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Prince William and Stafford home sales

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Prince William

These sales data were recorded by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office.


Bathgate Way, 13004-Secy of V. to Juan Sampedro, $255,000.

Clara Barton Dr., 10858-John W. Norman Jr. and Melissa Yusko to Dominion Investment Management, $381,500.

Denham Way, 13735-Daniel E. Shields to Lingyi A. Zheng, $211,500.

Gartney Lane, 12714-Kevin S. Chang to Hee Yun, $250,000.

Hooe Rd., 12208-Nahide Cole to Luay Murad, $184,000.

Lanier Overlook Ct., 8489-Daniel E. Jefferies to James L. Stephens, $387,100.

Moray Firth Way, 12584-Charles K. Graves to David B. Hollingsworth, $430,000.

Saybrooke Dr., 9656-Jose A. Perez to John M. Shaffer, $310,000.

Tygart Lake Dr., 11959-Miller & Smith Homes to Carolina M. Molina, $440,830.


Sanders Lane, 4503-Donald G. Burban to Haw D. Tu and John S. Devere, $480,000.


Ann Arden Ave., 15429-Spriggs Neighborhoods Corp. to Marcus A. Cunningham, $499,990.

Belleville Ave., 14330-John W. Irvin to Jesse C. Peverall, $210,000.

Bismark Ave., 14213-Ana Properties Corp. to Oscar Campos Guillen, $215,000.

Brazil Cir., 15249-Kevin S. Liberty to Steven E. Crime, $192,450.

Cardin Pl., 15003-Britt W. Pritchett to Willie W. Callahan III, $122,000.

Concord Dr., 15123-David W. Lanagan to Carla Fernandez Lujan, $230,000.

Danville Rd., 14614-Mark A. Armstrong to Robert Greeley II, $232,000.

Eastlawn Ave., 4508-MQF Corp. to Syed Latifi, $230,000.

Endsley Turn, 14628-Alma D. Brooks to Wendy L. Caballero, $157,000.

Faith Ct., 14597-John W. and Rhonda L. Moore to George Hall, $370,000.

Gina Pl., 3256-Adrienne Burns to Silvia M. Castano, $215,000.

Hendricks Dr., 4435-Fannie Mae to Dennis R. Dasig, $251,000.

Kerrydale Rd., 13705-Stephen A. McKeown to Kashif Mahmood, $248,000.

Kingswell Dr., 12915-Helmand Investment Corp. to Jose B. Rivera and Wendy F. Beltran, $230,000.

Leatherback Rd., 5114-Charles R. Maynard to James McCoppin, $403,500.

Macdonald Rd., 5346-NVP Inc. to Johnnie L. Butler, $492,000.

Pearson Dr., 4691-Andre Potts to John J. Franklin, $340,000.

Rosewood Dr., 13824-Rhett L. Pfitzner to Kevin G. Kennedy, $310,000.

St. Charles Dr., 5641-Juan Mariaca to Chad S. Wilby, $210,000.

Swallow Ct., 14849-William P. Reckus to Hong Niu, $155,600.

Tenor Ct., 6254-David T. Thompson to Ana Camacho, $320,000.

Trentdale Dr., 12987-Viqas Ejaz to Dongming Li, $281,000.


Belleplain Ct., 3454-Belleplain Court Corp. to Kenneth F. Hoskins, $160,800.

Kilkenny Way, 2980-Bank of New York Mellon to Randir Chhatwal and Dalip Kaur, $200,100.

Possum Point Rd., 17694-Danforth Homes Corp. to Eric Krofah and Evelyn Nyarko, $310,000.

Wilmer Porter Ct., 18001-Ernest L. Staples III to Jose Lopez, $212,000.


Breeders Cup Dr., 13959-Lois R. Cozzi to Charles Bohr, $450,000.

Cerromar Way, 8128-William B. Tew to Christopher Wallace, $277,000.

Crackling Cedar Lane, 8363-Deutsche Bank to Laila Riaz, $390,000.

Edgartown Way, 6718-JLG Corp. to Jonathan M. Motley, $442,000.

Gallery Way, 13912-James J. Porter to Cartus Corp., $470,000.

Landfall Ct., 8128-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Timothy S. Ramlogan, $380,000.

Little Thames Dr., 7186-Fannie Mae to Jeffrey Wheaton, $228,000.

Paper Birch Lane, 12060-Sang Ha Lee to Mica T. Lake, $449,900.

Rio Grande Way, 7539-Phillip Phung to Nandita Bannore, $435,000.

Shelford Way, 14656-Sabrina Jacobs to Mohsen Ghafouri, $171,350.

Tackhouse Ct., 13537-Leigh K. Ciamaga to Jacqueline O. Saravia, $276,000.

Triple Crown Loop, 13085-Citibank to Charles K. Graves, $380,000.


Alderbrook Dr., 15545-Samuel A. Brunetto to Alderbrook Drive Corp., $538,000.

Aster Haven Cir., 6085-Darren Rohlf to Jen H. Yee, $271,000.

Brown Deer Ct., 15587-Albert R. Ford to Matthew Robertson, $459,000.

Fourmile Creek Ct., 15815-Frederick A. Biestek Jr. to Timothy J. Harrison, $340,000.

Greymill Manor Dr., 16006-Scott M. Lichtsinn to Dustin J. Stewart, $335,000.

Myradale Way, 6157-Gabriel Harris to Mohammad Ghafouri, $262,700.

Ryder Cup Dr., 15734-Patrick A. Elliott to Brandon Lark, $577,900.

Tulloch Spring Ct., 5850-Kevin R. Redinger to Merton Cox III, $530,000.

Wythridge Way, 14250-Saadeddine Benfaida to Kenneth Wood, $411,000.


Basilwood Dr., 9512-Robert M. Jones to Hans Nelson, $350,000.

Brenmill Lane, 12551-Keith A. Alexander to Nathan Dewispelaere, $495,200.

Cheshire Ridge Cir., 9776-Kevin Boden to Pamela K. Brunson, $272,000.

Copeland Dr., 10328-David Darcangelis to Louis Kulcsar, $287,000.

Emerald Dr., 7562-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Napaporn Chusuwan, $125,000.

Jordon Hollow Ct., 7621-Bunthoeun Thou to Kyuwon Lee, $196,000.

Lake Forest Dr., 10753-Dennis M. Dececco to Arthur W. Peters, $296,000.

Lyre Ct., 12101-John A. Camm Jr. to Eric W. Schnaible, $664,900.

Moonglow Ct., 10513-Manfredis Ruiz to Thomas S. Helms III, $415,000.

Pamplin Pipe Ct., 15541-Scott V. Sells to Chad D. Raduege, $439,000.

Rebel Walk Dr., 7961-Dina Din to Fulgencio Flores, $245,000.

Sinclair Mill Rd., 8109-Philip P. Buckler III to James T. Brogan III, $600,000.

Winfield Loop, 10640-Michael Barksdale to Andi Theng, $221,340.


Amherst Dr., 7593-Cheryl D. Stacey to PSB Homes, $150,000.

Bull Run Rd., 7402-Jae S. Oum to Isaac A. Makar, $250,550.

Hillcrest Dr., 8150-Connie M. Wiseley to John M. Haynicz, $385,000.

Lone Oak Ct., 8190-Bank of America to Andrew I. Staller and Tiffany R. Bowers, $315,000.

Vermont Pl., 8233-John L. Wolf to Mathew Green, $205,000.


Benecia Lane, 4801-Magda Buzeiche to Thomas J. Moran, $221,000.

Dancing Leaf Pl., 16081-Charles O. Corwin to Kevin L. Susko, $277,400.

Four Seasons Dr., 17280-Debra S. Knisely to Jonathan L. Hacker, $299,900.

Holleyside Dr., 15225-John G. McCracken to Patricia A. Haider and Barbara A. Russo, $385,000.

Kagera Dr., 17409-Lindsay W. Marshall to Stephen M. Knez, $219,900.

Moot Dr., 4261-Ella A. Shivers to Joseph Monahan, $460,000.

Southwood Pl., 4499-Freddie Mac to Mark E. Unroe, $364,000.

Waters Edge Ct., 15333-Dan W. Bredbenner to Daniel E. Zarow, $218,000.


Fitzwater Dr., 12609-Jeffrey L. Frack to Walter L. Kauffman IV, $485,000.

Oxford Ct., 10115-George E. Deeb to Micah C. Annis, $300,000.


Potomac Highlands Cir., 4236-Ivy Meadows Corp. to Carol Slonka, $249,900.


Alaska Rd., 15117-Paola P. Balcazar to Salomonvr Canales, $230,000.

Bali Ct., 3992-Synergy Gateway Corp. to Ghaleb Bou Kaedbey, $305,000.

Bentley Cir., 13517-Jose L. Rodriguez to Bryon L. Hawbecker, $205,000.

Brookville Lane, 3482-Samuel D. Ornelas to Jun Liu, $190,000.

Caroline St., 14212-Armand Guevremont Jr. to Vincent P. Castillo, $236,000.

Chetham Way, 4063-Tanveer A. Sharieff to Dylan Grazier, $185,000.

Covered Bridge Lane, 3544-Deutsche Bank to Kiho Chong, $220,300.

D St., 1314-Alexander Henderson to Victor Cabrera Iglesias, $227,900.

Duckling Pl., 15436-George W. Thomas to Hardee Green, $435,000.

Faversham Way, 1763-Judith J. Schermerhorn to Warren E. Kullberg, $425,000.

Getty Lane, 13510-Sonia D. Rauda to Tony O. Chan, $138,900.

Hedges Run Dr., 12477-Jeffery L. Hazle to Jeffrey D. Bernsen, $375,000.

Imperial Eagle Ct., 16005-Hovnanian Homes to Scott A. McKenna, $494,571.

Jousters Way, 3445-U.S. Bank to Sharon Stokes, $165,000.

Ladymeade Ct., 12236-Moon C. Kim to Patricia Lewis, $130,000.

Mandolin Lane, 12967-Francis J. Berenty to Andy R. Newton, $280,000.

Maryland Ave., 1417-Thao Nguyen to Thac and Duc Lam, $187,000.

Misty Lane, 12854-Virda L. Garmendia to James T. Velesz Jr., $226,700.

Observer Lane, 5026-Thomas M. Wilson to Robert J. Nolan, $880,000.

Peachtree Ct., 3083-Brian K. Stillerman to Adam M. Frick, $300,000.

Powell Dr., 2829-Ramon Alvarez to Mohammad H. Rahman, $376,600.

Rochelle Ct., 1794-Senayet Assefa to May Samoul, $184,500.

Stone Lined Cir., 12779-Ronald L. Harris to Malaika Gaskins, $372,000.

Tecumseh Ct., 3063-Rose A. Walker to Kevin C. Conroy, $235,000.

Tupelo Ct., 3609-Angel Garcia Sosa to Michel Kabia and Umu Z. Jalloh, $349,800.

Winona Dr., 12101-Paul S. Knick to David K. Larrimore, $237,500.

Wythe Ct., 2918-Luz Corp. to Jose Lopez, $165,000.

Stafford County

These sales data were recorded by the Stafford County Commissioner of the Revenue.

Alba Rd., 411-NVR Inc. to John Miller, $222,905.

Baron Ct., 12-Christine S. Parker to Christopher Michel, $370,000.

Beech Tree Ct., 3-Ryan M. Gindhart to Richard I. Hutson, $279,000.

Bergamot Dr., 15-Augustine Homes Corp. to Michael Clay, $775,107.

Carissa Ct., 7-Troy A. Roberts to Matthew R. Dusoe, $273,000.

Chamonix Dr., 402-Judson L. Powers Jr. to Michael A. Woodcock Jr., $325,000.

Courthouse Rd., 2092-Foundation Residential Corp. to Matthew A. Hernandez, $198,000.

Cropp Rd., 340-David L. Johnson to Ryan D. Harding, $275,000.

Darbywood Ct., 14-Andrew Sekela to Brookfield Relocation Inc., $275,000.

Donovan Lane, 174-Drees Company to Kimberly I. St. Clair, $541,618.

Farragut Dr., 2015-Edgar Jimenez to Virginia C. Graham, $218,400.

Forest Pointe Way, 4-Edwin D. Arocho to Brian D. Fisher, $210,000.

Harbour Dr., 1206-Paul A. Brown to Kevin D. Gilson, $400,000.

Holly Dr., 126-Edwin E. Perdomo to Rudis A. Perdomo, $149,500.

Joseph Ct., 13-John Shumpert to Brendan J. Heatherman, $291,000.

Kings Crest Dr., 1312-Richard Cardona Diaz and Sonia Rosario Robles to Kristen Verbus, $185,000.

Lakeview Dr., 1065-Churchill Corp. to Patricia W. Crowder, $170,000.

Little Brook Cir., 13-Pedro Romero to Jhony Nina, $160,000.

Lyndale Ct., 204-Susan Keys to Bradley J. and Siri C. Ross, $130,000.

Mayfair Pl., 207-Michael J. Stonehill to Marcus D. Brice, $189,000.

Morningmist Dr., 2-Winfield A. Conliffe to Grover Molina Vasquez, $310,000.

Nugent Dr., 44-Edward L. Richardson to Brett E. Racine, $435,000.

Palisades Dr., 44-Crystal Lustig to Scott A. Bigley, $458,000.

Pierre Emmanuel Ct., 19-Kevin Adams to Timothy Farrell, $299,500.

Potomac Hills Dr., 504-Alida Giannettino to Ryan Schwarzell, $185,000.

Ramsey Dr., 1-NVR Inc. to Willie Harris, $115,000.

Regency Dr., 17-Daniel W. Kendzie to Thomas A. Kendzie, $288,000.

Royal Crescent Way, 28-Justin D. Singleton to Dustin A. Rorabaugh, $317,000.

Ryland Rd., 15-Steven W. Wood to Hal T. Miller, $220,000.

St. Stephens Ct., 2-FFC Properties to Daniel T. Wright, $354,300.

Shore Dr., 36-Donald J. Parks to Roger D. Hendrick, $585,000.

Spotted Tavern Rd., 103-Bank of America to Justin Lindquist, $88,600.

Staunton Ct., 200-Rosie B. Young to Matthew Green, $160,000.

Village Grove Rd., 35-Wells Fargo Bank to Hector Sarria, $280,000.

Wilderness Ct., 22-Andrew C. Hicks to Steven A. Cater, $490,000.


These sales data were recorded by the City of Fredericksburg Commissioner of the Revenue.

Barton St., 900, No. 306-Irene J. Gill to Stephen D. Stoyanoff, $235,000.

Canal St., 306-Foundation Residential Corp. to John C. Wilmer, $172,000.

Caroline St., 1506-Lynda M. Hurley to Lindsay V. Janney, $310,000.

Deerwood Dr., 430-Classic Properties Corp. to David C. Goodwin, $220,000.

Graham Dr., 1502-William Harmon to Sang Ho Na, $305,000.

Hampton St., 1123-Keith W. Ludwick to Margaret Gooden Hill, $225,000.

Kinloch Cir., 2-Frederick J. Weindelmayer to Gregory P. Greven, $263,000.

Lafayette Blvd., 556-Brandon C. Boles to David B. Lando, $170,000.

Mercer St., 916-Thomas E. Wheeler III to Olaf Herrick, $225,000.

Walker Dr., 1204-Daniel E. Lesher to Linwood Johnson Jr., $375,000.

Walker Dr., 1319-Ashleigh A. Rabe to Adam Gaglio, $375,000.

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