Prince William County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Financial Services. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit


Catapult Lane, 13429-Megan De Nobriga to Bobbie and Cynthia Fuqua, $315,000.

Drum Salute Pl., 12184-Jennifer Divello to Gregory Rouse, $314,900.

Erroll Lane, 12524-U. S. Bank National Association to Sophy Wang, $397,250.

Henry Abbott Rd., 10826-Thomas W. and Christian E. Kalisz to Demetrios Mark and Nancy K. Kifonidis, $524,900.

Izaak Walton Dr., 12625-Jo Anne E. Walser to Stephen W. and Jessica Arron Davis, $540,000.

Rainbow Falls Dr., 9271-Michael S. and Tatiana Horne to Christopher Neil Cummings and Katieann Trijo, $539,900.

Scales Pl., 9595-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Mukenge P. Muya, $225,000.

Tenbury Ct., 8866-Christopher K. and Andrea Fukui to Shaun Fronk and Volha Piatrutsy-Fronk, $422,500.


Cavendish Run Ct., 13199-Robert and Caroll Kennedy to Derrick and Angela M. Levake, $840,000.


Beale Ct., 3478-Mario C. Moreno and Waraporn Kokphae to Yaser Amin, $190,000.

Catalpa Ct., 15033-Sang Thi Le to Quang-Van Dinh Do and Thuytien Vu Nguyen, $100,500.

Courtlandt Heights Rd., 14788-Marie Guadalupe and Michael M. Wissel to Gibson M. and Patrice H. Peters, $525,000.

Estate Dr., 14592-Kevin and Janet Muckerheide to Dung Dang Tuyet Nguyen, $389,000.

Forestdale Ave., 3602-Darlene and Darlene J. Johovic to Elva Claros, $227,000.

Gardensen Dr., 4119-Ann K. Lockwood to Luis Orlando Amaya Diaz and Maria Del Carmen Cruz Lopez, $221,000.

Gum Lane, 13915-K2NC Corp. to Irene Gonzalez, $271,000.

Kentwood Lane, 4712-Virginia Home Buyers Corp. to Jaime A. Mejia Aragon, $304,000.

Lindendale Rd., 14306-Kevin and Nita Sumida to Alica Castro, $271,250.

Montoclair Lane, 13854-Roy A. Evo to Christopher A. Hernandez, $220,000.

Photo Dr., 13486-Ollie Mae Gessler to Christopher and Brittany White, $274,900.

Saint Charles Dr., 5631-Delia O. Soto to Valerie L. Singleton, $300,000.


Belleplain Ct., 3452-Amar Deep Singh and Somesh Jha to Dominick Guthrie and Tasha Parker, $219,000.

Lounsbery Dr., 17901-Maria Del Carmen Morales to Luis Roberto Rodriguez Sr., $210,000.

Wexford Loop, 17262-Monica R. Warsaw to Leon and Florinda D. Washington, $240,000.


Buckland Mill Rd., 8225-David William Blake to Amenadab Amy Grover, $265,000.

Collier Lane, 8303-Collin H. and Karen A. Schriver to Donald David and Stacy Palmer, $524,000.

Hancock Ct., 8318-Katherina F. Zettl-Schaffer and Matthew G. Schaffer to Joseph Keith and Jane Elizabeth Prince, $583,600.

Ladderbacked Dr., 14297-Garrett G. and Shelley A. Broderick to Tiffany and Jesse Jackson, $639,000.

Peggys Ct., 8195-George F. and Cheryl M. Reingruber to Christopher M. Boggsruber, $442,000.

Shire Pl., 13669-Veronica A. Rector to Marcelo G. Alba Marcovechio and Ingrid C. Achilles, $299,900.

Valderrama Ct., 7946-Noureddine Elabassi to Gang Sun and Hongmei Yan, $2.1 million.


Amber Ridge Rd., 5936-Jason Alan and Amy Hill Caldwell to Tim Tommy and Karla Elizabeth Fink, $547,000.

Erinblair Loop, 6067-Dick Ann Conn to Shide and Wenwen Zhang, $515,000.

Greenhill Crossing Dr., 14920-Ralph A. and Heather B. Ring to Gary John and Erin E. Ball, $425,000.

Popes Creek Pl., 6136-Amy Eckenrode to National Concrete Group Inc., $357,500.

Wythridge Way, 14275-Carter G. and Cristi-Leigh Davis to Franconia Real Estate Services Inc., $527,500.


Blue Gray Cir., 7888-Carlos F. and Iris Geraldine Mendez to Nicholas and Erin Baldwin, $270,000.

Bradley Forest Rd., 12011-Gregory and Deborah Braunberg to Jeffrey E. and Sarah E. Dane, $389,900.

Colton Lane, 7403-Nicole Spano to Herberth M. Portillo and Maria M. Talavera, $226,000.

Croydon Pl., 7615-Christopher J. Waskiewicz and Teresa J. Wu to Kyle Avery Rouse and Jessica Marie Kacludis, $310,000.

Englewood Farms Dr., 8888-Bradley Square Neighborhoods Corp. to Francisco and Olga Campos-Jorge Macias, $333,866.

Heather Green Dr., 9610-Virgil H. Chambers and Pamela S. Dillon to Eric S. and Heather Bell Brice, $570,000.

Horsely Ct., 6384-Ronald E. and Linda A. Rezek to Kathleen M. and Kelly P. Miller, $590,000.

King George Dr., 9908-David and Janice Nisly to Benito Velasquez and Olivia Iniguez Navarro, $320,000.

Miller School Pl., 15535-Cali D. and Teresa A. Garcia to Elizabeth A. and Megan D. Dittamo, $378,000.

Omega Lane, 6049-Jose A. Mendoza to Syed Hassan, $330,500.

Rosini Ct., 10326-Jonathan J. and Janet Cherry to Jeremy R. and Sheena K. Mills, $387,500.

Stagestone Way, 11140-Wendy L. Bonesteel to Shadi Mokarem, $180,000.

Token Valley Rd., 7112-Kenneth Arnold Payne to Garn and Kanoknate Rattanakun, $245,000.

Websters Way, 5809-Luis A. and Erika L. Tavweras to Simranjit S. Chauhan and Rajvinder Kaur, $465,000.


Aubrey Dr., 8406-James C. and Tina L. Melillo to Chad S. Miltenberger and Elsa Kao, $387,000.

Greystone Rd., 10269-Dennis and Caryn Sutherland to Jonathan C. and Sarah C. Parron, $362,500.

Old Centreville Rd., 8011-Wendell H. and Dena J. Denny to Cody and Laci Griffith, $225,000.

Towering Oak Way, 8049-Mary D. Hare to Mohsen Boctor and Ghada Awadallah, $374,000.


Cedar Knoll Ct., 15233-Christopher L. Franklin to Kevin Scott and Casey Lyn Marteny, $375,000.

Horton Ct., 16961-Darline and Donald Bridges to Christian J. and Tiffany L. Blachford, $425,000.

Marshlake Lane, 4988-James and Catherine Conner to Valerie R. Ryan, $284,500.

Taconic Cir., 16223-Brianna Marie Kipper to Chelsey Gabrielson, $169,500.

Waterway Dr., 4194-Fortunato A. and Miriam Guzman to Efren and Teresa Orozco, $307,000.


Greenwich Wood Dr., 10060-Mark R. Overholt to Todd Brian Hartzel Jr. and Erika Christine Hartzel, $418,000.


Fuller Heights Rd., 18834-Maria C. Denyer to Digna M. Villatoro De Villatoro and Mirian S. Fuentes De Melendez, $210,000.


Arabian Pl., 12236-Clarence Auburn and Kathleen A. Harris to Brice L. and Aysen Z. Hall, $350,000.

Bacon Race Rd., 11039-Nam Nguyen and Hoa Au to Jose A. and Kimberly A. Guadalupe, $850,000.

Basin View Lane, 2526-Kenneth Lafayette to Ning Xu and Huisheng Wang, $293,000.

Brussels Way, 3988-Spa Assets Real Estate Holdings Corp. to Earlene L. Bedford, $326,500.

Cromwell Ct., 11336-Pamels S. Lennon to Mir Keyvan and Fariba Mortazavi, $255,000.

Dara Dr., 12753, No. T-Phyllis Jordan to Ignatius and Severina D’Soudza, $84,000.

Eiderdown Ct., 1401-Robert B. and Sitha C. Gooch to Quentin R. and Bobbi T. Wade, $599,999.

Grantley Ct., 12368-Paul C. Moessner to Janet O’Neill, $403,000.

Greendale Dr., 13860-Larry J. and Luann Chabowski to Nancy C. Draper, $329,000.

Harvard St., 3196-U. S. Bank National Association to Wei Yang and Yingzi Ma, $203,029.

Horseshoe Lane, 15595-Sharon A. Rancour and Sharon Moses to Fola Parrish, $130,000.

Jed Forest Lane, 16884-Ida-Laurinda Bright and John Larmouth to John Babsa and Rabia Qayyum-Babsa, $310,000.

Laconia Cir., 16004-Amado J. and Genevieve A. Delgado to Nicholas B. Espe, $340,000.

Marseille Lane, 1190-Andrew Bevil and Victoria E. Martinez to Kirby Paul and Doris Elaine Hunolt, $449,000.

Merseyside Dr., 2350-Mohammad M. and Rahim A. Vali to Olisa A. Robinson, $225,000.

Nutmeg Ct., 12242-Bonnie E. Bata to Travis N. Towne, $267,840.

Orleans St., 13008-Ahsan Properties Corp. to Romer Hurtado-Antelo and Ingrid Vanessa Velarde Quiror, $343,000.

Pinewood Ct., 1608-Douglas Campanharo to Walter Palencia, $220,000.

Scotch Heather Pl., 13024-Cody and Ashley Quinney to Adria and Ronald A. Cooper, $385,000.

York Dr., 2014-Michiya Yamakawa to Gustavo and Maria T. Castro, $240,000.


These were among homes sold in the City of Manassas.


Butternut St., 8872-Betty K. Helvey to Christopher Stalter, $306,000.

Georgian Ct., 8447-Rafael N. and Yadira U. Hurtado to Kevin Esterheld, $215,000.

Laurelwood Ct., 9163-Stephen A. and Aimee M. Williams to Emily Marisa Rocha, $225,000.

Meadowview Dr., 8972-Norberto Buston Arroyo to Moises Martinez, $345,000.

Portner Ave., 8905-Breton Family Residential Two Corp. to Yuanlin Shi and Xiaorong Fan, $138,000.

Thornwood Lane, 9289-Patricia A. Underwood to Marco Garcia and Evelia Aviles, $315,000.

Wimbledon Ct., 10115-Elias and Imad Natour to Jorge J. Rodriguez Cordova and Jorge U. Rodriguez Perez, $859,000.

Manassas Park

These were among homes sold in the City of Manassas Park.


Christina Pl., 9032-K. Hovnanian at Dominion Crossing Corp. to Krystal and Krythemer Edmead, $339,999.

Englewood Ct., 8514-Gloria J. Ratliff to Pradeep Kumar and Bimala Neupane Nepal, $203,000.

Isabel Lane, 9053-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Bolormaa Jugdersuren and Enkhtuvshin Gombosuren, $349,990.

Lanae Lane, 9467-David and Traci Stathis to Juan C. Ramos Asencio, $276,000.

Shannon St., 9305-Mark and Theresa A. Asmussen to Andrew S. and Rebeccah A. Garretson, $351,000.

Wilcoxen Dr., 9406-Debra Zorn McGuire Day to Hyun Dong Hong and Jung Hee Lee, $252,500.

Stafford County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Financial Services. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Alba Rd., 505-Benjamin Mohr to Brandon Michael and Angelica Kingsbury, $237,000.

Arden Lane, 88-Christopher T. and Erin T. Knight to Jon E. and Brandi L. Carbaugh, $473,000.

Barrows Ct., 211-FFC Properties Corp. to Christopher A. Kitchens, $210,000.

Blossom Wood Ct., 59-Paul L. Violette and Deanna L. Weil Violette to Ravi N. Hiller, $318,900.

Chatham Heights Rd., 117-New Boundaries Corp. to Timothy Dale Hall, $239,000.

Clarion Dr., 7-Hardy Homes & Properties Inc. to Karen J. and James A. Merkl, $299,900.

Cobblers Ct., 125-Joseph and Greta Rucker to Angelica E. Danner and Marvilous M. McCammon, $338,900.

Coldspring Dr., 210-Thomas S. Hinkle Jr. to Gary and Amanda Young, $270,000.

Crestwood Lane, 76-Kerry and Fleur D. May to Michael and Angelea Saenko, $449,000.

Derrick Lane, 41-Robert L. Jensen to Lloyd and Cathryn A. Hodson, $420,000.

Fulton Dr., 15-John Paul F. Cooley and Kelli L. Cooley to Daysi Valencia Tovar, $319,000.

Greenbank Rd., 337-Hunter and Peggy Scott to Shawnta M. and Keith Johnson, $215,000.

Holly Corner Rd., 145-James D. Price III to Dori A. Palmer, $230,000.

Kyle Ct., 203-Stephanie L. McCray to Jason and Stephanie Fisk Zink, $190,000.

Little Oak Rd., 17-Prince William Investment Group Inc. to Errol F. Radford Jr., $350,000.

Meade Ct., 7-Amy Lynn Felver to Tammy G. Flagler, $277,000.

Oakridge Dr., 422-John R. and Christina Farris to Martha L. Chavez, $315,000.

Park Dr. W., 414-Charles H. and Mary Ann Emely to Gilbert L. and Latoya Gassaway White, $229,900.

Ramoth Church Rd., 929-Christopher M. and Amy L. Lee to Christopher A. Tucker and Lakeithia G. Stoves Tucker, $294,000.

Tacketts Mill Rd., 349-Joseph J. and Angelica Weigert to Steven A. Weigert and Bianca E. Lopez, $272,000.

Tolbelt Ct., 209-Cindy L. Seal to Nathan Daniel Powers and Rebecca Elisabeth Ayala Depaz, $230,000.

Walnut Dr., 211-Sarah J. McClelland and Guillermo E. Murillo to Jennifer L. Huddleston and Aaron McAleese, $230,500.

Winterberry Dr., 601-Edward E. Stevenson to Lisa M. Vose, $298,000.