Prince William County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Financial Services. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit


Angel Falls St., 9356-Bryan J. and Alison C. Wenzel to Edward C. and Sandra S. Calabria, $410,000.

Camden Park Ct., 12724-Seth and Erin Johnson to Bryan J. and Alison Wenzel, $528,000.

Elgin Way, 10177-King Atlantic Homes Corp. to Kevin McElwaine, $358,500.

Grantham Ct., 8786-Todd M. and Genet A. Graham to Gregory S. and Jessica L. Cox, $465,000.

Hessian Hill Ct., 8460-Jongwon Chio and Jounghea Her to Jaswinder Kaur and Harjinder Singh, $556,000.

Lake Baldwin Dr., 11768-Stone Financing Corp. to Matthew D. Gunville, $399,000.

Mastiff Run Ct., 11256-James Thomas and Margaret I. Johnson to Hye Jong Kim and Seung Wan Kang, $410,000.

Selkirk Cir., 12427-Joyce A. Mallon to Mihye and Kyung Su Yoon, $286,000.

Upper Mill Loop, 9799-Wayne P. and Veronica A. White to James A. and Andrea B. Hanover, $475,000.


Thornton Dr., 13004-Builders Group Corp. to Ruthann H. and Alexander Pisaretz, $445,000.


Bevanwood Dr., 15401-Melina Minaya and Trevel Pouncy to Moses Mintah, $429,900.

Carson Dr., 3510-Duane H. and Bernice S. York to Oscar Leonel Panameno-Beltran, $270,000.

Cherrydale Dr., 15027-Sarah L. Eqab to Jorge L. Heredia Rocabado and Diego Gonzalo Geredia Rocabado, $245,000.

Colony Creek Ct., 14601-Anthony and Elizabeth Burniston to Jonathan L. Homer and Alexander L. Cobabe, $553,000.

Derby Ct., 3806-Dominic M. Ellis to to Louis M. and Dorothy M. Holcomb, $270,000.

Evergreen Dr., 4407-June A. Naclerio to Maria D. Rodriguez and Sergio Rios, $336,000.

Forestdale Ave., 3709-Charlene F. Howard to Curtis Morton, $170,000.

Gilbert Rd., 13701-Jaime Luis Sifre-Ramos to Mohammad Basheer, $280,000.

Gran Deur Dr., 13718-Josephine G. Bachman to Robert T. and Renalyn Cutay Queen, $264,000.

Hetten Lane, 3692-Raymond and Michele Hillyard to Rafael Acevedo and Rosana Betancourt Zamora, $415,000.

Kempair Dr., 4828-Jason M. and Tungalagsuren L. Fox to Gregory and Bettye Moohn, $345,000.

Kerrydale Rd., 13211-Joe L. and Celeste Cottrell to Vasilia Cottrell, $350,000.

Korvett Dr., 4708-Irene S. Copeland to Yanfei Li and Dongiun Zhang, $225,000.

Lynwood Dr., 5015-Alexander P. and Jennifer Lee to Elizabeth Ann Cain, $355,000.

Mapledale Ave., 13907-John R. Greenwalt III to Kevin and Heather Dunlop, $250,000.

Oat Ct., 13105-Reggie Donnell and Kaizetta V. Hamilton to MD Shahidul Islam and Shamim Ara Ruchi, $469,500.

Roundtree Dr., 5561-Norman V. and Mary F. Nixon to Jose I. Gomez, $320,000.

Soaring Cir., 3333-Daniel and Jessica Vucci to Babul Gosh and Mita Ghosh, $550,000.

Tarpon Lane, 4062-Clear Sky Properties Corp. to Marie M. and Sherwin Pimentel, $374,900.

Whittier Loop, 14920-Brendon K. and Slilma T. Tuckey to James L. Hendricks Jr., $310,000.


Fort Fisher Ct., 1640-Reed R. Probst to Richard T. and Angela M. Probst, $64,481.

Potomac River Blvd., 2187-Leonard and Eleanor Supchak to James B. and Linne A. Gherdovich, $698,900.

Vineland Pl., 3364-Thomas L. and Dawna M. Taylor to Kenneth Flowers Jr., $250,000.


Alpine Bay Loop, 14939-Shawn Daniel to Bharatkumar and Raginiben Patel, $900,000.

Cartagena Dr., 14833-Min Liu and Jie Yu to Celine Mai and Juan Carlos Velasco, $500,000.

Clubhouse Rd., 14180-Matthew and Demetria Borges to John A. Adjei and Thuy Truc To, $530,000.

Crescent Park Dr., 7995-Jing Huan W. Sobredo to Michael David Lettch and Megan Anne Rhodes, $287,700.

Fieldstone Way, 13329-Lars A. and Anita K. Rasmusson to Rockney Thomas and Victoria A. Yobp, $465,000.

Kentish Fire St., 14545-Ken and Eileen Shaver to Mirzabakhrom and Malikahon Mirganiev, $326,500.

Links Pond Cir., 14729-Sebastian Marcel Borneas and Teodora Lazarescu-Borneas to Shahzad Satti, $419,000.

Manahoac Pl., 7007-Jason M.A. Thom and Christian C.F. Thom to Sushila Nyaupane-Pokharel and Kamala Kharel, $335,000.

Melton Ct., 7508-Michael A. and Brittany Lyn Eckert to Hui Chen Chen and Guo Guang Wei, $405,000.

Presidents Landing Way, 14415-Vivian L. Carr to Arianne and Hdayathulla Giulajan, $636,500.

Santander Dr., 15133-Lee A. and Jamison L. Visone to Tim and Megan Murray, $480,000.

Sterling Point Dr., 14056-Barbara L. Skidmore to Kenneth L. and Katelyn M. Cornwell, $455,000.

Village High St., 14476-Anne G. Coons to Jacqueline H. Gerhard, $245,000.

Windy Hollow Cir., 15141-Douglas L. and Stephanie R. Loverro to Frances Carothers Gomez, $635,000.


Allens Mill Blvd., 4628-Charles R. Fetters and Lianna Lacy-Fetters to Amanda and Jaime Slyper, $537,500.

Bartrams Forest Lane, 6665-Mian and Fouzia Ahmad to Rostislav Nepokh, $414,990.

Carlton Oaks Pl., 5572-Mir and Deborah Rezadoost to Bryan S. Schwemley, $585,000.

Conklin Way, 6233-R. Dale Reynolds to Anthony S. Dietrich, $335,900.

Fishers Hill Way, 5387-Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Morgan S. and Krista A. Woodward, $800,000.

Gossom Manor Pl., 15009-Nicole and Irving Williams to Jacek and Wieslawa Skrzeszewski, $435,000.

High Ridge Rd., 4202-Randy R. and Bonnie L. Niece to Taylor Knight and Esther Vermeer, $484,000.

Londons Bridge Rd., 15197-Chad and Rebecca Ragan to Michael N. and Cheryl A. Hogarth, $524,000.

Orrington Lane, 6830-Kathleen H. Karpinski to Eric W. and Tatiana L. Mercer, $399,900.

Popes Creek Pl., 6174-Zoya Investments Corp. to Harpreet Singh and Dilpreet Kaur, $425,000.

Sudley Rd., 4207-Elaine C. Friel to Scott D. Roberts, $485,000.

Warwick Hills Ct., 5012-David R. and Cynthia Lynn Stinson to John and Britta Choberka, $799,000.


Assateague Pl., 5602-Ryan M. and Carla H. Grubb to Jeffrey R. and Sarah E. Stambaugh, $430,000.

Bethel Rd., 13614-Peter A. and Virginia W. Field to James Patrick McMahon and Mary Rose M. McMahon, $525,000.

Callan Dr., 7647-Yvonne S. Gray to Howard Corum Jr., $174,000.

Cobb Rd., 8551-Federal National Mortgage Association to Vinod Kotecha, $132,000.

Counselor Rd., 8072-Trudy Colleen Bond to John William and Dena Sossaman Stansbury, $479,000.

Ember Ct., 6350-Richard Donald and Sandra Witt Setliff to Daniel Ralph and Sandra Castillo Coil, $455,000.

Falling Creek Dr., 12016-John R. and Sharon P. Harrison to Dashdorj G. Pount and Ariuntana T. Dorsod, $380,000.

Halterpath Trail, 11105-Christina Maria Gaizick to Ashly Mayle, $212,000.

Hillis Ct., 9232-Jose Albin Cruz and Marcela Alejandra Calles Reyes to Jose Albin Cruz and Candido Salvador Murcia, $385,000.

Katy Ann Ct., 5518-Lindsay B. Sparks to Daniel Firrincili Jr. and Ivelisse Cardona-Rosario, $485,000.

Koman Cir., 11002, No. 175-Sara E. Knotts to Juan Andres Arriaran, $185,000.

Lenfant Pl., 8645-Steven and Ladoris Puryear to Jeffery R. Brown and Genevieve Lam Cheong, $525,000.

Medway Church Loop, 11819-Susan H. Wilson to Mary Renisa De Los Reyes, $357,000.

Raphiel Ct., 8126-Keith D. Cofield and Kelsy Kauk-Cofield to James R. Stevens Jr. and Shari Renae Bliss-Stevens, $350,000.

Stagestone Way, 11244-Sharareh Arabkhazael to Andrew J. and Ivis R. McDevitt, $185,000.

Victoria St., 9314-Norma Hernandez to Lorenzo G. Bonilla Sorto, $275,000.

Woodstock St., 7708-Faten I. Hammad to Kelly E. Flores and Maria O. Guzman Montalvo, $325,000.


Blandsford Dr., 8153-Christopher and Monica Michael to Gregory and Erin Burgess, $549,000.

Dahlgren Ridge Rd., 8962-Miller and Smith at Walker Station Corp. to Jae Heon Yoo and Jum Yun Lee, $395,000.

Mace St., 9313-Susan Mueller to Jose O. Flores Huezo, $280,000.

Oak St., 8026-Jimmy R. and Pamela J. Blake to Scott C. Combs and Heather J. Blake, $310,000.

Yorkshire Lane, 8518-RWV Corp. to Oscar Antonio Albanes Aguilar and Carlos Ernesto Albanes Aguilar, $263,000.


Beachview Dr., 15438-Scott and Deborah F. Larrabee to Randy S. Woods and Tara B. Koff, $670,000.

Dancing Leaf Pl., 16089-Wayne A. and Mary V. Dykstra to James J. and Barbara J. McGovern, $385,000.

Great Harvest Ct., 3983-Robert A. and Mary C. O'Brien to Joanne M. Macmurray, $381,000.

Larkspur Lane, 15247-Raina White and Raina D. Jones to David Thomas Maley, $319,900.

Peppermill Ct., 4516-Christopher Lee and Gabriel Mischell Burress to Joshua Bion Holbrook and Jillian Anna Woolley Holbrook, $420,000.

Saltwater Dr., 4882-Angela Z. Coller to Rebecca J. Proctor, $235,000.


Par Dr., 9932-Conrad J. and Patricia B. Stronko to Lindsay W. and Joey S. Sparks, $850,000.


Fortress Way, 461-Alice M. Hedley to Michelle Lentini, $293,000.


Kerill Rd., 18479-Roderick E. and Connie B. Hutchinson to Toni Marcia Thompson, $550,000.

Potomac Highlands Cir., 4901-Patricia Sanders to Sean M. Austin, $290,000.

Wayne Dr., 19126-PT Investments Corp. to Murad Mahmood, $155,000.


Alaska Rd., 14979-Danna J. and Nicolas A. Bastien to Cesar A. Amaya and Carmen L. Guerrero-Romero, $262,500.

Avocet Loop, 15664-Zachary S. and Heather D. Warakomski to William C. Clarke, $356,000.

Barcelona Ct., 15799-Frederick Glenn and Monique Angelitto Davis to Rita Fansey, $320,000.

Belmont Bay Dr., 830, No. 402-Joel R. Mulligan to Lawrence B. Scott III, $295,000.

Bracknell Dr., 3635-Shahlla Siddioui to Ethel Wooten, $360,000.

Caledonia Cir., 3450-Edward Farthing Leonard to Connor P. and Madeline A. Burns, $299,900.

Cara Dr., 12847-Murad Khan to Edward W. Jordan Jr., $161,589.

Cedar Crest Ct., 2891-Glenna M. Ferguson to Steven and Jessica Smith, $340,000.

Classic Ct., 13412-Thao Ngo and Han Doan to Ni V. Nguyen, $451,000.

Cullers Ct., 3324-tRuth Hellwig to Marina N. Bell, $305,000.

Diloreta Dr., 2217-James E. and Latasha Nichols to Marcehella Scott, $549,900.

Eagle Feather Dr., 15921-K. Hovnania Homes of Virginia Inc. to Roy Joe McIntosh and Michael Don Pelham, $484,990.

Edgemoor Ct., 11265-Martine S. Messi to Jordan W. and Clarissa Glassett Lindsay, $285,000.

Farmberry Ct., 12217-Cliff Johnston to Ann Terry Robbins, $410,000.

Fox Ridge Ct., 2568-Alan N. Steinberg to Jose A. Fernandez Rios and Ingrid C. Guevara, $165,000.

Grady Lane, 3250-John Philip and Deborah Jane Hutton to Teresa Vu Sunga and Edith Faith Suaco Sunga, $545,000.

Greendale Dr., 13952-Thomas V. and Gloria G. Brady to Eugene and Virginia Sokolowski, $385,000.

Harbor Dr., 12612-Rottanak Ouy to Thuy Trat, $408,370.

Hill Meade Lane, 11526-James Alan and Elaine N. White to Douglas E. and Leslieann Cole Thompson, $336,000.

Jed Forest Lane, 16801-Virginia McCormack to Gabriel and Luz Funes, $297,000.

Knightsbridge Dr., 12202-Albert J. and Deborah S. Caselli to Jeffrey and Erica N. Benford, $530,000.

Litza Way, 13530-Leonard Mark and Jody A. Ralston to Eduardo Torres Rodriguez and Glenda Garcia Burgos, $600,000.

Lotte Dr., 12785-David C. and Courtney B. Strauss to Kristoffer D. and Yasuko Furuya Smith, $380,000.

Marlboro Ct., 12284-K&R Real Estate Investments Corp. to Sean Trumaine Blacks, $249,000.

Mayflower Dr., 1988-Lindsie Warren Diebold to Steven Jungho and Quynh Dang Han, $255,000.

Miranda Ct., 2596-Steve D. and Karen Reioux to Peter K. Bentil, $260,000.

Newcastle Loop, 12345-Department of Veterans Affairs to Ryan A. Ten Eyck and Hallie A. Arreguin, $231,000.

Occoquan Overlook, 4609-Donald L. Thie to Heidi Schoepflin, $494,900.

Pheasant Lane, 2909-David H. Comings to Thuy Dung Thuy Truong, $195,000.

Potomac Branch Dr., 14886-Paul Kwon to David S. and Heidi E. Vanderwest, $322,000.

Reese Ct., 12938-Joshua Wolfe and Amanda Harrigan to Umer Shahzad and Saira Sabir, $231,000.

Rockledge Terr., 1789-Bernard G. Palin to Monique Michelle Eisenhardt, $480,000.

Scotch Ct., 2250-Walter D. Bell to Kerry Johnson, $312,000.

Sherbrooke Cir., 3557-Tiana S. Person to Marek and Katarzyna Han, $235,000.

Steerage Cir., 16416-Eric B. and Jenifer E. Sones to Rosanna Buitrago, $365,000.

Thenia Pl., 1666-Roman Francis and Courtney Malec to Fetlework K. Neria, $220,000.

Transom Pl., 2534-Mabry Sumner to Jesse and Natalie Maggitt, $540,000.

Veronica Lane, 3574-Supoj Srikittipraphat and Charima Vajrasthira to Radah Chebat and Samer Naoum, $445,000.

Woodvale Ct., 13502-Doris Nolte to Orlando Rutilio and Iris M. Caceres, $320,000.


These were among homes sold in the City of Manassas.


Beech Pl., 9705-Leobardo Reyes Lucero to Bernardo A. Umanzor, $197,000.

Bretton Woods Dr., 8740-Casa Fortuna Corp. to Daniel and Justine Major, $263,400.

Chervil Ct., 10224-Patty Zambrano Grifa and Jose Alves Peretra Roupar to Edwin Gomez Quintanilla and Damaris Gomez, $295,000.

Gaither St., 8344-Stanley W. Pawlowski to Curtis C. Clem, $270,000.

Grant Ave. S., 10015-Stephen N. and Frances M. Fortes to Eric Sejd, $325,000.

Liberia Ave., 8577-Fawaz Omar Anbar to Rose Mary Dial and Porter Randall Gregory, $270,000.

Natural Bridge Ct., 9520-Charles H. Keen and Mary K. Diprimio-Keen to Malik Waseem Abbas Haider and Masoona Abbas, $295,000.

Park St., 9646-Lorraine Delorenzo to Thomas M. and Karen K. Geldard, $420,500.

Runaldue Rd., 9202-Federal National Mortgage Association to Tito Antezana, $215,000.

Taney Rd., 9268-Yousuf Hatami to Yolanda P. Brizuela Arriago and Maria M. Brizuela Flores, $195,000.

West St., 9035-Nino S. Rocha Garcia to Mauricio Enrique Lopez and Elsis M. Lopez Rodriguez, $280,000.

Manassas Park

These were among homes sold in the City of Manassas Park.


Corbett Cir., 9760-Meng Feng and Tammy Ngo to Kathleen E. Frece, $350,000.

Handerson Pl., 9712, No. 405-Tanya R. Parrott to Benjamin Hosp, $208,000.

Kristy Dr., 9250-Kevin D. and Jennifer Lepore to Jaime Masin, $269,000.

Lanae Lane, 9400-Grace E. Peeler Stankiewicz and Christopher F. Stankiewicz to Devon and Sara Kaplan, $300,000.

Matthew Dr., 9281-Andrew C. Harper and Amanda D. Rogers-Harper to Abudenio F. Angeles-Figueroa and Maia A. Angeles, $400,000.

White Pine Dr., 8524-H.A.F. Real Estate I. Corp. to Kashif Iqbal, $245,000.

Stafford County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Financial Services. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Allegheny Dr., 29-Yosi and Melinda Sue Shafshak to Mala M. and Sean P. Kline, $299,900.

Aquia Dr., 1016-David Joseph and Margaret P. Kleber to Nicholas Alan and Amanda Dennis Frikker, $382,137.

Aston Ct., 201-Vicky A. Brocious to Robert L. and Wendy L. Weber, $235,000.

Barley Corn Dr., 4-John C. and Callie L. Harper to Michael Carey and Katherine Mickho Emmer, $304,900.

Braddock Dr., 9-James R. and Tamara B. Shacklette to Isaac I. Huff and Susan Brooks, $305,000.

Brittany Manor Way, 130-Steven and Valerie Green to Michael Alan Shingler, $662,500.

Candlestick Dr., 122-Chelsea Lynn Downs and Steven D. Clarke to Esther C. Baca, $350,000.

Castle Hill Dr., 160-Thomas W. and Zena C. Harvley-Felder to Norma L. Dodge, $279,900.

Clearview Ave., 1001-John W. and Herminia O. Cox to Ronald Lee Boutchyard and Gail M. Wiley, $250,000.

Country Manor Dr., 110-John S. and Son N. Wilkinson to Britteny Allyce and Scott Russell Devine, $329,000.

Cutter Cv., 315-Gary Douglas and Barbara I. Thrash to Steven W. Holder II, $374,900.

Denise St., 100-Lawrence H. and Jane D. Towne to Bradley Allan Carlson, $342,000.

Emerald Dr., 9-Matthew Bradley and Nichole Davis to Michael W. and Maria Y. Pendergrass, $316,900.

Gavins Lane, 106-Casey G. and Kimberly D. Edge to Juliette Banya, $291,250.

Grafton St., 615-Girgis M. Abraham to Mark C. Young, $227,000.

Hamlin Dr., 74-Terry A. and Allison T. Barcus to Christopher and Crystal Cooper, $332,000.

Hemming Dr., 4-Larry H. and Loretta Endy to Jay E. and Michelle L. Bakken, $545,000.

Hogan Dr., 44-James C. and Helen M. O'Leary to Robert and Brittney Dewolf, $299,900.

Hulvey Dr., 47-Veronica Hojek to Christopher Wayne and Abagail Abbott, $259,900.

Jefferson Ave., 104-James P. and Julie M. Riggs to Courtney K. Sanner, $170,000.

Kimmer Ct., 9-Lisa T. Anderson to Vincent D. and La Joyce Djifo, $309,000.

Locust Lane, 10-Henry Pacas to Lenore Lawson, $349,999.

Mccormick Ct., 6-Sean R. and Tom M. Lingo to Corey Lee and Doris McNutt, $365,000.

Mountain View Rd., 2809-Gary Glander to Lilia Rico Segura, $160,000.

Olde Concord Rd., 205-John R. and Lynn M. Brown to Delmi R. Diaz, $295,000.

Pepper Tree Lane, 203-Heather Gioia to Ludwig N. Portillo Flores, $220,000.

Pinta Cv., 124-James F. Fisher to Alicia Massey, $300,000.

Princess St., 16-Stanley G. and Cheryl U. Burlingame to Christopher W. and Stacy Ann Drumm, $399,000.

Regal Ct., 9-Blake J. and Laurann O. Robertson to Marouf and Simah Shams, $355,000.

Saint Adams Dr., 16-Donald R. and Sarah D. Butcher to Johanna Isabel and Maria Isabel Uqillas, $375,000.

Sandlewood Terr., 105-Patsy P. Cottrell to John P. Del Gaudio and Rachel E. Del Gaudio, $430,000.

Shady Lane, 35-Dave Chabot to Garry D. Howdyshell, $20,000.

Stanhope Ct., 3-Margaret Marie and John R. Carlson to Arron and Jennifer Hough, $460,000.

Table Bluff Dr., 22-Lonnie R. and Janice L. Sanders to Daniel J. and Isabel A. Opitz, $357,500.

Tamar Creek Lane, 116-Steven P. Schantz and Brandy D. Baker-Schantz to Constance T. Mugg, $275,000.

Truslow Rd., 1385-William J. Newcomb to Lewis Earl and Tina Louise Mills, $277,500.

Victoria Dr., 2008-Roy Stiles and April Gimenez to Adam J. and Victoria L. Talcott, $399,900.

Washington Dr., 1308-Donny D. Dila and Kimberly M. Levesque to Kimberly M. Levesque, $247,898.

Wind Ridge Dr., 1108-Nicholas A. Frikker to Steven L. and Renate M. Oftedahl, $202,000.