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Prince William

These sales data were recorded by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office.


Country Mill Dr., 12037-Oscar Cisneros to Joshua L. Kusich, $267,000.

Eredine Way, 9542-Norman A. Frizzle to Charles F. Bettis, $260,000.

Golders Green Pl., 13193-Jose C. Corrales to Aaron C. Riggs, $245,000.

Invergordon St., 13087-Wells Fargo Bank to Pooja Behl, $525,000.

Maitland Loop, 9822-Omar Mendez to Kyle T. Homan, $234,900.

Penzance Lane, 12341-Thomas C. Tobin to William A. Amesse, $285,000.

Slate Stone Loop, 9077-Munis Saini to Michael Nunnally, $250,000.

United Park Way, 12300-Gerald A. Lopez Jr. to John H. Wood, $492,000.


Beale Ct., 3454-Flor Rodriguez to Natashea R. Orange, $145,000.

Bluefin Dr., 14045-Robert A. Burtt Jr. to James M. Barksdale, $289,950.

Box Turtle Ct., 5336-Eric K. Enders to Andrew Fulford, $395,000.

Cardin Pl., 15101-Donnell Lewis to Sardar F. Nisar, $140,000.

Charles Ewell Lane, 5155-Brian Robertson to Robert M. Salyer, $458,000.

Chula Pl., 15218-Thomas Fries to Todd J. Schmidt, $434,000.

Dutch Elm Ct., 3913-Stafford W. Ouderkirk to Alexander E. and Blanca C. Magee, $502,875.

Evey Turn, 14816-Fannie Mae to Eduardo Virgo Rios, $202,000.

Hadwin Pl., 5173-Sumayia Abdelhadi to Ali H. Rana, $217,000.

Hemingway Dr., 4215-Bank of New York Mellon to Mayra Cisneros, $186,900.

Kendall Dr., 4512-Freddie Mac to Christy L. Owens, $197,000.

Kogan Dr., 14690-Bank of America to Anthony J. Connelly, $456,900.

Lindendale Rd., 13620-Francis X. Alexander Jr. to Maria E. Hussein, $224,000.

Macdonald Rd., 5306-NVP Inc. to Ian C. Clarke, $628,710.

Newtone Ct., 5645-Tibor Molnar to Angel Flores, $230,500.

Park Ct. S., 4763-Khurram Ehsan and Saqib Ihsan to Steven Kot, $170,000.

Ponhill Dr., 6073-Anderson Court Corp. to Lamond Reese, $273,000.

Rahill Ct., 14157-Donald E. Trant Jr. to Cynthia Onamakinde, $215,000.

Roundtree Dr., 5689-JLG Investments Corp. to Charles Mitchell Jr., $250,000.

Springbrook Ct., 14378-Jerusha T. Lamptey to Maria D. Del Cid, $236,000.

Ticket Way, 6061-Travis J. Weller to Israel M. Severich, $255,000.


Francis West Lane, 16821-Christopher Wood to Anuradha Rayamajhi, $230,000.

Sligo Loop, 17367-Arshad Mahmood to Lillie R. McComb, $235,000.

Toms River Loop, 16946-RNP Real Estate to Fatima Umana, $219,000.


Brunson Cir., 7314-NVR Inc. to Lawrence P. Gillett Jr., $296,590.

Cedar Branch Dr., 7754-Carli E. Weber to Ashton S. Walker, $254,900.

Crescent Park Dr., 7927-Patricia L. Franklin to Andrew T. Nance, $275,000.

Gaffney Cir., 15060-Marcelo Arredondo to Andrew Hillers, $277,500.

Heredity Lane, 5417-Wade W. Preston to Stephen E. Foulke, $500,000.

Landfall Ct., 8142-MSM Properties to Robert and Michelle Fraser, $385,000.

Longmeade Ct., 13701-Fayrene Ball to David W. Foulk, $268,000.

Marlow St., 14582-Kurt A. Thornton to Julio C. Ojeda, $218,000.

Paper Birch Lane, 12036-Bank of America to Phirun C. Thach and Jie Yu, $516,500.

Redtailed Ct., 8812-Enrique M. Lucero to Julian Ho, $515,000.

Saddle Run Way, 6840-Wellford H. and Frances G. Moore to Donna A. Dennis, $440,000.

Timothy Dr., 14050-William S. Grammer to Thomas M. Chirdon and Janna L. Yetter, $366,500.

Witton Cir., 6830-Michael C. Glynn to Ginger D. McClellan, $307,500.


Ashby Grove Loop, 6545-Arnold M. Kinkead to Ferdinand Large, $467,000.

Chamberry Cir., 14479-Stephen E. Foulke to William E. Bartheld, $620,000.

Greenhill Crossing Dr., 14916-William P. Forster to Jason Ross, $414,900.

Keavy Ridge Ct., 14700-Christopher A. Flores to Robert J. Potter, $430,000.

Myradale Way, 6165-Anthony Budzichowski to Amir A. Pirasteh, $290,000.

Plain Tree Way, 5240-Earle L. Knudson to Dale L. Gerdts, $610,000.

Stepping Stone Dr., 15082-Sammie Walton to John K. Ramsey, $425,000.

Turnberry Dr., 15460-Frederick J. Wunderlich to Martha J. Covert, $645,000.

Wheelwright Way, 5623-Michael S. Sterzer to Charles F. McGinn, $370,000.


Asheville St., 10160-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Tuan Nguyen, $147,000.

Cherry Oak Ct., 8858-Dolores A. Rubio to Claudia C. Mejia, $136,000.

Copeland Dr., 10130-Carissa C. Barry to Rene Perez Chacon, $210,000.

Fincastle Dr., 5909-Christopher M. Glass to Steven J. Matias, $455,000.

Hamowell St., 14512-JLG Investments Corp. to Julia R. Mcwain, $215,000.

Humphrey Lane, 8218-Tao D. Nguyen to Noorullah Ahmadzai, $263,000.

Kessler Pl., 11312-Aaron Smith to Cristina Green, $232,000.

Mcgrath Rd., 8365-Robert B. Harrover to Bryan D. Hollister, $300,000.

Natick Dr., 13474-Gloria Bohan to Eustaquio Castro Mendoza, $445,000.

Omega Lane, 6081-Daniel D. Fulk to Charles F. Breeden, $315,000.

Sabre Ct., 7827-Donald E. Wheeler Jr. to Ri Xiong Dong, $200,000.

Toddsbury Lane, 15543-Roger B. Mumford to Jeffrey A. Sorrell, $477,000.

Wallace Lane, 8332-David W. Howell to Qi Sun, $255,000.

Wedgewood Dr., 7630-Dominion Investment Management to Felix R. Garduno, $169,950.


Lake Dr., 7812-Complete Builders Suppliers to Aqeel S. Karim, $449,500.

Moore Dr., 10119-Alice Pires to Douglas W. Grubbs and Robin L. Jones, $565,000.

Twin Beech Ct., 6900-Richard E. Creps to David L. Seyer, $410,000.


Beacon Ct., 15694-George F. Sheppard to David L. Thomas II, $345,000.

Cogenbury Ct., 4300-John M. Purcell Jr. to Sami M. Hussein, $475,000.

Edgewood Dr., 15765-Spencer W. Sagudan to John R. Earle, $259,700.

Four Seasons Dr., 17405-Gordon M. Hobbs to Kevin J. Palgutt, $410,000.

Jonathan Ct., 4332-Fannie Mae to Eric Verchot and Aaron Ware, $215,000.

Marshlake Lane, 4968-Kevin M. Ksanznak to Matthew W. Stanco, $192,000.

Taconic Cir., 16152-Fannie Mae to Thi H. Tran, $200,000.

Woodglen Ct., 15016-John Tom to Brian J. Levis, $345,000.


Smithwood Ct., 13600-Bank of America to Adam Fontaine, $262,500.


Poplar Alley, 124-Thomas D. Duling to David H. Martin, $190,000.


Woolfenden Ct., 3420-Wesley Brewster to Brenda L. McCall, $410,000.


Aiden Dr., 1404-Oscar A. Rodriguez to Roberto Febus, $170,000.

Ann Scarlet Ct., 1742-Jae J. Won to Fredy Vasquez Flores, $312,300.

Avocet Loop, 15675-Karl D. Crnkovich and James D. Burke to Kyle Zhai and Fan Sun, $270,000.

Beechtree Lane, 2781-Shamim Malik to Karina M. Bejarano, $195,000.

Berwick Pl., 4409-Douglas J. Richardson Jr. to Eddie Gonzalez, $430,000.

Bowline Loop, 2076-Valerie F. McCauley to Eyassu W. Berhanu and Mikyas E. Wossen, $220,019.

Carolyn Forest Dr., 13001- Jean O. Jenkins to Mohammad Azim and Nasima Parveen, $180,000.

Chevington Ct., 726-Philip Chambers to Ronald W. Brann Jr., $338,501.

Corcyra Ct., 3271-Linda A. Ahearn to Eric L. Castillo, $276,400.

Crest Dr., 16023-James E. Elliott Sr. to Armando Reyes Alfaro, $195,000.

Dara Dr., 12656-Rondel L. Jones to Liang Peng, $86,600.

Eden Lane, 12417-Rosario and Luis A. Vargas to Mir K. Mortazavi, $235,000.

Gailemont Ct., 11755-James R. Newland Jr. to Troy L. Littles, $610,000.

Gardenview Loop, 1049-Vincent G. Ogrodny to Anish Gupta, $120,500.

Hartlake St., 3965-Bethany Richards to John Morris, $282,500.

Idaho St., 1422-Charles Calvert to Carlos R. Palacios, $220,000.

Jedburg Lane, 12635-Robert S. Baily to Rolando Tannoya, $218,500.

Kentshire Dr., 15102-Selim Ahmed to Jonathan P. Weeks, $260,600.

Lighthouse Lane, 12728-Thomas M. Jessup to Trilce Castillo, $195,000.

Lord Culpeper Ct., 15268-Johnny L. Elliott to Steven Drah, $344,000.

Manchester Way, 12347-Matthew E. McQuinn to Christopher Vandayburg, $274,900.

Marsala Ct., 2912-Jason C. Herald to Faisal Shamshad, $180,000.

Michie Ct., 13064-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Thomas C. Redford, $540,000.

Miranda Ct., 2649-Karen M. Risdon to Catherine Delisle, $214,000.

Newcastle Loop, 12321-Mark S. Minnick to Ayman Shamshad, $175,000.

Olmstead Lane, 16093-David W. Shildneck to Herbert W. McCoy, $393,000.

Perchance Terr., 12683-Deutsche Bank to Farshid Assadzadeh, $233,500.

Randall Dr., 14111-Ralph E. Stone to Ibraid G. C. Nolasco, $195,000.

Rock Ridge Lane, 13157-Sap Realty Corp. to Bryan Cordova, $234,590.

Stoneford Dr., 12106-Ronald W. Elder to Farzin and Mitra Khanjani, $239,500.

Taverner Loop, 13000-Dewey E. Duncan to Omar M. Hamidi, $430,000.

Tiger Lily Cir., 1839-David G. Prahl to Melody and Barbara Valier, $165,000.

Varsity Dr., 1716-Cristobal Rodas to Laura Vasquez, $147,300.

Wildflower Ct., 11509-John J. Czekanski to Robert J. Hill, $410,000.

Winding Loop, 14811-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Jawad A. Amiri, $177,100.

Yale Ct., 3141-John S. Bachman to Erin Brinton, $219,000.

Stafford County

These sales data were recorded by the Stafford County Commissioner of the Revenue.

Acadia St., 51-Deutsche Bank to Patrick Finnigan Sr., $208,199.

Battery Point Dr., 60-Pulte Home Corp. to Jerry P. Price, $327,600.

Bethel Church Rd., 431-Joseph H. Sesky to Tina Marie Johns, $200,000.

Brentsmill Dr., 19-Barron D. Benroth to Matthew A. Phillips, $350,000.

Chaps Lane, 98-Anthony Garbo to Felicia Grant, $345,000.

Cherry Hill Dr., 72-George F. Henderson to Roman P. Karas, $542,000.

Christopher Way, 7-Terry M. Dozier to Christopher T. Kannan, $400,000.

Collingwood Dr., 425-Michael S. Abaie to David Henderson, $320,000.

Cornerstone Dr., 32-Hovnanian Homes to Jason Roberts, $354,165.

Cropp Rd., 470-Charles Mallery to Tyler Holmouist, $367,000.

Dabney Ct., 1-Leeland Station Corp. to Stephen J. Davis, $275,000.

Edwards Dr., 521-Alexander Henderson to Theodore T. Garrett, $225,000.

Galway Lane, 308-Carlos R. Ceballos to Brian M. Rothstein, $170,000.

Halifax Ct., 25-Oelg Vinogradov to Clifford C. Wakeman, $345,000.

Hermitage Dr., 6-Celebrity Ventures Corp. to James K. Pearson, $550,000.

Innsbrook Ct., 46-Robert E. Desanto to Peter A. Wettergreen, $450,000.

John Paul Jones Dr., 1015-Edith A. Schafer to Martin C. Sprick, $299,000.

Kings Crest Dr., 1002-Navy FCU to Sherithan T. A. Lokko, $177,000.

Little Brook Cir., 14-Christopher A. Bowers to Christine M. Agnellini, $237,500.

Mediterranean Dr., 3015-SRB Corp. to Tomas R. Armenta, $267,500.

Niday Dr., 41-Brookfield Woodstream to Kimberly Holdeman, $314,186.

Ontell Ct., 21-John T. Yanvary to Nicole M. Arena, $285,000.

Pike Pl., 52-Anibal Ramos to Cidalia M. Ramos, $334,000.

Potomac Dr., 1002-Paul F. Catanzarite to Victoria A. Gross, $440,000.

Renegade Dr., 360-Atlantic Builders to Joel K. Feaster II, $460,253.

Ripley Rd., 42-Jon Dewberry to Tyvon J. Petway, $335,000.

Runyon Dr., 21-NVR Inc. to Daryl Washington, $420,115.

Storck Mill Rd., 21-Waterview Enterprises Inc. to Joseph T. Meyers III, $279,900.

Turtle Creek Way, 17-U. S. Bank to James W. Bonner, $139,900.

Wayside Ct., 39-Ashleigh Corp. to Angelita Tuazon, $115,000.

Widewater Rd., 382-Jack E. Frazier to Douglas W. Willams, $243,500.

Woodleigh Lane, 71-Christopher D. Sheehan to Daniel S. Barb, $403,000.


These sales data were recorded by the City of Fredericksburg Commissioner of the Revenue.

Amelia St., 207-John Pezzlo to Saranna Corp., $425,000.

Amelia St., 306-Laura F. Hayford to Philip H. Robins, $450,000.

Bright St., 815-Kathryn Nicole Seay Rackley to Kenneth Newcomer, $246,000.

Cobblestone Blvd., 701, No. 101-Kathleen Carr to Robert Anthony Hill, $197,950.

Dandridge St., 1321-John Gassert to Craig A. Slaughter, $245,000.

Dixon St., 1301-Bank of New York Mellon to Joseph and Angelo Dilauro, $259,900.

Everett Ct., 1000-George A. Costenbader to Hillar C. Lago, $297,500.

Hanover St., 904-Linda M. Laarman to Angela R. Matney, $283,500.

Hawke St., 306-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Robert T. Koeze, $150,100.

Hotchkiss Ct., 1007-Ruthanne Len to Todd D. Headington, $309,000.

Hotchkiss Pl., 1044-Gerald P. Gibbons III to Erick T. Fletcher, $245,000.

Maureen Dr., 1015-Patricia H. Berry to William R. Burrell, $355,000.

Mortimer Ave., 807-Roger Joseph Bourdon to Jared D. Swearingen, $455,000.

Normandy Ave., 3111-Cynthia G. Blake to William M. Scaife, $158,000.

Pelham St., 616-Timothy B. Roberts to Brandon C. Velez and Corinne Y. Boutin, $185,000.

Princess Anne St., 306-Mark W. Smith to James G. Harris, $380,000.