These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Lender Processing Services. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Prince William and Stafford counties and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Prince William County

Benton Lake Rd., 11952-Miller and Smith at Pembrooke Corp. to Tyler L. and Kathryn L. Torbert, $314,230.

Lake Baldwin Dr., 11976-Miller and Smith at Pembrooke Corp. to Tamara L. Belanger, $325,950.

Nokesville Rd., 12050-Residential Funding Corp. to Jianmin Shi, $117,300.

Tartan Hills Pkwy., 13667-Lucia Orozco to Lindsey Hurst and Daniel Childress, $330,000.


Anderson St., 14612-Eulogio and Cristina Merino to Jose Serrano, $200,000.

Barnabas Trail, 15265-Walter C. and Khamphouk Stanley to Rajesh Pavithran, $195,000.

Blasius Ct., 5502-Spriggs Neighborhoods Corp. to John M. and Sandra F. Long, $418,735.

Brentwood Ct., 14495-Federal National Mortgage Association to David S. Jones, $142,000.

Cloverdale Rd., 15210-Abbas Sayah to Eyoel Tadesse, $170,000.

Concord Dr., 15120-SPHH Investments to William Lawler, $164,000.

Delaney Rd., 13218-Ronald J. Peters to Steven L. Graham, $260,000.

Endsley Turn, 14626-Nicholas and Juan Flores to Preslava Kovatchevska, $115,500.

Forestdale Ave., 3515-TLC Property to Steven F. Horrocks, $200,000.

Huntington Lane, 13313-Richard R. Thomas to Esquire Corp., $139,500.

Kurtz Rd., 13228-Lewis E. and Rossa M. Ellis to Craig Richardson, $260,000.

Longwood Ct., 13755-Hector Cuellar to Cecil and Vilma Casas, $208,275.

Mahoney Dr., 13722-Guy Prudhomme and the Mahoney Drive Land Trust to Jose L. Delfi, $225,000.

Oaklawn Lane, 6194-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Brian C. Stenger, $290,214.

Park Ct. S., 4780-HSBC Bank USA to Joshua B. and Yuliya Occhiuzzo, $132,600.

Quest Ct., 5403-Mosammad Khatoon to Ahmed Pasha, $130,000.

Southgate Ct., 14323-Emilio and Lorena Perales to Veasna Huot, $165,000.

Tortoise Pl., 5325-Sandra M. Smith to Pearl C. Bolden, $23,200.


American Elm Ct., 17261-Prudential Relocation to Arnold Jonathan R. Flores, $267,000.

McClellan Ct., 2313-Kulwant K. Gill to Umar and Usman Khan, $105,000.

Washington St., 17631-RPAA Investment to Michelle Bouchard, $185,000.


Hunters Run Way, 14252-Thuyvan T. Nguyen to Gina and Dexter Atienza, $234,000.

Santander Dr., 15208-D.R. Horton to Anuj and Richa Mittal, $427,600.


Dunnbrook Terr., 6040-Aurora Loan Services to Farzi Ahvaz, $365,000.

Londons Bridge Rd., 15193-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Jeffrey L. Couch and Cindy A. Coppola, $501,780.

Stepping Stone Dr., 15074-Federal National Mortgage Association to Curtis L. Lowe and Sonya K. Rankin Lowe, $189,900.


Brierly Forest Ct., 13013-Neighborhoods IV to Michael T. and Enrica G. Gmaz, $448,696.

Community Dr., 7937-David C. and Karla J. Kent to Beeren and Barry Investments, $98,000.

Gateshead Lane, 7826-Homesales to Laurence Jones, $140,900.

Lafayette Ave., 9432-Jose Ayala to Bill and Associates, $170,000.

Pope St., 11001-Marc D. and Jeanne M. Christian to Yama and Sidiq Zaheer, $250,000.

St. Croix Lane, 10443-All Star Investments to James N. Green, $217,500.

Token Forest Dr., 5996-Pradeep Natwa to James A. and Rebecca M. Martin, $561,000.


Greystone Rd., 10282-Kenneth H. and Maria Holmes to Christopher W. and Darleen M. Brumley, $275,000.

Rugby Rd., 8016-David Tesorero and Ronald Lazarus to Michael C. Farris, $270,000.


Bridgeport Dr., 15013-Scott C. and Michele M. Jenkins to David A. and Cynthia L. Weinstein, $150,000.

Four Seasons Dr., 17380-Thomas P. and Marion C. Rametta to Migelito R. and Elena B. Arevalo, $300,000.

Sugar Maple Lane, 4911-Joanne Cooke to Mansour Moridzadeh, $155,000.


Cabin Rd., 18509-Wells Fargo Bank to Frank L. and Elizabeth M. Hughes, $300,000.


Abbey Knoll Ct., 12437-Masters of Business Investments and Antonia Griffin to Young C. Lee, $249,900.

Bridgeton Ct., 3080-HSBC Mortgage Services to Shannon E. Pederson, $219,900.

California St., 1440-Sandra and Adam Prince to Payam Masoumi, $130,501.

Charter Ct., 4788-John H. Jackson and Stella Holmes Jackson to Matthew Z. Marks and Lori Saraniero, $628,000.

Chicacoan Dr., 15501-Mohammad Akram to Hanna Mekonnen and Alema Hailegebrael, $280,000.

Eagle Ridge Dr., 3216-K. Hovnanian Homes of Virginia to Orlando D. and Sharron Jones, $460,000.

Foothill St., 3262-Federal National Mortgage Association to Ravuth Mach, $174,900.

Gloucester Ct., 2863-Federal National Mortgage Association to Shoaib Bashir, $85,000.

Grist Mill Terr., 15284-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Amzy K. Girgis and the Girgis Family Trust, $157,550.

Hawkwatch Ct., 16114-K. Hovnanian Homes of Virginia to Carmie L. Elmore, $446,694.

Lamar Rd., 14426-AJR Investment to Truman T. and Travis T. Nguyen, $181,000.

River Basin Lane, 2600-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Timothy H. Lee, $233,000.

Skipper Cir., 12478-Patricia R. Reddic to Jason and Kathleen Phillips, $88,000.

Stone Lined Cir., 12640-NVR to Elliott F. Ammons, $337,290.

Tazewell Ct., 14605-David and Maria Hernandez to Jolucasa Corp., $138,000.

Wagon Wheel Lane, 3807-FFC Properties to Joshua G. Reese and Ashleigh M. Stacy Reese, $240,000.

Weymouth Ct., 3305-Steven F. and Barbara A. Breyfogle to Tiffany M. Long, $250,000.

Winslow Ct., 1978-Luxor Investments to Charles B. Curry, $170,000.

Wyndale Ct., 3343-Concord Properties to Ryan C. Kelley, $173,000.

Stafford County

Appling Rd., 28-Equity Trustees and Antonio J. Antunes to Platinum Plus Homes, $315,001.

Banbury Ct., 11-Amlock Investments to Jacob L. Habel, $197,000.

Bertram Blvd., 69-Equity Trustees and Monty J. Ottwell to Household Realty of Virginia, $160,658.

Buckingham Lane, 202, No. 301-Doris M. Ghansah to Jose L. Rodriguez Vivanco, $70,000.

Choptank Rd., 143-Wittstadt Title and Escrow Co. and Michael A. Tengler to Foundation Residential, $131,100.

Cruiser Dr., 3036-Kevin H. Odlum to Clinton G. Lloyd, $200,000.

Dewey Dr., 2010-U.S. Bank National Association to Benjamin D. Orsini, $155,000.

Garfield St., 1-Federal National Mortgage Association to Randy E. Jacobs, $205,000.

Greenridge Dr., 41-Federal National Mortgage Association to Michael E. Marker, $219,900.

Harrogate Rd., 600-Duane K. Hooks to Kannatis B. Crawford, $120,500.

Independence Dr., 208-Gregory Jones and Andrew Sterling to Janney Brothers Corp., $125,000.

Little Whim Rd., 236-Susan Y. Rodgers and Theresa A. Hutton to Foundation Properties, $150,000.

Mews Ct., 106-Wells Fargo Bank to David Arans, $136,000.

Widewater Rd., 518-Federal National Mortgage Association to Foundation Residential, $45,000.