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Prince William County

Benton Lake Rd., 11897-Gerald C. and Abbie B. Achatz to Sheryl A. Matthews, $314,900.

Catletts Station Ct., 10868-David and Barbara J. Bryant to Nikki T. Nguyen and Phuong Huynh, $400,000.

Dunnegan Head Pl., 13201-Thomas N. Miller and Equity Trustees to Braintree Investments, $356,000.

General Cooke Dr., 11774-Recontrust Co. and Alg Trustee Corp. to Beeren and Barry Investments, $341,000.

Haltwhistle Ct., 12531-Theodore Hawkins to Mark P. and Tina R. Hedberg, $385,000.

Moxleys Ford Lane, 10064-Kristin Flanders to Pedro K. Kritselis, $210,000.

Ribbon Falls Loop, 9131-William D. and Jill M. Holmes to Brett J. and Robin E. Cullen, $324,000.

Saybrooke Dr., 9640-Michael J. Colgan Jr. to Todd Webber, $337,000.

Tenth Alabama Way, 10470-Bank of New York Mellon to Herve and Claudine Assouman, $285,000.


Boxwood Farms Dr., 12460-John David to Aaron Welling, $420,000.


Buffalo Ct., 3512-Federal National Mortgage Association to Jorge A. Castaneda and Elba A. Menjibar, $181,500.

Cardinal Crest Dr., 4020-Jeremiah S. Owoh to Todd Smith, $316,800.

Dodson Dr., 14811-Hammad Hassan to Fulgencio C. and Ronald Yucra, $250,000.

Ensor Ct., 14841-S.E. Commercial Investments to Sarai Navarrete, $171,500.

Findley Rd., 3812-Jose Luis Lopez to Mahbubur Rahman and Abdul Gafur, $158,000.

Gracelyn Ct., 5517-Spriggs Neighborhoods to Lorenzia D. and Debra J. Henderson, $451,990.

Greenbriar Dr., 13709-Nu Egg Co. to Robert W. Marda, $237,000.

Kenmar Dr., 13027-Kathy L. Wescott to Amer Deeb Oweis, $225,000.

Kimbrough Lane, 12907-Mario Porter to Prince L. Kim and Desiree A. Morris, $222,000.

Lynwood Dr., 5004-Stargate to Ambrosio Herrera and Rigoberto Medina, $250,000.

Meeting Pl., 5142-Paula J. Morris to Timothy J. Denman, $217,850.

Nickleson Dr., 13326-Bank of New York Mellon to Coskun K. Andolsun, $203,000.

Palm Rd., 13729-Recontrust Co. and Alg Trustee Corp. to Dominion Investment Management, $222,500.

Portal Ct., 6209-Federal National Mortgage Association to Mark A. Aiesi, $275,000.

Queen Chapel Rd., 13048-Ridgefield Woods Corp. to Harry L. and Retha M. Davis, $664,419.

Sailstone Lane, 5703-Forestdale Corp. to Christina M.P. and Todd M. Wynn, $268,000.

Stacys Ridge Ct., 15408-Curtis E. Bradley to Anthony R. Bennett, $400,000.


Curtis Dr., 17855-Jose R. and Blanca A. Cruz to Omar Leon, $112,000.

Lounsbery Dr., 17893-Gilberto S. Lopez and Lauren K. Saravia to Haf 1 Real Estate, $163,000.

Reservoir Loop, 16661-Cartus Corp. to Aklilu Tefera and Webnesh Nigatu, $349,900.


Bullen Bluff Terr., 6567-Margaret J. and Kristan L. Trout to Rebecca P. Marshall, $325,000.

Chelmsford Dr., 13891-Edwin F. and Linda J. Plummer to Fayrene Ball, $225,000.

Conley Pl., 6929-Stone Financing to Amy Kolos, $374,900.

Gaffney Cir., 15030-Bank of America to Wells Fargo, $294,800.

Kamehameha Pl., 8018-DLJ Mortgage Capital to Judy Handshy, $389,900.

Loftridge Lane, 17052-James C. Kerns and Professional Foreclosure Corp. to Bank of New York Mellon, $335,000.

Maurine Ct., 4790-David H. and Ruby L. Sheradsky to Edward J. and Kathryn W. Palmer, $416,000.

Susquehanna Rd., 6920-Michael D. and Nadine M. Hollingsworth to Marcos A. Suarez and Admarys Allones, $333,000.

Virginia Oaks Dr., 7839-John H. and Janice M. Ablard to Richard M. and Kimberly A. Pace, $518,000.

Wild Raspberry Ct., 13900-John C. and Amber L. Turner to Christopher and Sara E. Pownall, $329,900.


Aster Haven Cir., 6054-Bank of America to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, $278,525.

Crusade Ct., 16082-Professional Foreclosure Corp. and Karen M. Barrett to Wells Fargo, $420,000.

Loudoun Dr., 1801-Man Uk and Soong Hye Choe to Mun S. and Samuel T. Baker, $315,000.

Piedmont Vista Dr., 13621-Kenneth R. and Glorimar Shappee to Stone Financing, $670,000.

Shelter Lane, 13600-Robert S. Phelan to Louis R. Carrozza, $625,000.

Strayer Lane, 14800-April Stephens and Barry Savage to Amy C. Wetherbee, $330,000.

Wythridge Way, 14270-Joseph F. and Kathryn E. Honig to Stephen Spaulding, $452,000.


Bosna Ct., 10326-Robert P. and Judith E. Jones to Christopher A. and Laura Clark, $368,000.

Caraway Cir., 10832-Shane Keaton to Thomas A. Farmer, $264,900.

Cypress Branch Lane, 10000-Bank of New York Mellon to MSM Properties, $306,000.

Duneiden Lane, 7631-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Nana T. Asamoah, $215,000.

Forest Oak Ct., 12792-Recontrust Co. and Alg Trustee Corp. to Bank of New York Mellon, $254,250.

Henrico St., 9915-Thang Ngo and Xuan Huynh to Cesar H.P. Salinas, $295,000.

Kahns Rd., 12800-Thomas A. Mahoney to Richard J. and Rosemary J. Ockstrider, $293,500.

Lomond Dr., 9502-Shelly L. Hay to Anouthanh Phonseya, $244,000.

Lyndell Ct., 11304-Donald L. McComas II and D. Wayne Matthews to Milka R. and Antonio Camacho, $467,400.

Milton Hall Pl., 15439-Recontrust Co. and Alg Trustee Corp. to Deutsche Bank, $462,150.

Mountwood Dr., 9569-Gingerlei M. Seda to Nahida Sultana and Asaduz Zaman, $490,000.

Postern Ct., 10907-Sean M. Simpson to Weems Corp., $141,000.

Rayborn Creek Dr., 11972-Mhal Kim to Eun H. and Bok I. Jang, $370,000.

Rokeby Dr., 7404-Federal National Mortgage Association to Vinod Kotecha, $126,000.

Snowfall Dr., 8181-SunTrust to Glenn C. and Dorthe G. Tannehill, $282,000.

Tarrytown Ct., 8708-Juan A. Aguilar Rojas to Phuong Duong and Ann Phan, $270,000.

Yellow Wood Ct., 9989-Jo Ann Lassiter Heir and Andrew W. Tyrrell Heir to Sharon K. Fortenberry, $80,000.


Courtland Cir., 7459-Wells Fargo to Brendan and Isma Coleman, $203,000.

Quail Hollow Dr., 6551-Miles and Pamela K. Baker to Christopher F. Czerwinski, $435,000.

Yorkshire Lane, 8735-Kim K. Sears and Wittstadt Title and Escrow to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $155,000.


Breeze Way, 4941-Jeffery S. and Amy S. Szatanek to Kevin D. Kuhn, $399,500.

Edgewood Dr., 16107-Scott M. and Leslie D. Weinpel to Bradley C. and Serena B. Hicks, $312,000.

Marbury Heights Way, 15718-Kevin W. and Michelle L. Chapman to Michael K. and Sylvie A. Murphy, $390,000.

Sunny Knoll Dr., 16223-Chong R. Chen and Nasim Akhtar to Juanshawnta A. Johnson and Ira J. Dallam Sr., $329,000.

Windsong Lane, 15472-Gina R. Teeter to Dominic P. Joseph, $225,000.


Owls Nest Rd., 15071-Donald C. Page and Equity Corp. to Greenpoint Mortgage Funding, $657,000.


Anderson Rd., 4140-Tyler and Jennifer Brown to Tonya M. Clark, $226,000.

Miata Lane, 18904-Stone Financing to Blane D. and Suzanne Kauthen, $364,900.

Potomac Highlands Cir., 4116-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Michelle L. Happer, $210,000.

Wharf Lane, 3654-Yanlin Li and Anping Yang to Ly Fortune Business Corp., $120,000.


Arkansas Ct., 1473-Thomas P. and Jo S. Winn to Clear Sky Properties, $103,000.

Bordeaux Pl., 2772-Tracey Duval Diallo to David A. and Gohar Grigorian, $102,000.

Candlewood Ct., 14788-Ronnell K. and Lydia C. Morales to Meheruba Ahmed, $190,000.

Cara Dr., 12789-Samuel I. White and Maria Garcia to Naghman Rashid, $120,200.

Cedar Cove Way, 1814, No. 101-Wells Fargo to Matthew S. Klamans, $175,000.

Cotton Mill Dr., 11975-Federal National Mortgage Association to Richard P. Velasco and Karla R. Rocha, $305,000.

Darlington Loop, 1983-Sadiqa Codrington to Roberto A. Duran Rivas, $153,000.

Evansport Pl., 12820-Leslie E. Haas to Charles M. Dela Cuesta, $205,000.

Forest Glen Rd., 13434-Wells Fargo to Franklin Durana and Maria E. Areco, $165,000.

Gardenview Loop, 1030-Deutsche Bank to Marxlenin Tobar, $110,199.

Gunsmith Terr., 15362-Steven Cool to Adrienne Marks and Jonathan E. Gay, $200,000.

Jennings St., 2498-Ellen M.C. Dalton to Larry A. and Rhonda J. Lewis, $321,600.

Kramer Estate Dr., 16342-Emilio L. Betancourt to Victoria Opoku, $415,000.

Litza Way, 13550-Christopher A. Medvigy to Qiao Yong Zhou and Yee F. Lam, $474,500.

Marquis Pl., 3818-Lena and Shah Shafiq to Adam M. and Munira A. Lavoie, $320,000.

Mayflower Dr., 2091-Federal National Mortgage Association to Hatem N. Alsabagh, $208,000.

Nellings Pl., 11587-Debra Michael to Shaymaa Khan, $280,000.

Palomino Pl., 12485-Michael P. Bryce to Michael A. Wawrzycki, $475,000.

Potomac Branch Dr., 14752-Tanya B. Peterson to Xiaoli Han and Yan Guo, $240,000.

Riggs Ct., 1206-Edilberti D. and Sheila M. Rivera to Jose F. Chavez Duran and Ana G. Rivas, $235,000.

Saxon St., 1319-Nancy Padilla to Neftali Ventura and Maria S. Lopez, $188,000.

Stallion Ct., 12071-Tracy L. Rice to Stone Financing, $255,000.

Sylvan Moor Lane, 2533-Shawn L. Rosalez and Yasmin Ahmady to Tony N. James, $262,000.

Transom Pl., 2559-Kumar Vipan and Meemkshi Bhardwat to Krassets Corp., $370,000.

Williamsburg Ct., 2904-Commercial Investments to Mohammed R. Ullah, $165,000.

Stafford County

Allegheny Dr., 12-Terry A. Teague to Katherine A. Cooksey, $256,900.

Aquia Dr., 2234-Philip L. Oftebahl to Timothy S. Crowder, $232,800.

Bertram Blvd., 76-Atlantic Services Corp. and Jose I. Velasquez to Federal National Mortgage Association, $267,124.

Buckingham Lane, 202, No. 301-Jose L. Rodriguez Vivanco to Sullivan Johnson Jr., $102,000.

Cardinal Dr., 32-Professional Foreclosure Corp. and James E. Harris Jr. to Bank of New York Mellon, $394,841.

Columbus Dr., 1102-Todd W. Arnold to James C. Stanley, $299,900.

Decatur Rd., 320-Foundation Residential to Brian O. Owens, $258,500.

Everglades Lane, 51-Donald Harris II to Robert A. Hill, $264,000.

Florence Lane, 10-Charles H. Sullivan to Robert D. Winkler, $141,500.

Gabriels Lane, 3-Piccard Building and Development to Steven M. Payne, $420,000.

Greenbank Rd., 151-Hartwood Development to Rolling Creek Properties, $65,000.

Hartwood Rd., 1510-North Stafford Industrial Park to BST Properties, $45,000.

Hollywood Farm Rd., 477-Foundation Residential Corp. to Benjamin W. Irby, $164,000.

Julian Dr., 1031-Stafford County Vocational Education Foundation to Bennedetto V. Ruffalo, $290,900.

Lakeview Ct., 509-Donna L. Andrews and Recontrust Co. to Magda Buzeiche, $118,977.

Macgregor Ridge Rd., 42-George C. Lockwood to Randy R. Wheeler, $439,150.

Martin St., 21-Mark T. Casas to Robert K. Anoll, $223,099.

Minniear Ct., 8-Oscar Valencia and Surety Corp. to Foundation Residential Corp., $258,000.

Mountain View Rd., 2503-Steven M. Himmelberger to Board of Supervisors of Stafford County, $820.

Olive Pl., 88-Professional Foreclosure Corp. and Bruce A. Muzzy to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $89,696.

Potomac Run Rd., 433-Rick A. Wright to Erik T. Larson, $385,000.

Rocky Way Dr., 29-Donald Durant and Equity Corp. to Wells Fargo, $431,530.

Saint Anthonys Ct., 8-John J. Garvey to Brian V. Plumbo, $259,000.

Shenandoah Lane, 124-M. L. Cochran to Tanya J. Nunnally, $231,400.

Steeplechase Rd., 10-James A. Regenor to David J. Cook, $289,500.

Sweetbriar Ct., 15-Thomas J. Hoffman to Kevin T. Wallace, $248,500.

Toluca Rd., 275-Department of Veterans Affairs to Jeffrey Baird, $499,900.

Wagoneers Lane, 82-Drees Co. to Jeffrey Roosa, $439,940.

Wells Rd., 29-Brian Barton to Bryan J. Adams, $310,000.

Willow Branch Pl., 11-David D. Hayes to Eloisa Elias Diaz, $181,000.


Antonia Ave., 8801-John F. Battle III and Joyce A. Battle III to Bryan Hall, $275,000.

Bragg Lane, 9747-Stonewall Battle Properties to Majdi and Laith Kassir, $125,000.

Buttress Lane, 8393, No. 403-Howard C. Denker to Alk Kumar and Munish Khanna, $122,000.

Fort Dr., 8907-Benjamin B. Earhart to Mark A. Quinn, $305,000.

Jayeselle Dr., 10307-William H. and Susan R. Smith to Kenneth Hoyt and Lorraine Hoyt, $315,000.

Oakgrove Ct., 8389-Pat Finnigan and Michael Colgan to Benjamin and Brooke Mason, $220,000.

Park St., 9631-Linda A. Stanley and Dana P. Linden to Larry S. Keaton, $360,000.

Princeton Park Dr., 8923-Darrell and Christine Kerby to Joshua S. and Nicole L. McMahon, $200,000.

Westwood Ct., 10282-Concepcion and Maria Membreno to Yessyca Hernandez and Reina Lopez, $275,000.

Manassas Park

Lambert Dr., 123-Donna L. Cubbage to Ronald S. and Amy Stanley, $115,000.

Polk Dr., 124-Kevin W. Sims Sr. to Maria S. Rivas, $185,000.