Prince William County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit


Coronation Lane, 8511-Michael E. Proviano to Vida D. Kamali and Djavad Molladjafar, $273,500.

Dawn Falls Way, 12029-Vicki W. Lynch to Brian C. Jordan, $359,000.

Falcon Glen Ct., 9051-Jonathan and Christiana Fleming to Mustapha Bihi, $335,000.

Hoop Ct., 12204-Christopher and Elyse Aracich to Lord Lester and Janet Laroya Madriaga, $437,000.

Lanier Overlook Ct., 8473-Oliver and Ellen Jordan Evans to Debra A. Willard, $505,000.

Marble Falls Ct., 9054-Danielle K. and Jason S. Bare to Christopher Francis and Kyra Monique Richardson Francis, $354,000.

Raging Water Dr., 9001-Manuel and Paola M. Jimenez to Jelyn G. and Pedro C. Tacluyan, $550,000.

Saybrooke Dr., 9700-Timothy and Michelle Watson to Christina L. Stygar, $385,000.

Slateford Lane, 12967-Ali and Maria Razavi to William L. and Cathy L. Eiland, $320,000.

Three Sisters Ct., 10000-Victor L. and Kimberly R. Pinero to Catherine Martz and Lindsay Haley, $540,000.

Wishing Well Way, 12868-Kevin E. Tucker to Luis G. and Carolyn E. Rangel, $345,000.


Ashdale Ave., 14827-Dorothy N. Thompson to Grevil D. Cruz Nolasco and Cristian Y. Cruz, $305,000.

Barnabas Trail, 15286-Jennifer M. Principe and Alex Antonio Cotto to Amir Wallace, $300,000.

Birchdale Ave., 14302-Jimmie Daniel Scott and William C. Schweitzer to Karla Coreas and Guadalupe D. Gaitan, $280,000.

Buttonwood Ct., 14851-Barton D. Kenerson to Robert V. and April M. Snyder, $410,500.

Cloverdale Rd., 14682-Raymond Marcus Twyman to James Y. Agyapong and Mercy Boateng, $248,000.

Endsley Turn, 14601-Brenda Garcia to Shari N. Marshall, $225,000.

Falmouth Dr., 14425-Arland Ray and Erin M. Lowery to Shahara Morgan, $235,000.

Forestdale Ave., 3902-Samuel Pascual and Lia Anne Camacho to Alvin Madayag and Eleonor Arciaga Banzuelo, $320,000.

Gina Pl., 3268-Marketa Keya to Mohammad Farhad Fetrat, $307,000.

Hersand Ct., 4763-Meghann Ruleman to Adrian Dion Harris, $235,500.

Kaywood Dr., 13717-Ronald L. Edwards to Afroze and Awais Iqbal, $355,000.

Kidwell Dr., 13016-Joshua David and Stephanie L. Rees to Robert Middlethon, $305,000.

Kraft Ct., 4906-Hella P. Levy and Cornelia Erika Allen to Rene A. Mejia, $315,000.

Montoclair Lane, 13853-Ronald Lee and Phylls J. Gutshall to Maria A. Moran, $340,000.

Packard Dr., 13352-David A. Kiley to Christopher Joseph Mealy, $346,900.

Quarles Ct., 5413-Asmara Khan to Simon Koranteng and Geoffrey J. Kwashitse, $240,000.

Riverside Dr., 5833-Scott D. and Mitzie Anderson to Mohammed A. Brown, $388,000.

Silverdale Dr., 14261-Somaya and Mortazah Noor to Srishikesh Sarker and Shima Rani Sarkar, $353,500.

Spriggs Meadow Dr., 5745-Daniel P. and Monica L. Wait to Edward A. and Angela B. Carlton, $502,000.

Thrift Lane, 13041-Michael S. and Rachel C. Kraus to Haider Naseeb, $371,000.

Wertz Dr., 3643-Michael E. Madison and Lisa Lively to Steve Adje Wilson and Nadine Mawusse Ahondo, $422,500.

Yellow Turtle Pl., 5335-Todd M. Lipcsey to Adam James and Tiffany Leigh Hoffman, $310,000.


Deweys Run Lane, 17633-Prince Akumah and Lucy O. Blankson to George O. and Rose A. Otim, $390,000.

Gibson Mill Rd., 17043-Matthew R. and Alexxandra M. Kersse to Dewayne Earl Harley, $300,000.

Myrtlewood Dr., 2926-Jhonny Balderrama to Omer Shahbaz Noor, $419,000.

Spring Cress Dr., 17537-NVR Inc. to Antonio L. and Janay L. Hurley, $588,611.

Tebbs Lane, 18126-J.J.S. Investment Corp. to Bacilio Gregorio Lizano Munguia and Carmen Elena Martinez, $324,900.

Vineland Pl., 3385-Mehreen Mazhar to Joseph Y. Bricham, $265,000.


Arcadian Shore Ct., 8052-James S. and Michelle R. Alvardo to Steven and Vanessa Jones, $599,900.

Breeders Cup Dr., 13975-Odeh S. and Evelyn Saa to Esther D. McIntosh Eaheart, $437,000.

Cartagena Dr., 14845-Matthew Steven and Kristina Maureen Decosse to Eboni S. Phillips, $499,000.

Chelmsford Dr., 13890, No. B312-Robert J. Sansone to Jae Ok Kwon, $247,000.

Derby Run Way, 6771-Melvin and Nanette Ross to Michael P. and Janice M. Regan, $505,000.

Gaffney Cir., 15064-Natalie Anne Garland to Tewedros F. Gebremariam, $340,000.

Hulfish Way, 14379-John-Paul and Kielly A. Andrews to Lina Ramirez Rodriguez, $305,000.

Kylewood Way, 14510-Andrea Van Schoick to Alessandro Patrucco, $240,000.

Legend Glen Ct., 14247-U.S. Bank to Lasalle to Christopher McClaugherty, $309,000.

Lick River Lane, 5419-David E. and Kelly S. Swift to Christopher J. and Laura J. Cope, $600,000.

Little Thames Dr., 7166-Timothy Smith and Melissa Rich to Nestor G. Tolaba and Sandra T. Manrique, $241,000.

Old Linton Hall Rd., 7618-Jean Rosamond Leonard and Scott H. Donovan to Justin Miao, $171,000.

Retriever Lane, 6307-Margaret A. Becker to F. Hean Wynkoop, $350,000.

Stapleton Pl., 6754-Terrance Mullen to Tucker Ray and Kristen Gladhill, $435,000.

Town Commons Way, 14256-Christopher and Joslyn Yancey to Bong Han Kim and Yeon G. Lee, $440,000.


Amber Ridge Rd., 5916-Todd C. Blondin to Meriem and Samih Yaghmmour, $605,000.

Audubon Way, 15818-Neighborhoods V. Corp. to John Daniel Morris Sr., $633,180.

Bowers Hill Dr., 5319-Ariel and Maria Echano to Elizabeth and Marvin C. Creech, $649,500.

Caribbean Ct., 5680-Dae-Wook An to Dae-Wook and Shinhyung An, $545,000.

Cox Creek Ct., 14829-Christopher J. and Mary N. Poleto to Steven R. and Rachel M. Jameson, $620,000.

Grigsby Pl., 15236-James Earl and Caroline Yerks Hoover to Matthew N. and Sally Ann Bulavko, $645,000.

Logmill Rd., 3409-William C. and Beth M. Strachan to Cameron A. and Amanda M. Foster, $660,000.

Mountain Rd., 3836-Bank of New York Mellon and First Horizon Alternative Mortgage to Brian and Katarina Victoria Wilcox, $714,000.

Rainer Heights Ct., 14521-Mark E. and Jan M. Rogers to John and Robin Heeley, $589,000.

Royal Crest Dr., 15221, No. 302-Evnomia A. Rickenbach and Carrie A. Amiridis to Irena M. Thio and Yong Chia Francis Thio, $285,000.

Silver Glen Way, 15907-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Deepak and Sunita Joshi, $617,334.

Valhalla Ct., 15088-Wilbur Stanley and Martha M. Ratcliffe to Christopher V. and Alyson D. Marcoux, $710,000.

Wheelwright Way, 5685-John T.S. Frances to Robert A. and Dawn M. Knoebel, $395,000.

Youngs Dr., 2227-Brandon J. and Kimberly L. Flanigin to Desirae Benge, $385,000.


Bland Dr., 7631-Larry L. and Francis Diane Morris to Wilfredo Flores and Antonia Portillo Espinal, $370,000.

Caledonia Meadow Dr., 10747-Bradley Square Neighborhoods Corp. to Briana Terry, $349,950.

Chestnut Meadow Ct., 7301-Classic Concept Builders of Virginia Corp. to Amy Elizabeth Goodwin and Lisa Lavoone Leighty, $731,592.

Eclipse Dr., 15230-George T. and Rose Larocca to James E. and Danielle Katherine Whitley, $450,000.

Englewood Farms Dr., 8835-Bradley Square Neighborhoods Corp. to Abdiaziz S. Yasin and Nafisa Nur, $431,301.

Fancy Farm Ct., 15546-Alfred O. and Deborah T. Gaiser to Curtis Michael and Starr Elyse Granby, $450,000.

Gray Fox Trail, 7010-Kathy Sue Phillips to James P. and Debra L. McMahon, $390,000.

Hoadly Manor Dr., 12934-NVR Inc. to David Battiste, $660,000.

Irongate Way, 10001-Tiger Cub 10001 Corp. to Khuong Phuoe Duong and Loan Kim Ha, $217,000.

Koman Cir., 10998, No. 162-Hyun Du Choe to George E. Colins, $195,000.

Laurel Highlands Pl., 9132-Frank L. Sickelsmith and Yvonne M. McKeown to Thomas B. Murray and Ruth Vu-Murray, $445,000.

Lucasville Rd., 11555-Martha C. Eaheart to Forrest P. and Kristine Odend’hal, $225,000.

Mountwood Dr., 9513-Jeng Wei and Limei Hu to Susy Shafer, $542,000.

Old Dominon Hunt Cir., 8829-Bradley Square Neighborhoods Corp. to Austin and Kristin Caballero, $563,880.

Pruett Pl., 7654-Chaz M. Balkenbush and Melissa Chaz Wallace to Miguel and Lawanda Y. Perez, $410,000.

Rokeby Dr., 7401-Amit and Meghan Kapur to Sterling and Elizabeth A. Infield, $183,000.

Split Rail Dr., 10824-Jennifer Rodriguez-Aiello and Lawrence Daniel Aiello to Mary L. and Jay L. Brubaker, $490,000.

Steeplechase Run Lane, 10448-NVR Inc. to Dorothy Little, $450,000.

Stonebrook Dr., 11089-Shirley M. Kozler to Myles and Stephanic Dangerfield, $472,000.

Tomislav St., 8780-Lesley Tinsley and Charudi Fay Fullilove to William N. and Julianne T. Gaston, $421,000.

Wellman Ct., 14104-Bertha J. Pemberton to Wesley R. White, $535,000.

Wortham Crest Cir., 11200-Taren Lambert to Kendra N. Davis, $235,000.


Charnwood Ct., 8512-Julio Cesar Aguilar and Jennifer S. Aguilar-Mateo to Ana F. Romero, $279,000.

Handsome Joe Lane, 8213-Miller and Smith at Walker Station Corp. to Harka Raj Rai and Sunita Rai Khaling, $397,170.

Lone Oak Ct., 8190-Andrew I. Staller and Tiffany R. Bowers to Jeffrey D. Bonick and Kristy M. Kuykendall, $436,000.

Princess Carol Ct., 7497, No. 8-Kay Kyoung and Tony Bo Park to Jose Marie Gomez, $106,000.

Station Rd., 8023-Terry Monrof to Carlos Jimenez Medina, $424,000.

Yorkshire Lane, 9006-William Ramirez to Fatemeh Ghalajian Moghaddam, $415,000.


Buckingham Ct., 4011-Sage Superior Investments Corp. to Catherine C. Lommasson, $346,000.

Edgehill Dr., 15335-Mohamed G. Elgazzar to Emily Bailey and Bradford Austin Kirby, $415,000.

Jonathan Ct., 4230-Gerri L. Cook to Brittany Christina Glasoe, $250,000.

Mammoth Cave Loop, 4015-William Viera to Giron Melgar and Luisa Nicaragua, $310,000.

Silvan Glen Dr., 15420-Christian F. and Susan H. Wortman to Bethany Erhart, $455,000.

Tallowwood Dr., 4912-Edward A. Blitt to Whitney Harris, $435,000.


Airlea Dr., 11908-Frances Justine Maxwell and Mary Ann Yost to Jesse and Ronda Gray, $360,000.

Mcguinn Lane, 9491-Nancy Johnson to Kevin S. and Amy Mielwocki, $485,000.


Edgehill Dr., 120-Elliot Gordor to Jennifer M. Mathis and Rodney Paul Loges, $470,000.


Wayne Dr., 19126-Murad Mahmood to Pierre Beattie and Ashley L. Scerba, $246,000.


Armstead St., 13179-Marites Kalaw-Uy and Pablito Bercasio Uy to Muhammad Fazeel and Zafar Yab Khan, $315,000.

Bacon Race Rd., 11801-Thomas F. Carroll to Kay M. Carroll and Thomas F.X. Carroll III, $425,000.

Berwick Pl., 4263-Taber T. and Tiffany M. Ligon to Christopher M. Mayo and Leticia S. Kashiwabara, $465,000.

Brookville Lane, 3471-Guadalupe Godoy and Elida Vicente to Mynor E. Yanes, $225,000.

Candlewood Ct., 14798-Phuong T. and Kim-Dung Nguyen to Efren A. Urbina, $225,000.

Carter Lane, 1614-Patrica A. Berman and Robin L. Nevarez to Johnny Gutierrez Arauz, $250,000.

Catenary Dr., 16315-Andrew L. Jaeger to Henry and Bridget Malone, $385,000.

Chambord Lane, 4252-Lloyd E. and Brittany Reid Warren to Samuel Zachary and Michelle Ann Baize, $420,000.

Colchester Ferry Pl., 13314-Andrea R. Williams to Leo M. Barbour, $375,000.

Cotswold Manor Loop, 4521-NVR Inc. to James T. and Tecquinette T. Fogle, $658,407.

Crossfield Way, 14570-John A. and Tara L. Hamner to Girma Berhane-Meskel and Eyerusalem Kelemwork, $348,000.

Davis Ford Rd., 5135-Trinity R. Nelson to Jesus Gonzalez Rodriguez and Vicenta Chavez-Mojica, $450,800.

Donald Curtis Dr., 15923-Juan G. Gallegos to German A. and Ana C. Martinez, $329,900.

Duckling Pl., 15416-Deutsche Bank to Mirwais Zabihullah, $430,000.

Fascia Ct., 12596-Sandesh Pandit and Prathana Chhetry to Brandon Ward Jr. and Joy Alexandra Torres-Ward Durso, $47,500.

Forest Glen Rd., 13411-Wualker Merino and Rina Zavala to Edwin Antonio Guevara Marquez and Oscar R. Cordova, $298,500.

Gordon Blvd., 12707, No. 50-Nancy D. Bynum to Meagan E. and Sophann Pa, $165,000.

Hollow Wind Way, 13955, No. 14-2B-Maria and Manuwa Eligwe to Monaliza Quaye and Collins K. Boateng, $236,000.

Hunterbrook Dr., 12861-Eileen M. McConnell to Lizeth Roque, $310,000.

Javins Pl., 4503-John L. and Caryl A. Marshall to Ahmad Tamim and Suneta Ayub, $410,000.

Kennedy St., 16136-Frank and Jennifer Sisto to Brian J. and Christina Stroh, $525,000.

Lancashire Dr., 15182-Frank S. Hecker to David Snuffer and Emily Girardin, $257,500.

Leaf Lawn Lane, 3925-Joseph Remias and Faika Zanjani to Shafqat H. Bhatti and Shagufta N. Afzal, $470,000.

Lolly Post Lane, 12497-James Edwin and Ina I. Eaves to Michael R. Dance Jr. and Natalie M. Crimboli-Dance, $455,000.

Mathews Dr., 13959-Farah Naz Musharat to Cesar A. Diaz, $349,900.

Michie Ct., 13065-Eric R. and Jennifer L. Smallidge to Roy Westin and Annette Leavitt Fuller, $484,000.

Miranda Ct., 2581-Joshua S. Corle to Alicia C. Edwards and David C. Moore, $290,000.

Newbold Ct., 4307-Jameau R. and Tiffany P. Pryor to Jennifer and Jesse L. Klegrande, $737,500.

Paddle Boat Lane, 2011-Jonathon and Kristen Coch to Christopher and Dawn Layton, $311,000.

Plymbridge Lane, 4101-Cheryl A. Keys to Arling A. Cooper and Tiffany C. Martin, $354,000.

Regency Rd., 918-Carol Quinn-Lassell to Maria M. Melgar and Carlos Y. Morales, $273,000.

Rochelle Ct., 1805-Benjamin Hua to Fatima M. Koroma, $273,000.

Scuppers Lane, 2394-Amanda and Matt Jorgenson to Aftab A. and Seemi A. Khan, $455,000.

Sidney Way, 12751-Dione C. Williams to Jose Alexander Belliard and Tanya Cabrera-Belliard, $340,000.

Southington Dr., 12496-NVR Inc. to Kenneth Ahorrio Olivieri and Yamayra Ahorrio, $680,100.

Sunny Brook Ct., 3917-MHKG Eterprises Corp. and Carderock Enterprises Corp. to Nicholas C. and Alysha M. Woessner, $265,000.

Tecumseh Ct., 3105-Timothy D. and Joanna Taylor to Daniel Kevin and Chelsey Marie Hartley, $305,000.

Tonbridge Pl., 3744-Craig J. and Kelsey K. Blankenship to Chelsi Elizabeth and Saifuldeen Saad Shalal, $370,000.

Wakewater Way, 2487-Gregory Nelson and Deborah L. Dean-Nelson to Abdul Sattar and Muhammad Y. Arafat, $550,500.

Winding Loop, 14851-Starr M. Weston to Martha G. Rivera, $275,000.


These were among homes sold in Manassas.

Abbott Rd., 10327-Ruby Massey to Ariel Claros Albarracin and Jessica Maldonado De Claros, $348,000.

Amberleigh Ct., 10306-Shayne P. and Cara L. Leitch to Christine McKenna and Shamus Brannan, $393,000.

Bragg Lane, 9776-Infinite Designs & Remodel Inc. to Ashwin Waghela and Meenakshi Bangad, $180,000.

Braxted Lane, 8508-Tiffany N. McCrannery to Malcolm Echaluce, $226,000.

Calypso Dr., 10267-David S. and Teresa L. Lloyd to Alexander R. Antezana Delagado, $305,000.

Carlton Dr., 8660-Rene A. Montes to Robert Montes, $236,000.

Clark Pl. S., 9830-Loretta D. Eaheart to Phillip and Eve Grissom, $415,000.

English Oak Ct., 9346-Andrew S. Ralston to Melissa Ashley McKendry, $169,900.

Fort Dr., 8808-Dawn Ann Kelpy and Larner Wright Kelpy Sr. to Armando Lizama and Patricia Lobos Vasquez, $365,500.

Grant Ave., 8887-William R. Schafer to Joseph J. and Marsha F. Weatherly, $345,000.

Grapewood Ct., 9947-Glenn J. and Kristina V. Evans to Renee Joven Saunders, $185,000.

Laurelwood Ct., 9180-Anibal Antonio Blanco Castro and Fausto Castro Avalos to Edwin O. Garay Rosales and Jose L. Rosales Campos, $248,000.

Main St., 9112-Paul F. and Victoria F. Gluchowski to Robert J. and Kathleen M. Saylors, $535,000.

McClellan Common, 9087-Ashwin B. and Kailash Parbadia to Manuel D. Baires, $235,000.

Mckenzie Cir., 8450-Hattie Mae Riley to Antonio Sanchez-Mendoza and Gloria B. Contreras, $187,000.

Mock Orange Ct., 9789-Christopher L. Izenour and Tiffany M. Suarez to Martha Roman David, $232,000.

Natchez Trail Ct., 9504-Department of Veterans Affairs to Sonia Gautam and Nicholas Masih, $387,500.

Olden Ct., 9201-James N. Eubank and Elaine F. Eubank to Casey R. and Kyle A. Young, $380,000.

Princeton Park Dr., 8925-George W. and Shirley Herndon to German V. Chavez and Elizabeth M. Gavilano, $275,000.

Rosewood St., 8942-Dawn Ziebarth to Camden Michael Gonzalez and Ann Constance Sabey, $359,000.

Scarlet Oak Dr., 9482-Mary Josephine Hodges to Kamai and Noor Rohani, $155,000.

Stonewall Rd., 8471-Thomas S. and F. Edward Kidwell to Sergio Guevara Montes Flores and Maria Lorena Estrada De Grijalva, $284,500.

Sudley Rd., 8806-H. Marie Swank and Dale Swank Summers to Osvin Omar Chirinos-Jimenez, $330,000.

Town Lane, 9817-Karl D. and Susan B. Sakas to Ana L. Cornejo, $130,000.

Veridan Dr., 9290-Nancy C. Albrittain to Nixon A. Reyes, $265,000.

West St., 9117-Alfred C. and Lauryn Quenneville to Crystal L. Wilson and Tracy L. Hannigan, $522,500.

Manassas Park

These were among homes sold in Manassas Park.

Eagle Ct., 9332-Richard M. and Amy R. Bejtlich to Darrington and Henrietta Patience Daniel, $506,700.

Holden Dr., 212-Mattie R. Underhill and Thomas Underhill to John S. Wright, $115,000.

Kirby St., 303-Danielle Burchell to Dhurba Baral and Kalpana Baral Lamichhane, $269,900.

Nancy St., 9306-Diana M. Stayman to Jose Valentin Rivera Garcia, $420,000.

Wilcoxen Dr., 9416-Kwang C. Chong to Sanjeev Thakur, $278,000.

Stafford County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Abington Ct., 4-Michael T. and Marcia N. Vreeland to Kirk D. and Julianne Hood, $367,000.

Apricot St., 512-Atlantic Builders to Cody J. and Felicia M. Girouard, $429,975.

Aquia Dr., 3502-Dennis and Ursula Loung to Rufus and Tammy Tangle, $360,000.

Avocet Way, 120-Rodney E. and Stephanie A. Bates to Alan and Shawnna Miles, $620,000.

Barrie Pl., 209-Rachel A. St. Laurent to Bianca Collette Johnson, $214,900.

Basswood Dr., 845-Miller and Smith at Embrey Mill II Corp. to Jose and Sun Ornelas, $388,060.

Bellows Ave., 933-Robert M. and Juana E. Hamlett to Nafiz Hoque, $135,200.

Brent Point Rd., 1042-CMH Homes Inc. to Leonel Ramirez and Gracia Maria Izaguirre Galo, $300,618.

Brooke Rd., 1937-Hallie Amanda and James Hardy Utley to Donald E. and Beth A. Christensen, $550,000.

Bunker Lane, 710-U.S. Home Corp. to Hai and Huong Huynh, $288,000.

Candleridge Ct., 20-Robert P. Van Horn Jr. and Clare M. Van Horn to Angela J. Wilhelm, $334,797.

Chandler Ct., 6-Teddy and Martha J. Berrios to Thomas and Megan McDonald, $399,900.

Choptank Rd., 117-William Henry and Lee Ann Christmas to Jose F. Rodriguez-Ciciliano and Edith M. Mejia, $269,000.

Clift St., 1201-Clarence and Molly D. Patton to Merry Thomas, $329,800.

Collingwood Dr., 502-Peter Walker Turner Maxwell Jr. and Jennifer Isham Maxwell to John Michael McGrath and Elizabeth Jordan, $349,900.

Country Manor Dr., 73-William F. Yascko and Marie D. Yascko-Rosado to Robert David Faulkner and Diana Veronica Molina, $384,000.

Cranes Bluff Ct., 5-Atlantic Builders to David G. and Marian A. Taylor, $533,455.

Darden Ct., 26-Daniel James Choike to Jason Megna, $520,000.

Devilwood Way, 503-Drees Homes of DC Inc. to John and Christina Zorich, $364,375.

Doria Hill Dr., 11-Brytmark at Moncure Valley Corp. to Anthony D. Berry, $455,290.

Embrey Mill Rd., 408-Miller and Smith at Embrey Mill Corp. to Jonathon J. Osborne, $436,790.

Farragut Dr., 2069-Craig and Krista B. Lenzmeier to Elizabeth Levins, $325,000.

Ferry Rd., 434-Raymel Menefee and Alexis White to Ana Cecilia Rivera Castillo and Pedro Alberto Castillo Castillo, $190,000.

Glen Oak Rd., 43-John Thios Jr. to Carl J. and Nicole L. Nayback, $320,000.

Greenbriar Dr., 1072-Hour Homes at Grouse Pointe Inc. to Tiago V. and Brenna N. Miguel, $456,836.

Hayward Lane, 33-Iglesia Pentecostal Bethel Association to Walter Kevin Chavez Matos, $220,000.

Hidden Lake Dr., 76-Hardy Homes & Properties Inc. to Gabriel D. Diaz and Stephanie Mihalaki, $329,900.

Hot Springs Way, 37-Mario A. Richie to Nichole M. Crayton, $337,000.

Irving Ct., 6-Kathi M. and Mark K. McGuire to Stephen Wayne and Karen Melissa Littlewood, $420,000.

Kings Crest Dr., 1106-Misas Invest Corp. to Carmen and Aracely Lopez, $238,000.

Lancaster St., 607-George P. and Vicky C. Fenton to Brandon B. and Mary Katherine Harbison, $438,000.

Liberty Knolls Dr., 23-NVR Inc. to Jorge and Vilma R. Otero, $535,409.

Lonesome Lane, 189-Brookstone Homes Inc. to Erick J. and Toni E. Hodge, $598,185.

Meadows Rd., 145-Sean P. and Melinda J. May to Aaron M. and Shannon Solomon, $304,000.

Mount Olive Rd., 435-Timothy and Elizabeth M. Mauck to Alexis and Yvonne Rivera, $432,500.

Mount Hope Church Rd., 262-Sona Inc. to Thomas E. Aloi Jr., $548,480.

New Hope Church Rd., 95-Rodney and Mary Karen Lane to Robert and Michelle Toia, $324,000.

Oak Grove Lane, 229-Melinda M. and David N. Poling to Luis Manuel Munante La Rosa and Ursula Hortenica Matos, $275,000.

Overlook Ct., 203-Stephanie McIntosh Jackson to William Henry and Susan Darlene Muchler, $130,000.

Pear Blossom Rd., 264-U.S. Home Corp. to Isaac D. Jamison, $535,000.

Pendleton Rd., 39-Freda G. Barr to Gregory S. James, $218,000.

Pike Pl., 34-Samuel and Anna Rolley to Benjamin Mark Bembry, $350,000.

Potomac Overlook Lane, 9-Andrew J. Shannon to Chetan Api, $650,000.

Raintree Blvd., 101-Tiffany Denise Williams to Eduardo Vargas Gomez and Carmen Rosa Medrano De Vargas, $262,000.

Richards Ferry Rd., 85-Jose O. and Elsa Luz Trinidad to Brian Christopher Morris, $355,000.

Rifkind Dr., 60-Wells Fargo Bank to Rigoberto Amezquita-Lopez and Amelia Amezquita, $285,000.

Roxanne Rd., 405-Mark W. and Anne M. Glencer to Nestor A. and Anai Sanchez, $249,900.

Ruffian Dr., 38-Jane Mild Conner to Ernest R. and Demetria L. Thompson, $535,000.

St. Roberts Dr., 102-Lexicon Government Services Corp. to Marisela L. Solis, $390,000.

Secretariat Dr., 5-Thomas John and Catherine E. Palmer to Richard J. and Shannon Mattison, $550,000.

Shawnee Way, 22-Wayne A. and June O. Jones to Edvin A. Sagastume Reyes, $400,000.

Short Branch Rd., 264-Bert Rakdham to Nhuan and Ngoc Vu, $367,000.

Somerville St., 1-Jason A. and Nicole Hamitlon to Troy and Akera Mincey, $299,000.

Stafford Mews Lane, 111-Nathan and Tracy M. Schlaud to Adolfo E. Soriano, $160,000.

Streamview Dr., 309-NVR Inc. to Jennifer Anderson and Larry Greene, $303,095.

Tall Oaks Ct., 17-Ashley K. Peterson and Jobeth Rodriguez to Shirley D. Gonzalez, $217,000.

Timberidge Dr., 134-Halbert E. and Julie W. Davis to Steve Douglas and Loretta Winterson Rogers, $500,000.

Twin Brook Lane, 503-Tamara Nicole Martin and Tamara Nicole Jones to Noe Alfonso Escobar Cruz, $212,000.

Washington Dr., 1418-Frederick A. and Mary A. Elsis to Todd Patterson, $428,000.

Wells Rd., 23-Daniel E. and Karen C. Rodriguez to Danny C. and Meghan W. Crawford, $363,000.

White Chapel Lane, 9-NVR Inc. to Leroy Hall Jr., $511,655.

Windjammer Ct., 204-FFC Properties Corp. to Maria Glorina Morgan, $280,000.

Woodrow Dr., 59-Roger and Elizabeth Hendrick to Shelly Lankford, $430,000.