Prince William County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Lender Processing Services. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit


Angel Falls St., 9341-Miller & Smith at Pembrooke Corp. to Joel R. and Kerri L. Turner, $389,360.

Bristow Station Dr., 10580-Donald G. Henderson to David Hintze, $464,000.

Coronation Lane, 8489-Shaunta and Christopher Jones to Metro Property Ventures Corp., $180,500.

Grouserun Lane, 13512-Wells Fargo Bank to Patrick Shelley, $193,800.

Merrimont Trace Cir., 9478-NVR Inc. to Robert G. and Sarah D. Higginbotham, $462,390.

Poagues Battery Dr., 10548-Scott E. and Carol A. Linn to Christopher T. and Laura A. Farmer, $425,000.

Ricketts Battery Dr., 11912-Steven W. and Mindy L. Shugart to Robert A. Miller, $415,000.

Wembley Loop, 13520-Beeren and Barry Investments Corp. to Bruce A. and Emmeline M. Tate, $470,000.


Aldie Rd., 4750-Alex and Anita Pinto to Andrew and Catherine Corrigan, $474,900.


Anderson Ct., 14824-Rebecca Kackley and Joseph L. Voss to Darrell Maples, $85,000.

Bismark Ave., 14201-Bank of New York Mellon to Bradley A. Weniger II, $140,000.

Buena Ct., 3101-Wells Fargo Bank to MMHH Investment Corp., $128,000.

Cardin Pl., 15084-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Ryan and Elsa Newland, $110,000.

Cranmer Mews, 3553-Yesenia and Carlos Castellon to Edwin Rojas Jimenez, $150,000.

Decatur Dr., 4357-Andree M. Mountain to Cartus Corp., $330,000.

Eastman St., 14563-Maurice S. Hindle to Jason D. Young, $138,000.

Forestdale Ave., 3481-Federal National Mortgage Association to Khansana Miyo, $193,000.

Granby Rd., 4118-Edward Nelson Spitler and Ellen June McClanahan to Sandra D. Dickson, $160,000.

Hendricks Dr., 4435-Ana Climaco and Maria I. Colorado to Federal National Mortgage Association, $292,900.

Kempair Ct., 4815-Alexander W. Lane to Federal National Mortgage Association, $362,000.

Kerrydale Rd., 12910-S. Alexander Straker and Samantha L. Dyer to Katherine J. Binder, $240,000.

Kirkdale Dr., 4801-Moises Arispe Cruz to Thomas E. Kartes, $225,000.

Lynwood Dr., 5002-Jose Cayetano and Jose Luis Bonilla to Nancy Jimenez, $148,000.

Meadowbrook Rd., 13796-Deutsche Bank Co. to All Star Investments Corp., $147,699.

Nickleson Dr., 13311-Awana Homes II Corp. to Mohammad Amjad, $214,000.

Opal Lane, 13142-Cartus Financial Corp. to Hector Humberto and Francia Lilliana Salguero, $375,000.

Packard Dr., 13335-F. and M. Services Corp. and In Myung Kim to Federal National Mortgage Association, $409,717.

Rexburg Ct., 13933-Felipe R. and Lidia F. Cruz to Brooks Bossert, $307,000.

Sable Ct., 14034-Douglas Allen and Carol Jo Suiter to Nathan and Teresa Kreeger, $399,900.

Springbrook Ct., 14358-Ronald Lewis and Patricia A. Hanner to Ian O. Buttrick, Lkhagvasuren Bilegt and Dolzodmaa Tsogbadrakh, $215,000.


Dahlgren Pl., 3645-Federal National Mortgage Association to Khalil and Aatifa Wahabzadah, $135,000.

Milroy Dr., 17909-Sonya A. Williams and Bank United FSB to Federal National Mortgage Association, $284,000.

Summer Duck Dr., 17553-Aurora Loan Services Corp. to Linh G. Pham, $418,000.


Ashler Lane, 14110-Fezan M. Butt to Rachid Belaizi, $210,000.

Chelmsford Dr., 13976-Paul A. Wilcox and 13976 Chelmsford Trust to Synergy Gateway Corp., $221,000.

Culverhouse Ct., 6280-Donald Clark and Teresa Yamaki Taylor to Raymond L. and Amelia G. Stearns, $435,000.

Heritage Hunt Dr., 7055-Ann C. Montefusco to Graydon F. Lombard, $225,000.

Legend Glen Ct., 14235-Dominion Investment Management to David G. and Kristi L. Bolduc, $255,000.

Neale Sound Ct., 10481-Ronald Louis and Teri Lynell Milner to Jaimie Lynne Rose, $400,000.

Old Linton Hall Rd., 7624-Tania Kay Beale to Michael P. and Michele Creanza, $257,000.

Pine Knott Ct., 8317-NVR Inc. to Thomas H. Tobin and Patricia Hiergesell, $663,000.

Sharpshinned Dr., 14503-K. Hovnanian Homes of Virginia Inc. to Jane M. and Scott P. Volkers, $474,000.

Sudley Rd., 4428-Gordon P. Peyton and Starlight Group Corp. to Brian R. and Sarah E. Donatelli, $345,000.

Wellington Rd., 5609-Cardinal Bank to Sa Adeh Partners II Corp., $1.47 million.


Brave Ct., 6614-Capital One to Irene and Herman Chen, $157,000.

Fog Mountain Cir., 15228-Dominion Country Club to J. David and Ferne H. Polk, $458,280.

Jockey Club Lane, 6945-HSBC Bank USA National Association to Robert T. and Lisa Day, $340,000.

Mountain View Dr., 4326-Mary E. Schrum and Sandra Lee Thompson to Jennyce C. and James M. Garber, $320,000.

Riding Club Dr., 15180-Cpca Trust 1 to Peter J. Sheldon, $816,000.

Simon Kenton Rd., 16072-John F. Wells to Steve Sandgren, $300,000.

Tulloch Spring Ct., 5886-Mary Beth Scullion to Terri Powell and Osvaldo Gomes, $490,000.


Boar Farm Ct., 10464-Wells Fargo Bank and HSBC Bank USA to Rick White and Ashley Demarest, $320,000.

Clawson Lane, 12564-Stone Financing Corp. to David A. Bentley, $425,000.

Community Dr., 8135-Wells Fargo Bank and Bank of America to Murtaza G. and Parveen M. Sheikh, $123,500.

Erika Dr., 8191-Ryan Jon and Megan Colleen Ibbotson to Christine A. Fewell, $265,000.

Flatbush Ct., 8863-Federal National Mortgage Association to Brian J. and Mary A. Irons, $330,000.

Irongate Way, 10055-Betty R. Maddox and JPMorgan Chase Bank to Federal National Mortgage Association, $116,808.

Kings Arm Dr., 7243-Jenny Lynne and Jane Susan Sulzbach to Keith Fidura, $398,000.

Molly Pitcher Cir., 11988-Jack R. and Kyong C. Frost to Salil and Kavita Tanksale, $355,000.

Occoquan Forest Dr., 6306-Edgar A. and Silvia Salcedo Tamariz to Ford C. Englebrecht, $345,000.

Ridgeway Dr., 7263-Scott A. Eme to Leigh A. Renfrow, $299,900.

Wycliffe Ct., 8233-Peter and Iris M. Santiago to Mohammad Alkarmi, $126,500.


Chadds Landing Way, 7702-Digna O. and Jose Amaya to John Vuong Corp., $160,001.

Rugby Rd., 8421-Sherri L. Harris to Dung Nguyen and Loc Tran, $250,000.


Ashmere Cir., 4114-Fany Calles to Barbara A. Velez, $174,000.

Cliffbrook Ct., 15886-Federal National Mortgage Association to Steven H. and Tasha N. Marsh, $285,000.

Edgewood Dr., 16204-Richard W. and Stephanie L. Gatewood to Wadan Homes Inc., $183,742.

Inlet Pl., 15375-Edward M. and Jane E. Nevins to Federal National Mortgage Association, $253,872.

Montezuma Way, 17355-Nationstar Mortgage Corp. to Celerity Ventures Corp., $194,250.

Peppermill Ct., 4512-Bank of New York Mellon to Donna Fortunato, $379,000.

Spring Branch Blvd., 5026-Maria Delcarmen Guzman and Juan Ramon Quintanilla to Foundation Residential Corp., $274,000.


Rain Slicker Pl., 12112-Elmer Tobar Martinez and Julia E. Medina to Federal National Mortgage Association, $430,079.


Fuller Heights Rd., 18832-OWB Reo Corp. to Mandran Properties Inc., $130,000.

Thomasson Crossing Dr., 3690-Alvie and Claudette C. Johnson to Harry L. Scott, $300,000.


Arum Pl., 15133-Federal National Mortgage Association to Sonia M. Guardado, $131,000.

Breezy Ridge Way, 13826, No. 201-John A. Hooks Jr. to New Spring Corp., $160,000.

Chamberlain Pl., 14404-R.E. Properties Corp. to William A. and Beverly J. Roosa, $252,000.

Chimera Pl., 16925-Thieu D. and Hien Duc Chuong to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $247,802.

Cottonwood Ct., 1444-Bushra Danish to Bich Van V. Bui, $121,000.

Farmberry Ct., 12248-Lois A. Stern and the Stern Family Trust to Connie M. Eaton, $314,000.

Gatehouse Terr., 15324-Independence Realty Corp. to Danielle R. Ferrell, $159,000.

Gloucester Ct., 2883-4518 Canary Corp. to David S. McNeil, $149,500.

Grosbeak Ct., 1506-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Samuel and Joyce Sarpong, $242,000.

Heatherbrook Ct., 1923-Mark J. and Elizabeth Wolstenholme to Federal National Mortgage Association, $301,238.

Leatherwood Lane, 12903-Clancy E. and Kristian Lowe Wahlgren to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, $418,885.

Lord Culpeper Ct., 15329-John Broid and Mun Ryeom to Soncha Lee and Keae Crowley, $270,000.

Mariner Lane, 1931-Peter B. Eltringham to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, $249,807.

Meridian Dr., 14412-Arjan Farsani and James Furman to Christopher T. Malufau, $199,000.

Old Salem Ct., 12161-Andrew J. and Crystal M. Schaeffer to Sardar Faisal and Afifa Nisar, $162,000.

Overleigh Dr., 11583-Marilyn Roxana Prada to Beeren and Barry Investments Corp., $181,500.

Pintail Rd., 12942-Stone Financing Corp. to Adam R. and Jeanette L. Calli, $515,000.

Princeton St., 12246-Deann L. Hutson to Jonathan M. Apter, $191,000.

Scuppers Lane, 2390-NVR Inc. to Teresa M. Dawson and Patricia L. Dawson, $407,473.

Sleaford Ct., 2996-James and Amanda Logan to Ivanka Aleksieva and Genadi A. Vrechkov, $240,000.

Sturbridge Rd., 13006-Federal National Mortgage Association to Bayan A. Harb, $289,000.

Tonbridge Pl., 3752-Magnus G. Decker to Jonathan L. Toone, $270,360.

Valleywood Dr., 12602-Michael J. and Svea E. Krajack to Alexis J. Davis, $259,900.

Winston Lane, 16853-Steven M. Danziger to Kristina F. Robinson, $225,000.


These were among homes sold in the City of Manassas.

Bonham Cir., 8992-Leanna Mansfield and Esther Harding to Shelia Ivery, $140,000.

Cannoneer Ct., 9554, No. 403-Kevin B. Franklin to Matthew A. and Kristopher M. Hewson, $120,000.

Fort Dr., 8905-Hugo Brizuela to Jose Antonio Gutierrez and Maria De La Paz Gutierrez, $147,589.

McClellan Common, 9087-John and Jovelyn Yambao to Ashwin B. and Kailash Parbadia, $126,000.

Manassas Park

These were among homes sold in the City of Manassas Park.

Black Hawk Ct., 9474-Mitzy J. and Leonel Benitez to Chuantong Wang and Junyie Yuan, $218,000.

Holmes Pl., 9720, No. 402-Steven M. and Jamie S. Angeline to Taylor Nguyen, $155,000.

Rosebud Ct., 9410-Everett L. Beach and Beach Living Trust to Eric S. and Martina S. Harmon, $313,000.

Stafford County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Lender Processing Services. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Acadia St., 84-Federal National Mortgage Association to Sheriff O. Shoetan, $240,000.

Carissa Ct., 1-Federal National Mortgage Association to Kevin J. Byron, $264,500.

Coventry Ct., 3-Central Park Townhomes Corp. to John T. Thompson, $99,000.

Crossridge Ct., 509-Nectar Projects Inc. and Rose Marie Bannister to Ahmad Jafari, $118,000.

Douglas Dr., 110-Bank of America to Jennifer B. Goodman, $235,100.

Foggy Field Lane, 24-Matthew Castelli to Packanack Corp., $230,000.

Holmes St., 109-Federal National Mortgage Association to Mohammed R. Amin, $225,000.

James Lane, 106-Bank of New York Mellon to Danyelle L. Dodson, $169,800.

June Ct., 9-Levi J. Humphrey to Patrick S. Murrie, $225,000.

Kings Crest Dr., 112-Alfred L. Graham to Kathryn Knorr, $172,500.

Lawhorn Rd., 46-John S. Hutcheson to Marsha R. Fleetwood, $305,000.

Manorwood Dr., 1-BC Stafford Corp. to Sandra A. Tensley, $382,000.

Melanie Hollow Lane, 64-Nectar Projects Inc. and David H. Stevens to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $172,725.

Oakridge Dr., 214-Foundation Residential Corp. to Victor M. Lemus, $224,900.

Pennsbury Ct., 3-Cheryl A. Underwood to Christian M. Dudenhefer, $260,000.

Pinnacle Dr., 1401-Tomika Miller to Mark Perry, $126,500.

Princess St., 9-Wells Fargo Bank to Christus M. Gruters, $223,900.

Royal Hills Dr., 17-U.S. Bank National Association to James F. Redmond, $269,900.

State Room Dr., 2001-Alan K. Schuler to Barbara Ann Peterson Lyles, $309,900.

Westminster Lane, 403-Foundation Residential Corp. to Tralene D. Hunston, $159,000.

Wintergreen Lane, 124-HSBC Mortgage Services Inc. to Jimmy R. Lambert, $195,000.