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Prince William County

These sales data were recorded by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office.


Bagpipe Ct., 9935-FFC Properties Corp. to David Eberhart, $445,000.

Brewland Way, 12764-Scott A. Watt to Mohammad Shahzad, $262,000.

Colesmire Gate Way, 13513-Elijah M. Binette to Russell Chamberlin, $200,000.

Dennis Ct., 8972-Bank of New York Mellon to Louisa Hodges Gordon, $350,000.

Grantham Ct., 8751-Thomas Pennington II to Shane Tipton, $382,000.

Iona Sound Dr., 12402-Christopher Coats to Benjamin Swoyer, $365,000.

Maitland Loop, 9753-Wendy Mastorias to Kristina L. Romeo, $230,000.

Moat Crossing Pl., 8840-Gail Hamilton to Mulala Mwansa, $247,000.

Pentland Hills Way, 10012-Boyd Harbourt to Stephen J. Pluta, $346,500.

Scales Pl., 9595-Virginia L. Markle to Christian Dodson, $242,000.

Three Sisters Ct., 10035-Jihyun Hung to Irene Lespier, $550,000.

Wembley Loop, 13549-Michael A. Girard to Elise Macchio, $425,000.


Anderson St., 14712-Guangrui Zou to Mohammed Ishaq, $212,000.

Barksdale St., 14741-Maria Sotez to Yakeline Moreno, $130,000.

Belleville Ave., 14334-Michelle A. Bingaman to Patricia Lovera, $276,000.

Bluefin Dr., 13718-Brian M. Bassett to Ashely Langenbeck, $275,000.

Bryan Ct., 14809-Catholics for Housing Inc. to Gina M. Holloway, $180,040.

Central Park Dr., 4592-U.S. Bank to Alton Hampton, $145,000.

Cloverdale Rd., 14673-Fannie Mae to Eberto Carranza Ambriz, $205,000.

Dale Blvd., 4492-Ronald Betts Sr. to Norman L. Sheldon, $185,000.

Delaney Rd., 13855-Alfonso A. Lopez to Raja Hussain, $287,000.

Emory Lane, 3524-Trevor W. Laurie to Nathan C. Mullins, $417,000.

Finch Ct., 15350-Emlak Corp. to Victor M. Delatorre, $365,000.

Fullerton Rd., 14314-Raynolta Jones to Oliver Orndorff, $230,000.

Golden Ct., 14044-Oak Creek Capital Corp. to Mohammad Ulfati, $180,000.

Kellogg Dr., 4807-U.S. Bank to Siavosh Karimi, $180,000.

Kentwood Lane, 4601-RPAA Corp. to Elias Guerrero, $235,000.

Lindendale Rd., 13811-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Dia Bhatia, $155,000.

Mayfair Ct., 13709-Blue Financial Corp. to Cesar A. Arias, $227,000.

Oakland Dr., 6278-Nelson Martinez to Beniam Mekonnen, $315,000.

Park Ct. N., 14329-Danwe N. Dikwe to Hong Niu and Jiayu Huang, $130,000.

Razorback Pl., 15121-Keith H. Newport to Brandon Deford, $310,000.

Rockcliff Lane, 5799-ISA Investments Corp. to Kelly Jean Young, $295,000.

Satterfield Dr., 5341-Bank of New York Mellon to Thang Nguyen, $222,500.

Taffy Ct., 6155-Makiyu Sulley to Juan F. Yaipen, $255,000.

Thrift Lane, 13089-Daniel P. Engeldowi to Elizabeth Mills, $325,000.

Westwind Dr., 4052-Gerald B. Clapham Jr. to William M. Milo Jr., $375,000.


Cosgrove Way, 17403-Optimal Investments Corp. to Oscar Recinos, $217,500.

Point Pleasant Lane, 16950-Jerey Sienkiewicz to Nicole Eckert and Andrew Grupp, $198,000.

Sligo Loop, 17317-Fannie Mae to Laura Cirillo, $258,000.

Vineland Pl., 3380-LMM Consulting Corp. to Travis B. Acevedo, $224,990.


Brogue Ct., 13401-Lanna C. Krogman to Margret Cervoni, $309,000.

Clubhouse Rd., 14265-Denise A. Saiki to Cartus Financial Corp., $510,000.

Emmanuel Ct., 6702-Freddie Mac to Sarwan Singh and Daljeet Kaur, $267,000.

Hackamore Trail, 13650-James Hibdon to Colt Freeman and Sarah Bednar, $370,000.

Lick River Lane, 5470-Adityanath Jetty to Nicholas Hunt, $481,500.

Ontario Rd., 7708-Steven P. Anastos to Gregory M. Campbell, $310,000.

Roderick Loop, 6688-Larry W. Moore to Rian Doyle, $254,000.

Snead Loop, 8215-Michael S. Pettingill to Michele O’Neill, $549,900.

Tuxedo Lane, 15510-Prudential Relcoation Inc. to Allen Ruttenberg, $610,000.


Allens Mill Blvd., 4649-Joan Harp to Wendy Padunao, $525,000.

Blossom Hill Dr., 5232-Ronald A. Wade to Vincent Fazzio, $500,000.

Golf View Dr., 15153-Pringle P. Hillier to Suzanne B. Dobyns, $564,000.

Rolling Ridge Rd., 15032-Oliver W. Laster to Matthew Brandt, $289,000.

Stepping Stone Dr., 15133-Brian H. Saunders to Ben Lee, $400,000.


Baneberry Cir., 14004-Dwight E. Rider to Saeed T. Chaudhry, $431,000.

Brenmill Lane, 12461-Lynn Bowers to Matthew Woodman, $430,000.

Burrell Lane, 11310-U.S. Bank to Kevin Giesecke, $69,300.

Community Dr., 8265-Rory L. Schick to Jose A. Mejia and Haydee Machado Turcios, $149,500.

Coral Berry Dr., 10541-Robert A. Gordon to Thomas L. Breighner Jr., $408,000.

Daisy Ct., 10800-U.S. Bank to Yousuf Hatami, $152,000.

Duneiden Lane, 7598-Kil Son Chung to Caroline N. Koloko, $220,000.

Flager Cir., 7825-Carolyn B. Carroll to Clifford W. Foster, $264,000.

Great Mere Ct., 7314-Michael Engle to Philip Ryan, $700,000.

Humphrey Lane, 8294-Edward Qura to Mark A. Brown, $259,500.

Kimberly St., 11605-Karla K. Jensen to Charles Wivell, $362,000.

Lime Tree Ct., 10384-Lorenza D. Thompson to Cheryl J. Paredes, $385,000.

Lucasville Rd., 11404-U.S. Bank to Jennifer Mehki and Stephen O’Connor, $332,000.

Plain Dealing Pl., 15608-Calbert J. Marcantel to Harry F. Ismer IV, $249,000.

Rebel Walk Dr., 7828-Amy Taylor to Henry Panameno, $246,500.

St. Thomas Loop, 7353-John M. Flynn to Bryan L. Merida and Gaby S. Cuellar, $237,000.

Trumpet Vine Ct., 10111-Dick L. Hensley to Joshua Carrillo, $389,900.


Albemarle Dr., 7511-John Hile to Marco A. Cardenas, $142,000.

Chestnut St., 7636-Corbin Properties Corp. to Bessie Corbin, $70,620.

Lake Occoquan Dr., 9900-Jennifer MacPherson to Vincent A. Marshall, $390,000.

Pond Crest Terr., 8152-Rudy Delacruz to Yongzhao Sun, $262,500.

Spruce St., 8209-Lisa to to Hien V. Nguyen, $280,000.


Cedar Knoll Ct., 15226-Michael Cataldo to Kyle C. Wack, $264,000.

Hudson River Ct., 4270-George M. Kisha to Ruth Clemons, $285,000.

Lands End Ct., 5099-Matthew J. Leimer to Scott A. Ehrmantraut, $245,000.

Shadow Woods Ct., 4748-Russell D. Kurtz to Jonathan Dortman, $370,000.


Oxfordshire Dr., 10211-Stevi Bailie to Lloyd Fellbaum, $304,500.


Cedar Dr., 18422-Mary Elstner to John Miller, $299,900.

Riverview Dr., 3223-Peter Luczak to David Webber, $389,900.


Alison St., 13302-Linda Bruss to Elmer Barahona, $128,000.

Ann Scarlet Ct., 1730-Alyas Abady to Isaac Boakye, $330,000.

Belmont Bay Dr., 440, No. 307-Elaine Yu to Swati Sharma, $249,900.

Burgundy Pl., 2912-Fannie Mae to Colby Powers, $192,000.

Cast Off Loop, 2688-Fazal Mahmood to Ali Khalid, $340,000.

Chamberlain Pl., 14402-Xuong Tran to Sabrina E. Redd, $227,500.

Colebrook Lane, 2957-Anastasya Dobryansky to Mohammad Islam, $255,000.

Darnley Rd., 12134-Paul J. Thompson to Thierry Curtis, $432,500.

Faversham Way, 1787-William G. Price to George M. Dodd, $430,000.

Forest Glen Rd., 13412-Fidel A. Avalos to Maria E. Rincon, $170,000.

Freestone Ct., 12962-John P. Harvey to Christopher Hein, $239,900.

Gloucester Ct., 2874-Raheel Sheikh to 4518 Canary Corp., $119,000.

Heatherbrook Ct., 1923-Fannie Mae to George F. Powers, $185,400.

Idaho St., 1502-Terry W. Mack to Roberto Ramos, $210,000.

Jenny Lane, 3031-Thomas C. Davies to William E. Brow, $399,900.

Lanyard Lane, 4902-James Dockery to James S. Regel, $460,000.

Lord Culpeper Ct., 15329-Soncha Lee to Augustus Patterson Jr., $335,000.

Marsala Ct., 2937-Rose Leigh Corp. to Samantha Fitzgerald, $230,000.

Misty Lane, 12844-Joseph W. Rogers to Edward Seyller III, $235,000.

Monument Ave., 788-Henry L. Fiske Jr. to Mekyung Yoo, $400,000.

Parliament Dr., 11829-Judith C. Hylan to Werner T. Tsin, $390,000.

Soffit Pl., 3532-Michael A. Romeo to Jeffrey Houser, $352,000.

Stevenson Ct., 12233-Michele Blasik to Marek Han, $90,000.

Tecumseh Ct., 3097-Gerald Johnson to Farhia Ahmed, $234,900.

Tree House Dr., 2498-Loenard Touchette to Paul H. Fredenburgh, $800,000.

Warren Dr., 1813-Residential Value Corp. to Jeremy J. Zeigler, $235,000.

York Dr., 2101-Barbara L. Shockley to Emmanuel Cruz, $237,000.

Stafford County

These sales data were recorded by the Stafford County Commissioner of the Revenue.

Bonair St., 101-Nicholas D. Blake to APL Corp., $129,600.

Edwards Dr., 521-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Alexander Henderson, $130,000.

Forbes St., 1213-Fannie Mae to Joseph D. Knight, $200,000.

Kings Crest Dr., 1104-Donald R. Mayorga to Kurt Luertzing, $179,000.

Latham Lane, 14-Thomas J. Bailey to Prudential Relocation Inc., $460,000.

Mountain Laurel Ct., 154-Miriam S. Kala to Cameron L. Turley, $435,000.

Orchard Lane, 15-Philip A. Jenkins to Shawn J. Coakley, $506,000.

Townes Pl., 57-Robert S. White to Brent J. Backstrom, $179,900.

Vista Woods Rd., 7-Thomas V. O’Keefe Jr. to Donald M. Bennett, $230,000.

Wave Dr., 2007-Kimberly A. Wright to Susanne Gracik, $222,900.

Whitetail Way, 99-Richard K. Moxley to Dale L. Simmons, $269,900.