Prince William County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit


Carmella Ct., 13326-Commonwealth Corp. and Deepa Verma to Juan Carlos Bustamante, $449,760.

Elliots Oak Pl., 12016-Devin McElfish and Carla Valdes to Christina Wimberly and William Merring, $320,000.

Fintry St., 9573-Zohra Jhashem to Nina R. Sax-Moore and James P. Moore, $450,000.

Gentle Shade Dr., 12825-Gerald A. and Marian V. Lofton to Frank O. Owusu, $489,900.

Iron Brigade Unit Ave., 11674-Beatriz Basso and Luis Ludwing to Moise Nkwe and Marceline Angele Mbiekoup, $350,000.

Moat Crossing Pl., 8869-Julia M. Villanueva Rodriguez to Aracely J. Contreras, $265,000.

Ormond Dr., 13143-Michael O. and Parnian Vencion to Howard James and Patricia Mary Egan, $389,000.

Rickwood Ct., 12521-Brian Wayne and Donna Teresa Lambert to Sean and Cynthia L. Shanahan, $525,000.

Selkirk Cir., 12480-Amy Miller to Kendrick J. Neece, $280,000.

Worthington Dr., 9321-Leo H. and Daphne T. Cole to Tameka L. Lovett-Miller and Raymond J. Miller, $495,000.


Beale Ct., 3535-Ever D. Martinez Melgar and Edrines Chirinos-Medina to Douglas Harris, $212,000.

Brazil Cir., 15271-Matthias Bleicken to Alisia Sargeant, $307,500.

Cloverdale Rd., 14676-Jennifer F. Hagar to Dora Carolina Mariscal Arias, $220,000.

Dyer Dr., 14805-Kashif Raza Ahmed to Jasim Mahmood and Khairul Khan, $230,000.

Ensbrook Lane, 4377-Carmen A. Loyo to Yudy Lianos Demartini and Rosaura De Ramirez Serron, $235,000.

Forestdale Ave., 3806-Yachiyo Despres and Homer Detrich to Jose H. Argueta, $270,000.

Fullerton Rd., 14318-CMHBC Property Corp. to Joseph Luke Harmon and Dorothy Ellen Bornica, $309,900.

Kellogg Dr., 4802-Robert and Natalee Richards to Jaime Orlando Blanco and Olivia Del Carmen Zuniga Blanco, $325,000.

Kirkdale Dr., 4711-Daniel Sankoh and Nancy Fayia to Joseph Gal, $200,000.

Mahoney Dr., 13753-Justin Thomas Grimm to Andres Machuca Araya, $315,000.

Oaklawn Lane, 6229-Song Zheng to Omar Diaz Perez and Solange M. Paz Llantoy, $400,000.

Park Ct. N., 14333-Violetta Goralski to Fidel A. Turcios Cruz and Syndi Y. Saravia, $250,000.

Princedale Dr., 14278-Alicia Torres-Ferrer to Cliff A. Graves and Joyce R. Bumbry-Graves, $320,000.

Roundtree Dr., 5604-Jamal Green to Manuel A. Medrano Lopez, $330,000.

Silverdale Dr., 14514-Bryan K. and Carol E. Livengood to Jose De Jesus Rosales Suarez, $232,000.

Tina Lane, 15345-Allison Nicole and Michael Smyczynski to Paritosh Barua, $475,000.

Whittier Loop, 15028-Melad Z. and Brijit B. Elias to Nello P. and Susana C. Lopez, $312,000.


Belle Isle Dr., 17051-NVR Inc. to Cheryl L. Minniefield, $925,000.

Garcia Way, 17252-Michelle and Daniel Custer to Kenneth Brice, $255,000.

Sassafras Tree Ct., 3033-Kendall Group Corp. to Samuel K. Nyarko, $350,000.

Spring Cress Dr., 17474-NVR Inc. to Paulos and Donna Woldeselassie, $609,879.

Wexford Loop, 17332-Emmanuel Osei Darko to Aminata Meme Sankoh, $273,000.


Brightview Way, 13480-Homah Criswell and Susan B. Collie to Robert Frederick and Alice Darlene Wagner, $700,000.

Clatterbuck Loop, 14173-Miguel V. Pasilan and Minerva McDonald to William and Nicole McDonald, $475,000.

Gaffney Cir., 15052-Joe B. McLemore and Julieta Cordero to Sandra Lorena Banchini and Jose Antonio Bazan, $315,000.

Kingbird Ct., 8934-Christopher and Christa Snow to Robert R. and Jenelle I. Bryan, $515,000.

Lucknow St., 7021-Diane F. Smith to Shan and Nilofer Nawaz, $375,000.

Newbern Loop, 14283-Kenneth E. Johnson to Jason and Lisa Lewis, $310,000.

Preswell Ct., 6005-Thomas Allen Hink and Sunny Sung Kyung Hink to Peter L. Gillis, $468,000.

Saddle Run Way, 6893-Genevieve E. Nyren to Sandra L. Stojhovic, $385,000.

Sharpshinned Dr., 14209-Javier E. and Shirley J. Espinoza to Sharada Keerthivasan and Keerthivasan Mallikarjunan, $500,000.

Susquehanna Rd., 6916-John Franklin and Xiomora Janet Little to Mansoor Omar Alokozay and Masoud Omar, $444,000.

Tullamore Estates Rd., 4351-Joseph Karl and Gina Harris to Jon David and Jill Larue, $1.18 million.


Amelia Springs Cir., 5749-John L. and Melissa H. Shetterly to Homayoun and Gloria D. Tebyanian, $441,000.

Cross Keys Rd., 15409-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Nicholas C. Allen and Pamela S. Goosic, $705,036.

Emmys Mill Ct., 5393-Rosa H. Williams to Terri Lynn and Sumeet Gohri, $765,000.

Lawson Dr., 6224-Joel A. and Marisa M. Heiman to Stanley M. and Sabrina K. Bell, $447,000.

Nelson Dr., 15701-Loren Elizabeth Mattox Jacobs to David Gonzalez and Marcelina Valdez Martinez, $305,000.

Pinchot Lane, 6719-Winchester Homes Inc. to Virginia Diana Davis, $421,979.

Rosemont Manor Dr., 15214, No. 95-Kevin R. and Megan M. Denicola to Andres L. and Maria L. Decoud, $247,000.

Stokes Lane, 15842-Richmond American Homes to Adriana Matthew and Melisa Dannhauser, $410,250.

Wythridge Way, 14258-Anthony J. and Jada E. Trocchia to David Lopez and Dana Lopez Carlessie, $559,999.


Belle Grae Dr., 7513, No. 11-12-Troy P. Binkley and Megan Irene Ling to Shannon Johnson, $198,000.

Bradley Forest Rd., 11712-Andrew D. Talcott to Guillermo Vazquez Alfonzo and Maria Consuelo Giron Melchor, $260,000.

Coachcrest Ct., 7957, No. 1-6-John W. Mitchell III to Sara C. Guerra-Chirinos and Orbil Ulise Iraheta, $230,000.

Deward Ct., 7977-Jilmar Espinoza Rivera to Juan Carlos Navarro Castro and Juan Carlos Navarro Jr., $375,000.

Englewood Farms Dr., 8815-Bradley Square Neighborhoods Corp. to Farida and Shir Qayumi, $431,200.

Flager Cir., 7845-Barbara H. Smith to Derek Brennan Hopper, $295,000.

Loudoun Ave., 9726-Ram Khanal to Susma Khanal, $307,900.

Molly Pitcher Cir., 11974-Soledad C. Martinez to Azatullah Mohammadi, $420,000.

Pettigrew Way, 10951-Robert J. and Erin K. Babcock to Sadaf Sayed and Mushtaq Ahmed, $320,000.

Rapidan Lane, 10452, No. 23-6-Stephen A. Kraft to Sheri E. Russell, $190,000.

River Run Ct., 10547-Suzanne E. Smith to Jason G. and Amy G. Glase, $516,000.

Saint Croix Lane, 10462-JJS Investment Corp. to Dae Dong and Duk Ja Kim, $285,000.

Sunnyslope Dr., 9552-Tara L. Young to Peter Tito Alonzo and Caroll Reyes Chavez, $395,000.

Tower Pl., 10963-Virginia Sell Now Corp. to Moon H. and Jung J. Oh, $270,000.

Victoria St., 9359-Carmelo Hernandez Ventura and Rene A. Hernandez Zelaya to Wilfredo Flores Calles, $315,000.


Amherst Dr., 7611-David Evans to Thomas Anthony Wood, $330,000.

Dahlgren Ridge Rd., 8911-Miller and Smith at Walker Station to Deidre Johnson, $455,160.

Manassas Forge Dr., 9637-Theresa J. Tyler to Jaime Turcios, $454,000.

Signal Station Dr., 9336-Daniel P. and Maria D. Ankrum to John R. Erickson and Sara L. Sadorra, $495,000.

Yates Ford Rd., 6393-Linda J. Maddelena to Brenda E. and Karanjit S. Gill, $448,000.


Brandywine Rd., 15728-Robert G. and Amy B. Hunter to Arthur William Hinaman III, $360,000.

Grey Ghost Ct., 3704-Jeffrey Hutton Riddle and Kathryn McKee Willis to Linda McGinnis, $378,000.

La Mauricie Loop, 4182-Michael J. Heagney to James McLarry and Jocelyn J. Draughon, $325,000.

Philena St., 4168-Jamares and Erica Washington to Robert L. and Raquel Y. Peacock, $439,991.


Crockett Rd., 10815-Barbara L. Skidmore to Alexander K. Sonu, $921,500.

Morla Woods Pl., 9120-M. Bette Givens and Christopher A. Ferguson to Rick and Angela Richardson, $535,000.


Fortress Way, 455-Philip Joseph and Robin Guy to Colette Marie Knight, $320,000.


Graham Park Rd., 3623-Ethel Etta Sams to Mauricio Romero and Ana Julia Viera, $275,000.


Abbey Glen Ct., 12173-Lawrence W. and Tameka L. Casselle to Ibrahim Khalil and Samsun Nahar, $314,000.

Atwood Dr., 4404-Sherri and Ronell Johnson to Suhail A. Hantoosh and Elena Myslik, $383,000.

Barcelona Ct., 15806-Stephen W. and Kiahna S. Allen to Dei Dwamena, $315,000.

Belfry Lane, 3407-Copper Village Investments Corp. to Gabriel Solis-Monge and Francisco J. Bonilla-Rodriguez, $242,000.

Brookmoor Lane, 2348, No. 383A-Natalie M. Richard to Gerald Wayne and Ramona Patricia Falls, $274,900.

Candlewood Ct., 14796-Jimy J. Reyes Alvarez to Marcos O. Salvador Belasoues and Jacqueline S. Saravia, $225,000.

Castile Ct., 12697-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Anisur R. Sahin and Mohammad Syful Islam, $217,000.

Cedar Cove Way, 1833, No. 7-5B-Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. to Cody E. Wright, $230,000.

Colorado Ave., 15302-Duanne and Sharon Louise Lynn to Christian Ramon Ramirez Segura, $298,000.

Critton Cir., 11710-Marwan F. and Erica B. Sadio to Sanchit K. Sarker and Anamika Chanda, $305,000.

Devonwood Way, 4218-Michael A. and Sarah E. Saladini to Eduardo Rodolfo and Fiorella Elizabeth Wenger, $310,000.

Eagle Ridge Dr., 3610-Brian Bishop and Natalie Moneyhun to Jamil Abdelaziz and Sana B. Hussain, $465,000.

Farrabow Lane, 12000-Demetricia M. Porter to Max and Briana Meraz, $408,000.

G St., 1439-Santiago Lazo to Dale R. and Yvonne T. Alexander, $287,000.

Georgetown Rd., 16601-Paula Jennings to Francisco Javier Paz Quintanilla, $215,000.

Grand Masters Way, 4753-Nguyet K. Tran to Neeraj Nepal and Kabita Ghimire, $575,000.

Harbor Dr., 12400-Peter N. and Grace Eposi Ngomba to Keyri C. Quinteros Garcia, $385,000.

Kentshire Dr., 15140, No. 458-Kimberly and Katie L. Hays to Ando Muneno and Sheetal D. Ray, $279,500.

Linwood Lane, 2494-Thomas Edward Fitzgerald II to Guery Harold Belmonte Campero and Danitza Guzman Munoz, $325,000.

Lotte Dr., 12792, No. 47-Eileen D. Murphy to Suzanne L. Smith, $326,000.

Maple Ridge Dr., 2688-Larosha and Cassandra Smith to Muhammad Siddiki, $492,000.

Mayflower Dr., 1974-Ruth Calvimontes-Hessabian to Eskedar Yifru and Biniam Sirega, $275,000.

Mohican Rd., 11860-Charles C. and Brenda Menges Bourquardez to Russell and Sherry Sauers, $415,000.

Oberlin Dr., 2159, No. 133A-Lexicon Government Services Corp. to Bahram M. Osman, $326,400.

Pine Lane, 14509-Mary E. Smith and Jeffrey W. Smith Jr. to Octavino N. Nunez-Cobian and Roxana Machado Rivera, $185,000.

Potomac Club Pkwy., 2195, No. 19-Christopher L. and Alexandra Lesperance to James B. and Jasma Lashun Hardin, $349,900.

Roanoke St., 14008-Luis A. Ventura Ventura to Carlos E. Ventura Ventura, $320,000.

Salemway Ct., 3811-Kenenth and Marjan McLain to El Hacen M. El Moustapha, $232,000.

Sheffield Hill Way, 2710, No. 217-Ryan W. and Angela M. Davenport to Demarcus D. and Krystal A. Shanklin, $312,500.

Tecumseh Ct., 3073-Asad U. Haq and Rehana Qureshi to Muhammad and Stefanie Ali, $295,900.


These were among homes sold in Manassas.

Byrd Dr., 9293-Hani George and Katayoun Saab to Rodolfo Barboza, $197,000.

Center St., 8942-Jeffrey Lawrence Novak to Kelly Jean Waite, $377,300.

Country Lane, 8747-Christopher A. and Kathie D. Myers to Lyle Douglas and Cynthia A. Albright, $373,000.

Felsted Lane, 8332-Christine Drazdowsky to Joe H. Finley, $185,000.

Gaither St., 8293-Sarah L. Fairchild to Patrick J. and Mary Frances Divietri, $325,000.

Hood Rd., 9313-HAF Real Estate Corp. to Yessica Liliana Ferrufino Flores and Idania Vicenta Orozco Velasquez, $199,000.

Kirby St., 8501-Jennifer Nam to Martir Abraham Santos Soto, $350,000.

Leander Lane, 9967-Latoya Belton to Anibal Chavarria and Leslie Del Cid, $355,000.

Malvern Ct., 10223-Jeanne M. Voge to Steven D. Grimm and Abeba Carlan, $395,000.

Mcdowell Common, 8963-MMHH Investment Corp. to Jose M. Zamora, $249,900.

Mosby St., 9258-Thomas B. and Lorraine Kennedy to Richard Francis and Nancy Smith Sappington, $374,000.

Princeton Park Dr., 8929-Diane S. Mullins to Gabriel Corral Barriga, $275,000.

Runaldue Rd., 9150-Damon D. and Neev C. Exley to Oscar and Mavis Funes, $252,000.

Stonewall Rd., 9435-Stephanie N. Anderson to Edward M. Hamlett Jr., $265,000.

Sumner Lake Blvd., 9265-Floyd and Linda Madrid to Yvonne C. Manfra and Stephen Wayne Sherer, $574,000.

Taney Rd., 9383-Transito E. Zuniga to Juan C. Lopez, $203,000.

Tillett Loop, 8355-James Nowell to Daniel S. Greenspan, $570,000.

Witch Hazel Way, 9325-Laurinda C. Freixa to Steven J. Freixa, $221,700.

Manassas Park

These were among homes sold in Manassas Park.

Handerson Pl., 9713, No. 402-Son Nguyen to Pat Suphanski, $195,000.

Lindsey Lane, 9314-Ghulam A. Niazi to Ana G. and Madylin G. Arteaga, $281,500.

Old Centreville Rd., 127-Iglesia Santa Sion De El Salvador Inc. to Flora A. Sanchez Guevara and Jose Gaspar Guevara, $250,000.

Stafford County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Aquia Dr., 1326-Timothy L. and Shannon H. Dingus to Mena and Nevien M. Boutross, $355,000.

Autumn Dr., 113-David E. and Mildred E. Koerner to Andrew X. and Donna M. Pudimott, $399,000.

Basswood Dr., 809-Miller and Smith at Embrey Mill II Corp. to Stacy Booth, $368,610.

Blossom Lane, 110-Dean Edwards to John B. Barbachano, $296,000.

Bristol Ct., 30-Department of Veterans Affairs to Edwin A. Velasquez, $161,000.

Bunker Lane, 700-U.S. Home Corp. to Derek A. and Bonnie L. Jackson, $295,000.

Camp Geary Lane, 2225-G&H Homes Corp. to Christopher K. and Laura G. Conley, $444,575.

Castle Hill Dr., 128-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Edith L. Vick, $296,943.

Chadwick Dr., 34-Mark L. and Naomi M. Hudjohn to Gregory Joseph and Brooke M. Bogan, $413,000.

Coldspring Dr., 205-Foundation Homes Inc. to Michelle K. Martin, $370,160.

Columbia Way, 10-Bridget A. and Daniel F. Delgrosso to Brandon Figgins, $589,900.

Confederate Way, 61-Dwayne A. Summer to Eloy and Nicole Dawn Reyes, $335,000.

Cranes Bluff Ct., 12-Atlantic Builders to Jessica Ashley and Steven Douglas Brooks, $522,940.

Culpeper St., 715-Tracy and Donna Jones to Scott Kallenborn and Mirna Ibek Mendoza Ortiz, $235,000.

Daffodil Lane, 40-Zulema Reyes and German Huichapa Garcia to Alfred Louis and Lakisha Dolois Hickman, $435,000.

Denison St., 132-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Angelo and Katherine Valle, $322,404.

Donna Dale Dr., 21-Ronald Ray and Darcy A. Hummel to Timothy and Karmila McKinnon, $335,000.

Ellison Ct., 53-Ellison Holdings Corp. to Yoselin Hoyos and Cecilia M. Reyes, $359,900.

Erin Dr., 109-Laurie Taylor to Ruben A. Aparicio Baires, $275,000.

Ferry Rd., 467-Michael P. Rader Sr. to Michelle Lee Conley, $225,000.

Foundation Dr., 40-Westbrooke Homes Corp. to Joshua L. and Sandra L. Magura, $389,357.

General Chambliss Way, 18-SM Stafford Corp. to Jerry Long and Anna Hines, $536,260.

Goose Creek Cir., 50-Douglas P. Ryan to Kenneth and Vannie Hinkle, $380,000.

Hidden Brook Dr., 124-Sharon Shen to Timothy Mauck, $285,000.

Independence Dr., 111-Sa Real Estate Inc. to Brittany Cowardin, $205,900.

Langley Ct., 207-Scott Michael Kaeneman to Charlton Jubeark, $300,000.

Lerose Dr., 58-Patricia Ann and Frances Ann Lerose to Lyndsay Meier, $400,000.

Long Point Dr., 143-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Daisie Ellen Register, $319,755.

Long Point Dr., 175-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Katharine Reid Kamminga, $287,973.

Marshall Pl., 10-Charlotte B. Webb to Jeffrey and Caroline N. Nachem, $226,000.

Mews Ct., 504-David N. and Gail M. Penman to Percy Chacon, $210,000.

Norman Rd., 240-Robert M. Love to Jonathan R. Widener, $305,000.

Old Landing Ct., 212-Paramount Investments Corp. to Ellen C. Denigris and David J. Beardsley, $475,000.

Orchid Lane, 22-Brytmark at Moncure Valley Corp. to Joella Lawrence Cain, $395,272.

Payton Dr., 708-Philip Nichols to Lindsey R. Brady, $209,000.

Poplar View Dr., 115-George and Dorothy Tiedeman to Jon N. and Wendy R. Roberts, $450,000.

Ramer Rd., 35-Daniel and Catherine Stribling to Daniel E. and Elizabeth M. Stribling, $370,000.

Regency Dr., 7-Barbara Mullins to Kevin Haugh, $240,000.

Richards Ferry Rd., 520-Atlantic Builders to Jonas Matthew and Angela Marie Shepherd, $439,720.

Rolling Valley Dr., 309-NVR Inc. to Michael and Renee Thompson, $255,185.

Rugby Rd., 510-Steven S. Walsky to David Wayne Weadon, $169,950.

Short Branch Rd., 166-Samuel W. and Gabriele G. Henderson to Marc A. Watson, $292,000.

Sturbridge Lane, 15-Eric and Tina Battle to Robert and Denise Russell, $408,000.

Table Bluff Dr., 32-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Mary G. and Cedric P. Grannum, $316,053.

Taylors Hill Way, 126-NVR Inc. to Yasmin Rodriguez, $283,405.

Tradewinds Terr., 107-Kathlene A. Seratte and Kards Enterprises Corp. to Keiron Jonathan and Makeda Shana James, $271,000.

Tree Line Dr., 138-U.S. Home Corp. to Shah and Bebe Latifa Askari, $280,000.

Westhampton Ct., 38-Caleb L. and Bettina A. Hamilton to Nick and Melissa Pierrelouis, $389,000.

Woodland Dr., 112-Danny K. Christiansen Jr. and Phuong Bac Le to Guadalupe Hernandez and Maria Rosario Sarmiento, $250,000.

Wyncotte Lane, 35-Christopher and Ashley Eradat to Daniel R. and Jennifer M. Schlegel, $224,900.