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Prince William

These sales data were recorded by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office.


Benchmark Lane, 8951-John C. and Tracy W. Lamb to Linda J. Kuligowski, $293,000.

Darnaway Ct., 10034-Alex and Stephanie J. Fitch to David Duran, $400,000.

General Cooke Dr., 11832-Charles Brown to Raymond and Mary Paul, $425,000.

Lake Preston Ct., 9193-Miller & Smith Homes to Walter J. and Emily A. Easterbrook, $364,100.

Stainsby Ct., 11104-William B. and Deliese R. Ganzert to Frank and Sarah Sandau, $475,000.

Victory Lakes Loop, 12689-Jonathan Smith to Maritza E. Gutierrez, $455,000.


Beale Ct., 3486-Lung Dinh to David Rodda, $130,000.

Braddock Dr., 3418-Farmingdale Ventures Corp. to Jose R. Rodriguez Minero, $196,000.

Castle Hill Dr., 3528-Samuel Reynolds to Neil J. Pfortsch, $160,000.

Cloyd Way, 14694-Bank of America to Ingrid Umana, $289,900.

Downey Ct., 14803-Curtis E. and Lynette Johnson to Fatmata Rahman, $225,000.

Esquarre Ct., 3318-William C. Johnson to Frances H. Dong, $165,000.

Fallbrook Lane, 14196-Terry R. Newcomer to Jorge Zelaya Zrgueta, $230,000.

George Frye Cir., 4344-Kenneth E. Pitcher to Robert Hicks, $498,000.

Kenny Rd., 13289-Nabeel Khan to Jason Williams, $310,000.

Keystone Dr., 13314-Mary Ruth Junger to Household Realty Corp., $145,626.

Kitten Ct., 13284-Tomas Estrada to Edwin Andrade, $214,100.

Lynhurst Dr., 13908-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Jose Espinoza, $200,100.

Neddleton Ave., 5652-Theresa O. Agyeeman to Samuel Nii and Patience Osardu, $210,000.

Roundtree Dr., 5659-Beneficial Financial to Victor Harper, $235,000.

Torrence Pl., 4420-Marcia A. McCrimmon to Yosief Kiflemariam, $250,000.


Antrim Cir., 3103-Buddy L. and Debra A. Billington to Terance R. Cox, $225,000.

Dahlgren Pl., 3631-IM Investments Corp. to Yanira Hernandez, $135,000.

Tulip Tree Pl., 3104-Wells Fargo Bank to Hardeep S. and Meet K. Dhingra, $350,000.


Atkins Way, 6517-P2P Team Corp. to Kristan L. Trout, $470,000.

Clubhouse Rd., 14192-James P. Brown to Joel T. Herring, $432,500.

Ferrier Ct., 6160-Katherine Inglef to David R. Domnitch and Ally Stoeger, $385,000.

Link Hills Loop, 8412-Eleanor K. Clarke to Craig D. Norris, $600,000.

Paper Birch Lane, 12092-Kim and Kheng Sun Chhay to Yaoying Qu, $430,000.

Street Cry Ct., 6815-Tai H. and Yoon O. Kim to Kenmaur Corp., $499,000.

Tysons Oaks Ct., 8005-Donald E. Smith to Jonathan Strobele, $602,000.

Yellow Hammer Dr., 8804-Ross W. Youens to Severo Garza, $339,000.


Allens Mill Blvd., 4641-J. Scott Carter to Cartus Financial Corp., $442,500.

Ashby Grove Loop, 6414-James A. McGlasson to Karl J. Jarvis Sr., $470,000.

Golf View Dr., 15173-Douglas D. Fulmer to Christopher L. Kronzer, $555,000.

Mackenzie Manor Dr., 15888-Stephan Winkler to Edward J. Miller, $310,000.

October Way, 15490-Bill Bolen to Richard Cummins, $725,000.

Ryder Cup Dr., 15664-Clay A. and Bridget S. Morris to James P. and Stephanie L. Brown, $572,000.

Solheim Cup Dr., 5657-Thomas L. Vittitow II to Michael J. Mohan, $349,000.


Community Dr., 8153-IM Investment Corp. to Fenny Torres, $145,000.

Damascus Dr., 9714-Chen Pan and Minqi Wu to Milton and Silenia Lavayen, $225,000.

Etheridge Lane, 6346-Kent D. and Carole D. McClure to Sean B. and Sara Baldwin, $489,900.

Genna Lane, 10468-Patrick Adumua and Summer D. Meyers to Kishiro and Tawanna Easterling, $364,000.

Hillis Ct., 9296-Richard and Lisa Ross to Margaret Crigger, $345,000.

Lomond Dr., 9813-Foundation Residential Corp. to Christopher G. Patten, $238,000.

Navarone Pl., 10386-Jerry F. and Ellen T. Kidwell to Thomas P. and Frances M. Reynolds, $427,900.

Pennycress St., 10957-Natalie D. Ward to Randy G. and Ruth A. Davis, $310,000.

St. Croix Lane, 10466-Ryan and Amanda Fitzpatrick to Allison Holliday, $225,000.

Winfield Loop, 10626-Felicia Okai Koi to Rajeev Kumar, $205,000.


Cello Way, 8152-Ngoc Hang Tran to Rohit Mehta and Puja Wadhwa, $290,000.

Newton Pl., 8636-Terry J. and Nichole L. Urban to Ram Real Estate, $165,200.


Dancing Leaf Pl., 16143-Frederick C. Frey to Dwight C. Van Tassell, $280,000.

Golf Club Dr., 15517-Timothy E. and Francine Deane to William T. and Julie M. Steinhardt, $475,000.

Maple Glen Ct., 15055-Pamela Marakowits to Stephanie D. Woodson, $175,000.

Widewater Dr., 15770-Douglas P. and Geralyn M. Miller to Willie P. and Jessica S. Johnson, $261,500.


Fitzwater Dr., 12917-Kimberly L. Herring to Scott and Kimberly Jacobs, $240,000.

Umbrella Pl., 10019-Sylvia A. and Luis E. Torres to David and Cathy Cho, $380,700.


Forestburg Lane, 4522-RMA Investments Corp. to Muhammad Asghar, $82,000.

Masthead Trail, 3696-Ashleigh Corp. to Mohammed N. and Ferdous A. Alam, $127,000.


Arabian Pl., 12274-David G. Petitt to Sheila A. Hensley, $158,000.

Blackjack Oak Lane, 16767-Jessica A. Donaldson to Jeremy Scott, $260,000.

Canvasback Ct., 15577-Mark Caldwell to Bank of America, $488,000.

Catenary Dr., 16253-Michael T. Miller to Joyce A. Beverly, $400,000.

Chetham Way, 4064-Brent Duncan to Katherine Hanson, $187,000.

Crossfield Way, 14559-Niamah and Chezare Ewing to Paul L. and Sharon L. Damren, $315,000.

Darnley Rd., 12128-Keith B. Marcoe to John M. Demko, $539,950.

Edgemoor Ct., 11290-Mary E. Boyd to Arthur Keith, $210,000.

Evansport Pl., 12824-Melissa Ritenour to Nila Ritenour, $193,000.

Fort Lyon Dr., 3428-Timothy M. and Anne M. Kelley to Justin C. and Marissa L. Burcham, $267,000.

Harvard St., 3149-Gilberto Valdez to Seyed Tadayon, $155,000.

Horseshoe Lane, 15514-Silvia P. Sanchez to Jesse and Barbara Rose, $100,000.

Indus Dr., 16108-Veri Faught to David Faught, $275,000.

Lighthouse Lane, 12732-David N. Devight to Levi M. Young, $259,000.

Longview Dr. W., 2391-Ana L. Mendez to Abbas Hamad, $254,900.

Marsala Ct., 2908-Teresa W. Brooks and Jack Calvin Brooks to IRAP Corp., $165,000.

Montgomery Ave., 2222-Nu Egg Co. to Marques Chavez and Brooke Barker, $244,900.

Pickwick Lane, 3328-Israel S. and Christine K. Terrazas to Craig McClellan and Melanie Morgan, $291,000.

Truffle Oak Pl., 2927-Loammi Israel to James Koomson, $250,000.

Windy Leaf Ct., 13208-Raymond J. Houk and Dawn A. Houk to Antoine F. Lym and Anta Filipsone, $368,000.


These sales data were recorded by the City of Manassas Commissioner of the Revenue.

Bayberry Ave., 9256-Barbara M. Spelman and Roy W. Fletcher to Rodney C. Jones, $260,000.

Crozier Ct., 8465, No. 202-OneWest Bank to Mark Smyers, $114,000.

Hampton Rd., 9915-Juliette Dublin Joseph to George R. Soliman, $140,000.

Holly Grove Ct., 8243-Joshua K. Strong and Melissa S. Hernandez to Luis Mora Quesada and Paula Vargas De Rojas, $255,000.

Liberia Ave., 8616-Ramiro Albornoz to Janeth Balderrama, $160,000.

Maury Lane, 9831-Milestone Property Group to Jing Zhao, $115,000.

Peabody St., 8923-Joseph Fortuna Jr. to Geneva Ferrando and Michael T. Elkins, $420,000.

Whitworth Lane, 10258-Richmond American Homes to Jacquetta Conant, $375,000.

Witch Hazel Way, 9327-Steven Hickman to Maurice F. Steward, $155,000.

Manassas Park

These sales data were recorded by the Manassas Park Office of the City Assessor.

Alpine St., 111-David Hensel to Song Kim, $230,000.

Cabbel Dr., 223-Roy G. Holdaway and Phyllis A. Castillo to Coskun K. Andolsun, $159,900.

Cabbel Dr., 241-Betty M. Hughes to Browyn M. Cook, $226,000.

Stafford County

These sales data were recorded by the Stafford County Commissioner of the Revenue.

Aquia Dr., 1237-Richard Clark to Packanack Corp., $175,000.

Austin Dr., 219-Saul Atilio Contreras to Elias Martinez, $116,500.

Barksdale Pl., 308-Kurt E. Morine to SRB Corp., $151,500.

Carlsbad Dr., 31-Melvin K. Carey Jr. to Jordan J. Yeager, $234,000.

Charter Gate Dr., 43-BC Stafford Corp. to Jose L. Davila, $289,835.

Cherry Laurel Dr., 60-Navy FCU to Steven J. McClane, $221,000.

Columbia Way, 5-Augustine Homes Corp. to Angella Johnson, $435,175.

Forbes St., 415-Teresa Diane Jonas to Drake W. Ward, $155,000.

Glen Allen Ct., 7-Leeland Station Corp. to Jonathan Stratton, $494,490.

Grouse Pointe Dr., 950-Hour Homes at Stafford Manor to Joseph A. Parage, $447,055.

Hatchers Run Ct., 401-Florentina Hidalgo to Supornari Webbert, $165,000.

Ilona Ct., 208-Fannie Mae to Jason Gregoire, $137,900.

Karen Terr., 2104-Wells Fargo Bank to David Beavers, $195,000.

Marshall Pl., 16-Carlos L. Brooks to Nathan M. Johnston, $205,000.

Mendota Way, 50-Pulte Home Corp. to James B. Musgrove, $348,740.

Montpelier Dr., 302-Mary A. Weeks to Foundation Residential Corp., $199,000.

Peacock Station Dr., 38-Amy L. Asher to Michael C. Galu, $313,000.

Puritan Pl., 28-Mark J. Terra to Stone Financing Corp., $299,900.

Remington Ct., 5-Frank Vitiello to Michael S. Vitiello, $325,000.

Rosedale Dr., 4-Churchill Corp. to Charles F. Bryan, $332,290.

St. Roberts Dr., 64-Anibal Ramos to Darryl A. Cherry, $285,000.

Spring Ct., 5-Steven Brady to Peter Schuster, $225,000.

Sylvan Ct., 13-Deutsche Bank to Christina Robins, $140,400.

Titanic Dr., 3237-Aaronal Homes to Chad E. Carter, $395,000.

Wateredge Lane, 99-Valerie R. Kendzie to Kurt R. Larson, $710,000.

White Oak Rd., 658-Herbert M. Wilson Jr. to Jesus Bermudez, $137,000.

Wren Way Ct., 13-Jeramy P. Cook to Derek Cole Sanders, $347,500.


These sales data were recorded by the City of Fredericksburg Commissioner of the Revenue.

Elm St., 425-Calene A. Curtis to Otis T. Light, $200,000.

Hilltop Lane, 701-Floyd C. Williams to Steven J. Slominski, $285,000.

Idlewild Blvd., 1407-Robert T. Guzman to Alioune S. Diop, $310,000.

Lee Ave., 702-Shane H. Reid to Denise Lynn Benson, $401,750.

Linden Ave., 3102-H.G. Properties to Kelly A. Wright, $159,900.

Rann Ct., 434-Amlock Investment Corp. to Tonnie Villines, $89,900.

River Walk St., 1010-FFC Properties to Arnel Arellano, $300,000.