Prince William County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit


Bedder Stone Pl., 9632-Diana L. Cottrill to Javier Vilaseca, $300,000.

Brevard Park Ct., 12107-Stephen and Roxanne Sutton to Austin P. and Shanon P. Hale, $367,000.

Chippenham Ct., 12533-Patrick and Cory Thacker to Kevin John and Kristin Marie Molloy, $510,000.

Falcon Glen Ct., 9076-Francesco Nozzolillo to Victoria Jewell, $306,000.

Kyle Moor Pl., 12969-Patrick Thomas and Lynn Marie Dunn to Ryan K. and Megan E. Buesseler, $480,000.

Pentland Hills Way, 10027-Rodney A. Taylor to Stacey Y. Banfield-Capers, $419,900.

Selkirk Cir., 12425-Tyler Carey to Mark Douglas and Kylie R. Coley, $290,000.

Tygart Lake Dr., 11978-Herbert and Carylee Mcpherson Carrington to Andrew S. and Lisa M. Burgener, $360,000.


Dunigan Ct., 3658-Lila E. Eaton and Robert Andrew Eaton to Megan Victoria Neczyporuk, $445,000.


Ardmore Loop, 15088-Janet J. Hill to Eugene A. Koranteng and Cynthia Wilson, $292,000.

Benbow Ct., 3383-Jason H. and Latashia F. Brown to Saul E. Lopez Quinteros and Edwin A. Ortega, $220,000.

Bluefin Dr., 13703-Renee Zerby to Virginia Grimm, $365,000.

Briggs Way, 15213-Andre B. and Cassandra L. Roche to Richard A. and Tyra A. Washington, $470,000.

Cherrydale Dr., 14838-George Howell Jr. to Benaissa Dahhak, $280,000.

Cuddy Loop, 14166, No. 107-Shana Dawkins to Reginald King, $195,000.

Danville Rd., 14625-Phillip J. Demailo Jr. to Jose Arnoldo Guerrero and Juana Saravia De Gomez, $261,700.

Endsley Turn, 14713-Louis E. Randall to Jorge E. Posadas and Claudia P. Ochoa, $205,000.

Evansdale Rd., 4602-Russell B. Eggleton to Victor Antonio Arias Alberca and Marco Antonio Arias Bravo, $277,400.

Forestdale Ave., 3543-American Investor’s Solution Corp. to Youssef Ben and Kristina Ben Saida, $325,000.

Gladiolus Ct., 14908-John M. Mandala to Nazia Ali, $430,000.

Hendricks Dr., 4414-Daniel Krisrow to Luis A. Navarro, $280,000.

Hydrangea Ct., 13840-Robert J. and Mary E. Stokes to Heriberto McFaline Jr., $545,000.

Lambsgate Lane, 5071-Hassan Kamara to Manjeet Kaura and Mohammad Alkrami, $190,000.

Lomax Way, 5404-John and Elizabeth Orille to Maniel A. and Levy D. Orino, $408,000.

Northton Ct., 5660-Shahin Hossain to Nhan Vinhand Phuong Tam Thi Truong, $375,000.

Pepco Ct., 6013-Andrew B. and Bethany E. Cowen to Herson and Alison Rivera, $339,000.

Southgate Ct., 14310-Jesse and Tanja Harris to James J. Kecskemety and Katherine M. Long, $323,000.

Ticket Way, 6073-Jessica R. Rogala to Attaullah Atash, $284,900.


Banks Ct., 2803-Sandra Elizabeth Chavez to Jose R. Avila, $189,000.

Gibson Mill Rd., 17130-Jerome J. and Jessica A. Zoeller to Clement Nkansah, $275,000.

Mountain Laurel Loop, 3286-Paramount Investments Corp. to Justin O. Sanders and Clarisa B. Figueroa-Bautista, $315,000.

Reservoir Loop, 16680-Jonathan C. Bostic to Christopher and Toni M. Cuttino, $374,900.

Tebbs Lane, 18160-Awana Homes II Corp. to Chettyvea Chour and Sochoeun Choem, $311,000.

Yost Lane, 3351-Rosemary Normoyle to Kevin Lee Deibler, $125,000.


Chelmsford Dr., 13890, No. B111-Joyce Faulconer to Patrick B. and Jane Q. Gurganus, $270,000.

Crooked Oaks Ct., 8061-Ryun H. Kilm and Myrta Lucy Kim to Han Bing Gao, $700,000.

Gelding Pl., 13597-Michael E. and Diana L. Garcia to Duc Tien Bui and Lan Thuy Uyen Pham, $330,000.

Landseer Dr., 6976-James and Carol Murphy to Thanh Do and Minh-Chau Nguyen, $335,000.

Neale Sound Ct., 10488-Frank E. and Sunhee Rinker to Mortazah and Somaya Noor, $510,000.

Roderick Loop, 6680-Barbara Gail Smith to George Herbert and Lynn D. Williams, $335,000.

Ryton Ridge Lane, 13510-Dan K. and Linda L. Deam to Kimberly A. McCamon, $510,000.

Spyglass Hill Loop, 15780-Steen H. and Carolyn M. Hambric to Gurpreet and Paramjeet K. Sandhu, $612,500.

Traphill Way, 7265-Amid Global Corp. to Crystal R. Matlock, $349,999.

Witton Cir., 6814-Alg Corp. and Bryan Shimp to Ho Kwan and Maria Youngia Kang, $321,000.


Ashby Grove Loop, 6493-Lexicon Government Services Corp. to Andrew T. and Laura A. Young, $493,500.

Berkeley Dr., 15701-George A. and Sue M. Newman to Arnt and Eli Anita Arvik, $685,000.

Bryson Cir., 6916-Richmond American Homes to Mark A. and Rossella Massimi McDaniel, $437,622.

Clementine Way, 15036-Richard S. Diaz to David Allen Suthers, $374,900.

Greymill Manor Dr., 15933-Joshua and Wassila H. Taylor to Erin Cosentino, $394,500.

Lightning Dr., 5400-Benjamin R. and Gina M. Hansen to Melissa McDonald, $995,000.

Lowdermilk Pl., 15966-Winchester Homes Inc. to Deborah K. Collison, $458,610.

Mozambique Ct., 14801-U.S. Bank and LSF9 Master Participation Trust to Hassan Mirzai and Shokriya Ekhtiari, $586,000.

Rachel Pl., 15700-Neighborhoods V. Corp. to Victoria H. and Philip R. Cox, $650,810.

Timor Ct., 14860-Joseph Reynolds to Lillian Berlin, $570,000.

William White Way, 6833-Winchester Homes Inc. to Gizette and Kamol Khamphong, $411,783.


Assateague Pl., 5689-Anthony B. and Charissa E. Shulsky to Laurel Ann Devine, $430,000.

Blue Gray Cir., 7861-Naresh and Jwala Khadka to Francis M. Aller, $315,000.

Camfield Ct., 11051, No. 8A-Genoveva Valleios to Jose Pereiras and Mabel Zuleta, $110,000.

Classic Springs Dr., 12850-Stephen C. and Christina M. Brzostowski to Charles L. and Victoria C. Johnson, $505,000.

Covington Pl., 9519-Paul A. Hanni to Anael Ernesto Vanegas Canada and Nibia Carrero Avalos, $260,000.

Eclipse Dr., 15321-Jane A. Mellenkamp to Michael J. and Karen E. Alexander, $420,000.

Englewood Farms Dr., 8909-Bradley Square Neighborhoods Corp. to James Caruso, $425,990.

Hanson Grove Ct., 8930-Jeffrey T. and Jessica A. Amell to Rui T. Monteiro and Ingrid Garcia, $400,000.

King Arthurs Ct., 8116-Sharon D. Ross to Thomas Jay and Ashley Nicole Bellazzi, $450,000.

Lomond Dr., 10005-Luis Alberto Angel and Maria Erlinda Pineda Reyes to Mirna Leonor Tobar, $316,000.

Paradise Ct., 10481, No. 14-3-Laurie M. Jarman to Alawn Robinson, $169,000.

Quail Run Lane, 7610-Claudette K. Coley to Evelin Y. Zuniga Caseres, $230,000.

Saltlick Terr., 8577-Roberto M. Lopez Jayo to Daniel Campos, $498,400.

Steeplechase Run Lane, 10450-NVR Inc. to Angela Witcher, $440,000.

Turkey Run Ct., 6180-Firouzeh Chinisaz to Guy Richard Campbell, $534,500.


Centerton Lane, 8687-Matthew D. and Adrianne Jewett to Zenalabden Abdulkarem Enad and Marwa Almanhal, $280,000.

Glade Bank Dr., 8205-Ishfaq Bhatti to Salman Munawar Malik, $302,500.

Leland Rd., 7811-Sharon A. Hill Shepard to Carlos E. and Isabel Robles, $329,000.

Rugby Rd., 7913-Jason F. Dutrow to Luis Enrique Robalino and Marlene Sapaico, $360,000.


Equinox Way, 3744-Ronald Ervin Pruitt to Thomas Francis X. Carroll, $505,000.

Great Harvest Ct., 3980-George W. and Joyce M. Perkins to Alfred O. Gaiser, $415,000.

Larkspur Lane, 15231-Stephen and Elizabeth Grant to Rosanna C. Cochran and Anthony C. Mapp, $325,000.

Sugar Maple Lane, 4909-Tamesha D. Morris to Christian Fuentes and Genesis Argueta, $260,000.

Widewater Dr., 15770-Willie Percy Johnson and Jessica Stokes-Johnson to Jorge A. Solorzano Gutierrez and Clelia N. Solorzano, $297,000.


Deville Dr., 10448-Raymond Paul and Sylda L. Demember to Shawn Raymond and Sarah Beth Panone, $289,500.

Valley View Dr., 12285-Thomas D. and Renate Bruder to Bryan T. and Janet D. Wolford, $725,000.


Fuller Heights Rd., 19087-Cheryl Bennett and James Revard to Casey J. and Caitlin C. Scoville, $319,500.

Wharf Lane, 3668-HAF Real Estate Corp. to Rahel Amde, $195,000.


Aiden Dr., 1506-Jose G. Marquez and Elmer Castillo to Oswaldo A. Melara, $318,000.

Balsam St., 14657-Johnny and Jimmy Nguyen to Giau Phu Ngo and Uyen Huynh, $226,900.

Belmont Dr., 1005-Juan Carlos Jimenez to Angel E. Lizama, $207,000.

Blackburn Rd., 15024-Judith A. Snyder to Erick F. and Maximo R. Amador, $270,000.

Bowline Loop, 2089-Anette Larios to Nohman Siddiq, $299,000.

Burntwood Ct., 1699-Roy D. and Patricia L. Coffey to Imelda B. and Loreto B. Macadaeg, $278,500.

Canada Goose Loop, 15963-Kevin S. and Christina Marie Bruce to Jaimie Gordon, $316,000.

Chinkapin Oak Lane, 2832, No. 213-Kat Realty Corp. to Joel Torres Colon, $280,000.

Clarkford Ct., 3089-Brian E. and Eileen P. Hastings to Lisa R. McCrimmon, $425,000.

Congress St., 1317-Reina M. Vasquez to Grace Elizabeth Omijie, $265,000.

Creel Ct., 3039-Peregrine Corp. to Yared T. Endris and Kasech T. Lakew, $303,000.

D St., 1410-Jesse L. Bailey to Rene A. Espinoza and Gloria G. Suarez De Espinoza, $59,000.

Donald Curtis Dr., 15826-Shavkat Ismailov to Eduardo Enrique Arevalo Nerio and Melba Giselle Ramirez, $305,000.

Essex Dr., 14112-Edna Mae Long and Andrea Long O’donnell to Guillermo Ventura and Teresa D. Benitez De Ventura, $297,500.

Florida Ave., 1609-Jerry L. Cropper to Ramiro and Gladys M.N. Amaya, $208,000.

Georgia Rd., 15132-Tracee Dodge to Richard E. Dodge, $310,000.

Greendale Dr., 13870, No. 45-Belford S. Wilson to Nelly A. Wilson, $340,000.

Hartlake St., 3983-Kendall Mahan and Kristen P. Wintemberg to Timothy D. and Ingrid E. Cox, $345,000.

Illinois Rd., 14955-Andrew Owen Elkins to Michael A. and Meredith Marasca, $295,000.

Kramer Estate Dr., 16507-Zelda F. Thomas to Shankar Prasad and Yasoda Pandey, $473,000.

Lockleven Lane, 12910-Kent W. and Karen E. Kettell to Muhtasim and Lutfur Rahman, $307,000.

Mayflower Dr., 2057-Century Plant Corp. to Rodolfo J. Fuentes, $288,000.

Merseyside Dr., 2354, No. 134-Mostafa Jon and Juricka Nawrozzada to Krista McCauley, $270,000.

Occoquan Overlook, 4668-Robert C. and Lisa M. Novak to Tobias and Heather Champagne, $482,000.

Pine Lane, 14411-Sugarland Park Corp. to Floridely Cespedes, $220,000.

Port Potomac Ave., 2060-Michael J. and Bethany T. Mooney to Cecily A. Odom, $535,000.

Renate Dr., 1550, No. T1-Iqubal Hassan and Shamima Anargis to Domingo L. and Igor I. Guerrero, $129,900.

Seminole Rd., 2937-James F. and Donna J. Moffett to Anita R. Isaac, $299,900.

Spinnaker Ct., 2265-Kenneth Lee Wilson and Merle Y.H. Wilson to Mousa Salah and Hayat Elabed, $370,000.

Sunny Brook Ct., 3969-Caroline C. Opande-Struggs to Bakhtier Rakhmatov, $230,000.

Warren Dr., 1810-Lawana Hixon to Jessica Rodriguez and Rafael Amaya Gonzalez, $315,000.

William Bayliss Ct., 15688-Will L. and Marion Fowler to Jeannie S. Bartlett, $389,000.


These were among homes sold in Manassas.

Artillery Rd., 8522-Peter James and Emily Elizabeth Mitchell to Isaac Camacho Vargas and Teresa M. Daza De Camacho, $330,000.

Bankhead Dr., 9499-Olukayode Solarin and Anifowoshe Animotu-Solarin to Aaron M. and Ashley S. Montgomery, $435,000.

Bragg Lane, 9771-Federal National Mortgage Association to Carolina Cardona De Serrano, $170,000.

Buckner Rd., 9851-Kim Winfrey to Cindy Evangeline Lumumba, $193,000.

Camphor Ct., 9330-Lisa Henderson to Christopher John Harrison and Jennifer Kurtinitis, $353,000.

Center St., 9599-Vickie Joseph Earhart to Jacqueline L. Angulo and Luis F. Vasquez Ledezma, $287,000.

Dutchman Ct., 8604-Jecor Corp. to Amber Akram, $460,000.

Fountain Cir., 10273-Rafael A. and Mary Alice Goldsmith to Richard R. and Alice F. Friedman, $356,000.

Ginny Way, 10221-James M. and Laura P. Thompson to Juan C. Rivera and Mirna M. Vanegas, $385,000.

Haag St., 8604-George Paul Galanos to Greg H. and Sarah L. Cordova, $425,000.

Peabody St., 8805-Jerome Keith and James Dee Fuller to Alfredo V. and Susana M. Lopez, $315,000.

Portner Ave., 8933-Magaly Yamileh Vasquez to Anna Lee, $170,000.

Scarlet Oak Dr., 9395-Liam M. O’Brien-Bours to Sean T. McKendry, $165,000.

Sugarwood Lane, 8726-Jeffrey M. and Jenet M. Arnold to Emogene H. and Stuart E. Supinger, $177,000.

Traveller St., 9035-Alvin B. White and Jean B.W. White to Angela Marily Turcios and Angel H. Alcantara, $340,000.

Wellington Rd., 9916-James D. Hickernell to Jose David Ayala Benitez, $330,000.

Manassas Park

These were among homes sold in Manassas Park.

Adams St., 102-Walter E. Rivas to Joel E. Flores, $290,000.

General Way, 8510-Ryan Harrah Zimmerman to Ana Enriqueta Figueroa, $265,000.

Matthew Dr., 9194-Rahul and Anil Sobti to John F. and Breana H. Lambert, $485,000.

Rosebud Ct., 9425-David Carrell and Jessica Youngblood to Nathan Hellem and Miranda Clare, $415,000.

Woodhue Ct., 8613-Noushin Ghazari to Edward Viscarra, $226,500.

Stafford County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Affirmed Dr., 48-Freddie Lewis and Sheryl Eileen Murray to Tanya D. and Pereival Williams, $650,000.

Apricot St., 401-K. Hovnanian at Embrey Mill Corp. to Maria K. Diaz, $408,595.

Aquia Dr., 2179-Mark A. Thoams to Zachary J. Cesarz and Bernadelle Alexis Catam Cesarz, $352,500.

Aspen Hill Dr., 67-William R. and Joanne M. York to Dawn S. Lacina, $224,900.

Barclay Lane, 8-Patrick D. and Sylvia E. Ellis to Angelo and Ingrid L. Colona, $335,000.

Basswood Dr., 861-Miller and Smith at Embrey Mill II Corp. to Christian R. Lapp Jr., $340,660.

Battery Point Dr., 111-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Ronald H. and Yvonne Marshall, $420,643.

Blueridge Ct., 104-Emmmanuel Larbi-Siaw to Jace C. and Kailey D. Burger, $2.1 million.

Breakers Edge Ct., 209-Ryan Kohrig to Juan De La Cruz, $264,000.

Bunker Lane, 706-U.S. Home Corp. to William Fernandes and Christine Cole, $281,286.

Choptank Rd., 139-William E. Coburn to Jorge Dimas Roque and Eva Iris Dimas, $250,000.

Compass Cove, 121-John H. and Jennifer L. Scott to Latasha Felicia Mills, $279,000.

Culpeper St., 409-Paramount Investments Corp. to James E. Marible Sr., $255,000.

Denison St., 213-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Sidney and Sylvia Fine, $323,875.

Edgecliff Lane, 8-Doreen G.M. Prosser to Michael and Jacqueline Sins, $259,900.

Embrey Mill Rd., 213-Miller and Smith at Embrey Mill Corp. to Gabriel S. and Xiomara A. Marrow, $400,120.

Embrey Mill Rd., 362-Miller and Smith at Embrey Mill Corp. to Jessica Dillon, $437,940.

English Hills Dr., 12-Joseph M. and Judith M. Cowan to Edward and Marla Garcia, $510,000.

Falling Water Ct., 8-Edward T. and Pamala G. Jones to Steven E. and Tia M. Kellam, $289,000.

Forbes St., 818-William Douglas and John Wayne Hutchinson to Lissa and Guy Shiflett, $215,325.

Greenridge Dr., 64-Ian P. and Heather M. Vibbert to Ryan Scott Iorio, $294,900.

Harpoon Dr., 2175-Michael R. and Karleigh L. Chavez to Sarah Wallace, $255,000.

Heatherbrook Lane, 25-Harold Van and Rebecca Van Opdorp to Timothy Matthews and Denise Gallagher, $440,000.

Indigo Way, 406-Drees Homes of DC Inc. to Keith Alan Fogle Sr. and Pamela Renee Schubert, $384,875.

Jane Ct., 4-Aaron L. and Betty L. Moore to Brittney R. and Debra Dowdy, $385,000.

Kellogg Mill Rd., 792-Spencer Alan Sullivan to David L. and Kristen P. Morgan, $205,000.

Lakeview Ct., 511-Ruben Miranda to Annick Abisse, $245,000.

Long Point Dr., 147-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Peter G. and Catherine Rainey, $300,842.

Marshall Pl., 20-Kendall and Susanne Martin to Dianne Franklin, $259,900.

Morrissey Stone Ct., 3-Ronald Lee and Marlene C. Alsbrooks to James and Michelle P. Cole, $372,500.

Northampton Blvd., 20-Kim A. Bond to Simona Josephs-Scott and Rhay Scott, $439,000.

Orchid Lane, 23-Brytmark at Moncure Valley Corp. to Vandy Luseni and Qarin Bowers, $418,914.

Payton Dr., 811-Michael S. and Robin P. Chilton to Irina Laysen and David K. Blackwood, $210,000.

Pleasure Ct., 9-David and Brenda McDowell to Curtis M. and Alaina Keith, $325,000.

Puri Lane, 12-Jermaine H. and Stephanie D. Johnson to Zachary J. Grimes and Amanda Ulmer, $280,000.

Reserve Way, 41-Atlantic Builders to Valerie Jean and Nicholas Paul Brousse, $449,640.

Ridge Rd., 36-James Lally to Rafael Orlando Palacios, $235,000.

Rosa Ct., 13-Amon Young Weaver to Paolo M. and Crystall D. Maldonado, $315,000.

Saratoga Woods Lane, 116-Atlantic Builders to Adam Lamar and Anna Rita Allen, $558,910.

Sebastian Rd., 2179-Sean Sullivan and Heather Jennings to John B. Chichester, $280,000.

Snow Meadow Lane, 7-FFC Properties Corp. to Ta-Tanisha and Isaiha Mosley, $390,000.

Stony Hill Rd., 463-Glenn S. and Ellen J. Perry to Burke Aaron Knapp, $274,000.

Sturbridge Lane, 3-Michael R. and Lorie L. Marko to Michael L. Salisbury, $375,000.

Tazewell St., 1-Billy D. and Janice Oldridge to Mark G. Tanenbaum, $290,000.

Torbert Loop, 200-Stephanie Rogers to Iris Milde Gomez Lopez, $230,000.

Wellspring Dr., 29-K. Hovnanian at Wellsprings Corp. to Nicholas Alan and Megan Breighann Hagans, $298,009.

Whitsons Run, 248-Lexicon Government Services Corp. to Linda Bradshaw and Sandra Strawderman, $275,000.

Woodland Dr., 115-Brian K. Hunton and Delainya M. Hinton to Lance J. Sutton, $295,000.