Projects Proposed

Brentsville District

1. Sills Property, 9160 Hornbaker Rd. Rezoning of 0.82 acres from agriculture to industrial/transportation and 0.8 acres from industrial/transportation to agriculture.

2. Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, 15008 Lee Hwy. Special-use permit for a religious institution.

3. Paveco Inc., 11460 Franklin Woods Ct. Special-use permit for a rural home business with outside storage.

Gainesville District

Planned development in Prince William County.

4. AMC Enterprises, 7309 Old Compton Rd. Rezoning of one acre from agriculture to light industrial for a minor construction equipment repair and storage business.

5. Bull Run Mountains Conservancy, 17405 Beverley Mill Dr. Special-use permit for a nonprofit civic environmental education organization with a manager’s residence.

6.Park Valley Church, 4500 Waverly Farm Dr. Special-use permit for the expansion of a religious institution.

Projects Approved

Brentsville District

7. Contractors Court, 9459 Contractors Ct. Rezoning of 10.75 acres from heavy industrial to industrial/transportation.

Gainesville District

8. Heathcote Development, 6513 Old Carolina Rd. Rezoning of 2.87 acres from agriculture to mid-rise office.

Site Disturbance Permits

Brentsville District

9. American Disposal Services (formerly Yoder Steel), 10220 Residency Rd. Construction of a 20,000-square-foot building.

Coles District

10. Prince William County Landfill, 14805 Dumfries Rd. Expansion of facility.

11. Yorkshire Property Office Building, 8201 Falls Grove Dr. Construction of an office and retail building.

Occoquan District

12. McDonalds, 12730 Harbor Dr. Demolition of a building and construction of a restaurant.

Potomac District

13. Wayside Village Recreation Center, 17325 River Ridge Blvd. Addition of a shelter on an existing pad.

Woodbridge District

14. Woodbridge Station Apartments, 1350 Eisenhower Cir. Addition of a pool and bathhouse.

15. Southport, 17097 Gibson Mill Rd. Construction of 40 multifamily units.