Prince William County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Financial Services. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit


Acadia Park Dr., 9064-Bonita J. Hartbarger to John Hulme and Tiffany Michelle Johnson-Hulme, $635,000.

Bedder Stone Pl., 9650-Janele Turner to David Ledgere, $325,000.

Bristow Station Dr., 10604-Timothy A. Howe to Phillip K. and Cathy S. Surber, $354,900.

Crossman Creek Way, 12727-Todd C. and Rosemarie O. Emmons to Rasheed A. Mehri and Masooda Majadidi, $595,000.

Dennis Ct., 8908-Cecilia M. Hylton and Tje Cecilia M. Hulton to Kuldeep Singh and Amandeep Kaur, $410,000.

Dunstable Loop, 8766-Zhaolin Tang and Lingyi Albert Zheng to Megan L. and Matt Peterson, $329,900.

Fife Ness Ct., 12354-Kevin T. and Edith Kimberly Black to Robert James and Juliana Jean Blackwell, $505,000.

Hartwood Meadow Pl., 12083-William D. and Nathania M. Stephens to Alex E. and Gary E. Higginbotham, $497,000.

Island Fog Ct., 10020-Joseph J. Gerstle and Edmee Miguez-Gerstle to Nathan and Kristin Matthews, $474,900.

Laurencekirk Pl., 9559-Joseph P. and Paula L. Jackson to Wondwosen T. Mideksa and Mastawut Guluma Buli, $470,000.

Maitland Loop, 9765-Yacov Marzook to Henry C. Rothkopf, $282,000.

Millbill Ct., 12150-Troy F. and Jessica E. Johnson to Yontan T. Berhe and Eden K. Kahsay, $485,000.

Ormond Dr., 13094-L. Ben Thompson to Yan and Emilya Braginsky, $310,000.

Raging Water Dr., 9011-Christopher J. and Sherry M. Doyle to Anthony Daniel and Jennifer Licari, $530,000.

Runner Stone Pl., 9731-Mark and Regina Pickett to Thomas and Kristina Burke, $405,000.

Shenvale Cir., 13032-James E. Barr Jr. to David Sunkel, $325,000.

Three Sisters Ct., 10039-Carlos M. Ramos and John D. Turcotte Jr. to Bryan Miller, $559,000.

United Park Way, 12280-Elaine and Harvey Corsino to William G. Elchert and Vincent A. Esposito, $519,900.

Whitchurch Ct., 8863-John Richard and Lynn M. Ferrell to John C. and Courtney L. Allender, $516,500.


Acorn Ct., 3097-Gregory and Marlene P. Woodyard to Ana and Marco Lepe, $330,000.

Balls Bluff Ct., 5433-James David and Helen Marie Dzwonchyk to Douglas and Nadine Hill, $480,000.

Bayfield Dr., 3202-RGS Residential Inc. to Jose R. Funez Batres, $320,000.

Birchdale Ave., 14604-Jose H. Martinez to Glenda Herman and Alexander Rodriguez, $290,500.

Bonneville Lane, 4675-Michael and Stephanie Houde to Agapito E. and Lianne M. Barriga, $427,500.

Bronco Way, 15355-Tyler V. Ray and Amy M. Shinna Ray to Paulette Braud, $305,000.

Cardinal Crest Dr., 4123-Department of Veterans Affairs to Douglas Eugene Smalls and Sara Margaret Stewart, $380,000.

Chimney Rock Terr., 15758-Jeffrey S. and Rae L. Pearson to Hyun Wood Pyun and Yeon Jung Yoon, $500,000.

Cuddy Loop, 14184, No. 143-Candice J. Ferris to Rebecca Gohn, $185,000.

Deer Ct., 3958-Charles F. and Eula G. Hardy to Luis M. Lara and Cindy P. Argueta, $310,000.

Dorian Dr., 14829-Ramzy and Madlene Loga Azir to Nelo Rojas and Raquel Paz De Hurtado, $255,000.

Endsley Turn, 14709-Keesha T. Edwards to Tahanee H. Karim, $213,000.

Forestdale Ave., 3493-Patrick M. Rowman to Anoop Gupta, $300,000.

Freemont Pl., 3620-Theresa J. Sexton to Fanny Y. Cabrera and Oscar A. Cabrera Perez, $255,000.

Granby Rd., 4150-Jose R. Lopez and Edith C. Vasquez to Luis A. and Dinora E. Gonzalez, $325,000.

Greenbriar Dr., 13717-Jan F. Farag to Ronald Machan Burton, $270,000.

Hazelton Dr., 4519-Sherry M. Grayson to Alyssa Myers, $337,000.

Keating Dr., 13420-Christopher and Cathy Camacho to Monica Norman, $323,000.

Kilby Ct., 4884-Inamul H. and Donna J. Sheikh to Mohammad Sayedur and Afsana Rahman, $340,000.

Kittredge Ct., 13115-Metro Fine Properties Corp. to Abdul Quddus Raja, $345,500.

Korvett Dr., 4715-J.J.S. Investment Corp. to Orlando D. and Teresa A. Cruz, $345,000.

Linfield Dr., 5010-Nagina Bhatti and Arooj Mustafa to Adam Donald Williams and Armie Tacleon Solomon, $285,000.

Meckon Ct., 5253-Keith A. and Nancy L. Johnson to Deanna M. and Eddie K. Miller, $325,000.

Moonbeam Dr., 5717-Angela Sue Bailey to Jacob and Jaclyn Reeves, $405,000.

Packard Dr., 13327-Richard D. and Laurie L. Westfield to Stephan J. Karp and Mary Louise Plaugher, $510,000.

Perch Branch Way, 4591-Elizabeth L. Shea to Edwin A. Renderos-Alvarez, $280,000.

Princedale Dr., 13585-Gladys Stella Townsend to Christopher M. and Tiffani L. Spurlock, $360,000.

Quebec Pl., 5261-Grant W. and Stacy Lynn Wilson to Rebecca Wiley, $437,000.

Riverside Dr., 5804-Wells Fargo Bank to Bin Jiang and Jin Chen, $290,500.

Saphire Ct., 5308-Cassidy Green to Christopher Judd Coulther, $294,500.

Spriggs Tree Lane, 15010-Christina M. and Travis S. Wedge to Eric W. and Adaarema Kelly, $810,000.

Taxi Dr., 12939-Clark Harrison and Jamie Lee Edwards to Jennifer L. Johnson, $280,000.

Trident Lane, 6140-Steven M. and Stephanie Ann Lowery to Birhan Felek Yimer and Dereje Argaw Shiferaw, $290,000.

Woodway Pl., 4632-Rosa Zoila Moreno to Victor J. Argenal Hernandez, $205,000.


Avenel Lane, 17753-Mary Elizabeth Thayer to Ryan Harvey and Dawn Louise Davis, $430,000.

Duke St., 17623-Karl M. Rice and Leslie Ruth Stallknecht to Robert and Patricia Borka, $459,900.

Myrtlewood Dr., 2857-John A. and Eileen R. Catalano to Bradley and Kendra Motz, $425,000.

October Glory Loop, 17540-Steven and Jill Holdsworth to Joy Quiva, $415,000.

Sligo Loop, 17384-Patricia A. Lee to Fernando Ortiz and Tatiana M. Villarroel, $270,000.

Wilson St., 17469-Sugarland Park Corp. to Manuel Antonio Castillo, $215,000.


Brunson Cir., 7457-Patrick McNamara to Mirza Farid Sultan Temuri and Sehar Farid, $325,000.

Cedar Branch Dr., 7832-Bryce A. and Maria Y. Stenholm to Kelly Foulke Blondin, $295,000.

Dover Downs Ct., 8567-Terry D. and Janene Hamlin to Jason and Natalia Nash, $471,000.

Fieldstone Way, 13424-Paul Dewitt and Fredericka Kramp Young to Jean and Emory Stafford, $525,000.

Haro Trail, 14277-Eric Paulson to Ryan and Anne Arroyo, $361,000.

Ladderbacked Dr., 14265-Matthew Whitecar to Christian Michael and Jodi Marie Remsen, $422,000.

Lick River Lane, 5450-Ronald Selfe to Fernando M. and Kellie A. Bernal, $570,000.

Loftridge Lane, 17057-Sateesh Valluru and Ravi Sajja to Christopher Bradley, $427,000.

Newbern Loop, 14311-Adam and Mallory Dove to Alexander J. Falk and Brett K. Eagle, $306,500.

Rockingham Lane, 13645-Rene C. Bardorf to Muhammad Atif Mujib and Monika Anita Piatkowska, $450,000.

Saddle Run Way, 6904-Fred E. Crossland to Donald E. and Kathleen M. Stout, $405,000.

Sharpshinned Dr., 14263-Catherine M. and Catherine M. Scilingo to Mishelle Rene Noble-Blair, $505,000.

Spyglass Hill Loop, 15811-Bryan J. and Karlene M. Bodner to Timothy and Alyssa Cline, $812,500.

Tall Timber Dr., 8131-Thomas E.G. Love and Ann Love to Barry Medley Cahoon and Hope Brodkorb, $419,000.

Victory Gallop Way, 13487-Michael R. Waple and Hugh L. Waple to Noel F. and Marsha A. Wolber, $439,900.


Alderbrook Dr., 15649-Dickinson T. and Anna D. Brent to Richard H. and Marian J. Williams, $646,000.

Amber Ridge Rd., 5980-Marcus L. and Djiuana A. Lea to Priyank and Samiksha Devenraj, $640,000.

Arrowfield Terr., 5576-Matthew J. and Rachel M. Lemire to Robert and Christine Lauer, $405,000.

Bengal Pl., 5626-Arik and Marci Flazar to Qudratullah and Nafeesa Naimi, $547,000.

Chamberry Cir., 14516-Jeffrey G. and Kimberly J. Sparrow to Philip Wyck and Kari Lynne Chambers, $782,500.

Foleys Mill Pl., 15743-Stephen W. and Michele A. Pearce to Augusto Delgado and Patricia C. Alatrista, $890,000.

Grigsby Pl., 15220-Christopher R. Clapper to Matthew Jeffrey and Nancy Freitag, $585,000.

Jupiter Hills Lane, 15146-Edward R. and Wendy J. Leon to James Joseph Polio and Jennifer Jung Eun Ha, $518,000.

Mendelmore Way, 5630-Christine Elizabeth Williams to George B. and Carol E. Emerson, $750,000.

Noyes Ave., 6870-Robert Bern and Ann Crockett Johnson to Brian R. and Chasity Teufel, $540,000.

Pitner St., 16051-Robert and Patricia Vullo to Ah Ra Cho, $405,500.

Rising Sun Lane, 14825-Lawrence J. and Lisa A. Shorten to Pablo Valentin, $234,000.

Sage Run Rd., 15187-Anthony S. White to William Anthony Figueroa Namba, $287,000.

Wake Crest Ct., 6001-Kyung Hwa Baek to Won I. Hong and Jung H. Jang Hong, $465,000.


Assateague Pl., 5642-Peter and Lindsay Dittamo to Garry Stephen and Kacie A. Floyd, $487,000.

Black Horse Ct., 7755-Wayne R. and Patricia K. Loomis to Nazir Ahmad Khanzada and Fouzia Ahmad, $300,000.

Brewer Creek Pl., 8967-Donna Gershon to Joseph Estelle, $325,000.

Bruce Ct., 9650-Matthew and Jana Horne to Hilda R. Guirola, $340,000.

Cheshire Ridge Cir., 9815-Albin and Patricia Campbell to Johnathan F. Davis, $321,180.

Community Dr., 8017-Ana L. Bonilla to Marcus Harness, $215,500.

Copperfield Way, 8005-Equity Corp. and Peggy A. Tyree Wells to Emilio Bernal Blabrada, $165,901.

Emerald Dr., 7420-Lisa M. Briggs and Stephen G. Tyma to Luis A. Hernandez and Elbert Cabrejo, $268,000.

Flint Rock Rd., 9791-Zechariah T. and Bonnie J. Harris to Jamie A. and Nathaniel S. Hardy, $443,000.

Gold Cup Trail, 12745-Praxedes A. and Amanda R. Kennedy to Arch W. and Lisa McCleskey, $605,000.

Hickory Hill Dr., 8221-Bruce and Jane Quinn to Mary O. Hibbits, $399,900.

Humphrey Lane, 8244-Susan G. Tanjon to Kwabena Ekourba Gyasi and Jennifer Koranteng, $306,000.

Jamaica Lane, 10221-Richard W. Hildebrand to Jong N. and Song C. Ho, $254,000.

Koman Cir., 11010, No. 196-Dominique B. Frye to Isabelina Contreras, $189,999.

Lindera Ct., 6405-Kevin and Megan Smith to Peter D. and Lindsay R. Dittamo, $557,000.

Loudoun Ave., 9922-Keneesha D. Malone and Rafael E. Mejla to Douglas Ivan Gomez Garcia and Teresa Dominguez Vidal, $345,000.

Michala Barrett Ct., 7101-John A. Stehlin Jr. to Rachel K. Green, $525,000.

Outback Ct., 7505-Matthew M. Jenkins to Amanda Greenwood-Field and Timothy Field, $642,000.

Persinger House Ct., 6049-William D. and Antoinette T. Beatty to Andrew Lee and Melinda Thompson East, $525,500.

Pope St., 10951-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Farthan Chughtal and Daizy Matharoo, $259,663.

Rebel Walk Dr., 7860-Charles Edward and Kaitlyn Maire Camper to Richard Pablo Santiago Ocasio, $290,000.

Rossiter Ct., 6175-Ronald Brian and Kathleen J. Clark to Jose Armando and Ruth Wydalis Ramos, $522,000.

Scotland Loop, 8324-Tran Tang to Ijaz Qureshi and Qanta Rafia, $310,000.

Spotsylvania St., 9420-Richard Carrigan Ketchie Jr. to Francisco Torres, $245,000.

Stillbrooke Rd., 8007-Stanislav Dimov and Ivaylo Radushev to Scott D. and Mitzie Anderson, $459,000.

Trumpet Vine Ct., 10111-Joshua Danie Carrillo to John Avery and Stacy Weathers, $485,000.

Websters Way, 5801-Nadel R. Musni and Melissa A. Saure to Gurdeep S. and Manjit Kaur Ahluwalia, $495,000.


Amherst Ct., 9108-Jennifer R. Alexander to Maritza A. Argueta and Vilma H. Rodriguez, $300,000.

Chardon Ct., 7381-Stephen P. and Patricia A. Kerr to Nadia R. Asay and Daniel P. Lazaroff, $420,000.

Kimberton Ct., 7551-Pradip K. and Saibali Mazumder to Abdul Rehman and Muhammad Ayub, $305,000.

Mckee Way, 6481-Mark D. and Elisabeth L. Lowe to Herman Jerome and Jessica Hruska, $475,000.

Old Centreville Rd., 8003-Marie J. Garrido and Ralph Heim to Juan C. Ayala and Juana M. Molina Hernandez, $340,000.

Shelley Lane, 7613-Ricardo Molinero Calvo to Maritza I. Alvarado De Rivera, $204,000.

Stuart Ct., 7611-HAF Real Estate Corp. to Santos Chavez and Vilma Esther Cordova, $209,000.


Accolon Ct., 16606-Peter A. and Jill B. Smerick to Matthew James and Alyssa Craig Weaver, $525,000.

Beachwater Ct., 15409-Han S. Kim to Saul A. Ramirez and Olimpia M. Montero, $284,500.

Downy Flake Mews., 16636-Joanne B. Alexander to Dale Leslie Boynton, $400,000.

Isle Royale Terr., 17442-Kwame Ampong to Julio Enrique Zamora and Ana Rebeca Romero, $307,000.

Marlington Dr., 15903-Andres and Amanda D. Cruz to Clark Harrison and Jamie Lee Edwards, $369,000.

Moncure Dr., 15909-Theodore M. and Angela N. Ryan to Michael and Mandy Duffy, $438,000.

Streamside Ct., 15229-Maureen Keegan to Ann Nicole Norton, $295,900.

Thistle Ct., 15686-Felix A. Rivera to Daniel R. Frattin and Lisa J. Hammond, $425,000.

Waters Edge Ct., 15307-Scott R. Deane to Karynn M. Ortiz, $285,000.


Aden Rd., 13813-Steven W. and Stephanie A. Shultzaberger to Randy L. and Megan V. Johnston, $340,000.

Greenwich Rd., 7677-Cecilia D. Blacutt and Joan K. Martin to Tammy L. Kramer, $435,000.

Keyser Rd., 9390-William J. and Lisa K. Deligne to Clifford D. and Jessica M. Paris, $679,900.


Expedition Dr., 3655-Michael J. and Chanda S. Larson to Candace Neshawn and Roy Dean Garland, $499,900.

Oakham Mount Dr., 3398-Greggory D. and Joanna M. Boatright to Calvin V. Shipman, $549,000.


American Eagle Blvd., 2920-Stephanie Hansen to Moin M.Z. Rahman and Naomiz Khan, $475,000.

Andover Ct., 12469-Henry P. and Carol D. Osborne to Sadaf Barekzai Lee, $300,000.

Arum Pl., 15110-Emmy Isabel Cruz Deleon to Lisa M. Green, $210,000.

Belmont Bay Dr., 440, No. 205-Jerry Sparks and Johnnie Martin Guttery to Cristy L. Collins, $290,000.

Belmont Bay Dr., 810, No. 301-John R. Blair and Luanne B. Handley-Blair to Deborah Leann Lott, $300,000.

Blackjack Oak Lane, 16772-Real Estate Investment Firm Corp. to Aaron Leung, $252,500.

Breckinridge Lane, 12155-Stephen Terrell and Alesia Cotman to Jeffrey Scott Patterson and Angela Laura Galban, $435,000.

Brookville Lane, 3456-Antonio Carlos and Helena C. Teixeira to Lijalem M. Kassa and Asamenew M. Deyas, $277,000.

Cambridge Dr., 2839-2839 Cambridge Drive Trust to Zelmar Antonio Melgar Moreno, $270,000.

Cara Dr., 12787-Darnell Mark Poage to Chelsea Faith Calloway, $158,000.

Charter Ct., 4769-David Alan and Donna Elizabeth Smith to Philip P. Hopkins and Dana R. Hubchen, $865,000.

Chetham Way, 4051-Kathleen M. Marshall to Deanne J. Hanley, $225,000.

Choir St., 13609-Ralph D. Johnson and Sandra L. Ridgway-Johnson to Joyce U. Elele, $435,000.

Cornice Pl., 3470-Joseph and Kara Maddux to Fran R. and Glenda L. Negron, $415,000.

Eagle Ridge Dr., 3253-John Diago Clemons to Tammi R. Lambert, $445,000.

Effie Rose Pl., 12733-Jamiyu and Amen Otunba to Khaibar and Marghalari Ghairat, $495,000.

Fox Ridge Ct., 2555-Jose Rivera to German Rivera, $180,000.

Gatehouse Terr., 15396-Jing Nie to James Rhee, $242,000.

Gordon Blvd., 12715, No. 105-Michael and Melissa Saure to Arjan Farsani, $120,000.

Greenacre Dr., 13410-Roba Homes Inc. to Raul E. Flores and Alba L. Lopez De Dlores, $315,500.

Greywing St., 2226-Daniel A. and Laura J. Kramer to Marie Stewart, $397,500.

Halter Pl., 13565-Eric F. Brinkmann and Lisa A. Heidemann to Almaz Negusse and Nuredin Abdu, $510,000.

Harbor Side St., 494-Horton C. Westergard to Nicole Canole, $535,000.

Horner Rd., 1419-Edwin N. and Rhina M. Salvador to Luis N. Amaya, $309,000.

Indus Dr., 16117-Lee Douglas Wilson to Christine Mallory, $334,000.

Ivy League Ct., 12246-John C. Mutarello to Taryn Wood, $296,000.

Kempston Lane, 12579-Demetria Washington-Butler to Lanna L. Woods, $189,500.

Ladue Ct., 1601, No. 208-Reginald D. and Karen L. Ray to Gary Alan and Debra Jean Fulmer, $268,000.

Leewood Ct., 11606-Carl G. and Deborah A. Schaefer to Patrick Hoffman and Brittany Troxel, $431,250.

Lotte Dr., 12701, No. 201-Heather M. Mathews to Carolina C. Marandino, $107,000.

Marisa Ct., 3004-Lexicon Government Services Corp. to Aamir Ali and Tiyyba Afzal, $440,000.

Mcguffeys Ct., 2677-Federal National Mortgage Association to Michael Adu Amoako, $292,000.

Miranda Lane, 16805-Wilmarie Odoms to Brandon Lloyd, $279,000.

Mount Pleasant Dr., 14212-Deborah B. Bayol and Phyllis J. Barnett to Asgar Mehdi Pour, $262,000.

Nutmeg Ct., 12214-Chad D. and Randi L. Knights to Elizabeth M. and Patrick A. Dalch, $266,000.

Ogilvie Ct., 3802-Duane C. and Jennifer L. Ardis to Danielle Lynn Kiracofe and Louis Patrick Meyers II, $310,000.

Overleigh Dr., 11551-James Jason and Leslie Ann Pratt to Faviola Celeste Perdomo, $319,000.

Paxton St., 2543-Charlton and Jennifer G. McDougal to Ryan K. Tran and Hai Le, $350,000.

Pilgrim Dr., 2094-Crystal N. Jackson to Dwight J. Jackson, $275,000.

Port Potomac Ave., 2528-Porfirio Alberto and Jennifer L. Dubon to Janice Smith, $457,000.

Princess Anne Lane, 2228-Juan Santos Chica Argueta to Ivan A. Lopez, $358,000.

Radburn St., 16098-Brandley L. and Mary K. Stauffer to Carla and David Peoples, $355,000.

Schalk Ct., 12885-Jacob and Alice Joseph to Noelle Shott, $277,100.

Simpson Mill Way, 4412-Samuel L. and Amber McLean to David J. Thompson, $498,500.

Sunny Brook Ct., 3947-Adiam Eyassu to Shimelis Tegegne, $285,000.

Tolson Pl., 11740-Jewell Roberts to Richard L. Smith and Stephanie Weaver, $189,000.

Valley Stream Dr., 15281-Carlos A. Maradino and Rita I. Delgado Marandino to Page Marie Tillman, $230,000.

Wessex Ct., 2160-Amy S. and Jeffrey L. King to Manuel A. Romero and Mauricio E. Castillo Arevalo, $309,000.

Williamsburg Ct., 2920-Mauricette M. Bishop and Veronique Nathalie Dunagin to Sandra J. Ortega Gonzalez, $185,000.

Yale Ct., 3153-Quincy Jackson to Eleanora Elizabeth Davis, $258,200.


These were among homes sold in Manassas.

Barnett St., 8907-U.S. Bank to Sergio Portillo and Ana Osorio De Costanza, $320,250.

Bernard Ct., 10313-Jill Marie Nelson-Grissom to Steven C. and Jennifer L. Powell, $363,500.

Burlington Ct., 8508-Luis A. Portillo to Jose I. Ventura Guevara, $236,000.

China Grove Ct., 9314-Amrinder Singh and Paramjit Singh Kabarwal to Muhammad Tahir Aslam and Zakia Tahir, $295,000.

Fawnlily Ct., 9267-Frances T. Meeker to Kimberly D. Geipel, $293,200.

Grant Ave., 8893-Edith A. Wiedmeier to Leonel and Waldemar Miranda-Marroquin, $325,000.

Linden Ct., 9275-George J. Speidel and Diane Jane Bolton to Miguel A. Castro and Jennifer P. Almazan, $449,900.

Park Ave., 9060-Ryan T. and Alycia Oote to Curtis J. and Shonda Davis, $400,000.

Racquet Cir., 10235-Mary L. Driggers-Malloy and Joseph M. Malloy to Ronald F. Bledsoe Jr., $380,000.

Sanderling Dr., 8646-Patricia Hetu-Tkacik to Robyn Annette Sweizer and John Joseph Rother, $310,000.

Sudley Rd., 9002-Julie E. Scandola to Connie Markward, $290,000.

Tanglewood Lane, 8710-Clear Sky Properties Corp. to Jane L. and John Fitzgerald Kennedy, $195,000.

Manassas Park

These were among homes sold in Manassas Park.

Colfax Ct., 207-Tammy L. Herring to Marvin Fuentes, $235,000.

Inyo Pl., 8673-Debra A. Pittrizzi to Jose R. Pereiras and Mable R. Zuleta, $102,000.

Moseby Ct., 358-HAF Real Estate Corp. to Mario R. and Ericka P. Milian, $220,000.

Steve St., 9308-Elliott Glover to Johanna C. Lamb, $395,000.

Stafford County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Financial Services. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Admiral Dr., 2002-Thomas Kevin and Sherry L. Swfit to Keith and Laura Stevenson, $345,000.

Appling Rd., 7-Scott W. Stout to James and Susan Tedeschi, $437,900.

Aster Lane, 15-Johnney and Kathryn Chapman to Jon William and Dency Daniel Panian, $442,000.

Basalt Dr., 37-Beck Investments Inc. to Kevin Mark and Nicole Ancar Austin, $390,000.

Bayberry Lane, 60-Kristina Abel to Clayton R. and Tiffany Marie Williams, $375,000.

Birch Lane, 7-Asgar Medhi Pour to Carlos Mauricio Maltez and Naymy Ivette Rivera-Maltez, $174,000.

Bluefield Lane, 1-Catherine D. Tulloh to Donald and Marian Lomis, $275,000.

Bridgewater Cir., 129-Merle Bruce and Melody P. Elliott to Ann Shelley Painter and Arnaldo Vaquer, $308,500.

Brookewood Dr., 100-John W. Lackey Jr. to Brian K. and Deserie E. Priester, $324,500.

Call Ct., 35-Charles S. O'Neill to Saleem N. and Michelle El-Khouri, $410,000.

Cardinal Dr., 32-Samuel and Amanda Durham Wells to Douglas B. Wyatt, $499,900.

Chain Ct., 4-Richard E. and Barbara P. Grady to Randolph and Donna L. Abram, $335,000.

Cleremont Dr., 115-Stephen R. and Debra F. Davezac to Heather Dawn Drake, $350,000.

Collins Ct., 4-Roger Stanley Eldridge to Jimmie Johnson III, $355,000.

Country Manor Dr., 80-Michael M. and Satenig M. Palian to David D. and Courtney E. Mead, $325,000.

Culpeper St., 813-L&P Properties Corp. to Tyler Nice, $235,000.

Emerald Dr., 17-Terri A. Thrift to John Demko Jr., $293,700.

Fairbanks Ct., 1-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Stephanie A. and Jeremy R. Williams, $360,000.

Fox Run Lane, 11-Juliet W. and Douglas W. Sanford to Matthew D. Haase, $325,000.

Fulton Dr., 27-Essam I. Ahmed to Ahmad Zaki and Saleema Sayed, $362,900.

Gentle Breeze Cir., 325-Donald Herbert Hildebrand Jr. and Sherry Ann Hildebrand to Philip A. and Neyla Jenkins, $539,000.

Grosvenor Lane, 100, No. 2-Clayton Bryant to Isabel E. Najarro, $134,500.

Harris Lane, 13-Majid Kashantkhah and Karen Jean Hicks to Ramon and Maria D. Colchado, $249,950.

Hillcrest Terr., 1011-Bank of America to Alexander Putnam and Genevieve Carole Henderson, $213,500.

Hunting Creek Lane, 26-Wrigley Realty Group Corp. to Prince Amissah, $310,000.

Ivy Creek Lane, 45-Arash Mansouri to Mohammadfahim Mohd Ibrahim, $1.15 million.

Joplin Ct., 9-Richard D. and Christine M. Johnson to John P. and Norka A. Kletzke, $345,000.

Kincaid Lane, 41-Mohammad A. and Lisa R. Khan to William L. and Milla E. Hoyt, $525,000.

Lakeview Ct., 301-Kimberley and James McGill to Brandalyn J. Lippe, $239,900.

Layover Lane, 14-H. Michael and Johanna Michele Andersen to Charles V. and Stephanie A. Zink, $680,000.

Little Whim Rd., 98-Travis Purnell and Dorleita R. Ballard to Matthew Wesle and Ruth Noemi Ballard, $165,000.

Lotus Lane, 15-Christopher V. and Sheila M. Patterson to Drew C. Blitz, $380,000.

Meridan Lane, 5-Bryan K. Kitchens to Gregory Ross and Jessica Jones, $599,000.

New Brunswick Ct., 3-Belinda and Ferlin Tyson to Kenissa D. and John Slater McKay, $369,900.

Oak Rd., 27-Scott T. and Quindy E. Sammler to Steven and Tracey Vazquez, $338,000.

Olympic Dr., 115-Kenneth G. and Karen D. Lee to Anne C. Baumgartel, $325,000.

Park Dr. W., 206-Misas Invest Corp. to David L. and Olga R. Arans, $225,000.

Pickos Pl., 3-Belinda I. Collins to Charles Joseph and Lindsay Locklear Baumann, $319,000.

Pinto Lane, 44-Delmar Kerr to Karen Kraybill and Steven Heffington, $589,000.

Quarry Rd., 152-Virgen S. Caunedo and Wilfredo O. Garcia to Alina Marie Haynes, $302,000.

Regatta Lane, 202-Sandra Sims to Germal A. and Amal Bradley, $239,200.

Ridge Hollow Dr., 8-Clyde E. and Michelle M. Smith to Jeremy Lee Carroll and Lovedy Ann Zie Carroll, $359,000.

Rollingside Dr., 6-Loren B. and Alicia Y. Walters to Jorge Ayllon, $352,000.

Rosewood St., 4-James F. and Amnnianette M. Steimer to Craig M. Patton, $245,000.

Saint Charles Ct., 11-Mormann Properties Corp. to Kristoffer Bocito and Sheila Nicole Hernandez, $463,550.

Sassafras Lane, 26-Michael D. and Gayle J. Thyrring to Kristopher Michael and Helen Sue Plant, $435,000.

Shaw Ct., 708-Robert A. Nargi Jr. to Stephen C. Thomas, $260,000.

Short Branch Rd., 126-Shannon L. McClelland to Nery and Alex Bernedo, $290,000.

Skyline Dr., 61-Luke Enns to Jun Barn and Li Mei Qiu, $365,000.

Stanley Loop, 31-Ivan Fuentes-Nevarez and Zuania Fuentes to Bryan L. Ferrell, $349,900.

Sunny Hill Ct., 106-Devona Thomas to Joseph R. Ford, $224,000.

Thomas Lane, 1010, No. A-Audrey M. Quinn to Andrew C. and Sara Milliken, $228,000.

Torbert Loop, 404-Gifty and Fiifi Bondzi to John Steven Baxter, $230,000.

Tudor Ct., 1-Kyle M. and Heather A. Cone to Christopher and Nicole Ferguson, $425,000.

Village Pkwy., 617-Harry Reifschneider III to Vivian Nelson Charity, $355,000.

Wayne St., 35-Matthew S. Ament to Seth and Kathleen Thompson, $242,000.

Whitsons Run, 221-Linda Lou Rodgers to Bryan Keith Holcomb, $265,000.

Willow Ridge Ct., 85-Jason P. and Jessica B. Doiron to Matthew J. and Lauren A. Moody, $589,000.

Winterberry Dr., 815-Preston D. and Stephanie P. New to John J. and Priscilla Marie Turner, $398,000.

Woodstream Blvd., 701-Department of Veterans Affairs to Tremayne Davis, $279,950.