Prince William County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Lender Processing Services. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit


Benton Lake Rd., 11974-Michael A. Capozzi to Khanh Pham, $341,000.

Chorley Way, 8721-Randoll T. Asosta to David S. Meyers, $292,000.

Dawkins Crest Club, 9210-M/I Homes of DC Corp. to Nannette L. Ortiz, $394,581.

Dodsworth Dr., 13480-Milton Zukor to Hamid Javid, $410,000.

Falling Water Dr., 9308-Brandon S. Brown to Chad Hollingsworth, $450,000.

Formby St., 12167-Waeil A. Abdulwahab to Lauren A. Mayoral, $399,900.

Island Fog Ct., 10003-Robert T. Myers III and Melissa Howell to Aaron M. Schrinel, $474,000.

Lord Lovat Way, 10024-Kristen M. Zrioka to Christopher R. Claro, $241,000.

Ormond Dr., 13210-Susie S. Sullivan to Leigh Moore, $309,900.

Raging Water Dr., 9051-Pallas M. Lee Van Schaick to Patrick A. Thomas, $545,000.

Rumsey Ct., 13594-Michael D. O’Brien Sr. to Robert C. Tucker, $270,000.

Snare Drum Ct., 9719-Randy L. Rivera to Anthony L. Bordeaux, $418,000.

Struthers Glen Ct., 9408-Douglas C. Robinson to Randolph Baird, $368,000.

Tombreck Ct., 9782-Anastasios I. Skoulidas to Christopher W. Harm, $397,150.

Victory Lakes Loop, 12773-National Residential Nominee to Collen C. Ditmars, $493,500.


Livia Dr., 12912-FFC Properties Corp. to John P. Harasek, $535,000.


Amaranth Ct., 14932-Linda D. Marra to Jawad Chaudhry, $405,000.

Barnes Lane, 5550-Richmond American Homes of Virginia to Donald A. Thompson, $569,999.

Belleville Ave., 14335-Franklyn Holder to MHZTH Investments Corp., $190,000.

Birchdale Sq., 3203-Sheikh A. Nasir to Guillermo D. Villarroel, $204,000.

Brook Dr., 14722-Bradley B. Costello to Veronica J. Sorto, $255,000.

Cardinal Crest Dr., 4085-Florinda Palacios to Hermes Moscoso, $454,000.

Cloverdale Rd., 14809-Cynthia A. Elliott to Cloverdale Project Corp., $200,000.

Cuddy Loop, 14174, No. 202-Katherine S. Ostrander to Marietta L. Robbins, $150,000.

Dorian Dr., 14820-Fatima El Hilali to Karen M. Corzo, $180,000.

Evansdale Rd., 4620-FFC Properties Corp. to Jorge Guzman, $206,900.

Felty Pl., 14293-Rebecca E. Hedrick to Erika D. Wanzer, $184,000.

Granby Rd., 4127-Brian Wojnarowski to Felix Bravo, $260,000.

Greenwood Dr., 13646-Robert F. Young to Jessica D. Page, $265,370.

Jennerette Lane, 15186-Richmond American Homes to Keith C. Ridge, $465,252.

Kenwood Dr., 4619-Indira Garcia to Luis C. Garcia, $230,000.

Kerrydale Rd., 13411-Garlon W. Haney Jr. to Denise N. Davis, $260,000.

Kingsman Rd., 13650-Karl E. Miller to Silvio A. Espinoza, $305,000.

Landover Ct., 4989-Anthony Wingate to Ernest B. Woode, $246,900.

Londonderry Ct., 13829-Drew S. Hawkins to Coraly M. Revollo, $270,000.

Moccasin Ct., 13730-Jonathan R. Smith to Mario Guerrero, $265,000.

Orangewood Dr., 13453-Hassan I. Khan to Robert T. MacKritis, $321,000.

Pearson Dr., 4788-Charles J. Gable to Chris J. Van Tassell, $385,000.

Raddock Ct., 14317-Surety Trustees Corp. and Herberth L. Amya Sagastizado to A. and V. Real Estate Investments, $241,000.

Rhode Island Dr., 5756-Patricia A. Plessinger to Cheong B. Huang, $386,000.

Saint Charles Dr., 5625-Michael Glazebrook to Asma B. Sherazi, $275,000.

Spotted Turtle Ct., 15208-Emmuanuel B. Martinez and Andra Bonet to Daniel A. Getwright, $435,000.

Three Dormers Ct., 14520-Juan A. Leon to Cathy L. Austin, $515,000.

Trident Lane, 6181-Christine M. Durose to Jonathan F. Skeate, $225,000.


Antrim Cir., 3167-Nora E. Lovato to Autumn Maxey, $225,000.

Cape May Ct., 3366-Abdul S. Shaikh to Shagufta R. Khan, $122,000.

Francis West Lane, 16846-Araz M. Kadir to Ahmed Adam, $265,000.

Sedgewick Pl., 2509-Tasha Slay to Femando D. Aguila, $154,000.


Anoka Way, 6328-Kathleen M. Goodhart to Warren E. Olson, $344,000.

Catbird Dr., 14199-Donna P. Hairston to Ahmed Elsayed, $310,000.

Clarkton Ct., 7149-James E. Reetz to Daniel Nemec, $418,000.

Crescent Park Dr., 8035-John Cole Jr. to Chong C. Park, $250,000.

Estate Manor Dr., 14108-Bruce Hartsell to Sang R. Jung, $430,000.

Gaffney Cir., 15024-Yama Zafary to Kurt Burkhardt, $389,777.

Grackle Ct., 14311-Zachary Cousins to Joshua A. Hamm, $360,000.

Hopewells Landing Dr., 14908-D.R. Horton Inc. to Gerhard R. Ebert, $535,000.

Ladderbacked Dr., 14285-Frank Carden to Kyle Allis, $399,000.

Manahoac Pl., 6969-Wells Fargo Bank to Gregory B. Howell, $265,000.

Piney Grove Way, 6108-Amy Haddad to Sarah L. Nunley, $369,900.

Red House Rd., 14647-Jason Alley to Siroos Abdollahi, $380,000.

Rogue Forest Lane, 6991-Ahmad Khan to Iman Miraki, $291,000.

Screech Owl Ct., 8822-Dewayne Carter to Andrew M. Perkinson, $359,000.

Tenbrook Dr., 8381-Franklin P. Titus to Charles Martin, $500,000.

Traditions Trail, 6910-Ryan D. Bailey to Danielle M. Walsh, $295,000.


Alvey Dr., 2610-Stanley P. Dull to David R. Scott, $440,000.

Ashby Grove Loop, 6485-Syed Zainuddin to Matthew Morris, $360,000.

Cheyenne Way, 14971-Equity Trustees Corp. and Laszlo A. Babos to Irap Investments Corp., $153,000.

Cranswick Ct., 5825-Claudia R. Skinner to Shane K. Todd, $495,000.

Dogwood Tree Ct., 4455-Louise A. Peterson to Mary L. Brown, $892,400.

Fog Mountain Cir., 15470-Tonya Hollands to Brian A. Burns, $448,000.

Gossoms Store Ct., 15428-Dominion Country Club to Andrew Szumera, $372,224.

Interlachen Ct., 5924-John Kavanagh to Joshua H. Bradfield, $580,000.

Mackenzie Manor Dr., 15908-Rolando A. Hernandez to James L. Barbe, $315,000.

Parkers Ford Ct., 15780-James A. Tidwell to Geoffrey F. Brown, $580,000.

Popes Creek Pl., 6009-Ramona L. Kim to Tyler J. Kilburn, $364,500.

Saint Paul Dr., 6812-Robert W. Kelly III to Nicholas W. Colley, $410,000.

Verde Pl., 14362-Manuel J. Barboss to Sue M. Roselius, $388,000.


Albrite Ct., 11517-John M. Myatt to Melissa L. Stoltz, $490,000.

Baneberry Cir., 14122-Terry A. Carroll to Maury McFarland, $529,900.

Briarmont Lane, 8395-Estelle B. Thornton to Matthew Spina, $435,000.

Cedar Creek Dr., 10523-Rodney T. Warren Jr. to Hongzai Yan, $300,000.

Copeland Dr., 10320-Habitat for Humanity to Larry Young, $206,864.

Damascus Dr., 9541-Jose A. Pedroza Ornelas to Stephen P. King, $245,000.

Elsinore Dr., 7877-Eric C. Sutton to Richard C. Sutton, $535,000.

Flager Cir., 7905-Edgardo Castillo to Henry O. Majano, $275,000.

Garner Dr., 7828-Faye M. Pringle and estate of Glen Eugene Pringle to Zhiyu Luo, $258,000.

Gray Fox Trail, 7024-Jonathan P. Grimm to Chirathat Theerathada, $420,000.

Lacy Dr., 8095, No. 204-Annissa Amegbe to Hugh F. Hoover, $178,900.

Langholm Way, 7419-Allen L. Salazar and Maey Tenakoune to Tuan Lam, $215,000.

Lomond Dr., 9416-Kieu Thu Luu Nguyen to Jose S. Avelar, $272,000.

Marie Dr., 13381-Ronald R. Simmons to Sonny Rostami, $410,000.

Millpond Ct., 11900-Russell M. Jones to Matthew R. Conner, $300,000.

Natick Dr., 13454-Richard W. Matlock to Joseph S. Nemchik, $435,000.

Perennial St., 9456-James S. Whitmire to Robert A. Brown, $379,500.

Quail Run Lane, 7645-Jesse M. Rollinger to Jagadish N. Parajuli, $204,900.

Remington Rd., 7512-Patrick Finningan Sr. to Saif U.R. Mangal, $225,000.

Rokeby Dr., 7313-Kylie M. Burnett to K.P. Rajan, $200,000.

Salmon Run Ct., 12859-David Attai to David E. Conley, $575,000.

Stagestone Way, 11276-Rodrigo D. Baires to John B. Gonzalez, $190,000.

Tattersall Dr., 10704-Robert J. Griffith to Brian K. Cassedy, $480,000.

Westmoreland Ave., 9403-AVG Property Corp. to Global Telecom Group Inc., $150,000.


Arrington Farm Ct., 9215-Lorraine Babeu to Niraj P. Ghimire, $410,000.

Chardon Ct., 7415-Tanya Bass to Marc D. Madden, $270,000.

Duck Pond Terr., 8021-Loc H. Nguyen to Isaias Vergary, $295,000.

Leland Rd., 8015-Deborah A. Allen to Juan J. Guzman, $130,000.

Maplewood Dr., 8006-Heather Austin to Stephen H. Chow, $335,000.

Rainwater Cir., 8170-Abusayed Bhuiyan to Miri Seo, $289,900.

Somerset Lane, 7626-Theodore S. Griner to Julio C.Q. Romero, $165,000.

Walcott Ct., 8600-Raymond E. Shields to Hicham Abboud, $250,000.


Benson Ct., 3799-Thomas C. Stark to Manzer Alam, $299,100.

Celebration Way, 17409-Charles R. Tiller to Julian O. Boggan, $385,000.

Dalebrook Dr., 3728-Shannon D. Webb to Louis P. Feaman, $335,000.

Edgewood Dr., 15764-Michael Rich to Michelle L. Rockhold, $352,000.

Friar Loop, 16731-Charles P. Keith to Rogers W. Henderson Sr., $500,900.

Great Harvest Ct., 4075-Nelson Badillo to David L. Priest, $447,500.

Kagera Dr., 17438-David W. Hicks to Latoya C. Kirkland, $253,000.

Mimosa Trail, 15273-C. Five Corp. to Waseem S. Mian, $312,000.

Saltwater Dr., 4883-Joel Rodriguez to Moises Rodriguez Manzur, $209,000.

Spring Branch Blvd., 5018-Steven J. Gundersen to Craig Jackson, $380,000.

Viewpoint Cir., 15723-Nicholas J. Anderson to James A. Seich, $255,000.


Aden Rd., 11324-Arlene Brunk to Sinara Ly and Somony M. Yann, $350,935.

Oxfordshire Dr., 10213-Gregory A. Harvery to Marc T. Russell, $415,000.


Barnette Cir., 18928-Professional Foreclosure Corp. and Michael Churchill to Mohamed Uddin, $166,700.

Port Hope Pt., 3795-Susan C. Stewart to Darryl Tom, $165,900.

Windsor Rd., 19129-Francesco Fiermonte Jr. to Maria T. Valecruz, $195,000.


Alaska Rd., 14979-Olivia L. Turner to Danna J. Bastien, $239,900.

Armada Pl., 12562-Nasrin Abadi to Usman Manzoor, $260,000.

Balsam St., 14685-Timothy K. Whitehouse to Manuel M. Maldonado, $179,000.

Bordeaux Pl., 2762-Akil Cornelius to Andy Nguyen, $120,000.

Brookmoor Lane, 2353-Equity Trustees Corp. and Martese J. Porchia to Clear Sky Properties Corp., $241,500.

Buchanan Ct., 5355-Marshall C. Baugher to Bruce G. Sherry, $425,000.

California St., 1423-Jeremy G. Burr to Cynthia Oliver, $220,000.

Cardamom Dr., 11959-Stacey S. Rose to Gulnur Aslan, $159,000.

Cascade Way, 4471-Richard L. Phillips to Andrew N. Gappy, $679,000.

Charles Ct., 13604-366 Nansemond Corp. to Angela F. Lazo, $275,000.

Cinnamon St., 12316-Sherri L. Uzzle to Dylan Jones, $261,000.

Cotton Mill Dr., 11795-Aaron J. Runne to Joseph M. Murray II, $374,900.

Cristina Ct., 2681-Martha R. Sullivan to Wilson G. Lopez, $223,000.

Darnley Rd., 12173-Joseph A. Lowe to Cheryl A. Paulin, $535,000.

Dulcinea Pl., 12610-Derrick R. Shack to Shuoqin Xie, $210,000.

Fawn Hollow Lane, 1453-Brigitte M. Meffert to Camille L. Brown, $299,500.

Flodden Ct., 4313-Joel A. Hendelman to Jose L. Dieguez, $416,500.

Gardenview Loop, 1030, No. 301-Peter Clarkin to Elena M. Jessup, $150,000.

Greendale Dr., 13886-Curtis McGehee to Stephanie J. Nelson, $284,900.

Hackwood St., 14747-Jorge L. Izquierdo to Hector Medina, $150,000.

Hayes Lane, 16492-Commonwealth Trustees Corp. and Rodger L. Jones Jr. to Cleary Sky Properties Corp., $365,000.

Horseshoe Lane, 15562 No. 562-Eugene Bass III to Peter C. Stefanelli, $105,000.

Jadestone Way, 13003-Warren L. Jenkins to Kourosh Houdsony, $380,000.

Jellico Ct., 2122-Christopher G. Poirier to Anh C. Ho and Leakhena Long, $516,000.

John Diskin Cir., 15732-Joseph W. Cole to Denise Miles, $278,900.

Koval Lane, 3862-Room By Room Makeovers Inc. to Bassam Ramadan, $375,000.

Limoux Pl., 11813-Nancy L. Scallan and estate of Donna Laurenzi to Richard J. Roy, $340,000.

Longview Dr. W., 2298-Daniel P. Barnes to Gordon Lambert, $275,000.

Maine Ct., 15002-Michael J. Shearer to Maria J. Benavides and Pedro A. Castillo, $285,000.

Marlboro Ct., 12283-Jose Antonio Laso to Lee Ann Covington, $230,000.

Merseyside Dr., 2300-Gregorio Cruz to Mohamed Elatrebi, $290,000.

Noble Fir Ct., 2774-John M. Zoscak Jr. to Muhemaitijiang Juma, $365,000.

Oakwood Dr., 12337-Maureen T. Callahan to Christopher K.D. Bagot, $362,000.

Panorama Dr., 16852-Stephen B. Howard to David M. Coderre, $450,000.

Pinnacle St., 13701-Bradley R. Gehrke to Timothy R. Tritch, $475,000.

Potomac Branch Dr., 14833-Carl R. Oldenburg to Rick Y. Son, $327,000.

Refuge Ct., 1303-Larry Mazur Sr. and Joyce A. Carter to Sharon K. Vannoy, $300,000.

Sherbrooke Cir., 3580, No. 102H-Federal National Mortgage Association to Marlysa Lohr Connolly, $145,000.

Stirrup Ct., 3953-Teresa F. Carter to Tri D. Le, $429,900.

Topsail Lane, 16390-Qais Nassiri to Djeneba Trarore, $421,750.

Vestal St., 700-Scott A. Vyner to Samuel P. Smith Jr., $445,000.

Water Oak Ct., 11550-Christopher L. Lacy to William C. Mountain, $620,000.

Wetherburn Ct., 2916-Sushil K. Sapra to Jose Lopez, $166,000.

Willow Lane, 1938-Bank of America to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $362,272.

Woodfern Ct., 2802-George L. Schaudel to Jeremy D. Brutsman, $234,000.


These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Lender Processing Services. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Bayberry Ave., 9263-Stephen Morgan to Cinthya E. Aguirre and Martha B. Montano, $326,000.

Cannon Ridge Dr., 8996-Samuel J. Vanderplas to Aaron T. Fletcher, $245,500.

Caspian Way, 9310, No. 302-Bonnie Rhoads to Linda J. Olson, $135,000.

Confederate Trail, 9953-Walter Erhardt to Ryan Eady, $295,000.

Fairfax St., 8580-Jalil Muhammad to Ever A. Siguenza, $280,000.

Garland Ct., 8966-TB United Investment Corp. to Mark Costis, $385,000.

Georgian Ct., 8325-Allen D. Morrison to Angie M. Phillips, $140,000.

Kershaw Ct., 9154-Ora L. Pitts to Najee L. Johnson, $182,000.

Meadowview Dr., 8993-Lee K. Mergler to Jonathan O. Sullivan, $360,000.

New Britain Cir., 9041-Michael Conrad to Luis E. Ortis, $220,000.

Park St., 9569-John A. Byrd to Lee K. Mergler, $542,000.

Sandalwood Dr., 9010, No. D-Richard L. Ray Jr. to Joan T. Tyree, $156,000.

Sugarwood Lane, 8807-Leo V. Eldredge to Linda Hales, $127,500.

Verbena Ct., 9145-Amanda Ear to Steve J. Klix, $259,000.

Whispering Pine Ct., 9010-Lauren A. Myers to Rudys R. Umana, $190,000.

Witch Hazel Way, 9314-Michael Wilbourn to Kathleen Marshall, $169,500.

Manassas Park

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Lender Processing Services. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Cabbel Dr., 196-Stephen H. Wasserman to Abdelhamid Ja, $185,000.

Greenshire Dr., 9239-Peter Obenwa to Thava Pena, $336,500.

Jessica Dr., 9263-Jonathan P. Bacon to Felix A. Santos, $225,000.

Matthew Dr., 9207-Gregory Harkins to Rui Vicente, $399,900.

Saint Steven Ct., 9042-Shawn J. Guerrero to Gorge F. Sadihom, $190,000.

Sunnyside Ct., 8301-Robert Hanson to Bahar Jam, $152,000.

Stafford County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Lender Processing Services. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Amelia Ct., 33-Raun A. Craven to Eleanor M. Joines, $255,000.

Aquia Dr., 2114-Stephen F. Klapach Jr. to Robert A. Hubbs, $290,000.

Arden Lane, 131-M and T Bank to James Epting, $510,000.

Barbara Ann Dr., 119-Gerald C. Thomas to Jessica E. Whiteley, $309,900.

Basket Ct., 10-Denis I. Roshioru to Arthur D. Robinson Jr., $390,000.

Bluefield Lane, 10-Heather P. Raybold to John V. Sutera, $234,000.

Brandons Bluff, 3-Kenneth R. Schwartz to Kevin S. Bates, $300,000.

Brittany Lane, 49-Kenneth K. Bieber to Michael A. Claiborne, $325,000.

Brush Everard Ct., 118-Daniel W. O’Leary to Heather C. Coats, $265,000.

Caisson Rd., 115-Linda G. Daugherty to Rocky Toler, $489,000.

Catherine Lane, 19-Commonwealth Trustees Corp. and Theresa D. Daniel to Nasreen Begum, $231,000.

Chesterfield Lane, 202, No. 202-Steve Gerdon to Angele Bosch, $94,000.

Cleremont Dr., 105-John Louisor to Michael D. Scatchard, $265,900.

Colebrook Rd., 291-Roy Wingrove and Colebrook Land Trust to Julie K. Babson, $307,500.

Columbus Cove, 106-Jack H. Berry to Jose Ferreira, $420,000.

Courtney Ct., 4-Thomas H. Skeer Sr. to Brett Staib, $320,000.

Cropp Rd., 84-Gerri A. Beach to Barbara K. Spriggs, $255,000.

Debra Dr., 127-Elmer Argueta to Fausto M. Jimenez, $185,000.

Driftwood Lane, 85-Stanley Brown to Edwin C. Gardner, $499,900.

Enfield Dr., 92-James R. Haase to James S. Campbell, $335,000.

Fife St., 30-Commonwealth Trustees Corp. and Firoza Hasan to FFC Properties Corp., $377,000.

Galt Way, 30-Daryl W. Sullivan to Sarah Brown, $226,000.

Goal Ct., 15-Equity Trustees Corp. and Harumi Howard to Foundation Residential Corp., $305,000.

Hamlin Dr., 78-Miguel E. Reyna to Nicholas J. Covert, $309,000.

Harrogate Rd., 702-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Sandra M. Keenhold, $150,000.

Heather Pl., 5-Thomas E. Brown and Laure Manette to Justin A. Freeman, $298,000.

Hicks Ct., 6-Myriam Arroyo to Jamie L. Scott, $175,000.

Hope Rd., 486-Shawn M. Dunstan to Jose Alvarez, $242,500.

Independence Dr., 305-Federal National Mortgage Association to Jie Huang, $156,000.

Jennifer Lane, 111-Bank of New York Mellon to Churchill Corp., $260,500.

Kelley Rd., 66-Department of Veterans Affairs to Progresive Communities Corp., $91,000.

Krismatt Ct., 4-Christopher D. Bellios to Mohammed S. Ghouri, $409,900.

Lark Lane, 120-Gregory A. Ramey to Dante G. Durand, $258,000.

Lotus Lane, 12-Gregorio Gallardo to Kasey C. Fulwider, $399,900.

Maple Dr., 40-John R. Clixtro to Ashley Marie E. Bartlett, $125,000.

Miracle Valley Lane, 14-Kathy L. Fimian to ADL Investment Corp., $335,000.

Old English Way, 3-Surety Trustees Corp. and William J. Nelson to FFC Properties Corp., $322,500.

Olympic Dr., 121-David B. Maye to Brian J. Kushner, $280,000.

Palisades Dr., 34-David Lizana to David E. Reed, $520,000.

Pegs Lane, 50-Mary F. Sloat to Daniel J. Oliver, $169,000.

Perry St., 1101-Christopher Cammack to William T. Hunter, $189,900.

Plumosa Dr., 4-Michael A. Ford to Nichole L. Ford, $226,000.

Ramoth Church Rd., 600-Glen V. Peacher Jr. to Renee C. Garrison, $167,000.

Riggs Rd., 133-Erik M. Wolfson to Timothy E. Collins and Beth L. Parker, $412,500.

Rover Ct., 404-Bank of New York Mellon to Magda Buzeiche, $165,100.

Saint Marys Lane, 175-Joseph C. Sidor to Chandler P. Seagraves, $627,800.

Shadwell Ct., 7-Marvin Wagner to Edward G. Burgh, $279,000.

Southampton Ct., 205-Jenny M. Holbert to Sonya Alford, $225,000.

Spyglass Lane, 189-Michael H. Lee and Anita L. Sutton to Gregory A. Parish, $524,000.

Sylvan Hills Lane, 26-Kens Renovations and Repairs to Lance O. Toth, $310,000.

Tanglewood Lane, 188-Eric C. Rogers to Foundation Residential Corp., $165,000.

Torbert Loop, 206-Angela Dixon to Sarah Standard, $195,000.

Truslow Rd., 371-Truslow Kelley Investments Corp. to NVR Inc., $120,000.

Vista Woods Rd., 88-Stephen J. Sopo to Michael Blevins, $211,000.

White Oak Rd., 756-Roberta L. Schreiber to Emily C. Schad, $169,800.

Winning Colors Rd., 42-David Raboin and Pamela Caldwell Varmette to James G. Hamill, $586,000.

Woodland Dr., 102-Kenneth Bleecker to Rashid L. Hassann, $160,000.