These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Lender Processing Services. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Prince William County

Alvyn Lake Cir., 9287-Kyle A. Selby to Andrew Fusellier, $308,000.

Bristow Village Blvd., 11922-Richard Talley Jr. to Puja R. Zalavadia and Ashutosh U. Dighe, $499,900.

Colesmire Gate Way, 13542-Timothy Gould to Clinton J. Echols, $250,000.

Fetlar Way, 12926-Teresa L. Black to Ciro C. Mastropaolo, $287,500.

Lake Baldwin Dr., 11845-Ryland Group Inc. to Cara D. McBrayer, $381,816.

Merrimont Trace Cir., 9400-NVR Inc. to Guillermo Rincon, $402,360.

Poagues Battery Dr., 10589-Sharon and Taron Smith to Jocelyn D. and Joshua D. Lovett, $370,000.

Selkirk Cir., 12419-Federal National Mortgage Association to Ethan Newham and Angelica Windland, $225,000.

Upper Mill Loop, 9850-Rechelle R. Gentry to Johnny Rivera, $390,000.


Anderson Ct., 14806-Metro Property Ventures Corp. to Douglas S. Wood, $201,000.

Ashdale Cir., 15004-Charles K. Winstead and Rebecca E. Hedrick to Bryan Vidal Lujan, $199,900.

Barnes Meadow Ct., 15047-Ryland Group Inc. to Luis M. Sustache Davila, $477,165.

Bobcat Ct., 5139-Paul L. Lesher to Mohammad A. Mujtaba and Ali Abdullah, $335,000.

Brook Dr., 14312-Anthony and Tyreece Souza to Jose F. Reyes, $215,000.

Chippendale Cir., 3676-Kyle D. Baker to Christopher Goings, $320,000.

Cranmer Mews., 3512-Noel M. McIntyre to Shaukat Khattak, $164,000.

Darbydale Ave., 14831-Ruby M. Howard to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $185,156.

Eames Lane, 4407-Surety Trustees Corp. and Will A. Smith Jr. to Hameedullah Virk, $129,000.

Fairview Lane, 14314-Nestor J. Urquidi and Maria L. Garcia to Esau Machado, $255,000.

Forestdale Ave., 3512-Eric Harman to Edward D. Simms III, $178,500.

Hendricks Dr., 4437-Venus Properties Corp. to Zavala Torres, $239,000.

Hunter Crest Rd., 5931-Richmond American Homes of Virginia to Byron Flakes, $636,106.

Kaiser Ct., 4505-Alg Trustee Corp. and Julio Villatoro to Federal National Mortgage Association, $309,624.

Kenwood Dr., 4304-Household Realty Corp. to Metro Property Ventures Corp., $182,150.

Kingsman Rd., 13615-Sritad Duangudom to Metro Property Ventures Corp., $184,100.

Ladino Ct., 3321-Diem T. Tran to Naim Sobhani and Cler Baheri, $190,000.

Mahoney Dr., 13730-Luz Corp. to Denis M. and Laura V. Arnez, $268,500.

Montoclair Lane, 13854-Latarsha Dowdell to Roy A. Evo, $220,000.

Northton Ct., 5765-Neil P. Bourquin II to Adam S. Das, $255,000.

Queen Chapel Rd., 13037-Ridgefield Woods Corp. to Kelvin A. Thorpe, $557,222.

Rhode Island Dr., 5756-Edwin E. Rivera to Patricia A. Plessinger, $270,000.

Silverdale Dr., 14317-Hector Rivas and Loida V. Landaverde to Primo W. Molina Cuellar, $186,000.

Tango Lane, 12033-Atlantic Investments Corp. to Tomi Anderson and Jamie Pitcher, $336,000.

Torrence Pl., 4543-Sylvanus Davies to Nnenna V. Uchella, $205,000.

Whitaker Pl., 4661-Brett D. Meranta to Apple Federal Credit Union, $166,679.


Gentle Wood Lane, 16932-Maliaha Khan to Yang Yu and Wei Zou, $238,000.

Steele Ct., 2706-Stephen K. Christenson and Maximilian V. Brown to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $128,116.

Tulip Tree Pl., 3141-Atlantic Trustee Services Corp. and Harish Malhotra to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $375,265.


Barrymore Ct., 13967-Drees Co. to Robert Howie and Yalin Hou, $538,650.

Clarkton Ct., 7116-Federal National Mortgage Association to Jennifer A. Burchell, $390,000.

Crooked Oaks Ct., 8116-Mickey Williams and Tamara Bianchi to Mark Rumple, $650,000.

Fenestra Pl., 8934-Drees Co. to Joseph P. Frisbie and Michelle V. Dye, $590,755.

Fowlers Mill Dr., 14391-Michelle A. Webb to Nasser Tarahomi, $300,000.

Hastenbeck Dr., 13709-NVR Inc. to Michael S. Rolband, $442,750.

Kanawha Way, 6615-HSBC Bank to Danny L. Humphreys II, $455,000.

Lee Carter Rd., 15924-Miller and Smith at Madison Crescent to Joel G. Millage, $454,570.

Montour Heights Dr., 8075-Anthony S. Hahn to Jenny B. Owens, $293,000.

Northington Ct., 7633-James H. Rice to Steven Thorne, $479,000.

Redstart Ct., 14128-Ryan A. Shiplett to Hasnul Q. Qazi, $407,000.

Santander Dr., 15113-D.R. Horton Inc. to Charmaine Dunn, $415,480.

Shelford Way, 14624-Piedmont South Corp. to Daniel Drvar and Ashley Mayer, $238,399.

Turning Grass Way, 10517-David Scanlon to Jamie B. Adams, $385,000.

Walnut Hill Dr., 6947-John F. Delean to John F. Corcoran, $315,000.


Admiral Baker Cir., 15317-John P. and Carol Foley to Jeffery T. Herman, $500,000.

Caribbean Ct., 5732-Christina M. Jersey to Bjorn Harris, $441,200.

Doe Ridge Ct., 1925-Aspen Shackleton III Corp. to Larry D. Huynh, $685,000.

Gore Dr., 2433-Navy Federal Credit Union to Fred Bloggs Corp., $211,000.

Guilford Ridge Rd., 14514-Betty G. Lambuth to April D. Wyant, $300,000.

Madison St., 6761-Robert J. Collette to Kurtis W. Woods, $200,000.

Noyes Ave., 6871-M/I Homes of DC Corp. to Dwayne S. Brauner, $550,414.

Painters Cove Way, 15458-Dominion Country Club to John C. Rives, $347,973.

Trevino Dr., 5390-Clear Sky Properties Corp. to James W. Dean, $400,000.


Berry Orchard Ct., 10628-Beazer Homes Corp. to Brian B. Enser, $448,118.

Brenmill Lane, 12500-George Sykes Jr. to Yurek G. Aurelson and Chantal Camilien, $615,000.

Brunger St., 8500-Federal National Mortgage Association to Arevalo Investments Corp., $75,000.

Campaign Ct., 10856-Suzanne A. Khalatbari to Virginia B. and Amy K. Baker, $239,900.

Country Roads Lane, 9504-Ryan M. Day to Corey D. Diamond, $346,500.

Glen Forest Ct., 12836-Ryland Group Inc. to Aziz Atakuziev, $505,850.

Hugh Mullen Dr., 7911-Equity Trustees Corp. and Youssef Boufars to Mohammad A. Birjandi, $114,800.

Kessler Pl., 11335-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Ashok Kumar and Hemlata Rani, $220,000.

Koman Cir., 11006, No. 187-Oswald H. Skewes Jr. to Edward Rudzik, $162,000.

Norfolk St., 9626-Viva Corp. to Milton A. Castaneda and Maria C. Villalobos, $218,500.

River Heights Lane, 11242-Charles F. Wedel to Emily A. Little, $515,000.

Sandal Wood Lane, 11657-Joseph H. Wear to Christopher J. Carnduff, $579,500.

Stagestone Way, 11180-Gary Luther to Sheri M. Pierce, $176,000.

Three Otters Pl., 15645-Jose D. Miranda to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $213,646.

Wilmington St., 10179-Atlantic Trustee Services Corp. and Narciso Perez to Federal National Mortgage Association, $163,720.


Albert Myer Ct., 7788-Erastus Ruga to Mohamed S. Kargbo, $405,000.

Birch St., 8219-Michael B. Stroud to Hisham El-Omari, $255,000.

Dickinson Ct., 8166-Atlantic Trustee Services Corp. and Alimatu Sesay to Federal National Mortgage Association, $424,384.

Montgomery Dr., 10713-Vito T. Mastrangelo to Kevin M. Clinton, $340,000.

Sharpshooters Ct., 7738-Joseph N. Geraci to Ann M. Bassolino, $419,000.


Benecia Lane, 4821-Karen A. Brown to Lela S. Williams, $233,500.

Four Seasons Dr., 16891-James L. Campbell to Sherry A. Cook, $435,000.

Jasper Loop, 4063-Davenia Solomin to Timothy M. Ludwig, $203,270.


Bristow Rd., 12552-Bank of New York Mellon to Equity Trust Co., $334,400.

Snapshot Ct., 11987-M/I Homes of DC Corp. to Scott Dombo and Diane Skirkanic, $493,515.


Barnette Cir., 19003-Terry N. Traywick to Daniel Navarro, $204,000.

Kira Ct., 3255-Richmond American Homes of Virginia to Paul E. Roberts, $502,999.

Pier Trail Dr., 18707-Richmond American Homes of Virginia to Jeffrey A. Metius Sr., $529,999.

Thomasson Crossing Dr., 3700-HSBC Bank to All Star Investments Corp., $275,754.


American Eagle Blvd., 3020-K Hovnanian Homes of Virginia to Steven Ogletree, $381,180.

Armada Pl., 12547-Federal National Mortgage Association to Khalid G. Sahib Alshami, $192,000.

Aviary Way, 3472-Scott A. Yates to Patrick A. Jurgens, $240,000.

Beegee Ct., 1911-Department of Housing and Urban Development and to Saliea Nourzada, $165,000.

Bethel Church Dr., 3279-John D. and Judy H. Corbett to Walter E. Trinidad, $330,000.

Bordeaux Pl., 2730-Nadya C. Garcia Batiz to Barry M. Emanuel, $119,000.

Caledonia Cir., 3419-Potomac Relocation Services Inc. to Ryan O’Malley, $263,000.

Carter Lane, 1529-Leonel Membreno and Virginia R. Susano to Oscar W. Menjivar Granados, $250,000.

Chaste Tree Pl., 4915-Federal National Mortgage Association to Mohsin Raza and Humaira Iqbal, $320,000.

Colorado Ave., 15311-Elmer Araujo Diaz to Stacy L. Rimmer, $250,000.

Daisy Reid Ave., 4406-NVR Inc. to Nezha Mahboub, $334,745.

Dara Dr., 12658, No. 201-Harriette Y. Newsom to Kelli Shobe, $71,000.

Eagle Ridge Dr., 3444-K Hovnanian Homes of Virginia to Alexandre P. Barrows, $408,000.

Effie Rose Pl., 12716-NVR Inc. to Alina Burgova, $526,509.

Fitzhugh Lane, 13530-Federal National Mortgage Association to Neal K. Raina, $167,000.

Galt Ct., 16603-Reo Corp. to Lisa A. Alvarez and Flor Maria Salvador, $173,000.

Gorham Way, 13045-Acacia Federal Savings Bank to Ameritas Life Insurance Corp., $387,280.

Grundy Rd., 2225-Nu Egg Co. to Hector M. Linares, $260,000.

Illinois Rd., 14955-Donna Mae Dewald to MMHH Investment Corp., $175,100.

Jib Lane, 2200-Eric Rona to Heidy M. Rios and Marcelo J. Silvera Viera, $274,000.

Kentshire Dr., 15139-Thea E. Warren to Meg Patterson and Timothy Dineen, $270,000.

Lotte Dr., 12701, No. 6-101-William E. Keating to Sarah Sedlacek, $84,500.

Mathews Dr., 13951-Lesley E. and Marta L. Martinez to Berta Contreras, $225,000.

Mountain Eagle Ct., 16104-Stone Financing Corp. to Jason M. Rumpler, $500,000.

Oberlin Dr., 2176-Jonathan T. Vreeland to Richard Rodriguez, $310,000.

Pinon Ct., 14690-Deon Oliver to Oscar E. Hernandez, $149,000.

Potomac Branch Dr., 14864-Nicole L. Johns to Xiaoli Han and Yan Guo, $305,000.

Reef Knot Way, 16862-Carla Carter Brown to Vipul Patel, $474,900.

Silvia Loop, 12764-Atlantic Trustee Services Corp. and Robert L. Johnson Sr. to Inau Properties Corp., $239,200.

Stevenson Ct., 12239-Bank of America to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $161,019.

Turnbuckle Lane, 2241-M/I Homes of DC Corp. to Emma C. Bayron, $486,251.

Windermere View Pl., 4245-Michael R. Browning to Philip H. Hans, $972,000.

Wyndale Ct., 3238-Andrew W. Pike to Edgar J.M.Escobar, $166,860.


Airport Ave., 1605-Commonwealth Trustees Corp. and Gail A. Dorsey to Federal National Mortgage Association, $320,958.

Caroline St., 505-Apl Corp. to Martin P. Koenig, $357,300.

Hoke Lane, 1000-Robert C. Bagwell to Jackson L. McGrady, $233,000.

Kings Mill Dr., 129-Maxwell B. Whitman to Elsa Newland, $99,900.

Railroad Ave., 816-PNC Bank to Foundation Residential Corp., $58,000.


The following were among homes sold in the City of Manassas.


Aspen Pl., 9601-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Reliance Homes Corp., $104,600.

Burnet Ct., 9179-Atlantic Trustee Services Corp. and Mark L. Zehring to Nationstar Mortgage Corp., $326,083.

Fendall St., 9941-Richmond American Homes of Virginia to Rebecca M. Stewart, $360,000.

Georgian Ct., 8401-Equity Trustees Corp. and Phillip W. Butler to Tuan N. Nguyen, $94,000.

Maury Lane, 9807-Alfred C. Quenneville Jr. to Malika I. Shaikh, $145,000.

Peabody St., 8791-Phoenix Investment Corp. to Douglas E. Judd, $505,500.

Racquet Cir., 10272-Nectar Projects Inc. and Elmo Green III to Nationstar Mortgage Corp., $527,758.

Sandalwood Dr., 9000, No. C-Federal National Mortgage Association to Sasan Ahmadiyar, $101,000.

Signal Hill Rd., 8655-Chheang P. Van to Ponnarit K. Loeu, $535,100.

Sudley Rd., 8906-Sandra K. Peters to Federal National Mortgage Association, $261,000.

Wax Myrtle Way, 9352-Professional Foreclosure Corp. and Pearl E. Henderson to Young Sun Choi, $111,400.

Willa Lane, 10148-Stone Financing Corp. to Roberta A. Hanks Graves, $450,000.

Manassas Park

Andrew Dr., 9208-Anne C. De Roo to Josiah P. Ryabinov, $245,500.

Cougar Ct., 9325-Viva Corp. to Manuel Oliverez, $338,000.

Handerson Pl., 9710, No. 203-Isaac Gresham to Matthew Pophin, $147,300.

Holmes Pl., 9724, No. 202-Commonwealth Trustees Corp. and Seijra Toogood to Federal National Mortgage Association, $270,100.

Manassas Dr., 112-Arevalo Investments Corp. to Sarah Galban, $190,000.

Stafford County

These were among sales data in Stafford County and provided toThe Washington Post by Lender Processing Services. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Admiral Dr., 2004-Churchill Corp. to Ambrosio Pantoja Jr., $319,000.

Aquia Creek Rd., 110-Rhonda W. Laporte to Jason D. Mills, $375,000.

Boundary Dr., 51-Anthony H. Palau to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $196,801.

Brookstone Dr., 4-James A. Myers to Mark P. Alsbergas, $297,400.

Cannon Ridge Dr., 73-Roberta L. Duncan to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, $376,958.

Chesterfield Lane, 202, No. 202-Gerald Robinson to Steve Gerdon, $75,000.

Danbury Forest Lane, 4-Imad A. Salous to Schelley A. Sandoval, $260,000.

Drum Ct., 5-Commonwealth Trustees Corp. and Michael A. McCormick to Federal National Mortgage Association, $359,000.

Fathom Cv., 206-Wells Fargo Bank to Vance Grant Hyland Smith, $182,000.

Garrisonville Rd., 1373-James F. Revis to Christopher E. Pickard, $339,000.

Hamlin Dr., 99-Brian T. Schwatken to Justin Downes, $299,000.

Holly Corner Rd., 707-Foundation Residential Corp. to Joseph C. Smith, $174,900.

Ivywood Dr., 113-Federal National Mortgage Association to Carrie E. Brady, $230,000.

Keith Ct., 6-Apl Corp. to Nicholas Vetrano, $240,000.

Knollwood Ct., 309-Mia Maria Alexander to Jerome D. and Judith A. Alexander, $92,826.

Mosby Lane, 70-Phillip E. Mudrich to Michael J. Prouty, $555,000.

Mount Olive Rd., 581-Hour Homes Inc. to Henry L. Clark Jr., $478,970.

Neil Ct., 3-Michael L. Smith to Katrina L. Scott, $179,900.

Oakridge Dr., 302-Professional Foreclosure Corp. and Myrtle L. Sams to FFC Properties Corp., $122,300.

Patton Lane, 25-Atlantic Trustee Services Corp. and Larry F. Pratt to Nationstar Mortgage Corp., $280,368.

Rocky Run Rd., 515-Jason S. Post to Rhiannon Barreda, $330,000.

Sandy Ridge Rd., 300-Christina K. York to Andrew J. Johnson, $285,000.

Spain Dr., 1017-Alan Dean Bergman to Daniel J. and Ashley R. Demchak, $259,900.

Stevens Dr., 129-Monique Benavente to Miguel A. Marcano III, $272,900.

Tanterra Dr., 85-John R. Strait to David M. Dewitt, $215,000.

Titanic Dr., 3406-Stone Financing Corp. to Bryan L. Langerud, $345,000.

Truslow Rd., 404-Foundation Residential Corp. to Frank X. Sotelo IV, $194,000.

Warwick Way, 15-Louise E. Webb to New Spring Corp., $268,000.

Westminster Lane, 115-Eric Debelak to Federal National Mortgage Association, $266,648.

Willow Lane, 4-John N. Augspurger to Kimberly J. Pivirotto, $210,000.