Stillbrooke Rd., 8030-Kevin M. Fuller to John Morgal, $449,000.

Treywood Lane, 6159-Peter C. Boysen to Adwoa Addai, $616,000.

Websters Way, 5855-Jeffrey A. Cardwell to Ehsan Haq, $200,000.

Winstead Pl., 8198, No. 102-Michael F. Haley to Rebecca Blanchette, $165,000.


Albemarle Dr., 7603-Shaun A. Little to Francisco J. Orozco Saravia, $242,000.

Carrie Lane, 7907-T. Vance Wortman to Dustin M. Gray, $420,000.

Glade Bank Dr., 8295-Mohammad Darwish to Jeffrey C. Kim, $325,000.

Rugby Rd., 8313-Muhammad A. Khan to Farida Chishti, $183,000.

Tendring Trail, 7521-Monika E. Lonita to Istvan Tukora, $175,000.


Avon Dr., 4238-Equity Trustees Corp. and Roy W. Lawhorn to Department of Veterans Affairs, $281,134.

Brandywine Rd., 15722-Brian Fitzpatrick to Benjamin Zuniga, $395,000.

Edgewood Dr., 15797-Douglas R. Thomson to Barry Drennan, $365,000.

Holleyside Dr., 15237-Andrew J. Finan to Christopher R. Ogden, $415,000.

Lazy Day Lane, 15814-Edmund W. Price to Heather K. Meeds, $315,000.

Stockbridge Dr., 4228, No. 82E-Diane M. Augustauskas to Alease Morrow, $163,500.


Aden Rd., 13610-William T. Bryant to William J. Franks, $374,900.

Kettle Run Rd., 10605-Mary E. Grissom and Emma B. Jenkins to Mohan P. Seenath, $392,500.


Oakham Mount Dr., 3363-Mumtaz Rahi to Spencer W. Sagudan, $405,000.


Armada Pl., 12541-John J. Kawalec Jr. and estate of Johnson Joseph Kawalec to Trinh D. Dao, $175,000.

Balsam St., 14638-Daniel J. Fleming to Gladys Rivas, $185,000.

Belfry Lane, 3539-Alice D. Huntsinger to Sanjay K. Mondal, $200,000.

Berwick Pl., 4427-Edward F. McDonnell to Brian G. Sardelli, $486,000.

Bridgeton Ct., 3097-William R. King Jr. to Mohsin Aijaz, $280,000.

Bybrook Lane, 3332-Dennis L. Havens to Andrew W. Thompson, $350,000.

Catoctin Dr., 11887-Commonwealth Trustees Corp. and Willie E. Mathis to Futuri Real Estate Inc., $261,000.

Cinnamon St., 12285-Stephen J. Collinskaren to Karen L. McGavin, $230,000.

Cotton Mill Dr., 11786-Karen W. Buczek to William J. Lyon, $315,000.

Crossfield Way, 14575-Roderick Jaurigue to Felix Moss, $349,900.

Fisher Ave., 14238-MMHH Investment Corp. to Luis Guerrero, $269,900.

Fox Run Pl., 1214-Habib Investments Corp. to Dieynaba S. Diene, $242,000.

Geddy Ct., 16635-Roberto A. Guerro to Rosa Welch, $170,000.

Hampstead Lane, 4114-Salvador E. Moran to Omar Khaleel, $289,000.

Hatchway Ct., 12421-Leonard C. Sowards to Martha L. Hill, $355,000.

Inglebrook Dr., 1912-Leonor Ortiz to Nicolas G. Bellido, $235,000.

Jedburg Lane, 12619-Benjamin E. Worrell to Brien A. Beattie, $285,000.

Mariner Lane, 1918-PNC Bank to Green Homes Investments Corp., $205,000.

Ohio Ave., 15414-Kurt F. Weitzel to Alisha Moore, $235,000.

Potomac View Ave., 1720-Marilyn A. Pearson to Choonton Tangchandaeng, $190,000.

Sandy Ridge Ct., 16312-Michelle A. Rakers to Elvis M. Taylor, $529,900.

Sherbrooke Cir., 3560, No. 103-Joshua Maurer to Sherese B. Johnson, $170,000.

Stallion Ct., 12078-Clear Sky Properties Corp. to Rene A. Marquina, $300,000.

Taverner Loop, 13053-FFC Properties Corp. to Shimul Saha, $450,000.

Transom Pl., 2547-Zia Isazadeh to Masood Atmar, $459,000.

Wheel Cog Pl., 2263-Christine A. Gruszowski to Sergio B. Rejas, $250,100.

William Harris Way, 2235-Trevor E. McEachron to Xiang Sun, $318,000.


These were among homes sold in the City of Manassas.

Birchwood Ct., 9355-Terry L. Trepel to Stephanie M. Mendez, $333,900.

Butternut Cir., 10273-Nancy D.L. Weidner to Cathleen A. Hardee, $258,500.

Caladium Dr., 9277-Professional Foreclosure Corp. and Pamela S. Meadows to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $265,729.

Gaither St., 8330-Janice L. Kremer to Julius S. Caesar, $320,000.

Grant Ave. S., 10113-Stanislav Dimov to Enad Alnabare and Tarek Ahmad Hasan, $97,000.

Milroy Ct., 8970-Carlene Baugh to Majid Moshaver, $225,500.

Oconnell Ct., 10309-Jacob Babbin to David Saylor, $265,000.

Shady Grove Cir., 8314-Ryan W. Russell to Timothy Williams, $249,000.

Wellington Rd., 9945-Aaron J. Greso to Carmen F. Martinez, $221,000.

Manassas Park

These were among homes sold in the City of Manassas Park.

Handerson Pl., 9710, No. 3-Alg Trustee Corp. and Vickie M. Shoen to Federal National Mortgage Association, $218,183.

Kirby St., 263-Yves M. Pangilinan to Haobin Tan, $210,000.

Robin Lee Ct., 9422-Shinderpal K. Randhawa to Michael H. Cole, $272,500.

Stafford County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Lender Processing Services. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Andrew Chapel Rd., 142-Lorraine E. Gardner to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $335,105.

Barrett Ct., 114-Augustine Homes Corp. to Drees Co., $153,000.

Bellows Ave., 810-MMHH Investment Corp. to Saquib Rashid, $105,000.

Berea Knolls Dr., 28-Richmond American Homes to Jerry S. McKenna, $444,999.

Boathouse Way, 110-Mark D. Harris to Oliver Kzane, $265,000.

Bradbury Way, 3-Drees Co. to Edwin B. Keene, $439,760.

Camden Dr., 210-Stone Financing Corp. to Ralph C. Gatrone, $349,000.

Castings Lane, 3-Beazer Homes Corp. to Benjamin A. Hull, $318,216.

Charter Gate Dr., 80-BC Stafford Corp. to Joseph P. Lister, $320,420.

Clore Dr., 108-Fred C. Davis to Jason McMullen, $285,000.

Columbia Way, 3-Augustine Homes Corp. to Rhonda Jenkins, $492,503.

Coopers Lane, 119-Alg Trustee Corp. and James P. Moran to Federal National Mortgage Association, $324,440.

Crawford Lane, 10-Mark D. Murphy to Dennis P. Mattson, $365,000.

Dabney Ct., 17-Gtis-Hov Leeland Station Corp. to Arthur W. Lasante, $304,258.

Deacon Rd., 419-John E. Burgess to David R. Burgess and Patricia F. Burgess Trust, $200,000.

Donovan Lane, 215-Atlantic Builders to Shane M. Gore, $604,410.

Egret Ct., 27-NVR Inc. to Carl E. Loos II, $366,155.

Endicott Lane, 1-Jameis D. Burns to Preston H. Hardage III, $309,999.

Fathom Cove, 200-Shawn B. Trahan to Dorana C. Sylvia, $289,000.

Firehawk Dr., 6-NVR Inc. to Kim Lundberg, $428,065.

Forbes St., 723-Cameron L. Shelton to Richard B. Medina, $219,900.

George Mason Rd., 119-James T. Moore to Hilldrup Companies Inc., $200,000.

Green Acre Dr., 22-Commonwealth Asset Services Corp. and Jonathan J. Cohen to Freedom Mortgage Corp., $414,013.

Harbour Dr., 1003-Philip L. Barksdale to Antonio J. Correia, $295,000.

Harrogate Rd., 406-Jennifer S. Cooley to Keven E. Mayfield, $191,500.

Hot Springs Way, 3-Horace L. Vinson to Patrick Tsang, $266,300.

Ivy Spring Lane, 38-BC Stafford Corp. to Laura J. Berberian, $311,560.

Jason Ct., 5-William Cummings to Vicki Barham, $370,000.

Kellogg Mill Rd., 792-John B. Hotze to Spencer A. Sullivan, $145,000.

Lamplighter Lane, 2-Drees Co. to Josee Pemberton, $334,185.

Lamplighter Lane, 26-Beazer Homes Corp. to James D. Turlington, $284,363.

Maplewood Dr., 90-Sean R. Goger to Jason G. Towle, $458,000.

Mintwood Dr., 7-Hoyal L. Moseley Jr. to Eric Dunlap, $320,000.

Mountain View Rd., 2804-George Lockwood Corp. to Levi P. Zerkle, $446,675.

Niles St., 39-Atlantic Builders to Daniel M. McCleese, $494,150.

Otto Way, 7-Anthony Wise to Carlos A. Adriano, $339,900.

Pecan Lane, 100-Francis Yascko to Karen Baez, $179,000.

Ramoth Church Rd., 62-Federal National Mortgage Association to Liberty International Inc., $190,000.

Rapidan Dr., 45-Brookfield Woodstream Corp. to Kelly L. Comstock, $305,855.

Rocky Way Dr., 40-Kathy R. Herndon to Stephen E. Harklerode, $315,500.

Royal Crescent Way, 97-BC Stafford Corp. to Mahmood Sulliman, $295,915.

Sanctuary Lane, 87-K. Hovnanian at Seasons Landing to Brian J. Young, $412,803.

Seaman Ct., 6-James R. Kennedy to Leah Beard, $205,000.

Short Branch Rd., 230-Brookfield Woodstream Corp. to Howard Jones, $326,930.

Smithfield Way, 167-Franklin Federal Savings Bank to Darwin G. Hareford, $224,900.

Spotted Tavern Rd., 272-Darrell C. Hill to Timothy S. Snyder, $328,750.

Table Bluff Dr., 39-Richard P. Bohacik to John A. Lineberry Sr., $273,600.

Taylors Hill Way, 24-NVR Inc. to Hong L. Chen, $313,975.

Truslow Rd., 64-Alexander Henderson to Sarah C. Montgomery, $178,503.

Vista Woods Rd., 65-Federal National Mortgage Association to Carie Gray, $219,000.

Wagoneers Lane, 34-Beazer Homes Corp. to Malgorzata B. Wesol-Harris, $412,749.

Warbler Ct., 9-NVR Inc. to Neil Melick, $413,325.

Whitsons Run, 114-FFC Properties Corp. to Julio C. Valle, $267,500.

Woodleigh Lane, 55-Jerold I. Byerly II to Brandie J. Plati, $329,000.