Prince William County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Financial Services. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit


Bathgate Way, 13017-Sumithra Manchireddy and Swapna Adireddy to Richard Lewis and Shelbie Marie Bowman, $287,000.

Big Springs Loop, 9221-Steven L. and Jennifer J. Whitehead to William F. and Suzette M. Pittard, $489,000.

Daldownie Ct., 13245-Federal National Mortgage Association to Minh-Chau Nguyen, $355,000.

Dunblane Ct., 9500-Brian C. and Lisa N. Christie to Jacob Nicholson and Kristin Witek, $399,000.

Formby St., 12100-Stacy W. and Jessica M. Martin to James and Elizabeth Downey, $390,000.

Howland Pl., 8850-Michelle R. Robl to Manuel D. Sorto Flores and Maritza I. Ardon Sorto, $297,000.

Laurencekirk Pl., 9587-Grant C. and Jennifer A. Massey to Shaun and Amber McNabb, $409,000.

Paddington Ct., 9009-Mark W. and Tara D. Richards to Peter E. and Patrice M. Snowden, $479,000.

Rannoch Forest Cir., 12853-John K. and Garvisa G. Stroud to Cara Cheatwood, $300,000.

Scales Pl., 9614-Thea Dower to Rehan and Wajiha Rashid, $265,000.


Altomare Trace Way, 15663-Stewart E. and Marcie B. Emenheiser to Tainika Taylor and Andre Townes, $529,900.

Beale Ct., 3450-Abdul Latif Boura to Fredi O. Escobar and Armida X. Juarez, $220,000.

Briggs Way, 15218-Clyde F. and Sjnecca Manuel to Miguel A. and Milagros Sara Lovos, $465,000.

Cherrydale Dr., 14808-Baihua and Libang Shi to Katherine L. and Christian A. Hernandez, $229,900.

Cuddy Loop, 14170, No. 127-Ayaka Hda to Jason Reaves, $165,000.

Daytona Ct., 14902-Jose Catalino Escobar and Ana Elsa Portillo to Oscar Humberto Orellana, $320,000.

Dorian Dr., 14866-Daniel Kuddus to Asad U. Shaikh, $235,000.

Ensbrook Lane, 4353-Holly A. Panik to Annie N. Young, $184,000.

Evansdale Rd., 4401-Rosenthal Holdings Corp. to John Andrew and Thelma Birt, $278,000.

Fontaine Ct., 14403-J. Collier Homes Corp. to D.F. Solorzano, $209,000.

Glendale Rd., 4137-Audrey A. Taylor to Juan A. Umanzor, $257,000.

Greenwood Dr., 13625-Franklin and Tina T. Sneed to Carlos Melendez and Santos Milagro Alvarez, $320,000.

Hedrick Lane, 4727-Vincent and Ana Milena Cabanacan to Seyed and Susan Tadayon, $180,000.

Honor Ct., 14831-Neil A. and Nancy L. Russell to Ryan J. and Keli Orlowski, $389,500.

Kentbury Ct., 4818-Donald E. Lee to Cecilia J. Mendez, $330,000.

Kerrydale Rd., 13602-Paramount Investments Corp. to Frehaimanot Mekonnen and Tizita Alemu, $286,000.

Kirkdale Ct., 13329-Steven Smith to Bennett K. and Tracy M. Rickard, $327,000.

Lehigh Ct., 4710-Jennifer E. and Joseph E. Chwirut to Alberto Romero Castro, $350,000.

MacDonald Rd., 5395-Robert Laverne and Pauline Kay Gilbert to Pablo J. Trujillo and Dorothea Schulz-Trujillo, $486,000.

Midway Ct., 5230-Christopher D. and Patricia A. Mathis to Lynnette M. Palmer, $295,000.

Nadia Loop, 3350-Wayne Edmond and Dory Garcia Walczak to Kwabena Amoah, $290,000.

Oat Ct., 13117-Lee J. and Cathy C. Bennett to Josue and Jessica Hoces, $415,000.

Park Ct. S., 4744-Alia Haq to Rogelio A. Hernandez Sanchez and Kenia Xiomara Hernandez Aviles, $190,000.

Queen Chapel Rd., 13032-Jose M. and Janice M. Rodriguez to Frederick A. and Jennine Smith, $637,000.

Rockinghorse Dr., 14198-Thanh Tam Thi Vu to Anthony L. Nguyen and Leo J. Hutchison Jr., $298,100.

Slippery Elm Ct., 15000-Mitchell S. Eanes to Amar P. and Catherine C. Singh, $390,000.

Surrydale Dr., 14375-Barbara J. Gay to Douglas L. Devore Jr., $270,000.

Whips Run Dr., 3988-NVP Inc. to Peter A. and Bridgette N. Patterson, $554,900.


Milroy Dr., 17925-Omar M. Herrera Mackay to Ruben M. Argueta, $188,900.

Sigel Ct., 3041-Jose R. Manzanares to Luis Manzanares Maldonado, $168,000.

White Haven Dr., 4037-Richard A. and Su C. Gautier to Ahmed and Bilal Naeem, $447,500.


Busick Ct., 10604-Catherine Jacobs Fantozzi to Nepal Thapa and Matrika Bimali, $495,000.

Clubhouse Rd., 14261-Robert F. McCabe Jr. to Dwayne C. Pelfrey and Kelly L. Persons, $570,000.

Gaffney Cir., 15113-Bonaventure and Marisa Gonsalves to Vabhave Sharma and Roopali Samotra, $295,000.

Kylewood Way, 14501-Rajwant S. Virk to Maninder Singh and Melissa Eden, $225,000.

Little Thames Dr., 7036-Khanh Van Nguyen to Kamran Tayyab, $313,000.

Sheringham Way, 16116-Glenn A. and Ashland R. Lindsay to Blake Christopher and Jessica Leannah Tremont, $450,000.

Spyglass Hill Loop, 15698-Charles P. and Linda W. Smith to Timothy J. and May-King B. Connolly, $880,000.

Triple Crown Loop, 13178-Sandra L. and Matthew A. Sale to David and Karen Dickhaut, $394,000.


Aster Haven Cir., 6175-Ryan J. and Janna Caram to Jared Messenger, $255,000.

Cullen Pl., 6348-Joseph Heath to Mark Ransom and Stephanie Wagner McElwee, $329,500.

Greymill Manor Dr., 15920-Carrie Marie Diethorn to Michael S. and Allison Nicole Huppert, $345,000.

Jackson Dr., 2906-James P. Coyne to Andrew and Ashley Abraham, $315,000.

Keavy Pl., 14978-Andrew and Lauren Posavetz to Kewal S. Brar and Manpreet Kaur, $440,000.

Lilywood Lane, 15107-Deborah A. Hefty to Sevinc O. Bailey, $258,000.

Noyes Ave., 6863-Kevin Michael Hodgkiss and James Everett Clark to Printis R. and Vimbai M. Jenkins, $620,000.

Rodgers Terr., 2906-Richard S. Simpson to Paul B. and Marina Mullins, $420,000.

Smooth Stone Pl., 6004-Timothy W. and Kathryn S. Stone to Robert Wu and Tehany Manda, $449,000.

Verde Pl., 14339-Lee and Robin K. Trimble to Deborah C. Meeler, $391,000.


Boar Farm Ct., 10456-Tam M. Tran to Barbara Marie Bennett, $357,000.

Brierly Forest Ct., 13013-Michael T. and Enrica G. Gmaz to Raz Noory, $468,000.

Carrageen Dr., 13417-Joseph E. and Judith M. Culley to Timothy P. Sullivan, $440,000.

Coronado Ct., 13742-HMC Construction Corp. to Joseph E. and Jennifer Chwirut, $525,000.

Doves Lane, 9013-Evelyn L. Campbell to Brandon M. McCoy, $360,000.

Fair Hill Lane, 12024-Donna J. Thompson to Lissette Villafan, $278,000.

Flager Cir., 7957-Edgar S. Wilbourn to John M. and Cynthia E. Tompkins, $267,000.

Gales Ct., 7598, No. 2B-202-Ginger Lynn Morris to Efigenio Pinera, $108,500.

Hersch Farm Lane, 9401-Mark C. and Betty A. Chapman to Jason F. and Jamie L. Wert, $370,000.

Kessler Pl., 11346-Eagle Management Corp. to Angel G. Navarro Rivas, $260,000.

Lacy Dr., 8103, No. 112-Carl M. and Sandra Seaburgh to Mirian Away, $192,000.

Lochmere Dr., 6855-Roberta W. Graham to Mark Malogrino and Rebecca Fitzsimmons, $535,000.

Mente Rd., 11800-David M. Wright to Christopher Avery, $232,000.

Quail Run Lane, 7551-Jayson R. Stiffler to Destini Rae Davis, $234,000.

River Forest Dr., 6111-Sue Toler to Pamela and Kevin Jagiello, $416,500.

Sorrell Dr., 10369-Richard J. Diecchio to Carin D. Ashbrook, $370,000.

Tifton Ct., 6906-Christopher A. and Harlene M. Davis to Bryan and Sylvia J. Jarrett, $559,000.

Westchester Dr., 8969-Michael W. and Jennifer Willis to David L. Farmer, $320,000.


Bull Run Rd., 7603-Nancy L. Jozsa and Eddie C. Sours to Luis G. Rodriguez Machado, $220,000.

Charnwood Ct., 8514-David B. Shreve to Letty Miles, $258,514.

Lake Jackson Dr., 11217-William A. and Eleanor C. Snow to John Joseph Vasko, $439,000.

MacNichol Lane, 7502-Robert Allen Perfect to Matthew Fulton and Grace Freeman, $316,500.

River Rd., 6773-Richard P. Paton to Charles K. Henson, $409,000.

Stokely Dr., 8504-Lisa M. Tolley to Carla R. Flores and Victoria R. Paredes, $334,500.

Willmans Way, 9700-Treg T. and Deborah R. Fuller to Patrick Brooks, $675,000.


Apple Cider Ct., 3709-Stephen J. Marsh to Miles Carlson, $432,000.

Edgewood Dr., 15734-Dan G. Jensen to Meghan A. Funk, $329,900.

Higgins Dr., 5111-Mark A. and Carol A. Kuharik to Robert P. and Gretchen K. Prouty, $407,500.

Kersey Cir., 4224-Alex W. and Joy W. Barnett to Eric Preston and Jacqueline McDowell, $440,000.

Palton Dr., 4357-Keith O. and Shareen Hicks to Monroe and Dawn Lorde Thompson, $324,500.

Streamside Ct., 15246-Federal National Mortgage Association to Sher Quadri and Shabana Arain, $242,000.

Winding Creek Dr., 15558-Helen J. Parker to Luis A. Aleman and Milagro D. Chavez, $295,000.


Bristow Rd., 12766-Joseph L. Knott to Nancy R. Norris, $381,000.

Middlebrooks Terr., 10104-Brian J. and Julie Homer to Teresa C. and Mario I. Suarez, $525,000.

Windy Hill Dr., 9701-Justin C. Miao to Derek K. and Deborah Oseth Lanham, $570,000.


Brush Lane, 18013-Joseph T. and Shannon M. Doyle to Brandie Lyn and Aaron John Smith, $209,000.

Kerill Rd., 18724-Dimitri Michell Angell to James and Jean Johnson, $250,000.

Quantico Gateway Dr., 18526-Tracy Rochelle Williams to Kimberlee J. Short, $442,900.


Admiral Dr., 1409-Caleb and Mary O’Kray to Rigoberto Ramos Mejia, $270,000.

Allspice Ct., 12215-D&L of Manassas Corp. to Muhammad Asim, $277,500.

Appaloosa Dr., 3836-Michael Elrod and Emily J. Antoine-Elrod to Jason P. and Amanda Harrington, $400,000.

Balsam St., 14673-Robert M. and Ann Robbins Cohen to Jessica Ann Lopez, $206,000.

Battery Hill Cir., 2416-Candis Irene Hoffman-Bomse to Austin M. Douglass Lasseter and Leticia B. Steer Lasseter, $355,000.

Belmont Bay Dr., 820, No. 406-Wael M. and Maha Zakout to Ruth Page Johns, $285,000.

Bromley Ct., 3022-Lisa A. and Nancy L. Warner to Tara Jennings, $260,000.

Cardamom Dr., 11981-Denee A. Gray and Rew Family Trust to Ryan Leach, $170,900.

Cass Brook Lane, 16962-Rodney K. and Ashly M. Ivery to Matthew D. and Rosemary Sammataro, $370,000.

Chetham Way, 4049-Amy M. Schott to Nicholas R. Carlucci, $219,900.

Critton Cir., 11716-Michael M. and Lynda S. Ligon to Gustavo and Vanessa Guerrero, $308,000.

Dapple Gray Ct., 12282-Bernardina F. Fulk to Mesfin N. Geberwold, $262,000.

Deerfield Lane, 1425-Francis H. and Ratana P. Dong to Steven P. Orlando, $247,350.

Dogues Terr., 13397-Brendan J. Nothilly to Michael Asomaning, $367,000.

Eagle Ridge Dr., 3614-Michael Kerron and Nikki M. Green to Angela and Roberto Rosas, $435,000.

Featherstone Rd., 14704-Christopher Crum to Victoria A. and Michael G. Calabrese, $280,000.

Fort Lyon Dr., 3403-Meghan Wike Hurley to Leslie Paul, $299,900.

Gloucester Ct., 2866-Dong Thuy and Hoa Kim Bui to Amir Khalid, $196,000.

Grayton Lane, 2581-Jose M. Guasca to Sarah Y. Abrefi, $269,000.

Grosbeak Ct., 1541-Sung Soo and Bok Hee Jo to Marcus Q. and Tamieka J. Jones, $359,900.

Hummock Pl., 3557-Andrea White to Eboni Cornish, $476,000.

Indiana Ave., 1415-Francy Lisseth Castillo Coronado to Salvador A. Navarro, $285,000.

Kentshire Dr., 15157-Jasmah M. Stewart to Laurie C. Keninitz, $242,500.

Ladue Ct., 1601, No. 303-Nancy Lee Hendricks to Gary R. and Susan S. Baggott, $250,000.

Leicestershire St., 15261-Tracy J. D’Arcangelo to Natasha Louise Richardson, $306,700.

Lotte Dr., 12705, No. 302-Federal National Mortgage Association to Julio A. Zambrano Martinez, $99,900.

Maple Leaf Lane, 13320-RCS Improvements Corp. to Katrina Roman, $260,000.

Marsala Ct., 2901-Mark Rackham to Carrie Marie Uffelman, $209,000.

Mill Brook Ct., 12830-Carole F. Heil to Mohamed Seyid and Sartu A. Hussen, $310,000.

Monarch Ct., 12621-Leah Diquollo to James Brandani, $255,000.

Mount Pleasant Dr., 14106-Shawn R. and Victoria J. Cheeseman to Jorge A. Hernandez, $240,000.

Orleans St., 13007-Joan L. Anderson to Anna Lynn Schenck-Edkhil, $331,500.

Paxton St., 2574-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Angela I. Chirinos, $250,000.

Potomac Branch Dr., 14749-Timothy St. Pierre to Kimberly L. and Deogratius B. Gunza, $355,500.

Randall Dr., 14309-Jorge and Bessy R. Granados to Noe A. Araujo and Amelia Gutierrez, $294,900.

Rochelle Ct., 1817-Shalom M. and Stephen Eugene Wilburn to Maria A. Morales and Armando A. Carillo, $244,900.

Shadwell Ct., 12998-Harry and Gladys T. Strother to Carol Kruger Lucke and Marc George Deangelo, $524,000.

Stallion Ct., 12149-John G. Coyle and Caroline C. Gordon to Walter and Nancy E. Garcia, $240,000.

Sunny Brook Ct., 3935-Kenneth Brian Wells to Dawn L. Nunnery, $239,000.

Vestal St., 733-Larry J. and Joanne E. Stein to Martin R. and Kellie M. Martinez, $480,000.

Wadsworth Way, 12311-Ismaelita T. Wallace to Lily Tran, $140,000.

Wentwood Lane, 15154-Jennifer Black to Jose O. Aguirre, $245,000.

Willowood Dr., 12061-Christopher M. and Kristi L. Kaas to Casey Comer, $375,000.


These were among homes sold in the City of Manassas.


Aspen Pl., 9704-Summerbrook Investment Corp. to Mustapha and Mohammed Lahmidi, $165,000.

Bayberry Ave., 9282-Dana V. and Michele M. Hargbol to Carolina E. Tobar, $330,000.

Braxted Lane, 8612-Mohammad Al-Hadidi and Mohamad El-Haj to Marcus S. Still, $202,000.

Deblanc Pl., 8773-Marisol Rebecca Castillo to Elizabeth C. Marshall, $250,000.

Fairview Ave., 9314-Van Metre at Old Town Manassas Corp. to Larry and Annette Campbell, $357,695.

Jefferson St., 9600-Austin B. Wren to Ryan Kiefer, $243,000.

Main St., 9108-Christopher A. and Susan L. Peters to Nicholas J. and Tara D. Pascale, $485,000.

McDowell Common, 8982-Brenda Diaz to Jose F. Delao Diaz, $210,000.

Rolling Rd., 8958-Saifuddin and Humera Mahmood to Rogelio Arellano Fajardo, $330,000.

Saffron Hill Ct., 9302-Randy and Elizabeth M. May to Bryan D. and Mona Hargrove Foster, $435,000.

Stonewall Rd., 8466-John Albert Phalen to Dawood Hatami, $180,000.

Terrace View Ct., 8614-Tyrone Boddie to Alejandro J. Fernandez Sevillano, $250,000.

Tillett Loop, 8367-Christopher L. and Milka Hosaflook to Lisa Ann Bethune, $430,000.

West St., 9008-Randolph L. Smith and Mark R. Littleton to Juan Carlos Linares-Osorio, $294,000.

Yarrow Lane, 9187-Cesar H. and Martha Sue Leon to Luis A. Malave and Daimiry E. Roldan Vasquez, $275,000.

Manassas Park

These were among homes sold in the City of Manassas Park.


Brandon St., 9306-Hoai V. Ho and Thanh-Thanh T. Tran to Sarai De Jesus Isabas Galeano and Irma C. Isabas Galeano, $450,000.

Forrest St., 135-Ana C. Ramirez De Senecio to Concepcion Campos Flores, $235,000.

Isabel Lane, 9055-Ryland Group Inc. to Tatum P. Jelinek, $339,865.

Martin Dr., 144-Jose M. Lizama Berrios and Maria C. Berrios to Raul A. Mendoza Martinez, $221,000.

White Pine Dr., 8383-Brant R. Petty to Henry A. Marquez-Gomez, $203,000.

Stafford County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Financial Services. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Alba Rd., 300-Michael E. Yocum to Guadalupe De La Cruz-Serratos and Erika N. De Ugarte, $250,000.

Aspen Hill Dr., 63-Cynthia L. Martin to Lois O. Walko, $185,000.

Bedford Ct., 1-Bonita W. Anderson to Emma L. Berntzen, $374,900.

Bellows Ave., 919-Realtyquads Inc. to Zachary Harrison, $107,500.

Birch Lane, 2-Sherry L. Rifley to Silvio Raul and Neddy C. Rejas, $130,000.

Boundary Dr., 50-Nicholas A. Aures to Alexandra Marie Carry, $282,000.

Brentwood Lane, 23-Robert J. Barlow to Noel G. Edwards and Jean E. McCauley, $205,000.

Cannon Ridge Dr., 26-Alex Alicca and Tommie Lee Gaines-Alicea to Robert J. and Carmen A. Hume, $295,999.

Clarion Dr., 38-Donald J. Lamar to Nadeem M. Mirza and Silvia A. Garcia, $248,000.

Colebrook Rd., 88-Franklin Property Corp. to Justin M. Cremisio, $305,000.

Crossing Rd., 107-TLC Property Corp. to Lisa P. Phoenix and Paula A. Flanagan, $154,000.

Doc Stone Rd., 119-U.S. Bank to Ryan C. Carter and Caryna L. Barr, $370,000.

Executive Cir., 198-Gary R. Secen to George Adjei, $269,900.

Grafton St., 817-James E. Scruggs to Zachary A. Kleff, $185,000.

Grouse Pointe Dr., 501-Jose A. Ortiz to Gabriel Garcia, $464,900.

Harpoon Dr., 2147-Patty Jo Virant to David A. Eaton II and Tonya R. Baldwin, $242,500.

Healy Ct., 203-Federal National Mortgage Association to Magda Buzeiche, $152,100.

Holly St., 1205-Deena M. English to Alexander Henderson, $155,000.

Hope Rd., 481-Ronald L. Deming to Michael T. Heidenreich, $379,000.

Inez Way, 10-Gloria Delane Swerchek to Tracey Ashley, $155,900.

Karen Terr., 2200-Bryan K. and Rosemarie J. Staggs to Chad E. and Sabrina Remely, $297,600.

Kincaid Lane, 22-Hamid and Bita Pirooz to Jamie M. Davis, $556,000.

Larkwood Ct., 30-Kristin A. Cobb to James M. Lavallee, $233,000.

Leeland Rd., 499-William R. Staudinger to Teddy E. Gilmore, $279,900.

Long Point Dr., 269-Pulte Home Corp. to Lee E. Trimble, $263,000.

Ludwell Lane, 16-Mark A. Archer to Katrina M. Salter and David R. Spies, $599,000.

Mews Ct., 207-Deyo Serrels Jr. to Samuel Rogers, $205,000.

Montgomery Dr., 22-Matthew J. Kraus to Robert L. Long, $328,000.

Mountain View Rd., 1463-Marion L. Major Jr. to Eric and Pamela Beebe, $325,000.

Northridge Dr., 1419-Rebecca A. Bass and Benjamin N. Griffitts to German H. Isleno, $153,000.

Owen St., 22-Marty P. Browder to Mary Chung, $249,900.

Park Brook Ct., 202-David Roycroft to Anthony X. Miranda, $230,000.

Pratt St., 212-Carole R. Shrader to Stephanie C. Marshall, $170,000.

Randolph Rd., 10-Muriel E. Allen to Sydney M. Simms, $130,000.

River Acres Lane, 50-Wells Fargo Bank to Matthew C. Hunter, $314,000.

Stable Cove, 109-Jeffrey E. Duff to Wayne Parker, $310,000.

Tamar Creek Lane, 138-Juan C. Marquez to Andrew Z. Beals, $245,000.

Timberland Dr., 25-Edward H. and Linda M. Romaski to Aaron M. Isaacson, $399,900.

Walnut Dr., 307-Cedar Homes Corp. to Jacqueline L. Beale Harris, $214,900.

Westhampton Ct., 15-Alisa T. Hugens to Matthew J. and Laura M. Enderle, $379,000.

White Oak Rd., 229-Scott Lucas to Kadeesha Kerr, $206,000.

Wood Landing Rd., 232-Travis C. Dashiell to Dennis Carroll, $530,000.

Woodstream Blvd., 323-Winston Johnson to Kesha D. Rawlings, $310,000.