Prince William County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Financial Services. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit


Alvyn Lake Cir., 9235-Brian Parillo to Nina M. Shah, $332,000.

Benchmark Lane, 8913-Alan C. Ross to Cuneyt Yucel, $306,000.

Cheshire Ct., 12148-Dragos Gabudeanu to Katrina B. Burke, $435,000.

Dawn Falls Way, 12016-Pamela M. Worrell to Brian R. Cozby, $330,000.

Drum Salute Pl., 12182-Kelly L. Newman to Richard G. Poulin, $315,000.

Elliston Ct., 10129-Robert E. Riggle Jr. to Matt Bohn and Christie Attanasio, $359,900.

Falling Water Dr., 9246-James D. Bach to Danxian Zhang, $544,900.

General Kirkland Dr., 10886-Bryson S. Hopkins to Terrence L. Watkins, $510,000.

Henry Abbott Rd., 10849-Troy D. Raper to David Willis, $474,900.

Kyle Moor Pl., 13000-Donald Cline II to Steven Lescallett, $573,000.

Moat Crossing Pl., 8899-Daniel S. Ricks to Manmohan Singh, $310,000.

Pale Rose Loop, 10153-Lauren Holst to Tomas A. Laureano, $300,000.

Restina Rd., 13751-Milton Cartwright Jr. to Dip J. Petel and Seema Amin, $575,000.

Spring Beauty Rd., 12020-Brookfield Vint Hill Corp. to John G. Williamson, $549,000.

Wansteadt Pl., 13481-Justin K. Kelson to Duc Tran and Van Bui, $370,000.


Dunigan Ct., 3652-Michael E. Bowman to John L. Johnston, $635,000.


Bevanwood Dr., 15401-Vladimir Minero to Melina Minaya and Trevel Pouncy, $330,000.

Bradford St., 3306-Randall J. Knaub to Oscar A. Martinez, $217,000.

Cherrydale Dr., 14837-Kevin S. Mast to Jami A. Bjorndahl, $175,000.

Dane Ridge Cir., 4789-Armelle S. Franklin to Renard A. Sutton, $316,500.

Eastlawn Ave., 4620-Paul Thompson Sr. to Miguel Oliveras, $160,000.

Evey Turn, 14800-Shay Tucker to Mayra G. Garcia, $233,000.

Frishman Ct., 4916-Bank of New York Mellon to Rodney Adamson, $356,650.

Fullerton Rd., 14509-Christine M. Cherian and estate of John A. Boyce to Clear Sky Properties Corp., $135,000.

Glendale Rd., 4135-Shaun Lutz to Marvin G.O. Carranza, $255,000.

Hope Hill Ave., 5509-Michael R. Armbruster Jr. to Zaheed U. Deshmukh, $508,000.

Kirkdale Dr., 4659-Atlantic Investments Corp. to Carlos H. Chavez, $340,000.

Lindendale Rd., 13816-John E. Bielec Jr. to Jose L. Gomez and Christina M. Campos, $257,000.

Madrigal Dr., 14069-Marie K. Dickens to Katherine I. Torres Sejas, $282,000.

Moon Way, 3511-Walter L. Clark Jr. to Marcos A. Portillo, $290,000.

Park Ct. N., 14350-Cranoke Corp. to Yam B. Thapa, $200,000.

Photo Dr., 13510-Prophet & Koehrtaker Corp. to Donald P. Goodman III, $350,000.

Princedale Dr., 14265-Yenni C. Mejia to Ralph Ohlsen, $285,000.

Regent Ct., 14204-George Thompson to Seydou K. Quansah, $250,000.

Riverside Dr., 5790-Jose E. Paz to Jose M. Icochea and Afshan Zaheer, $280,000.

Soaring Cir., 3404-Powells Neighborhoods II Corp. to Masooda D. Ahmadi, $530,000.

Wertz Dr., 3876-Michael V. Hayes to Robert Turner III, $375,000.


Curtis Dr., 17833-Federal National Mortgage Association to Guillermo V. Perez, $199,900.

Fort Pickens Ct., 2234-Daniel A. Hammel to Cleon Richardson, $185,000.

Toms River Loop, 16873-Aaron D. Crispin to Jose A. Bernuy, $242,000.


Alderwood Way, 6579-Thomas D. Yengling to Susan J. Wells, $315,000.

Broadwinged Dr., 14309-John D. Jackson to Darryl C. Smith, $439,000.

Catbird Dr., 14163-Richard J. Rainville to Frances E. Kelley, $370,000.

Cleveland Bay Ct., 8401-David E. Wurst to Richard W. Shrum Jr., $435,000.

Dartmouth Lane, 4155-Paul J. Jarrett to Kyle B. Anderson, $670,000.

Fowlers Mill Dr., 14427-Patrick F. O’Neill to Gregory L. Tarmon, $322,000.

Holly Ridge Lane, 13660-Diana W. Clemente to Michael Miller, $15,000.

Laurianne Terr., 13754-Duane R. McGregor to Elias R. Monfort, $470,000.

Links Pond Cir., 14753-Caryn C. Patricola to Kenneth C. Gunnoe II, $405,000.

Murphy Terr., 14195-Tomas A. Laureano to Heidi S. Brumar, $445,600.

Prices Cove Pl., 7303-Alvin J. Dellinger Jr. to Sidney M. Chapman, $497,000.

Screech Owl Ct., 8838-James Clark to David L. Steele Jr., $380,000.

Suffolk Way, 8328-Shea Curtis to Syed A.R. Zaidi, $445,000.

Tall Timber Dr., 8123-Henry L. Walker to Christopher Burroughs, $350,000.

Yellowthroat Ct., 8837-Carolina Trigo to Michael S. Milad Drias, $448,000.


Championship Dr., 15429-Delosa A. Young to Ernest R. Jackson, $529,990.

Foleys Mill Pl., 15709-Deutsche Bank to Varinder Singh, $484,000.

Hunting Path Rd., 6646-Eric Mearse to Walfred G. Morales, $249,900.

Latham Dr., 4028-Gerald G. Goss to Dennis M. Harvey, $525,000.

Mackenzie Manor Dr., 15812-Paul Thistle to John M. Muller, $369,900.

Macklin St., 6504-Cartus Financial Corp. to Chan Ho, $578,000.

Piedmont Vista Dr., 13790-Edward P. Schiffman to Mohammad A. Ahsan, $635,000.

Rodriquez Lane, 5482-Eloisa Dawson to Lorelei S. Canyon, $415,000.

Shelter Lane, 13608-Neighborhoods V Corp. to James T. Young Jr., $339,625.

Verde Pl., 14377-Jennifer B. Roberts to Sarah Emerson, $395,000.


Alan Ct., 9842-John J. Foust Jr. to Elvia C. Briones, $278,000.

Belle Grae Dr., 7558-Barbara A. Maloney to Eduardo C. Guerrero, $157,000.

Blue Ridge Ct., 8239-Juan P. Guevara Ponce to Fernando Bobadilla, $230,000.

Brookview Ct., 7841-Deborah A. Watts to Carlos E. Ramirez, $268,000.

Carrington Pl., 10005-Daniel J. Gilpin to Joseph R. Zwickl, $317,000.

Clematis St., 9549-Daniel R. Zentz to Sergio R.O. Espinoza and Rosa A. Cante Ortiz, $349,900.

Elsinore Dr., 7835-Ray C. Sterne Jr. to Kevin L. Crittendon, $505,000.

Heron Ridge Ct., 10658-William D. Lewis to Moneer A. Sidiqi, $525,000.

Hobsons Choice Loop, 5621-Robert W. Cummins Jr. to Elise Langer and Christopher Jordan, $377,500.

Leroux Lane, 7876-Wells Fargo Bank to Jeramie Johnson, $465,000.

Lodi Ct., 13118-Mark Luiggi to John E. Ritchey, $530,000.

Loudoun Ave., 9729-Tito Antezana to Amilcar A. Funes, $335,000.

Oak Hollow Ct., 8822-Catholics for Housing Inc. to Martha L. Lazo Ruiz, $159,416.

Pembridge Rd., 7858-John W. Lund to Nicholas Andolina, $544,550.

Post Oak Terr., 10079-Garth P. Ganow to Cory Tatum, $465,000.

Rayborn Creek Dr., 11996-Aaron T. Johnson to Josh Gault, $375,000.

Silent Wolf Dr., 12437-Joyce K. Hughes to Patti E. Nelson, $460,000.

Split Rail Dr., 10828-David P. Lemarie to Joseph G. Deschner, $480,000.

Sudley Manor Dr., 9433-Dorothy Keen to Belky S.P. Camacho, $279,900.

Whitting Dr., 7990-Susan E. Myers to Kesha Robinson, $575,000.

Winfield Loop, 10613-Stephanie Parker to Zenith Investing Corp., $160,000.


Burnt Tree Dr., 7500-John H. Lehman Jr. to Jeffrey Gallagher, $475,000.

Knightshayes Dr., 7685-David G. McNama to Elijah V. Ham II, $589,000.

Mace Cir., 8011-Christina Stavrev to Marlon Esquivel, $259,000.

Shallow Ford Rd., 6043-Elizabeth A. Snyder to Barry C. Capelli, $995,000.


Barrington Pl., 15518-Edward A. Picard to Christopher K. Marcy, $421,000.

Dalebrook Dr., 3701-John G. Staudt to Luke J. Chappelle, $353,000.

Harpers Ferry Dr., 17618-Adam Martin to Mary Hogan, $319,900.

Hudson River Ct., 4258-Ashley M. Ivey to Amy K. Spriesterbach, $302,300.

La Mauricie Loop, 4110-Robert W. Thompson to Dipanshu Banwar, $297,000.

Marbury Heights Way, 15746-James Holaday to Jayson Lim, $445,000.

Northgate Dr., 15603-Kortney Krissel to Leonard W. Terry IV, $416,000.

Presidential Hill Loop, 4100-Paramount Investments Corp. to Arturo Tibayan Jr., $419,500.

Thistle Ct., 15699-James V. Cech and Cech Family Trust to Eric P. Gentrup, $422,000.

Vista Dr., 15736-Ryan M. Travis to James D. Forester, $371,000.


Liberty Ridge Pl., 8922-Frances F. Kelley to Akbar Chehreh, $851,000.

Schaeffer Lane, 10604-U.S. Bank to Emily R. Anaya, $645,750.


Katie Pl., 3729-Hong H.T. Le to Michael Mang, $405,000.

Meyers Rd., 4230-Niki L. Jennings and Lori J. Brissette to Gurpartap Singh, $340,000.

Potomac Crest Dr., 19210-Stefan R. Browning to James W. Taylor Jr., $464,900.

Potomac Highlands Cir., 4503-Potomac Highlands Corp. to Bernard Akoli, $289,900.


Abbey Knoll Ct., 12432-Victoria Nohelty to Gregory H. Turner, $285,000.

Andover Ct., 12452-Brandon M. Nieves to Carlos A. Pineda Monterrosa, $237,000.

Battery Hill Cir., 2358-Rodderick D. Barney Sr. to Ayandria J. Barry, $350,000.

Belmont Bay Dr., 500, No. 410-Mohan Verghese to Christina J. Nielsen, $270,000.

Belmont Bay Dr., 810, No. 203-Robert J. McDonough to Mark Childress, $215,000.

Bowline Loop, 2052-Deborah L. Webb to Andrew P. Moore, $268,000.

Cara Dr., 12820-Gloria S. Royall to Mark W. Beckett and Lance R. Perschau, $75,000.

Castile Ct., 12646-Federal National Mortgage Association to Monica S. Flores Cali and Nardy R. Hinojosa, $224,900.

Chancellor Dr., 3243-Todd J. Enge to Matthew Mumford, $515,000.

Congress St., 1309-Alvaro A. Chavarria to Cristhian C. Vasquez and Eulogia Torrez, $230,000.

Devils Reach Rd., 1329-Jeffrey A. Riehl to Richard J. Delinski, $302,000.

Eastbourne Dr., 2498-Elias and Jacob Rahman to Stacy Sanders, $279,950.

Foothill St., 3242-MDH Homes Corp. to Marcelo Zunagua, $252,500.

Gatehouse Terr., 15393-N. Balraj to Thomas Darrah, $154,900.

Gorham Way, 13060-Tina M. Gonzales to Christopher Arbolino, $429,000.

Granada Way, 12292-Lisa Sarlo to Anthony Sarlo, $235,000.

Greenvale Rd., 13437-Professional Foreclosure Corp. and Debra L. Kraus to Federal National Mortgage Association, $393,597.

Hanson Lane, 2021-Michael L. Benner to Barry K. Mullen, $550,000.

Kensington Park Dr., 15356-Timothy B. Nichols to Kevin Hicks, $300,000.

Lighthouse Lane, 12746-Julius Yelder Jr. to David B. Elliot, $280,000.

Marblestone Dr., 12850-Philip H. Stetson to Felicia M. Huntley, $350,000.

Merseyside Dr., 2210-Michael E. Depew to Mahrukh H. Zaidi, $337,500.

Minnieville Rd., 13195-Janet R. Cornell to Jose I.M. Coca and Cinthia V. Muruchi, $230,000.

Mount Pleasant Dr., 14012-Dwight A. Hamilton to Narciso Y. Villareal, $265,000.

Oakwood Dr., 12345-Robert J. Ackerman to Robert J. Robertson, $360,000.

Orleans St., 12982-Roger K. Knapper to Fereidoon Ostovar, $304,000.

Pintail Rd., 12900-Cleon J. Woodbury to Julio S. Caceres, $505,001.

Potomac Club Pkwy., 2243-Hector Figueroa to Justino Delacruz, $335,000.

Radburn St., 16258-Bank of America to Rodderick D. Barney Sr., $336,000.

Stretton Farm Ct., 4320-Aaron R. Andrews II to Shelia R. Howell Flowers, $730,000.

Tideswell Mill Ct., 12321-Bradley L. Waldrep to Arthur T. Coogan III and Maria C. Maccora, $614,000.

Ulysses St., 13769-Janice Condo to Leslie A. Stanfield, $489,900.

Wentwood Lane, 15220-Jennifer Babbitts to Yisihak Hailemariam, $224,000.

Whistling Swan Way, 1628-Bank of America to Shuxian Gao, $414,900.

Wyndale Ct., 3308-Danilo B. Garay to Jorge C. Sandoval, $214,000.


These were among homes sold in the City of Manassas.


Bentfield Dr., 8819-Richmond American Homes of Virginia to Carmine Largo, $339,999.

Falcon Point Way, 10365-Wells Fargo Bank to Arif Khan, $509,250.

Fountain Cir., 10263-Timothy S. Clayborn Jr. to Gabrielle Toy, $307,000.

Inkberry Ct., 9345-Equity Trustees Corp. and Loren W. Downard III to Wadan Homes Inc., $230,000.

Longstreet Dr., 8911-John S. Wright and estate of Barbara B. Wright to Christopher A. Alger, $330,000.

Prince William St., 9521-Luis A. Martinez to Ernesto Escalante, $320,000.

Stonewall Rd., 9467-Giuseppe Giaimo to Xiaoyan Liu, $294,000.

Trellis Ct., 10226-Tariq Jamal to David B. Thompson Jr., $390,000.

Waterford Dr., 10216-Traci A. Kurtz to Inemesit O. Ekong, $449,000.

Manassas Park

These were among homes sold in the City of Manassas Park.


Arnie Ct., 9210-Binh Nguyehn to Monell K. Cooper, $445,000.

Cabbel Dr., 205-Thomas Turner to Roberto Cruz Ponce, $250,000.

Greenshire Dr., 9220-Thomas J. Kaess to Antonio Vicente, $380,000.

Kirby St., 248-Jeremy W. Barkley to Cheyenne N. Hartman, $218,000.

Matthew Dr., 9200-Mehdi Amal to Bradford C. Hutchins, $405,000.

Polk Dr., 112-Marie C. Tandler and Tuan T. Truong to Ana M. Arevalo De Lizama, $285,000.

Scott Dr., 120-Mohammad A. Aljumaily to Melanie S. Santiago, $255,000.

Stafford County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Financial Services. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Allegheny Dr., 16-Jennifer Maxwell to Adam L. Mays, $259,900.

Aquia Dr., 2049-David Mercado to Luke McLearen, $339,900.

Ashburn Lane, 36-Kelly C. Morgan to Joseph M. Flynn, $515,000.

Azalea St., 3-R. Scott Stevens to Thomas Wright, $255,000.

Barlow House Ct., 15-Citimortgage Inc. to Irene M. Sands, $349,000.

Berea Church Rd., 205-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Khanh D. Chau and Y. Nhu Nguyen, $189,900.

Blake Meadow Lane, 52-Federal National Mortgage Association to Jessica Baldwin, $375,000.

Boulder Dr., 63-Michelle T. Uzzle to Harrison Palmer, $430,000.

Brentsmill Dr., 44-Franconia Real Estate Services to Alexis Eddington Hall, $429,900.

Brixham Ct., 19-Justin A. Riley to Robert A. Mathieson, $352,000.

Brookstone Dr., 13-Mark A. Shelton to Shane J. Harman, $389,900.

Bullrush Ct., 5-Steven L. Nicolucci to Paul Cook, $556,000.

Candleridge Ct., 12-Susanne M.J. Leon Jr. and Elaine J. Claggett to Lloyd Bishop, $289,900.

Chesterbrook Ct., 209-Justin M. Collins to Aaron Odum and Akosua T. Amoah, $245,000.

Confederate Way, 57-Andrew C. Tainter III to Chad J. Kuczka, $341,000.

Courthouse Rd., 1574-David E. Nistor to Donald F. Dann, $340,000.

Craftsman Ct., 6-Martin Rogers to David P. Cole, $250,000.

Crows Nest Cv., 200-Stephen C. Roberts to Elubia L. Guerra, $267,000.

Dandridge Ct., 100, No. 103-Drees Co. to James W. Ware, $250,300.

Dogwood Dr., 100-Richard G. Herrmann to James S. Allen, $229,000.

Duke Ave., 104-William F. Brent III to Nicole Hart, $242,500.

Edwin Ct., 8-William J. Hanrahan to Lucas A. Crider, $333,000.

Fallsway Lane, 218-Ricardo Rodriquez to Robert E. Miller III and Cynthia S. Ponce, $270,000.

Fox St., 3-Stephen K. Christenson and Patrice Newsome to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $306,939.

Galveston Rd., 540-Franceen P. Carrasquillo to Duyen Tran, $324,000.

Glacier Way, 80-Berry Jo Lee to Jeffrey D. Lee, $73,700.

Grosvenor Lane, 100, No. 203-Michael J. Stonehill to Martin Fuller Jr., $111,000.

Harbour Dr., 1207-Charles M. McCoy to George R. Dixon, $295,000.

Hickory Ridge Dr., 44-Virginia Credit Union Inc. to Neal C. Johnson, $234,900.

Huntington Dr., 13-Joseph A. Bice to Robert C. Erwin, $235,000.

Isabella Dr., 1027-Deutsche Bank to Jie Huang, $234,675.

Kellogg Mill Rd., 531-John R. Kukrak to Francisco J. Contreras, $503,000.

Langley Oaks Ct., 1-Fan Ng to Jean B. Youbi, $320,000.

London Way, 35-Ray R. Via II to Matthew R. Curry, $305,000.

Main St., 92-Susan K. Sutherland to Barbara Harrington, $150,000.

McQuarie Dr., 1-Pulte Home Corp. to William J. Nix, $388,000.

Nassau Ct., 6-Robert N. Garcia to Abish Paul, $415,000.

Olde Forge Dr., 611-Stephen D. Hilker to Chaoxiong Zhang, $90,000.

Payton Dr., 719-Chad Mason to Thomas D. Clark Sr., $237,000.

Plumosa Dr., 19-Chelsea R. Aldridge to Randy A. Decatur, $250,000.

Puri Lane, 13-James S. Herald to Alejandro Marquez and Rafael Marquez Trevizo, $380,000.

Richmond Dr., 1201-Homespec Corp. to Matthew B. Bennett, $355,000.

Rocky Way Dr., 46-Mihai Hriscu to Cristina Epure and Emilia M. Stuparu, $250,000.

Saint Christophers Dr., 12-Terrence H. Guishard to Claudia L. Larkin, $368,000.

Sanctuary Lane, 16-Stone Financing Corp. to William C. France, $417,000.

September Lane, 8-David Arjona to Guy C. Raymond, $371,500.

Short Branch Rd., 114-Brian Glenn to Teresa P. Little, $263,000.

Steeplechase Rd., 11-James A. Lewis to Matthew A. Cattaro Jr., $425,000.

Tamis Ct., 10-Daniel M. Yurkovich to Gabriel A. Serrano, $345,000.

Vanburgh Ct., 11-Franconia Real Estate Services to Erick A. Welborn, $444,000.

Walt Whitman Blvd., 40-James R. Kiper to Lexicon Government Services Corp., $410,000.

Whetstone Ct., 4-Beazer Homes Corp. to Thomas J. Summerlin IV, $465,000.

Willingham Ct., 12-John E. Carmichael to Jorge S. Pena, $270,000.

Woodland Dr., 140-Nicholas P. Winter to Meaghan J. Carlson, $230,000.