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Prince William County

These sales data were recorded by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office.


Arnot Lane, 12868-J. Douglas Harrison to John Lovvorn, $300,000.

Benton Lake Rd., 11957-Thomas D. Longhurst to Maureceia Brewington, $320,000.

Clara Barton Dr., 10902-Metro DC1 Corp. to Matthew Altzier, $400,000.

Dawn Falls Way, 12025-Pedro Monroig Mejias to Jeffrey C. Taylor, $330,000.

Earls Ferry Cir., 9802-Brian Podesta to Karen J. Conner, $282,000.

Formby St., 12224-Brent Leibelsperger to Jonathan R. Grohs, $374,000.

Gartney Lane, 12734-Devang J. Mehta to Amy H. Kim, $250,000.

Luck Penny Ct., 9801-David H. Larson to John Gonzalez, $369,300.

Millbill Ct., 12153-Earl B. Odom III to Paul S. Majkut, $380,000.

Orland Stone Dr., 10015-Scott F. Ritter to Diana Serrano and Andrew S. Dzara, $350,000.

Tenbury Ct., 8894-Charles E. Evans to Joshua Langner, $427,000.

Wembley Loop, 13540-Bank of New York to John Glasgow, $438,000.


Ashdale Ave., 14602-Walter Valle to River Urey, $220,000.

Bantry Ct., 5443-Louis J. Puleo to Donald L. Ripley, $535,000.

Beau Ridge Dr., 15792-Paul H. Tucker to Andrew A. Dick, $349,950.

Blue Jay Ct., 4530-Nikki Meadows to Christopher Salomone, $189,500.

Brandon Ct., 14403-Hernan Levia to Jose A. Ramirez, $145,000.

Carson Dr., 3606-Alfredo Guzman to Ramon Lopez, $206,000.

Christy Lane, 3488-MBI Corp. to Larry Taylor, $240,000.

Darbydale Ave., 14785-Deutsche Bank to Karamat Ali, $152,000.

Ferndale Rd., 14307-Hector Cruz to Kelly Y. Ramirez, $218,000.

Fox Glove Ct., 14658-Guy E. Stephens to Robert Moya, $190,000.

Glendale Rd., 4147-Minh Bui to Tien Duong and Trung Chau, $185,000.

Honey Locust Ct., 14924-Bridgette S. Hill to Peter Y. Ban, $395,000.

Kentland Dr., 4407-Ronald B. Rise Jr. to Lucio Alvarez, $210,000.

Kilby Ct., 4886-Fannie Mae to Jason P. Morelli, $232,000.

Kumar Rd., 13105-Craig E. Stecher to Luis S. Romero, $222,900.

Mayfair Ct., 13703-Walter L. Brewster to Daniel A. Arnez, $180,000.

Nassau Dr., 13300-Sean P. Haselton to Thuy Nguyen, $265,000.

Oakland Ct., 6401-Hafiz Homes Corp. to Tracy K. Elliott, $375,000.

Otto Rd., 13238-William C. Power to Walter Suarez, $367,000.

Raywood Ct., 13763-Marco A. Gonzalez to Mary K. Evans, $200,000.

Riverton Ct., 5571-Harold C. James to Thomas H. James, $225,000.

Salt Pond Pl., 5181-Kenneth Shere to Salman Hayat, $245,000.

Statler Dr., 14772-James J. Campbell to Christopher Leboeuf, $375,000.

Taxi Dr., 13033-Maclean Boadu to Christine Trotter, $200,000.


Belleplain Ct., 3415-Peter H. Brawley to Mark S. Wilkinson, $196,000.

Oyster Bay Ct., 17825-Raphael Nkurunziza to Florence Adjei Twum, $315,000.

Reservoir Loop, 16590-Vernon Samuels to Daniel J. Hough, $310,000.

Tulip Tree Pl., 3208-Samuel Gandam to Louisa Morfin Cervantes, $357,300.


Box Elder Loop, 6517-Suzanne Schmidt to John C. Trainor, $460,000.

Clubhouse Rd., 14265-Cartus Financial Corp. to Anthony Dicesare, $510,000.

Huron Dr., 7630-Freddie Mac to Nathan A. Kunkel, $275,000.

Reidhall Pl., 14201-U.S. Bank to Wahida Zahir, $333,000.

Shire Pl., 13671-Nathan Jordan to Samantha Hanks, $276,000.

Suffolk Way, 8315-Chester E. Davis to Mohammed Amkor, $401,000.

Tuscarora Ct., 13716-George F. Reed to Daniel L. Collens and Elissa Homenock, $460,000.

Windy Hollow Cir., 15192-Carmen S. Campagna to Mark Formanek and Karen Swift, $505,000.


Blair Brook Ct., 14584-Reynold N. Roy Jr. to Walter M. Castillo, $490,000.

Crestview Lane, 15692-J. Winston Copeland to Brian Shepard, $292,000.

Mercer Rd., 1607-Matthew Deivert to Andrew Sall, $370,500.

Spout Spring Ct., 5985-Robert Pitts to Peter D. Howard, $391,000.


Brandon Way, 10011-Freddie Mac to Nandy Bolanos, $257,000.

Brookview Ct., 7853-Suzanne C. Nichter to Hien P. Son, $210,000.

Cheshire Ridge Cir., 9779-David J. Woodruff to Matthew Sims, $260,000.

Copeland Dr., 10320-Freddie Mac to Habitat for Humanity, $190,000.

Dabshire Way, 10707-Daniel Popescu to Robert Huber, $268,000.

Dublin Dr., 9504-Bryan T. Powers to Wade N. Fournier, $240,000.

Flager Cir., 7801-Helen C. Bowlin to Athena N. Norman, $269,999.

Gold Cup Trail, 12762-Jerold N. Lindsey to John D. Cunningham, $436,315.

Holly Forest Dr., 13980-Gerald F. Williams to James Reid, $499,950.

Kessler Pl., 11268-Fannie Mae to Aberash Grant, $241,000.

Lenfant Pl., 8658-Tara L. McCray to Gary C. Wolfrey Jr., $395,000.

Lomond Dr., 10009-Manuel J. Terrones to Aurelio Ruiz Huertas, $175,000.

Lynncrest Dr., 7872-Deborah E. Lewis to Robert W. Cummins Jr., $430,000.

Petersburg Ct., 8860-Seth M. Welton to Khon Phou, $168,001.

Quayle Ct., 10103-Bank of America to Sukmohinder Mutneja, $226,000.

Rokeby Dr., 7349-Karen E. Stuart to Sonia Diez, $152,000.

Teakwood Ct., 8851-Tracy Martin to Carolina Figueroa Bustamante, $155,000.

Woodbury Dr., 10172-Fannie Mae to William S. Carter, $335,000.


Chadds Landing Way, 7653-Evelyn D. Wilkins to Samantha Wong, $175,000.

Hillcrest Dr., 8029-Heidi Murphy to George J. Holtz, $290,000.

Oak St., 7826-Nancy Suleiman to Rolando Paredes and Susan Medina, $377,000.

Signal Hill Rd., 7411-Nicholas J. Oberts to Patricia A. Hanner, $300,000.


Beacon Ct., 15704-Leslie Palm to Joseph M. Wills, $350,000.

Holly Hill Dr., 15301-Navy FCU to Cesar Ibarra, $335,000.

La Mauricie Loop, 4252-Bank of New York to Christian Bawah, $235,000.

Shadow Oak Ct., 4744-Melinda C. Parker to Aristides De Guzman, $345,000.


Liberty Oaks Pl., 8865-HSBC Bank to Frank D. Subalusky, $799,900.


Masthead Trail, 3683-Fannie Mae to Streetlight Community Outreach, $130,000.


Alaska Rd., 15003-Karen Springthorpe to New Spring Corp., $145,000.

Anchor Bend Cir., 16800-Liliana Rosario to Marocco Roberts Jr., $405,000.

Aviary Way, 3485-Lief K. Johnson to Nho Nguyen, $205,000.

Belmont Bay Dr., 440, No. 201-Aurora McNear to Walter Lee Mills, $310,000.

Bloomsbury Ct., 2741-Kouicihi Abe to Christopher J. Rupp, $227,000.

Buckley Ct., 11760-James M. Robinson to Christopher Simmons, $479,000.

Carter Lane, 1633-Moises Villatoro to Marco A. Riega, $145,000.

Celestial Dr., 2733-Osainartu Lewally to Matthew England, $275,000.

Cleburne Lane, 5365-Jeffrey T. Neher to Rolandas Cesaitis, $270,000.

Darnley Rd., 12118-George Tisdelle to Donovan Holden, $425,000.

Eddystone Ct., 12195-Stanley J. Novak to Paul R. Pressman, $424,900.

Foothill St., 3234-Carmen Cancel De Jesus to Lenwood Johnson Jr., $163,000.

Freestone Ct., 12927-Wells Fargo Bank to Alexander Polakowski, $220,000.

Giles St., 14019-Ana Castillo to Adrian O. Piedrabuena, $175,000.

Hatchway Ct., 12409-Maureen Zeiner to Zhanat Beishenov and Anara Zhumalieva, $290,000.

Idaho St., 1414-Ann Yater Sexton to Capital Real Estate Corp., $155,000.

Jed Forest Lane, 16821-Metro Realty Investment Corp. to Markita Brown, $225,000.

Lord Culpeper Ct., 15282-Sarwar Khan to Fayez Bhuiyan, $340,000.

Monument Ave., 755-Deutsche Bank to Brian M. Bassett, $447,000.

Parliament Dr., 11816-Joseph C. Greyson to Patricia L. Baptist, $358,000.

Princess Anne Lane, 2224-Roseann H. Cas to Lam Ma, $260,000.

Rumford Ct., 11652-Cava Capital Corp. to Tariq Rahimi, $279,990.

Soffit Pl., 3513-Neil Bosworth to Kristen Mitchell and Michael Meister, $379,000.

Steerage Cir., 16451-Tommy Marks to Eli M. Ayoub, $299,900.

Tecumseh Ct., 3080-Louisa Gordon to James D. Frye, $248,000.

Totten Rd., 903-MMHH Investment Corp. to Vilma Bonilla Foote, $199,000.

Wakewater Way, 2716-Denise E. Stewart to Linda M. Greene, $334,000.

York Dr., 2015-Robert L. Slater Jr. to Atlantic Capital Corp., $145,000.

Stafford County

These sales data were recorded by the Stafford County Commissioner of the Revenue.

Bridgewater Cir., 238-Margaret R. and Linda A. Schroeder to David C. Vargulic, $246,000.

Brush Everard Ct., 94-Bank of New York Mellon to Gary Jackson Sr., $329,000.

Carter Lane, 13-Waterview Enterprises Inc. to Gary D. Brooks, $299,900.

Chesterbrook Ct., 100-Santosh Gavva and Surender Yedulla to Muthyam R. Narla, $148,640.

Colonel Colin Ct., 1-Bank of America to James B. Proctor, $337,500.

Crows Nest Cove, 210-Terry L. Breithaupt to Terri L. Panzel, $295,000.

Harwood Ct., 5-Bank of New York Mellon to Will H. Dabaldo and Tracy L. Dunstan, $235,000.

Huckstep Ave., 200-Randal D. Rantz to Ryan M. Wolf, $237,500.

Isabella Dr., 1016-Harold I. Martin Jr. to James A. Nevins, $252,500.

John Paul Jones Dr., 1003-Kenneth O. Royston to Eric Wannamaker, $239,900.

Staunton Ct., 303-Fannie Mae to Jorge Laboy Lopez, $165,000.

Tanterra Dr., 26-Darren C. Huggins to Addie L. Richburg, $236,000.

Thomas Jefferson Pl., 1240-Oxford Station Residential Corp. to Jason J. Bryant, $100,000.